Helping the Police Find a Gun Underwater to Solve a Criminal Case! (Metal Detecting Underwater)



    DALLMYD10 days ago

    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want us to team back up with the Columbus, GA Detective Unit on future videos! This was awesome!! haha (Wow! This video is currently #3 Trending on MReporter. This is crazy!! Thanks guys!)

  2. Floressa Jean Cabatania

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  3. Banana Pancakes

    Banana Pancakes14 hours ago

    DALLMYD the “B.B. gun” looks like a gas pump

  4. Gabriel Begeman

    Gabriel Begeman17 hours ago

    Noticed that you guys have to drop the metal detectors, and they float away. Have you tried tethering it to your bag via rope?

  5. Godwin Hart

    Godwin HartDay ago

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    DALLMYD u r so hawt 💯👌🏼

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    TheBabyWolfcub42 minutes ago

    You are good people and I get so confused when police stop you diving

  8. wpod plankz

    wpod plankzHour ago

    when i grow up a bit, im going to be a diver!😊

  9. Epic King

    Epic King56 minutes ago

    globbi _z ??

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  11. Charles Houle 3rd

    Charles Houle 3rd6 hours ago

    Dats a pallet gun

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    snitch ass fools not cool🤦🏽‍♂️

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    Epic King yeah me to 🤔

  14. Epic King

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    I think his the victim

  15. Retarded Person09

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    Zach Bunten are you the victim if no not really snitching -_-

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    Tristan is literally always cold lol

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    It's good that you are doing this👍👍 also helps the environment as well as the case gj

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    Grinningstorm7 hours ago

    Just Chillin I think he just leaves it there if he doesn't want it

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    Nam Rin I

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    Nam Rin a

  22. Pheonix Timmington

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    Nam Rin I

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    Nam Rin dndk

  24. giraffe Wilson

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    I knew it wasn't but I still pressed it :(

  25. Gaming Tree

    Gaming Tree9 hours ago

    The "BB gun" is an air rifle

  26. Gaming Tree

    Gaming TreeHour ago

    Also known as a pellet gun

  27. Bree Waipouri

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  28. Joshplayz 05

    Joshplayz 0510 hours ago

    That pipe which you found may have been a rifle scope

  29. Gaming Tree

    Gaming TreeHour ago

    Joshplayz 05 It wasn't a scope it was the front barell


    KYAHGON11 hours ago

    is that artix? 9:40

  31. K Playz

    K Playz10 hours ago

    KYAHGON krieger?

  32. Agateplains6945

    Agateplains694511 hours ago

    Be careful when looking for weapons Incase they are loaded. The last thing you would want is for it to accidentally discharge.

  33. Vanh Rian Mariano

    Vanh Rian Mariano12 hours ago

    I sub because u guys are helping police and detectives to bring justice for their family

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    George Playz13 hours ago

    Cool vid I can’t believe that the 👮‍♀️ need your awesome help

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    It looks fun

  36. Shaan Kashyap

    Shaan Kashyap14 hours ago

    Btw you can recycle a lot of that stuff

  37. Taeyoung Kim

    Taeyoung Kim14 hours ago

    6:17 is that slide of the gun

  38. Mystical Mittens

    Mystical Mittens3 hours ago

    10:10 listen lol

  39. Cakra Nagara

    Cakra Nagara10 hours ago

    Taeyoung Kim it kinda looks like a slide of a gun

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    Its a mag

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    That is nice of him helping the cops

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    I subbed

  44. charito kent

    charito kent14 hours ago

    Wait but the weight of the gun is higher than that rock

  45. John Smith

    John Smith13 hours ago

    charito kent probably not. If it was a Hi-Point or a Glock that rock seemed like a pretty accurate reference

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    Why are all the comments so recent?

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    Tem!!Hoi! I don't even know

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    Hi guys

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    Tem!!Hoi! Why us yours so recent? XD idk what I'm saying sorry

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    Tem!!Hoi! 0_0 This was 3 minutes ago!!!!

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    Tem!!Hoi! Idk

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    I thinks it’s a caliphone

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    Holy shit your channel has changed. I don’t remember how long ago it was that you did “Call Of Duty” videos, but clearly that has changed! Proud of you bro.

  54. Lil_ Broomstick

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    "Hey, I think I found a pipe"

  55. Rocco De Falco

    Rocco De Falco15 hours ago

    U guys could get killed stop doing this

  56. Christian Miguel

    Christian Miguel8 hours ago

    Or a hitman

  57. Frostbyte112 YT

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  58. Fearless Gamer

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    Scaryonsunn He’s talking about the criminals, would get like an assassin or something to kill him..

  59. Scaryonsunn

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    Rocco De Falco They really can't besides drowning. I'm sure they wouldn't drown anyways because, A. They have Oxygen Tanks. B. They can always resurface.

