Guess My Kink (Cid) | Lineup | Cut


  1. Aria Abbas

    Aria Abbas4 hours ago

    2:40 please take me, I love it ill make sure u have all sorts of special eggs in you everyday and night and ill make sure u keep them there for a while too

  2. هبة

    هبة10 hours ago

    He looks like that girl Hailey from Lemonade Mouth

  3. MagicAwesome MukbangAsmr

    MagicAwesome MukbangAsmrDay ago

    I have a ton of kinks so really you could throw out a random guess of just about anything you could think of and there would be a decent chance I'm into it.

  4. Livi Pittman

    Livi PittmanDay ago

    this guy was so open to everything and so down to talk about it

  5. Jaydhen Thompson

    Jaydhen Thompson2 days ago

    What ur favorite body part COCK

  6. Kyren Caedes

    Kyren Caedes2 days ago


  7. Kyren Caedes

    Kyren CaedesDay ago

    +Cindy Berthelette Because I wasn't expecting her to say, "And then I'd probably ask it to do it again."

  8. Cindy Berthelette

    Cindy BertheletteDay ago


  9. Daniel Lord

    Daniel Lord2 days ago

    In reference to the guy into female dominance, considering he says he was into it because of his matriarchal FAMILY, I’m gonna guess that he’s also got an Oedipus Complex

  10. callMEdaddy

    callMEdaddy2 days ago

    Sid seems cool, and now did is traumatized

  11. ash12578 •

    ash12578 •3 days ago

    “i get a creepy vibe from you” *creepy laugh* “no”

  12. GingerPocky

    GingerPocky3 days ago

    I'd lick that dude

  13. Sheniya Goldston

    Sheniya Goldston3 days ago

    this is one of the funniest thing i’ve ever watched😭😭

  14. Sabine H

    Sabine H3 days ago

    I gotta say, I'm shook nobody said they have a daddy kink, wow.

  15. • Broke DeP •

    • Broke DeP •3 days ago

    3:16 what's that on her hand?

  16. Joanne Sherluck

    Joanne Sherluck3 days ago

    I love how he never judges and is more like interested to learn more about people

  17. BandyWandy

    BandyWandy4 days ago

    "whats your favorite body part?" "cock" *chokes on ice cub* i was not expecting that

  18. The birds and the bees

    The birds and the bees4 days ago

    Taylor was really hot. I’m also really gay but it’s cool.

  19. Freshly Baked

    Freshly Baked4 days ago

    Didlo Yum Didlo ha 🍩🐱 This is where I take didlo In hole Lickey lickey the kitten

  20. Ariel Higurashi

    Ariel Higurashi4 days ago

    How about doing a guess the name of the person lineup?? Guys like this so it can become a thing!! EDIT: AND ADD CARLOS TO IT LMAO

  21. Passion Passive

    Passion Passive4 days ago

    To the girl with the "egg laying" kink... You haven't found anyone?? GURL! Call ME!

  22. Leila Trottier-Evans

    Leila Trottier-Evans4 days ago

    Wait what was the guy who rolled over's kink

  23. NSI Gamer

    NSI Gamer5 days ago

    I’m a bit into puppy play/ ddlg and idk why lol

  24. AJ Leary

    AJ Leary5 days ago

    The word "c*ck" needs to be banned. So digusting and ugly. Just say dick.

  25. Knesha Pearson

    Knesha Pearson5 days ago

    I’m low key mad he didn’t lick that guy 😂

  26. Dagger Nvp

    Dagger Nvp5 days ago

    How much are they paying these people into participating this?

  27. Emily Willard

    Emily Willard6 days ago

    jim's voice is hot as fuck yo

  28. Marissa Hruby

    Marissa Hruby6 days ago

    “Uh how should I put this..... THEN I put the CLINK CLINK on em and they CANT GET AWAY” 😂😂😂

  29. oof

    oof6 days ago

    idk i like when a man grunts

  30. daira rb

    daira rb6 days ago

    What is cid ig?

  31. Alaina R

    Alaina R6 days ago

    Sis really likes getting eggs laid in her im shook

  32. Alex Cruz

    Alex Cruz6 days ago

    My kink are soft feminine hands.

