Growing Up Asian


  1. Gioele Cecchini

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    That comment will definentely be ignored with this grammar on this comment: VVV

  2. Gioele Cecchini

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    12:31 Lol they play Lunime games too? xD i Do too: Like, Gacha life, gacha verse, gacha studio and blah blah blah I'm boring and this won't get any like nor will it be pinned by Domics cool I'm lonely u w u VVV ~~~Contacting me for no/a reason~~~: iMessage/Messages: E/G-Mail: Skype: gioele1325 (Locked out of my acc) Discord: iiGalacqxseticcGalacqxsiee_#1726

  3. Krystal Shelby

    Krystal Shelby51 minute ago

    8:03 lol "are you hungry?"

  4. Itz_MaSoN PLAYZ

    Itz_MaSoN PLAYZHour ago

    Feels bad I do chores and no allowance :(

  5. Mr Blue Sky

    Mr Blue SkyHour ago

    I can relate even tho I'm African

  6. Fire

    FireHour ago

    Same I pull out my moms white hair and she would give me a dollar for each

  7. Fat Cat

    Fat Cat3 hours ago

    I never get in my bed with shoes on ewww!

  8. qianghua ni

    qianghua ni4 hours ago

    能看得懂吗?ok so I speak mandarin

  9. Moon Lau

    Moon Lau5 hours ago

    Oh my son is doing bad in the school because your a bad friend ohh I don't want to talk to you

  10. Nedyah

    Nedyah7 hours ago

    Yo in my family i dunno why but my grandma was like “ohh such a good boy... except you eat to slow” and i was like Nani why tho

  11. Annarelys Zayas

    Annarelys Zayas7 hours ago

    Panganiban is a name i can pronounce C:

  12. BucBuxFX

    BucBuxFX8 hours ago

    checking exam on phillipines: a++ no no no no 98/100 ye ye ye ye

  13. BucBuxFX

    BucBuxFX8 hours ago

    im a filipino

  14. hi i'm iny

    hi i'm iny8 hours ago

    5:35 Same

  15. Levi Stronghold

    Levi Stronghold9 hours ago

    As an Asian I can totally relate to this. this is hilarious, especially as a Filipino

  16. Dragon The great

    Dragon The great11 hours ago

    My asian and my parents let me draw

  17. Robloxionnight Gaming

    Robloxionnight Gaming18 hours ago

    Same here Bahamian and Hispanic life and Indian I don’t rlly embrace the British in me

  18. Melissa The best

    Melissa The best18 hours ago

    Growing up Latino :ME: mom I’m sick : Mom: oh well go to school not my fault u stupid : Me: goes to school his fever

  19. Irene Doca

    Irene Doca18 hours ago

    Which part of Asia are we talking about

  20. Simon Cooper

    Simon Cooper19 hours ago

    Friends talk about their allowance all the time to take a 15 bucks for just a living

  21. Ur Mom gay

    Ur Mom gay20 hours ago


  22. Jocelyn Pacaldo

    Jocelyn Pacaldo20 hours ago

    I truly relate to this.

  23. That one person In your classroom

    That one person In your classroom20 hours ago

    Asain life be like Me- Mom can i go play with my freinds? Mom- Yea. When you finish your 100000000000000000000 chores.

  24. nlson jvp

    nlson jvp21 hour ago

    checkout 12:13

  25. Natalyne Huynh

    Natalyne HuynhDay ago

    Me:mom I got high honor roll! My mom:What sigh your school is sometimes just dumb P.S I'm in 5th grade

  26. zebe

    zebeDay ago

    you make me laugh thx keep it up

  27. Plainjupiter724

    Plainjupiter724Day ago

    I guess my family is asian when it isnt

  28. moshimoshi

    moshimoshiDay ago

    being asian is eternal torture, if your lil' brother did something bad or get bad marks on the exam, it's always on you, the older sibling. and you can't talk back to them or you'll get slippers thrown over to your face

  29. vmiiax

    vmiiaxDay ago

    8:48 lmaoo

  30. Hershey Heart

    Hershey HeartDay ago

    mama mo?

  31. Hershey Heart

    Hershey HeartDay ago

    masarap ba baon mo

  32. Tuyang WP

    Tuyang WPDay ago

    Dom 😍

  33. Ginna Githua

    Ginna GithuaDay ago

    Oml I done kumon

  34. Jack Fleece

    Jack FleeceDay ago

    One time I said that I was Mexican and some guy said go back to Mexico

  35. Potato Stuffed Chicken

    Potato Stuffed ChickenDay ago

    In Japanese, our normal teacher was away and a substitute teacher taught us instead. She kept pronouncing the words wrong. And halfway the lesson, she asked my friend, “Hey, are you actually Japanese?” He’s Viet btw LOL

