Growing Up Asian


  1. Paradox Sin

    Paradox Sin44 minutes ago

    This is so relatable omg

  2. Saki Gaming-My yandere game play is werid

    Saki Gaming-My yandere game play is weridHour ago

    I'm Japanese and this always happens to me, Dad: "Put down that pink rectangle of yours! You are failing math with an 88%!" Me: *Face palms* "Dad. 88% isn't failing" Dad: "You better be lucky you will get more than 1 Boyfriend!" Me: "I'm not a player?????"

  3. Zer0xy '_'

    Zer0xy '_'4 hours ago

    #asian lives

  4. Kevin Anzua

    Kevin Anzua6 hours ago

    Is it just me or are Mexicans and Asians kinda the same

  5. Joyce heng

    Joyce heng10 hours ago

    do a part 2 please, I’m laughing non stop HAHAHAH

  6. Alexa Arts

    Alexa Arts14 hours ago

    Im Asian Im Filipino This is how I was raised.. 1. DON'T U DARE WEAR SHOES INSIDE THE HOUSE. 2. steak with rice, soup with rice, chocolate with rice, rice with rice, RICEEEE. 3. U wanna eat?? GIVE ME AN A HUNNY. 4. When ur parents scold u, don't dare say a word. Don't. U'll fucking regret it. 3. Karaoke is lifeeee. 4. Dust is not allowed in our house. Nope. Not even a single one. (U can even lick the flowr). 5. Last thing when my parents knew I know how to draw, they where like "OMG UR SO AMAZING, PA LOOK AT THIS" "CAN U DRAW ME ANAK(CHILD)?" "DRAW OUR DOG!!"

  7. boots alcantara

    boots alcantara14 hours ago

    Im artistic and Im filipino It was encouraged until it turned into digital art

  8. NEgamer

    NEgamer16 hours ago

    So true. The rice and the it will be on your wife face.

  9. Frosty 1121

    Frosty 112123 hours ago

    4:30 Dom, do you know the term tangos ilong?

  10. Moon_ stone14

    Moon_ stone14Day ago

    I kinda grow up Asian since I am Indonesian and I can relate

  11. Cidnie Canada

    Cidnie CanadaDay ago

    i's is a filipino too

  12. TheRoblox Seal

    TheRoblox SealDay ago

    Well guess what? I got fifty cents a week ;-;

  13. Jalen Cai

    Jalen CaiDay ago

    I went to a Asian school, so the Asians bullied the whites

  14. Deanita Puspitarini

    Deanita PuspitariniDay ago

    omg this is so true i can't-

  15. X_Mask Hallow_X

    X_Mask Hallow_XDay ago

    Owh his a filipinooooo!!!! Omgggggg #Newsub

  16. BigGamerNoah

    BigGamerNoahDay ago

    I just noticed the fighterz reference

  17. Wilfred The Cat

    Wilfred The CatDay ago

    the "go back to the railroad" Comment i didint understand for a while. Until I started taking American Studies in High School. When we learned about the Industrial revolution and the Chinese immigration Act. Skewl iz impertont kidz *thumbs up*

  18. AlphaswordYT

    AlphaswordYTDay ago

    Tiger Balm

  19. CFJG da1 team cyko

    CFJG da1 team cykoDay ago

    Ha! My mom gave me 2 pesos for my dad he gave me 5 pesos per hair

  20. Kawika Nuuhiwa

    Kawika Nuuhiwa2 days ago

    Chinese Japanese olo olo squish

  21. yoot min

    yoot min2 days ago

    my asian parents always told me “no boyprend till you’re married”

  22. Akira Katsuki

    Akira Katsuki2 days ago

    As a filipino I'm loud as heck

  23. owen gamer the noob

    owen gamer the noob2 days ago

    I can totally relate with the getting white hair I get 2 pesos per hair strand

  24. Sasha

    Sasha2 days ago

    WAIT people in USA keep their shoes on inside??? Sorry but what the fuck this is disgusting. Especially on bed... I don’t know I live in France and I’m half Argentinian half Kabylian. NO ONE I ever visit and NO ONE in my family keep their shoes one! And at home we also don’t go under sheets with our clothes if we have been outside. It’s dirty

  25. Emory Briddell

    Emory Briddell3 days ago

    I call that left overs

  26. Bunny Floppy Hops

    Bunny Floppy Hops3 days ago

    My allowance is 20 a week

  27. Mikachu

    Mikachu3 days ago

    I’m Chinese but I grew up in Scotland and I was bullied :( I’m doing animation now :) I wasn’t brought up like an asian person though since my family is not Chinese.

