Growing Up Asian


  1. DoodleDaren 123

    DoodleDaren 123Hour ago

    no offense my classmates told my japanese classmate chinese japanese you eat jelly fish

  2. Patriciasa santellano

    Patriciasa santellanoHour ago

  3. Ruby Lilly

    Ruby LillyHour ago

    My dad is Chinese (he comes from Hong Kong but now we're in Scotland) and he's does not care about grades n shit cause I've been suffering with anxiety and depression due to my mums death and he only wants me happy he's a great dad and I guess im lucky to have a rare nice Asian parent 😂

  4. Random Adam Tv

    Random Adam Tv2 hours ago

    randy randy let down your hair i cant my mom bowll cut me

  5. Linda Rebucan

    Linda Rebucan3 hours ago

    Omg your filipino!!!i am too!!!!😱

  6. I breathe

    I breathe4 hours ago

    Mom, can I go to the EE?

  7. Biggest Noob178

    Biggest Noob1784 hours ago

    Read the paper at 7:18

  8. DoodleNoodle MC

    DoodleNoodle MC6 hours ago

    In korea, ya got your Parks, Lees, Chos (ay thats me), kims, and so on

  9. DoodleNoodle MC

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  10. Ted Kim

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  11. Kelsey Little

    Kelsey Little7 hours ago

    this video always makes me laugh

  12. Angie Kossman

    Angie Kossman7 hours ago

    Oh god....... not the bowl cuts...... lemme just say my mom never trusted my grandma to cut my hair ever again after I came back from spending my summer vacation with them with a bowl cut...

  13. Emma Sullivan

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  14. infernous 7896

    infernous 78968 hours ago

    I don’t know why but when I tell people that I’m Filipino most of them say “what I thought you were Asian” me: 🤦‍♂️

  15. Mo B

    Mo B9 hours ago

    1 like = 1 pray Kumon stops torturing kids

  16. VortexPlayZ - Music

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  17. Genesis Ilagan

    Genesis Ilagan9 hours ago

    Im a filipino and i can relate to the plucking white hair situation.........

  18. Kaylee Nguyen

    Kaylee Nguyen9 hours ago

    How many of you guys are not asian watching this. If you are, and you're reading this... See what we have to go through?! you people can't relate.

  19. Michael Sarsonas

    Michael Sarsonas10 hours ago

    dude are you a filipino?

  20. Life of Kim Da Duck

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  21. Sillhouette Games

    Sillhouette Games11 hours ago

    The one people used to say at school, was: Chinese Japanese Bobble Knees Boobies I hate people......

  22. Misty Rose

    Misty Rose11 hours ago

    I grew up in Busan in Korea and I really hate it when people ask whether I know a kpop idol 🙄 I just want to smack them there and then. It’s like asking an American whether they know Obama

  23. Oliver Nilsen

    Oliver Nilsen11 hours ago

    I feel like I missed something... is Claire, Doms gf, or is she his sister?

  24. Big Fat Cat

    Big Fat Cat12 hours ago

    Canadians being RACIST?

  25. Beautyy mayy

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  26. Big Fat Cat

    Big Fat Cat12 hours ago

    *I T H O U G H T U W A S J U S T D U M B*

  27. sushixiaa

    sushixiaa13 hours ago

    i’m so happy other people know what the bird spit soup is that was literally my childhood

  28. Alex the God

    Alex the God14 hours ago

    \ (•◡•) /(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  29. Aryel T.V

    Aryel T.V14 hours ago

    My mom is like before school. “You want baon

  30. Geeverani Patrick

    Geeverani Patrick16 hours ago

    I am sri lankan and my parents wanted to me to the best in my class.Once I got 85 percent in a maths test and that is really good and my parents were like WHY DIDNT YOU GET 100 PERCENT????????????

  31. Taes

    Taes16 hours ago

    It's the freakng funniest ive watched ahahahahahaha really resonate with me. every asian parents are totally same

  32. Aanshi Patel

    Aanshi Patel16 hours ago

    I loved this vlog kind of theme without much scripted content ❤️

  33. Xx_ Kawaii Everything _xX

    Xx_ Kawaii Everything _xX17 hours ago

    4:33 Wtf, is his nips glowing!?


    ҒΩXΨ PLΔΨS17 hours ago

    I got made fun of because I look Asian but I'm mexican

  35. Blue Hood

    Blue Hood18 hours ago

    I hate people that put there shoes on thier beds and im white sooooo.

