Harassed For Being Black: Sunny Shares Her Story | The View


  1. Jerry Flynn

    Jerry Flynn2 hours ago

    Yes, African Americans were here before white ppl care to this country! #facts~~~

  2. Shay P

    Shay P8 hours ago

    July 4th is 4 white people , Period. Black people were not free!!

  3. Dawson Breek

    Dawson Breek13 hours ago

    She is fine.

  4. dreams

    dreamsDay ago

    Wow the racists don’t have anything better to do on july the 4th

  5. Lord Patrick of House Starfish

    Lord Patrick of House StarfishDay ago

    I may not agree with the people on the view I am truly sorry she had experience something like that.

  6. Chiara - Culture With Coco

    Chiara - Culture With CocoDay ago

    I'm gonna put something stupid out there for all those people claiming they should have recorded it... I was out on my balcony (I live in an apartment) , my phone was on the charger in my bedroom because I assume no one is going to be calling me at 01:15 in the morning and I hear sex noises through my headphones, I listened first to hear if I was mistaken, after registering in I went right into my bedroom to collect my phone and film the funny noises, by the time I got back the noises faded and I was left here thinking dammit... I missed it. I had other neighbours on the other side of our building chuckling so I know it wasn't just me. I'm guessing these grown up people playing charades were not on snapchat or instastories like I am in my mid twenties... I probably would have been frightened trying to stay still and listen since you don't know what someone is going to do in the dark where you can't see them... guns or something like that (very cowardly)... what reason would they have to lie seriously.... not everyone is up in their phones 24/7

  7. Jennifer Thom

    Jennifer ThomDay ago

    Some total strangers...probably drinking..30 people.. who were not even there when you got outside..yelled out something negative...and she couldn't take it? Had to call the police about it...and getting called a name ruined " Floyd's " whole week?? REALLY? And you said they were violent? They were not even there in the video!! People are mean name calling is not a crime...having this kind of reaction - that's what bullies want...Take some pride in who you are..strengthen your spine..people can ruin your day or week ...but only if you let them...C'mon...name calling can be handled by kindergarten kids..they just say.." I know you are but what am i?" In 5 minutes they are back on the merry go round and swinger carrying on with recess...

  8. Jodie-Kay Brown

    Jodie-Kay BrownDay ago

    What are you white people teaching your children?? Disgusting!

  9. Tarek

    TarekDay ago

    Love you Joey

  10. Crystal Boddie

    Crystal Boddie2 days ago

    This is what every black person on the face of this earth have to go throw,and I pray every morning day,and night that God puts a stop to these disgusting individuals nasty harsh cruel and violent behavior. And I say to all of my people don't run never give up change is gonna come. For God is in control always,and forever.

  11. scheis123

    scheis1232 days ago

    Sadly, the immoral Russian-installed regime in Washington, DC, is making the situation a whole lot worse. They are dividing the country, on purpose, so they can keep power. And once they get that SCOTUS seat, you're REALLY going to see some backward, horrible stuff happening.

  12. P Herrera

    P Herrera2 days ago

    Trump is fake

  13. Big Mike's Big World

    Big Mike's Big World2 days ago

    Well. Income and celebrity are not escape hatches.

  14. Trey Smith

    Trey Smith2 days ago


  15. nightelf4

    nightelf42 days ago

    I’m a man of color and I love Joy but no Joy African Americans were by no way in America before white people. They were very happily in Africa before being dragged to the west. You’re confusing it with native Americans who are also people of colour. African Americans didn’t take anyone’s land.

  16. Anthony K.

    Anthony K.2 days ago

    What about all the white people being harrassed? What about all the attacks on whites from the BLM riots and protests? Lmfao. They act like only black people have been attacked. Black people love playing the victim when it gets them attention.

  17. Deidre Muhammad

    Deidre Muhammad2 days ago

    Liberals will stop at nothing for "fake" news. The cell phones are always turned on after the fact, so you don't know what happened to lead up to the incident. And, before Whoopi gets on her "soapbox" to windbag, I just see Sunny as fake. You can't judge until you have all the facts.


