Hardee's Chicken Biscuit - Food Review


  1. Anthony DiMarco

    Anthony DiMarco3 days ago

    $1.30 is a great value for that

  2. Catherina Horowitz

    Catherina Horowitz6 days ago

    Roses are red Violet's are blue I'd call that a scone But its a biscuit to you....

  3. Nina Marin

    Nina Marin12 days ago

    Respecfull men let me tell you with all my love and respect that you are extremeadly hot!

  4. No No

    No No13 days ago

    Breakfast? ...

  5. F'er MaGee

    F'er MaGee27 days ago

    I never seen chicken as a breakfast item until I moved to the States!

  6. Jeffrey Walker

    Jeffrey WalkerMonth ago

    You felt sick? Haha. Bud if I ate your diet I'd be in a coma.

  7. Angie L.

    Angie L.Month ago

    It's already been a year😂

  8. Brandon Bell

    Brandon Bell2 months ago

    Bojangles has a good chicken biscuit too

  9. Truck Driver 101

    Truck Driver 1012 months ago

    Honey butter

  10. Boon Doggle

    Boon Doggle2 months ago

    Looks very dry

  11. Xxx_ RyanB

    Xxx_ RyanB2 months ago

    Has anyone else noticed how WHITE HIS HANDS ARE😂

  12. Chan💕😛💭

    Chan💕😛💭3 months ago

    He looks like a sloth

  13. bruce mccann

    bruce mccann3 months ago

    Thank YOU! for your channel! Also most of your stomach ailments are i'm sure, can be attributed to your diet. I know that you know that eating at the establishments that you frequent can be a serious roll of the dice when it comes to freshness and cross- contamination.

  14. McNutty

    McNutty3 months ago

    Wtf is a chick biscuit? A chocolate chip biscuit replacing the chocolate chip with chicken?

  15. It’s Kamsworld

    It’s Kamsworld3 months ago

    Hi made this video on my birthday

  16. Scarlett Faye

    Scarlett Faye3 months ago

    FoOd ReViEw

  17. Tim Enaje

    Tim Enaje3 months ago

    I only came here because of the “food review” meme

  18. zainab abdullahi

    zainab abdullahi4 months ago

    emma chamberlain anyone??

  19. McKenna LeDuc

    McKenna LeDuc3 months ago

    zainab abdullahi me!!

  20. Anna

    Anna4 months ago

    I love you

  21. KaylaKoko DIY

    KaylaKoko DIY4 months ago

    Dwight schrute who?

  22. Cynthia Fritze

    Cynthia Fritze4 months ago

    You're a buttery biscuit

  23. Kendall Carbonneau

    Kendall Carbonneau4 months ago

    omg what the hell this is so god damn funny he's such an idiot

  24. Anna

    Anna4 months ago

    No he isn’t he’s brilliant. Crawl back into the hole you came out of.

  25. 🌸

    🌸4 months ago

    my god. you are just too pure for this world.

  26. My names Blake.

    My names Blake.4 months ago

    Mcdonalds chicken biscuits are pretty big tbh

  27. Drunketh Wizard

    Drunketh Wizard4 months ago

    I miss when McDonald's used to give out honey packets when I was a kid. It was my favorite on the chicken nuggets.

  28. squattingheads

    squattingheads4 months ago

    why do american burgers always look like shit?

  29. Aidan Dascher

    Aidan Dascher4 months ago

    6:16 his palm is the size of his forearm

  30. Hannah Pfingsten

    Hannah Pfingsten5 months ago

    Who came here because of emma chamberlain?

  31. Johnbeard

    Johnbeard5 months ago

    This is something I want to try next time I visit the U.S. Not something we get in Britain

  32. Trippyhippie

    Trippyhippie5 months ago

    I just started watching your videos and recently subscrided, I do not regret it a single bit.

  33. xX69PussyBlaster420Xx

    xX69PussyBlaster420Xx5 months ago

    How the hell is youtube demonetizing this?!?!

  34. Crayon James

    Crayon James6 months ago

    He looks like a lizard when he’s eating

  35. Young Killy

    Young Killy6 months ago


  36. Young Killy

    Young Killy6 months ago


  37. Okxy Dxni

    Okxy Dxni6 months ago

    Someone actually put you on the missing persons list for the Ariana Grande concert bombing in Manchester.

