Grav3yardgirl & the QUEST for the SILVER ELVIS!


  1. daughteroftheelement

    daughteroftheelement9 days ago

    The Marilyn portrait is also mega iconic

  2. Michael Horodowicz

    Michael HorodowiczMonth ago

    Love it all babe. Love it all.

  3. Michael Horodowicz

    Michael HorodowiczMonth ago

    My day was good.

  4. Virginia Schofield

    Virginia Schofield2 months ago

    Bunny look on Amazon they even have Andy warhol suitcases

  5. Savannah Zemlicka

    Savannah Zemlicka2 months ago

    Marilyn Monroe by far

  6. 2 B Cherished 83

    2 B Cherished 834 months ago

    #grav3yardgirl Bunny, I think the Camo Tye-Dye keychain acually almost looks like it has a green lizard on the back ,lol !!!😄🐊🐰

  7. Shaelyn Hamel

    Shaelyn Hamel4 months ago

    Happy vlogmss bunny I love sm

  8. James Platt

    James Platt6 months ago

    Omg those dolls in the background tho

  9. Hazel Belcher

    Hazel Belcher6 months ago

    Your hair is so cute! 💓

  10. Hugo Adrian  Wilkins

    Hugo Adrian Wilkins8 months ago

    aderall ...any one?

  11. sadie graham

    sadie graham8 months ago

    Hey Bunny.hows it going girl? What do you do with all these things anyway?do you put them in a collective viewing box?

  12. Ella McMorris

    Ella McMorris9 months ago

    I guess you could say my day was good

  13. 21stCenturyReaper

    21stCenturyReaper9 months ago

    Love these mystery unboxings

  14. Lauren Meeks

    Lauren Meeks9 months ago

    Where do you get the boxes for these videos?

  15. Rocksaltfilms

    Rocksaltfilms9 months ago

    The most known is the bananas

  16. **

    **9 months ago

    For me, the well known Warhol pieces are the soup can and Marilyn Monroe.

  17. Ghosts and the Girl

    Ghosts and the Girl9 months ago

    I did a paranormal investigation at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum!

  18. rahrah8249

    rahrah824910 months ago

    11:54 the back green part looks like a little alligator / monster :3

  19. Trinne

    Trinne11 months ago

    for me it's the marilyn piece that i know him the best for .

  20. Linda Sinclair

    Linda Sinclair11 months ago

    Hi Bunny! Love ur videos 😍😍😍

  21. Jordan Rae

    Jordan Rae11 months ago

    You do need to go back to school.

  22. Jordan Rae

    Jordan Rae11 months ago

    It should be illegal for you to consume caffeine like its illegal for a felon to own firearms

  23. Jordan Rae

    Jordan Rae11 months ago

    Please stop making videos where you talk

  24. Jessica Jane Ringer

    Jessica Jane Ringer11 months ago

    Marilyn Monroe is the big one

  25. Tom James

    Tom James11 months ago

    I went hunting👍🏽👍🏽😇😇😇

  26. allie cat

    allie cat11 months ago

    This came out on my birthday!!!!!

  27. Shannon Knowlton

    Shannon Knowlton11 months ago

    I'm curious to know what u do with ALL the repeats when UR done unboxing them? And are u ever gonna display ALL YOUR VINYLS from every unboxing VIDEO u have made??

  28. imogen mattel

    imogen mattel11 months ago

    DE JA VU Just listened to Bunny talk about her love for dark chocolate and not so much for milk chocolate in her cookie dunking video 😂😂😂

  29. Haylee Marie

    Haylee Marie11 months ago

    i just realized you uploaded this on my birthday lol

  30. Lily Roddis Year 8 Rawmarsh

    Lily Roddis Year 8 Rawmarsh11 months ago

    I get out of school at 3:10 so that would be 8:10pm in the USA

  31. mitchlucker13

    mitchlucker1311 months ago

    Make more of these !!!!!

  32. Jennifer Norkett

    Jennifer Norkett11 months ago

    I LOVE Andy Warhol as Well! I love these videos love all of your videos! I actually work for amazon and it is super crazy busy for months around Christmas!

  33. Rosalita Trevitt

    Rosalita Trevitt11 months ago

    I love how your brave enough not to wear makeup on camera

  34. Rosalita Trevitt

    Rosalita Trevitt11 months ago

    what's white elphants?

  35. Rae

    RaeYear ago

    The silver pillows are pretty popular.

  36. bbyskittles91

    bbyskittles91Year ago

    I remember when a $60 bag was like OMG so expensive! Nowadays kids would think thats a cheap bag. I don't even want to have kids anymore because they're so expensive now.

  37. 666 BLACK CARBON

    666 BLACK CARBONYear ago

    I think of Marilyn Monroe when I hear Andy Warhol!!! Maybe because I love her so much that she has always been my fav!!! ✌🏾💜💋💋💋

  38. Maddison Parkhouse

    Maddison ParkhouseYear ago

    Where’s the sippy sippy?

  39. SCreaMing aNIMationS

    SCreaMing aNIMationSYear ago

    The bananas

  40. SCreaMing aNIMationS

    SCreaMing aNIMationSYear ago

    Do it live!!

  41. Captcha Neon

    Captcha NeonYear ago

    *I’m brand new to your channel, just subscribed tonight but I’m obsessed with these unboxing videos, love them all!*

  42. Melinda Monasco

    Melinda MonascoYear ago

    Marilyn Monroe

  43. Hayley Cruce

    Hayley CruceYear ago

    Kinda sad I couldn’t actually see the skull one. 🤕

  44. disasteraxel

    disasteraxelYear ago

    The Marilyn Monroe amd the campbell soups are the most iconic

  45. Isabella jones

    Isabella jonesYear ago

    skip to the part you came for 9:13 i think

  46. Tori Essing

    Tori EssingYear ago

    His Marilyn quad paintings are also super well known!

