Halo Infinite - E3 2018 - Announcement Trailer


  1. matawann gaming

    matawann gaming17 minutes ago

    Halo: Breath of the Wild

  2. Caio Ferreira

    Caio Ferreira24 minutes ago

    GOTY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚💚

  3. Mahadev Sukesh

    Mahadev Sukesh33 minutes ago

    Why does this gimme me a kind of vibes of the oblivion movie?

  4. Muscle Doggs

    Muscle DoggsHour ago

    I like fighting the Covenant better than Prometheans. Maybe the storyline to incorporate them could be about a rogue group of Elites, Grunts, and Jackals that defected after the Prophets had the Brutes overthrow the Elites and attempt to activate the last ring. I loved one-on-one encounters with Elites in the other games. Challenging without being frustrating.

  5. Rarinpeak

    Rarinpeak3 hours ago

    Is this a prequel because didn't Cortana die or does he get another hologram AI

  6. Josh Wilson

    Josh Wilson4 hours ago

    It's been said that the beginning letter of the serial number engraved onto A.I chips references the first letter of the intelligence's name i.e CTN 0452-9 (Cortana) and RLD 0205-4 (Roland). In the this trailer, we can see a serial number along with one letter (missing two) engraved on the chip the chief inserts, we are able to make out that this is the letter D. The Durandal theory is very cool but for me, seems a bit, well unsatisfying. Mendicant Bias has been a well established character since the early days of Halo, especially in 2/3, with his assistance in the Chief and Arbiter escaping The Ark and some even theorising that Mendicant Bias intentionally sent one half of the Forward Unto Dawn hurtling towards Reqium (home of Mendicant Bias' former master turned enemy, The Didact). In the Halo 3 logs we see Mendicant speak of his past mistakes, and him wanting to right his former wrongs by helping the reclaimer. Now it's safe to assume that the two parts of Mendicant Bias reunited on the Ark after his deconstruction by Offensive Bias are gone after the events of Halo 3, Bias himself even speaking of his impending death in the terminals. However Mendicant isn't completely destroyed, as there is another piece of him that resides on Zeta Halo (Installation 07), the same ring that is referenced in the Halo Infinite trailer. Do you think it would be possible that Mendicant and Chief finally meet? That perhaps Cortana has been consumed by the Logic Plague and that, with his history, Bias is more than aware of what is happening and willing to help? Perhaps he could rebirth himself as Defensive Bias, to contrast Offensive, the A.I tasked with bringing down Mendicant during his assault on the Forerunners. This would be Mendicant's chance to right his wrongs and help those that we're originally chosen as the caretakers of the universe (before the forerunners had a little hissy fit). I'm sure this theory is extremely wack and probably will never happen, but i know it isn't just me that thinks Mendicant deserves his time in series after being such a key component in the games. I'd find some random, new A.I to be, well, a little cheap. This is Cortana we're talking about, and I'm sure the remnant of Bias residing within Zeta Halo is more than enough to content with Cortana. Imagine a fully reconstructed Bias, she'd never stand a chance.

  7. JamieSan

    JamieSan5 hours ago

    CoryXKenshin have you seen this?

  8. Definitely not a spy

    Definitely not a spy6 hours ago

    If they bring back the customization style from reach and 4 and they have some co op mode like spartan ops from 4 then I’m gonna buy myself 100 copies of this game to take a bath in

  9. SameToken

    SameToken8 hours ago


  10. dadarkvador24

    dadarkvador249 hours ago

    Halo where every big boy also cries like a little baby 1:30

  11. Beat Rix

    Beat Rix9 hours ago

    Hey god please release it on Ps4. Now I can't afford a Xbox after Bought a Ps4. 😫😫

  12. Beat Rix

    Beat Rix7 hours ago

    CheckDat I know bro my bad 😢😢

  13. CheckDat

    CheckDat8 hours ago

    Beat Rix sorry it’ll always be a Xbox exclusive

  14. Dude Nerf

    Dude Nerf10 hours ago


  15. Gameplay With iObliterate

    Gameplay With iObliterate10 hours ago


  16. ŠÆM THĒ GŒÆT ช

    ŠÆM THĒ GŒÆT ช10 hours ago

    Halo died a long time ago

  17. ŠÆM THĒ GŒÆT ช

    ŠÆM THĒ GŒÆT ช6 hours ago

    MYTHICALTWINKIE yeah 2017 it’s been a year and it’s barely talked about or even played as much as it used to


    MYTHICALTWINKIE6 hours ago

    Whats your definition of dead? Halo5 the worst main series entry sold over 8 million copies and in 2017 had an average player base of 200,000 daily

  19. Stangle

    Stangle7 hours ago

    Finally i have someone to agree with!.

