Halo Infinite - E3 2018 - Announcement Trailer


  1. Arctic Champion

    Arctic ChampionHour ago


  2. Slit

    Slit2 hours ago

    Doom eternal looks way better

  3. Allen

    Allen2 hours ago

    Why not for PS4...

  4. StaticShock 117

    StaticShock 1172 hours ago

    I'm so glad this won't jump onto the bandwagon of shitty Battle Royale Game Modes. As 343 once said in a stream, the only BR in Halo is Battle Rifle.

  5. Kro

    Kro3 hours ago

    So the new halo takes place in Skyrim? Cool

  6. PhoneGamer 935

    PhoneGamer 9358 hours ago

    Im low key triggered cuz i don't have a Xbox

  7. Logan Williamson

    Logan Williamson8 hours ago

    My prediction is that this will be a non linear, open world version of Halo Combat Evolved. Either within the Halo timeline or in an alternate timeline.

  8. TheOldOne

    TheOldOne9 hours ago

    You can call it Halo 6 boys

  9. alexander maldonado

    alexander maldonado9 hours ago

    Cuando viene a latino america?

  10. Suga Wolf

    Suga Wolf10 hours ago

    You guys should send the Orion Project to Trump. Halo IRL has started and we need to defend ourselves from the covenant

  11. Feintyyy

    Feintyyy11 hours ago

    please no sprint

  12. Kevin Ramadhan

    Kevin Ramadhan12 hours ago

    the graphic are so high res that i didnt even realize i watched this on 720p

  13. PaulIsAHybrid

    PaulIsAHybrid13 hours ago

    You guys think thats the same halo ring from the Halo 5 Legendary ending that Cortana turned on? And those marines are also stranded there with Chief?


    VAMBRIC13 hours ago

    is it true its coming to windows 10? prove?

  15. Tyler Milliken

    Tyler Milliken14 hours ago

    gonna suck cause you know its 343

  16. God bless the enclave

    God bless the enclave16 hours ago

    I love halo it's one of my favorite games and it was the first shooter game I ever played

  17. XxreaperxX

    XxreaperxX21 hour ago

    If u think halo is better than cod like this comment

  18. Iki Ophis

    Iki Ophis22 hours ago

    okey si tiene infinite significa que alguien importante va a morir :,v

  19. Ryan Ginsburg

    Ryan GinsburgDay ago

    Martin o donnell music

  20. Ryan Ginsburg

    Ryan GinsburgDay ago

    Let's hope for classic/playable elites

  21. Froggsroxx

    FroggsroxxDay ago

    I've so missed the original art style. 😭👌

  22. Manmana

    ManmanaDay ago

    finely, a halo game for pc!!!!!!!

  23. PaladinErik

    PaladinErikDay ago

    Halo 1998 open world rph shooter?

  24. RolbloxGaming 4K

    RolbloxGaming 4KDay ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, *We got em*


    NOODSHOOTDay ago

    Games play best on Xbox One

  26. Tipowisky

    TipowiskyDay ago

    1:30 arrepiou !!! Estava vendo ao vivo a conferencia

  27. Breadmerc

    BreadmercDay ago

    I'm all in and as long as they don't make the same mistakes they made with guardians. Mistake 1 was killing local multiplayer. Mistake 2 was having a sort of Hub area between a lot of the missions were you had to run around and hit buttons or talk to Halsey. Once or twice isn't bad but it happened too often in my opinion. The old games had one or two of these in it, normally at the beginning. But one of the things I liked about Halo was that it was either a really decent cutscene or you were playing the game and it was very engaging. Going to a waving Halsey on a hub between fun missions was just kind of blah, we got a short cut scene and a stop in gameplay that didn't make sense. If you didn't have the budget to make a further cutscene you could have always just jump to the next scene with some audio like you used to on the other games.


    xXEDGY GAMINGXxDay ago

    HOLY SHIT IT LOOKS LIKE A HALO GAME!!1!1!!!1 also it's nice to see good feedback on the trailer ( even tho I have nothing to do with Microsoft/343

  29. Jazz Gonzaga

    Jazz GonzagaDay ago

    Halo 6

  30. Danny Cardona

    Danny CardonaDay ago


  31. anthonyskater er

    anthonyskater erDay ago

    This better be good

  32. Caleb Lepistö

    Caleb LepistöDay ago

    Man looking forward to it. I’m gonna buy an Xbox just to ply it..

