Guess My Kink (Cid) | Lineup | Cut


  1. Sophia Johnson

    Sophia JohnsonHour ago

    I thought he was normal until he started chasing a bone

  2. Sylvi Kat

    Sylvi Kat2 hours ago

    *Kink Shaming is my kink!!!*

  3. Weiss Schnee

    Weiss Schnee2 hours ago

    I've seen that autofalletio dude suck his dick on pornhub BSSHSHHS

  4. dns424

    dns4248 hours ago

    Every day the human race seems to stray further from God.

  5. Wa wa wa wa waaa W

    Wa wa wa wa waaa W9 hours ago

    The west needs a giant change or needs to burn

  6. Jeff_ Coff

    Jeff_ CoffDay ago

    Sucked a toe

  7. Lil Notoriginal

    Lil Notoriginal2 days ago

    these mfs are crazy they should get killes on the spot

  8. Lil Jolly Rancher

    Lil Jolly Rancher3 days ago

    I mean I like thicc thighs and thigh highs

  9. Natalija Kljajic

    Natalija Kljajic3 days ago

    What does kink mean?

  10. LockTest

    LockTest4 days ago

    I like that Egg lady

  11. Loli Lover

    Loli Lover4 days ago

    Suddenly Wendy Le Pute appears

  12. mr turtledrep

    mr turtledrep4 days ago

    Sucked a toe 😂😂

  13. Lisbeth Sanchez

    Lisbeth Sanchez4 days ago

    Hey you guys should do, guess the parents?

  14. torri richardson

    torri richardson5 days ago

    K Km k. k. M k K

  15. torri richardson

    torri richardson5 days ago

    K. K k m

  16. Peachy Bri

    Peachy Bri5 days ago

    “What’s your favorite body part?” *Cock.*

  17. shawnmendes doubleoof

    shawnmendes doubleoof5 days ago

    Where the daddy kinkers at though?

  18. Horselover226

    Horselover2265 days ago

    You know you’re on archive of our own too much when the first thing you think of when she says “think sci fi” is oviposition

  19. Priscizzle

    Priscizzle5 days ago

    6:45 that laugh

  20. Albo Trammell

    Albo Trammell6 days ago

    This bish said at 3:13 boys couldn't handle all of that,Bitch ill fuck the shit out of you. Dont play with me mothafucka i have a big cock. Bitch I'm black get it straight Plus aint noboby want your ugly ass. your pussy most likely smell like fish with you stank ass im on yo ass bitch.

  21. Banana Rex

    Banana Rex6 days ago

    What’s a kink?

  22. Grace Kalu

    Grace Kalu6 days ago

    lmaoo i love washington

  23. Taeismybae Facts

    Taeismybae Facts7 days ago

    Is it weird that Cid looks like and behaves like my crush’s boyfriend? 😅😂

  24. Cassie Scott

    Cassie Scott7 days ago

    I thought this said "guess my kid" like they would have a line of people and their kids and you have to match them. That'd be a good idea for a future video

  25. Mia Røss

    Mia Røss8 days ago

    *how wet are we talking ;D*

  26. Young Kyle

    Young Kyle8 days ago

    Cid is a cool guy. He's very open-minded.

  27. penguins forall

    penguins forall9 days ago


  28. Calista Kulakowski

    Calista Kulakowski10 days ago

    I want to lick that man

  29. Bastet

    Bastet10 days ago

    does cid has instagram?

  30. {LAG:NDG} Schmoopy

    {LAG:NDG} Schmoopy13 days ago

    Mans really sucks his own dick

  31. crv

    crv13 days ago

    First guy was hot. Seattle dude was kinda cute too.

  32. corpusinteritus

    corpusinteritus13 days ago

    love Taylor, finally someone who’s actually about the “choke me daddy” life lmao

  33. Anne

    Anne15 days ago

    Lmao I love Cid. He needs to be around more

  34. zaf

    zaf15 days ago

    the human puppy looked like my dad

  35. AliceMadness

    AliceMadness19 days ago

    If it exists in any form it's a kink.

