Halloween - Official Trailer (HD)


  1. Marlon Puckett

    Marlon Puckett4 hours ago

    The Halloween movies took so many different directions. The writers were all over the place. Now this story is suppose to continue after Halloween 1,2 and I guess you just ignore the other 7 or 8 movies. Still looks really good tho.

  2. Andre Tanjaya

    Andre Tanjaya4 hours ago

    Find the Hatch , and u will survive

  3. Flashfan123 Campbell

    Flashfan123 Campbell7 hours ago

    I can't believe they got the original Michael Myers actor to come back.

  4. Lwag05 4thewin

    Lwag05 4thewin9 hours ago

    Why you bully him????


    Mr TOMASON10 hours ago

    This trailer is awsome

  6. Logan Selkirk

    Logan Selkirk12 hours ago

    He's BACK!

  7. Nando Silva

    Nando Silva12 hours ago

    Got respect for Blumehouse but is it me or does this shit seem lamer than jeeper creepers 3(or w.e the new one was)

  8. BKK

    BKKHour ago

    Just you loser

  9. J C

    J C14 hours ago

    So this is ignoring Ressurection, kind of glad although I do love 20 years later

  10. Edward89

    Edward8914 hours ago

    One more month away everybody ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜Œโ˜บ

  11. InvaderCool studios

    InvaderCool studios15 hours ago

    I hope this is as good or better than the IT reboot. I have high hopes for this and I don't say that about reboots like ever

  12. Shirley fenette

    Shirley fenette17 hours ago

    Oh my god the last scene scared me oh my gosh

  13. Darkasknightfall

    Darkasknightfall19 hours ago

    I just wanted to hear the piano. ๐ŸŽน ๐ŸŽƒ

  14. Bruno Makaveli

    Bruno Makaveli19 hours ago

    The best movie Forever

  15. julius Ceasar

    julius Ceasar20 hours ago

    The hype is real family

  16. Paprica 67

    Paprica 6720 hours ago

    So he basically just sit there and let the door come to his face for 3 times?Damn Michael you don't give a shit about anything do you?

  17. Simple Creature

    Simple Creature21 hour ago

    Who here feels like Michael Myers?

  18. gory

    gory22 hours ago

    Thank god. michael myers killing again i will waiting this movie.i don't have problem with brutal scene & i feel pleasure watching brutal scene.there is no rules "don' t bring a knife to gun fight you'll lose " for michael myers. Due to this character movie i learn knife fight

  19. I am the supreme being in this earth

    I am the supreme being in this earth23 hours ago

    Michael, Myers is getting old he's been doing this since 1999 his time has come lol.

  20. Infinite Marvel

    Infinite MarvelDay ago

    Why do i feel like laurie crashed the bus. 'Why the hell did you do that for'. Not 'why would you do that'

  21. mysteryman111100

    mysteryman111100Day ago

    NOT!!!! being related! I don't like that if there's no explanation then it feels pointless to watch! I liked them being related! & more of a motive personally my favourite is the 4-6 Timeline at least it explained Michael's Powers & of course Donald Pleasance he's a Huge!! part of the Franchise originally I did like the H20 Timeline more until I saw the cancerous Ressurection which completely ruined it now! I'm afraid! making Halloween 2 1981 non canon will ruin๐Ÿ˜ขeverything although Carpenter did! say Michael would die for good so there'd be no more sequels it sounds like Michael's Powers are much! weaker here๐Ÿ˜ข& all Michael is known for in this tedious Timeline are 4 murders his sister & Laurie s friends the town not even in Fear! & Lauries scar is barely noticeable also at the End! of the 1st Michael Disappeared! how did they even catch him then Huh!๐Ÿ˜ขI don't have a good feeling about this

  22. Alex Trap

    Alex TrapDay ago

    This has a *good* chance to be good.

  23. Taven Hathaway

    Taven HathawayDay ago

    Enstead of getting a lever action rifle and a pump shotgun, why didnโ€™t she save up for a LMG or sniper rifle

  24. fna N

    fna NDay ago

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  25. Darkman Studios

    Darkman StudiosDay ago

    2:07 You can see the witch and skeleton masks from Halloween 3, suggesting Silver Shamrock exists, but don't use magic or science to kill kids.

