He Hid from his Boss All Day... AGAIN (You'll Never Guess How He Did It)


  1. Miles Watson jr

    Miles Watson jr17 minutes ago

    Ya know, I have considered this at my job too many times.

  2. Tyler Shanks

    Tyler Shanks21 minute ago

    Awesome 👏

  3. Flabby Monkey

    Flabby MonkeyHour ago

    Nice tesla

  4. Gmon

    GmonHour ago

    Who doesnt have a water"resistant" phone these days????

  5. SHOTgunn- GAMES

    SHOTgunn- GAMES2 hours ago

    Plz do another one but Jamie hides And Danny finds him

  6. michael eastvold

    michael eastvold2 hours ago

    I could hide from you! I have at least 16 spots to hide in

  7. Rhian Boyle

    Rhian Boyle3 hours ago

    ''I didn't say I *WOULDN'T PUNCH THINGS DANNY* ''

  8. I love music

    I love music6 hours ago


  9. markjvp

    markjvp9 hours ago

    You failed at hiding in plain sight but good job hiding cleverly

  10. Ella Tuqi

    Ella Tuqi15 hours ago

    Does the vat19 headquarters double as a bottle opener?

  11. Andrew Stack

    Andrew Stack15 hours ago

    Nobody cares

  12. Slimebojr 1

    Slimebojr 115 hours ago

    That’s exactly what I was thinking he was doing

  13. Nathan Quinn

    Nathan Quinn15 hours ago

    i’ve never been so fucking shook in my life how in the what bro

  14. Sereniti Cronk

    Sereniti Cronk16 hours ago

    Even tho I do not work there I think I could hide from Jamie all day

  15. maxim puhoff

    maxim puhoff16 hours ago

    you should do this again its really funny

  16. Jared Rousselle

    Jared Rousselle18 hours ago

    I could 100%

  17. symph symph

    symph symph18 hours ago


  18. pink penguin

    pink penguin19 hours ago

    The tumbnale looks like a shop lifters porn movie Men will understand

  19. DigiBullet23

    DigiBullet2319 hours ago

    befire iu found out it was him in the stall... i was thinking female shoes and pants/undies and womans washroom would be a good hiding spot but he did mesn in mens :P

  20. SkHeaphy

    SkHeaphy20 hours ago

    I did this. I got fired.

  21. PaigeJustPlayz_YT

    PaigeJustPlayz_YT20 hours ago

    1:57 I be like: hmmm that reminds me of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.

  22. Scully Gaming

    Scully Gaming20 hours ago

    Why is his guy so weird about people doing a shit like jeez does this guy never shit

  23. Endermanof Emeralds

    Endermanof Emeralds20 hours ago


  24. Yu-feng Chen

    Yu-feng Chen23 hours ago

    Could you do a hidden in plain sight 3?

  25. Luka Omrčen

    Luka OmrčenDay ago

    Part 3 !!!!!!!

  26. Inflammable Liquid

    Inflammable LiquidDay ago

    Deffo could.

  27. Gavin

    GavinDay ago


  28. ryanshepoopard

    ryanshepoopardDay ago

    Bet it's him on toilet

  29. ryanshepoopard

    ryanshepoopardDay ago

    Well that was obvious

  30. Dino Lynx

    Dino LynxDay ago

    *Raises hand*

  31. Mr. Banana

    Mr. BananaDay ago

    He should of hid in the girls bathroom

  32. Julija Guna

    Julija GunaDay ago

    Can i get a starter pack i realy do not have ol does stuf yust phone

  33. Yuna Kang

    Yuna KangDay ago

    Should have hidden in the women's bathroom 200 IQ

  34. galaxyleaderxd123

    galaxyleaderxd123Day ago

    You should do more hide and seek videos. These are entertaining

  35. Noticeethis

    NoticeethisDay ago

    This should be a series

  36. Zenon Blackheart

    Zenon BlackheartDay ago

    Cant he hide in the trunk?

  37. king of cod 2

    king of cod 2Day ago

    He could cut a chair ooen and get inside

  38. Matthew Mcglathery

    Matthew McglatheryDay ago

    I probably could

  39. unicorn magical queen

    unicorn magical queenDay ago

    Can you do more

  40. sidda tv

    sidda tvDay ago

    As soon as he went in the washroom twice I new it

  41. NOT Rex

    NOT RexDay ago

    If I was Danny I would have one other person in their to go out the stall and then they would think it was someone else

  42. tr3nta

    tr3ntaDay ago

    Why is the bathroom a single giant stall with a single toilet?

  43. Hui Chen

    Hui ChenDay ago

    If i was in his shoos i whud hide on the roof if its posibal

  44. Colin Richards

    Colin RichardsDay ago

    Vat 19teeeeeeeeeeeen

  45. Charlotte Du Preez

    Charlotte Du PreezDay ago

    Can you make a nother hiding from his boss

  46. Oliver De Luca

    Oliver De LucaDay ago

    Hi vat19

  47. Brandon Nichols

    Brandon NicholsDay ago

    In a code machine 🤣 lmao

  48. Oof is an element A man

    Oof is an element A manDay ago

    So I made a prediction He WAS in the bathroom and changed his voice with his speaker and changed shoes (( wow I literally got it right wow ))

  49. Rea Snoopy

    Rea Snoopy2 days ago

    Jamie *rolls up in a tesla* Me: wow way to flex

  50. Naba Noori

    Naba Noori2 days ago

    I have a idea I want you to fill balloons with liquid ass and throwing it at the staff of vat19

  51. Spinat En

    Spinat En2 days ago

    Do it agian

  52. joshuwha

    joshuwha2 days ago

    I could hide all day

  53. Emily Makeup

    Emily Makeup2 days ago

    I wanna see it again !