  36. The Nightcore Channel

    The Nightcore Channel18 hours ago

    You forgot one thing: Asian parents never apologize :v

  37. Anime Fangirl445

    Anime Fangirl44519 hours ago

    *Jmoms place* 😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣

  38. TheGabrielChannel

    TheGabrielChannel19 hours ago

    So relatable

  39. Sonia Pankhania

    Sonia Pankhania19 hours ago

    Kumon yassssssssssss

  40. The Double Helix

    The Double Helix19 hours ago

    I can relate.

  41. ItzDaAWM

    ItzDaAWM23 hours ago

    I get a dollar everyday when i am existing.

  42. Rosaé Slays

    Rosaé SlaysDay ago

    Thats my issue, I'm South Korean and my white schoolmates keep saying "ooo Kim Jun Un is your president! You're like his daughter now EW!" I'm like bitch i will kill all of you I'M FROM THE SOUTH NOT NORTH

  43. Moose Click Baiting

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  44. kuroo

    kurooDay ago

    2:15 same dude 7:02 up until I was in high school so around 14 and then it stopped Never get bullied because I stays in my hometown but I used to get casted aside in my class or anywhere. People just don't like me I guess.

  45. Shakira Chey

    Shakira CheyDay ago

    I'm Asian and I can't do arithmetic math for shit, yet give me a calculator and I'll do algebra, geometry and calc in 0.5 seconds

  46. Waifu Olivia

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  47. S. Animations

    S. AnimationsDay ago

    In finland theres no shoes or slippers in da house

  48. Scream J

    Scream JDay ago

    *I am Asian,i go to art school.*

  49. Steve Jovan

    Steve JovanDay ago

    You are Asian! An Asian male meaning that you are at the bottom on the sexually desirability scale of any other male! Unless another Asian women dates you its the lonely single life for you as only a poor desperate woman from any other race opts to an Asian man. You have other things to worry about!

  50. Phantom Paradox

    Phantom ParadoxDay ago

    Thats ... B L O O D M O N E Y

  51. Golden taco104

    Golden taco104Day ago

    Im an asian so i relate to this

  52. DaZapow

    DaZapowDay ago

    4:19 lol Claire's face

  53. A Carrot

    A CarrotDay ago

    So the bird's nest is best food, you cook it in water then put some condensed milk on it. I could eat tons of that shit.

  54. A Carrot

    A CarrotDay ago

    Wait, you get paid to pluck white hairs from your parents? I DIDN'T GET PAID A SINGLE CENT, I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED!

  55. Nigga Hobbs

    Nigga HobbsDay ago

    Only white people got allowance 😂😂

  56. ToastToGo

    ToastToGoDay ago

    Love your stuff.

  57. Irene

    IreneDay ago

    Dominic, Teach me Tagalog, I want to learn

  58. KASPAR C.

    KASPAR C.Day ago

    I'm a Filipino but grade doesn't matter to my parents. I'm an achiever but whenever I fail some quizzes or exams, they just let me do my thing. They never scolded me for getting 0 in a hundred item quiz.

  59. Johnny Dinh

    Johnny DinhDay ago

    As a Asian never say huh or what when someone older talks to you and you don’t expect it and I’m like huhhh and my family yells at me

  60. RG Kiwi

    RG KiwiDay ago

    12:07 I’m dead oml

  61. Janbert Guerrero

    Janbert GuerreroDay ago

    In philippines, you dont even wear slippers inside

  62. JimmyJamyShamy

    JimmyJamyShamyDay ago

    There was this joke my friends told me (they’re Asian too) it was like Chinese Japanese and then look what my parents done to me and he pulled one up one eye and pulled down the other and it was dumb funny

  63. SkyBurger Productions

    SkyBurger ProductionsDay ago

    I'm white, but my parents make us take off our shoes. America is broken

  64. Epic Nikki

    Epic NikkiDay ago

    I am the smartest person in my Classes, I'm Indian. My friend said "OMG ur so smart! And ur Asian! Are you Chinese!!! " I'm like "wut"

  65. noob banana

    noob bananaDay ago

    Picking up white hair... DUDE THATS MY JOB UNTIL NOW!!! HEHEHEHE

  66. Lunar_ Eclipsia

    Lunar_ EclipsiaDay ago

    11:01 That’s actually a game here in the philippines😂😂

  67. Meiling Gaming

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  68. AssasinGames

    AssasinGamesDay ago

    Most of the kids in my school are Asian but when I come across some racist people (mostly WHITE PEOPLE), Holy cannoli eating ravioli moly. “What, you be Japanese, Chinese, or vietnese? man, you got some weird NEES

  69. AssasinGames

    AssasinGamesDay ago

    *BllOOd MooNNeyYi*

  70. AssasinGames

    AssasinGamesDay ago

    All of my Asian friends be like “Wanna play tomorrow? Nah, kumon.