  26. torress1235

    torress1235Day ago

    Halloween is the scariest film ive ever seen... must see.



    He killed more than 3 people in the oringinal Halloween. Why did they mess that up. I thought these guys were super fans.

  28. TheLivingColour

    TheLivingColourDay ago

    I got goosebumps at 2:09


    WPHILADELDay ago




    Canโ€™t stop watching


    Goku KAMEHAMEHADay ago

    Canโ€™t wait to go see it

  32. Big Titus

    Big TitusDay ago

    Michaels back, and better than ever!!!!!!

  33. Neki Tamo

    Neki TamoDay ago

    This nigga dies like every movie

  34. aakkoin

    aakkoinDay ago

    Halloween H40: 40 year later.... Michael Myers is a loved and respected dentist

  35. maitri amin

    maitri aminDay ago

    I m here from Tobi's video

  36. jwt871

    jwt871Day ago

    It would have been best if they had just left the original alone, no sequels of any kind. I don't care if this does have Jamie Lee Curtis in it, it's going to be s**t. He was shot six times at the end of the original movie. Either he's unstoppable or he's not. If this movie is going to set up that he vulnerable enough to have been captured, but that six bullets didn't kill him, it's ridiculous. Also, if we are going to pretend that Halloween II didn't exist and that he's after her because she's his sister, you are back to the obvious question of why is he targeting her? Of all the people in the world, why would he be so intent on killing her 40 years later? I expect this film will be absolutely littered with huge plot holes that make no sense.

  37. Banned_ Jason

    Banned_ JasonDay ago

    2:20 *runs in with a shotgun* โ€œMichael....โ€ Michael says โ€œCOME AT MEโ€ *shoots shotgun* *deals 1 damage* FUCK

  38. rize

    rizeDay ago

    Boogeyman? Michael is John wick?

  39. Ronald Coney

    Ronald ConeyDay ago

    Revive Pleasance from the dead for this...I would love for him to scream "Micchhheaaaallll"!!!

  40. Sarah Tahseen

    Sarah TahseenDay ago

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  41. Jaymz Steward

    Jaymz StewardDay ago

    If I was Mike Myers from Austin Powers I would have been at every opening possible for this movie.. he needs to fire who ever should have had this idea before me.

  42. Get Real

    Get RealDay ago

    2:35 When you have been knocking on the door for hours and your sister just opens

  43. ์‚ฌ๋žŒ

    ์‚ฌ๋žŒDay ago

    0:55 ~ 1:08 jurassic myers?

  44. Blobo DCR

    Blobo DCRDay ago

    Why are you guys typing in the comment thatโ€™s is gonna suck , remember this film have the original main actors and the fucking original director wich mean it will be dope

  45. sal l

    sal lDay ago

    i think they ruined the story with this one -- it should have started where 5 ended -- jamie at the police station where michael gets away -- years pass and jamie finds out her mother is alive and has a brother as well -- they reunite knowing michael is coming for them -- laurie visits loomis grave as a tribute to donald pleasance -- michael kills the son -- and is after jamie and laurie -- only this time they are ready or are they -- michael kills jamie leaving laurie to end the curse or be cursed -- laurie finds a way to kill michael and end the curse or does she -- the movie ends with a mask and laurie pulls it off to reveal herself and perhaps she has inherited the curse and the movie ends or does it --



    this is one of the best horror movies im going to se

  47. Corey Turner

    Corey Turner2 days ago

    Yea this shit look scary!

  48. Chloe 23

    Chloe 232 days ago

    why is there two guys that the experiment person holds up the mask to? that are both laughing? which is Michael Myers?

  49. Nobal Trital

    Nobal Trital2 days ago

    Dark Universe still alive after that Mummy shit???

  50. Raven

    Raven2 days ago

    When did I get on brazzers

  51. Cavin McCormick

    Cavin McCormick2 days ago

    By the way.... we will %65 see him without his mask. Full blown. Whoโ€™s going to be him in the unmasking scene is James Jude Courtney. He will be in the movie. He is probably the guy who is playing as Michael in the scene where he shows him the mask.

