Grav3yardgirl & the QUEST for the SILVER ELVIS!


  1. Louisa Evanger

    Louisa Evanger4 months ago

    My daughter and I unboxed one of the cambels soup ones and got the yellow vinal bull. we love it. She has it displayed on her shelf.

  2. Ксения Рязанцева

    Ксения Рязанцева4 months ago

    Seem it bunny brand for elvis ;)a lot duplicate:×]

  3. ScreamQueen

    ScreamQueen5 months ago

    The Marilyn portrait is also mega iconic

  4. Michael Horodowicz

    Michael Horodowicz6 months ago

    Love it all babe. Love it all.

  5. Michael Horodowicz

    Michael Horodowicz6 months ago

    My day was good.

  6. Virginia Schofield

    Virginia Schofield7 months ago

    Bunny look on Amazon they even have Andy warhol suitcases

  7. Savannah Zemlicka

    Savannah Zemlicka7 months ago

    Marilyn Monroe by far

  8. 2 B Cherished 83

    2 B Cherished 839 months ago

    #grav3yardgirl Bunny, I think the Camo Tye-Dye keychain acually almost looks like it has a green lizard on the back ,lol !!!😄🐊🐰

  9. Shaelyn Hamel

    Shaelyn Hamel9 months ago

    Happy vlogmss bunny I love sm

  10. James Platt

    James Platt11 months ago

    Omg those dolls in the background tho

  11. Hazel Belcher

    Hazel Belcher11 months ago

    Your hair is so cute! 💓

  12. Hugo Adrian  Wilkins

    Hugo Adrian WilkinsYear ago

    aderall ...any one?

  13. sadie graham

    sadie grahamYear ago

    Hey Bunny.hows it going girl? What do you do with all these things anyway?do you put them in a collective viewing box?

  14. Ella McMorris

    Ella McMorrisYear ago

    I guess you could say my day was good

  15. 21stCenturyReaper

    21stCenturyReaperYear ago

    Love these mystery unboxings

  16. Lauren Meeks

    Lauren MeeksYear ago

    Where do you get the boxes for these videos?

  17. Rocksaltfilms

    RocksaltfilmsYear ago

    The most known is the bananas

  18. Wubba Wubba

    Wubba WubbaYear ago

    For me, the well known Warhol pieces are the soup can and Marilyn Monroe.

  19. Ghosts and the Girl

    Ghosts and the GirlYear ago

    I did a paranormal investigation at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum!

  20. rahrah8249

    rahrah8249Year ago

    11:54 the back green part looks like a little alligator / monster :3

  21. Trinne

    TrinneYear ago

    for me it's the marilyn piece that i know him the best for .

  22. Linda Sinclair

    Linda SinclairYear ago

    Hi Bunny! Love ur videos 😍😍😍

  23. Jordan Rae

    Jordan RaeYear ago

    You do need to go back to school.

  24. Jordan Rae

    Jordan RaeYear ago

    It should be illegal for you to consume caffeine like its illegal for a felon to own firearms

  25. Jordan Rae

    Jordan RaeYear ago

    Please stop making videos where you talk

  26. Jessica Jane Ringer

    Jessica Jane RingerYear ago

    Marilyn Monroe is the big one

  27. Tom James

    Tom JamesYear ago

    I went hunting👍🏽👍🏽😇😇😇

  28. allie cat

    allie catYear ago

    This came out on my birthday!!!!!

  29. Shannon Knowlton

    Shannon KnowltonYear ago

    I'm curious to know what u do with ALL the repeats when UR done unboxing them? And are u ever gonna display ALL YOUR VINYLS from every unboxing VIDEO u have made??

  30. imogen mattel

    imogen mattelYear ago

    DE JA VU Just listened to Bunny talk about her love for dark chocolate and not so much for milk chocolate in her cookie dunking video 😂😂😂

  31. Haylee Marie

    Haylee MarieYear ago

    i just realized you uploaded this on my birthday lol

  32. Lily Roddis Year 8 Rawmarsh

    Lily Roddis Year 8 RawmarshYear ago

    I get out of school at 3:10 so that would be 8:10pm in the USA

  33. mitchlucker13

    mitchlucker13Year ago

    Make more of these !!!!!

  34. Jennifer Norkett

    Jennifer NorkettYear ago

    I LOVE Andy Warhol as Well! I love these videos love all of your videos! I actually work for amazon and it is super crazy busy for months around Christmas!

  35. Rosalita Trevitt

    Rosalita TrevittYear ago

    I love how your brave enough not to wear makeup on camera

  36. Rosalita Trevitt

    Rosalita TrevittYear ago

    what's white elphants?

  37. Rae

    RaeYear ago

    The silver pillows are pretty popular.

  38. bbyskittles91

    bbyskittles91Year ago

    I remember when a $60 bag was like OMG so expensive! Nowadays kids would think thats a cheap bag. I don't even want to have kids anymore because they're so expensive now.

  39. 666 BLACK CARBON

    666 BLACK CARBONYear ago

    I think of Marilyn Monroe when I hear Andy Warhol!!! Maybe because I love her so much that she has always been my fav!!! ✌🏾💜💋💋💋

  40. Maddison Parkhouse

    Maddison ParkhouseYear ago

    Where’s the sippy sippy?

  41. SCreaMing aNIMationS

    SCreaMing aNIMationSYear ago

    The bananas

  42. SCreaMing aNIMationS

    SCreaMing aNIMationSYear ago

    Do it live!!

  43. Captcha Neon

    Captcha NeonYear ago

    *I’m brand new to your channel, just subscribed tonight but I’m obsessed with these unboxing videos, love them all!*

  44. Melinda Monasco

    Melinda MonascoYear ago

    Marilyn Monroe

  45. Hayley Cruce

    Hayley CruceYear ago

    Kinda sad I couldn’t actually see the skull one. 🤕

  46. disasteraxel

    disasteraxelYear ago

    The Marilyn Monroe amd the campbell soups are the most iconic

  47. Isabella jones

    Isabella jonesYear ago

    skip to the part you came for 9:13 i think

  48. Tori Essing

    Tori EssingYear ago

    His Marilyn quad paintings are also super well known!

  49. Shannah

    ShannahYear ago

    It's just Vibrant haha. "It isnt coming through as vibrant."

  50. Juggalette541lotus

    Juggalette541lotusYear ago

    omg if o waited a few mins. hahaha that first loop bag I had hahaha