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Gryffin - Just For A Moment (Audio) ft. Iselin


  1. Phantom

    PhantomDay ago

    This one deserves billion views....Gryffin buddy you are very best .... your music flows with my heart

  2. NaRis Sara SL.

    NaRis Sara SL.5 days ago

    This is already on on Favorite List since June 21, 2018. 💙

  3. Anamarie Abarquez

    Anamarie Abarquez21 day ago


  4. ahmad tariq

    ahmad tariq22 days ago

    Superb fantastic level man

  5. Maruba Silaen

    Maruba Silaen24 days ago


  6. cody pedersen

    cody pedersenMonth ago


  7. FrouFrou

    FrouFrouMonth ago


  8. Tommyometer

    TommyometerMonth ago

    This song has such a good foundation but I feel like the vocals are flooded by the instrumental in the background. If the background music was toned down a small bit it would be SO much better


    FRANK WAKAYEPMonth ago

    Nice Song 😍😍😍🤞

  10. Cícero Gomes Lopes

    Cícero Gomes LopesMonth ago

    Pq trava em 1:26?🤷

  11. Daniela Gutierrez

    Daniela GutierrezMonth ago

    Me encanta..❤



    Just just just favulous.. Awsome splendid...

  13. Lama j

    Lama jMonth ago

    this song is so underrated

  14. Raihan Fadhilah

    Raihan FadhilahMonth ago

    Iselin is fire and Gryffin nice melodic😍

  15. Erin Ketcham

    Erin Ketcham2 months ago

    Best song ever ! ❤

  16. Joseph V M

    Joseph V M2 months ago

    Iselin's vocal is amazing!!

  17. Willy Santis

    Willy Santis2 months ago


  18. Fadli Fausta

    Fadli Fausta2 months ago

    This Is gonna better then another

  19. Cledi Yasmina Baltazar Sedano

    Cledi Yasmina Baltazar Sedano2 months ago

    I love this song.

  20. Jamison Garner

    Jamison Garner2 months ago

    I love this song! The vocals are appropriate for the overall feel and message of the song, the drop and chorus are energetic and make you feel good. I would like to hear more of a difference in the 3rd chorus or more of a build in the drums/ bass. I can hear a slight difference but it is just all 3 sound same with no variation. Changing the finale would give the audience something to build up to and it would give the song a more impactful story. Seriously though, such an amazing song, thank you for your hard work Gryffin in giving us this great experience. Keep it up!


    JOSEPH NASSARY2 months ago

    Gives the best vibe

  22. Proud Zombie

    Proud Zombie2 months ago

    I want to know this genre

  23. kibex

    kibex2 months ago

    1,022,888 views 8.1.18 just to show them their view improvement

  24. Schawe

    Schawe2 months ago

    🔥 🔥

  25. Fymo

    Fymo2 months ago

    This reminds me of 'Whole Heart' SHIT THIS IS LIT!

  26. Frequency Cocktail

    Frequency Cocktail2 months ago

    cool and imotional

  27. NoaNoa Noa

    NoaNoa Noa2 months ago

    What kind of músic are the songs like this? Love it

  28. madan nikalje

    madan nikalje2 months ago


  29. Qian Zy

    Qian Zy2 months ago

    Gryffin - just For a moment (audio Bass)

  30. Pandu Arya Acita

    Pandu Arya Acita2 months ago

    The song is so fucking cool.

  31. Rajeev Rtm

    Rajeev Rtm2 months ago


  32. Rajeev Rtm

    Rajeev Rtm2 months ago

    Best in classs

  33. S'bhekile Ndlangisa

    S'bhekile Ndlangisa2 months ago

    Damn this is dope..........

  34. CoryJung

    CoryJung2 months ago

    Beautiful sounds! I respect you from Japan. I hope your sound will be most famous~

  35. Tapasi Sarkar

    Tapasi Sarkar3 months ago


  36. lion5150

    lion51503 months ago

    This song makes me back to life. Tough but glad for this kind of very good music.

  37. wildcat2265

    wildcat22653 months ago

    is it me or does the vocals sound like ellie goulding *confused*

  38. Howz about android games

    Howz about android games3 months ago

    That's why i love Gryffin

  39. Will Gardner

    Will Gardner3 months ago

    I can’t explain how good this is 😍😍😍😍

  40. Dennis Muturia

    Dennis Muturia3 months ago

    Mad Love from Kenya

  41. Sulton Ñíguez1

    Sulton Ñíguez13 months ago

    Official music video?????

  42. Matheus Sean

    Matheus Sean3 months ago

    Algum BR🔹🔸💲

  43. Vanessa Nunes

    Vanessa Nunes3 months ago


  44. May Ya Di Han

    May Ya Di Han3 months ago

    Love from Myanmar 💙

  45. Joshua C.

    Joshua C.3 months ago

    *3rd drop was the best - Great song guys

  46. B. Mace

    B. Mace3 months ago

    Another awesome song by Gryffin!!!

  47. Daffa Ramadhan

    Daffa Ramadhan3 months ago

    Nice song Gryffin... I Love U so much. I'm Daffa Ramadhan from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

  48. aditya nalanda

    aditya nalanda3 months ago

    Love so much much much ❤

  49. Xanfow

    Xanfow3 months ago

    Tres bien!

