Homeless Cats


  1. Samuel Peacocke

    Samuel Peacocke14 minutes ago

    Aw this is so cute

  2. Tamara Whoa

    Tamara Whoa37 minutes ago

    HAHA!! Awww.

  3. Home Made

    Home Made40 minutes ago

    So cute💗

  4. Random Gaming

    Random Gaming52 minutes ago

    Verry sad 😔

  5. Hisham Khan

    Hisham Khan56 minutes ago

    nice 👍

  6. kleider Vicente

    kleider VicenteHour ago

    Pobre gato todo para complacer a una gata y al final el gatito se ha con un montón de dinero :-) :-) :-)

  7. The Danish Boys

    The Danish BoysHour ago

    Soo Funny!!

  8. Rafael The Rider

    Rafael The RiderHour ago

    Why couldn't the homeless cat fuking work I bet that homeless cat is fake and actually has a house a car and more money than the hard working cat

  9. xXAsH קяȏԀȗċṭıȏṅśxX

    xXAsH קяȏԀȗċṭıȏṅśxXHour ago

    ∂σит gєт тнє єи∂ιиg

  10. PilarHD

    PilarHD2 hours ago

    Pobre gatito

  11. Kyra Busbridge

    Kyra Busbridge2 hours ago

    This actually made me cry

  12. Kyra Busbridge

    Kyra Busbridge2 hours ago




    Aaaaaa ı am crying

  14. Haziq Skeptic

    Haziq Skeptic2 hours ago


  15. Bundthead

    Bundthead2 hours ago

    2:52 lmao

  16. Brianna

    Brianna2 hours ago


  17. Daniela Mendoza

    Daniela Mendoza3 hours ago

    I’m crying 😢❤️😩

  18. Данил Гараев

    Данил Гараев3 hours ago

    Go go go

  19. Tech3545

    Tech35453 hours ago

    What are they?! CG? Puppets?

  20. Chummy Puppy

    Chummy Puppy3 hours ago

    Does this make any body else sad at first because he tries so hard 😭but you still love it

  21. Paris Hemsworth

    Paris Hemsworth3 hours ago

    I’m so confused are they real, animated, or puppets 😩

  22. Memer boi

    Memer boi4 hours ago


  23. Гузель Хальметова

    Гузель Хальметова4 hours ago


  24. Наталья Филипенкова

    Наталья Филипенкова4 hours ago

    Ah, Aaron. my son fused when Michael earned

  25. daniel kaier

    daniel kaier4 hours ago

    aaahhh...... thais is bueaty ! ok i am boy and and this is really funny and cute :D like

  26. Michelle Tanner

    Michelle Tanner4 hours ago

    At the end, a person threw the cat, along with the money, in the cat's car, and i definitely don't mean Michael, neither what it looks like his wife, but the cat which is in the background, a rich cat.

  27. Moon star

    Moon star4 hours ago


  28. love diary

    love diary4 hours ago

    Oh my godd they r soooo cute😍😍😍😍😘😘

  29. gamecat plays

    gamecat plays5 hours ago

    Cut cat in one🐱

  30. Henry

    Henry5 hours ago

    Phil is one catastrophic cat

  31. clementine

    clementine5 hours ago


  32. Палковник Мяу

    Палковник Мяу5 hours ago

    Я одна тут русская?🤔😐😎😍

  33. Cute kitty Gamer

    Cute kitty Gamer5 hours ago

    The gray cat is tom and the white cat with pink clothes is angela xD

  34. yayuk fauziyah

    yayuk fauziyah5 hours ago

    aaawww such a cute

  35. Complex Dog

    Complex Dog5 hours ago


  36. Maddy Love Cats

    Maddy Love Cats6 hours ago

    It’s kills me

  37. Mya Gonzalez

    Mya Gonzalez6 hours ago

    Omfg a fake homeless 😂

  38. King Garcia

    King Garcia6 hours ago

    I love cats so much!!!!

  39. King Garcia

    King Garcia6 hours ago

    It's so sad.i need to cry!

  40. 79amiya

    79amiya6 hours ago


  41. MegaShot //BelalAlSharqi

    MegaShot //BelalAlSharqi6 hours ago

    Lol the end tho XD Warning ⚠️: Spoilers The homeless cat is actually a liar

  42. никь бро про

    никь бро про6 hours ago

    Бедный майкл

  43. Dan’s Gaming Lab

    Dan’s Gaming Lab6 hours ago

    Well made. Love it

  44. bonniefan monsterx

    bonniefan monsterx7 hours ago

    When he gave all that money to the homeless kitten I cried!!! 😭😭😭 Too cute and too nice 😭😭😭

  45. Lamees Asmar

    Lamees Asmar7 hours ago

    So cute🤗💟💐

  46. DeeperGuitar

    DeeperGuitar7 hours ago

    That was only 20,000?

  47. ConnorConnor

    ConnorConnor8 hours ago


  48. Masterpy jr9

    Masterpy jr99 hours ago

    Make more video plss its nice

  49. AlongCameDavidYT - Vlogging YouTuber!

    AlongCameDavidYT - Vlogging YouTuber!9 hours ago

    The expressions in the cats are unbelievably cute!!

  50. springlock trapper

    springlock trapper10 hours ago

    Yeah cute but micheal did it only for the girl to love him again........i think..

