Halo Infinite - E3 2018 - Announcement Trailer


  1. Eduardo Wayne

    Eduardo Wayne4 hours ago

    Anyone is ready for Xbox E3 2019?

  2. RedJive_Industries

    RedJive_Industries4 hours ago

    I coincidentally finished an essay about the possibilities of genetic engineering using the SPARTAN-II program as an example about two weeks before I first saw this trailer.

  3. stanley631 H

    stanley631 H5 hours ago

    117 k of likes B)

  4. Noah Orton

    Noah Orton6 hours ago

    Bro the video is at 117k likes no way! I must be the chosen one

  5. xfurionx CG

    xfurionx CG7 hours ago

    Esos si son gráficos no como la basura de fortnite

  6. Bananagram101

    Bananagram1017 hours ago

    Halo’s back.

  7. Saucyboybeto _

    Saucyboybeto _8 hours ago

    This will be the one that 343 can redeem themselves with

  8. Yeet Pete

    Yeet Pete8 hours ago


  9. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah9 hours ago

    Fans: What are you doing? Developers: finishing this fight Fans : What fight? Developers: nevermind

  10. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah9 hours ago

    In halo 4 theres a halo ring but you don’t actually go on that ring so I’m assuming this ring is the same ring as the one from halo 4

  11. Terra Crincoli

    Terra Crincoli9 hours ago

    Now this is Halo. It doesn’t just focus on the “what they’re doing” of the story. It weaves the “where they are” *with* the *what*.

  12. Taco man

    Taco man9 hours ago

    Someone catch me up on the halo timeline I've seen like 1 good video explaining but I'm still confused, what are these halos for?

  13. Blake Christiansen

    Blake Christiansen8 hours ago

    They were created as a plan b to destroy the flood. Basically a long time ago the flood was taking over so it was decided that the last way to destroy the flood was to Get them all into the halos, and then blow the halos up. But the halos are also super destructive so in the process the halos would destroy a very large part of the universe. So the halos are basically massive bombs. I hope that answers your question and that I’m right, lol

  14. Average Plank

    Average Plank11 hours ago

    Nice to see the 117 likes

  15. Ares Rahl

    Ares Rahl12 hours ago

    1:30 when your childhood come back

  16. Mordified

    Mordified12 hours ago

    Halo pc plz

  17. TheDarkd3ath

    TheDarkd3ath15 hours ago

    Trash game

  18. Raphi TV

    Raphi TV16 hours ago

    What fsk

  19. Adrian CERVANTES

    Adrian CERVANTES17 hours ago


  20. Daddy Thanos

    Daddy Thanos17 hours ago

    Perfectly balanced, as all trailers should be

  21. Darq Shark

    Darq Shark18 hours ago

    117k likes. *Chief Intensifies*

  22. The Courier

    The Courier20 hours ago

    117 thousand likes, perfection :).

  23. Devan Funderburk

    Devan Funderburk21 hour ago

    Is it just me or does the music sound off?

  24. Absolboy 145

    Absolboy 14523 hours ago

    Guy. (I know that this might not be true) but what if that last part where Master chief putting Cortana in his helmet is a tease of halo 3 Remastered? Like that scene near the end of halo 3. What if its that?!?!

  25. Gallí

    Gallí23 hours ago

    Pls only Master chef no spartan pls

  26. DeftestHawk

    DeftestHawk23 hours ago

    *Tries to wait Patiently for E3* 💥 I NEED IT! 💥

  27. Sir Potato15

    Sir Potato15Day ago

    1 month till e3 I'm about to explode with excitement

  28. angel ribera juares

    angel ribera juaresDay ago

    343 pls we need more of this almost a year now

  29. James Reddington

    James ReddingtonDay ago

    It’s called halo infinite because their battle royale maps are infinite in size

  30. ITsIKEE

    ITsIKEEDay ago

    We need u come to us now!not 2020

  31. Brandon Scott

    Brandon ScottDay ago

    COD: Exists Halo: "Im about to ruin this mans whole career."

