Heidi Klum Thinks Her Golden Buzzer Pick Will Win America's Got Talent Season 13


  1. Hunter Bivins

    Hunter BivinsMonth ago

    Jimmy his name is Aaron crow please have him on your show!

  2. no name

    no name2 months ago

    Yes you do know who comes on the stage because you're not gonna get yourself killed. Aaron Crow was on BGT (Simon was the judge on that show too) and Aaron was on Frances got talent as well. They always do their research to see what they're getting into. AGT is badly scripted. And the acting is below average, it explains why none of them are actresses/actors.

  3. Fatima Assaad

    Fatima Assaad2 months ago

    hübsche Klum du siehst toll aus mit Silber 😍😍😍😍

  4. Andrew Sakahara

    Andrew Sakahara2 months ago

    Maybe Oscar the Singing Dog didn't like Pam (The Owner/Piano Player's) piano playing so he barks.

  5. Ashesh Dubey

    Ashesh Dubey2 months ago

    Yep guys... you got it right. It was a Singer...

  6. H. GC X.

    H. GC X.2 months ago

    Lot of Laugh from Germany

  7. Sarah

    Sarah2 months ago

    omg how did the show allow her to stand there like that. something horrible could so easily happen

  8. Yaniv Steltzer

    Yaniv Steltzer2 months ago

    her golden buzzer pick wasnt that great...just saying

  9. Chris G

    Chris G2 months ago

    Its another singer.. Agt is slowly becoming American idol. I can see a singer anyday what happened to the acts that are out of the box. Sorry heidi wrong choice.

  10. Masoud Maalek

    Masoud Maalek2 months ago

    Courtney Hadwin is gonna win, she really has what it takes to win the show

  11. Elle17

    Elle172 months ago

    Just saw her golden buzzer and nope, not winning it

  12. manish pathuri

    manish pathuri2 months ago

    From what I saw from her golden buzzer...Heidi should never be a judge again

  13. Ella Bender

    Ella Bender2 months ago

    I can’t find her golden buzzer anywhere!! Who did she give it to??

  14. no name

    no name2 months ago

    a singer, as usual.

  15. RyanL181095

    RyanL1810952 months ago

    Makayla Phillips

  16. Avetor UAC

    Avetor UAC2 months ago

    skip i not talanted)) im Genios)) Evil Genios AHAHAHA///

  17. da96103

    da961032 months ago

    I know Heidi appears nice but she did STEP OVER Carrie like she was a dead animal when Carrie fell on the runway, modelling and D&G jewelled underwear.

  18. da96103

    da961032 months ago

    What's Heidi scared about? Ken Jeong was in more danger being in the same horizontal plane as the apple.

  19. Anannya Saxena

    Anannya Saxena2 months ago

    Who else thinks howie's golden buzzer is gonna win this time ?

  20. Austin Pelissier

    Austin Pelissier2 months ago

    Anannya Saxena Nooooooooooooo no no noooo noooooooooooo no noooo

  21. vigilantepond

    vigilantepond2 months ago

    Simon, I don't feel so good...

  22. Patrick Daniel

    Patrick Daniel2 months ago

    Wtf she has an accent??? Lol

  23. RyanL181095

    RyanL1810952 months ago

    A first look of Judge Cuts at America's Got Talent Season 13 with Aaron Crow.

  24. Света Лялюцкая

    Света Лялюцкая2 months ago

    Who did this performance? 3:00

  25. gnosis revel

    gnosis revel2 months ago

    She looks scary

  26. SAINT 65

    SAINT 652 months ago

    "Sexiness Personified" [though German engineering]

  27. castroy64

    castroy642 months ago

    She’s trashy.

  28. Miss Scarlett

    Miss Scarlett2 months ago


  29. Airplane Simulators

    Airplane Simulators2 months ago

    Please tell me who it is

  30. Hammy World

    Hammy World2 months ago

    you can tell tht the guy holding the apple hated his job.

