Honest Trailers - Black Panther


  1. Screen Junkies

    Screen Junkies6 months ago

    Which tribe from Wakanda is your favorite? The Jabari, Border Tribe, Golden Tribe, River Tribe, Mining Tribe, or Merchant Tribe? One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse

  2. Arwin Peshipish

    Arwin Peshipish10 days ago

    My tribe WHAT ARE THOSE!!!!!! Shuri tribe.

  3. bill withers

    bill withers18 days ago

    Killmonger was so unbelievably wrong. The fact that Wakanda shouldn't have done nothing doesn't change the fact that he's advocating for putting lots of powerful weapons in untrained hands to overthrow governments. Which, as we all know, never ever goes poorly.

  4. Sigurd VonLiebenfels

    Sigurd VonLiebenfels2 months ago

    Wakanda has a "Merchant Tribe"? They're so screwed.

  5. Hesham Al Omary

    Hesham Al Omary2 months ago

    Jabari are badasses

  6. Taparia Engu

    Taparia Engu2 months ago


  7. sampal andrew

    sampal andrew5 hours ago

    black panther was overhyped. When finally saw it, it didn't stand out compared to other marvel movies :(

  8. Sourabh Raja

    Sourabh Raja7 hours ago

    Got out 🤣🤣

  9. Mina Briggs

    Mina BriggsDay ago

    Plus shirie is smarter then Tony stark and Bruce banner she biuld a fricken city when she was 17

  10. karynw

    karynwDay ago

    bilbo watson is great in this movie!

  11. Candace Nicholson

    Candace NicholsonDay ago

    Hey! I liked the third act. The MCU isn't the MCU without an over-the-top boss fight at the end. But otherwise, kudos for this. Especially noting the MCU's attempt to subvert a few tropes regarding their female characters, and then the reversal on the subversion that came with it. That's pretty typical Marvel-style storytelling. My only gripe with the trailer? I wish you had shown a photo of King Leopold II of Belgium when you talked about them sitting out brutal dictators. King Leopold II killed more Congolese than Hitler killed anyone. He's not talked about as much because the people he brutally murdered weren't coded as white. And that travesty took place right in the heart of Africa. For Wakanda to sit ideally by and not intervene when approx. 10 million Congolese suffered through a holocaust takes some serious non-commitment brainwashing.

  12. sean howard

    sean howard2 days ago

    The Arsenio Hall show

  13. Glenn

    Glenn4 days ago

    Ikr this movie sucks

  14. Gius63_productions

    Gius63_productions4 days ago

    We have already a never conquered nation that opposed colonization, is called Switzerland

  15. ShojoBakunyu

    ShojoBakunyu5 days ago

    It's so good to hear someone admitting that Marvel is far from perfect and cliche.

  16. Subkonciousmind 3

    Subkonciousmind 35 days ago

    Hahahahahaha 'The Aristocat' Hahahahaha

  17. Gabriel Ruiz

    Gabriel Ruiz5 days ago

    Do toy story 4 when it comes out

  18. Mike Konicek

    Mike Konicek6 days ago

    Black panther sucked.

  19. Fantasia Morris

    Fantasia Morris6 days ago

    Got Out yoo..... 😂

  20. Caden May

    Caden May7 days ago

    I remember when people thought this movie shouldve won an Oscar. Its pretty entertaining, but definately not an award winning film.

  21. Dee Dee

    Dee Dee7 days ago

    "Oh There's Wallace", "The Arsenii Hall Show", and "Got Out" looooool I can't. Too funny.

  22. tea wrecks

    tea wrecks7 days ago

    killmonger's skin reminds me of a freshly plucked turkey, or the goosebumps you get when you're sexually aroused

  23. iNezumi

    iNezumi7 days ago

    This sentiment that Wakanda should save "their" people around the world makes no sense. Black people around the world are not wakandan and are most likely not even descended from wakandans because wakanda had too good tech to get their people captured into slavery. They aren't "their" people, they are just the same color. Wakanda has no more responsibility for saving black people than any other people who are mistreated around the world.

  24. Max's videos

    Max's videos8 days ago

    Say: salutations,my children are you ready daily dose of smooth jazz

  25. Jacob Klein

    Jacob Klein9 days ago

    If only they kept the Boer plotline going, there are many Killmongers in Africa who employ him all day...

  26. Kinuthia Queens

    Kinuthia Queens10 days ago

    Please do Crazy rich asians

  27. Kinuthia Queens

    Kinuthia Queens10 days ago

    Please do Crazy rich asians

  28. Kelsey Curles

    Kelsey Curles10 days ago

    Not even a Lion King reference?


