Growing Up Asian


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    Wait ... is it £2.75 a month or ... £275 a month.... that's a... a ... A LOT Well technically it's £159 but that's still alot

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    wait i'm Korean too and I did Kumon too 안녕하세요 :)



    i have some classmates who forget what you call people from the philippines are called so instead of calling me a filipino they call my philippinean, like, WHAT?



    call me philippinean

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    I’m African American and I don’t have an allowance.

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    I got bullied for being Korean because I moved to America.

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    No not trow the drawings away parents 👋😭🖐

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    8:54 Rock lee use ur taijutsu to get down

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    I can relate SO MUCH! To almost all of these. I’m half Vietnamese and Half Afghan. I get so triggered when my non-Asian friends go on their beds with their shoes on I’m like dude you’re gonna get your bed dirty. So that’s why I’m so comfortable with my shoes off, and I have to put on slippers.

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    I died laughing at 12:06

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    You just earned a subscriber. I am Korean and I will feed you until one of us is tired. I made all my roomates in university fat. My record is one guy who gained 15lbs from me feeding him for one semester.

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    Yes we need more of these animated podcasts

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    I'm Asian and I can relate to every thing in this video....

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    Ur so true

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    R u getting ready with the new video bros I'm exited.Its been 2 weeks

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    That foot wear etiquette was ingrained into my very soul. I've gotten so used to switching between shoes, indooor and outdoor slippers that when I visit friends' homes I always try taking off shoes when they tell me its fine to keep wearing them I feel weird. This video reminded me that I need to get new slippers. Thanks for the upload and have a nice day.


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    i died when the mom threw the shoe at the brother and said you can cash that in later


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    Im pilipino XD marunong ako mag tagalog xd

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    Is this dom’s last video?

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    So Relatable!

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    I think most these things are typical of most cultures (except white westerners).

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    I'm Mexican so pocke Es Como si.

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    12:30 tho 😂😂😂

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    I'm Asian too. Curiosity: Who else stores pots and pans in their ovens?

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    Bruh I just realized your

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    Hey Domics, just finished watching earased, prolly best anime I've seen, I love the ending, if you know any more good anime, lemme know

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    #317 on trending Wow

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    0:46 We are joined to today by an ASMR with JOMM.

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    Been doing kumon for 5 years. I hate Kumon.

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    Whos glad they look white af This guuuyy

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    my mom yells at me every time i accidentally walk outside with my slippers ... and if i asked 'can we have allowance for doing chores' they just say 'why should you, you're just doing your job of cleaning the house that yOu liVe iN, you don't have to pay for it so at least keep it clean' ... whenever i say im korean (korean american) 'are you north korean???' 'uhm ... yeah... for sure'

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    I am Asian but I have grown up in a white fam but I always had something kinda like slippers and I didn’t have allowance I didn’t understand it.

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    This gave me a video idea

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    You are great at what you do Dominic!

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    oh god not kumon that thing gives me nightmares

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    5:09 The face of pure struggle and death

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    I only had a few white friends that walk in the house with shoes on but I never seen any sleep with their shoes on. The only person I know that lay on his bed with shoes is a Latino kid I know.

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    I’m Mexican we keep grocery bags

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    Funniest thing ever

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    In hungary we also tend to take off our shoes in the house, but its not necessary

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    o sup filipino

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    More vids plz

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    That thumbnail made me laugh more than I should’ve 😂

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    wtf my black cat is named jiji

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    Being Asian is the best 👍🏻

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    You haven’t uploaded in 2 weeks

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    You guys actually read the apology letter? It’s hilarious

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    My nam jef

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    R E E E E E E E E

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    I am Asian and I can relate to most of these things.

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    Chinese Japanese Dirty nees Look at these *EEEEEEEEEEEEEE* btw im in a asian family I'm philipino and amerrrrican

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    is it just my family or do asain always eat with their mouth open

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    8:06 I was crying

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    8:55 rock Lee 😂

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    I’m not Asian but when I go to my friend’s house, she puts her shoes on the bed and I was like “...WHY”

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    My allowance is like a dollar a week and I spend it all on food

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    I get it now.... Y’all know that stereotype that Asians are smart? Well Asians are smart because of all the tutors their parents give them....