  52. Titan52berg

    Titan52berg2 days ago

    For crying out loud! Here we go again with the Michael Myers character! Frigging movies today are so cliche with sequel after sequel after sequel after sequel and so on, until the paying public says "Enough with all the 'Halloween' slasher crap! Is this all cinematic 'entertainment (?)' is anymore? The visual representation of crazed, maniacal killers running around with knives and hatchets and axes and who knows what else, maiming and dismembering, killing and hacking human victims just so some greedy film producer and his cohorts can make even more profit on an idea that has become copied, time and time again??? Is this the level of savagery our human values aspire to now? That's not entertainment anymore... it's sick! And... sad. I refuse to see this movie! And now, the production team knows!

  53. April Inglish

    April Inglish2 days ago

    Yeah let's just throw together another remake without even bothering to respect the storyline of the original series and we're not gonna bother to create something new either. Cuz we're just running out of ideas period and we really think all moviegoers are too stupid to notice. Fuck you, Hollywood! If you're not even going to try to make decent movies then just stop making movies altogether, please! Just stop wasting your time and ours.

  54. Marcus Huntley

    Marcus Huntley2 days ago

    BOUT TIME!!!!!!

  55. Space Whale

    Space Whale2 days ago

    0:43 Were they like humping the air and having an orgasm or something?

  56. A.M. Arteaga

    A.M. Arteaga2 days ago

    I'm not even a fan of slasher films (I'm here because I went to the cinema last night and they showed this trailer), but I can already tell the movie is going to be bomb. It's going to blow all recent horror films out of the water. Also 1:49, Myers is a badass. He doesn't need his feet to bring down a door, he uses his head!!!

  57. WaldoIsLegit

    WaldoIsLegit2 days ago

    I CANNOT WAIT for October 19th!#MakingHalloweenGreatAgain

  58. Lil Manmax

    Lil Manmax2 days ago

    Did not expect him to be in the closet like that tho (not a pun)

  59. John Dirocco

    John Dirocco2 days ago

    its 40 years later and Laurie Strode didn't die, she faked her death as a car accident in order to elude Michael. This movie is actually 40 years later.....H2O was 20 years later.

  60. Manuel Gomez

    Manuel Gomez2 days ago

    Hollywood is really runnning out of ideas. Just kill Michael Myers once and for all.

  61. Venus l

    Venus l2 days ago

    Ironically, my brothers name is Michael too. ;_;

  62. EatingwithPandaz Asmr

    EatingwithPandaz Asmr2 days ago

    Regardless I love all the halloween series so, Iโ€™ll love this one ๐Ÿ˜€

  63. The ugly and the stupid bois

    The ugly and the stupid bois2 days ago

    I'm ready for Grandma to come and beat Michaels ass!

  64. C P

    C P2 days ago

    Why was everyone laughing in the insane asylum

  65. slapshotking

    slapshotking2 days ago

    I went to go see the Nun then this played and I was hyped

  66. Minipoods

    Minipoods2 days ago

    This movie takes place after the original

  67. EdjeMr1975

    EdjeMr19752 days ago

    Okรฉ i think Michael Myers die in this one .. and then he is alive again and again and again and again and again .. this shit never stops !!

  68. edard stark

    edard stark2 days ago

    Halloween this movie is so bad

  69. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook2 days ago

    I need to watch this

  70. talgwatr

    talgwatr3 days ago

    damn this looks awesome...โ€ฆ..and has that (obviously) kinda original feel to it

  71. Th Le

    Th Le3 days ago

    1:56 song name, anyone?

  72. Daniel Sifuentes-Bradford

    Daniel Sifuentes-Bradford3 days ago

    I just want this movie to come already

  73. Here's Some Text

    Here's Some Text3 days ago

    I think whatโ€™s cool is that it shows Laurie becoming what Loomis was. They both became paranoid of Micheal. Both of them became a bit insane because of Micheal

  74. Devin The Master Of Bees

    Devin The Master Of Bees3 days ago

    Please for the love of God don't be shit

  75. Lucas Santos

    Lucas Santos3 days ago

    Quando passarรก no Brasil ?