  28. Skinny Legend

    Skinny LegendDay ago

    r u adopted

  29. Mat Le

    Mat Le3 days ago

    I hate my kumon so much

  30. Mitsuki Chan

    Mitsuki Chan3 days ago

    I think most Asian parents want their kids to be a doctor and get A’s. My dad wants me to be a doctor. I’m Asian btw

  31. sid strangwick

    sid strangwick3 days ago

    It's the same w Indians

  32. Rakshanda Jamal

    Rakshanda Jamal3 days ago

    U should watch fresh of the boat it is about this asian family living in florida it is a sitcom it is really relatable and funny

  33. kevinisgaming

    kevinisgaming3 days ago

    The more ehite hairs people take out more of them they get(white hair)

  34. fazinater 5

    fazinater 53 days ago

    Chine Chong wong It's a joke

  35. Lute Dog51

    Lute Dog514 days ago

    If u don't eat all your rice my mum says my wife will be spotty 😂

  36. Isabella Torres

    Isabella Torres4 days ago

    Am I the only Hispanic, anyway for punishment my mom hits me with a belt and I say does because IM TEN THE TORTURE STILL NOT OVER

  37. wanna ona is my bais so is jeahwan from wanna one

    wanna ona is my bais so is jeahwan from wanna one4 days ago

    lol I relate to all of these😂 my mom wouldn’t not let me out of the table until I finished eating everything , and its hilarious how Asian parents act all strictly but in reality they actually are just trying to take care of you🥰😂 Don’t watch this is your Asian or your related to it when you eat😂 I choked when I was watching it🤣

  38. BL Geek

    BL Geek4 days ago

    Im white and my parents do everything u said besides the slipper basket

  39. Skinny Legend

    Skinny LegendDay ago


  40. Animation Studios

    Animation Studios4 days ago

    “Randy Randy , i dont feel so good” YOU KNOW WHY YOUR BOWLCUT!

  41. Heavenly Hinojosa

    Heavenly Hinojosa5 days ago

    They might have worn the shoes to be ready to run

  42. Space Busters

    Space Busters5 days ago

    I am white and I am from Canada and I don't say that I have a friend and his parents are vinames

  43. WhatTheActualFuck

    WhatTheActualFuck5 days ago

    People who go to bed with shoes are satan

  44. CinnamonRoll Senpai

    CinnamonRoll Senpai5 days ago

    Like REEEEE!

  45. Kathya Vargas

    Kathya Vargas5 days ago

    Am not Asian, but all the way through school people thought I was.

  46. GoDawid Hardco

    GoDawid Hardco5 days ago

    Im Polish and i live in the Ducht and they bully me becouse i have a Polish acent and i juat dont like it... 😕

  47. Arely Villegase

    Arely Villegase5 days ago

    The bird nest is made from bird vomit

  48. Reyner Animates

    Reyner Animates5 days ago

    I searched "being Asian" and this is the first thing that popped up... Wow Dom you are really famous that you're video is the first thing that popped up when I searched something

  49. Cherryl Azures

    Cherryl Azures5 days ago

    what the? and also kumon i dont want to go there i hate math subject

  50. Cherryl Azures

    Cherryl Azures5 days ago

    bringing too much food we call it "baon" thats really true and think the other who speaking is a filipino too "i guess?" and finish the food called "Simot" i always doing it

  51. Ur mum big gei

    Ur mum big gei5 days ago

    Every time your aunt visits they would ask you EVERYTIME DAMN TIME IF YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND OR A CRUSH

  52. Justin ChimChim

    Justin ChimChim5 days ago

    In Korea, my mom wakes me up by saying, "너는 학교에 다닐거야." Which basically means that I'm like walking to school and I would race to my restroom and brush my teeth too fast that my gums would bleed and I would go to school with my nasty red gums. (She said that just to trick me, whenever I would finish and go outside I would see my dad in the car ready for me)

  53. The Dragon Shenron

    The Dragon Shenron6 days ago

    My allowance was 4$ each 2 weeks

  54. Xiaozhong Le

    Xiaozhong Le6 days ago

    *P U N J A B O B*

  55. hiroshii

    hiroshii6 days ago

    Why is Domics wearing a Chinese bamboo hat in the thumbnail? That's not even part of Filipino culture. Only Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Indonesians, other southeast asian (but not filipino) wear Bamboo hats.

  56. Tuesday Bandy

    Tuesday Bandy6 days ago

    My entire life I have alsways eaten slow

  57. Tuesday Bandy

    Tuesday Bandy6 days ago

    My entire life I have never had an allowance and I’m eleven

  58. Andrea Scrima

    Andrea Scrima6 days ago

    Very good you are fantastic

  59. johnielle silvestre

    johnielle silvestre6 days ago

    OMG!!! i thought you were a Japanese /Chinese person but when you said "baon" and "simot" i instantly knew you are a Filipino. Btw im a Filipino too 😀 MABUHAY!

  60. Infinity Shitzuke Takamuso

    Infinity Shitzuke Takamuso6 days ago

    Im from China and Cambodia

  61. Ethan Yang

    Ethan Yang6 days ago

    In my primary school, if you did good work you would be able to go meet the principal and he would give you a sticker, either 4, 3, 2 or 1 depending on how good it was.

  62. Alex Kilin.

    Alex Kilin.6 days ago

    Ching Chang Chong macaroni with bones

  63. Gamey Gamez

    Gamey Gamez6 days ago

    and im filipino

  64. Gamey Gamez

    Gamey Gamez6 days ago

    IM Asian to

  65. Spider 2.0

    Spider 2.06 days ago

    I’m white and I don’t wear shoes in my house. Am I weird? I thinks it’s weird to wear shoes on private places.

