Halloween - Official Trailer (HD)


  1. Diamond King

    Diamond King4 minutes ago

    First we have to ignore parts 3,4,5,6, in H20, then after she "kills" Myers and ends the series we learn he's still alive and kills her in part 8, now we have to ignore ALL the sequels and watch this garbage?

  2. Kyle Titus

    Kyle Titus29 minutes ago

    That damn mask!

  3. Dread Drake

    Dread Drake31 minute ago

    Where is JIMMY? Jimmy

  4. Nick Preyma

    Nick Preyma35 minutes ago

    I cant wait!

  5. Senator Armstrong

    Senator Armstrong47 minutes ago

    The few glimpses you see of Michael Myers unmasked he doesn’t exactly look 60

  6. Sam Venters

    Sam VentersHour ago

    2:10 when there a fortnite nigga in your house

  7. Awesomepire

    Awesomepire2 hours ago


  8. school of hardknocks

    school of hardknocks2 hours ago

    So did she not die in Halloween resurrection?

  9. Patrick

    Patrick2 hours ago

    The question is, is Laurie's husband Ben Tramer?

  10. I'tS Mee

    I'tS Mee3 hours ago

    This Gonne be Amazing Halloween !!!😃

  11. Macek 775

    Macek 7754 hours ago

    Ohhh yeaaaa Mike Is back hahahahaaa

  12. flame the wolf

    flame the wolf4 hours ago

    I'm fucking hype!!!!

  13. aymeric petrov

    aymeric petrov4 hours ago

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  14. Arrow TT33

    Arrow TT334 hours ago

    Who's hyped for this? A shame about Halloween 2 being retconned, though.

  15. Chicken HD

    Chicken HD5 hours ago

    damn bro Michael must be so fucking old.

  16. Stimpson J. Kat

    Stimpson J. Kat5 hours ago

    That can happen sometimes yes but not always, there are songs, movies, books etc I loved as a kid that I have went back to and thought what the he'll was I thinking? I dunno how many times I've seen Halloween 3 and its really never been a favorite film of mine but I do enjoy it. I think that film gave me more nightmares than any other Halloween film did because Michael is a hard motherfucker to kill but we as kids put masks on for trick or treating. We all loved it and what is scarier than masks that kill ? Another film that I really love that gets overlooked is 1988s remote control. Its also shot a bit like a 1950s film mixed in with a 1980s. If you've seen it you will know what I mean. I dunno how old you are but check it out it may even be on you tube

  17. maxcrazycam03

    maxcrazycam036 hours ago

    Personally i think this is going to be one of the most intense and Suspenseful Movie in The Halloween franchise I'm hoping this Goes beyond The Original (like those better then the original films)

  18. Hoovy

    Hoovy6 hours ago

    Please be good Please be good Please be good

  19. The ultimate sayian

    The ultimate sayian7 hours ago

    finally a halloween movie released in October

  20. IamVexar

    IamVexar7 hours ago

    You know michaels dentist office has some serious lawsuits.....

  21. justasickguy

    justasickguy7 hours ago

    *Hate* old people.

  22. IamVexar

    IamVexar8 hours ago

    Only if your a true Halloween fan you would know that at 0:34 that’s a bell that plays throughout the very first Halloween movie from 1978 and only that one

  23. my love songs

    my love songs8 hours ago

    I hope they feature the original theme song in the new movie. The subsequent Halloween movies had variations of the theme song, and while they are similar to the original, they don't measure up. The original is the best!!

  24. Allahja Flowers

    Allahja Flowers8 hours ago

    I feel like this trailer gets better and better each time I watch it

  25. Joe floyd

    Joe floyd8 hours ago

    Jamie Lee is back baby!!

  26. Laura Reeves

    Laura Reeves8 hours ago

    *Sigh* If only Randy from Scream were alive, he'd have loved to have seen this... ;-)

  27. Da Tammy

    Da Tammy9 hours ago

    If there's one place I don't want to die in it's in a bathroom stall tryin to do my business.

  28. dham2288

    dham22889 hours ago

    I like how Michael's middle name is Audrey. So bizarre and out of place it fits with his otherwordly aura.

  29. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne7 hours ago

    Al Bundy would be pleased.

