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HOLLAND - I'm Not Afraid M/V





  2. Nuragy

    NuragyHour ago

    1:40 / 2:30 wtf?!!!



    That is a hard kiss tho..😂😂

  4. Rooh Moura

    Rooh MouraHour ago

    Love ❤❤❤❤❤❤



    I Waited For This Beautiful Shit

  6. Tounges

    ToungesHour ago

    BEST KPOP IDOL EVER JSHSKS WIG plus that guy you kissed is fine asf he better be bisexual

  7. Ashanti Jeon

    Ashanti Jeon2 hours ago

    "Don't worry I'm not afraid" OMG JIMIN I'M OBSESSED 😂

  8. Dixie Almenra

    Dixie Almenra2 hours ago

    I'm in love with this M/V. It's so hard to find M/V's that support the LGBTQ+ community. I love Holland so much. He has my repsect. Just the fact that he came out and doesn't care what others think about makes him so special. He so kind and generous. 😍😍😍😍😍

  9. KJ Ramírez.

    KJ Ramírez.2 hours ago

    2:29 7w7

  10. Agne's World

    Agne's World2 hours ago

    This is perfect message

  11. Shule Tae

    Shule Tae2 hours ago


  12. Camila con K

    Camila con K2 hours ago

    Im so so proud of Holland, keep going far, we love you! Holland, fighting!

  13. Sandra Stephanie 200525

    Sandra Stephanie 2005252 hours ago

    Primera canción y MV que escucho de el y ya me enamoré, ¿Eso es normal?

  14. Exciter Matronik

    Exciter Matronik2 hours ago


  15. Lydie Meunier

    Lydie Meunier2 hours ago

    So cute and i love too much. ❤️

  16. Yvonne Fanai

    Yvonne Fanai3 hours ago

    He is literally the Korean version of Troye Sivan

  17. Zoe Paloma Flores Ceja

    Zoe Paloma Flores Ceja3 hours ago

    que ermoso :") ❤❤

  18. Ser HumANA

    Ser HumANA3 hours ago


  19. Anna Beatryz Ferreira Feitosa dos Anjos

    Anna Beatryz Ferreira Feitosa dos Anjos3 hours ago

    Holland ícone ❤

  20. Emily Burdette

    Emily Burdette3 hours ago


  21. Minami Kun

    Minami Kun3 hours ago

    Anata fred enimor

  22. Mark Tuan

    Mark Tuan3 hours ago


  23. Zyanya Noemi Ocampo Castillo

    Zyanya Noemi Ocampo Castillo3 hours ago

    pinche beso de lenguaso

  24. Melancholy Pisces

    Melancholy Pisces3 hours ago


  25. Jem Walker

    Jem Walker3 hours ago

    holy fuck, a korean artist with sexual and ethnic diversity in their videos, i have seen the light

  26. Galia Sanchez

    Galia Sanchez4 hours ago

    El besoooo 😍😍😍😍❤️🤞💕 2:28 Lo ameeeee 💕💕💕

  27. Cwtchy Boo

    Cwtchy Boo4 hours ago

    I really like that u still can see heterosexual peoples even if its a thing about lgbt community The music is great and Hollands blue hair are .... OMG Its so clever and interesting

  28. Markson Yoonmin

    Markson Yoonmin4 hours ago

    fighting, oppa 😊 i love you

  29. Karol Yiseth livin la vida loca

    Karol Yiseth livin la vida loca4 hours ago

    Fighting Holland Greetings from South America

  30. Ryan Burke

    Ryan Burke4 hours ago

    This givin me some Robyn 😍😍😍

  31. Anni :3

    Anni :35 hours ago

  32. 말로RM

    말로RM5 hours ago

    Is the boy the same than « neverland » ? Edit : I’m not talking about Holland but the other guy that he kissed Holland

  33. Jikooks Heart

    Jikooks Heart3 hours ago

    말로RM I don't think that he is the guy from the neverland MV🤔😊

  34. Isah

    Isah5 hours ago

    Aí mds q beijo foi esse mds 😍❤ eu tô morrendo aqui

  35. KangJoonYeong

    KangJoonYeong6 hours ago

    Why in the world are there fricken 8.2k dislikes????!?!?!!!!?!