  66. Enzo Mariposa

    Enzo Mariposa6 days ago

    im filipino btw

  67. Enzo Mariposa

    Enzo Mariposa6 days ago

    im asian but i get allowance fir doing nothing

  68. yzae8 playz

    yzae8 playz6 days ago

    Where you from ?

  69. ShadowCub

    ShadowCub7 days ago

    For me it was, "eVeRy PiEcE oF rIcE yOu DoN't EaT iS a BlAcK dOt On YoUr FaCe."

  70. Queen Cosper

    Queen Cosper7 days ago

    “10 thing” **highlights 5 things**

  71. R_ob0tix

    R_ob0tix7 days ago

    Yo Domics... 4:25... Im filipino and this is what my parents do to me so.. your not the only one who experienced that.

  72. _ RAMEN

    _ RAMEN7 days ago

    12:14 claire sounds like one of those gods laughing

  73. Mya Rose

    Mya Rose7 days ago

    I had a Filipino daycare worker and she always yelled at us whenever we made a mess. Good times

  74. X Eclipse

    X Eclipse7 days ago

    I do Kumon tooooo😂👌

  75. Steve Hawtzy

    Steve Hawtzy7 days ago

    What monster wears shoes to bed?!?!

  76. Renaldo Ibrahim

    Renaldo Ibrahim7 days ago

    im indonesian, and rice is the side dish in indonesia. indonesian people won't be said "ate" if there is no rice in their plate.

  77. mind blown duck

    mind blown duck7 days ago

    I get confused by domics and jomm they look kinda the same

  78. Pixel Gamer YT :p

    Pixel Gamer YT :p7 days ago

    dont make asian laugh cuz when i laugh i go blind....

  79. Kasparas Norkus

    Kasparas Norkus7 days ago

    Welcome to the ricefields motherfucker

  80. Kasparas Norkus

    Kasparas Norkus7 days ago

    I respect asians

  81. Qwerty wkwke

    Qwerty wkwke7 days ago

    Filipino 🇵🇭🇵🇭

  82. N17立行

    N17立行7 days ago

    4:20 Why is claire holdong her face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  83. Zubaer Haque

    Zubaer Haque7 days ago

    Do you know that people of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Qatar they are asian also who dont look like Chinese.

  84. koi artsu

    koi artsu7 days ago

    I'm Filipino when I say I will collect my sketch pad my mom will be like "no,you can't collect this it will burn the house" and she will like throw it all away and I actually get mad

  85. Bread Boi

    Bread Boi7 days ago

    This is one of the funniest animations ever

  86. Skippy But Clone

    Skippy But Clone7 days ago

    Slippers is good

  87. Javier Andrés García Marín

    Javier Andrés García Marín8 days ago

    why the eyes aren't like asian eyes wtf

  88. Cici Chen

    Cici Chen8 days ago

    my korean friend is super short XD

  89. Erick Montiel

    Erick Montiel8 days ago

    Growing up Latino: You do whatever the f*** you want and livw with the consequences.

  90. lucas

    lucas8 days ago

    8:22 - 8:37 😆

  91. I'm a Moron

    I'm a Moron8 days ago

    At school this one mother fucker.....he called me "Asian" and I said "Bitch is you blind?"

  92. Jasim Haneef

    Jasim Haneef8 days ago

    I'm Indian. Self fucking explanatory.

  93. Can I get 1000 subscribers without any vids?

    Can I get 1000 subscribers without any vids?8 days ago

    Lol I have a cat named Gigi

  94. Sids_ Gamer

    Sids_ Gamer8 days ago

    I also had KUMO_ON

  95. ms. panget

    ms. panget8 days ago

    Where my pilipinos at??

  96. Myra Ambita

    Myra Ambita4 days ago

    Nasanan yun Pilipinos??

  97. Enchanted Cobble

    Enchanted Cobble8 days ago

    My filipino classmates scream "WA" in a funny way if there are no teachers

  98. Arron Bohol

    Arron Bohol8 days ago

    I am Filipino too

  99. Reagan Palmer

    Reagan Palmer8 days ago

    I get $10 a week for doing all chores 😂

  100. Anonymousgamer 123

    Anonymousgamer 1238 days ago

    I also don’t get allowance But I still do work So I guess my allowance was my parent feeding me,paying 4 my education, loving me, and looking after me. Man, kids these days do not appreciate all that our parents do for us

  101. IraCross Cristobal

    IraCross Cristobal8 days ago

    Me:hello I’m a Filipino (it’s true btw) Some white dood:I thought you were asianese Me:😒👌

  102. Meme GALAXY Meme

    Meme GALAXY Meme8 days ago

    my grades are strait azzz no As im a filipino ny mom grand dad cuzin iment to do that grandmother aunt help me they are all teacher

  103. Arvinder Singh

    Arvinder Singh8 days ago

    It’s sicario