  36. mtuan the dimsum

    mtuan the dimsumDay ago

    BAON at SIMOT hahahahahha

  37. Moon Baby

    Moon BabyDay ago

    People would always call me Chinese or Japanese or Korean because they didn’t know what Vietnamese was like those aren’t all the places in Asia b*tch their like where are you from again is it umm wait vet-name-ase or vet-name 😂 I can soooooo relate to this

  38. Santosworld

    SantosworldDay ago

    I earned money for existing too

  39. tae_with_a bit_of suga

    tae_with_a bit_of suga2 days ago

    I pluck my parents hair

  40. Aidan Bramwell

    Aidan Bramwell2 days ago

    who else died at the second part🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. EeeshKoy

    EeeshKoy2 days ago

    all of this is relatable For Me

  42. Awesome cool guy

    Awesome cool guy2 days ago

    Yah we do not do alloweneces

  43. Messi_the Best

    Messi_the Best2 days ago

    This needs to be a podcast

  44. Matix Kim

    Matix Kim2 days ago

    I eAt hanyak

  45. Matix Kim

    Matix Kim2 days ago

    I'm Korean and I feel that I try to stop it but they still give me food

  46. Mikey Poopmaster

    Mikey Poopmaster2 days ago

    ZMine sorry about the accident about the Z so anyways I want to get five bucks from Mom

  47. Angel_ Burrito

    Angel_ Burrito2 days ago

    Im not corean but Lithuanian culture is kinda similar so I relate

  48. The Dab Master

    The Dab Master2 days ago

    Heyheyheyheyhey I'm learning at kumon

  49. Byun Baekhyun

    Byun Baekhyun2 days ago

    I ALSO GET TRIGGERED BY THE SHOES THINGY!!! even though I'm from North Africa and almost everything's similar here!! Like the same mindset I guess , esp the food part

  50. danica reontare

    danica reontare2 days ago

    im glad they didnt mention filipino traditional medicine

  51. Shyam Tanwar

    Shyam Tanwar2 days ago


  52. Ragerous person

    Ragerous person2 days ago

    2:14 oh! the white hair. we always do that to the elderly. especially my granny whose hair's just WHITE. all of it... (ps. the white hair's called uban)... 7:05 FUS RO DAH! 11:22 domics is not poor!! (the railroad was from home along the railroad which was a home for poor ppl)

  53. Lil Rabbit

    Lil Rabbit2 days ago

    "Randy, randy let down your hair!" Randy: "I cant, my mom bowl cut me" 😂☠

  54. kasuke yuchia

    kasuke yuchia2 days ago

    raandy randy let down your hair!!😀 i cant my mom ballcut me 😯 me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. kasuke yuchia

    kasuke yuchia2 days ago

    sorry i mean bowlcut😂😒 yeah...sorry

  56. Joyce

    Joyce2 days ago

    He's a Filipino?! Omg!

  57. john gantan

    john gantan2 days ago

    Its yummy

  58. Jack Abreu

    Jack Abreu2 days ago

    I love watching your vids I wanna be like you one day

  59. Hermila Heart

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  60. Benjamin Rowen McGovern

    Benjamin Rowen McGovern2 days ago

    your second syllable is EUHH

  61. Legodude13

    Legodude132 days ago

    8:20 I died

  62. Juna Choi

    Juna Choi2 days ago

    배고파? XD

  63. Lex Ejoc

    Lex Ejoc2 days ago

    if someone bullied me because im asian i would take them into an alleyway and slit their throat just kidding i would just ignore them lol :P

  64. dragonslr bro

    dragonslr bro2 days ago

    I did kumon it sucked

  65. Musonda Chisenga

    Musonda Chisenga2 days ago

    Im not asian but I relate to this..... (Im black btw)

  66. Zen K

    Zen K2 days ago

    Dom- Draws Jomm-My Name Ehlboy-Has glasses Claire-Needs to give something when visiting *HOW DID YOU SPLIT MY TRAITS NOT JOKING HOW*

  67. Pikachu Gaming

    Pikachu Gaming2 days ago

    The hair picking I did it to but I didn’t get paid though

  68. Pineapple King

    Pineapple King3 days ago

    My Asian grandma doesn’t let me eat American food because she says that American food makes me tall but I hate Asian food They did the Chinese Japanese some thing but I’m not both boi I’m Cambodian

  69. Celina Pham

    Celina Pham3 days ago

    I am a Vietnamese child that is 10 and my life is literally hard LIKE JEEZ THEY TREAT ME LIKE I AM 20

  70. JoyLon ProDUCKtions

    JoyLon ProDUCKtions3 days ago

    I’m black and I relate to *a l l o f t h e s e*

  71. prasaes landrau

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  72. July Ol

    July Ol3 days ago

    Funny xD For many topics, especially about food and allowance, Asian families seem to be very similar to ex soviet families xD


