Guess My Kink (Cid) | Lineup | Cut


  1. ali

    ali2 days ago

    i like socks

  2. gabriel peralta

    gabriel peralta2 days ago

    I like being licked too

  3. gabriel peralta

    gabriel peralta2 days ago

    I also eat ass

  4. B H-0

    B H-04 days ago

    there are some seriously messed up individuals in this world

  5. B H-0

    B H-04 days ago

    2:10 had no idea that egg laying fetish was a thing. you learn some new every day

  6. Zafairanni McQueen

    Zafairanni McQueen4 days ago

    Sid sid sid

  7. Zafairanni McQueen

    Zafairanni McQueen4 days ago


  8. nachträglich derogatorisch

    nachträglich derogatorisch5 days ago

    Who's into trampling? 🤔

  9. billy LaCount

    billy LaCount5 days ago

    This dogs smart this is cool ha

  10. cheese cat

    cheese cat6 days ago

    I wanna meet sid he seems really cool and down to earth


    #FREENOLAN7 days ago

    i wanna be cids friend plz

  12. Caitlynn Hanson

    Caitlynn Hanson7 days ago

    Cid: “how many licks does it take?” 😂😂

  13. Dakota C

    Dakota C11 days ago

    Y'all just made puppy man's day.

  14. Zach Comer

    Zach Comer11 days ago

    I’ve sucked some toes. Cuz she forces me to. Not that I like it. She’s dominate. I’m not gonna lie. I like a dominate girl... but not to extreme where they will like whip me and shit. Just like kinda tell me what to do and shit. Then there’s times where I like being dominate. Just everything goes for me. Shittt

  15. Anja

    Anja11 days ago

    The last guy lmao 😂

  16. -Spirit of Pepe -

    -Spirit of Pepe -12 days ago


  17. Sab_ ach

    Sab_ ach12 days ago

    Cid made this video a lot more chill

  18. Jojo Siwa

    Jojo Siwa13 days ago


  19. Tomtaeto Armlink

    Tomtaeto Armlink14 days ago

    Cid looks like the Asian Snoop Dogg

  20. James Coppolino

    James Coppolino14 days ago

    taylor fine

  21. Its Just Brit

    Its Just Brit14 days ago

    Super open and non judgemental. I love it.

  22. Lilo High

    Lilo High14 days ago

    Let’s be honest, we all kinky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. Ghost

    Ghost15 days ago

    The man at 8:40 should kinda be in the same boat with auto filachio or however you spell it cause he can lick himself

  24. Melany M.

    Melany M.15 days ago


  25. AJ PDubz

    AJ PDubz15 days ago

    What is my obsession with the sub? I can't- i love him omg-

  26. luka liluashvili

    luka liluashvili15 days ago

    0:40 wish i had this dudes voice

  27. KiA 777

    KiA 77716 days ago

    i need jims @

  28. Zachary Johnsen

    Zachary Johnsen16 days ago

    I'm actually a bondage and size kink so alot of it I'm not surprised. Oh and blood drinking.

  29. Midnightwhitevevo 11,456,986 views

    Midnightwhitevevo 11,456,986 views17 days ago

    How do I get on this show " because If it's in Seattle my home town I want to be a part of it " It seems like a really fun show

  30. Olivina Sembiring

    Olivina Sembiring18 days ago

    dude, wtf is kink?

  31. Elegance of She

    Elegance of She21 day ago

    Sid is kinda cute 😏

  32. Ylgu 1469

    Ylgu 146921 day ago

    Bruh no one with some asshole I feel offended

  33. Allison

    Allison22 days ago

    As soon as she said sci-fi I knew what it was going to be. Thanks Tumblr

  34. Michael LaPoint

    Michael LaPoint22 days ago

    I was waiting for one of them to say children.

  35. Irena

    Irena23 days ago

    Anyone know Cid's Instagram?? It's research.

  36. OoOoOoF OoOoF

    OoOoOoF OoOoF23 days ago

    7:40 WHYYYYYY

  37. bts94jhope 7

    bts94jhope 723 days ago

    There's no DDLG people?!?!?!?!?

  38. babyboy tae

    babyboy tae24 days ago

    idk but like wHat iF a cOckRoACh laYS an eGg iN hEr aNd tHem BOOm

  39. Trans YamiKawaii

    Trans YamiKawaii24 days ago

    I have a pain kink 😅😅😅😅😅

  40. zedd luciano

    zedd luciano25 days ago

    Guy from Seattle is a fucking bellend 😂😂

  41. Selganor

    Selganor25 days ago

    Lioness X guy into female domination

  42. Katelynn Malone

    Katelynn Malone26 days ago

    As soon as the first guys walks up i literally said “feet. he likes feet”😂 Idk why i immediately got that vibe

  43. Hitler isn’t my Great Great Grandpa

    Hitler isn’t my Great Great Grandpa27 days ago

    Taylor was hot

  44. Inferno o_fish

    Inferno o_fish28 days ago

    Wtf 7:45

  45. greycat god

    greycat god28 days ago

    Cid reminds me of Logic lol

  46. Keep Walking

    Keep Walking28 days ago

    people are so damn weird what kinda fucked up world do we live in

  47. Isabella Vaxquez

    Isabella Vaxquez29 days ago

    Cid or sid is a cutie I’d fuck him

  48. oopsie! uwu

    oopsie! uwuMonth ago

    0:41 this nibba like *suckin toes*

  49. Gabby

    GabbyMonth ago

    How do they have the nerve to put this on the internet? LMAO

  50. Human Being

    Human BeingMonth ago

    I like this guy. He’s cool.