  31. jhon viel

    jhon viel2 months ago

    bet she drinks the blood of the innocent

  32. Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes2 months ago


  33. Hi Dude

    Hi Dude2 months ago

    Wow Wow

  34. Hi Dude

    Hi Dude2 months ago

    Wow Wow

  35. Lucas Chiaravalloti

    Lucas Chiaravalloti2 months ago

    Her best golden buzzer was Sal Valentinetti

  36. Ruffdogg21

    Ruffdogg212 months ago

    I want Heidi Klum to sit on my face;)

  37. J. Shepherd

    J. Shepherd2 months ago

    Stupid and selfish idiots

  38. Painter Dave

    Painter Dave2 months ago

    To bad she lost all her talent when Seal left her. What does she do for money? Cause she's not model hot by any means anymore.

  39. Equipois3

    Equipois32 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon fights for attention on his own show

  40. Estevo Thomasio

    Estevo Thomasio2 months ago

    She has the mind of an eight yr old.

  41. Saleh Safo

    Saleh Safo2 months ago

    Why doesn't she wear this outfit on agt!!?? 😡

  42. Laborer in the field

    Laborer in the field2 months ago

    My friends Jesus is returning soon! Jesus Christ is at the door! Let us all repent and turn to Christ for He will abundantly pardon us!

  43. da96103

    da961032 months ago

    Give me the number of your dealer.

  44. Maurisio Delgado_art

    Maurisio Delgado_art2 months ago

    Follow me

  45. 1MinuteFlipDoc

    1MinuteFlipDoc2 months ago

    she is just so gorgeous. i dont think she's really a nice person though... amazing DNA.

  46. Anthony Guzman

    Anthony Guzman2 months ago


  47. CiaLosAngeles90210

    CiaLosAngeles902102 months ago

    Wow, her English sounds amazing because she speaking German is really irritating. 😊 Greetings from Germany

  48. thebachu786

    thebachu7862 months ago

    How is Seal?

  49. Matthew Stampp

    Matthew Stampp2 months ago

    Thought the thumbnail was Steven Tyler. 😒

  50. Bob Vogel

    Bob Vogel2 months ago

    Ok one more time. She's how old? And with how many kids? I could care less. Absolutely gorgeous. 'Nuf said. See for yourself.

  51. Jim Dillard

    Jim Dillard2 months ago

    Dam she is very beautiful woman and I would love to meet her.

  52. The Manager

    The Manager2 months ago

    Fuckin hell she needs to eat a burger. Face all sunk in and shit. Yuck.

  53. Maria Battaglia

    Maria Battaglia2 months ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-iWxFwE-05Rw.html&t=7s Heidi, and Cousin Mary are topsyou both have it all

  54. Hunter Bivins

    Hunter Bivins2 months ago

    Aaron crow is a beast!

  55. Eric Zubyk

    Eric Zubyk2 months ago

    Indeed and I think he will be one of the 7 in his heat to go to the live shows. #AGTInsider

  56. the_gamer_known_as_thomas

    the_gamer_known_as_thomas2 months ago

    This guy a soyboi fucking douche

  57. Andrew

    Andrew2 months ago

    Reality TV is more real than reality

  58. Pizza4Party

    Pizza4Party2 months ago

    She old

  59. Coon Bender

    Coon Bender2 months ago

    Wait so is Simon on Britain’s got talent and America’s got talent?