  20. NorCal Jay

    NorCal Jay10 hours ago

    HALO 2 superbounce and all those glitches! BEST Halo ever!! Spent waay too much time playing that game and of course SWAT on REACH.

  21. NoaH-2636

    NoaH-263611 hours ago

    Fingers crossed

  22. Sekiberius Welkesh

    Sekiberius Welkesh11 hours ago

    Why does this seem like destiny. Oh wait, cuz it's pretty much the same concept. It's going to be one of those open world, shared world shooters.

  23. Carlos Robayo-Krause

    Carlos Robayo-Krause11 hours ago

    So, just to satisfy the rabidly curious who are desperate for more info, allow me to satisfy you once and for all on just one major fact: This is and will be the third chapter of the Reclaimer Saga. Essentially, consider this HALO 6: INFINITE. I just pray to the Maker that Blue Team comes back and accompanies John-117 throughout the rest of the Reclaimer Saga until the very end. (Also, I pray that the UNSC Spirit of Fire and its crew will make their return and play a role in the Reclaimer Saga, as well.)

  24. Joel Bdz5

    Joel Bdz511 hours ago

    343 a lo mejor no tendrá pasado por el momento pero tendrá un futuro

  25. Marco Nokia

    Marco Nokia12 hours ago


  26. I'm Toffee

    I'm Toffee13 hours ago

    I’m happy to see the old art style, as well as a mix of 343’s art style. You’ve caught my interest 343, well played. The music and timing also gave me chills.

  27. Lord Tachanka

    Lord Tachanka13 hours ago

    Am I the only one who hopes for a warthog ending like halo 3?

  28. christian velasco

    christian velasco13 hours ago

    If this game flops, Halo is dead.

  29. Stangle

    Stangle10 minutes ago

    NO Just stop...

  30. Nicholas Pereiro

    Nicholas Pereiro28 minutes ago

    Stangle But maybe it can be... reborn

  31. Stangle

    Stangle7 hours ago

    Halo died when Bungie left after Halo reach...What you talking about!.

  32. krisp drips

    krisp drips13 hours ago

    Pussy ps4 fan boys cant get this action

  33. FrostyProductons FMS

    FrostyProductons FMS14 hours ago

    That's what I really wanted out of the new halo game

  34. Scott K

    Scott K14 hours ago

    1:36 what's with the mannheim steamroller music?

  35. FrostyProductons FMS

    FrostyProductons FMS14 hours ago

    I'll say this old graphics were a smart move 343 not kidding

  36. Namless Player

    Namless Player14 hours ago

    Read desc pcccccc!!!!!!!

  37. Namless Player

    Namless Player14 hours ago

    I hate when people want remakes or old types of games back then hate it like mcc this is good for the spoiled fans

  38. Égua Marinha

    Égua Marinha15 hours ago

    Aquela IA era a Cortana? Wtf 😱😱 esse jogo se passará antes dos eventos de Halo 4? Caraca que nostalgia! 343 Industries voltou a assumir a franquia Halo? É de arrepiar cara!!! Vem logo Halo Infinity, vem logo monstro, pode vir comigo monstro ah que delícia cara!!!

  39. Why Just Why

    Why Just Why16 hours ago

    The halo 5 trailer in the desert looks similar

  40. DragonstarFighter

    DragonstarFighter16 hours ago

    Please please PLEASE let halo 4 and 5 just be a terrible nightmare that Master Chief had, and he is really just waking up from Cryo-sleep

  41. Dragonhunter45

    Dragonhunter4516 hours ago

    Either we're going back to classic chief (Because the Spartan, if it is Master Chief, is in a slimmer more Combat Evolved type of armor) or this is going to be a prequel. I'm gonna say maybe an Open World game.

