Halo Infinite - E3 2018 - Announcement Trailer


  1. born to be gamer

    born to be gamerHour ago

    trash would have fool me with the live service garbage

  2. jon schaefer

    jon schaefer4 hours ago

    this will definitely be a day one game for xbox 2 release

  3. jon schaefer

    jon schaefer4 hours ago

    too bad we will have to wait till the next console generation(2020) until this releases. The next elderscrolls will probably be 2021. At least we get cyberpunk and borderlands 3 in late 2019

  4. Leo Koutakis

    Leo Koutakis8 hours ago

    omg yes!!! my childhood exploded !!!

  5. Jesse Davis

    Jesse Davis14 hours ago

    The ending clip tells me we get Cortana back...... I mean John is not gonna put any other AI in this suit.

  6. CanineerTV

    CanineerTV15 hours ago

    Halo infinite is coming out on December 28 2018

  7. Cool Person

    Cool Person10 hours ago

    +CanineerTV Bye, wife! Bye, friends and family!Goodbye, job! HELLO MASTER CHIEF

  8. CanineerTV

    CanineerTV15 hours ago

    Don’t believe me look it up

  9. NotA BadThing

    NotA BadThing16 hours ago

    Halo Infinity War

  10. T1araBus

    T1araBus16 hours ago

    I like both the new artstyle and the old artstyle. But i Think Halo reach has the best .

  11. Jupiter

    Jupiter17 hours ago

    We need old elites.

  12. Matthius & Shaggy

    Matthius & Shaggy17 hours ago

    One thing Halo consistently creates better than most games nowadays is some badass graphics and CGI.

  13. Vasil Hatala

    Vasil Hatala18 hours ago

    Did anyone noticed that this song is used from Halo 4? at the end of green and blue. But It's a but a bit remixed.

  14. Ded channel

    Ded channelDay ago

    343, great job in adding the final bits of Green and Blue for this trailer!

  15. Nicholas Robertson

    Nicholas RobertsonDay ago

    So a nuclear monster space halo opera.

  16. Ahkmid the Emoji Turban Guy

    Ahkmid the Emoji Turban GuyDay ago

    Hah! Rhinos being around in the 26th century...

  17. Ahkmid the Emoji Turban Guy

    Ahkmid the Emoji Turban GuyDay ago

    Sure, that's all well and good that Halo 3's chief is coming back, but... *did you change the brutes in halo 5 back into elites?*

  18. SwifTBuddY

    SwifTBuddYDay ago

    lmao i forgot about this franchise! i loved halo reach and 3 but recently its been forgotton lmao!!

  19. TJplayz302

    TJplayz302Day ago

    There are literaly 343k subs, of all numbers, 343? Lol

  20. sergio melchor

    sergio melchorDay ago

    1:20 I wonder how that marine got injured. Wanna see who are the enemies in this

  21. Wolfy Cuddles

    Wolfy CuddlesDay ago

    I hope they re add the OG game announcer! It was the best hearing "Double kill, triple kill, killing spree, running riot."

  22. Stingray 2000

    Stingray 2000Day ago

    I thought it was a national geography video 😂

  23. nicolas neilson

    nicolas neilsonDay ago

    oh god plz god no battle royale halo plz no by the ring nooooo

  24. yes

    yes21 hour ago

    they confirmed that it will not have a battle royale

  25. nicolas neilson

    nicolas neilsonDay ago

    it battle royale halo i bet you it is

  26. Тони Старк

    Тони СтаркDay ago

    It's not battle royal. It's Halo 6.

  27. Dave Tyler

    Dave TylerDay ago

    I think this could be a multiplayer thing.

  28. jiāngshī huō

    jiāngshī huō13 hours ago

    +Dave Tyler it's halo 6.

  29. Dave Tyler

    Dave Tyler16 hours ago

    +Тони Старк then why not say Halo 6? Usually when they use words like infinite, universe, it's an online thing

  30. Тони Старк

    Тони СтаркDay ago

    It's Halo 6

  31. Joseph Hick

    Joseph Hick2 days ago

    2:08 😏

  32. Spicy

    Spicy2 days ago

    Is Battle Royale coming to Halo?

  33. JayDay60

    JayDay602 days ago

    OCT 14, 2018 The official Halo MReporter channel has 343,000 subscribers

  34. jolol4

    jolol42 days ago

    PLEASE HALO PRODUCERS If you guys could make this game give me the same feeling halo 1-2-3 gave me, oh boy, I completed the games to 100% with achievement and recompleted the campaign so many time I can't count it. I played probably over 100 000 games on halo 2 alone online and a little less on the third. I was eating this game and oh I would never feel tired of it. But then... came halo 4, the game changed so much I still bought it but the feeling wasn't there anymore it was too... different. I thought it's ok they'll do it better in the next one it was their first, but then came halo 5 and I have absolutly no words for it, a total disapointment I did not even buy the game I decided to rent it, believe me I would have never thought those words would have came out of my mouth until then. Now I am begging you, this trailer brought tears to my eyes thinking that maybe you understood and that finaly I will get a game that deserves to be called halo, a game I will enjoy playing and never get tired of it like I used to, it would mean everything to me if you guys could just listen to the fans. Sincerely, A heart broken Halo fan.