  32. Brandon Scott

    Brandon ScottDay ago

    A year later and i still get chills when i hear that one single note drop

  33. Nova_Legend _

    Nova_Legend _Day ago

    117K likes by the way boys

  34. redbaron297

    redbaron297Day ago

    Ready your wallets boys because microtransactions will find their way in.

  35. redbaron297

    redbaron297Day ago

    +MYTHICALTWINKIE truly? Map packs I can handle but anything else like hiding iconic weapons and vehicles behind a pay wall is not something I'd be happy about. Remember, it would not be the first time a publisher renegades on their promise.



    Thry already confirmed no pay to win loot boxes or loot boxes in general. So its either you get map packs or micros which poison ya want?

  37. age restricted

    age restrictedDay ago

    117k likes lmao

  38. Tom Edwards

    Tom EdwardsDay ago

    Rise up gamers. Our time has come.

  39. Yenox's Animations

    Yenox's Animations2 days ago

    halo 1 crook halo infinite boss

  40. Slump Gahd

    Slump Gahd2 days ago

    I don't even have an Xbox, yet I'm still excited for this

  41. Erwin Schrödinger

    Erwin Schrödinger2 days ago

    This video now has 117k likes. That's pictures the return of the Master Chief

  42. KlaudiusL

    KlaudiusL2 days ago

    This is the trailer of: *Halo - Master Chief Colection 2019*

  43. DonTamalito10

    DonTamalito102 days ago

    Explote exitado cuando sale master chief

  44. FlippinCookie

    FlippinCookie2 days ago

    He protec He attac But most importantly He give covenant their bomb bac

  45. Dark Spartan

    Dark Spartan2 days ago


  46. fishwish pishpish

    fishwish pishpish2 days ago


  47. Ice

    Ice2 days ago


  48. Ron beran

    Ron beran2 days ago


  49. Daddy Thanos

    Daddy Thanos2 days ago

    Perfectly balanced, as all trailers should be

  50. Modernoh

    Modernoh2 days ago

    117K Likes, how iconic can this get?

  51. Armaan SANDHU

    Armaan SANDHU3 days ago

    Halo Master race

  52. Lost gamer YT 2123212

    Lost gamer YT 21232123 days ago

    Us halo fans: Ohhh a new game...ITS A COD GAME THAT COPIES HALO AINT IT..IT CANT...OH MY FRICKING LORD IT IS *faints* me *wets self*

  53. Not giving a fuck

    Not giving a fuck3 days ago

    Looks like a battle royale

  54. Viri Mejia

    Viri Mejia3 days ago

    I hope that the missions are like the first two halos like 18 missions. Instead of like 7

  55. Japan Genki

    Japan Genki3 days ago


  56. Stephen Moran

    Stephen Moran3 days ago

    117 likes XD

  57. Lithios King

    Lithios King3 days ago


  58. Lightning McQueen

    Lightning McQueen3 days ago

    BOTH HALO AND GEARS OF WAR COMING OUT?! Oh yeah i can't wait any longer I cannot control myself I am super hype

  59. CrustyPitza

    CrustyPitza3 days ago

    They better have a troop warthog

  60. Agent Michigan

    Agent Michigan3 days ago


  61. s0mankts0160 bill

    s0mankts0160 bill3 days ago


  62. Dogewicho

    Dogewicho3 days ago


  63. Sunbeam

    Sunbeam4 days ago

    0:52 Yeah thats deffenetly Halo.

  64. Sunbeam

    Sunbeam4 days ago

    1:31 is when master chiefs entire helmet was visible

  65. Julian Shipp J.R.

    Julian Shipp J.R.4 days ago

    This game is gonna be glorious can't wait when it comes out

  66. TheMachine 6323

    TheMachine 63232 days ago

    I hope so but I doubt it

  67. Jonathan Schmid

    Jonathan Schmid4 days ago

    Im so hyped i love halo

  68. Mohammed Ahmed

    Mohammed Ahmed4 days ago

    If its open world then this will compete with botw and horizon zero dawn


    MRPIRATEFOX4 days ago

    What Halo used to be

  70. JES_US77

    JES_US774 days ago

    Excited to see Halo in E3

  71. Gunnar Schmoe

    Gunnar Schmoe4 days ago

    Just waiting for the E3 event. They better show some Infinite.