  36. SushiWrap

    SushiWrap20 days ago

    What’s your kink ? -I like to suck my own dick HmmmMMMMmmMmmMm

  37. Callie catiplar

    Callie catiplar20 days ago

    Sid reminds me of Archie of balormory 😂😂😂

  38. David Drake

    David Drake20 days ago

    I like to poop in girls gapes.

  39. KG Nation

    KG Nation20 days ago

    Taylor could get it 😭

  40. Jake Steel

    Jake Steel21 day ago

    Ok um why is this in my recommendation?

  41. _ LORD

    _ LORD21 day ago

    Beta males yikes

  42. Olga Guerrero

    Olga Guerrero21 day ago

    WE NEED MORE CID!!!!❤❤❤❤😋😋😋

  43. Elise Courtney

    Elise Courtney22 days ago

    there should be a warning...........

  44. Celtic Wind

    Celtic Wind22 days ago

    Hm is liking to perform oral considered a kink?

  45. o k

    o k22 days ago

    what the fuck did I just...

  46. minimowalt

    minimowalt23 days ago

    This some degenerate shit

  47. Martha t

    Martha t24 days ago

    Who else loves Cid's calm?

  48. Martha t

    Martha t24 days ago

    What is Taylor's kink?

  49. Yannah Williams

    Yannah Williams25 days ago

    “Uhhhhhh intercorse “ LMAOAOAOWJSIWOOWWKE

  50. wicious

    wicious26 days ago

    Ten seconds in: "what huh how do I do this I don't get the game" Five minutes in: "you look like you spend a lot of time tied up."

  51. DVE

    DVE27 days ago


  52. Twenty Øne Bangtan

    Twenty Øne Bangtan29 days ago

    Don't kink shame me! *KINK SHAMING IS MY KINK* Euahhhhhhhhhhh

  53. Samuel Franks

    Samuel Franks29 days ago

    “Adorable” wheeze

  54. joseph stakes

    joseph stakesMonth ago

    this is the most unconformable video in the history of videos, possibly ever

  55. skatergirl5401

    skatergirl5401Month ago

    I'm also a human puppy!!

  56. RainbowKittyStudios

    RainbowKittyStudiosMonth ago

    Tbh I kinda wanted to see a furry on here just to see how he reacted

  57. D Khosh

    D KhoshMonth ago

    Cid doesnt judge, be like cid

  58. seiko mv

    seiko mvMonth ago

    “are you a brony”

  59. Kylie Sharp

    Kylie SharpMonth ago

    I like how in the end he learned that kinks aren’t like a necessity to get off and that they aren’t inherently sexual he probably thought if kinks and strong fetishes which is a normal misconception

  60. Amiyuh_loves_BTS & Army

    Amiyuh_loves_BTS & ArmyMonth ago

    It's official, I love Cid.

  61. Parkour Pickle

    Parkour PickleMonth ago

    Nick is cute 🤷🏻‍♀️

  62. Leer Wesen

    Leer WesenMonth ago

    1st: Thought tickling and then feet right away, cause of the feather on his shirt 2nd: I neveeer would have guessed that. I was thinking something normal like whipping as a top. 3rd: Dominating dudes. Dingding! 4th: Gay bondage bottom... How is sucking yourself off a kink? Pretty sure anyone who could do it would, and it doesn't make you any gayer than just jacking off. 5th: Gave it away before I could guess. But yeah, he totally looks like a bottom. 6th: Lesbian dom. Into... IDK? 7th: GAAAAAY. I'm gonna go with watersports? Um nope. It's more messed. 8th: IDK... normalish BDSM kinda stuff.

  63. Katelyn Dungey

    Katelyn DungeyMonth ago

    I love you Cid 💕💕💕

  64. Fruit L00P

    Fruit L00PMonth ago

    "Is it furry related" mE

  65. KnightofFunnyJunk

    KnightofFunnyJunkMonth ago

  66. BadComic

    BadComicMonth ago

    The being licked one shocked me more than the other ones

  67. michael preston

    michael prestonMonth ago

    Sean has Big Feet, that's my fetish.