  33. Kevin Fuentes

    Kevin FuentesDay ago

    Cant wait always been a fan of halo

  34. Junior Jaudas

    Junior JaudasDay ago

    It's somewhat poetic 343 used "One Last Effort" as the theme song. It's like "one last effort to fix the mess we did."

  35. WereWo1f Gaming

    WereWo1f GamingDay ago

    Original art style and soundtrack, woah.... what trick do you have up your sleeve 343?

  36. Typical Gamer55

    Typical Gamer55Day ago

    Make a battle royal or halo will die



    Typical Gamer55 br is already stale lol

  38. Daniel Dillard

    Daniel Dillard2 days ago

    Here comes another 343 trash game. What happened to bungie?

  39. Daniel Dillard

    Daniel Dillard22 hours ago

    TheBupMasterToad64 343 change the control's in halo 5. Now it looks like call of duty

  40. TheBupMasterToad64

    TheBupMasterToad642 days ago

    Come on bro have some hope.

  41. B1gBoss100

    B1gBoss1002 days ago

    Can already envision Arbiter's line when he see's MC in his original armor..."There's the Demon I remember!"

  42. Steel3423

    Steel34232 days ago


  43. Sumeet Illuminate

    Sumeet IlluminateDay ago

    Lol cod has make game every year to try to be relevant...

  44. Steel3423

    Steel3423Day ago

    วคx halo too

  45. วคx

    วคxDay ago

    Steel3423 COD isn't even relevant anymore.

  46. Alex Sanchez

    Alex Sanchez2 days ago

    Can’t wait for this and for Fortnite to be dead

  47. วคx

    วคxDay ago

    Alex Sanchez k

  48. The Winged Hussars

    The Winged Hussars2 days ago

    Also don't you dare false advertise this.

  49. The Winged Hussars

    The Winged Hussars2 days ago

    Please don't mess up again.

  50. Red Tony

    Red Tony2 days ago

    im still wondering why chief has the Halo CE leggings.... hmmm

  51. Cloudy Blaze

    Cloudy Blaze2 days ago

    343 going back to roots of Halo. =) (I hope. Looks that way.)

  52. Alec Bailey

    Alec Bailey2 days ago

    It looks beautiful

  53. Marcos Felipe

    Marcos Felipe2 days ago

    Meuuuuuuu deussss só vem halo infite ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  54. Michael Maniscalco

    Michael Maniscalco2 days ago

    Hey PS4 players, you might get spider man, but we get something 20x better ;)

  55. Sumeet Illuminate

    Sumeet IlluminateDay ago

    Not 20 times but infinite times

  56. Harbinger

    Harbinger2 days ago

    All it needs is a PC release as well and I will be Infinitely happy.

  57. Harbinger

    Harbinger9 hours ago

    MYTHICALTWINKIE I just realized this and I'm super excited !



    Harbinger it is on Pc

  59. Kira Flexington

    Kira Flexington2 days ago


  60. oO0Aegis0Oo O

    oO0Aegis0Oo O2 days ago

    Getting a somewhat... destiny vibe. I like it.

  61. wafflecougar

    wafflecougar2 days ago

    for a second i thought it was reach years after the glassing

  62. Chris Graves

    Chris Graves2 days ago

    I grew up on Reach, and 4, and playing 5 when that came out. I played a little bit of 2 when I was very young, like 5 or 6 and I don't remember it. But just recently, I played 1, 2, and 3, and honestly, it makes me so disappointed in 4 and 5. They don't feel like Halo. I appreciate these older games so much now and I love them, it's just such a shame that 343 really screwed up. Those 2 games, 4 and 5, don't give me the same feeling the first 3 did. It just doesn't work. I used to not mind them, but when I finally played those 3 and being older, able to understand what was going on, I love the first 3 and see now how bad 343 is compared to Bungie. God damnit why is 343 making these games anyway? Please let Halo Infinite be good, the armor looks great and not ridiculous, so that's good so far. I just want to get the same feeling from Infinite as the first 3.

