Hands-On Virtual Reality Gloves!


  1. Bryced

    Bryced3 months ago

    "they want to get into peoples hands" hahahaha

  2. павле николић

    павле николић5 months ago

    We all know what "touch" sensors will be used for...to pet virtual cats

  3. RandomSqueaker

    RandomSqueaker6 months ago

    why do you have a vive controller strapped to your wrist? wouldnt that defeat the purpose?

  4. gamers play 4634

    gamers play 46346 months ago


  5. gamers play 4634

    gamers play 46346 months ago

    it should be for psvr

  6. TokerPack

    TokerPack6 months ago

    I was going to buy a pair of these gloves when I seen it listed for $250 in your video 1:09 but when you go to their website actually cost more than $2500... wtf?

  7. David B

    David B8 months ago

    fuck he's fucking tall.

  8. Consequence No. 62

    Consequence No. 628 months ago

    *FISH A.I*

  9. king brodan

    king brodan9 months ago

    does this work for oculus rift or Mixed Reality headsets?

  10. LautyART

    LautyART10 months ago

    Servirá para VRchat?

  11. UnknownTimelord

    UnknownTimelord10 months ago

    Now it's time for VR socks

  12. Roger

    Roger10 months ago

    90% talking 👎

  13. Tierieus

    TierieusYear ago

    when people get it i think in games they will do the middle finger -_-

  14. TheTwitchyTraceur

    TheTwitchyTraceurYear ago

    when i get vr in the FAAAAAAAR future im getting Vrgloves and leg trackers and imma do some Weeeeird shit on vrchat......Will leave it at that

  15. Alamaru

    AlamaruYear ago

    Johnny Mnemonic

  16. Masterpj555

    Masterpj555Year ago

    this is a lawsuit waiting to happen... likely did happen because vr gloves is a patent minefield

  17. Robert J. Waddell

    Robert J. WaddellYear ago

    It should be able to distinguish game motions compared to the hand gestures.

  18. Robert J. Waddell

    Robert J. WaddellYear ago

    Use MicroPhone Sensors to function touch density divising speed and strikes within the air such as snapping fingers and claps or any hand motion within the stretch sensor. -Rob

  19. Robert J. Waddell

    Robert J. WaddellYear ago

    "High Five!" 'High Fives'

  20. C Juan

    C JuanYear ago

    lol didnt know he was dutch

  21. Timo Stroet

    Timo StroetYear ago

    C Juan yeah I noticed

  22. The Observer Light

    The Observer LightYear ago

    That's real cooo

  23. Timo Fuerst

    Timo FuerstYear ago

    I love "Tested", but seriously guys??? You cant expect consumers to buy $1'000 gloves only to capture finger bending. This thing doesn't even track the hands' position in space. You have to strap Oculus controllers onto both arms to get that. Plus judging from the demo, it looks like they are using flex sensors so they cannot capture finger splaying. And the cost is more than what you pay for a whole HTC Vive system! .... pheww.....

  24. Honey Roberts

    Honey RobertsYear ago

    mind craft

  25. TheMalitias

    TheMalitiasYear ago

    Think of the possibilities for education.. Especially for ppl aiming to become doctors.

  26. Pixel Dust

    Pixel DustYear ago

    this would be great in VR flight simulators with clickable cockpits...

  27. Commenter 2

    Commenter 2Year ago

    Nice now you can strangle someone to death in vr

  28. MrCompassionate01

    MrCompassionate019 months ago

    You can finally stop doing it to real people!

  29. RobertA105

    RobertA105Year ago

    Here we are in July 2017. How about an update. Was this crap or not?

  30. CarrRevized

    CarrRevized4 months ago

    +Hora Hey, October here. Where'd ya find that out?

  31. Hora

    Hora8 months ago

    Hey 2018 here these are 1000$ btw

  32. Aria Rasti

    Aria RastiYear ago

    you can add a sense of touch by pushing oil in tubes under the fingers, so that the tubes dont let the hand bend more if you have something in your hand. And for touching you can fill the sectors in the gloves under your hand so you feel when you touch something.