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    Very cool I love seeing people coming together for the right causes.

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    "hey, I think I found a pipe!"

  62. Jedidr

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    He found a ducking paint roller 😂

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    Jedidr lol

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    Thankfully for helping thy police! How cool is that?

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    Your a snitch

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    angeltha p how dummy

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    Why are you so mean

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    Dick much?

  71. Wyatt Endsley

    Wyatt Endsley16 hours ago

    the thing you found before the staple gun is the slider for a glock

  72. steve duran

    steve duran15 hours ago

    Wyatt Endsley always room for hope lol

  73. Blue Coin

    Blue Coin15 hours ago

    I thought that too i was like oh shit we bout to find it

  74. steve duran

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    Wyatt Endsley it belongs on the staple it hold the staples in place

  75. Michael Anderson

    Michael Anderson16 hours ago

    Wyatt Endsley it's way too big

  76. Danny Hocutt

    Danny Hocutt18 hours ago

    Did he find a vulpix

  77. The Chattahoochee Vaper

    The Chattahoochee Vaper18 hours ago

    They at the river walk downtown?

  78. wtfrn

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  79. August Lier

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    Maybe but please give me Thames ups

  80. cod fam

    cod fam19 hours ago

    The gun from before is a pp9m1

  81. hypebeast

    hypebeast19 hours ago

    At 6:19, that was a slide of a gun..

  82. Michael Anderson

    Michael Anderson16 hours ago

    It's too large to be a slide.

  83. Denise Ay

    Denise Ay17 hours ago

    Emily Frost nah i dont think he’s talking about the stapler ,the thing showed before the stapler but 🤷‍♀️

  84. Mason Switzer

    Mason Switzer19 hours ago

    hypebeast no iits to the stapler

  85. Emily Frost

    Emily Frost19 hours ago

    hypebeast no its to the staple gun which he explained

  86. LGT xXx Andrew

    LGT xXx Andrew20 hours ago

    Jake I saw the gun it was on that side that you were on before you went on the other side

  87. Jennifer Ritter

    Jennifer Ritter13 hours ago

    Mason Switzer I think he was being sarcastic. If not then it is def a kid

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    Yeah plz

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    Mason Switzer Yeah pls

  90. Mason Switzer

    Mason Switzer19 hours ago

    LGT xXx Andrew can you put the time where you saw it so can see

  91. Bringamosa

    Bringamosa20 hours ago

    Having an actual search pattern will help a lot to be sure you cover the whole bottom. Found a lost ring, gopro and false teeth using search patterns

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    *s t a p l e g u n*

  93. group hug!!!

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    *s t a b y m e t a l s h o o t e r*

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    *loud clap*

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    Did talk find it

  96. SaberTheGamer

    SaberTheGamer22 hours ago

    Dude at 6:19 that metal thing was a Glock slide! Thats part of a gun if you didn't know.

  97. John Doe

    John Doe10 hours ago

    Uh no staplers have slides to specially those large ones they tell us like guns to numb nut

  98. Michael Anderson

    Michael Anderson16 hours ago

    Hahaha it's too large to be a slide...

  99. Maddie Thurman

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    KyKyth Yea

  100. KyKyth

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    It was actually a stapler gun lmao

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    SaberTheGamer :'D

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    youre like mickey mouse

  103. Suzigley Mascarenhas

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    MT legal

  104. Alex Waters

    Alex Waters23 hours ago

    Why do you guys use such small tanks?

  105. Chase Williams

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    Alex Waters lol

  106. Riley Hall

    Riley Hall18 hours ago

    Alex Waters so it dosnt weigh that much, duhhhh

  107. TonArts

    TonArts23 hours ago

    Criminal: Gotta ship it overseas

  108. BluAravena

    BluAravenaDay ago

    It seems like a relatively small area but reality is that even based on your throw, how long it would take to grid off and comb that area with 3 people. Good job guys, don't spoil it in the title if you find it in the next one!

  109. busterdog 101

    busterdog 101Day ago

    You don't just find treature you pick up garbage good job

  110. Jayden Gilchrist

    Jayden GilchristDay ago

    It’s a pellet gun

  111. lewis ward

    lewis wardDay ago

    I like that use are cleaning the river as your looking for the gun (: good video, uve earned a new sub lol.

  112. TheDemoman57

    TheDemoman57Day ago

    The only things you didn't find were the kitchen sink and the gun lol :(

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    Love your vids dude

  114. ryan-yt greek

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    🔴🔴🔴 *SỆẌY GIRLS* ► [ ] ◄ *GIRLS SḘẌY* 🔴🔴🔴 🔴🔴🔴 *SỄẊY GIRLS* ► [ ] ◄ *GIRLS SĘẌY* 🔴🔴🔴 🔴🔴🔴 *SĖẊY GIRLS* ► [ ] ◄ *GIRLS SḚXY* 🔴🔴🔴

  116. Kay 32

    Kay 32Day ago

    That was the back of an 80s Boom Box!