  51. Beastmode0393

    Beastmode0393Month ago

    I felt weird knowing that the one girl was talking about the Splorch.

  52. BloodyEater

    BloodyEaterMonth ago

    2:00 who is that female person? would be nice to get her name.

  53. Princess Snead

    Princess SneadMonth ago

    4:15 💀

  54. Kaylee Bee

    Kaylee BeeMonth ago


  55. I like Bleach

    I like BleachMonth ago

    I always thought cid was chill

  56. Suga Packets

    Suga PacketsMonth ago

    For the second lady I thought it was latex or some shiz

  57. Angel Brimhall

    Angel BrimhallMonth ago

    Can someone tie me up 😂✌🏼

  58. Reigning Stars

    Reigning StarsMonth ago

    How should I explain this? I put the clink clink on it 😂😂😂

  59. Shay Truscello

    Shay TruscelloMonth ago

    That foot fetish shit literally scares me.

  60. purplehairman kroah

    purplehairman kroahMonth ago

    Yo the cute second person if u wanna get freaky hit me up lol

  61. Brandon M

    Brandon MMonth ago

    Is danger a kink? If it is, then danger

  62. mason t

    mason tMonth ago


  63. Vinnie Free

    Vinnie FreeMonth ago

    "What's your favorite body part?" "Cock."

  64. Silentpepe

    SilentpepeMonth ago

    came here for entertainment, left with aids

  65. Derek Judd

    Derek JuddMonth ago

    My goodness, Derek the human puppy was so fricken cute! I sware I just wanted to rub his belly.

  66. Snatch a Weave

    Snatch a WeaveMonth ago

    Dereks kinda cute, doe she have an @ on insta or something?

  67. Jason Reinhardt

    Jason ReinhardtMonth ago

    wait! lick the wrist LICK THE WRIST!!

  68. Stephen Ceja

    Stephen CejaMonth ago

    I love this guy lmao

  69. Ashton Mercury

    Ashton MercuryMonth ago

    4:10 lil dicky what are you doing here

  70. Brionne Davis

    Brionne DavisMonth ago


  71. Jennie DaWeirdo

    Jennie DaWeirdoMonth ago

    “You look like you get tied up a lot” 💀

  72. Small Shay

    Small ShayMonth ago

    Role play is the best

  73. Lowlife

    LowlifeMonth ago

    cid and nick r hot oops teehe

  74. Kiya Kool

    Kiya KoolMonth ago

    His outfit is 😤😤😤👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽♥️💫♥️💫

  75. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WayneMonth ago

    Big black guy. "Do you line bananas?"🤔🤔🦍

  76. OldManGankins

    OldManGankinsMonth ago

    Jim be suckin them toes

  77. Cielarko

    CielarkoMonth ago

    Autofellatio, Toelick and Pup were so hot. And I got to be honest now I'm curious about an Alien seeding me.

  78. Reid Teale

    Reid TealeMonth ago

    I buy a dildo... wtf

  79. Kirus

    KirusMonth ago

    I almost feel bad for guessing the second persons kink, she said sci-fi and I just knew what she was into.

  80. Keira Ng

    Keira NgMonth ago

    How does she have sex if she doesn’t like being wet

  81. Potatoes VEVO

    Potatoes VEVOMonth ago

    I thought I was straight until Taylor 😍

  82. Potatoes VEVO

    Potatoes VEVOMonth ago

    Did not expect that huge first dude to be wearing a cigarettes after sex shirt.. SHOOK

  83. Erika Z

    Erika ZMonth ago

    I don't know why but i automatically guessed the first guys kink was feet xD

  84. John-Paul Firth

    John-Paul FirthMonth ago

    a Re Y Ou a BR oon Y?

  85. AwesomeDrawer 2nd account

    AwesomeDrawer 2nd accountMonth ago

    *sees dog mask and has flashbacks of when one my guy friends told me he had a pet play fetish and I didn't know what it was so I googled and found out* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Rein

    ReinMonth ago

    3:00 i would of burst out laughing

  87. Flower Child

    Flower ChildMonth ago

    Someone: what's your kink Me: the list is so long idek where to begin

  88. Dakota RayGun

    Dakota RayGunMonth ago

    Seeing as how I recognized to autofellatio guy I would’ve gotten reallllllllllll red in the face 😂😂😂😂

  89. Tina Bollen

    Tina BollenMonth ago

    what is a kink

  90. Campbell’s Soup

    Campbell’s SoupMonth ago

    Bro he said what was the first thing you did with feet and I said out loud “i sucked toes” and I was right

  91. Claw Vax

    Claw VaxMonth ago

    I aint gay but i'd let him come back to my place

  92. michael jackson’s ghost

    michael jackson’s ghostMonth ago

    The guy at 4:56 does really hot self sucking shit on pornhub :)

  93. Justin

    JustinMonth ago

    "what's your favorite body part" "cock" I spat beer all over my screen

  94. sausage 122

    sausage 122Month ago

    Cid's honestly good looking

  95. Tyler Riesgo

    Tyler RiesgoMonth ago

    one lick to get to the center of a weird ass man

  96. FetSide Fetish

    FetSide FetishMonth ago

    I like their kink. Before it I was on

  97. Joel Ampabeng

    Joel AmpabengMonth ago

    damn taylor has an ass

  98. Default

    DefaultMonth ago

    So awkward, at least have them sit down.

  99. irock18331

    irock18331Month ago

    What's your favorite body part? C O C K *nods at camera*

  100. not-so perfect

    not-so perfectMonth ago


  101. Jack DePra

    Jack DePraMonth ago


  102. PewNewsisthebestnews

    PewNewsisthebestnewsMonth ago

    I swear, nobody better be a furry in this one