  42. Terrium Gameing

    Terrium Gameing17 hours ago

    Wait how long have they had a new engine because I missed halo 5

  43. Dart Familiar

    Dart Familiar18 hours ago

    1:10 its probably a UNSC sub or something...

  44. Ezra Something

    Ezra Something18 hours ago


  45. Ezra Something

    Ezra Something18 hours ago

    What i still dont understand is that the beginning of the trailer seems to take place outside of the Mombasa ruins yet the end is on halo

  46. Theoretical Physics

    Theoretical Physics18 hours ago

    _"Believe"_ -Halo 3 (2007)

  47. WOLFROG 42

    WOLFROG 4219 hours ago

    YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES, I seen that and i immediatly bought the Xbox one to play at halo infinite, I played at halo 1 2 3 reach and 4. I WILL LOVE THIS ONE

  48. Jayden Brown

    Jayden Brown19 hours ago

    Are you going to put in the new Fire team

  49. Earthling117

    Earthling11719 hours ago

    2:10 Keep your head down, there is two of us you remember. Is it Cortana at the end or a new A.I. ?

  50. Bobby Zangla

    Bobby Zangla19 hours ago

    Bad joke coming, know what people are going to call this game if it’s bad, Halo infinite warfare

  51. Cameron Felts

    Cameron Felts21 hour ago

    I just nutted

  52. zakary hiler

    zakary hiler21 hour ago

    Am I the only one thinking that place looks like reach? (I don’t know much about the lore)

  53. zakary hiler

    zakary hiler20 hours ago

    MYTHICALTWINKIE got it. But still does not it look like reach a littttttle.


    MYTHICALTWINKIE20 hours ago

    zakary hiler its a Halo ring

  55. zakary hiler

    zakary hiler20 hours ago

    MYTHICALTWINKIE totally know what that is.


    MYTHICALTWINKIE20 hours ago

    zakary hiler its installation 07

  57. Phantom117 B

    Phantom117 B21 hour ago

    those 2.6k dislike are CoD fans who realized they lost

  58. BeastAftershave

    BeastAftershave21 hour ago

    Finish the Fight 2007 >

  59. Just nino

    Just nino21 hour ago

    The Journey still continues!

  60. BLACKPINK is a gorgeous k-pop band

    BLACKPINK is a gorgeous k-pop band21 hour ago

    i expected way more dislikes. 1. graphics and animations too bad for it's time 2. can the story compensate for that? after halo5 they have to prove, before they earn any hype. reading the comments the hype comes from "it looks like halo!!!" is that really enough for these people?"


    MYTHICALTWINKIE20 hours ago

    BLACKPINK is a gorgeous k-pop band ok

  62. SooperBlyatAmazing

    SooperBlyatAmazing22 hours ago

    Where’s the space diaper? WHERE IS IT?

  63. Kool Aid Jammers

    Kool Aid Jammers22 hours ago

    Love the halo 3 armor! (I thought the helmet changed because I looked to my left first)

  64. Dravon

    Dravon22 hours ago

    Am I The I my one who sees the thing move at 0:08-0:11 Look to the left side of the screen

  65. NASTAR01

    NASTAR0122 hours ago

    Does appear that way, but it's just a trick of the light.

  66. Synergy Briz

    Synergy Briz23 hours ago

    please please let it be on pc as well

  67. NASTAR01

    NASTAR0122 hours ago

    It is on PC

  68. addison parrish

    addison parrish23 hours ago

    Halo 3 >>>>>>>>> Everything Else

  69. Jayden Brown

    Jayden Brown23 hours ago

    I have a question in Halo 3 you you team up with the Covenant in Halo 4 you're fighting the Covenant what happened when master chief was in a coma

  70. Jayden Brown

    Jayden Brown23 hours ago

    Halo in the end of Halo 5 Guardians legendary ending is the shriek is a flood

  71. Tege Franc

    Tege Franc23 hours ago

    You finally go back to the ring

  72. Zave 35

    Zave 35Day ago

    Halo: Infinity War... Atriox is Thanos

  73. abhishek kolambekar

    abhishek kolambekarDay ago

    watch e3 2002's halo trailer ...... the atmosphere and some things really resembles to this trailer .... i dont understand why they are bringing same style to this trailer...