  33. laos85

    laos85Year ago

    I just hate how you have to wear the motion controllers with the gloves. Very bad design. Microsoft Mixed Reality headset will potentially makes all of this silly devices obsolete in the next year.

  34. 99batran

    99batranYear ago

    I wonder how long until shooting games will have these. Imagine someone punching someone using the gloves in game

  35. Improbable Pebble

    Improbable PebbleYear ago

    Virtual finger flipping is possible now.

  36. DeeTrollingLink

    DeeTrollingLinkYear ago

    They should make a vr game using these that's like badside manner where you could fully emote using your hands

  37. david vincent

    david vincentYear ago

    This is not very interesting now we have the Touch controllers... Add good haptics to these gloves and then we can talk.

  38. Trinh Nguyen

    Trinh NguyenYear ago

    Smart anyone watching 2017? Click like

  39. Daglane42

    Daglane42Year ago

    I think in the future someone will make a comfortable full vr body suit, because many people sweat when playing "active" games like gorn. And have their body react with the game.


    AFTER DARKYear ago

    You guys need to check out the Dexmo exoskeleton glove rather then these old tech gloves. This design is terrible compaired to other concepts. Ex - Dexmo exoskeleton glove

  41. Omar Al-Asfour

    Omar Al-Asfour2 years ago

    It is a little bit useless product and very expensive as well, it costs 1000 euro !! not to mention that you don't really feel you are holding anything when you grasp an object, it just vibrate a little bit, the only good thing is you can see your real hands when you r playing no more no less and not every game is supporting the manus gloves

  42. J Remy

    J Remy2 years ago

    Manus vr

  43. Kevin Tatlici

    Kevin Tatlici2 years ago

    Great video!

  44. liverush24

    liverush242 years ago

    If you have gloves the length of dish washing gloves, you could have the wrist/forearm tracking as an all-in-one with the glove.

  45. Snoopy The Mage

    Snoopy The Mage2 years ago

    I bet it's super immersion breaking trying to grab a ball that isn't there XD Now someone needs to make a finger gun game.

  46. Full Gorer

    Full Gorer2 years ago

    this is good. i dont know but, support for designers , 3d , etc ?

  47. kevinszhere1

    kevinszhere12 years ago

    Porn porn porn, we all know what this is really for

  48. Freyy

    Freyy2 years ago

    just 6 more years until sword art online comes out

  49. BlueBerry Videos

    BlueBerry Videos26 days ago

    sao succ gey

  50. Kazat0

    Kazat0Month ago

    +Ryan Samson nah m8...TRY ME ;3

  51. Ryan Samson

    Ryan SamsonMonth ago

    +Kazat0 If it comes out. I'm making sure I'm the first to get that sick coat

  52. Kazat0

    Kazat04 months ago

    4 now, keep waiting brother. It'll come out in our lifetime. And when It does it'd be really cool to meet all of you in-game. However, it's gonna be tough for all the kirito-wannabes (like me) so I'll be sure to get the game asap :P see ya in sao

  53. Kupfer

    KupferYear ago


  54. Alvaro Hernandez

    Alvaro Hernandez2 years ago

    Why not make foot triggers on the bottom of the foot so that walking can be triggered by some sort of leaning pressure on the bottom around the foot?

  55. The Escadrila

    The Escadrila2 years ago

    ot whuould be great if there is full vr i mean like full arm not just hand...gloves so you like can realy recol gun games instead of just presing button and running walking jumping crawling so it would be great if all vr companies unite and make great sh?:(;73 he he

  56. Fino Deligero

    Fino Deligero2 years ago

    i support and really like this product

  57. Auris2

    Auris22 years ago

    Seriously why haven't tested made a 6dof motion simulator for the rift or vive, WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH THEIR LIVES.

  58. Roman Guro

    Roman Guro2 years ago

    Guys:) Fingers in your 3D model bend not in the right place. Check anatomy or look at your hands carefully! This is a common mistake beginner animators

  59. Badri Tulsi Ram

    Badri Tulsi Ram2 years ago

    what the hands can do... would be nice to see some magic like using hands within VR to create spheres and orbs of energy

  60. Pabulo Loiola

    Pabulo Loiola2 years ago

    or naruto's justsu xD

  61. Neil G. Dickson

    Neil G. Dickson2 years ago

    Manus, the hands of fate -- I mean, VR.