  51. James Gilbert

    James Gilbert10 hours ago

    Why is this making me tear up? This makes me feel bad for cats that have no home ;(

  52. Louise Wärnman

    Louise Wärnman10 hours ago

    I love it so much

  53. Renee Zbydniewski

    Renee Zbydniewski10 hours ago

    this made cry😩😩😩

  54. dami Burga

    dami Burga11 hours ago

    cat 😸😺😻

  55. GuardiAn Coolf1racer

    GuardiAn Coolf1racer11 hours ago

    can't stop laughing i really want to meet michael

  56. Trollsting

    Trollsting11 hours ago

    creepy but cute

  57. Simon Hempel

    Simon Hempel12 hours ago


  58. AllieDA _unicorn

    AllieDA _unicorn12 hours ago

    Give me them or else war

  59. ivar roxell

    ivar roxell12 hours ago

    1 like = 1 $ donated to homeless cats

  60. jester dipay

    jester dipay12 hours ago


  61. FireLight _0w0

    FireLight _0w012 hours ago

    I subscribed!

  62. ยูโร ทนันชัย

    ยูโร ทนันชัย13 hours ago


  63. Skrrr Papa

    Skrrr Papa13 hours ago

    I am in Chok! That's Really Beautifully Made!😱❤️ Liket, Subscripted & The Bell Is Turned On! Propose the good work!😅😅

  64. I like dashy Pony fans

    I like dashy Pony fans13 hours ago

    How do cats do that

  65. Reanne Creations

    Reanne Creations13 hours ago

    That ending with the car. XD

  66. Rad-Linus 27

    Rad-Linus 2713 hours ago


  67. Viviane B

    Viviane B14 hours ago

    Hollywood style. Well done

  68. Kamajaya Dharma

    Kamajaya Dharma14 hours ago

    I don't know why but It is so cute and Just for the minute my heart is melting

  69. Imas Salinda

    Imas Salinda14 hours ago

    So cool

  70. Imas Salinda

    Imas Salinda14 hours ago

    👀 👃 👅 col

  71. Imas Salinda

    Imas Salinda14 hours ago


  72. Arka Varian

    Arka Varian14 hours ago

    Im gonna help lot of kittens now...

  73. KeisyoYT Fan

    KeisyoYT Fan14 hours ago

    My hearted just broke 💔 idk why ❓ and I love the video so much its good to help some whone😺😼

  74. Gamer jr.

    Gamer jr.15 hours ago

    wow the ending

  75. zeynep Oran

    zeynep Oran15 hours ago


  76. zeynep Oran

    zeynep Oran15 hours ago

    I look I like cat

  77. TheRealRizky GD

    TheRealRizky GD16 hours ago

    What A Plot Twist 😂

  78. Along Nasir

    Along Nasir16 hours ago

    😡😡😡the and cats buy car

  79. __Trixella. 13

    __Trixella. 1316 hours ago

    I feel so bad for the homeless cat D:

  80. Ninja Noox

    Ninja Noox16 hours ago

    Bless those poor cats’ souls.

  81. Marian Sola

    Marian Sola16 hours ago

    Is Michael a real cat? Or stuffed toy? I'm confused. I'm new.

  82. Carsyn Kettner

    Carsyn Kettner16 hours ago

    What did I just watch. Cute tho

  83. Loyd 5X

    Loyd 5X16 hours ago

    That's how u get pussy

  84. Try me lol

    Try me lol16 hours ago

    the thumb title made me depressed LOL

  85. aiyanna torres

    aiyanna torres17 hours ago

    always helping animal in need

  86. lautaro el lobo Bandeira

    lautaro el lobo Bandeira17 hours ago

    Que lindo y triste sobre el gato pobre

  87. Delan and ShaheenVlogs

    Delan and ShaheenVlogs17 hours ago

    That was the most adorable thing I've ever experienced

  88. Kitty and Vlogs

    Kitty and Vlogs17 hours ago

    Why so mean 2 kitty???

  89. Billie Vancannon

    Billie Vancannon17 hours ago

    Pour cats in crying for real

  90. Bennajin

    Bennajin18 hours ago

    2:52 XDDDD

  91. Thenu 56

    Thenu 5618 hours ago

    never trust a homeless Cat

  92. Abigail Lerma

    Abigail Lerma18 hours ago

    This made me cry

  93. Lil Bub

    Lil Bub18 hours ago

    How does he do these such good animations>

  94. Tmad Evo x

    Tmad Evo x18 hours ago

    That was sad😢😢😫 but it was happy at the end😀😀😀

  95. Thomas Moran

    Thomas Moran18 hours ago

    Feels like my heart crumbled when I saw that poor homeless cat

  96. Madgaming223 TextingStory and Live

    Madgaming223 TextingStory and Live18 hours ago

    I farted from laughter. I a gurl

  97. Ava Park

    Ava Park18 hours ago


  98. starcatcher 1738

    starcatcher 173819 hours ago

    I'm crying so much!!!!!!!

  99. Lily Craciun

    Lily Craciun19 hours ago

    Almost cried

  100. Celia Wisch

    Celia Wisch19 hours ago


  101. Diego Trejo

    Diego Trejo19 hours ago

    This was so sad for me 😿😿😿😿😿

  102. Special One Chelsea Fc

    Special One Chelsea Fc19 hours ago

    i so sad

  103. Chloe the Great

    Chloe the Great19 hours ago