  30. Tha Relik

    Tha Relik10 hours ago

    This one shud be called Halloween resurrection cuz Jamie came back from the dead 😂😂 must run in the fam #GangGang

  31. Griffiith

    Griffiith11 hours ago

    Man the horror genre is always a fucking let down... You get a decent horror once every 20 years or something...

  32. Griffiith

    Griffiith7 hours ago

    oh sorry lol, my bad! I feel stupid now haha. I agree with you 100% lol

  33. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne7 hours ago

    +Griffiith That's not what I mean. Jason Lives (1986) cost an: Estimated budget: $3 million USD and made Gross revenue: $19.50 million USD. Their cheap to make, and yet, these cash cows are very reserved lately.

  34. Griffiith

    Griffiith9 hours ago

    The thing, alien, gremlin, signs (that movie gave me creepy vibes when i was a kid), Prometheus, World War Z, the road, rec, etc. Those movies don't look cheap to create. Any movie can be cheap, even action movies, it's the direction and aim they are going for.

  35. Griffiith

    Griffiith9 hours ago


  36. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne10 hours ago

    Which is weird, since their so cheap to make?

  37. Kylo Ren

    Kylo Ren11 hours ago

    He is no match for me

  38. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne9 hours ago

    +Kylo Ren Calm down Ben, an inexperienced girl can beat both of you, Lol.

  39. Jacob Nunez

    Jacob Nunez11 hours ago

    Should they make a michael v jason movie if so my oponion michael wins!!hands down

  40. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne9 hours ago

    +Jacob Nunez Have you ever seen a versus movie? They always end in a tie: BVS, Alien V Predator, Freddy V Jason, not one move has actually picked a decisive winner. Even Capt. America Civil War had no stakes. And why would they risk characters, their cash cows. You need sequels, hell, not even Harry Potter's franchise, is dead. They closed it down for what, a year or two?

  41. Retepa Nooca

    Retepa Nooca11 hours ago

    These trailers give way too much shit away. Ffs

  42. Lailani Mel

    Lailani Mel11 hours ago

    I bet he still not finna die ... indestructible ass

  43. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne10 hours ago

    +Leilani Mel Well, he's a cash cow. If the studio didn't like money, then their would only be the 1978.

  44. WNW.

    WNW.12 hours ago

    I love the Michael Myers theme song.

  45. Lil,Sony

    Lil,Sony13 hours ago

    I was drinking a Coke then the closet part in the trailer made soda overflow my lip making it spill on my shirt Plz No normie comments...

  46. Captain Freedom

    Captain Freedom13 hours ago

    Little Mikey Myers that lived across the street.

  47. The_Dog_Okay -_-

    The_Dog_Okay -_-13 hours ago

    Ok I feel stupid and srry for ur loss of brain cells but who is Jamie lee Curtis? Was she the og escapist from the first movie

  48. neoflo22

    neoflo2212 hours ago

    She is the main character that survived the first Halloween. Instead of Halloween 2 and Halloween 7 (Halloween H20) they are redoing the 2nd part to end the series in a more legitimate style. A retelling if you will...and it's going to be badass.

  49. Tony Nguyen

    Tony Nguyen13 hours ago

    Paramount own the rights of FT13th up part 8.. they sold it to New Line parts 9 and on....paramount always hated and was embarrassed ny FTa13th movies now paramount wants ownership back since they are making money

  50. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne9 hours ago

    +Tony Nguyen I'm not buying that, they ALWAYS made money off of Jason. Now, perhaps they were always a shamed of this kind of genre, but then, why take the profit's? That is such a disjointed sentence I just said.

  51. Bobby Leendo

    Bobby Leendo13 hours ago

    How is he still killing people?!? He should be old as fuck where any normal healthy abled bodied 20-something should be able to fuck his old ass up! His super human reflexes should be gone by now, not to mention his body should be with some serious problems or impediments due to all of the damage and trauma it sustained over the years. Plus he looks short as fuck and skinny which supports him being old and supports him likely being able to get fucked up by an abled bodied athlete. This shit is not gonna suck but it will be lackluster/just ok if not disappointing because it’s tamed by today’s standards.

  52. Tyler Yellowbird

    Tyler YellowbirdHour ago

    +Amy J. Delevingne lol that's great, I just know the actors names lol

  53. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne7 hours ago

    +Tyler Yellowbird Holy crap! You can tell them apart?! How? I just notice the NBA player in Rob Zombies Halloween (in name only), from the other average size Shapes. You know each actor wearing a Shatner, now that's a gift. Duff man would be proud: "high five!"

