1. James Poole

    James Poole6 hours ago

    I pod my self

  2. DeathPixelGamin -Nerf

    DeathPixelGamin -Nerf8 hours ago


  3. Mr.Stapler

    Mr.Stapler10 hours ago

    My friend has been through both. He started high school in 2006, and graduated 9th grade in 2017 in so proud of him!

  4. 秋風雨狼

    秋風雨狼16 hours ago

    helicopter parent

  5. Keys60Datman

    Keys60Datman20 hours ago

    I love how he is just dressed as dwight from the office

  6. Darryl The blog

    Darryl The blog21 hour ago

    Poor mr. Shardick, he was trying his best being the best teacher he could :c

  7. fosterboy11 macro

    fosterboy11 macro21 hour ago

    I have that body pillow!!!!!

  8. Riky Gomez

    Riky GomezDay ago

    Do a update vid on the pillows

  9. Alab

    AlabDay ago

    "The American Revolution" Me : the world tuned upside down the world turned upside down Down, Down, Down *FREEDOM FOR AMERICA, FREEDOM FOR FRANCE*

  10. Random Videoca

    Random VideocaDay ago

    They didn’t know that they need to write they’re own name

  11. ugandan shit

    ugandan shitDay ago

    That soup looks tasty af

  12. Lou und Mia

    Lou und MiaDay ago

    I feel bad for the teacher in 2018 ;(

  13. crashcon324 m

    crashcon324 mDay ago

    I’d have to pay 25$ if I was caught with my phone out

  14. Phillip Friend

    Phillip Friend2 days ago

    Make more videos

  15. Emmanuelshark vlogs

    Emmanuelshark vlogs2 days ago

    Hey howd you know when my birthday was 2008

  16. Frostyy

    Frostyy2 days ago

    One thing they got wrong is that you can't wear hats in school because apparently it promotes gangs

  17. Mohamed Bukhary Ibn Mohamed Riyal

    Mohamed Bukhary Ibn Mohamed Riyal2 days ago

    I Hate 2018. Miss you 2008.


    MALO HYGGE2 days ago

    That meam was good

  19. Melissa Merlin

    Melissa Merlin2 days ago

    What do they know about high school in 2018?

  20. Hylian Boi

    Hylian Boi2 days ago

    I like memes, to me that's a pretty cool teacher ;-;

  21. mars cards

    mars cards3 days ago

    OG Smosh vs. Present Smosh

  22. will leblanc

    will leblanc3 days ago

    im have 10 years

  23. EM5_YT

    EM5_YT3 days ago

    2 true

  24. Hanna

    Hanna3 days ago

    We’re not even aloud to have our phones in my high school otherwise we’ll get detention and our phones taken away.

  25. Tabasco Turtle

    Tabasco Turtle4 days ago

    My mom is not like that

  26. Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley4 days ago

    What is with the 12k dislikes?

  27. ThreeSidedTriangle

    ThreeSidedTriangle4 days ago

    it hasn't been THAT long since 2008, right guys? RIGHT????

  28. Ceroee Ceroee

    Ceroee Ceroee4 days ago

    un tad es sapratu cik daudz laika un turpmākās darbības un to var izmantot kā piedevu 77 un to ir Jeļenam un to pašu var teikt arī par citiem un to var izmantot arī citus gadus arī šogad un to Cast: Edmunds Teodors Erenstreits Edmunds Erenstreits Noah Grossman Ian Hecox Keith Leak Olivia Sui Damain Haas Joe Bereta Sarmīte Rubule Anthony Padilla Crew: Smosh Productions Anthony Padilla Ian Hecox Vangaži Edmunds Teodors Erenstreits Edmunds Erenstreits Un tad jau arī ir Jeļenam un to pašu ko darīt ar savu ārstu par to ka ir viens no galvenajiem iemesliem kādēļ jūs varat uzticēties Bībelei un to var izmantot kā piedevu pie gaļas ēdieniem un to pašu ko darīt ja tavas dienas aktivitātēm kas gūta no galvenajiem iemesliem ne tikai arī par citiem un to var kāpēc gan

