Guess My Kink (Cid) | Lineup | Cut


  1. Beautiful Chaos

    Beautiful Chaos7 days ago

    Dirty talk is my kink😂

  2. KittyKat101

    KittyKat1017 days ago

    The man into female doms got 10x hotter when he said it cause HAI IM A FEM DOM HARDCORE INTO SUB MEN AND WOMEN SKKSKSK same for puppy dude I'm really into pet play 😂

  3. Ridaab رضاب

    Ridaab رضاب25 days ago

    I thought this said guess people’s kids and let me tell y’all, I was mad confused when I first saw this vid

  4. Monokuma

    MonokumaMonth ago

    Cid lowkey distracting me from the video 👀

  5. WeirdosQ

    WeirdosQMonth ago

    Cid was cool, but Ilah was way more entertaining. She used some props on people, she licked that guy she managed to ask the right questions and bring out the most interesting in every person. Still good video though.

  6. Tati Dominguez

    Tati DominguezMonth ago


  7. criminallyvulgar

    criminallyvulgarMonth ago

    Cid is fine af, he has the cutest face and most calm vibe.

  8. R3V3NG3

    R3V3NG32 months ago

    I want to get chocked, tied. And i want to act like baby.

  9. Daniel Scott

    Daniel Scott2 months ago

    Are we just going to ignore that he asked the black guy if he liked bananas?

  10. Becks Shion

    Becks Shion2 months ago

    The moment the second person gave the hint "syfi" my first thought was "She's either into tentacles, oviposition, or both. I think Ovi, for sure, maybe" so when she said she was into ovi I LOST my MIND. Can't believe I guessed that right. Also never thought I would see it be brought up in one of these vids. Hope she finds someone who she can properly have a good time with she seems cool

  11. Purple Senpaiii

    Purple Senpaiii2 months ago

    I have a daddy kink..

  12. Brandon Harrison

    Brandon Harrison2 months ago

    Cid seems super chill

  13. Laura Zinn

    Laura Zinn2 months ago

    the auto fellacio guy actually solved a mystery off mine

  14. winter _ 363

    winter _ 3632 months ago

    "I think tour evil" *evil laugh*

  15. Ксюша-Хрюша

    Ксюша-Хрюша2 months ago

    Well...I love uniforms tho😂😂is this a kink? :D

  16. Fran's Room

    Fran's Room2 months ago

    so Guess i'm the only asmr freak here. Cool

  17. hello there

    hello there2 months ago

    I kinda wanted to see him lick the guy’s wrist

  18. Lupix

    Lupix2 months ago

    Man Cid is such a good kid

  19. F r e a k L i k e A n n i e

    F r e a k L i k e A n n i e3 months ago

    "Quit kink-shaming me!" *_"Kink-shaming is my kink!"_*

  20. Rhys Blades

    Rhys Blades3 months ago

    he's shaking a lot of hands he shouldn't be shaking

  21. Moons And Crystals

    Moons And Crystals3 months ago

    I freaking love Cigarettes After Sex!!! (I'm pretty sure the first dude was wearing their merch)

  22. Drewskeez

    Drewskeez3 months ago

    8:32 Subtitles: "One si6ngle lick?"

  23. s p r o u t y

    s p r o u t y3 months ago

    Cid sounds like the bartender guy from Deadpool.

  24. Megawatts Kilometers

    Megawatts Kilometers3 months ago

    The moment that one chick walked up to him I could TELL she was into choking, it’s in the eyes lol

  25. tegan case

    tegan case3 months ago

    My girl likes being slapped on the ass.......yeah I don't know

  26. boo yah

    boo yah3 months ago

    I like his style

  27. Im Slushzyyy

    Im Slushzyyy3 months ago


  28. Bored Potato

    Bored Potato3 months ago


  29. SH4DE Viral

    SH4DE Viral3 months ago

    A dog

  30. i am a human

    i am a human3 months ago

    He is a rlly great guesser😂😂

  31. Nicocchi

    Nicocchi3 months ago

    Man this guys fashion is fucking fire imo. What shoes are those??? I need em

  32. Jisoos Christ

    Jisoos Christ3 months ago

    My name’s Taylor too, and honestly that girl was a mood when she said she doesn’t like pain or being dirty

  33. abby rose

    abby rose3 months ago

    I need to find Nick on social media or something bc he's adorable wow

  34. Sadly not Yoongi’s hand holder

    Sadly not Yoongi’s hand holder3 months ago

    As long as no one gets hurt without consent I don’t give a flying f*** into what people are. Enjoy yourselves and don’t ever feel bad for what you like 💜

  35. Paris Smith

    Paris Smith3 months ago

    5:00 me running away from my problems.

  36. Oliver Brok

    Oliver Brok3 months ago

    The word “NO” is my kink

  37. thekindredspirit

    thekindredspirit3 months ago

    So he’s a furry

  38. Lara Horhor

    Lara Horhor3 months ago

    cid seems cool and composed on the outside but im sure he said wtf a couple times internally

  39. Duolingo bird

    Duolingo bird3 months ago

    I don't have a kink -furry gamer 2019

  40. SkyRuby Fletcher

    SkyRuby Fletcher3 months ago

    “ this dogs smart “ 😂😂😂

  41. Absynthe

    Absynthe3 months ago

    Sorry guy, every one has a kink..... Just ask Roger from American Dad.

  42. CryingFear

    CryingFear3 months ago

    The guys who guessing is so non-judgmental and he’s great.

  43. Lucky Smoke

    Lucky Smoke3 months ago

    I almost got all of them right wtf

  44. Benny R

    Benny R3 months ago

    "COCK" I love a man that knows what he wants

  45. Jungkook is hella Jungshook

    Jungkook is hella Jungshook3 months ago

    "Don't kink shame!!!!" "What if kink shaming is my kink?????" "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh"

  46. Bridget Hildebrand

    Bridget Hildebrand3 months ago

    Cut: hey so we've got this idea for a video Cid: lay it on me Cid: You want me to do what?

  47. Peeb The pet rock

    Peeb The pet rock3 months ago

    CID: how many licks does it take? Me: IDK HOW MANY DOES IT TAKE TO GET TO A TOOTSIE POP.

  48. Ben Hawkes

    Ben Hawkes3 months ago

    “This dog is smart” I mean....sure I guess he is?

  49. Sally Johnson

    Sally Johnson3 months ago

    Bro the toe guy was cracking me upppp

  50. Grgf drfy

    Grgf drfy3 months ago