  68. TopDog 007

    TopDog 007Month ago

    2nd person is up my alley

  69. Andrea Jay

    Andrea JayMonth ago

    not to be dramatic or anything, but i have feelings for Cid.

  70. clapped

    clappedMonth ago

    *banana* *black* *monky*

  71. LaNiya Davey-Williams

    LaNiya Davey-WilliamsMonth ago

    Lol was anyone else curious in seeing what would have happened when the last guy was licked? 😂 "Well if you actually lick him, he will show you."

  72. One4theworld

    One4theworldMonth ago

    OMG!, Comment section is giving me LiiiiiiiFe! :-D

  73. Donna Bulaoro

    Donna BulaoroMonth ago

    at 8:17, i first thought he said being lit LMAO like.. on fire but i love how Cid was so open!

  74. JukuMod

    JukuModMonth ago


  75. LemonScissors

    LemonScissorsMonth ago

    Lol, im still laughing at the "confused barking dog" bit xDDD Very cool openminded video

  76. Kathy’ssquishies Squishies!

    Kathy’ssquishies Squishies!Month ago


  77. Jan Luke Canuday

    Jan Luke CanudayMonth ago

    I just found out my kink while watching this.

  78. LadyLucyla

    LadyLucylaMonth ago

    I'm kinda ashamed i know EXACTLY what egg-laying alien dildo she's talking about.

  79. kindlesworld

    kindlesworldMonth ago

    as soon as the sub boy came out (with the frizzy hair) i got him right i paused the video as before they started asking questions i dunno he gave me a vibe like my bf has (yeah my main is my sub and dom)

  80. Crazyoldhead 245

    Crazyoldhead 245Month ago

    I was thinking eggs for the egg person just chicken eggs though. Don't know how I got so close someone help I'm freaking out.

  81. Santi Bahena

    Santi BahenaMonth ago

    *Sucking farts out of butts*

  82. McJuggins Phd

    McJuggins PhdMonth ago

    I freakin love this.

  83. Overkills

    OverkillsMonth ago

    the dude with the dog mask looked like bane

  84. Mel

    MelMonth ago

    It's been a hot minute, did anyone find Cid's insta?



    I have the same shoes as cid

  86. Colby Harris

    Colby HarrisMonth ago

    "What's your favorite body part?" "COCK" *blinks*

  87. DarkShaman

    DarkShamanMonth ago

    Would some bad goy drop a canister of Zyklon B to snuff out this wanton degeneracy?

  88. Kaitlyn Zaniewski

    Kaitlyn ZaniewskiMonth ago

    cid looks kinda yellow.... liver failure? is he good?

  89. yuh yeet

    yuh yeetMonth ago

    First dude is wear a ciggaretes after sex shirt...hell yeahhh

  90. John David Sweeney

    John David SweeneyMonth ago

    4:20 whatcha smokin? He got the rainbow underwear.

  91. Bryan Ramos

    Bryan RamosMonth ago

    Cid sounds like he could get a job as a voice actor. Easy. Next?

  92. serenity 808

    serenity 808Month ago

    I love putting clothespins on my body and leaving them on for a while........removing them after they've been on for some time is what really feels good.

  93. Brianna Terese

    Brianna TereseMonth ago

    Lmfao already knew the first dude had a foot fetish. 💀

  94. Socorro G

    Socorro GMonth ago

    He's so chill.

  95. ahgbdb asdg

    ahgbdb asdgMonth ago


  96. Galvanized Gamer

    Galvanized GamerMonth ago

    Immediately guessed the foot guy and the femdom guy immediately.

  97. hizzy9898

    hizzy9898Month ago

    i wish i could get that succcc too much belly jelly

  98. Kayleigh Raviscioni

    Kayleigh RaviscioniMonth ago

    *there is actually a foot* lol😂

  99. Optic Neutron

    Optic NeutronMonth ago

    A dog I'm done with society

  100. Sierra sunshine

    Sierra sunshineMonth ago

    The world is interesting in 2018