  33. Oddrey Weird

    Oddrey Weird6 days ago

    Now thousands of people know these peoples kinks.

  34. Chris Chapel

    Chris Chapel7 days ago

    I hope all those people washed their hands before this episode

  35. Typical Furry Channel

    Typical Furry Channel7 days ago

    Two words “ big tits”

  36. The Gamers' Bazaar

    The Gamers' Bazaar7 days ago

    yoooo i wish everybody was this honest and open

  37. Spacely

    Spacely7 days ago

    This was so awkward to watch I could see the awkwardness omg

  38. MIKENIKE206

    MIKENIKE2067 days ago


  39. Amber Henderson

    Amber Henderson7 days ago

    anybody know cids @?

  40. Giulianna Mendez

    Giulianna Mendez7 days ago

    Love how they picked such an open person to do this

  41. 2TYP S

    2TYP S7 days ago

    Cid is one of the best ! I love him!

  42. Nope

    Nope7 days ago

    Omg when the first guy walked in I just knew he loved feet. Wtf. I’m kind of scared of myself now. Plz send help😂😂

  43. nilla / バニラ

    nilla / バニラ7 days ago

    suck toes & eat ass

  44. MGArt DZN

    MGArt DZN7 days ago

    7:45 "arr" you fucking jocking with my me?

  45. That one lonely guy

    That one lonely guy7 days ago

    Cid is like that cool babysitter that lets you eat candy for dinner and let you stay up all night.

  46. Veronica Tribuzio

    Veronica Tribuzio7 days ago

    cid: do you like boys or girls? her: men, definitely no boys. boys couldn't handle all this YES SIS YOU RIGHT

  47. Tessa Brown

    Tessa Brown7 days ago

    the egg thing weird as shit

  48. Ish Ruth

    Ish Ruth7 days ago

    Do you remember when you knew you had that fetish Guy* yea I.. *i sucked a toe* I'M DEAD MY GUY JUST SAID I SUCKED A TOE 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  49. Asdfghjkl

    Asdfghjkl8 days ago

    Okay but what's Derick's @??

  50. Kirishima Eijirou

    Kirishima Eijirou8 days ago

    My kink tbh is making out, biting/kissing behind the ears of anywhere and licking 👌

  51. Isaac Ramirez

    Isaac Ramirez8 days ago

    My dick was soft asf thru the whole video

  52. Aesthetic lemon

    Aesthetic lemon8 days ago

    He sucks his own dick ?

  53. Atjugo

    Atjugo8 days ago

    Oh, it's the feet guy from that blind date video. I had a feeling we would get to see him here

  54. Higher Higher

    Higher Higher8 days ago

    Alright I’m gonna need Taylor’s details

  55. MeineNapkinen

    MeineNapkinen9 days ago


  56. Nobody

    Nobody9 days ago

    This guy is just... not impressed/surprised at all by anything [: ...

  57. Moonlight Star

    Moonlight Star9 days ago

    I really wanted him to lick his wrist 😂

  58. Adam

    Adam9 days ago

    2:08 I'd smash

  59. Eve Barajas

    Eve Barajas9 days ago

    I watched this after listening to Daron Malakian say “fellatio” 918382883 times

  60. Lemon Trash

    Lemon Trash9 days ago

    Cid is pretty attractive in all ways tbh. Unrelated, but I'm just saying.

  61. Moodle

    Moodle9 days ago

    "Is it furry related?" Great now more people will call being a furry ONLY a kink,

  62. Sadie Does Things

    Sadie Does Things9 days ago

    “Boys couldn’t have all this” Me: *Snaps Twice* “Slay”

  63. kristina julia

    kristina julia9 days ago

    Lmao I love Cid

  64. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones9 days ago

    Me:Calling people daddy is gross ?:Stop kink shaming me Me:Kink shaming is my kink ?:AAAHHAHAHAHHAHAH If you get this vine reference I will love you

  65. Perla Jurado

    Perla Jurado9 days ago

    My kinks are all over the place. But my main ones are neck stuff (kisses, licking, sucking,choking,) and hickies (all over) Ya go anywhere near my neck and I go crazy..