    JOHN LEAHY10 days ago

    I liked the movie a lot but it did drag here and there

  30. Mautise Boswell

    Mautise Boswell11 days ago

    "Got out"😂😂😂

  31. Ahmet Eker

    Ahmet Eker11 days ago

    Was that a wire reference there Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  32. Jason Canby

    Jason Canby13 days ago

    Avengers: we're now the highest grossing comic book movie of all time. Domestically! Black Panther: hold my beer

  33. Trisha Reddy

    Trisha Reddy13 days ago

    Killmonger had the right idea, but the wrong way of going after it

  34. Pris9n Pony

    Pris9n Pony13 days ago

    Thanos and Darkseid are step brother, that man is a legend

  35. Mayuresh Manjarekar

    Mayuresh Manjarekar13 days ago

    Do supernatural

  36. The Moonwalker

    The Moonwalker14 days ago

    "The superhero formally known as Prince" I laughed really loud

  37. Wendy Weissman

    Wendy Weissman14 days ago

    I am so glad HT gave credit where credit was true. Nakia was the REAL hero.

  38. Cameron Blackwell

    Cameron Blackwell15 days ago

    Lets all move to Africa! 🤗 I hear the water is warm and the malaria is poppin. Getchur menthol kools fried chicken and 40’s

  39. Seth Leoric 2

    Seth Leoric 215 days ago


  40. Licen K

    Licen K16 days ago

    To me Black panther was such a disappointment. Really, only thing I liked was Anthony's character.

  41. Theta Knight

    Theta Knight16 days ago

    Lol, yeah that movie sucked

  42. Ororo Munroe

    Ororo Munroe17 days ago

    I wanted to see more of Erik Killmonger in this movie

  43. Sire Shade

    Sire Shade17 days ago

    I feel you should've used a picture of Leopold II of Belgium instead of Hitler, given that this is Africa.

  44. Aman Raj

    Aman Raj18 days ago

    Please say In "HINDI"...." MAI TERA KHUN PI JAUNGA"

  45. Joe Tillman

    Joe Tillman20 days ago

    This was a mediocre marvel movie at best. Had nothing to do with race unless you consider the fact that it was kinda hella racist depicting the most advanced African civilization as a bunch of tribals still fighting with spears. Just saying maybe instead of jerking off about it consider that this movie look at it for what it was

  46. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon10 days ago

    A story about politcs, family. class, and race relations You do realize movies can have multiple themes right?

  47. Abhijith I.S

    Abhijith I.S20 days ago

    "Act 3 Bruhahaaa"


    ZEALOT FOR CHRIST20 days ago

    what but didn't kill monger want to take over the rest of the world not just help it, it's kinda like the difference between Malcolm x and Martin Luther King Jr. but sorta in reverse with the whole having the power to give and getting some for yourself thing

  49. UgliWizardBoii

    UgliWizardBoii20 days ago


  50. luis mejia

    luis mejia21 day ago

    0:25 RIGHT?!!??!

  51. Dylan Chevalier

    Dylan Chevalier21 day ago

    Nakia was extremely underwhelming.

  52. Ahmed Issah

    Ahmed Issah21 day ago

    "GOT OUT" lmao

  53. Luka Male

    Luka Male22 days ago

    Honest trailer sold out.. H doesnt stand for honesty any more..

  54. cooldawg2009

    cooldawg200922 days ago

    Buster Blooth! YESSS

  55. cooldawg2009

    cooldawg200922 days ago

    I'm not used to soo much nuance in my marvel films. Quick, choke an old lady so I know who to root for!

  56. CAM8689

    CAM868922 days ago

    "his dad just died and he didn't crack a joke" that's the mcu for you....telling statement glad this one avoided being so shallow considering its significance.

  57. Kayla Manuel

    Kayla Manuel23 days ago

    GOT OUT...and I BLESS THE TRAINS DOWN IN AFRICA....BEST! sooooo funny :D

  58. Hyperian

    Hyperian23 days ago

    buying bay area realestate? gonna bankrupt Wakanda!


    ABHINOV TIWARI24 days ago



    KILLAH BATMAN24 days ago

    Buster Bluth that was funny

  61. Polarized Studios

    Polarized Studios25 days ago

    Get out!!! get out!!!

  62. Callie Callie J.

    Callie Callie J.25 days ago

    I lost it when he growl-whispered, "The Aristocat."

  63. Ragga x Chat

    Ragga x Chat26 days ago


  64. Allan Hobbs

    Allan Hobbs26 days ago

    God this film was another Marvel movie... nothing new, perfectly serviceable but par for the course. Yet people kiss it's ass for politics. It wasn't very interesting or relevant people, get over it.

  65. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon10 days ago


  66. Gavin Hackbarth

    Gavin Hackbarth27 days ago

    Please say: the world is round? Than how do you explain maps


    POWER TOWER27 days ago

    The panther king

  68. John Hasan

    John Hasan28 days ago

    Got out😂😂😂😂😂

  69. Hobarth McShane

    Hobarth McShane28 days ago

    Honest Trailers... Pandering much...?🙄

  70. Jane

    Jane28 days ago

    LITERAL snatcher of wigs

  71. Steve Himel

    Steve Himel29 days ago

    What was the cut it back to one villain joke? It kinda seemed like they were saying Vulture was a victim if Thanos, but I don't recall anything like that.

  72. Annie Burke

    Annie Burke29 days ago

    I think this had my favorite "starring" satire/parodies of any Honest Trailer!

  73. Travvis Todd

    Travvis ToddMonth ago

    All the feels for that Wire shoutout.