  65. Hi Im APOP

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    Wow, so many of the etiquettes they are saying are so relatable for me, it's honestly surprising. [Don't click read more] I always used to think that my family is like, special because of how different they act compared to my friends' family. Like bringing items/gifts when going to a party/friend's house. My parents always told me to bring chocolate, or food when going at someone's house. Anyways, I'm probably talking too much, but you get the point.

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    Man... Growing up Asian is different from growing up Latino

  67. Moirasars

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    We Finns take off our shoes when we enter our/other's houses/homes. We don't use slippers or anything, we just don't use shoes inside the house. It's somehow disturbing how for example americans use shoes inside the house... I could never use shoes inside the house, unless it's a "special occasion" like moving day and you need to move stuff from place to place and you don't have time to take off and put on your shoes.

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    when are you posting dom??

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    dont talk back to filipino parents... they got the metal rod ready..

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    Do more collaboration with your friends plz

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    Me and my little sister are the only South African kids in the school so all the other kids are as pale as ghost while me and my sister are tanned it’s weird and it looks like our hair was bleached I’m not bragging I get bullied a LOT.

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    What Asian r u

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    lmao it's Chinese Japanese buhthemese I totally spelled that wrong

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    I went to Kumon as well but I’m English so idk how THAT happened

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    Hello im italian boy and for for me you is the Best youtuber in The word !

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    I never got an allowance even though I'm a white kid ;-;

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    Me neither (except in mexican)

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    I love hos I watch ”funny videos” (TNTL, Comedians) and my face is like: 😑... and then I watch domics:🤣

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    i think not all filipinos are short i mean im filipino im not so short

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    *blood money* is real?

  82. Skull Nation

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    Well I'm Filipino and Japanese and we are normal with taking our shoes off and our slippers I think it's weird, who wants dirty floors and beds. It just doesn't make sense to Asians. I don't really pick hair out of my mom's hair, my brother does that. Asians (like me) definitely bring home leftovers or balone (probably spelt it wrong). Ah yes, the Asian life.

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    EEEEE 이이이이이

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    I'm probably the shortest Korean in existence. I only grew to 4'11.

  85. Linette Corpuz

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    i thought that i was the only one that did this growing up 😂😂😂😂 PS. MY SIBLINGS STILL DO THIS

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    Никто не поймёт этот каминтарий ставь лайк если ты Русский

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    Are u pilipino Tagalog(form) Filipino kaba?

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    I’m Mexican...

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    11:21 What the poop sound *me: dying of laughing so hard*

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    So where my Asian fellas at !?

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    When he said something Nese does he mean Vietnamese?

  92. Elodie R

    Elodie R19 hours ago

    The shoes thing is pretty common in France. Your culture doesn't matter, when you're home with your family, no shoes. For most of us that's not hygienic (excuse my English x'c ) especially when you have kids..

  93. Elodie R

    Elodie R19 hours ago

    The shoes thing is pretty common in France. Your culture doesn't matter, when you're home with your family, no shoes. For most of us that's not hygienic (excuse my English x'c ) especially when you have kids..

  94. Kuma-kun!

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    I can't relate because my parent is not that asian even thought they're asian ;-;?

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    I broke the "no shoes in the house" rule

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    I'm from Russia and we Have such a channel just voice and it translates you into Russian

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    Hi domics I follow you from the Italy 🇮🇹

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    To be honest I don't like being a Filipino since there are things I don't feel accustomed to such as not able to understand Tagalog, garbage everywhere! such as that Heck I don't even know the bisaya numbers! so if ever I would want to go somewhere by myself I think I'm gonna just speak in English always My mom used to pinch my nose every time I go to bed and that's why I don't have a flat nose some of my classmates last time said they were kind of jealous? it sounded like they were jealous I asked myself why they have flat nose guess you answered that question of mine When I changed school I started to speak in English like I always did in my previous school and my classmates asked "Why are you speaking in English?" its because I've watched English people in youtube because if I were to watch Filipino videos it would be Tagalog and it would be HELL!

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    nakakarelate ako hahaaha ^○^

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    ✔- ? Let me just edit that to a + >:D ✔+

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    I could talk fhillipino

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