  63. Peta

    Peta2 days ago

    this exclusive will really get xbox one and one x sales up

  64. Mister Choef

    Mister Choef2 days ago

    Windows exclusive noooo!!!

  65. วคx

    วคxDay ago

    Mister Choef no...

  66. Jx son

    Jx son2 days ago

    343 needs to put this game back on track. Halo is my favorite first person shooter of all time...

  67. Monty Orozco

    Monty Orozco2 days ago

    Please add more missions for chief plz

  68. IttiOnYouTube

    IttiOnYouTube2 days ago

    Planet Zebas from metroid in halo infinite? I would buy an xbox just for that

  69. Tangy Tangaroo

    Tangy Tangaroo3 days ago

    The art style kinda makes it look like a surcival game.

  70. Luis Grajeda

    Luis Grajeda3 days ago

    l love halo

  71. Crock Dile

    Crock Dile3 days ago

    Master Chiefs feet are finally back on the ground. ohhh raahh!

  72. Abdulmalik S7S

    Abdulmalik S7S3 days ago

    The mightiest game is back

  73. jean-sebastien chaumont

    jean-sebastien chaumont3 days ago

    worst cinematic i ever seen in my life...... Diablo 2 in 2001 did realy better .....

  74. Ramon Jimenez

    Ramon Jimenez3 days ago

    But it's a girl chief with those skinny legs

  75. TheEPICpr0z Gaming

    TheEPICpr0z Gaming3 days ago

    watch in 4K SWEEEEETTT JESUS~

  76. Hayden Harrison

    Hayden Harrison3 days ago

    i really really hope that this is more to show off their new engine, and not a drastic change in their current style and setting, that would just throw the series way off course.

  77. Hayden Harrison

    Hayden Harrison2 days ago

    The old armor looked uncomfortable and unpractical, same with a lot of the assets and bits from the older games. And why go back? The old style looks so bad compared to 4 and 5.



    Hayden Harrison halo4 did that. Why cant Infinite

  79. rmcguinn94

    rmcguinn943 days ago

    I'm not big on Halo or Cod these days. But why does Halo get a pass for being relatively repetitive with each new installation and COD doesn't? Granted, COD deserved the criticism. But imo so should halo. Unless they can bring back the magic from the Halo 1/2/3 days it's a definite pass from me.

  80. Connor Clark

    Connor Clark2 days ago

    lol COD is an annual release...Halo 5 came out in 2015, and we have not had a FPS Halo since.



    rmcguinn94 because Halo isnt released every year and each installment atleast trys to do something innovative for the series

  82. YouTube explorer

    YouTube explorer3 days ago

    I would have liked the enhanced movement in Halo 5 to be as it is with a few inceptions including a couple abilities and the rocket boost animations. The rocket boost animation could be done just through the player, the spartan. Pretty sure they could quickly lunge side to side in different directions without the rockets.


    MAXZEALZ3 days ago

    Get back to me when they make a trailer as good as the Deliver Hope or Keep it Clean trailers.

  84. Han Park

    Han Park3 days ago

    old man chief is like THOSE GODDAMN KIDS ON MY PLANET AGAIN

  85. DarkSpire14

    DarkSpire143 days ago


  86. Don Francois Holiday

    Don Francois Holiday3 days ago

    whill there be new mega bloks halo sets to

  87. Noah Cobo

    Noah Cobo3 days ago

    They should make it so that noble 6 survived the last mission of reach and meets chief

  88. InstallationMan1171

    InstallationMan11713 days ago

    Needs to be Rated M and scary as Halo 1 was!

  89. perran baxter

    perran baxter4 days ago

    If I die the day this comes out I will throw a fit in my coffin

  90. A Chicken Wing

    A Chicken Wing4 days ago


  91. Random Guy

    Random Guy4 days ago

    Thank you Jesus

  92. Bromex TCD

    Bromex TCD4 days ago

    is this coming to PC ?