  72. yahel092100

    yahel0921003 days ago

    It has been confirmed that infinite will make an appearance at the show, they didn't say gameplay or trailer , but it will appear some way or another.

  73. Gunnar Schmoe

    Gunnar Schmoe4 days ago

    Just waiting for it to hit 6 million views

  74. Leo Enduro

    Leo Enduro5 days ago

    5 years later after 343 chose Locke for Halo 5 Master Chief: “You could not live with your own failure and where did that bring you? .....Back to me”

  75. Game Time

    Game Time5 days ago

    Literally unplayable

  76. TheCrazeturk

    TheCrazeturk3 days ago

    Badum tsss.

  77. NASTAR01

    NASTAR014 days ago

    +Calvin Coates Because it's unplayable

  78. Calvin Coates

    Calvin Coates5 days ago

    No one's played it yet

  79. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper5 days ago

    To me this feels like a shitty art style that they got from halo 1 LIKE JUST LOOK AT THE LOOK FOR MASTER CHIEF ON HALO 5 AND LOOK AT HIM IN THIS , THIS IS BULLSHIT

  80. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper3 days ago

    3 thing I am a old fan , I am not a troll, and I see where your comeing from

  81. TheCrazeturk

    TheCrazeturk3 days ago

    Troll attempt: Unsuccessful

  82. Marcianito pro

    Marcianito pro4 days ago

    Welll that is what us old fans want

  83. Raccoon Toes

    Raccoon Toes5 days ago

    Yeah it’s a mix of the previous artsyles but you gotta admit it’s much better then the 4,5 stuff. At least they’re trying to reconnect with the classic fans, so don’t complain

  84. Gavin Buenavista

    Gavin Buenavista5 days ago

    1:36 this part was just a little cheesy im sorry the piano was awkward

  85. Gavin Buenavista

    Gavin Buenavista4 days ago

    +Calvin Coates It's forgivable though and still a lit trailer. Im hyped. Been with halo since day one

  86. Gavin Buenavista

    Gavin Buenavista4 days ago

    +Calvin Coates I am a halo fan and i couldn't wait to see this. But im not gonna ignore how off-key the piano was

  87. Calvin Coates

    Calvin Coates5 days ago

    If you think it's cheesy then you don't understand how great that moment is for Halo fans.

  88. Agon Behrami

    Agon Behrami5 days ago

    Im not sure why but i feel like this game will have the longest and best story of all halos. Lets pray im right.

  89. J3W

    J3W5 days ago

    Agon Behrami Yeah same. I hope it will be better atleast halo odst (my favorite halo game)

  90. カンナクリスティン

    カンナクリスティン5 days ago

    Dont add sprint anymore please.

  91. Raccoon Toes

    Raccoon Toes5 days ago

    カンナクリスティン yeah I agree that sprinting definitely doesn’t belong in halo. but considering how big the environments look in this trailer, I don’t think it’s a big deal

  92. ElixirGang

    ElixirGang5 days ago

    Looks like we got Cortana back??

  93. Calvin Coates

    Calvin Coates5 days ago

    Negative, it's not her

  94. Jimi

    Jimi5 days ago

    Im gonny cry

  95. リュウ・レッドマウント

    リュウ・レッドマウント6 days ago

    Halo is back to reborn.

  96. Modernoh

    Modernoh6 days ago

    This has to be the most _I C O N I C_ teaser I’ve *ever* seen in my life.

  97. El Guerrero Definitivo

    El Guerrero Definitivo6 days ago

    Estaremos al pendiente en el E3 por si muestran un nuevo trailer del juego.


    MONA N WHITTEY86 days ago

    I hope the flood will be this

  99. Captain Kilroy

    Captain Kilroy6 days ago

    This games gonna be lit. Thumbs up to all who agree. Ps. Don't judge me by my profile picture you hypocrites.