  38. Ya boi Kermit

    Ya boi Kermit6 months ago

    The most amazing/funny part of these videos is how serious you are about eating food. It’s like it’s your destiny.

  39. Abe Dekok

    Abe Dekok6 months ago

    Hardees Breakfast > McDonald's Breakfast.

  40. Cheyenne Reed

    Cheyenne Reed6 months ago

    😂 😂

  41. Kerry Knight

    Kerry Knight6 months ago

    Does anyone else even appreciate how he has the building sign always in the corner? The little things he does are dope

  42. Supervisor404 Atlanta

    Supervisor404 Atlanta6 months ago

    This guy is crushing it!!!!!....

  43. prince pete

    prince pete6 months ago

    Top 3 cross sections ever

  44. Deyssi Cruz

    Deyssi Cruz7 months ago

    Your the first person I seen to put a crumb to the side😱

  45. rick piquette

    rick piquette7 months ago

    Considering how MReporter hammers your videos with commercials and ads, they should be paying you considerably,

  46. Serenity Hates You

    Serenity Hates You7 months ago

    I’m typing this with a fruit smiley gummy fuck you

  47. SecretTarg

    SecretTarg7 months ago

    Hardee’s biscuits are indeed very good. They’re usually really big and inexpensive.

  48. Gubber Nubbets

    Gubber Nubbets7 months ago

    I got a Trojan Condom ad before this video.

  49. Lafayette the Baguette

    Lafayette the Baguette7 months ago

    I just watched an 11 minute ad about trail running because i want this dude to get money this is dedication i didnt know i had

  50. Sydney Peete

    Sydney Peete8 months ago

    Why does he remind me of Dwight Schrute?

  51. happy

    happy8 months ago

    i don't understand why his videos are getting demonized. literally the most innocent channel. he's literally just a guy doing food reviews, no cussing or anything. i mean come on, even Pewdiepie's videos get monetized to an extent (after he reuploads 100 times)

  52. Windwaker202

    Windwaker2028 months ago

    Keep in mind , this video is almost 15 minutes long , for a sandwich that was hastily been put together which consists of a biscuit and a peice of chicken. Great video

  53. Bryce Ostrander

    Bryce Ostrander8 months ago

    How could MReporter demonitize your videos there is no bad stuff in them

  54. D A R T H V A P O R

    D A R T H V A P O R8 months ago

    I'll have one chicken B I S C U I T

  55. bishbashbosh

    bishbashbosh8 months ago

    Tf you’re calling a scone a biscuit for

  56. Velopt Trash

    Velopt Trash8 months ago

    i love him, i will protect him, i want to see him grow up and be healthy

  57. Larinda Nomikos

    Larinda Nomikos8 months ago

    Chik filet! I am out of here. I thought you were, maybe, interesting. But you are just odd. You review garbage. You support businesses that are oppressive to their employees amongst other things. You are an odd, insignificant little elf. Find something to do that matters.

  58. LAPD Sergeant Joe Friday

    LAPD Sergeant Joe Friday8 months ago

    He eats like a fucking squirrel.

  59. FreekSharkHD

    FreekSharkHD8 months ago

    Enjoyable content. Never stop.

  60. Sam McDaniel

    Sam McDaniel8 months ago

    took me until 2:35 to remember that americans call scones biscuits- now i want one

  61. horn byork

    horn byork8 months ago

    What’s a biscuit? Is that the American word for burger bun?

  62. D A R T H V A P O R

    D A R T H V A P O R8 months ago

    horn byork It's a buttery pocket of cooked flower dough.

  63. Loxa

    Loxa8 months ago

    No man can make a sauce packet strong enough to resist ReviewBrah..

  64. Cheezy Nachoz26

    Cheezy Nachoz268 months ago

    So a chicken breast fillet in a scone?