  117. Jeremy Orr

    Jeremy OrrDay ago

    Poor Ruger LCR



    Your doing good for the community Jake

  119. Doge Girl

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    I clicked on this vid with my tounge

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    So much bacteria

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  122. Krys Owen

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    If you found the gun.... lier or else you would tell us where it is

  123. Grafton Sewell

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    I found one

  124. Absurd turd

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    Grafton Sewell ok

  125. Its Vertexx

    Its VertexxDay ago

    Did you guys find it?

  126. xEEn

    xEEnDay ago

    think its the back of a boombox

  127. OptimallFilms

    OptimallFilmsDay ago

    Dang guys found a Glock slide and didn’t do anything with it 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  128. TheCamoTrooper 450

    TheCamoTrooper 450Day ago

    OptimallFilms that was part of the stapler a Glock slide would be shorter, taller and thicker it would also have a chamber and barrel along with a space for it to actually attach to the pistol receiver and there might have been a hammer he even attached it to the stapler and said that’s what it’s for, watch the whole video before commenting

  129. Breona Sanford

    Breona SanfordDay ago

    See there are dumb criminals I would take the weapon apart and put it in different cities so it would take longer to prove I'm guilty but I'm on a teen so how would I know

  130. gUcCi _O_

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    zachary orr ^^^^^

  131. zachary orr

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    I would’ve not committed the crime

  132. Emily Marie02

    Emily Marie02Day ago

    Would’ve destroyed...that’s like the easiest and best way to actually get rid of evidence..and destroy things that could’ve showed that I owned the makes much more sense to do that..

  133. Kayden Langenbacher

    Kayden LangenbacherDay ago

    Breona Sanford I would have taken it apart and melted it in my dads metal furnace

  134. Jordan Huffman

    Jordan HuffmanDay ago

    Its a homemade 22 its called a backpack 22

  135. Scott Heimbigner

    Scott HeimbignerDay ago

    The big thing is a radio

  136. Double_ fb

    Double_ fbDay ago

    It looks like maybe a red ryder break action bb gun

  137. Roxas XII

    Roxas XIIDay ago

    isnt it not smart to reveal your identity as a detective to 3.5 million people lol

  138. ChlckenNugget

    ChlckenNugget17 hours ago

    No, detectives aren't classified themselves, only the cases are.

  139. Aidan Reynolds

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    Was anyone subscribed to him made he mad gta trolling vids. They were the best. R.I.P

  140. Yuvtej Sra

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    It’s a gun dude

  141. abram35319

    abram35319Day ago

    Save the cans to getting money

  142. Rick EU

    Rick EUDay ago

    9:40 is the thing you get fuel from (don’t know how it’s called in English lol)

  143. TheZteam _

    TheZteam _23 hours ago

    Rick EU petrol normally

  144. Sup3er Gaming

    Sup3er GamingDay ago

    Rick EU à pump ?

  145. Dr. Wolf

    Dr. WolfDay ago

    Was it a murderer!?!!?

  146. Kazzda

    Kazzda16 hours ago

    They can’t disclose that, they were probably just ask to help find the weapon. They might have but I doubt they would have said it was from a murder

  147. Double_ fb

    Double_ fbDay ago

    Dr. Wolf if they knew they would of said

  148. Kissmybasstv

    KissmybasstvDay ago

    The object you found right before the stapler was actually a slide to a pistol (I think a glock 19

  149. Double_ fb

    Double_ fbDay ago

    Kissmybasstv he sats at the end that it wasnt a slide watch the hole thing

  150. Aaron1TNT

    Aaron1TNTDay ago

    It was the lid of the stapler gun 😑

  151. Double_ fb

    Double_ fbDay ago

    Omg prople who get me

  152. Reece Ransom

    Reece RansomDay ago

    Kissmybasstv I thought the same thing

  153. Carter Pytlik

    Carter PytlikDay ago

    The BBC gun was break action

  154. Double_ fb

    Double_ fbDay ago

    Carter Pytlik you mean the bb gun

  155. John F

    John FDay ago

    it goes to the back of a boom box

  156. Johnny

    JohnnyDay ago

    You can save up the metal you find and then you can recycle it and get money for it

  157. Remove Kebab

    Remove KebabDay ago

    They could but the money they would make would be negligible.

  158. Alek Lambdin

    Alek LambdinDay ago

    A stapler are theses people stupid?