  54. Heather Andrews

    Heather Andrews2 days ago

    Liquid ass ha ha

  55. Dacey Heaton

    Dacey Heaton2 days ago

    Make one more but either have Jamie hide or ALL employees hide from Jamie.

  56. Brooklyn Bourne

    Brooklyn Bourne2 days ago


  57. Karla Johanne Bjerg

    Karla Johanne Bjerg2 days ago

    Danny has to beat you or find you

  58. Gideon Cantore

    Gideon Cantore2 days ago

    He should be the camera man and disguise himself

  59. Princess _Lottie

    Princess _Lottie2 days ago

    If you do one where Jamie then do the point of view of the person hiding in plain sight

  60. Muhammad Vika

    Muhammad Vika2 days ago

    I used to watch you guys like 5 years ago

  61. River Halsey

    River Halsey2 days ago

    What is the 0:13 music? I lOVEEEEEEEEEEE it. Please tell me

  62. haziq ali zuhdi

    haziq ali zuhdi2 days ago

    This is basically prop hunt

  63. Kiran Nadeer

    Kiran Nadeer2 days ago

    I knew he used speakers for peeee

  64. Chris IsBetterThanYou

    Chris IsBetterThanYou2 days ago

    My boss barely breaks a smile never mind this ..

  65. Răzvan Mărginean

    Răzvan Mărginean2 days ago

    Part 3 ???

  66. samuel pikofskychristiansen

    samuel pikofskychristiansen2 days ago

    He should disguise himself as someone else

  67. AquarioStickJuice

    AquarioStickJuice2 days ago

    he should do a similar thing but get other people to spray liquid ass and change shoes and so on but he go hide somewhere even cooler

  68. Myles Johnson

    Myles Johnson2 days ago

    I’d of done in the vents

  69. Isolated101

    Isolated1012 days ago

    I read the title as ‘he did his boss all day AGAIN’

  70. Los Critters

    Los Critters2 days ago

    I chould hide from you all day

  71. Kennedy_ Malagon

    Kennedy_ Malagon2 days ago

    I knew it! I was thinking in my mind that he just got a bunch of clothes and stayed there and changed every time.OMG! I actually got it right!


    DIY WITH MICO2 days ago

    I expect him to dress up like the camera man and just follow him everywhere

  73. cc summit the icewing

    cc summit the icewing2 days ago

    There are no fire sprinklers In this building from looking at this video, are there some I didnt see

  74. Aljan TV

    Aljan TV2 days ago

    Maybe danny is the CAMERAMAN

  75. Moose the Dodge Pickup

    Moose the Dodge Pickup2 days ago

    Yes I could

  76. zKALEBz

    zKALEBz2 days ago


  77. Kaitlin Boring

    Kaitlin Boring2 days ago

    Please do a part 3!!!!! Who agrees?

  78. Christian Robertson

    Christian Robertson2 days ago

    Part 3?

  79. Ramon Almarines

    Ramon Almarines2 days ago

    Basically he’s working (making content) while hiding from his boss..

  80. Deady DeadSh0t

    Deady DeadSh0t2 days ago

    Taking a dumb to avoid my boss ..... You have my interest.

  81. CGG

    CGG2 days ago

    danny *danny* _danny_ *_danny_*

  82. Mel Videos

    Mel Videos2 days ago

    I knew it right after he went in the second time

  83. Ipodcrazy

    Ipodcrazy2 days ago

    I figured it put the second trip to the washroom. Everyone TOTALLY cares about this comment im soooooo “cool”

  84. Davy Poev

    Davy Poev2 days ago

    Dang I already want like Series of these

  85. Mr renders

    Mr renders2 days ago

    try me

  86. _ MintCoffee _

    _ MintCoffee _2 days ago

    You’ll never guess how he did it **shows in thumbnail**

  87. cil star

    cil star2 days ago

    Switch roles see who can out hide each other

  88. Sarfnic Productions

    Sarfnic Productions2 days ago


  89. Bella Ro

    Bella Ro2 days ago

    That person so said I tried was danny

  90. Bdubz

    Bdubz2 days ago

    As soon as he went into the bathroom the first time i thought it would be genuis if sat there swapping shoes every once and a while

  91. Jett Karst

    Jett Karst2 days ago


  92. Neon Gaming

    Neon Gaming2 days ago

    Plzzz do a three one

  93. Emily Wolf

    Emily Wolf2 days ago


  94. Mira Ward

    Mira Ward2 days ago

    Do a part 3 plzzz

  95. HiccupSky

    HiccupSky2 days ago

    I am confident I can

  96. Robert Bentley

    Robert Bentley2 days ago

    Cant he hide on the roof?

  97. Alonzo Barboza

    Alonzo Barboza2 days ago


  98. The Sheepster

    The Sheepster2 days ago

    5:44 That sounded like the speaker!!

  99. Zakk Paradise

    Zakk Paradise2 days ago

    Here is my prediction He is in the stall changing shoes and he keeps spraying liquid ass

  100. Liverpool 4Life

    Liverpool 4Life2 days ago

    What kind of job is this

  101. George Tz

    George Tz2 days ago

    more more more more we need more