1. Hiranya Randini

    Hiranya Randini5 hours ago

    Why is Mr Shardik dressed like Dwight from The Office

  2. MJmjollnir

    MJmjollnir7 hours ago

    I know the video is old but is that a noble gaz at 5:10 ?

  3. Melissa Long

    Melissa Long8 hours ago

    -my mom cares about me- nvm

  4. Yum BoBo

    Yum BoBo9 hours ago

    “The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do!” OK THEN HUN, what is it for? Background music?no? Exactly

  5. Kayleigh Akther

    Kayleigh Akther10 hours ago

    *I feel bad for Ian even tho he's the teacher I still love you guys* 😘😘😘😜😜😜😍😋😝😝😝

  6. Starlight Angel

    Starlight Angel11 hours ago


  7. Golden Gamer

    Golden Gamer11 hours ago


  8. Jaiden Higgins

    Jaiden Higgins14 hours ago

    -why's this so true-

  9. Veronica Does stuff

    Veronica Does stuff15 hours ago

    I'm wayyyy to Young to be watching Smosh because I was *BORN* in 2008. BUUUUT I've said worse than what you might expect.

  10. The Kawaii Narwhal

    The Kawaii Narwhal15 hours ago

    0:12 ITS DWIGHT

  11. James Scullion

    James Scullion17 hours ago

    Ian is the dank meme king

  12. oh._.kayla

    oh._.kayla19 hours ago

    _wow_ *wow* -wow-

  13. Alejandro M.

    Alejandro M.21 hour ago

    Why are they learning the periodic table in high school? I'm in sixth grade and I'm learning the periodic table.

  14. Lily Hoffman

    Lily Hoffman22 hours ago

    Dwight Shrute is the teacher.

  15. Gamer's life

    Gamer's life23 hours ago

    Have u ever seen a class of 4

  16. Snipe

    SnipeDay ago

    Hold on so they stayed in the same class for 10 years?

  17. LittleBlondeKitty Lauren

    LittleBlondeKitty LaurenDay ago

    As the daughter of a teacher, the second one hurts. Too much.

  18. hugs2003

    hugs2003Day ago

    Ewww what kind of creepy ass class bell was that?!


    REDMAN BOIDay ago

    Teachers list: -MEMES- NEW FRIENDS GET A LIFE

  20. courtney herlan

    courtney herlanDay ago

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn roasting the teachers body pillow wife. oof

  21. Luigi Number 1

    Luigi Number 1Day ago


  22. Benson Nguyen

    Benson NguyenDay ago


  23. Mishael Syed

    Mishael SyedDay ago

    The teacher looks like dwight

  24. XGOLDX

    XGOLDXDay ago

    Saying ohhhhhh when a teacher asks someone to stay back is tradition

  25. Unicorn Power

    Unicorn Power2 days ago

    The things they are learning in high school I learned In 5th grade

  26. Gauri Rajesh

    Gauri Rajesh2 days ago

    Bruh...this is accurate😂

  27. Gamingdud1

    Gamingdud12 days ago

    _ty_ *ty* -ty-


    BTS MIN YOONGI SSHI2 days ago

    I was born in 2008 0-0

  29. Atomic

    Atomic2 days ago

    Poor Mr.Shardik

  30. tracey kearney

    tracey kearney2 days ago


  31. June_Blaze

    June_Blaze2 days ago

    1:46 uhhhhhhhhhh...

  32. Makeupby Aoife

    Makeupby Aoife2 days ago

    I was born in 2008

  33. sephy Abbott

    sephy Abbott2 days ago

    I was born in 2008

  34. Claire Kings

    Claire Kings2 days ago


  35. Asia Peterson

    Asia Peterson3 days ago


  36. Marques Teixeira Gabriela

    Marques Teixeira Gabriela3 days ago

    *bold* _tilted_ -crossed-

  37. Pheonix Lord

    Pheonix Lord3 days ago

    0:48 Ok first of all,why does the girl have a filipino pot socket? Is she a part of us??? 🤔🤔

  38. Meg Menzie

    Meg Menzie3 days ago

    I was burn in 2008

  39. Layla Rose

    Layla Rose3 days ago

    Lol I have that rainbow body pillow XD but I use it as a regular pillow ;--;

  40. Gang Chuber

    Gang Chuber3 days ago

    I was born in 2008 SOOOO....... ..