  60. Evansneakers

    Evansneakers2 months ago

    OOH. guest judge and Aaron Crow in judge cuts. Cool

  61. Fernando Matehuala

    Fernando Matehuala2 months ago

    Of course we don’t know who’s gonna come, that’s why we don’t have insurance coverage for our asses

  62. ractsninjas

    ractsninjas2 months ago

    Heidi is gorgeous

  63. Hayden Wilkerson

    Hayden Wilkerson2 months ago

    No wends days

  64. 4 ever

    4 ever2 months ago

    big hair dont care

  65. Soth Arioch

    Soth Arioch2 months ago


  66. Sean Jun

    Sean Jun2 months ago

    Everyone knows that Howie always wins

  67. David D

    David D2 months ago

    Fallon is awful

  68. Ella Guenther

    Ella Guenther2 months ago

    That’s not Heidi

  69. Theresa Johnson

    Theresa Johnson2 months ago

    she went to hug the kind man playing the violin but does not give him the golden buzzer! LIKE HUNNY.

  70. Taufik Rahman

    Taufik Rahman2 months ago

    Heidi is hot. 😍

  71. Kummari Srinivas

    Kummari Srinivas2 months ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-9fC5_PsBE_g.html top - 10 Robert downey Jr movies

  72. spieledrums

    spieledrums2 months ago

    She looks like David Coverdale from Whitesnake he he

  73. Impulsive2

    Impulsive22 months ago

    Heidi Klum speaks english??????

  74. Millard Gardham

    Millard Gardham2 months ago

    I like this haircut of Heidi

  75. Nate McGraw

    Nate McGraw2 months ago

    I used to like Heidi Klum until she got kissed by a rose on the grave

  76. 박지혜

    박지혜2 months ago

    She is perfect but never felt she is attractive idk why

  77. بلال النوري

    بلال النوري2 months ago

    Hi Nice 💋. Heidi

  78. Michael Cunningham

    Michael Cunningham2 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon is so ducking weird

  79. Joe Jackson

    Joe Jackson2 months ago

    you are old as dirt stop acting like your young and hip dress your age

  80. Get Real

    Get Real2 months ago

    The earth is flat


    LIM RAE ANNE ELLENA2 months ago

    Simon, I don't feel so good

  82. Andrei Simionescu

    Andrei Simionescu2 months ago

    Why/How do people find this hag beautiful? She's also as dumb as a brick.

  83. Sunny the Bunny

    Sunny the Bunny2 months ago

    Let’s go yumbo dump!!!! 💪

  84. Tayla

    Tayla2 months ago

    That guy holding the trey with the apple on it is so scared, you could just see how much he hates his job in his eyes 😂

  85. shortyklee

    shortyklee2 months ago

    Lol you shoukd watch all the Hangover movies

  86. drmayeda1

    drmayeda12 months ago

    Tayla He's doing it for the same reason Heidi is. Adam asked for 2 judges to help him. He knows what's going on so he's scared he's going to get hurt. This might be worse than Sophie Dorsi holding a bow and arrow and pointing it all over before she climbed onto the stand to shoot a target holding the bow and arrow With her toes. She could see.

  87. SophieSophs

    SophieSophs2 months ago

    He’s a famous actor. He was in those Vegas movies. He’s very funny

  88. Tayla

    Tayla2 months ago

    Austin Vickers Does it matter? He’s still doing it

  89. Austin Vickers

    Austin Vickers2 months ago

    That’s not his job he is an actor (Ken Jeong)

  90. TenaciousC

    TenaciousC2 months ago

    She's the lady that cheated on her husband right? The double standards of American society.

  91. Tsetsi

    Tsetsi2 months ago

    She looks like she’s going to a disco

  92. Michelle D.

    Michelle D.2 months ago

    Tsetsi she looks like she is the disco lol

  93. T Wik

    T Wik2 months ago

    Fallon as tonight show host shows how stupid Americans are today

  94. David Talkington

    David Talkington2 months ago

    Although I enjoy seeing them participate in the stage acts, I do think they (the judges) should NOT be required to do the dangerous acts......the contestant should bring their own assistant/target. Just sayin!

  95. drmayeda1

    drmayeda12 months ago

    David Talkington Using a judge shows there is no tricks involved like signals on how to line up the target.

