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HOLLAND - I'm Not Afraid M/V


  1. Arundhati Sharma

    Arundhati Sharma2 hours ago


  2. Наталья Смирнова

    Наталья Смирнова4 hours ago

    Песня мне очень понравилась. А парень с Холандом симпатичный целуется.

  3. Agy K.

    Agy K.7 hours ago

    Idk why but I just don't like his voice at all. I'm not hating or anything I just don't think he has a good singing voice in my opinion.

  4. Eat Jin

    Eat Jin8 hours ago


  5. moontrash

    moontrash9 hours ago

    i never get tired of this masterpiece

  6. Rhay Kuroma

    Rhay Kuroma9 hours ago


  7. Julia Garcia

    Julia Garcia10 hours ago

    Dios amo a las parejas gay... me encanto este video. Va para todos los pinches homofobicos🤗

  8. Blue Heart

    Blue Heart12 hours ago

    Te amo

  9. Archelaus Elios

    Archelaus Elios14 hours ago

    Love this song omg 🖤🏳️‍🌈

  10. LexaCanary Edits

    LexaCanary Edits14 hours ago

    this reminds me of Troye Sivan I love it omg if they collab im actually gonna die

  11. USAKI -SAN

    USAKI -SAN15 hours ago

    Ese beso >\\\\< Vi está canción cuando salió 😍, y ahora de vuelta viéndola 😍

  12. N records

    N records22 hours ago

    this has no progress, no diversity ... it's just capitalism and crude and hard business .... if I was there was 15 ... or at least 10 years ago would be very good .... but today is more a market question, very sad. this does not stop making k pop plastic, only now we have an approach to how they will market for a new generation. one decade later, but worse is nothing ...

  13. Rizwan A M

    Rizwan A M23 hours ago

    English Subtitle please.... 😐😐😐😐😑😑😑

  14. Hi i'm Liv E.T.

    Hi i'm Liv E.T.Day ago

    I love you, omg, perferct MV

  15. Monstersipanda Hehe

    Monstersipanda HeheDay ago

    Guys who is the guy that hollad was kissing 💖

  16. LHSG

    LHSGDay ago


  17. LHSG

    LHSGDay ago


  18. Raul Lemes

    Raul LemesDay ago


  19. Tozzi Losty

    Tozzi Losty2 days ago


  20. Santiago Jimenez

    Santiago Jimenez2 days ago

    Me encanto horrible

  21. melanie sanchez aguilar

    melanie sanchez aguilar2 days ago

    pero buen vídeo y el beso

  22. melanie sanchez aguilar

    melanie sanchez aguilar2 days ago

    ni cara ni cuerpo ni voz .

  23. Luna Sofya

    Luna Sofya2 days ago

    Holland remind me of troy sivan 😱😱😱😱😱😱 or its just me

  24. KylieThatOneLoser :D

    KylieThatOneLoser :D2 days ago

    Beautiful ❤

  25. got7 kings7

    got7 kings72 days ago

    Best song in 2018 💙 thank you for make it 👌

  26. kang hyun sup

    kang hyun sup2 days ago


  27. I'm Pansexual

    I'm Pansexual2 days ago

    Blue hair, blue eyes = death to all fans

  28. •kimbap kidding?•

    •kimbap kidding?•2 days ago

    honestly, this is so empowering. as a part of the lgbtq+ community, this boosts my confidence you know? it shows how i shouldn't be afraid to be myself. i seriously love this music video, the song and Holland.

  29. Build a Wall Vote Trump Again

    Build a Wall Vote Trump Again2 days ago

    Not Gay 😋

  30. YamShi

    YamShi2 days ago


  31. Tatyans Quezada

    Tatyans Quezada2 days ago

    amo mucho esta cancion, y me encanta el video

  32. madiebtsandarmy uh,money

    madiebtsandarmy uh,money3 days ago

    im 2 months late smh. this is beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  33. just Hayley

    just Hayley3 days ago

    I have so much respect for him.


    AJWAD VEVO3 days ago


  35. News memes

    News memes3 days ago


  36. Jun Myeon

    Jun Myeon3 days ago

    deserves all the success in the world

  37. Jun Myeon

    Jun Myeon3 days ago

    after that clip I was very happy

  38. Jun Myeon

    Jun Myeon3 days ago

    그게 완벽 해!

  39. María Alejandra

    María Alejandra3 days ago

    Fck love this

  40. Teo Duarte

    Teo Duarte3 days ago

    Go Holland! We are all just trying to be more empowered and stop being afraid. You rock! All the support

  41. Al Ray

    Al Ray3 days ago

    He low-key gives me "thotty" vibes 😂 Great song!