  74. Patrick Finnegan

    Patrick FinneganMonth ago

    This was my 2nd least favorite marvel movie

  75. Lucha Maa Boocha

    Lucha Maa BoochaMonth ago

    Best tech in the world....still lives in caves. Yea...lame.

  76. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon10 days ago


  77. José Mário Silva Júnior

    José Mário Silva JúniorMonth ago

    bilbo watson got me thinking: do the hitchhiker's guilde to the galaxy

  78. Wolfboy 109

    Wolfboy 109Month ago

    Please say: The world shall see a new dawn, and the evil dragon shall fall, BALMUG!

  79. Yaoi Bunny

    Yaoi BunnyMonth ago

    Yup. Best Disney Princess 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

  80. Yaoi Bunny

    Yaoi BunnyMonth ago

    Wakanda forever!!!! 🙅

  81. Manjistha Baruah

    Manjistha BaruahMonth ago

    " Got out " 😂😂

  82. 7SidedFilms

    7SidedFilmsMonth ago

    So I hate to be that guy, but there has been a few black super heroes before panther. Like Blade, Spawn and Steel. Were they good movies? Blade is debatable and no and no. But still.

  83. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon10 days ago

    7SidedFilms Dude you literally said Steel wasn’t a good movie, why are you acting up on it now?

  84. 7SidedFilms

    7SidedFilms10 days ago

    I Identify as a Dragon are you discrediting steel?

  85. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon10 days ago

    Still what? Barely anyone but Marvel fans knew Blade was Marvel and for the other ones you might as well say "well we had catwoman at least" and at that point the message falls flat

  86. vincent salt

    vincent saltMonth ago


  87. All Iona

    All IonaMonth ago

    This was a great movie the first time I watched it, Its just unwatchable the second time.

  88. PRi sci

    PRi sciMonth ago

    "the arsenio hall show" jajjajajjajjajajaajajajjajaja

  89. Vincent Smith

    Vincent SmithMonth ago

    Please say "Find out next time on dragon ball z"

  90. Wattywatasaurus

    WattywatasaurusMonth ago

    I definitely think they deliberately wrote Black Panther as uncharismatic and overly serious on purpose, to take him away from the age-old trope of a smartass superhero and give him a regular person’s wit.

  91. Ameen Arshek

    Ameen ArshekMonth ago

    GOT OUT 😂😂😂

  92. Viktor Schubernel

    Viktor SchubernelMonth ago

    Gute Film 😎🙄

  93. Fredrick Kasanda

    Fredrick KasandaMonth ago

    Angela Basset played herself.Lol

  94. General Chaos

    General ChaosMonth ago

    Lost it at "The Aristocat".

  95. pranto kundu

    pranto kunduMonth ago


  96. Siddharth Choudhary

    Siddharth ChoudharyMonth ago


  97. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon10 days ago

    True. He was just awesome

  98. Trinity Nicole

    Trinity NicoleMonth ago

    I’m weak at Got out😂

  99. Niko The Exile

    Niko The ExileMonth ago

    The rhinos, the rhinos, they hide in mehtal bawkses the fawls...

  100. Shreyasi Bhattacharya

    Shreyasi BhattacharyaMonth ago

    Bilbo watson ❤😇

  101. Jessie the cat :3 Sherlock is my life

    Jessie the cat :3 Sherlock is my lifeMonth ago

    Shows Dr strange and Everett Ross 2 seconds later HMMMMM

  102. Shwako

    ShwakoMonth ago

    Like Okoyaye, literal snatcher of weaves

  103. PCA IT

    PCA ITMonth ago

    Please say this (if you can)... "I want nobody nobody nobadeh but youuu!!!"

  104. Daniel Poirier

    Daniel PoirierMonth ago

    Will I go back ?

  105. Christian cabemb

    Christian cabembMonth ago

    "Angela Bassett as herself"...😂 so true!

  106. Brett Miller

    Brett MillerMonth ago

    Well, at least BP doesn't look any stupider than any other Marvel film.

  107. Jusuf Ramadhan

    Jusuf RamadhanMonth ago

    Do ant-man and wasp please

  108. Carms C.P.

    Carms C.P.Month ago

    "Quick make him choke an old lady so I know who to root for!" Haha

  109. Tyde Tide glider of berk shores

    Tyde Tide glider of berk shoresMonth ago

    Weaponize the memes! Weapon them all!

  110. Alex Collins

    Alex CollinsMonth ago

    does anyone else feel like this movie was overrated I thought it was going to be good but it was basically just black iron man with an extended cast

  111. Wampor

    WamporMonth ago

    Yep, only gave me chills when seeing bold Michonne in action. :->

  112. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a DragonMonth ago

    Alex Collins Only when you want it to be I feel like “overrated” is used for everything nowadays so I’m very sure others would agree with you

  113. Margaret Pierce

    Margaret PierceMonth ago

    What about the antman tech

  114. Joyce J / ASouthernWriter

    Joyce J / ASouthernWriterMonth ago

    Staring “Got out” LMAOOOOO 😂😂😂