    FOR THE BY&BY3 days ago

    I was made fun of because I have a big, long nose! Bahahhaaaa! Get over it. You are physically beautiful, maybe not so beautiful on the inside? Dig deep!



    White people and their 911 calls 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    #DISTRICT TV3 days ago


  21. Mike Collins

    Mike Collins3 days ago

    poor thing

  22. John Lindmeyer

    John Lindmeyer4 days ago

    You can’t legislate morality or a persons opinion

  23. Gary Chandler

    Gary Chandler4 days ago


  24. Arunabha Das

    Arunabha Das4 days ago

    vote bank politics bad bad

  25. Anthony Simmons

    Anthony Simmons4 days ago

    WHITE PEOPLE GET OVER YOUR FUCKING SELVES.....YELL N*GGER ALL YOU WANT....WE AINT GOING NOWHERE. You'll be extinct and long gone before we leave here....the bible and evolution says so.

  26. syn schecter

    syn schecter4 days ago

    Poor me I'm black but I make millions.

  27. Scott Wood

    Scott Wood4 days ago

    Same liberal BS different day

  28. Ken G

    Ken G5 days ago

    Currently moving to a new city for a new job and selling my condo... I talked to a couple of cleaners for help getting the place shined up. 1 was an african-american single mom charging $15 an hour. The other was a hispanic single-mom charging $12 dollars but who told me that I would have to pay her in cash because she was not on the books yet (undocumented). Not wanting to be a criminal and break the law, I chose the first candidate. I guess that makes me racist, according to the left..

  29. Dirg Ramsey

    Dirg Ramsey5 days ago

    She has straight blond hair and pale skin. No one would think she is black in the middle of the night. All her video shows is her harassing some people walking by. Sounds like black privilege.

  30. O D Gamer's

    O D Gamer's5 days ago


  31. Papa Robotnik

    Papa Robotnik5 days ago

    While Black in America, deal with it.

  32. Hahsh jjsjdjd

    Hahsh jjsjdjd5 days ago

    Fucking yellow people

  33. edward kucera

    edward kucera5 days ago

    I think if you see racism in everything. If you believe that trump is nazi . If want to keep hate flowing. Listen to far left and right . America has been hijacked by media bias on both sides breeds mistrust and more harm than good. People turn off CNN and fox And the view. To much bitterness to be objective. Sad


    SOGGY SOCKS5 days ago

    The second clip(you can’t even mow the lawn even if it’s a 12 yr old)but all it is is a black mom with O 12 yr olds and grass on the sidewalk.....WHAT DO YOU MEAN


    SOGGY SOCKS5 days ago

    (Could be true could be not)and kids that’s how you know your are getting real news

  36. Trippy Mctrip

    Trippy Mctrip5 days ago

    Oh you're a different colour than me? No rights for you!

  37. CaptainAmericaShazam

    CaptainAmericaShazam5 days ago

    But if the person(victim) is white the same story doesnt make the news...Double standard bull! America First is For All Americans! Enough with the Racialist Agendas!

  38. mark bowers

    mark bowers5 days ago

    Those with racial bias have to look at racism through a political affiliation lens. They willfully brainwash themselves to believe by approaching it from that particular angle' that it somehow masks and shield the truth of who they really are and what they actually stand for in the false guise of what they expect you to believe is their so called' "Patriotism" while attempting to absolve themselves from any sort of transparency or accountability for what they say or do and all the while' crying "Division and Race Baiting" when they're recognized' identified' outed and revealed for just being what they actually are By those who know better.

  39. Blaster Blahsamost

    Blaster Blahsamost5 days ago

    Unbelievable.....I wonder how it is to be a African American?? Where you can be targeted all the time for the most dumbest things and yet get discriminated. I hope all those people who called you names repent and apologize yo what they said to sunny or If not...its gonna hunt them in the futute!

  40. Stanley Nolly

    Stanley Nolly6 days ago


  41. thicky

    thicky6 days ago

    i know for a fact that if a white person goes into a black neighbourhood those white people would be racially abused. i have had white female colleagues had advances on them by black men in black neighbourhoods and when she rejected their advances she would be thrown all kinds of racial insults. heck they would even call her racist cause she did not accept advance from them. lol.. some blacks are just their own enemy. quick to call everyone else racist but cant see the bigotry in themselves

  42. fandie42

    fandie426 days ago

    lol at those white americans complaining about reverse racism

  43. James Adair

    James Adair6 days ago

    Those of you that know the Lord pray and fast with me for a month that {all} such evil wicked acts cease. If you can only do it for a day that will be fine.