    ABHAY GANDHI3 days ago

    He can sing better though

  43. Taekook Yoonmin

    Taekook Yoonmin3 days ago

    We stan a king, this song was bop and he seriously isn’t afraid We STAN

  44. Iam-your-hope 123

    Iam-your-hope 1233 days ago


  45. kiwi_drugg_de

    kiwi_drugg_de3 days ago

    Como es que nunca vi esta joyita antes

  46. JUH :3

    JUH :33 days ago

    Wow it's nice

  47. Feadan van Schaik

    Feadan van Schaik4 days ago

    *dies because of the good music

  48. Jocelyn Meehan

    Jocelyn Meehan4 days ago

    Asian version of Troye Sivan......

  49. Sana Army

    Sana Army4 days ago

    I respect him and support him

  50. Neko Ная

    Neko Ная4 days ago

    Его образ немного похож на образ V из клипа DNA.

  51. ghina hafifah

    ghina hafifah4 days ago


  52. Mahyo

    Mahyo4 days ago

    Holland is in the house!!!!!!! I don't give a fck if he's gay, i still loving him

  53. г۫۰۪α۫۰۪ν۫۰۪ε۫۰۪п۫۰

    г۫۰۪α۫۰۪ν۫۰۪ε۫۰۪п۫۰4 days ago

    Ese beso me prendió toda chama 7wwww7

  54. Yoongi Lovess

    Yoongi Lovess4 days ago

    Not gonna lie the kissing scenes are so cute tf

  55. Yoongi Lovess

    Yoongi Lovess4 days ago

    Man this mv is giving me Youth vibes and *_FREAKING LOVE IT_*

  56. Meisi Gallardo

    Meisi Gallardo4 days ago

    Lo amoooo😍😍😍

  57. nonli

    nonli4 days ago

    I know you guys are hyped because there's finally a gay idol, trust me I'm also hyped as fck, but HE'S ALSO TALENTED AND MAKES AMAZING MUSIC, DON'T SLEEP ON THIS BOY!

  58. army taekooka piscopata

    army taekooka piscopata4 days ago

    *So cute! Brazil*

  59. Mansha Chhantyal

    Mansha Chhantyal4 days ago

    Omg wow love it ❤️❤️

  60. Victória Nery

    Victória Nery4 days ago


  61. That Bitch24/7

    That Bitch24/74 days ago


  62. That Bitch24/7

    That Bitch24/74 days ago

    This is giving me an end of a movie x Troye Sivan Vibes. Hell this can be a soundtrack for a movie,Love Simon/Sierra Burgess is a loser and many more

  63. Nash Park

    Nash Park4 days ago

    sexy shit

  64. Mr Sausage

    Mr Sausage4 days ago

    good for you... south korea is not like other world .. they really hate gay people hopefully this change things up

  65. Ashley Park

    Ashley Park4 days ago

    2:29 ay que bonito :3

  66. J-hope Stan_xX

    J-hope Stan_xX4 days ago

    Holland is Holland and he ain't scared of shit. Honestly, can you imagine being one of the first people to take a stand for lgbt and face potential criticism from millions of people in his country. This guy is very brave as well as talented, keep doing what you're doing Holland because you're killing it! 💜

  67. Heavenly rose

    Heavenly rose4 days ago

    This song has a wanderful beat matched with a beautiful voice. Plus he's starting a new era for LGBTQ in music and in the world. Keep it up Holland. Fighting 😊❤❤❤

  68. grazy hope

    grazy hope5 days ago

    I love you holland baby💙💙💙

  69. Han한Hyewon혜원

    Han한Hyewon혜원5 days ago


  70. Riya Varghese

    Riya Varghese5 days ago


  71. Fer Fernandez

    Fer Fernandez5 days ago

    Wow me encanta! :)

  72. seewhaticcurious1

    seewhaticcurious15 days ago

    This song is SUPER catchy. But it kind of looks like a western party randomly came to his house? And that awkward close-up at the end LOL. I'm not exactly sure what the message of this is. . . because, yeah I agree, when I'm drunk I'm pretty much not afraid of anything either. . . It's called lowered inhibitions. . .

  73. carlos house

    carlos house5 days ago

    Que viva el yaoi y el yuri puerks!!! :v

  74. Daisy Juliette

    Daisy Juliette5 days ago

    I stan you so much , I’m saying this as a person who is a straight person with respect I love you & your music 💗

  75. Daisy Juliette

    Daisy Juliette5 days ago

    I love you holland

  76. Luna Winston

    Luna Winston5 days ago

    Omg that's one of the best things I've watched ever, it's amazing, important and so powerful 😍💗

  77. Ashleigh Adams

    Ashleigh Adams5 days ago

    This is such a radical video for a homogeneous, traditional Korea. Not just LGBT people, but also people of all different colors in love with each other, and the accepting attitude of everyone. Just, wow. It fills me with such joy and hope!