  65. Seiko 0113

    Seiko 01139 months ago

    dude are you eating with your front teeth? xD

  66. Louis Tavare

    Louis Tavare9 months ago

    Ben Shapiro

  67. PappaSqually

    PappaSqually9 months ago

    Slap a piece of cheese on that thang and it’ll be bangin

  68. Donya

    Donya9 months ago


  69. Bushcrafting UK

    Bushcrafting UK9 months ago

    I cant tell if this guy is being serious or not

  70. Bad Day ?

    Bad Day ?8 months ago

    Bushcrafting UK this “guy” is God in human form. Disrespect him, and you will in a world of pain, you thot.

  71. joker aleks

    joker aleks9 months ago

    God I love this guy

  72. bluewhale18

    bluewhale189 months ago

    What evil entity decided to demonetise this great guy ?

  73. Tylarbot Supreme

    Tylarbot Supreme9 months ago

    Ive had that before, I spent an entire 5 minutes looking for crumbs it was so good

  74. Roger Rampage

    Roger Rampage9 months ago

    I love how he speaks so elegantly.

  75. Ricky Summers

    Ricky Summers9 months ago

    Sheldon is that you?

  76. Wolfly Packucus

    Wolfly Packucus10 months ago

    So it’s a nugget biscuit

  77. SirBongsAlot

    SirBongsAlot10 months ago

    I love Chickfila sandwiches but for me Hardees just does the chicken biscuit better

  78. Lucky Arceus

    Lucky Arceus10 months ago

    I miss the times when it was called Carl’s jr instead of Hardee’s

  79. Lt. Spangler

    Lt. Spangler10 months ago

    So is a biscuit a scone?

  80. Botched Lobotomy

    Botched Lobotomy10 months ago

    love it

  81. Darrell

    Darrell10 months ago

    Hardee's rocked back before Carl's Jr. took 'em over. Their biscuit was the size of a saucer. It's all Carl's Jr. here now, just not the same. The sausage biscuit (none of that other stuff OP alludes to) was a heckuva a deal for a dollar. Those days are long gone. :(

  82. Matt

    Matt10 months ago

    i love this man

  83. ANDAR farhan

    ANDAR farhan10 months ago

    Piece of Pagan

  84. The Joker

    The Joker10 months ago

    Am I the only one that saw the “Let me talk to you” meme mashed up with this?

  85. Slim Wifely_16

    Slim Wifely_1610 months ago

    Why he wear that all the time does he normally clothes and does he have a gf?

  86. Violet chan XD

    Violet chan XD10 months ago

    He's cute when he eats

  87. Alyssa Gurdon

    Alyssa Gurdon11 months ago

    Do a review on Uncle Joe’s Diner

  88. Memeaddict with crippling depression

    Memeaddict with crippling depression11 months ago

    Nugget in a biscuit

  89. Isaiah 55:1-13

    Isaiah 55:1-1311 months ago

    Remind me of an extra from Blade Runner 2049. :-)

  90. Avraham Hayashulam

    Avraham Hayashulam11 months ago

    *going in*

  91. Gang Life

    Gang LifeYear ago

    Does he not remind you of sheldon from Big Bang theory

  92. Heather Lia

    Heather LiaYear ago

    Your skin is flawless

  93. Jessica

    JessicaYear ago

    Personally I will not buy anything from Chick Fil A. I will not support them

  94. Dawson Porter

    Dawson PorterYear ago

    Love the vids man!

  95. nigg er faggoy

    nigg er faggoyYear ago


  96. Doderio Larkisso

    Doderio LarkissoYear ago

    >eats fast food all the time >skin clear as day how!

  97. Cool Gamer

    Cool GamerYear ago

    He looks like Tobey Maguire

  98. Bad Day ?

    Bad Day ?8 months ago

    Cool Gamer but far more handsome

  99. Arda Ertas

    Arda ErtasYear ago

    What’s wrong with his hands?

  100. Perisher101

    Perisher101Year ago

    Man that shit must be dry as fuck

  101. Robert Graham

    Robert GrahamYear ago

    Great review keep them coming

  102. DeKuoTa

    DeKuoTaYear ago

    You're the best guy from this world!

  103. Xtealth

    XtealthYear ago

    It's been a hectic month!

  104. Thienqv

    ThienqvYear ago

    Here from the memes

  105. Bill Nye

    Bill NyeYear ago

    That looks good