  54. Tyler Yellowbird

    Tyler Yellowbird13 hours ago

    Lol nick castle plays him for one scene, the guy is 6'3 man and huge, James Jude Courtney confirmed nick is only in one scene

  55. Tony Nguyen

    Tony Nguyen13 hours ago

    The original virginal good girl next door scream queen.....wow...a horror movie that got 15 million views as of 6/2018???... This movie will be a huge hit and hopefully will be the last

  56. Brianna Martinez

    Brianna Martinez14 hours ago

    Tbh I wasn’t born when the old movies came out but my dad showed them to me cuz he grew up knowing the Halloween movies and I’ve seen em all now and I’m so glad there’s another one

  57. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne7 hours ago

    In the words of Happy Gilmore: "your OLD!!!!" lol

  58. Marc R

    Marc R14 hours ago

    Poor guy has been trying to make up with his sister for years now

  59. Kpop_btsjunkookhyung JiminjinjhopeRMsuga

    Kpop_btsjunkookhyung JiminjinjhopeRMsuga14 hours ago

    this is something I would go to the movies to see I would go to korea I'm a korea boo

  60. MetalGamer

    MetalGamer14 hours ago

    I wish it was Carpenter directing it. It's already looking like it doesn't have that 70's and 80's slasher feel. And all those fucking thuds, there's a good reason the original Halloween had no jumpscare noises. It didn't need them.

  61. Keith Galahad

    Keith Galahad13 hours ago

    MetalGamer, so do I, but at least JC contributes as executive producer, consultant and music composer, so this should have some of that 70s/80s mood that's been missing on the last few sequels.

  62. Jay High

    Jay High15 hours ago

    I watched a shitty recorded quality of this movie.. but this movie is going to be the awesome!!! I cannot wait to see it in theatres! Guess who’s going to die jk lol.

  63. Frank Carlo

    Frank Carlo16 hours ago

    Rob zombies version was the best. Michael was gigantic made him look terrifying

  64. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne9 hours ago

    Read the rest of the comment section.

  65. Aiden- Gaming-reacting-And More

    Aiden- Gaming-reacting-And More16 hours ago

    FINNALY thank god. I have been waiting this for years and some many youtubers keep clickbaitimg but I knew this is the right one

  66. CinemaWizardBoy

    CinemaWizardBoy16 hours ago

    If this can somehow match the original's tone and atmosphere... man we could be in for something special. Unlike the exaggerated remakes and sequels, which were like a slap in the face to the legacy of John Carpenter's masterpiece. I can't wait to review it, hopefully I won't be disappointed. If it's anything like Rob Zombie's version it will just feel like a goddamn parody at this point.

  67. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne7 hours ago

    +cinemawizkid Rob Zombie's Halloween (in Name Only), like Halle Berry's Cat Woman.

  68. Ruti De La Rosa

    Ruti De La Rosa16 hours ago

    Somebody please leak it already

  69. Solid007

    Solid00716 hours ago

    One of the best trailers ever

  70. Matt Gamble

    Matt Gamble16 hours ago

    my only complaint is that they could've called it something else instead of just 'Halloween', just to make it stand out from the original. Like Halloween Reborn, or Halloween Vengeance.

  71. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne9 hours ago

    +Matt gamble Halloween (2018) follows after the events of 1978 with a few tweaks, but it erases all other films. This is the 1st sequel, but I would suspect this is Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenters final story with the franchise, so theirs a reason they didn't name it Halloween II (2018), it may be an ending.

  72. UltrasonicPlasma

    UltrasonicPlasma16 hours ago

    Are they ignoring h20 for this sequel or is this a sequel to h20?

  73. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne14 hours ago

    +ultrasonicplasma Halloween (2018) follows after the events of 1978 with a few tweaks, but it erases all other films. This is the 1st sequel, but I would suspect this is Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenters final story with the franchise, so theirs a reason they didn't name it Halloween II (2018), it may be an ending.

  74. hailtheblackdragons

    hailtheblackdragons17 hours ago

    Was looking forward to it...But it's a drag because imo this new mask totally sucks....And the whole Jamie Lee Curtis vigilante thing is completely cheesy........Hope it will at least be good for a Halloween sequel though......


