He Hid from his Boss All Day (You'll Never Guess How) | Hidden in Plain Sight #2


  1. Vat19

    Vat19Month ago

    Do you have a better suggestion for Danny's next hiding spot? See more pranks we've pulled on Jamie here: mreporter.net/v/video-V8ttvRGCEbs.html

  2. Ninahbell 2002

    Ninahbell 200216 days ago

    I just watched the third one, it was so good!!!

  3. Daniel Wang

    Daniel Wang16 days ago

    Vat19 get a makeup artist to turn him into a girl

  4. cute crazy weirdo

    cute crazy weirdo17 days ago

    Vat19 I bet I can most definitely hide in plain sight all day

  5. Rosie Flynn

    Rosie Flynn3 hours ago

    5:44 I’m pretty sure that’s Danny coz I heard it louder than u would sound acc talking and he’s been there all that time

  6. вαкυgσυ кαтѕυкι

    вαкυgσυ кαтѕυкι17 hours ago

    1:57 *knock knock* penny? (sorry it just reminded me of big bang lol)

  7. retarded99

    retarded9919 hours ago

    u should have him dressed up as another crew member and just have him working the entire day as someone else

  8. Black sheep

    Black sheep22 hours ago

    I think I can

  9. Melemotafa

    Melemotafa23 hours ago

    3:46 if u can see in the background there's the huge coffee cup

  10. Fudz fanz 2007

    Fudz fanz 2007Day ago

    I already realized that

  11. Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    Subscribe to PewdiepieDay ago

    He would be a good boss

  12. Ahad Khan

    Ahad KhanDay ago

    Do a fourth 1 plz



    6:07, i think Danny has a bag of shoes and fart spray or something

  14. LeoPinty

    LeoPintyDay ago

    You've watched the whole video. You're not fooling anyone.

  15. Purple Pusheen

    Purple Pusheen2 days ago

    I saw the bathroom sign was a little wonky

  16. Polkadot Flannel

    Polkadot Flannel2 days ago

    That office is a mess

  17. Bloomer Gatcha

    Bloomer Gatcha2 days ago

    I guessed it the second time he went in the bathroom XD

  18. BornGAMER888

    BornGAMER8882 days ago


  19. Shadow Stalker

    Shadow Stalker2 days ago

    I’ll guess how, he didn’t see him

  20. it's coolkolegames11

    it's coolkolegames112 days ago


  21. Mama mo

    Mama mo3 days ago

    I don’t know if the goal is to find him or aggressively punch and hit him

  22. Coolbrike the hunter

    Coolbrike the hunter3 days ago

    in a coffee michine?

  23. Kelcie Reed

    Kelcie Reed3 days ago

    Violently beats everything with a paddle

  24. Sarah Cox

    Sarah Cox4 days ago


  25. Lil Fair red panda YT

    Lil Fair red panda YT4 days ago

    I knew it he was in the bath room no ones poop scent is that strong and in the same stall

  26. awsome man

    awsome man4 days ago

    Shombody made a shtinky

  27. rockstermaniac

    rockstermaniac4 days ago

    his final comment didnt age well lol... it only took three months and he got had

  28. ItsGraylie

    ItsGraylie4 days ago

    I think I could hide from you for a day🙂

  29. bryce hall

    bryce hall5 days ago

    I wished that he had his inside the woman's bathroom instead of the men's bathroom. That would be a really challenging spot

  30. cookiecrispcake 360

    cookiecrispcake 3605 days ago

    i heard occupied and was like: i mean he obviously got a recording of someone saying Occupied

  31. Dr Philly Jr

    Dr Philly Jr5 days ago

    "Everytime I've gone in there it smells like liquid ass"

  32. Lily Ruiz

    Lily Ruiz5 days ago

    I think I could hide from u

  33. Wolfa Cookie

    Wolfa Cookie5 days ago

    I could ✌

  34. David Pavon

    David Pavon5 days ago

    I think i can Hide from you all day

  35. Shadow PlayZ

    Shadow PlayZ5 days ago

    Plot Twist, Danny got Arrested

  36. The Derpy Apple

    The Derpy Apple5 days ago

    Omg he acts like Andy from the office lol

  37. Austin Bohnert

    Austin Bohnert5 days ago

    6:12 I bet hes just switching shoes in the bathroom 9:00 LETS GOO😂😂

  38. Teyah Alain

    Teyah Alain5 days ago

    Original version: *knock* *knock* *knock* Penny! *knock* *knock* *knock* Penny! *knock* *knock* *knock* Penny! What Sheldon! New version: *knock* *knock* *knock* Danny! *knock* *knock* *knock* Danny! *knock* *knock* *knock* Danny! *silents*

  39. Chrjsie

    Chrjsie6 days ago

    I just love how Jamie loses his mind so fast.. lol.

  40. Sean MacIntyre

    Sean MacIntyre7 days ago

    At 5:39, Jamie does a horrible acting job, and this thing is all fake AF. Just a big commercial for ass spray.

  41. John Arch

    John Arch7 days ago

    To chick going in with him was a giveaway , because if she doesn’t go he’s not as convinced because that’s illegal for her to be in there

  42. OkiDoki

    OkiDoki7 days ago

    3:54 why didn’t he think of that for number 3?

  43. OkiDoki

    OkiDoki7 days ago

    This dude is too good at this

  44. Google translate Music

    Google translate Music7 days ago

    You say you never guess where he hid but it’s in the thumbnail

  45. Leevi Evans

    Leevi Evans7 days ago

    An ideal would be to sit on the toilet all day and use liquid ass

  46. Austin Miller

    Austin Miller8 days ago

    hes like a scuffed elon musk

  47. Dunia Machado

    Dunia Machado8 days ago

    I twoLl suuu

  48. icedragon 12321

    icedragon 123218 days ago

    I knew it


    RUBBER DUCKEYS8 days ago

    He’s in the stall

  50. The SCREWED Software

    The SCREWED Software8 days ago

    F know it when he said he took the speeker and spoke about the smell

  51. Jake Bleck

    Jake Bleck8 days ago

    when are we going to have a boss hides from danny movie

  52. Isabel Head

    Isabel Head8 days ago

    He's a sick boss it would be so fun

  53. Keking Furry

    Keking Furry9 days ago

    Past Jamie:I’m the master! Viewer who have seen the 3rd one:oooohhhhh Just you wait...

  54. jeepercreepers9

    jeepercreepers99 days ago

    The lady ruined it, disappointing