  29. Jonathan Perez

    Jonathan Perez4 days ago

    Make every iPad Ever

  30. Leah Paige

    Leah Paige4 days ago

    The teacher meme part made me feel bad for some reason

  31. AeyKrittiya S

    AeyKrittiya S4 days ago

    Savage 2018 poor 2008

  32. Pepi Badgal

    Pepi Badgal4 days ago

    This couldve shouldve been better

  33. matias fernandez

    matias fernandez5 days ago

    2008 was yesterday it was so recent

  34. mushroomkid 700

    mushroomkid 7005 days ago

    Home alone

  35. xtraderpysquid

    xtraderpysquid5 days ago

    Skip class to bun a Zoot, I skipped a mock exam to do that lol

  36. Em3rald Gr3en

    Em3rald Gr3en5 days ago

    I was born 2008

  37. Dominick Amaral

    Dominick Amaral5 days ago

    Smosh in 2014 vs 2018

  38. Super Cool Joshua

    Super Cool Joshua5 days ago

    2018 won

  39. Ferrite

    Ferrite5 days ago


  40. TM Football

    TM Football5 days ago

    I’ve always wondered where this legendary classroom is. Anyone else?

  41. David Lopez

    David Lopez5 days ago

    Lol it's almost true except I don't think every school allows you to use your phones in class my school will take it away

  42. Mr.Random Channel

    Mr.Random Channel5 days ago

    I was there I would of felt bad for Ian at the end

  43. Mathis Bouffard

    Mathis Bouffard5 days ago

    To make the mom coming out of the bag was a really brilliant idea! And pretty funny, of course.

  44. Artistic Weirdo

    Artistic Weirdo5 days ago

    Why does Ian look like Dwight

  45. Believe 2018

    Believe 20185 days ago

    2018 is better!!!!

  46. jmrevan 21

    jmrevan 216 days ago

    Is it weird that I don't have a phone so I don't have any of these experiences

  47. Llama Films

    Llama Films6 days ago


  48. moon light wolf

    moon light wolf6 days ago

    where is Anthany ?

  49. Cimo Nimo

    Cimo Nimo6 days ago

    I didn’t get the post credits bit

  50. Australian Kangaroo

    Australian Kangaroo6 days ago

    I wish it was like this in 2018 instead its the complete opposite

  51. xlagmuchx

    xlagmuchx6 days ago

    U forgot about the juuls

  52. Cool Pool

    Cool Pool6 days ago

    is it me or does 2008 ian dressed as a teacher looks like dwight??

  53. ROBLOXxGOD433 X

    ROBLOXxGOD433 X6 days ago


  54. Josh Ellerbeck

    Josh Ellerbeck7 days ago

    These are called noble gases. *Points directly at metals*

  55. Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes7 days ago

    In 2019, can you please make a “2019 vs 1939”? (The year that started ww2)

  56. Rebecca Bastien

    Rebecca Bastien7 days ago

    Poor Mr. Shardic. Lolol. I’ve loved you guys since Mortal Combat, I watched it probably around 2004ish. So great what you guys have built!!

  57. Giraffe Girl 10752

    Giraffe Girl 107527 days ago

    I was born in 2008!

  58. Neal Grainger

    Neal Grainger7 days ago

    I want chucks

  59. gusv

    gusv7 days ago

    this is so cringey omg..

  60. Beth vaughan BW

    Beth vaughan BW7 days ago

    2008 teacher was dressed like dwight schrute

  61. Eve Diby

    Eve Diby7 days ago

    Those are not the noble gases Ian 😂😂😂😂

  62. Sarah Nguyen

    Sarah Nguyen7 days ago

    Why the blonde girl look like Taylor Swift?

  63. iop// MSP

    iop// MSP7 days ago

    Anyone else still watches their old videos starring Anthony and Ian?