  41. Camille

    Camille3 days ago

    _yeet_ -yeet-

  42. Razor

    Razor3 days ago


  43. Harika ozan Ounda

    Harika ozan Ounda3 days ago


  44. Adham Elmallah

    Adham Elmallah3 days ago

    The very annoying thing is he pointed at the transition metals in the beginning

  45. Фасøль

    Фасøль3 days ago


  46. Vito Lee

    Vito Lee4 days ago

    a- aaaaaa a-

  47. 0Jmpc_ 64

    0Jmpc_ 644 days ago

    I think it’s slightly better in 2008


    JHONSOM FUNEZ4 days ago


  49. Ireelyenjoy Bread

    Ireelyenjoy Bread4 days ago

    Who s Paul revere

  50. The Horrible Gamer

    The Horrible Gamer4 days ago

    "eat the pain away" I feel you on that dude

  51. Greg Greg

    Greg Greg4 days ago

    *ummm YoU sAiD a sCiEnCe*

  52. dream forever

    dream forever5 days ago

    I was born in 2008 -_-

  53. Clumzy Doctor

    Clumzy Doctor5 days ago


  54. Clumzy Doctor

    Clumzy Doctor5 days ago

    Iran look like dwight

  55. kayros Emanuel Vila Nova

    kayros Emanuel Vila Nova5 days ago

    -smosh is the best-

  56. JustinRadabaughGaming

    JustinRadabaughGaming5 days ago

    1:23 I laughed so hard

  57. KrUsAtSkA

    KrUsAtSkA5 days ago

    Our teacher has the best memes

  58. Zack Wilkinson

    Zack Wilkinson5 days ago

    - hi

  59. Zack Wilkinson

    Zack Wilkinson5 days ago


  60. Wade Williams

    Wade Williams5 days ago

    Who else is Class of 2008?!

  61. Gracicle

    Gracicle6 days ago

    shayne’s laugh is funnier than Ian’s farT

  62. lydia coats

    lydia coats6 days ago


  63. Darina Rosemond

    Darina Rosemond6 days ago

    I WAS BORN IN 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. The Redstone Heart

    The Redstone Heart6 days ago


  65. Aesthetical Twat

    Aesthetical Twat7 days ago

    2008: Baggy trousers, great music and skateboarding 2018: Skinny trousers (which make you look gay), shit music and scooting Where did everything go so wrong?

  66. Loafsiis Animal Jam

    Loafsiis Animal Jam7 days ago

    Ian is soooo funny

  67. Belmarie M

    Belmarie M7 days ago


  68. Xavier [Edge]

    Xavier [Edge]7 days ago

    *trying it out*

  69. happy_rainbow

    happy_rainbow7 days ago


  70. LegitMuffin

    LegitMuffin7 days ago


  71. watersclans Yt

    watersclans Yt7 days ago

    Dare offend the teacher about his meme

  72. wakandan knuckles

    wakandan knuckles7 days ago


  73. Cubcub & Me

    Cubcub & Me7 days ago

    -this is so random This is amazing

  74. Lauren Wall

    Lauren Wall8 days ago

    no one in my class uses there phone

  75. Mari Guerra

    Mari Guerra8 days ago

    3:49 dank meme king

  76. Pretty Pink Poison

    Pretty Pink Poison8 days ago

    A lot of people don't care about their grades anymore and it's really sad.

  77. Wiwita

    Wiwita8 days ago

    I feel bad for that teacher...☹️ Especially the 2018 one☹️

  78. pro tinker

    pro tinker8 days ago

    wheres anthony?

  79. Batmankay101

    Batmankay1018 days ago

    Paul Revere didn’t actually make it to concord he got arrested and Prescott was able to make it to warn Concord

  80. Chinh Nguyen

    Chinh Nguyen8 days ago


  81. Tiffany

    Tiffany8 days ago

    The teacher looks like Dwight xD

  82. Tube Master

    Tube Master8 days ago

    more like middle school vs high school. which should totally be a video

  83. GoodGuy Erhmee

    GoodGuy Erhmee8 days ago

    T gay

  84. 0Jmpc_ 64

    0Jmpc_ 649 days ago

    Students 2008: I'm Scared 2018: Rude and not caring

  85. 0Jmpc_ 64

    0Jmpc_ 649 days ago

    3:30 2008 Memes

  86. 0Jmpc_ 64

    0Jmpc_ 649 days ago

    1:44 I wish school was actually like that

  87. Hypr Storm

    Hypr Storm9 days ago

    2008 school days were the best

  88. IixStarShinexii Xoxo

    IixStarShinexii Xoxo9 days ago

    Y’all edgy 10 year olds sayin 2008 is better when y’all weren’t even alive lol

  89. Gavin Mathews

    Gavin Mathews9 days ago

    I expected a iPhone 3G

  90. PRO IN THE Game’s

    PRO IN THE Game’s9 days ago

    Where is Anthony Padilla

  91. Nya Crazy

    Nya Crazy9 days ago

    Hello- this_

  92. Kenly Nguyên

    Kenly Nguyên9 days ago

    S Sm Smo Smos Smosh Smos Smo Sm S

  93. Sully Mirzayanov

    Sully Mirzayanov10 days ago

    People were less reluctant to join the military out if high school because of iraq, now they are more reluctant to join since there is no war.

  94. asd111qq

    asd111qq10 days ago

    this is why we old. miss old school

  95. Dasiy Potterhead

    Dasiy Potterhead10 days ago

    Oh god, I remember when Starbucks had free singles of the week. Throwback

  96. LimeEz Aye

    LimeEz Aye10 days ago

    0:06 he looks like Dwight from the office

  97. Kitty Purry

    Kitty Purry10 days ago

    The teacher in the beginning reminds me of Dwight Schrute

  98. Anime Withered Toy Freddy 1987

    Anime Withered Toy Freddy 198710 days ago

    Why you fail meh Teacher : "AAAAAAAAAAA"

  99. Daron Safont

    Daron Safont10 days ago

    I love Ian

  100. Clarisse Salarzon

    Clarisse Salarzon10 days ago

    Nice meme baydawey 👍👍👍👍👏