  93. Herogameplayz

    Herogameplayz4 days ago

    Bromex TCD yup



    Bromex TCD np, enjoy Halo :)

  95. Bromex TCD

    Bromex TCD4 days ago

    Hell yeah!! Thanks for the answer



    Bromex TCD yes

  97. ツKGx

    ツKGx4 days ago


  98. Kyle Sloderbeck

    Kyle Sloderbeck4 days ago

    I'll probably play this for a few weeks.. If it works on its release date that is.

  99. Connor Clark

    Connor Clark2 days ago

    few weeks? not into multiplayer?

  100. Cooper Onion

    Cooper Onion4 days ago


  101. LØGIK

    LØGIK4 days ago

    I can die a happy man

  102. heart jolly

    heart jolly4 days ago

    Remember what the librarian told to Master Chief in halo 4? "You are the culmination of thousand lifetimes of planning". So Chief is a descendant of the Iso-didact; whose full name is Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting. Now take the every first letters of his name ---> B-M-E-L. Read it from right to left, the result is L-E-M-B that becomes LAMB (like the Bible). So if Master Chief wants to save the Galaxy and even the Universe(?) He must sacrifice himself.

  103. Herogameplayz

    Herogameplayz4 days ago

    heart jolly crazy theory but maybe?

  104. Christopher O'Brien

    Christopher O'Brien4 days ago

    Halo 5’s campaign sucks, so let’s just hope that this game is going to fix that.

  105. Mi ke

    Mi ke4 days ago

    So it looks like they are ending the series from where it began.

  106. Connor Clark

    Connor Clark2 days ago

    No one said anything about Halo ending.

  107. Jeremy Thompson

    Jeremy Thompson5 days ago

    I hope it's better than 5.

  108. TheChosenOne

    TheChosenOne5 days ago


  109. Exile

    Exile5 days ago

    this is what Halo should have looked like after Halo 3.

  110. Ryann FFA

    Ryann FFA5 days ago

    1:30 “holy shit”

  111. Ryann FFA

    Ryann FFA5 days ago

    It will never be like the good old days but it’ll do :)

  112. Ricardo Tobias

    Ricardo Tobias5 days ago

    I’m worried of the space of this game, if halo 5 is 100 gb and this will be an open world just imagine, like 200 gb!

  113. perran baxter

    perran baxter4 days ago

    I have the worst Internet ever like 1_3 mbps so it would take Ages

  114. Herogameplayz

    Herogameplayz4 days ago

    Ricardo Tobias same

  115. Ricardo Tobias

    Ricardo Tobias4 days ago

    Herogameplayz i know i recently bought a memory of 2 tb for my xbox one

  116. Herogameplayz

    Herogameplayz4 days ago

    Ricardo Tobias but it'll all be worth it 6 hours

  117. KajitMen

    KajitMen5 days ago

    Halo forever!!

  118. Ssjred and rose Ssj gamer

    Ssjred and rose Ssj gamer5 days ago

    Classic art style is here again 😊😊

  119. Ssjred and rose Ssj gamer

    Ssjred and rose Ssj gamer5 days ago

    Halo 6 can destroy all first shooter games . Wonder when will they release it. 😞

  120. Connor Clark

    Connor Clark2 days ago

    late 2019 or early 2020 is my guess.

  121. TheDennys21

    TheDennys215 days ago

    1:30 holy shit it's Doomguy!

  122. Star Blocks

    Star Blocks5 days ago

    thanks halo the wait will be worth

  123. Legend405 clan

    Legend405 clan5 days ago

    When Sony tries to make a game that tries to rival halo ... You must be silenced

  124. Legend405 clan

    Legend405 clan5 days ago

    Sony must be shitting their pants

  125. USTankslashercoal

    USTankslashercoal5 days ago

    I conducted more research to understand Halo 5 than i did in 3 years of law school. If I have to buy one more f**king book to try and understand the story, I'm throwing my xbox out the window

  126. Johnny Conway

    Johnny Conway5 days ago

    Is this game worth getting

  127. Halo Lives

    Halo Lives5 days ago

    I've watched it a bunch of times but I just can't help but smile when I see his helmet