  35. Nate ZaMann

    Nate ZaMann2 days ago

    Fortnite doesn't have a chance its done.

  36. TornadoMatty01

    TornadoMatty012 days ago

    Now I am super excited for this game, I wish this wasn't a Xbox only game, you would make even more money if you put this for everyone, PC, PS4 etc!

  37. yes

    yes21 hour ago

    it will also come out on pc

  38. Erwin Rommel

    Erwin Rommel2 days ago

    Why is no one talking about this?

  39. Timothy Weakly

    Timothy Weakly2 days ago

    I talk about this every day....can't wait

  40. Slavicpotato 1922

    Slavicpotato 19222 days ago

    has anyone noticed that master chiefs helmet looks like his halo 3 helmet but with a remastered look since his halo 4 helmet was damaged by lock in halo 5

  41. Stars227

    Stars2272 days ago

    Tysm for including pc

  42. DragonKing

    DragonKing2 days ago

    Don’t make a community a promise that you can’t keep.

  43. Zyndall Media

    Zyndall Media2 days ago

    Proof you need no words for something potentially great...

  44. Eaphen Samuel Pace

    Eaphen Samuel Pace2 days ago

    Man.. this shit is smooth af.

  45. Silky Joe

    Silky Joe2 days ago

    Is it bad that I’ve watched this trailer over and over again?

  46. Timothy Weakly

    Timothy Weakly2 days ago


  47. darthjump

    darthjump2 days ago

    Open World Halo

  48. Mistermoster 12

    Mistermoster 123 days ago

    Kind of cool how 343 industries HALO channel has 343K subs! As of the 14th of october

  49. Aaron Hilo-Nguyen

    Aaron Hilo-Nguyen3 days ago

    Halo: National Geographic

  50. Tyler Vivas

    Tyler Vivas3 days ago

    Will their be a blue team and fireteam Osiris in halo infinite?

  51. Michael Peña

    Michael Peña3 days ago

    Fireteam Osiris was disbanded after of the events of Halo 5.

  52. Tyler Vivas

    Tyler Vivas3 days ago

    That armor of Master chief. Is it the same from halo 4 and halo 5 or is it from the same armor from halo 1,2,3?

  53. yes

    yes21 hour ago

    you can clearly see that its the 2-3 armor

  54. kingsley gransden

    kingsley gransden3 days ago

    I wonder if they're going to put Red vs Blue easter eggs in this? Now that would be awesome.

  55. ghostbusterdal1

    ghostbusterdal13 days ago

    I feel like they should take elements from each game, make the halo ring the main focus, like in CE. Long missions like halo 2. Gameplay like halo 3, they should add a bunch of new vehicles and weapons like halo 3. Climactic moments during gameplay like in ODST, like when you got to experience falling down to earth in a drop pod, watching the space elevator collapse, the bridge blowing up. A great setting like in reach. Personifying the chief like in halo 4. And absolutely nothing from halo 5

  56. Spartan Fruze

    Spartan Fruze3 days ago

    lol, I like ghostbusters

  57. Fusionn

    Fusionn3 days ago

    This is awesome!

  58. 6.7 Cummins Diesel

    6.7 Cummins Diesel3 days ago

    It's amazing how more liked this game is than COD. And Halo has always been smart cause they take their time releasing a game.

  59. World Peace2

    World Peace23 days ago

    If Halo makes a battle royal then its over for every other game who has one.

  60. Space Cow Gamer

    Space Cow Gamer3 days ago

    at 1:42 kinda looks like halo 1 when you go and rescue marines

  61. Space Cow Gamer

    Space Cow Gamer3 days ago

    at 1:42 kinda looks like halo 1 when you go and rescue marines

  62. E W

    E W3 days ago

    does it look open world to anyone else?

  63. Nightmare AJ Bushey Someone's Yandere

    Nightmare AJ Bushey Someone's Yandere3 days ago

    If this is the legit engine, then I'm impressed



    Yep 100% n engine. Digital foundry said so

  65. the prince of all saiyans .Vegeta

    the prince of all saiyans .Vegeta3 days ago

    it looks open world

  66. NoxuzBlog | Abraham Rodríguez

    NoxuzBlog | Abraham Rodríguez3 days ago

    343 k suscriptors 😟😳

  67. Lochrine -8

    Lochrine -83 days ago

    That moment when there actually is no hope for humanity this time~ This looks great and I can’t wait to have a chance at playing this game

  68. Xxsipher NeroxX

    Xxsipher NeroxX4 days ago

    There is one thing a halo tradition years ago............ and its called COUCH MULTIPLAYER

  69. Staidjuggler628

    Staidjuggler6284 days ago

    I love halo and its rich story but if halo infinite is not good If it does not remind me a whole lot of the classic halos halo 2 and 3 I'm switching to playstation

  70. jiāngshī huō

    jiāngshī huō4 days ago


  71. Lord Omega

    Lord Omega4 days ago

    Open world?

  72. Nonya Bisnis

    Nonya Bisnis4 days ago

    343, you've had 2 games to learn from. Let's see what you've learned.