  74. Bitchcat

    BitchcatDay ago

    The chief is back!!!Thank god they god rid of that cosplayer

  75. vatsku realyTM

    vatsku realyTMDay ago

    Am i the only one who thinks this isnt a main fögame just a spin off or if it is main game it will have battle royale mode?But god do i hope this is a halo rpg or even mmorpg

  76. Balnazzardi

    BalnazzardiDay ago

    Nope, 343 has confirmed its the next main game in the franchise aka "Halo 6" if you want to call it that....

  77. Dale Long

    Dale LongDay ago

    This looks so good. It made Xbox what it is today

  78. BlueSam034

    BlueSam034Day ago

    Because of the old design I'm guessing the Marines are from the Spirit of Fire, and I'm also guessing the Halo that they are on is the same one Professor Anders is on.

  79. Az Gaming

    Az GamingDay ago

    U want a open world halo somthing like gta 😔


    IVAN IVANOVDay ago


  81. Willem Van Riet VI

    Willem Van Riet VIDay ago

    So that's how he puts it in... (02:07)

  82. Franco Pa

    Franco PaDay ago

    I grew up with this game, this game is the reason i'm an xbox fan, please don't let us down.

  83. Sean Sargeant

    Sean SargeantDay ago

    I believe Halo Infinite will make a serious comeback it has to cause it’s one of the best video game franchises of all time and a theory that halo’s original music composer Martin O’Donnell is going to do music for halo again is icing on the cake right there


    DOOM DUDEDay ago

    Omg so happy finally 343i looks like there getting look and sound of halo I mean we barely have seen anything but so far looking amazing

  85. VladMilitia

    VladMilitiaDay ago

    mmmmm yeah ok nice graphics...something more about the game?? after the last shitty game i hope this will be better, this clip doesn't mean anything only a bunch of nice landscapes, that for today graphics it's something normal lol XD

  86. WhatILike Memes

    WhatILike MemesDay ago


  87. The Barbiter

    The BarbiterDay ago

    Someone in the comments said, "Halo=Flood", and I must say, no truer words have been spoken.

  88. Breezy Saladass

    Breezy SaladassDay ago

    Whoa there Halo, the last game to put "infinite" in its title didn't do to well

  89. PugNation Gaming

    PugNation GamingDay ago

    It would be amazing if were playing as spartan-1337

  90. Chin Klein

    Chin KleinDay ago

    Coming to windows 10! Damn that's great news guys! I bet pc elitist can find something wrong with this miracle.

  91. Calvin - Freerun

    Calvin - FreerunDay ago

    1:26 it is only now that I realise this scene is full of sentinel flying around

  92. trevor philips

    trevor philipsDay ago

    i hope they make as good as reach was and if they brring back split screen along with a good campaing i might consider to think about buying it

  93. mikeyy LoL

    mikeyy LoLDay ago

    Can't wait for 343i to make another shitty Halo game.

  94. Jamie french

    Jamie frenchDay ago

    Let’s go Haloooo

  95. Ryfic Entertainment

    Ryfic EntertainmentDay ago

    I think i peed myself

  96. Mobilized Robin6

    Mobilized Robin6Day ago

    Something Play Stations players won't get!

  97. Mobilized Robin6

    Mobilized Robin6Day ago

    Classic Music. Classic Art Style. Class Halo Marines. (Looks Like Troopers). Classic Master Chief. THE NOSTALGIA'S REAL.

  98. J Westinator

    J WestinatorDay ago

    Wut? (Insert award here for vaguest trailer ever) So let’s start with what we know. Master Chief is on a ring now (because reasons) and judging by his rather... frequent... acts of rebellion and the marines appearing to be hunting something, he is no longer in the army. He’s rogue. Also, he has a new A.I. That’s theory 1. Theory 2 is that this takes place in the past, before Cortana dies, and judging by the un-cracked helmet, this theory seems to make sense. So we’re likely looking at another step-back Halo game created solely so that the developers can put off Master Chief’s death for another game or two so that they can find a way to kill him off without having half the world being pissed at them. After that bluntly stated comment, you might think that I don’t like Halo, but I actually really do. I’ve been hungry for another Halo game, and while this doesn’t excite me as much as Just Cause 4 does, I’m still really happy about this. I just hope they don’t screw up forge mode like they did in 5...