  159. Tardis 63.04

    Tardis 63.04Day ago

    Alek Lambdin it’s a stapler gun

  160. yoit

    yoitDay ago

    MrOrangeOctopus yeah we know that's the point

  161. MrOrangeOctopus

    MrOrangeOctopusDay ago

    it is a stapler

  162. yoit

    yoitDay ago

    Alek Lambdin no they were joking about it

  163. SneakFreakTV

    SneakFreakTVDay ago

    PLOT TWIST, their the murderers 😂😂😂😂

  164. UndeadVamps911 - Gaming Channel

    UndeadVamps911 - Gaming Channel14 hours ago

    SneakFreakTV they're*

  165. Hayden Hembree

    Hayden HembreeDay ago

    Haha what a meme oh boy that’s a knee slapper

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    I’ve been here before you hit a million subs! Great video! 👌👌👌 you deserve #3 on trending! 100%

  169. Lorna Wickham

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    At least you didn’t find a bomb

  170. Juliamarie Palero

    Juliamarie PaleroDay ago

    Only stupid criminals are in prison. Because smart detectives put them there.

  171. Juliamarie Palero

    Juliamarie PaleroDay ago

    Exactly the stupid ones.

  172. champimuros

    champimurosDay ago

    Juliamarie Palero Nah, just the ones who were outsmarted by law enforcement and the extremely unlucky ones.

  173. Juliamarie Palero

    Juliamarie PaleroDay ago

    Hey dumb asses. If you are dumb enough to commit a crime. Dont be a dumb ass and throw your evidence in the river. Completely Disolve it in acid first. Then dump it in the river. I am not telling you what acid to use.

  174. Juliamarie Palero

    Juliamarie Palero14 hours ago

    UndeadVamps911 - Gaming Channel guns dont melt in acid they dissolve. To a metallic liquid.

  175. Juliamarie Palero

    Juliamarie Palero14 hours ago

    Now Al Capone was not a stupid criminal he was very intelligent.with all the crimes they couldn't nail him on. He over looked one thing. He didnt pay the tax man. Thats what he tripped up on.

  176. Juliamarie Palero

    Juliamarie Palero14 hours ago

    Obviously he is not a smart criminal in the first place.

  177. Juliamarie Palero

    Juliamarie Palero14 hours ago

    You wouldn't know it was me because i am not a dumb ass and commit a crime in the first place. And if i did I am not a dumb ass . I would not post it on MReporter.

  178. UndeadVamps911 - Gaming Channel

    UndeadVamps911 - Gaming Channel14 hours ago

    Juliamarie Palero now if somebody finds a gun melted in acid we'll know who it is c;

  179. Meep McFart

    Meep McFartDay ago

    You guys need something on top of your hands on the veins to warm up your blood, it warms your whole body and maybe cools it, THIS IS MY ALT ACC SO THE NAME IS SCREWED UP. xD

  180. Blight

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    The water is,not safe anymore shit!

  181. Denza 154

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    How much do you think his eyebrows cost

  182. Lawotton 890

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    Denza 154 over 9000

  183. HARVTHEPRO123 Is awesome

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    A gun?!

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    That's crazy

  185. felicia marie

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    I love you guys

  186. CL Flips

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    10:56 wtfat jk😂they look pretty nice!!!

  187. The Legendary Magikarp

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    Can I hire you guys to find jumanji for me?

  188. # awesomeness_tv

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    Ya i need them to ive been looking for eternities

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    The Legendary Magikarp YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  190. Medln

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    looks kinda lika a musket

  191. Sunny DoesGaming

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    Think its a gas pump

  192. Amazing MLB Plays

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    Medln the barrel is way to small for a musket

  193. Blainer9r Games

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    Medln it's the front of a break barrel bb gun

  194. Violet C:

    Violet C:Day ago

    That’s the moment he realized he’s phone was in he’s pocket

  195. Savannah Perez Gallegos

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    You got your braces off!!!! 😂

  196. Stuart Cassidy

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    It’s not a B.B. gun I think its a trench shotgun

  197. Lawotton 890

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    Stuart Cassidy barrels to small

  198. Madex Denhaan

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    Someone were I live robbed a store with a screwdriver

  199. Moe Lester

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    MoreNascentionsZ as it's the worst tool for the job

  200. MoreNascentionsZ

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    How’s that funny

  201. Naithen Lopez

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    Madex Denhaan lol

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    title should say “helping LOOK FOR”

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  204. AtomicGaming-ESO

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    Ever since he found that one pistol after his years of diving. Then all of a sudden, his channel has over 20 finding a gun video. Pretty suspect




  206. Jonard Maya

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    He found a gun clip but he never mentioned it

  207. Jonard Maya

    Jonard MayaDay ago

    Autmn YDG oh ok

  208. Autmn YDG

    Autmn YDGDay ago

    Jonard Maya that wasn't a clip

  209. Mitchell Schuiteman

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    Could you please make a video about the equipment that you use