  73. Darth Adel

    Darth Adel4 days ago

    Is it just me or this game seems to be exceptionel from the previous games

  74. otto von panda

    otto von panda4 days ago


  75. Ken Kaneki

    Ken Kaneki4 days ago


  76. Damian Torres

    Damian Torres4 days ago

    This just in, Master Chief finishes the fight in Halo 10, then come many years of peace

  77. IttiOnYouTube

    IttiOnYouTube4 days ago


  78. Elite665

    Elite6654 days ago

    What if it’s open world?

  79. Nikolas Scott

    Nikolas Scott4 days ago

    LOL! The channel is called Halo and has 343k subscribers! OMG THERE REALLY IS A GOD!

  80. JuridicalFish92

    JuridicalFish925 days ago

    343k subs right now lol

  81. Victor Mario Silva Hidalgo

    Victor Mario Silva Hidalgo5 days ago


  82. Riley McDonald

    Riley McDonald5 days ago

    Can we please have a game where the date of Noble 6 is confirmed? He's my favorite spartan

  83. Tydaaaaa

    Tydaaaaa5 days ago

    omg its for pc !?

  84. nickler stickler

    nickler stickler5 days ago

    I loved the halo 5 magnum start hopefully it carries over. Your opinion?

  85. skydied free man

    skydied free man5 days ago


  86. BEE 123

    BEE 1235 days ago

    Omg I can’t wait 😊

  87. P A K

    P A K5 days ago

    I am so happy the old style is back. This was a throw back

  88. david gutierrez

    david gutierrez5 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I'm a Playstation player, but I own all the Xboxes because of Halo.

  89. Memest

    Memest5 days ago

    Microtransactions will not be paid with REAL MONEY!

  90. madminkster guy

    madminkster guy6 days ago

    I hope this game is available on PC, because I find controllers to be a hindrance.

  91. ZIASTT

    ZIASTT6 days ago

    Games play best on pc

  92. Phawks

    Phawks6 days ago

    Please come to PC

  93. Brian Hamlin

    Brian Hamlin6 days ago

    He's back.

  94. Primal Uktena

    Primal Uktena6 days ago

    Best part of this, that it’s also coming out on Windows 10. (Aka PC.)

  95. Mohammed al-maskary

    Mohammed al-maskary6 days ago

    why dose this video give me a smile on my face ... finally it will be on PC where is should be

  96. nutnsp3cial

    nutnsp3cial6 days ago

    What are your opinions cuz I need help. What makes this Halo so anticipated?

  97. -RinZer- -

    -RinZer- -6 days ago

    343 my rank was 30 now it's 7. Wtf you'll suck as. New update to mcc please


    TD BEELZEBOSS6 days ago

    But will we be fighting covenant or the robot things from 4 and 5?

  99. Hoanier 42

    Hoanier 426 days ago

    I swear if Microsoft doesn't add split screen play for this new Halo I will be so pissed, some of my happiest memories are from playing Halo 3 with my sister and accidentally killing her while I tried shooting a flood infection form out of the air XD

  100. 7 more years of trump stay mad

    7 more years of trump stay mad7 days ago

    343k subs i love it

  101. Pickle Rick .__.

    Pickle Rick .__.7 days ago

    They hit 343 k subs

  102. Dat Boi

    Dat Boi7 days ago

    (: I approve of this trailer.

  103. cheap merlin knockoff

    cheap merlin knockoff7 days ago

    Hope it's good and has a legendary edition

  104. Damon Berger

    Damon Berger7 days ago

    rip im a ps4 player and used to play halo on the 360 im gonna miss this game

  105. Erick Money

    Erick Money7 days ago

    after Halo 3 the franchise went to shit. I really hope they can get it together and make a simple game like halo 3 again. Still love playing it.

  106. Jed yothers

    Jed yothers7 days ago

    I feel like it is going to be an open world game hopefully

  107. Michael McNeil

    Michael McNeil7 days ago

    wasn't the last halo ring destroyed in halo 3?

  108. sean khan

    sean khan7 days ago

    No, that ring was a replacement for installation 4. This ring is installation 7


    KING CABOOSE7 days ago

    I get goosebumbs every time I listen to Finish the Fight.

  110. Bowen Orcutt

    Bowen Orcutt7 days ago

    Ok, so, THIS is the real trailer, right? Just wanted to make sure I was in the right place before I start getting hyped... for red vs blue season 18, or whichever they're up to when this game comes out.

  111. FilipXMinimal

    FilipXMinimal8 days ago

    IOS 12 Update für SA und SS!! Thx

  112. wan shafizan

    wan shafizan8 days ago

    Halo is back ! HELL YEAH !!!

  113. thesuperstickman87

    thesuperstickman878 days ago

    I just busted a fat nut

  114. SquishyFlesh909 !

    SquishyFlesh909 !8 days ago

    R.I.P Call Of Duty.

  115. MadSk8OG

    MadSk8OG8 days ago

    I don't know why people say its not going to be a halo game when the title says halo.

  116. RubyMadness76

    RubyMadness768 days ago