Heath Slater desperately searches for a tag team partner: SmackDown Live, Aug. 23, 2016


  1. Al DeCursoe

    Al DeCursoe5 days ago

    I wish Christian could have stuck around long enough to tag with Heath....I would have loved to see the tag team champions be "Christian Slater"

  2. MIEKE Mania

    MIEKE Mania5 days ago

    THE MIZ is My favorite WWE Wrestler in WWE ! And I Been Dying To Meet You Guys So Badly

  3. Sultan06

    Sultan062 months ago

    Slater be looking for a fighting partner and I’m here looking for a life

  4. lobo gamer04 experto en shinys XD

    lobo gamer04 experto en shinys XD3 months ago

    I love Indiana Jones ._.

  5. Arletless

    Arletless3 months ago

    1:08 Arn Anderson!

  6. Louis Verdié

    Louis Verdié4 months ago

    And 2 years laters...

  7. Louis Verdié

    Louis Verdié4 months ago

    I love Heat Slater ❤️

  8. Tombstoner Forever

    Tombstoner Forever5 months ago

    Heath was the best

  9. u name

    u name6 months ago

    Wwe 2k20 heath slater showcase Mode

  10. Tombstoner Forever

    Tombstoner Forever5 months ago


  11. solidsnake4214

    solidsnake42147 months ago

    What if Arn Anderson actually accepted Heath Slater’s offer 😂😂😂

  12. Uday Bhardwaj

    Uday Bhardwaj7 months ago

    Man! Maryse looks so perfect

  13. Aiman Zharfan

    Aiman Zharfan7 months ago

    Who knew that these guys would become tag team champions after that😂

  14. Fatih sengul

    Fatih sengul7 months ago

    rip heath slater & rhyno 04.12.2018 :(

  15. meh

    meh7 months ago

    Anyone rewatching this after Corbin fired rhyno...

  16. rick mriganka

    rick mriganka7 months ago

    Wow Rhyno got fired yesterday

  17. Becky Lynch Fan page

    Becky Lynch Fan page7 months ago

    Aww and now Rhino just got fired

  18. A Strange Guy

    A Strange Guy7 months ago

    They just broke up 😭

  19. farhat Shafi

    farhat Shafi7 months ago

    Heath slater comparing himself with Rick flair wt a savage movement

  20. Miguel Rosa

    Miguel Rosa9 months ago

    wwe raw the shield 4 New

  21. Yt showroom of tech and cricket

    Yt showroom of tech and cricket10 months ago

    0 :55 indian what what was he saying somebody say

  22. MAGMALORD360

    MAGMALORD36011 months ago

    I would’ve loved to see Miz as Indiana Jones.

  23. Thanos Fake Default

    Thanos Fake Default11 months ago

    HEY LOOK ITS A BLIND NUN! Oh wait sorry its Miz. 😂😂😂

  24. Static

    StaticYear ago

    I love heath

  25. Ethan Chandler

    Ethan ChandlerYear ago


  26. Sean Games

    Sean GamesYear ago

    Lol Heath..Wrong Talk

  27. AJ Stone

    AJ StoneYear ago

    This was awesome. I wish SD live were still like this

  28. marbz irc

    marbz ircYear ago

    Rhyno's such a cool dude, man..

  29. JpB

    JpBYear ago

    Heath and Arn Anderson would be awesome

  30. Tyler Mcknights Gaming Channel

    Tyler Mcknights Gaming ChannelYear ago

    Rhyno is awesome!

  31. Constantine Yordanov

    Constantine YordanovYear ago

    Slater is so underrated

  32. Bow to ELITE

    Bow to ELITEYear ago

    Its now 2mb!!!!

  33. Jaxx Sakatul

    Jaxx SakatulYear ago


  34. Vital Prodigy

    Vital ProdigyYear ago


  35. Kim Waddell

    Kim WaddellYear ago

    I'm a huge fan of Heath Slater



    I love rhyno


    ROBLOX TIMEYear ago

    He looks happy

  38. The MEGA Couple Black Star & Silver Moon

    The MEGA Couple Black Star & Silver MoonYear ago

    We all know that the Miz was lying. Spielberg wouldn't waste his time with a bootlegger like Miz.

  39. Davion Davison

    Davion DavisonYear ago

    Poor Heath Slater if i was his boss he would get the most money from me your the best whooooooooooooo

  40. The Nickoning

    The NickoningYear ago

    I want Miz as Indiana Jones

  41. corde lewis

    corde lewisYear ago


  42. Mariah Benetatos

    Mariah BenetatosYear ago

    Bluetooth kills hope. 😂

  43. Arjun Dua

    Arjun DuaYear ago

    they were made for each other. #TouchyMoment

  44. Mr Unique

    Mr UniqueYear ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-cWe26vtxyf4.html funny video try guys

  45. Dave the best

    Dave the bestYear ago

    Who saw the spit on 0:56

  46. Chris The Weirdo

    Chris The WeirdoYear ago

    Remember the chick from wendys Heath Slater In 2010 in the nexus he wasted so crazy

  47. Alex Aiello

    Alex AielloYear ago

    I'm guessing that's how Beauty and the Man Beast was formed.

  48. Brock Lesnar

    Brock LesnarYear ago

    For some reason rhyno and heat remind me of RybAxel

  49. maz442

    maz442Year ago


  50. maz442

    maz442Year ago

    Rhino and slater baby

  51. Sheri Poor

    Sheri PoorYear ago

    I love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!