  50. q laye

    q laye3 months ago

    so good !! Love from ph 💓

  51. go min

    go min3 months ago

    thanks gryffin ! Beacuse I love Iselin~~~

  52. Enrico Lo

    Enrico Lo3 months ago

    Wow, dunno why this song is very addictive to me.🙄🙄

  53. hanis syafinaz

    hanis syafinaz3 months ago

    I just heard the first few seconds and I'm already in love 😉❤️❤️

  54. NoPlugs

    NoPlugs3 months ago


  55. frajsty -

    frajsty -3 months ago

    I need this more just a moment ❤

  56. Thomas Pisch

    Thomas Pisch3 months ago

    So excited to see you in Germany / September 2018 Saw you the first time as you played @ Kygo in Cologne. Since then i am a big fan. :-)

  57. Thomas Höchtl

    Thomas Höchtl3 months ago

    This is a masterpiece 😍Epic 👆

  58. Mitesh Bansiwal

    Mitesh Bansiwal3 months ago


  59. Richie Luu

    Richie Luu3 months ago

    banger alert!

  60. Bijoy Achu

    Bijoy Achu3 months ago

    I just luvd this song

  61. Maciek Szostok

    Maciek Szostok3 months ago

    This song is pretty similiar to Scared to be lonely :)

  62. LoveLikeRockets

    LoveLikeRockets3 months ago

    So good 😊

  63. Suka Sepeda

    Suka Sepeda3 months ago

    realy good

  64. Suka Sepeda

    Suka Sepeda3 months ago


  65. jay mail

    jay mail3 months ago

    My favourite song😄😆😝😛

  66. Jose Antonio Rios Martínez

    Jose Antonio Rios Martínez3 months ago

    I need more of your music Gryffin you are the best

  67. Ashkin Ayub

    Ashkin Ayub3 months ago

    When I randomly click videos In hope of finding something good! And it pays off :-)

  68. SID PSY

    SID PSY3 months ago


  69. Dewa Made Febriandika

    Dewa Made Febriandika3 months ago

    Perfectly for me

  70. Keval Joshi

    Keval Joshi3 months ago

    Excellence with melodies overloaded

  71. Jhonam Smrhws

    Jhonam Smrhws3 months ago

    From MReporter Premium.

  72. daniel boitlung

    daniel boitlung3 months ago

    Love this song🎶🎶❤️🎶🎶

  73. Paqui Fernández fernandez

    Paqui Fernández fernandez2 months ago

    daniel boitlung Me too

  74. Martinaaa Classicista

    Martinaaa Classicista3 months ago

    Beautiful song🙂

  75. PyaeThet Chael

    PyaeThet Chael3 months ago


  76. HarvoMusic

    HarvoMusic3 months ago

    Really really nice, I hear future bass drops in many songs, but it's never as clean or beautiful as this, WELL done brooooo

  77. Husnain Naeem

    Husnain Naeem3 months ago

    I ❤ it Very much 😍😙😚😘

  78. Monreudee Buranpou

    Monreudee Buranpou3 months ago

    Added to my fav song 😍😍 เพลงเพราะมากค่ะ ชอบบบ😍😍😍

  79. Bonar Sura Wijaya

    Bonar Sura Wijaya3 months ago


  80. John Vincent Sanido

    John Vincent Sanido3 months ago

    I was “Heading Home” when I saw this “Just For A Moment”, “Nobody Compares to You” Gryffin on how you make me “Feel Good” with you uplifting, emotional music, my “Whole Heart” skip a beat every time.


    ALEFIYAH DODIA3 months ago

    Sendin love from so far.. 😍😘😘.💕💞💖.. LOVE .

  82. andrew

    andrew3 months ago


  83. HAXE

    HAXE3 months ago

    Is this Ellie Goulding's Vocal :D

  84. GD Francex

    GD Francex3 months ago


  85. ronny cabello

    ronny cabello3 months ago

    venezuela present ❤️

  86. Nuttanit Chenglai

    Nuttanit Chenglai3 months ago

    Great piece!! Love from Bangkok

  87. HEARTBEAT Music

    HEARTBEAT Music3 months ago

    For a moment 🎵


    JAJANAN PASAR3 months ago

    Is so Good

  89. Schawe

    Schawe3 months ago

    whole heart

  90. LIFE is a GAME

    LIFE is a GAME3 months ago

    Love it ...

  91. NoPlugs

    NoPlugs3 months ago

    He deserves more views

  92. Capt. Rabbit

    Capt. Rabbit3 months ago

    Can i use this for my vlog?

  93. Faris Al Akram

    Faris Al Akram3 months ago

    I miss iselin solheim:(((

  94. Kalai Rubin Madeon

    Kalai Rubin Madeon3 months ago

    amazing 😍

  95. Mahendro Adji

    Mahendro Adji3 months ago

    Damn! 💯🔥🔥

  96. ッDaniel

    ッDaniel3 months ago

    *Las canciones de Gryffin son hermosas y más cuando hace Future Bass* ❤

  97. 楊斯翰

    楊斯翰3 months ago

    I want to know where the background image is going??

  98. Hardik Sen

    Hardik Sen3 months ago

    Illenium remix needed

  99. A.Nazier

    A.Nazier3 months ago

    that's so amazing, love it..😍

  100. They call me PEPSAYYY

    They call me PEPSAYYY3 months ago

    This is beautiful! Literally everyone who will collab with Griffin will not be the least bit disappointed!

  101. Gianfranco Paul

    Gianfranco Paul3 months ago

    Eres mi artista favorito 👏👏

  102. Saf

    Saf3 months ago

    i love your music ! so much

  103. m syahreza

    m syahreza3 months ago

    Gryffin + Iselin is guarantee of quality 🔥🔥