  78. May PEDRA

    May PEDRA5 days ago

    I guess so powerful this moment that he faces the camera in the last seconds. I feel as if he is looking at all the people who have hurt him in the past and now wanted to show that he no longer has any fear. It was interesting to put so much diversity, especially the drag queen, i had only seen in two MVs.

  79. Solyenitze Lucero

    Solyenitze Lucero5 days ago


  80. Güney Kore

    Güney Kore5 days ago


  81. 0905 Leo

    0905 Leo5 days ago

    are you gay?

  82. Special Snowflake

    Special Snowflake6 days ago

    As an european I am judging korean mindset and their discrimination towards LGBT and I'm sure not all people do it. They should start to be more open minded. I love Holland's music and he's talented so this is what I am searching when I listen to music. Idol's orientation should be respected. It would be nice if more korean celebrities would have his courage and be open about it. It's sad not beeing able to be with the person you love, to hold hands or to kiss because people are against it.

  83. Twice and stray kids amazing songs amazing people

    Twice and stray kids amazing songs amazing people6 days ago

    I am honestly so touched by this video. And 1 word I got to say is respect. It’s hard coming out as anything because you don’t know how the people around you will take it. Also the difference races and that drag queen? PERFECT. I’m so glad he can come out without being afraid because I certainly can’t.

  84. Isabel MC

    Isabel MC6 days ago

    Talent AND breaking stereotypes? Ive found an artist to support for life :,) Love you HOLLAND 💚💚

  85. Brandon Sath

    Brandon Sath6 days ago

    I want him to be worldwide and famous as bts

  86. Marta Antonio

    Marta Antonio6 days ago

    Yaoi we yo no veo Yaoi pero si se que es

  87. AHuoud _

    AHuoud _6 days ago


  88. Jjimsums

    Jjimsums6 days ago

    The kissing Just wow... It got me... And I just wanna say something..actually this was my first mv to watch of holland and I actually really liked his style and his music and still do to this day.. I don't know why some people hate him for being gay..I mean...stop judging him...people, he is really talented and amazing..

  89. Camille 29

    Camille 296 days ago

    I'm sHaKiNG

  90. emily aponte

    emily aponte6 days ago

    Is Holland dating someone yes or no can you tell so i know if his dating someone

  91. Kuri Suu

    Kuri Suu6 days ago

    +emily aponte Ah you should watch the Rolling Stones q&a video, because I forgot his name. I think he said it

  92. emily aponte

    emily aponte6 days ago

    +Kuri Suu what's hos boyfriend name?

  93. Kuri Suu

    Kuri Suu6 days ago

    In a question and answer video he said that he has a Boyfriend

  94. Panpopularveryvery

    Panpopularveryvery6 days ago

    2:25 Can somebody tell me his name?

  95. Camila :v

    Camila :v6 days ago

    #HOLLAND ❤❤❤

  96. Camila :v

    Camila :v6 days ago


  97. Lias .T

    Lias .T6 days ago

    Es hermoso!!💕👏 Me encanta la canción y el ritmo que tiene, es movediza pero un poco tranquila y algo pegadiza y no es tan llamativa o comercial como la de otros grupos. Es increíble, hermosa y me encanta. Me gusta que en el vídeo demuestre sus verdaderos gustos. Corea es un país medio conservador y no tan abierto con respecto a los gustos homosexuales de la gente. Creo que debió ser un poco difícil haver debutado. De verdad te apoyo y te quiero, sos increíble😊😘. Pero claro, esta solo es mi opinión y entiendo si alguien no esta de acuerdo con migo. Tampoco es que soy una experta en esto o soy la gran cosa😅

  98. black and blue

    black and blue6 days ago

    Oh my my my ! I'm not afraid anymore ! ( imagine Holland and troye collaborating 😍)

  99. Tiya Saini

    Tiya Saini7 days ago

    This artist needs all the support from us. Give this brave track and artist some respect!!!!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈

  100. Park Min

    Park Min7 days ago

    Too cuteee. UwU

  101. Sugar Baby

    Sugar Baby7 days ago

    Rispetto a profonda stima verso il mio maritino... Bravo holland sei favoloso e coraggioso❤

  102. Emmanuel Kz

    Emmanuel Kz7 days ago

    Gross AF!

  103. Jovita Melchor Colorado

    Jovita Melchor Colorado7 days ago

    Me súper Encanto él vídeo.🙏