Hardee's Chicken Biscuit - Food Review


  1. Kung Fu Junkie

    Kung Fu Junkie13 days ago

    try it with grape jelly thank me later

  2. Trine Asen

    Trine Asen14 days ago

    I want to hate you but I can’t

  3. he162

    he16218 days ago

    9.7, I'm there tomorrow morning!

  4. jehmin jung

    jehmin jungMonth ago

    06/2019 the price of the chicken biscuit is like $3 now. The biscuit itself seems larger and made of more substance than chikfila. Given a same give area it seems denser. The biscuit at hardees is better. However the chicken was lacking. It had real fibers that stripped off . But there wasnt a good crisp in the breading and the meat itself was slightly rubbery. I can't endorse the 9 at my location. It was good but not excellent. Maybe with gravy on top but not like this.

  5. Edward Strinden

    Edward StrindenMonth ago

    Rating above 9.5 -> Hardee's stock goes through the roof.

  6. Jerald Collins

    Jerald CollinsMonth ago

    Seriously, what was in this to cause demonitization?

  7. Glorious Content

    Glorious ContentMonth ago

    I like the 20

  8. John R

    John RMonth ago

    I've had pretty good luck with Hardee's and their morning biscuits. Kind of a diamond in the rough. Their cinnamon raisin biscuits are nearly as good as cinnamon rolls. I've also found that their biscuit sandwiches are nearly always good. A bigger biscuit with a really decent amount of fillings. They also seem a little more "real" than either Mickey D's or Burger King for breakfast items. When I was stationed at Fort Knox for a couple of years, there was a really good Hardee's out on Wilson Road but it finally went belly up which was sad. The folks there did a good job.

  9. Errorist

    Errorist2 months ago

    That looks so dry

  10. Drew Graham

    Drew Graham2 months ago

    There is no reason I should love this content as much as I do

  11. juldor93

    juldor933 months ago

    I was hungry so I came to watch this video and now I am hungry no more for he has given me something not for my mouth to eat but for my soul. Thank You ReviewBrah

  12. asmr queens

    asmr queens6 months ago

    Spilge, HIT OR MISS,

  13. V6ST

    V6ST6 months ago

    Anyone here from fitz

  14. Tris Turner

    Tris Turner6 months ago


  15. Tris Turner

    Tris Turner6 months ago

    I love this channel but I can’t get over the fact that this is what Stewart little would look like as a human

  16. arianator xoxo

    arianator xoxo6 months ago

    did anyone come from emma chamberlain?

  17. Over 40

    Over 406 months ago

    Its an honor to watch you eat sir

  18. SAVi

    SAVi7 months ago

    hit or miss 2:36

  19. kyle flame

    kyle flame7 months ago

    Not as good when he reviews food he has tried before

  20. Anthony DiMarco

    Anthony DiMarco8 months ago

    $1.30 is a great value for that

  21. Catherina Horowitz

    Catherina Horowitz8 months ago

    Roses are red Violet's are blue I'd call that a scone But its a biscuit to you....

  22. Nina Marin

    Nina Marin8 months ago

    Respecfull men let me tell you with all my love and respect that you are extremeadly hot!

  23. No No

    No No8 months ago

    Breakfast? ...

  24. F'er MaGee

    F'er MaGee8 months ago

    I never seen chicken as a breakfast item until I moved to the States!

  25. Jeffrey Walker

    Jeffrey Walker9 months ago

    You felt sick? Haha. Bud if I ate your diet I'd be in a coma.

  26. Angie L.

    Angie L.9 months ago

    It's already been a year😂

  27. Brandon Bell

    Brandon Bell10 months ago

    Bojangles has a good chicken biscuit too

  28. Truck Driver 101

    Truck Driver 10110 months ago

    Honey butter

  29. Boon Doggle

    Boon Doggle10 months ago

    Looks very dry

  30. Xxx_ RyanB

    Xxx_ RyanB10 months ago

    Has anyone else noticed how WHITE HIS HANDS ARE😂

  31. BabyBooster

    BabyBooster10 months ago

    He looks like a sloth

  32. bruce mccann

    bruce mccann11 months ago

    Thank YOU! for your channel! Also most of your stomach ailments are i'm sure, can be attributed to your diet. I know that you know that eating at the establishments that you frequent can be a serious roll of the dice when it comes to freshness and cross- contamination.

  33. Disco Deaky

    Disco Deaky11 months ago

    Wtf is a chick biscuit? A chocolate chip biscuit replacing the chocolate chip with chicken?

  34. It’s Kamsworld

    It’s Kamsworld11 months ago

    Hi made this video on my birthday

  35. Scarlett

    Scarlett11 months ago

    FoOd ReViEw

  36. Tim Enaje

    Tim Enaje11 months ago

    I only came here because of the “food review” meme

  37. flcmings

    flcmings11 months ago

    emma chamberlain anyone??

  38. McKenna LeDuc

    McKenna LeDuc11 months ago

    zainab abdullahi me!!

  39. Anna

    AnnaYear ago

    I love you

  40. Kayla M

    Kayla MYear ago

    Dwight schrute who?

  41. Cynthia Fritze

    Cynthia FritzeYear ago

    You're a buttery biscuit

  42. Kendall Carbonneau

    Kendall CarbonneauYear ago

    omg what the hell this is so god damn funny he's such an idiot

  43. Anna

    AnnaYear ago

    No he isn’t he’s brilliant. Crawl back into the hole you came out of.

  44. 🌸

    🌸Year ago

    my god. you are just too pure for this world.

  45. Crypto

    CryptoYear ago

    Mcdonalds chicken biscuits are pretty big tbh

  46. Drunketh Wizard

    Drunketh WizardYear ago

    I miss when McDonald's used to give out honey packets when I was a kid. It was my favorite on the chicken nuggets.

  47. squattingheads

    squattingheadsYear ago

    why do american burgers always look like shit?

  48. Aidan Dascher

    Aidan DascherYear ago

    6:16 his palm is the size of his forearm

  49. Hannah Pfingsten

    Hannah PfingstenYear ago

    Who came here because of emma chamberlain?

  50. Johnbeard

    JohnbeardYear ago

    This is something I want to try next time I visit the U.S. Not something we get in Britain

  51. Trippyhippie

    TrippyhippieYear ago

    I just started watching your videos and recently subscrided, I do not regret it a single bit.

  52. xX69PussyBlaster420Xx

    xX69PussyBlaster420XxYear ago

    How the hell is youtube demonetizing this?!?!