  66. Taylor C

    Taylor C9 days ago

    when i saw the first guy i automatically guessed right

  67. Speed Demon

    Speed Demon9 days ago

    First black lady says boys couldn't handle her lmao a ten year old could, looking like a piece of cardboard

  68. Kira the Folf

    Kira the Folf9 days ago

    pretzel man though

  69. Beckett Burrow

    Beckett Burrow9 days ago

    I will n o t take this from someone that sucks toes

  70. Amber Standley

    Amber Standley9 days ago

    My kink is black women. Okay, I know this is awkward.

  71. Amber Standley

    Amber Standley6 days ago

    Brooke Olsen No I like when black women stick eggs in me- you know what I said to much

  72. Brooke Olsen

    Brooke Olsen8 days ago

    Kink or prefrence? Big difference

  73. Wangari Kamau

    Wangari Kamau9 days ago

    *says he's not a creep* *reveals furry fetish*

  74. Jason Patrick

    Jason Patrick9 days ago

    I have a kink, Passionate Sex

  75. deimantukx x

    deimantukx x9 days ago

    Meaning of Kink?


    Not INTERESTED9 days ago

    What is kink?

  77. iiSerk

    iiSerk9 days ago

    Wtf eggs

  78. MadZL

    MadZL9 days ago

    Do a part two with more please

  79. ang del

    ang del10 days ago

    I fycking love this guy

  80. genni bear

    genni bear10 days ago

    i want to be on a episode like this so bad lmaooo

  81. Alyssa B

    Alyssa B10 days ago

    The fake throw killed me😂😂😂

  82. Abbi_timberwolf

    Abbi_timberwolf10 days ago

    JUST SAYING human puppy’s and furrys are very VERY different and furry IS NOT a kink!

  83. Melanin Martina

    Melanin Martina10 days ago

    Whoever Cid is... I wanna marry someone like him. Or actually him 👀

  84. GonzPlayzFN

    GonzPlayzFN10 days ago

    What is kinks

  85. Edith Gonzalez

    Edith Gonzalez10 days ago

    Comment Kink if you have one

  86. Rachell Darling

    Rachell Darling10 days ago

    Cid is so cute!!

  87. addi fish

    addi fish10 days ago

    Are you a brony I'm dying

  88. addi fish

    addi fish10 days ago

    What is Cid's social media someone please

  89. Ayman Bali

    Ayman Bali10 days ago

    Why does cid look so fresh?

  90. 0! kcxmews !0

    0! kcxmews !010 days ago

    I'm not sure if this youtuber did this, but have a person/people guess on when strangers found out about sex/how babies were made :3

  91. 0! kcxmews !0

    0! kcxmews !010 days ago


  92. Karys Suomi

    Karys Suomi10 days ago

    CID looks like Mr who’s son from Mr who hears a who

  93. Na Bi

    Na Bi10 days ago

    is it just me that related a little with all the kinks?

  94. Valentin Nagy

    Valentin Nagy10 days ago

    Cid is my kink

  95. Ah! Excuse me!

    Ah! Excuse me!10 days ago

    I wanted to see a little 😕

  96. evelin lea

    evelin lea10 days ago

    I wonder whats everyones kink in this comment section

  97. plant fizz

    plant fizz10 days ago

    Cid seems like the chillest guy ever

  98. Biggie's Daughter

    Biggie's Daughter10 days ago

    Cid is fine AF to me!

  99. kidminja44

    kidminja4410 days ago

    They didn't get anybody who shits or pees on their partner lmao I would have loved to see the reactions lol

  100. morgan :3

    morgan :310 days ago

    I’m surprised nobody had a daddy kink

  101. midnight hugs

    midnight hugs10 days ago

    i like role playing .... the little space kind . im weird like these . mostly with the girls but boys are okay too - edit: and I'm submissive partly dominate

  102. Stephanie Ann

    Stephanie Ann10 days ago

    I so wanna ask that guy who's kink is auto fellatio if its more like giving a blow job or getting one. I have always wanted to ask someone that who can do it to themselves.

  103. Lilly Mae

    Lilly Mae10 days ago

    0:34 is literally me when I meet someone

  104. Robert Sanchez

    Robert Sanchez10 days ago

    Hahahaha he totally turned on that dog guy