  36. kwonsoonyoung, dang it y're you so precious

    kwonsoonyoung, dang it y're you so precious6 hours ago

    idk y but he gave the same vibe as troye sivan💞

  37. Maria Swag Helena

    Maria Swag Helena6 hours ago

    Na primeira música que o Holland mostrou quem era ele de verdade, eu me assumi para a minha família ele fez uma grande diferença na minha vida, fiquei refletindo sobre a mensagem que a música passava fiquei com um peso na consciência por não dizer quem eu realmente sou. Hoje sou muito agradecida pelo trabalho incrível que o Holland faz Muito obrigado ❤

  38. Nirva Shin

    Nirva Shin6 hours ago

    Well done Holland nim !!! Many love from France ! Keep up the good work !

  39. Pinky Hujon

    Pinky Hujon6 hours ago

    Yaahhh😄😄 that kiss was freaking hottt!!! I'm burning😤😤😤😤

  40. Sua arroba, rs

    Sua arroba, rs6 hours ago

    pqp como coloca uma música na testa?????

  41. Casey Weisman

    Casey Weisman6 hours ago

    I saw a lot of tongue

  42. Skye

    Skye6 hours ago


  43. Lola Ruffini

    Lola Ruffini6 hours ago

    Good job, you are handsome, I’m very proud of you

  44. kayla

    kayla6 hours ago

    Wow so inspirational❤

  45. Alahnna Balmeo

    Alahnna Balmeo7 hours ago

    I love sloppy kisses! Soooo cute

  46. TaeTae X

    TaeTae X7 hours ago

    Me etzita :^:*

  47. kim taehyung

    kim taehyung7 hours ago

    lo ameee jsjsjsj c muere

  48. The Darks Forever Gaming

    The Darks Forever Gaming7 hours ago

    Congratulations man! You is amazing!

  49. Yaa Ahh

    Yaa Ahh8 hours ago

    Nothing wrong

  50. SKY BLUE

    SKY BLUE8 hours ago

    troye sivan of kpop

  51. Audrey Yanson

    Audrey Yanson8 hours ago

    But this is aesthetically good. Ok bye

  52. Aulia Zhrstwn

    Aulia Zhrstwn8 hours ago

    Kissing part😳

  53. Maria Clara Silva

    Maria Clara Silva8 hours ago

    Sla, mas ta me lembrando muito Troye Sivan

  54. Mika Reyes

    Mika Reyes8 hours ago

    *Gay iww*

  55. Bac Ta

    Bac Ta8 hours ago

    OMG Kisss

  56. Katie B

    Katie B8 hours ago

    I can't believe 8.2k people are messy hoes. This is so homophobic, alexa play I'm Not Afraid

  57. Naomi 030

    Naomi 0308 hours ago

    Amo la diversidad que increíble y da un hermoso mensaje

  58. Jeanetta Wilson

    Jeanetta Wilson8 hours ago

    His hair color is everything

  59. Ana Carolina Villarreal

    Ana Carolina Villarreal9 hours ago

    Ss hermoso pero con el chico de neverlan ase mejor pareja

  60. Koral Blue

    Koral Blue5 hours ago

    Ana Carolina Villarreal pero este chico es SU novio, el otro era un modelo, Ami me gusta este chico, es muy raro, no es el chico perfecto físicamente

  61. Shin Hyuk Hae

    Shin Hyuk Hae9 hours ago

    is he legit? omo Troye sivan feels tho huhu why I am soooo late

  62. 뱀 뱀

    뱀 뱀9 hours ago

    No Holland no life

  63. kasumi uchiha

    kasumi uchiha10 hours ago

    The way he smiles is so cute💜

  64. Michael Domínguez

    Michael Domínguez10 hours ago

    A la puta! Este Holland y sus besos 😂😂😂😂

  65. Michael Domínguez

    Michael Domínguez10 hours ago

    Tú voz me gusta.. 😊

  66. Laura ZK

    Laura ZK10 hours ago

    This MV is against racism, homophobia, transphobia... I love the way it mix people independently of their race, culture, likes and style, sexuality and sexual orientation. It has a very important message; appears a lot of kind of people, similars or differents between each other, and all, all of them are having a great time together... THIS VIDEO FAVOURS THE RESPECT, INTERCULTURALITY, LGBT+ COMMUNITY AND DIVERSITY!