  44. C Taylor

    C Taylor6 days ago

    Cant take kids to chucky cheese while black. Cant change your tires while black. Cant go to red box to get a movie while black. Ok now im just pilling up at this point.

  45. edwardinchina

    edwardinchina6 days ago

    "It could be true, it could be not but that's what I read."

  46. Dream Star

    Dream Star6 days ago

    You should have filmed the activity NOT the aftermath

  47. Catherine3385

    Catherine33857 days ago

    There is something about this that doesn't seem true

  48. lisa ROXXI sandoval

    lisa ROXXI sandoval7 days ago


  49. dillonvillon

    dillonvillon7 days ago

    black, white, hispanic, asian, etc . all racist. whites are no worse than the rest. when blacks are being racist toward white people, no one cares, but let it be any white person mentioning ANYTHING about any other skin color and it is in the news...not that this is a news network, it's just female gossip.

  50. Dick Berry

    Dick Berry7 days ago

    👴🏿 this is so sad😢

  51. Dick Berry

    Dick Berry7 days ago

    Whoopies ugly face offends me. I’m calling the cops😂

  52. Rudy Garza

    Rudy Garza7 days ago

    How come this is trending why wasnt that black lady that beat that 91 year old mexican man with a brick isnt trending?She was telling him to go back to Mexico,why isnt that more prevalent, its funny to me when i here people say its not just whites here its yellow,red,black why do people always tend to forget mexican and Mexican Americans?Oh yea cause we're not screaming it from the rooftops every time we feel an injustice has occurred, but maybe Mexican Americans can learn from African americans, i remember hearing the term closed mouths don't get fed in my younger days so i feel its our time to start voicing our opinions and standing by our beliefs and stop letting people push us around and fight back only way to get respect on the schoolyard is to punch that bully right in the mouth!

  53. k b

    k b7 days ago

    This is the death of MReporter when they have this garbage in the trending section.

  54. Shane Sullivan

    Shane Sullivan7 days ago

    Thanks for sharing your story! Racists are cowards!

  55. carlos sillas

    carlos sillas7 days ago

    More propaganda making blacks victims, when will they start putting out positive info about blacks to show how strong they are instead of crying and calling police over words....

  56. Teresa Rodriguez

    Teresa Rodriguez7 days ago

    The ignorance and racism in these comments are appalling.

  57. Bobby Waller

    Bobby Waller7 days ago


  58. Jerry Parker

    Jerry Parker7 days ago

    Sounds like to me she's for segregation . I wonder if rap music offends her .

  59. otis youngblood

    otis youngblood7 days ago

    She better toughen up

  60. Joshua Lowe

    Joshua Lowe7 days ago

    it's not easy being black in America.😔

  61. seadooman o

    seadooman o7 days ago

    blacks always negative Poor me Excuses why they fail Part of growing up is to succeed its ur own fault y u dont

  62. Deep South

    Deep South7 days ago

    For all my white people, its ok to be white. Have your opinion and know others agendas.

  63. Deep South

    Deep South7 days ago

    I never expected or knew how racist whoopie oldberg was

  64. The Best The World Had To Offer Channel

    The Best The World Had To Offer Channel7 days ago

    Having this victim attitude is going to make these things a self fulfilling prophecy.

  65. Brett Crawford

    Brett Crawford7 days ago

    98% of us live under the rule of the elite 2% and they have our races pitted against each other based on racial propaganda. Our real enemy is the 2% who own 98% of our wealth. These videos posted of stupid people with nothing better to do with their time only make there way to media channels because they fulfill their racial agenda. Don't fight races, fight the Rothchilds.

  66. Ra L

    Ra L7 days ago

    So true.