  100. Austin Moreland

    Austin Moreland6 days ago

    My life has been completed

  101. Goobert Froobert

    Goobert Froobert6 days ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-Fmdb-KmlzD8.html Is that growling?...



    Its me eating a cookie damnit

  103. Effected Pringle

    Effected Pringle6 days ago

    E3 2019 hype!!

  104. Z

    Z6 days ago

    343: Master Chief, mind telling me what you're doing in that Warthog? Chief: Sir, 1:31

  105. Ompharus

    Ompharus6 days ago

    Hey yo Halo MCC is going on PC and so is infinite I'm beyond pissing pants excited

  106. roB9099

    roB90996 days ago

    Halo 3 told me to believe. Full faith in 343 to hit home with this one.

  107. Rory Mauch

    Rory Mauch6 days ago

    Who else is hyped for infinite 1like = hype for infinite

  108. Phoenix 7

    Phoenix 77 days ago

    I hope there will have a split screen

  109. NASTAR01

    NASTAR016 days ago

    +Phoenix 7 Correct

  110. Phoenix 7

    Phoenix 76 days ago

    And will it be available on pc?

  111. NASTAR01

    NASTAR016 days ago

    Already confirmed

  112. Nuraku Inuyasha

    Nuraku Inuyasha7 days ago

    Imade peepee juice at 1:30

  113. Ben Danklen

    Ben Danklen7 days ago

    With the release of Halo reach remastered and MCC coming to Pc, halo is gaining relevancy fast. Mark my words, this is the dawn of a new halo era.

  114. Raccoon Toes

    Raccoon Toes5 days ago

    Ben Danklen we shall hope

  115. scabash

    scabash7 days ago

    Anyone still watching in May?

  116. Regular Slasher

    Regular Slasher4 days ago


  117. NASTAR01

    NASTAR016 days ago

    Err day 'till E3

  118. JoshuaCoolShoes

    JoshuaCoolShoes8 days ago

    They did no justice to my mans thighs

  119. Anthony Andrews

    Anthony Andrews8 days ago

    Just a little less than one month ...

  120. Modernoh

    Modernoh8 days ago

    It’s nice to see Chief wearing that _I C O N I C_ armour again.

  121. S&M Gaming

    S&M Gaming8 days ago

    If the trailer alone is better than Halo 5, I think its worth my money

  122. Hudson Goff

    Hudson Goff8 days ago

    This game is most likely gonna be one of the biggest games of all time because apparently they are making it with a 500 million dollar budget, just hearing that got me excited, it better not be a letdown

  123. Michael Bailey

    Michael Bailey8 days ago

    Halo 3 anniversary is coming out soon Halo Reach remastered coming out soon MCC is gonna have invasion on its multiplayer and Infection Armor customization is coming back Halo Infinite is coming out and has a 500 million dollar budget and is taking place on an installation Good times are ahead.

  124. Calvin Coates

    Calvin Coates5 days ago

    Bruh H3:A isn't happening

  125. Michael Bailey

    Michael Bailey7 days ago

    Diego Monroy dude fr I’m really hyped about Reach remastered.

  126. Diego Monroy

    Diego Monroy7 days ago

    +Michael Bailey Absolutely, it´s gonna be gorgeus

  127. Michael Bailey

    Michael Bailey7 days ago

    Diego Monroy hey, at least we can enjoy the other things.

  128. Diego Monroy

    Diego Monroy7 days ago

    Michael Bailey Halo 3A is not happening

  129. Michael Bailey

    Michael Bailey8 days ago

    When Call Of Duty fell and Fortnite rose and PS4 conquered Times were desperate. Until finally, a hero arrived.

  130. Keylan Jenkins

    Keylan Jenkins5 days ago

    +Austyn Mayes hopefully this will solve the game drought

  131. Austyn Mayes

    Austyn Mayes5 days ago

    Keylan Jenkins master chief is the king of fps

  132. Keylan Jenkins

    Keylan Jenkins7 days ago

    This is auctualy so true

  133. ThePurpleGBC

    ThePurpleGBC8 days ago

    1:30 what an iconic image