  67. Gyulih Mazzali

    Gyulih Mazzali10 hours ago

    OMG!!!! Que MV maravilhoso, que música delicinha de escutar, que voz maravilhosa... E de quebra, ainda ganhei um OTP... Congratulations, I LOVE this song

  68. Nabiha Nuha

    Nabiha Nuha10 hours ago


  69. Tyler Sipin

    Tyler Sipin11 hours ago

    Is it ironic that this song is named I'm not afraid and the one he released today is called I'm so afraid

  70. Hashtag Gone

    Hashtag Gone8 hours ago

    Its not really that ironic

  71. Maki's Universe

    Maki's Universe11 hours ago

    why is noone talking about that drag queen's mug????? she is painted for dayzzzzz. what's the drag queen's name tho?

  72. Nathalia Vieira

    Nathalia Vieira11 hours ago

    eu amo tanto essa musica, ela é tão linda e viciante❤

  73. lucya m.

    lucya m.11 hours ago

    holland is the korean troye sivan, i'm here for this shit ♡♡♡


    BTS FANGIRL PANTHI11 hours ago

    I loved it... Love u..

  75. Jacqueline Garutti

    Jacqueline Garutti12 hours ago


  76. Min Chrysa

    Min Chrysa12 hours ago

    so proud of you i will support you forever ♡♡♡

  77. okimBap . . .

    okimBap . . .12 hours ago

    do you guys know the name of the other guy tho? hahaha. he's one hot creature!

  78. Rani Company

    Rani Company12 hours ago

    I loves this song so much!! It’s has a great story to it!!! And I loved the kissing scene for some reading the most!!!! Also Holland’s voice is so unique so different then other Kpop idol soloists!!!!! Also for some reason I was so happy when he’s boy came in the video and they kissed!!!!!! Keep up the good work and also always be brave Oppa!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  79. Neha

    Neha12 hours ago

    Woah 💜

  80. user 258

    user 25812 hours ago

    I really love that hug !!! 😍😍😍

  81. Ikonic lovers

    Ikonic lovers12 hours ago


  82. Ftme Ard

    Ftme Ard13 hours ago

    😍😍his hairs

  83. moohai Do

    moohai Do13 hours ago

    Taeseob you need to get fat you so thin 😢😢😢😕😕

  84. chíp chíp

    chíp chíp13 hours ago

    omg the kissing part- ♡♡♡

  85. Iraz Terün

    Iraz Terün13 hours ago


  86. future belt

    future belt13 hours ago

    your eyes are so beautiful 😍😍 and loved your song😊😊


    NANCYMBA_VLOGS13 hours ago

    Beautiful my baby 😙😘😙

  88. quenn bee

    quenn bee13 hours ago

    I'm dying😌

  89. park jihoon is a precious smol shy baby

    park jihoon is a precious smol shy baby13 hours ago


  90. mackenzie matondo

    mackenzie matondo13 hours ago

    RIP replay button

  91. Vale DJ

    Vale DJ13 hours ago

    You are very brave, I want to be like you

  92. Bakhtawar Manal

    Bakhtawar Manal13 hours ago

    The voice 😍😍

  93. mio chan

    mio chan13 hours ago

    Im like Blblblblblblbl In kissing part😂😍😍❤❤ I love the song love you holland fighting ! ! ! If you're not afraid it's cool👍👍👍

  94. Parque Jimin

    Parque Jimin14 hours ago

    eu sou péssima em inglês mas te amo

  95. Parque Jimin

    Parque Jimin14 hours ago

    you so beatiful

  96. Parque Jimin

    Parque Jimin14 hours ago

    omg i screamed the kissing part

  97. 123hihihi Vicente

    123hihihi Vicente14 hours ago

    +19 :0

  98. Bts Bigbang fan

    Bts Bigbang fan14 hours ago

    Wait what happened to his BF from neverland

  99. Hashtag Gone

    Hashtag Gone8 hours ago

    That was not his boyfriend. That guy and the guy in this video as well are both actors.

  100. Snow Flake

    Snow Flake14 hours ago

    Holland you just got a new fan all the way from Nigeria😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  101. 핵존잘

    핵존잘14 hours ago

    홀랜드 화이팅 혁오라는 가수 최근 뮤비도 생각난다

  102. 一epiphanyskies

    一epiphanyskies14 hours ago

    i forget how to breathe every time i see this

  103. AnitaDinamita

    AnitaDinamita6 hours ago

    一epiphanyskies oh, that happened to me to

  104. Có BTS Là MuỐi GặP đẦy nhÀ

    Có BTS Là MuỐi GặP đẦy nhÀ14 hours ago

    *I like it* ❤️😂😘😆😍

  105. The LeJINdery Chogiwa

    The LeJINdery Chogiwa15 hours ago

    A *masterpiece*

  106. regurei

    regurei14 hours ago