  67. J D

    J D7 days ago

    All cunts on the view cackling about being out raged

  68. Who’s high pitch this is kelly clarkson

    Who’s high pitch this is kelly clarkson7 days ago

    Boo hoo

  69. Tedd NG

    Tedd NG7 days ago

    I loved watching her movies

  70. Tedd NG

    Tedd NG7 days ago

    It's 2018 and I didn't know that people are still this way..... I'm disappointed. I mean in this time of year or 2018, it's a time for people to be their better selves.....BETTER PEOPLE! kinda lost humanity though

  71. HW

    HW7 days ago

    Is she being truthful with what happened before the kids started saying that word? I would love to say regardless they should not be using that word however if we want people to stop doing that we have to cease sensationalizing the word in rap music and black culture. I was a substitute teacher for awhile and the African American teens use that word in almost every sentence. She should be equally as energized to stop that as she is racism. This is #fakenews

  72. Internet User

    Internet User7 days ago

    Eternal victims like the Jews.

  73. Franciscus Gomarus

    Franciscus Gomarus7 days ago

    Welcome to Trumpistan!! Land of inbred, incel white supremacists.

  74. Ra L

    Ra L7 days ago

    Dumbest comment EVER!

  75. Internet User

    Internet User7 days ago

    You're an idiot but you're mentally challenged.

  76. MrMferg240

    MrMferg2407 days ago

    sunny is most definitely a bigot.she wouldn't have the balls to call out black or Hispanic racists because in her narrow minded mind they cant be racists know matter what they call white people.

  77. Blue ringed Octopus

    Blue ringed Octopus7 days ago

    @3:05 has to rub some Vick’s in the eyes to get them tears going.

  78. WaifusLaifu

    WaifusLaifu7 days ago

    I sure do love identity politics. My option and insights do not matter not because of context but because I'm as white as a piece of paper!

  79. Donnie Elam

    Donnie Elam7 days ago

    This show and everyone of you are retarded always crying about something. If you don't like it go to another country we could care less

  80. 1Pathetic Singer

    1Pathetic Singer7 days ago

    I'm completely glad I do not take sides with anyone accept God Almighty who made out of one man every nation on the earth. The Acts of the Apostles of Christ Jesus chapter 17:26 is a biblical verse that expresses the validity of the statement I just made and all who dispute that bible verse with their racism are people who are not acting like genuine lovers of God. Mrs. Goldberg is right that no one group is ever gonna change the amount of different colors of people on the earth, in fact when God resurrects everyone he intends to give life back to on the earth again, the number of different nationalities on the earth is going to increase exponentially and here is why because according to that bible verse God only see's everyone on the earth as one race of people that everyone on earth calls the human race that came from one man named Adam and one woman named Eve. And it truthfully doesn't matter how much you decide you want to carry on with your racist actions towards one another because come God Almighty's day of great judgement he is going to set all of your wicked hearts straight once and for all time to where none of you ever again treat another living person in a detestable and undignified way ever again. And if any of you out there want to keep on having wicked reasoning's about how God see's the life of everyone on the earth as very precious then please understand that God can completely remove you from life forever altogether, although he would rather you all stop your wicked reasoning's and cultivate true love for each other on the earth so he doesn't have to remove you from life at all ever, but he can because that is a major possibility that he can do . So I leave this question for all of you can you imagine upsetting Gods feeling so much the he removes you forever like he is going to remove Satan the Devil from existence forever? Well if you cant imagine God removing you from life forever for those wicked ways and deeds that you keep on pursuing in your lives then this suggestion goes to all of you, stop your wicked ways and stop acting rebellious towards Gods message of truth like Satan keeps on doing and God will not consider you as the offspring of the wicked one anymore. And stop putting Satan's ways of hatred in you life first and instead keep on having love for your neighbor just as Christ taught everyone who says they follow him as the son of Jehovah God to do. In other words if you are going to say your a follower of Christ Jesus then live up to the teachings of love he brought to all of you from the Father of heaven and end the hatred that Satan and his demons brought to you instead by ending you hatred each other forever because by doing so you might just escape into a new world or paradise on earth where no one will treat each other in any violent or unloving way's ever again. Good day to all of you, and know that I keep asking God to save you from the calamity that he is thinking of allowing to come upon all of you for continually acting wicked. please remember that there is a huge calamity coming upon Satan for being so very wicked and he is going to fully lose out on everlasting life for how he treated Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden with his deceptive and wicked ways in his life towards them so walk away from those deceptive and wicked ways so Satan's calamity of losing out on everlasting life does not end up coming upon you also.