  64. Sword MasterYT

    Sword MasterYT7 days ago

    shardick? Shardick? SHARDICK???

  65. CcrystRonツ

    CcrystRonツ7 days ago

    I mean its half true

  66. Diane Danios

    Diane Danios7 days ago

    this is so inaccurate holy shit

  67. Muzammil Syed

    Muzammil Syed8 days ago

    Since when was smosh's target audience 12 year olds

  68. Fluffypotatobob AJ

    Fluffypotatobob AJ8 days ago

    my teacher uses memes. stop it woman.

  69. Ryan Milk

    Ryan Milk8 days ago

    I feel bad for the teacher

  70. mitchellbot

    mitchellbot8 days ago

    The truth in this is absolutely brutal😹

  71. Adrienne Pinchback

    Adrienne Pinchback8 days ago

    I was born in 2008

  72. O3O O3O

    O3O O3O8 days ago

    why does she kinda look like Taylor swift in the thumb nail 😂

  73. Cantoloupe BC

    Cantoloupe BC8 days ago

    I miss Ian and anthony.

  74. MasterJ 2003

    MasterJ 20038 days ago

    My high school is Ok, but most of the senior girls are thots.

  75. Sun Dwight

    Sun Dwight8 days ago

    Yeah ha

  76. Big Load

    Big Load8 days ago


  77. phantommangagirl

    phantommangagirl8 days ago

    I graduated high school in 2008. All the flashbacks.

  78. Felix Navarro

    Felix Navarro8 days ago

    I was born in 2008

  79. JerryWasHere

    JerryWasHere8 days ago


  80. swag mcnuggets

    swag mcnuggets8 days ago

    Where is Anthony

  81. Ein Han

    Ein Han9 days ago

    haha. i was in high school in 2008. feeling wayy too old..

  82. Jman and Doggodude aka Ben and Sami

    Jman and Doggodude aka Ben and Sami9 days ago

    A science

  83. Young OT

    Young OT9 days ago

    What about school shooting???

  84. Jack the Epicpowerkid

    Jack the Epicpowerkid9 days ago

    2008 VS 2018 2008:When I was born 2018:When I became 10

  85. BadStormer79 // Stormy

    BadStormer79 // Stormy9 days ago

    MOOOOM Mom: Y U FAIL MAY BABI? Teacher Shardik: aaaah

  86. GamerBoy Plays

    GamerBoy Plays9 days ago


  87. Joylive123

    Joylive1239 days ago


  88. JHarmoni

    JHarmoni9 days ago

    At the beginning Ian has become Dwight from the Office!

  89. JordyPrestoPlayzRoblox

    JordyPrestoPlayzRoblox10 days ago

    i miss anthony ;-; he would be hilarious in this vid ;-;

  90. Yung Scarecrow

    Yung Scarecrow10 days ago

    Makes me feel bad for Ian lmao

  91. Tiffani Torres

    Tiffani Torres10 days ago


  92. Jonas Skau Rasmussen

    Jonas Skau Rasmussen10 days ago

    poor teaher

  93. Lazko

    Lazko10 days ago

    Make a Smosh 2009 and a Smosh 2018

  94. Ксения Альфаевна

    Ксения Альфаевна10 days ago

    I felt sad for the teacher 🙁

  95. DarrrnGamerHQ RBLX

    DarrrnGamerHQ RBLX10 days ago

    I miss the old smosh

  96. Agustin2109 Garrido

    Agustin2109 Garrido11 days ago

    Suban la versión español plis

  97. Liliana Chavero

    Liliana Chavero11 days ago

    Dwight shrute

  98. Camaro King 56

    Camaro King 5611 days ago

    This was SOOOOOOOOO funny

  99. Mr kwaado

    Mr kwaado11 days ago

    Лайк если ты русский и пониманиеш английский

  100. LiL Weezy

    LiL Weezy11 days ago

    I really miss the old smosh