  62. Eric

    Eric2 years ago

    It would be cool if future gloves could include haptic feedback and some kind of resistance to simulate actually picking up and manipulating objects. The implications of this tech go well and far beyond video games.

  63. Ian Claudio

    Ian Claudio2 years ago

    i wanted a sensitive gloves ya know get a sense of what you are touching in Vr even a little bit if you are touching a rock you feel the rock via the Vr Gloves get it guys?

  64. Peter Jones

    Peter Jones2 years ago

    They could also include a controllable piston on the inside of each finger to stop (so you can't grasp down anymore) at a certain angle when you grab an object in the virtual world to simulate actually touching the object. Because once we touch a solid object our fingers meet resistance from that object, it can be simulated by a controlled piston resisting the finger. The gloves will identify the value of each object and will calculate how much resistance each piston needs to give inorder to mimic the physics of that object. This also allows more advanced effects, such as the feeling of breaking objects, from a solid feeling to a loose feeling (mimicking the object breaking).. I hope I am making at least some sense

  65. Gentleman

    Gentleman2 years ago

    Next step: material capable of selective hardening to provide haptic feedback.

  66. FutureLaugh

    FutureLaugh2 years ago

    let the nerds design this thing to work, then let the artists make it look good. Please give me a retro powerglove that actually WORKS like i imagined it to in the 1980s

  67. Micah Thompson

    Micah Thompson2 years ago

    wat the hell is this demo tho smh ...this just doesn't catch my attention.

  68. MarCuseusFX

    MarCuseusFX2 years ago

    NINTENDO POWER GLOVE!!!!!!! Not even close ;)

  69. Andy B

    Andy B2 years ago

    still WAY too clumsy. ill wait a couple of years

  70. Rjano

    Rjano2 years ago

    I think its called a "Hands in" in this case :)

  71. RootedHat

    RootedHat2 years ago

    Hey Norm, I know you're in technology so you wouldn't be really aware of it but PM me regarding getting the stuff around your chin sorted. For free. You're a good man. Message me.

  72. redninja 1

    redninja 12 years ago

    Do they think this is the first product of this kind? If so, they're wrong. The first ever VR gloves were made for the Oculus Rift Dev Kit 1 called Control VR. What I think is funny is the fact that it was co invented by Stress Level Zero, AKA the guys who made Hover Junkers. Just putting my constructive(?) criticism out there.

  73. Rory O Connor

    Rory O Connor2 years ago

    Norm you need your own distinct show and a G+ profile!

  74. Evo García

    Evo García2 years ago

    Yeah, VR gloves are cool. But in the name of good gaming we will need buttons and sticks. I don't like the Vive solution for movement using teleporting, is very abrupt and disorienting. The Oculus controllers seems more useful to me. Yeah, you can track the hands, but since VR doesn't track your feets, I think is more comfortable use the sticks to do the real movement of the character through big scenary, not just in a room like in VIVE demos.

  75. logan milliken

    logan milliken2 years ago

    These VR headsets is their computational stuff in the head set or on a desk nearby?

  76. Aaron Goselin

    Aaron Goselin2 years ago

    $250? That's not even $30 worth of hardware.

  77. Macy Lane

    Macy Lane2 years ago

    Nothing we buy is the same value as the materials it's made from..

  78. Modern gun guy

    Modern gun guy2 years ago

    is that guy wearing his little sister shirt?

  79. cesar ramirez

    cesar ramirez2 years ago

    this stuff is for surgeons and biochemistry. good lord almighty what have they created. soon enough full body tracking will go wireless(blue tooth 5??)and then, soon enough, we will be able to control mechs and robots. Are we really advancing so much now a days. With the new blue tooth coming out vr will be closer than ever to wireless games..until we create skynet. Terminators anyone?? wow. I watch too much sci fi.

  80. cesar ramirez

    cesar ramirez2 years ago

    wow. saving my $$$ for this!!