    TITAN BROS3 days ago

    Bansfrtgfg Gig


    TITAN BROS3 days ago

    I Ll

  75. Darius Plays ROBLOX Games

    Darius Plays ROBLOX Games3 days ago

    Me: MOM LOOK I WANNA SHOW YOU SOMETHING COOL Mom: Is it about animals? Me: ...No?? Mom: *ignores me*



    10:44 my dad did :(

  77. damian tremblay

    damian tremblay3 days ago

    D Do Dom Domi nope i aint doing that i liked my own comment :3

  78. damian tremblay

    damian tremblay3 days ago

    D Do Dom Domi nope i aint doing that i liked my own comment :3

  79. Terence Lin

    Terence Lin3 days ago

    I agree since I’m Asian

  80. 长小学

    长小学3 days ago

    I am an asian. And born in a place that are not well known and i hated

  81. Charlotte Campion

    Charlotte Campion3 days ago

    I’m also Asian charlotte is not my name

  82. Sasha Minx

    Sasha Minx3 days ago

    Shoes on the bed....uggggggghhhh

  83. Raven I

    Raven I3 days ago

    At school they would call my cousin ching chong chef... he wasn't even asian in any way he just had the almond eyes but very squinted. We're hispanic so I guess it's almost the same to your traditions. We had no allowances and even if we are full we are given more food.

  84. Orange Dude

    Orange Dude3 days ago

    "Your second syllable is è"

  85. Voramet Chinanggulpiwat

    Voramet Chinanggulpiwat3 days ago

    i’m Thai and i ate breads for breakfast :v

  86. Picket Pants

    Picket Pants3 days ago

    The wearing shoes in the bed thing is not a white thing. That's a barbarian thing lol. So weird! I am super white and I would never. Ever. So gross.

  87. XxLuna_ GamerxX

    XxLuna_ GamerxX3 days ago

    Asian life..... *takes a deep breath* CHINESE SCHOOL SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  88. Cora Dawson

    Cora Dawson3 days ago

    I will sub to everybody who reply’s to this comment or if you sub to me I will sub to you

  89. Cora Dawson

    Cora Dawson3 days ago

    “Randy Randy let down your long hair!” “I can’t my mom bowl cut me” LMAO WHY THATS SO FUNNY

  90. Wolfy gachaverse

    Wolfy gachaverse3 days ago

    Once I got $228

  91. Wolfy gachaverse

    Wolfy gachaverse3 days ago

    I got alace

  92. Shanny da UNDERTALEFAN101

    Shanny da UNDERTALEFAN1013 days ago

    *growing up as a Filipino* 1.even tho ya eat a lot of food you don't get fatter.... you get taller.

  93. IBreatheFortnite

    IBreatheFortnite3 days ago

    13:50 you can tell domic uses an iphone when he spells android "ANROID" Omegalol

  94. Jaynezis Aniez

    Jaynezis Aniez3 days ago

    Im philippino ako

  95. Ant Man 1101

    Ant Man 11013 days ago

    Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face And stars fill my dream I'm a traveler of both time and space To be where I have been To sit with elders of the gentle race This world has seldom seen They talk of days for which they sit and wait All will be revealed Talk in song from tongues of lilting grace Sounds caress my ear And not a word I heard could I relate The story was quite clear Oh, baby, I been blind Oh, yeah, mama, there ain't no denyin' Oh, ooh yes, I been blind Mama, mama, ain't no denyin', no denyin' All I see turns to brown As the sun burns the ground And my eyes fill with sand As I scan this wasted land Try to find, try to find the way I feel Oh, pilot of the storm who leaves no trace Like sorts inside a dream Leave the path that led me to that place Yellow desert stream Like Shangri-la beneath the summer moon I will return again As the dust that floats finds you We're moving through Kashmir Oh, father of the four winds fill my sails Cross the sea of years With no provision but an open face Along the straits of fear Oh, when I want, when I'm on my way, yeah And my feet wear my fickle way to stay Ooh, yeah yeah, oh, yeah yeah, But I'm down oh, yeah yeah, oh, yeah Yeah, but I'm down, so down Ooh, my baby, oh, my baby Let me take you there Come on, oh let me take you there Let me take you there

  96. LazyBones

    LazyBones3 days ago

    Reminds me of basically only being bullied by my “friend(s)”

  97. Kas

    Kas3 days ago


  98. Mocha_the_cat_44 :p

    Mocha_the_cat_44 :p3 days ago

    Where the Filipinos at? 🇵🇭 OMG how Relatable this video is 😂

  99. Lexa P

    Lexa P3 days ago

    Ooof growing up Asian is like GET AN A+ OR NO FOOD FOR YOU🍚😂😂 Edit: soooo DOMICS is Filipino?lol same

  100. Pearl Lilly

    Pearl Lilly3 days ago

    Mexican self watches video *can't relate* 😣

  101. Kingmobsmasher101

    Kingmobsmasher1013 days ago

    This was really relatable.

  102. Naww_Mir

    Naww_Mir3 days ago

    11:00 boi