  99. yes

    yesDay ago

    1. this takes place after halo 5, 2. whats wrong with the halo 5 forge?

  100. ProbablyAFK

    ProbablyAFKDay ago

    "Games play best on XBox One" HAHAHAH ohh silly marketing... no no no.. games play best on PC.

  101. Mobilized Robin6

    Mobilized Robin6Day ago

    Yeah. It's the way a person would like the feeling of the control and visual, each person is different. So some would prefer PC, some would prefer Console. It's the game platform though thats important

  102. ProbablyAFK

    ProbablyAFKDay ago

    Comparing a console to PC is like comparing a laptop to a desktop. The most simple way to put it is, more electricity = more computing power but also More electricity = more heat (from resistance) = less computing. what can dissipate more heat? Very abstract statement. Console GPUs will always be older. PC's will always have higher resolution, FPS and option of keyboard or any console controller of choice. At the of the day, this is youtube comments and you can think whatever you want

  103. Mobilized Robin6

    Mobilized Robin6Day ago

    Well, not all games play best on PC, or either Console. I understand the "Games Play Best On Xbox One" maybe it's the games they are revealing

  104. ProbablyAFK

    ProbablyAFKDay ago

    how so?

  105. Mobilized Robin6

    Mobilized Robin6Day ago

    Just depends on the franchise

  106. Rabbitz

    RabbitzDay ago

    1:32-1:47 its one of the part of finish the fight I think I'm going to cry ಥ_ಥ

  107. That one guy on the internet

    That one guy on the internetDay ago

    Fellas, these other halo games wouldnt be possible if *Noble Six* never delivered that package👌😂

  108. thefloppy pancake360

    thefloppy pancake360Day ago

    I am going to be pissed if there is not couch co-op like last time.

  109. yes

    yesDay ago

    343 confirmed that all future halo games will have splitscreen

  110. Blottingpaper

    BlottingpaperDay ago

    Oh hey it's what halo was supposed to be 18 years ago.

  111. Vlogging Cat04

    Vlogging Cat04Day ago

    HALO! IS THE BEST BUT BRING BAKE The skull helmet

  112. KingpinUno

    KingpinUnoDay ago

    I honestly don't hate Halo 5, but 343 needed to do it right. Hopefully 6 will change things.

  113. Josh350

    Josh350Day ago

    Halo should have ended with Halo 3.

  114. Cyro XVX

    Cyro XVXDay ago


  115. OpTumHimSelf Halo

    OpTumHimSelf HaloDay ago

    If there is no party matching i wont be playing it period! how can you call this game a game of skill when there is no party matching. went from 1800 in hcs to plat 6 because of the ISSUE this is what is killing halo from the inside out, sorry but if there is no party matching i wont be buying it PERIOD! thanks 343i....

  116. Honestum

    HonestumDay ago

    OpTumHimSelf Halo ok

  117. OpTumHimSelf Halo

    OpTumHimSelf HaloDay ago

    it would help EVERYTHING when it comes to matchmaking and would actually give halo a little life and more players... players have already left because of this and i might also



    OpTumHimSelf Halo ok

  119. BB F Gamer

    BB F GamerDay ago

    I'm so dead I can't think anymore, this is me this game

  120. hayabusa dogg

    hayabusa doggDay ago

    Only thing left playable elites and original firefight and I am back in 2007 but in 2018



    Plz dont be like halo 5

  122. the rudest of clouds

    the rudest of cloudsDay ago

    another ring, return to the classic art style, and new engine... better get this right, 343, your taken' alot of ricks with this

  123. Silas Tipton

    Silas TiptonDay ago

    Our example of grace and glory

  124. Lego Lucas

    Lego LucasDay ago

    Wha wha awesome!

  125. Trop!cal Reaper

    Trop!cal ReaperDay ago

    Now that it what I call a Halo preview guys I’m so excited it’s going to be so good I can’t wait

  126. Platinum Shorr

    Platinum ShorrDay ago

    very halo 3ish

  127. BasenightX 146

    BasenightX 146Day ago

    Please let us have abilities again!

  128. Stangle

    Stangle7 hours ago