  81. freeNode5

    freeNode52 years ago

    I couldn't use an average sized glove :[ Sucks being a statistical outlier

  82. mig san

    mig san2 years ago

    haven't seen the video but you guys need to hire a proper journalist or reported (not sure the proper term), Norm sucks he asks the dumbest questions and keeps repeating him self. anybody feel the same?

  83. TheGamingMelon

    TheGamingMelon2 years ago

    someone needs to make where when we are grabbing an object in game, the gloves became stiff at a certain angle when we grab an object to make it feel more realistic

  84. Josh Ryan

    Josh Ryan2 years ago

    "Haptic feedback"

  85. Walker Gross

    Walker Gross2 years ago

    It would be cool if they added something on the underside of the fingers that could simulate the presence/resistance of grabbing an object. It could be something that locks up when closing the fingers past the point of what the object would be. That way you would feel like you were truly grabbing something.

  86. josh greg

    josh greg2 years ago

    everyone can finally pass surgeon simulator

  87. SANG

    SANG2 years ago

    Going by all the components and how easy this is to build, these should cost around £30-40. But, they'll probably just make it the price of a gaming laptop anyway.

  88. Jeff RT

    Jeff RT2 years ago

    This is so awesome. The way your hands and arms look in VR reminds me of how they looked in the movie, "The Lawnmower Man".

  89. Hsark

    Hsark2 years ago

    this is awesome though i like its implications in non-gaming enviroments

  90. Silver Knight

    Silver Knight2 years ago

    Watching norm testing out vr is so funny. it makes me soo happy i could watch him play for hours. Please TESTED guys'n'gurls make a Norm does VR testing Compilation with awesome sci-fi back music pplzplzplz.

  91. Rexler Brath

    Rexler Brath2 years ago

    I can't help but think all of these glove implementations are already obsolete thanks to leap motion.

  92. Rexler Brath

    Rexler Brath2 years ago

    +pexeq These glove implementations either don't have motion tracking or use acceleration only which is ripe for drift. Can't have your cake and eat it too.

  93. pexeq

    pexeq2 years ago

    Leap Motion doesn't know you are making a fist unless you let the device see you are making a fist.

  94. CorporateZombie

    CorporateZombie2 years ago

    Except perhaps for the ones with haptic feedback and "joint breaking" methods for making it feel like you are holding something.

  95. MrXelium

    MrXelium2 years ago

    Gloves would be a massive addition to the whole VR experience. I've been thinking about those ever since VR became a thing. Imagine gloves that sends micro impulses to your fingers to make you feel when you grab something... . Now imagine the same thing watching a good hentail video.

  96. padlockbeats

    padlockbeats2 years ago

    now all they need is some kind of feedback so pressure is put on to the hand when something is picked up.

  97. Hein Van Hoof

    Hein Van Hoof2 years ago

    hmmmm, I think there are Dutch, Netherlands. Hallo Buren.

  98. Rui Ning Wang

    Rui Ning Wang2 years ago

    Yes! Full body tracking! It will bring trolling in multiplayer games to the next level! Meanwhile the gloves are good enough, you can already taunt your opponents by showing them one specific finger.

  99. Danny Vo

    Danny Vo2 years ago

    Why not the Myo armband?

  100. Evan Thompson

    Evan Thompson2 years ago

    ~10:30; I think we alllll know what he's asking.

  101. DJ Programer

    DJ Programer2 years ago

    I'm all for it but what about people who have less than 10 fingers? I get it, baby steps but still.

  102. Gabriel Hosteller

    Gabriel Hosteller2 years ago

    Adjustable sliding joint sensors. The joints slide along an axis and can be locked in position based on the individuals finger section lengths. Nobody important will notice this comment, too bad.

  103. Boo Taper

    Boo Taper2 years ago

    The first things I thought when I saw people playing vr games was, "They should have gloves!"

  104. WinkingBaby

    WinkingBaby2 years ago

    There's another vr glove out there I believe. I think it's called Glove one. You guys should check it out.