  96. TazTalksYouListen

    TazTalksYouListen2 months ago

    That ridiculous arrow stunt could not have possibly passed the safety requirements. The apple must have had a small explosive/pre-split mechanism of some sort and the arrow simply went safely by to the much larger target (the tip of which probably couldn't have penetrated an apple or someone's face, but a super-soft wicker target: no problem). Most likely an assistant pulled the trigger on the apple-splitting mech.

  97. Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine Terrance2 months ago

    Hello, Humans. My name is Terrance. "I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you." Genghis Khan TERRANCE OUT

  98. Alex Gage

    Alex Gage2 months ago

    I think it’s a choir (her buzzer)

  99. RyanL181095

    RyanL1810952 months ago

    No. It's a singer

  100. Allie G

    Allie G2 months ago

    Her HAIR!!!!!! like farrah fawcett

  101. Pig Pig

    Pig Pig2 months ago

    I think glennis grace will

  102. Johana Tamo Ina

    Johana Tamo Ina2 months ago

    People are wondering why she is on that seat....she has no talent whatsoever but walking on the catwalk!!!

  103. Dawne Provost

    Dawne Provost2 months ago

    I don't think so because I think scary Asia girl magical will win the Americans got talent 2018.

  104. Kelopak Bunga

    Kelopak Bunga2 months ago

    So she x like tyra?only simon..mel b n howie

  105. Raquel Jocelyn Leyva Ibarra

    Raquel Jocelyn Leyva Ibarra2 months ago

    Get the bow and arrow guy on your show jimmy!!!!

  106. Unicorn21

    Unicorn212 months ago

    HEIDII my favoritee judgess

  107. anto antony

    anto antony2 months ago

    fallon let her complete what she is saying, this time you were annoying....

  108. Steel Blade Alchemist

    Steel Blade Alchemist2 months ago

    I saw Hedi’s golden buzzer live. It’s a girl singing warriors

  109. da96103

    da961032 months ago

    Does she have the total package, or Heidi is just hyping up her choice.

  110. Super Sophie

    Super Sophie2 months ago

    Thanks for spoiling it...I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW

  111. Lukas T

    Lukas T2 months ago

    besides all her success and hard work(!) and ambition she‘s so fake-innocent all the time...the perfect superstar for America. Even more perfect for this pathetic show. Of course they all know who comes on stage and anything is rehearsed. This archer act is just laughable holy fuck...

  112. Hanzzl01

    Hanzzl012 months ago

    Heidi doesn’t recognize a Quality performance when she sees one. Glennis Grace should have got the golden buzzer from her. WoW what a voice and stage presence has Glennis. She really light up our lives in these dark times..

  113. John Gammon

    John Gammon2 months ago

    Hanzzl01 the shows aren't shown in order maybe there wasn't one to be had, I'm thinking guest judge G.B. like Angelica, Celine & Chase got last year...jmo

  114. Lokemele Wakaki

    Lokemele Wakaki2 months ago

    Eeeeewwwwww..... what is the deal with her new lock or her face ? She is so ugly now..... 🤮 and her voice is so annoying!!

  115. Tyler Freeman

    Tyler Freeman2 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon clearly doesn't watch enough America's Got Talent if he thinks it was an animal act that got the golden buzzer. It's OBVIOUSLY a singer. I hope that I come back to reply that I am eating crow, but I don't believe that is the case.

  116. Tyler Freeman

    Tyler Freeman2 months ago

    I didn't have to eat crow. On the bright side, the singer did indeed have the musical talent.

  117. Tyler Freeman

    Tyler Freeman2 months ago

    Oh, have you never heard of that? It's a phrase that basically means that I have to admit that I was wrong. However, I really don't think that I am wrong.

  118. angelina martinez

    angelina martinez2 months ago

    Tyler Freeman eating crow?

  119. Ahmad Agha

    Ahmad Agha2 months ago

    "Simon i dont feel good" Heidi fades away.......