  76. Ricky Fart0525

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    KILLER_ ROCKMAN3 days ago

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    KILLER_ ROCKMAN3 days ago

    Lol not my prob

  79. Austin Dickerson

    Austin Dickerson3 days ago

    Iโ€™m so hyped up for this!!!

  80. Anmol Yadav

    Anmol Yadav3 days ago

    Its gonna be one of best horror slasher of our generation also...

  81. Anmol Yadav

    Anmol Yadav3 days ago

    As soon as music comes.... Goosebump oMG

  82. COX GRYL

    COX GRYL3 days ago

    Rob Zombie made a couple of spin off. The ones without Jaime Lee Curtis are the ones made by John Carpenter. Halloween 3 Season of the witches had NOTHING TO DO WITH MICHAEL MYERS. The plot of that movie sucked and they really had no right to even use HALLOWEEN in the title. When you hear about Camp Crystal Lake Jason Vorhees will remain the main character, Nightmare On Elm Street belongs to Freddie. A lot of the spin offs really don't make sense like Jason being out in space. THIS IS THE SEQUEL HORROR FANS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. I really haven't been scared since The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre with LEATHER FACE.......WE SHALL SEE IF THIS WAS WORTH THE WAIT.

  83. Keelylovesprinkles!

    Keelylovesprinkles!3 days ago

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  84. ahmed kaiti

    ahmed kaiti3 days ago

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  85. cv t

    cv t3 days ago

    Super excited but disappointed they're dropping the story that it's her brother...unless that's just a trick of the trailer? Anyone know?

  86. Pizza Slut

    Pizza Slut3 days ago

    I donโ€™t get 0:25 - 0:50. Who are those people that get hyped up? Whoโ€™s the man in the middle who seems like he doesnโ€™t cares? I NEED ANSWERS.

  87. oSp0nge

    oSp0nge3 days ago

    I was at my room and playing roblox and then my mom said he will kill me and I feel so weird why she want kill me, after that I know why, i use my mom credit card for robux

  88. Cody Squire

    Cody Squire3 days ago

    I was in the cinema when I first saw the trailer and the last part with the closet door and Michael Myers appearing made me jump out of my seat.

  89. Tina 4322

    Tina 43223 days ago

    Damn Laurie is back

  90. Cadence the Crow

    Cadence the Crow3 days ago

    Would've been perfect if instead he was behind the curtains and it was just a shoe blocking the door, and either he reaches from behind, or just stands there and does nothing because he knows they can't see him because he's a very faint silhouette, and if looking carefully he's not standing straight looking forward, but rather his head is tilted letting you know he's looking at her.

  91. DEADPOOL wrestler

    DEADPOOL wrestler3 days ago

    Can anyone help me find my sister?

  92. Taajwar Pope

    Taajwar Pope4 days ago

    John Carpenter's music score is pure epic.

  93. TheFanaticalNerd

    TheFanaticalNerd4 days ago


  94. Asakura Kinomoto

    Asakura Kinomoto4 days ago

    Is this the sequel of rob zombie's remake?or of the original?

  95. Love Living Life Forever

    Love Living Life Forever3 days ago

    Asakura Kinomoto the original

  96. Abhijeet Bhagat

    Abhijeet Bhagat4 days ago

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  97. FakeNewsBot

    FakeNewsBot4 days ago

    On the scene where Laurie shoots at the mirror reflection of Michael, is the person on the other window to the left a technical goof, or intentional and that's a character?

  98. 1000000man1

    1000000man14 days ago

    My only problem with this is that, I don't think Laurie would develop an obsession like this, if we are ignoring all the sequels, he's not the Michel Myers that's been established through the series. So he would just be some psycho that attacked her many years ago. I think realistically, she would be more like she was in H20. Scarred by what happened, but living her life as best as she can. That being said, it does look good and cinematically true to the original.

  99. veton krasniqi

    veton krasniqi4 days ago

    This whole trailer sent chills down my spine from the childhood memories, I canโ€™t wait for this holy shit!!

  100. Hamza Shaikh

    Hamza Shaikh4 days ago

    this might be the best horror movie ever or the worst

  101. Austin Moya

    Austin Moya4 days ago

    This movie comes out on my birthday can't wait for it

  102. Despatato

    Despatato4 days ago

    When the music played my anus immediately expanded to a unnatural size.