  71. Not So Boy Genius

    Not So Boy GeniusDay ago

    4:17 The fact that Claire touched her face was PRICELESS

  72. PotaattiPoika

    PotaattiPoikaDay ago

    Why u need slippers, have u guys heard of socks XD. In europe we always take our shoes off when we come inside of some ones house.

  73. Lemeow

    LemeowDay ago

    Just a story i want to share... I am Vietnamese( locate below Chinese). One day on the school bus on the way back home. A kid( black) ask me where i came from, and i say that i was a Vietnamese. The kid: Where are you came from? Me: Vietnam. The kid: How do you say hi in Vietnamese? Me: 'Xin chao' The kid: 'Ni hao'? Me: * I just want to slap her right away, i almost swear at the same time. Me: *sit there din't say any thing back to her. Then after a day later... She were sitting at the sit right behind me with another girl and i kind of freaking scare. Me: *look out the window for a long time until i realize that my hair being pulled, so i turn around, and the 2 girls just look at me. The kid: Hi. Me: *silent and turn back. The girls is keep pulling hair and i told them to stop, and then they just whisper some thing( it too loud on the bus so i couldn't hear anything ). Then i just sitting there waiting to get home( actually escape from the 2 girls) then i just realize that the girl who upset me last time is filming me. The kid: Hey! Me: * almost crying i was... scare (TT_TT ) I want to tell every body about this but i scare of being bullying by those girl, they are the 'bad' kid in the class... lucky that i don't have any class with them.

  74. Kpop and Animu Fan

    Kpop and Animu FanDay ago

    I’m Vietnamese but people always ask me “are you Chinese or Japanese “ Someone also said I kinda look Filipino

  75. Geeks and sneaks

    Geeks and sneaksDay ago

    I’m Arabic u should see us

  76. Wassa BB

    Wassa BBDay ago

    7:49 LUL

  77. S Senpai

    S SenpaiDay ago

    pls part 2

  78. Mason Doyle

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  79. Carina Macorncan

    Carina MacorncanDay ago

    I totally understand. You should tell the story about superstition from our Asian culture. One of mines is my mom would said if we sleep in the middle and we are bad, we will get eat by a lion. Lol I would believe it.

  80. Reagan Butrum

    Reagan ButrumDay ago

    I'm white and I don't even wear shoes in the house, I don't do allowances either, I did chores without getting paid

  81. Amber Deirdre

    Amber DeirdreDay ago

    simutin mo yan kundi ikaw maghuhugas ng pinggan

  82. Richard Dun

    Richard DunDay ago

    thats funny my mom made me do thats nose thing also but we black

  83. kkwatevs

    kkwatevsDay ago

    totally not asian at all but related anyway LOL but really though. who the fuck wears shoes in their home

  84. Isabelle Mellody

    Isabelle MellodyDay ago

    I am in the U.K.

  85. Ximeña Quetzalli

    Ximeña QuetzalliDay ago

    Lol good thing I'm Mexican

  86. Spikey Sings

    Spikey SingsDay ago

    Growing up Asian? You can't get anything Even if you really want You can't get anything

  87. Sayori

    SayoriDay ago

    My favorite episode ♡

  88. Bouncy Banana

    Bouncy BananaDay ago

    why does she sound divine?

  89. Sunshine E.

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  91. Phuc Nguyen

    Phuc NguyenDay ago

    It was Chinese, Japanese , Vietnamese LOOK AT THESE! People yell at u

  92. dark gamer

    dark gamer2 days ago

    Lol alam mo ang tagalog haha japanrse ako at pilipino din

  93. GalaxyBlueCat 123

    GalaxyBlueCat 1232 days ago

    Growing up asian.. mum: U TAKE OFF SHOES Me: takes of shoes and walks on bare feet Also mum: NO NO NO U USE SLIPPERS! FLOOR IS DIRTY!

  94. The Gamer Of Godz

    The Gamer Of Godz2 days ago

    There only 10 Asians throughout my school ;-;

  95. NatalieOutlet Fan page

    NatalieOutlet Fan page2 days ago

    Is he on the phone

  96. blue berry45

    blue berry452 days ago

    What is allowance? I was allowed to live there.

  97. Thai Saechao

    Thai Saechao2 days ago

    I was born in 2009

  98. magpie -

    magpie -2 days ago

    No shoes in the house, not even slippers

  99. ZaynakuGaming

    ZaynakuGaming2 days ago

    When i was a kid i gained 1000 pesos a week/20$ per week

  100. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia2 days ago

    OMG.I love that anamashin