    JERIESHA WILLIAMS18 hours ago


  76. Erica Smith

    Erica Smith19 hours ago

    I hate horror movies like Freddy and Jason. But Michael had great dark eyes of pain. I usually just watch true horror shows like Exorcism, Texas chainsaw and the haunting, etc. Those poor people. I know they were scared.

  77. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne7 hours ago

    So you like em: tall, dark eyes and handsome? lol

  78. choices2make1

    choices2make119 hours ago

    Halloween is back not that rob zombie shit finally an John Carpenter an the original Michael Myers are returning cannot wait an its 9 days after my bday will be seeing this more then once

  79. Erica Smith

    Erica Smith19 hours ago

    Now i dont feel sorry no more for Michael. He had hate in his heart. I grew up feeling pain for him. I never wanted Michael to die. But now Michael has to finally die, Jamie. Enough is enough. He wont stop.

  80. Józef Stalin

    Józef Stalin19 hours ago


  81. MaCeo Millions

    MaCeo Millions19 hours ago

    I'm hyped for this movie but just imagine Halloween 10 years from now... Halloween 5 50 years later. Michael is back for revenge 😂

  82. Lieutenant kodlack

    Lieutenant kodlack19 hours ago

    Is this a horror movie or an action horror movie

  83. EagleSiara Siara

    EagleSiara Siara19 hours ago

    LOL Michael is played by some small weak ass guy who is like 5ft tall which everyone would beat up. Real Michael was 210cm tall and huge. This is gonna be bad

  84. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne7 hours ago

    +EagleSiara Siara You mean Nick Castle?

  85. Oshy x

    Oshy x19 hours ago

    Cannnnt wait

  86. Ftown1415

    Ftown141519 hours ago

    Rob zombie did an excellent job on H1, but H2 sucked. Especially when he killed off JLC character. Hopefully this one is good. Love this horror franchise.

  87. ironmanrox 93

    ironmanrox 9320 hours ago

    2:36 hiya Vicky aren't ya gonna say hello ?

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  90. Hannah Wilson

    Hannah Wilson20 hours ago

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  91. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne7 hours ago

    tell em to do a beer run, I just did a 7 mile run

  92. Stáfon Von Caḿron

    Stáfon Von Caḿron20 hours ago

    EASTER EGG In the trailer said: "Laurie is not his sister, people made that up".

  93. Secular Unity

    Secular Unity20 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure we all heard that.

  94. kay marley

    kay marley21 hour ago

    wait didn't she die in h20 either way I'm in I love the original

  95. Secular Unity

    Secular Unity20 hours ago

    She never died in H20. I'm not sure which films you have seen. She did die in Resurrection, though, so maybe you meant that? This film will be completely disregarding all the sequels that came after the'78 original. You can easily look this up.

  96. kay marley

    kay marley21 hour ago

    omg I'm late...I can't wait

  97. Jonah Merritt

    Jonah Merritt21 hour ago

    Wanna see it

  98. Tully Tallulah

    Tully Tallulah21 hour ago

    Michael will never die lol

  99. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne7 hours ago

    It's in his contract, he's a cash cow, you can't die.

  100. Caske Redner

    Caske Redner21 hour ago

    I’m cautiously optimistic. Even if it ends up being nothing special, I’ll take just fun and nostalgic. They know how to make a hell of a trailer. Even if his mask looks exactly like it did in Zombie’s.

  101. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne8 hours ago

    +casket redner Halloween (2018) follows after the events of 1978 with a few tweaks, but it erases all other films. This is the 1st sequel, but I would suspect this is Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenters final story with the franchise, so theirs a reason they didn't name it Halloween II (2018), it may be an ending.

  102. Spike

    Spike21 hour ago

    I dont think im gonna like it as much as i do the Rob Zombie ones. they're my favorites!

  103. Ian Gross

    Ian Gross21 hour ago

    Hopefully its better then that joke called Halloween Resurr- IM NOT EVEN GONNA SAY ITS NAME

  104. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne7 hours ago

    Busta Rhymes Hero Movie, lol

  105. Secular Unity

    Secular Unity20 hours ago

    It had the best score, though.

  106. Spike

    Spike21 hour ago

    Ian Gross - halloween resurrection was completely terrible.