  105. Z

    Z2 years ago

    I'm in favor of using gloves for haptic feedback, but I think IR like Kinect or Leap Motion are more practical devices for finger and hand tracking.

  106. pexeq

    pexeq2 years ago

    Wouldn't work, occlusion problems. Also Leap only works if it sees your hands.

  107. Adam Bolton

    Adam Bolton2 years ago

    Well THIS is all pretty obsolete, considering what Leap Motion is already doing without gloves!

  108. Thunder Draws

    Thunder Draws2 years ago

    yeah, it depends on the use case if you can use a leap or not ...

  109. Michael Staudinger, MSc

    Michael Staudinger, MSc2 years ago

    +Adam Bolton Because it is not working that way. Imagine you have Leap on your HMD and you play bowling. You wont look at your hand when it swings, you will look at your goal so there is no information about your movement because your hands are not in sight. You may not see them, so you don't care for the visuals out of the range, but they should work when you don't see them as well.

  110. Adam Bolton

    Adam Bolton2 years ago

    +Michael Staudinger But that space is entirely mitigated when the Leap Motion sensor is places directly onto the VR headset. Really, when do you ever see your hands? When you directly look at them, or when they move into your field of view. In VR, you're not going to be constantly holding out your hands like a zombie. With these gloves, you're having to strap the Vive controllers onto the back of your hands, which is a roundabout way of doing things when object-free hand simulation already exists.

  111. Michael Staudinger, MSc

    Michael Staudinger, MSc2 years ago

    But leap needs your hand to be inside of the (sadly) pretty small area compared to the space VR is using

  112. Nuk Nyx

    Nuk Nyx2 years ago

    What game is used in this demonstrtion?

  113. Mopic3d

    Mopic3d2 years ago

    I've been playing with Vive in Unity and trying different options for hand visualization and I can tell you that even different finger size is something your brain perceives immediately as incorrect. So far I think it's better to have a more abstract shape than to have an imperfect representation of a hand.

  114. MsSomeonenew

    MsSomeonenew2 years ago

    Cool idea, but it looks like on of those horrid Kinect demos where the system doesn't have an actual clue what it is that you are doing so you need to keep repeating the same crap until something random happens.

  115. Anti Kaan Agency

    Anti Kaan Agency2 years ago

    If anything that would be similar to Leap Motion, but as these are gloves the gloves know exactly what the fingers are doing.

  116. silverstone78

    silverstone782 years ago

    please make a dog collar

  117. Ryan Leach

    Ryan Leach2 years ago

    my hand is broken......

  118. Werdrath

    Werdrath2 years ago

    LOL in demonstration with the Piano. Someone needs to pay attention to IV and VI a little more in school. LOL.

  119. Marcel wol

    Marcel wol2 years ago

    is he dutch??

  120. Jakob D

    Jakob D2 years ago

    Sorry for the politically incorrect question, but how tall is Norman Chan?

  121. kevinszhere1

    kevinszhere12 years ago

    You politically incorrect fool, how dare you ask such a question

  122. Atropos148

    Atropos1482 years ago

    how is that political? unless you make it political you asian-hater :D

  123. MarCuseusFX

    MarCuseusFX2 years ago

    Tiny :P

  124. Wes Swingley

    Wes Swingley2 years ago

    I met him and he was not much shorter than me... I would say 5'9" or so...?

  125. HeWhoChills

    HeWhoChills2 years ago

    This is a cool project, but I wish they would work on a real life version of the NerveGear. Not only would it eliminate the need for extra space for physical movement, but it would also eliminate the need to create clunky and unneeded hardware. One day... sigh

  126. L0rd Log1c

    L0rd Log1c2 years ago

    Have been following these guys for a while. I was really disappointed when the first consumer wave of VR came with controllers. The Vive controllers are really cool, but the XBone controller you get with the Rift is just a joke. But no matter how cool the controller is, VR wont really be VR to me if I can't use my hands like I do in RR. I really hope these guys gain the attention from all VR devs, I don't know of a game that wont improve from having accurate hand tracking. Now they need a way to add force feedback, no full haptic feedback just the feeling of resistance when holding/pushing/pulling something.