  81. Shame0nNick

    Shame0nNick7 days ago

    I don’t even know why Megan is on the show, her views are completely opposite than everyone else’s on he table, imagine what happens when the cameras are off lol

  82. 16bitFishing

    16bitFishing7 days ago

    I still call the cops on people being loud in a park. I don’t care what race, people need to be respectful and understand that there is a law called disturbing the peace.

  83. JesseWorld1000

    JesseWorld10007 days ago

    These racist kids need to be charged. They all need to held accountable!!!

  84. Savage Scientist

    Savage Scientist8 days ago

    It happen to me in my uber and they had to pay for it

  85. Youwill Neverknow

    Youwill Neverknow8 days ago

    Playing the race card😒

  86. Everett Lopez

    Everett Lopez8 days ago

    You people so smart. Lol.

  87. Donald Ooten

    Donald Ooten8 days ago

    Theres always going to be racist people its never going to change

  88. Beautiful Buddhist Pimp

    Beautiful Buddhist Pimp8 days ago

    Lmao I know the kids who did this

  89. Beautiful Buddhist Pimp

    Beautiful Buddhist Pimp8 days ago

    While the base of the story was true, Sunny stretched the truth a little

  90. Toni Fugenski

    Toni Fugenski8 days ago

    The video was less “aftermath”, more “racial profiling” of white kids. You accused two random white people of harassment without any proof other than “they were white”. Sounds prejudicial. Maybe recording the actual incident would have been more productive. More realistic title of clip: Things you can’t do when white: “walk on a beach without being accused of racism”

  91. haudace

    haudace8 days ago

    who are the yellow people?

  92. blahblah8508

    blahblah85088 days ago

    womp womp

  93. s jo

    s jo8 days ago

    I call this crap out ! Stupid people say/do stupid stuff

  94. Space Ghost

    Space Ghost8 days ago

    Sunny's nose makes her look like Skeletore from Heman.

  95. Space Ghost

    Space Ghost8 days ago

    You can't say the N word without losing your career. Fair trade.

  96. Sheri Townsend

    Sheri Townsend8 days ago

    1. Every time a race issue comes up, some Whites want to yell, "race baiting". They're tired of talking about race. They're not as concerned about the fact that these things keep happening. They're just tired of talking about it. It's as though they want the media to stop covering it. 2. I wish Blacks would stop getting their feelings hurt and trying to explain that they're human too. It's sounds stupid. I don't think a person exist who doesn't know Blacks are humans. Some one once told Blacks to stop trying to explain the Black experience to Whites. They already know, and if they don't, they don't want to know. We've been in this country too long. Yet, we talk as if we're still trying to get through to them, or are trying to prove ourselves, when it's obvious that it's the Whites who have the problem. 3. I believe more Whites feel embolden now that Trump is in office. They need to remember, he's not going to be in office forever, and as Whoopi said Blacks and others aren't going anywhere. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!!!

  97. Internet User

    Internet User7 days ago

    It's best to ignore anyone who brings up race. I do it all the time. If you discuss race, I'll ignore you because I see your weakness.

  98. Michael Deth

    Michael Deth8 days ago


  99. jpalm32

    jpalm328 days ago

    BS!! All BS

  100. Crushi.com

    Crushi.com8 days ago


  101. Jimmy Birchfield

    Jimmy Birchfield8 days ago

    Poor sunny

  102. Arch Stanton

    Arch Stanton8 days ago

    Things you cannot do while black: Be a conservative. If you want to see real racism, see how people treat black conservatives. smh

  103. Supreme Chief

    Supreme Chief8 days ago

    Any media is bad media

  104. Daniel Gray

    Daniel Gray8 days ago

    None of that seems like a privilege. This show is pushing an agenda, desperately. They harass smart people and let morons go on and on.

  105. paper rocks

    paper rocks8 days ago

    She was harassed because blacks are not humans they are a beast that needs to be in chains or behind bars