  107. Hattuch c;

    Hattuch c;21 hour ago

    Please be good : c

  108. Moiz Audio

    Moiz Audio22 hours ago

    what..is this is in a alternate world? i dont understand

  109. Moiz Audio

    Moiz Audio13 hours ago

    oh my god..that is weird

  110. Secular Unity

    Secular Unity20 hours ago

    It's an alternate timeline, yes. It will be serving as a sequel to the '78 original, meaning all of the films that came after never happened.

  111. IFitHadtobetoldRight

    IFitHadtobetoldRight23 hours ago

    Freddy is fun to me, Jason is soft.. I will throw a bowl of water in his face and he will turn into a girl, but Micheal..smh.. this guy bothers me

  112. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne7 hours ago

    "Bowl of water in his face", go to the convention and do that, then post it on You Tube, it will be epic!

  113. Deontae Douglas

    Deontae Douglas23 hours ago

    Omg! I can't wait to see this, I been waiting so long for a new Michael Myers movie, the trailer kind of creepy, especially the music, I'm so glad this the real trailer :-)

  114. John Mazzoni

    John Mazzoni23 hours ago

    Why would they show him the mask?

  115. John Mazzoni

    John Mazzoni23 hours ago

    It takes place after the original, maybe the second one if you listen.

  116. Secular Unity

    Secular Unity20 hours ago

    Nope, the second one never happened. It's even evidenced in the trailer. Listen to what is said in the very beginning: _"We're here to investigate a patient who murdered three innocent teenagers on Halloween night 1978. He was shot by then psychiatrist, and was taken into custody that night, and has spent the last forty years in captivity."_ This is talking about the ending of the '78 original.

  117. Daryl Dixon

    Daryl Dixon23 hours ago


  118. Matthew Hauxwell

    Matthew Hauxwell23 hours ago

    So this a sequel to the first film that ignores all the other sequels. This means the sequel to Halloween is Halloween. This also means this is the 3rd Halloween 2.

  119. Secular Unity

    Secular Unity18 hours ago

    Matthew Hauxwell I agree. I have no idea why they chose to ignore it.

  120. Matthew Hauxwell

    Matthew Hauxwell18 hours ago

    Secular Unity I think Halloween Returns would of been a better name.

  121. Secular Unity

    Secular Unity20 hours ago

    Yep. They should have went with the title they were going to use before David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s Halloween (2018) came to fruition, which was: Halloween Returns. Because that’s exactly what this is. It’s Michael’s return after 40 years. They could have also called it Halloween: Final Confrontation or even H40, seeing as it takes place 40 years later.

  122. Sai Arun Kumar

    Sai Arun Kumar23 hours ago

    Candy 🍬

  123. jeezy100 stunna

    jeezy100 stunnaDay ago

    This is the reason why i put clear curtons on my shower lol

  124. You Enigma

    You EnigmaDay ago


  125. Daniel Bukovsky

    Daniel BukovskyDay ago

    Yes The queen returns to reign supreme😎

  126. TK Snapz

    TK SnapzDay ago

    Cod ghosts memories 👻

  127. Captain Freedom

    Captain FreedomDay ago

    Who else was hoping for Danny McBride to play a wisecracking Michael Myers?

  128. IAmTheBigDogOfThisYard

    IAmTheBigDogOfThisYardDay ago

    I watch this trailer everyday.

  129. sheeba rashidi

    sheeba rashidiDay ago


  130. David Jackson

    David JacksonDay ago

    I been wanting to fuck Jamie Lee Curtis since her True Lies days, I would still knock the dust off of her old ass.

  131. Secular Unity

    Secular Unity20 hours ago


  132. Krystle Krys

    Krystle KrysDay ago

    Ok, fine I'll go. But this better not suck.

  133. Master of Primes

    Master of PrimesDay ago

    Michael back at it again with a bigger knife

  134. Amy J. Delevingne

    Amy J. Delevingne13 hours ago

    A chip of the old Texas.

  135. Antonio Ramirez

    Antonio RamirezDay ago

    MAN!! Every time i here the theme at 1:56 it gets me hyped af for this movie halloween has always been my favorite horror franchise, im hella juiced that John carpenter hopped back on for this one

  136. Kennon Jones

    Kennon JonesDay ago

    Wasnt this trending

  137. Bobas Wife

    Bobas WifeDay ago

    That Dog don't want it with Mike 😂😂😂😂😂😂This one might be the best remake

  138. Solidspud93

    Solidspud93Day ago

    1:55 moment we all been waiting for, the shape is coming home