  47. Shannah

    ShannahYear ago

    It's just Vibrant haha. "It isnt coming through as vibrant."

  48. Juggalette541lotus

    Juggalette541lotusYear ago

    omg if o waited a few mins. hahaha that first loop bag I had hahaha

  49. Hayden Ormsbee

    Hayden OrmsbeeYear ago

    Your eyes are pretty Sorry just had to say that🍌

  50. Xiaolin Smith

    Xiaolin SmithYear ago

    I too love dark chocolate. i find milk chocolate kind of cheap in flavor... i kind of like white chocolate too even though its not real chocolate... How much does it cost to purchase all of those little boxes? I looked it up and some said ~$200.

  51. Caydell2

    Caydell2Year ago

    Omg when she said it was 11:40 at night I tripped bc right now it is 11:42

  52. Jamie Mathis

    Jamie MathisYear ago

    Omg kdrama is my latest addiction! I'm so bad about it lol I'll stay up all night watching episode after episode

  53. Cauctus on a window

    Cauctus on a windowYear ago

    bunny: *Opens package throws box* me: SERIOUSLY

  54. Amsiekins

    AmsiekinsYear ago

    Marilyn Monroe in 9 squares:).

  55. Dr. K

    Dr. KYear ago

    Why can't i get the link for the pallet? Clicking links... Product page is gone?? 😲

  56. Ghost Queen

    Ghost QueenYear ago

    Who’s watching in 2018 😝

  57. Michaela Burnley

    Michaela BurnleyYear ago

    Commercial interruption with perfect timing, "dark chocolate! ... nationwide is on your side"

  58. Eveciuce

    EveciuceYear ago

    I absolutely love Andy Warhol. These are my fave series of yours! Jealous of the bags too, tried to find them online no luck :(

  59. Alysia Spells

    Alysia SpellsYear ago

    That piece of artwork of Elvis by Andy is actually a diss on Elvis' career as Warhol thought Elvis sold out when he went to Hollywood and then Warhol went and did the same later in his own career. Smh.

  60. Clovers Face Channel

    Clovers Face ChannelYear ago

    ive been out of school a week after i was supposed to go back because i skipped friday because i hurt my wrist

  61. JimBearOne

    JimBearOneYear ago

    Multiple Marilyns is at least as well known!!

  62. Kateosaurus

    KateosaurusYear ago

    Yay! Warhol unboxing!!

  63. Rebecca Lewis

    Rebecca LewisYear ago

    You should do a colab with @glamandgore

  64. joshua cease

    joshua ceaseYear ago

    Bunny! I'm pretty sure you like having a family friendly channel. There was an extremely inappropriate ad in the middle of your video! Just letting you know!

  65. eloeber1

    eloeber1Year ago

    My boyfriend and I are in our 30s and we buy boxes of Dunnies off eBay and we split the box and spend an hour tearin up those boxes and trading each other for the ones we want. One of my fav things to do😂😂

  66. Jessica P

    Jessica PYear ago

    Yes, DramaFever! They also have CDrama, or Chinese drama. However you want to call it.

  67. Alexandra Alberti

    Alexandra AlbertiYear ago

    I love Elvis

  68. Queen Bee

    Queen BeeYear ago

    Omg wtf is wrong with her, she has like 100 doll heads on her shelf

  69. Jessie Calvert

    Jessie CalvertYear ago

    Loooooove the mystery box unpacking videos! I get excited right along with her!

  70. Awerain's Place

    Awerain's PlaceYear ago

    Can you please do more unboxings Bunny? I love your channel!

  71. bgishy

    bgishyYear ago

    I need these in my life!!!

  72. Bianca Nunes

    Bianca NunesYear ago

    Cool keychains I love the green purple and blue one and the one with flowers it looks like Hawaii and bunny you are awesome

  73. CHIUGazeRock

    CHIUGazeRockYear ago

    You definitely need to watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon & Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo!!! Those are literally so cute and funny you wont be disappointed

  74. Kate Haupt

    Kate HauptYear ago

    Is the bag company Loop Clutches?

  75. Adam Anderson

    Adam AndersonYear ago

    hey Don Knotts

  76. Emma Smith

    Emma SmithYear ago

    Film, edit & upload it - Live streams are super boring to watch no matter who it is! Love your videos though x

  77. Sterling Kato

    Sterling KatoYear ago

    Dark Chocolate Reese peanut butter cups =

  78. popvibes

    popvibesYear ago

    bunny have you ever been to the warhol museum in pittsburgh? it's awesome.

  79. Jacqueline Fink

    Jacqueline FinkYear ago

    This seems like one of your old, old videos. Idk why, maybe your hair. Cool.

  80. Salome Anaya

    Salome AnayaYear ago

    Video please

  81. ThatGirlLib

    ThatGirlLibYear ago

    I don't get the whole last minute shopping online and in person. We all have 364 days of shopping since stores are closed on Christmas. What if you receive the wrong or damaged item that close to Christmas? The last of my shopping is done by Black Friday.

  82. Kristine Siño

    Kristine SiñoYear ago

    It's just "as vibrant as", I think

  83. Emily Kalfas

    Emily KalfasYear ago

    Just used my new graveyard curl bellami colab collection to dry and straighten my hair (i did get the whole collection) and i am LIIIIVING!! It is soooo amazing it was all i wanted for xmas!!! I wish i got a signed one darnit but i am still a happy girl! A ++ Bunny u made amaxing products!!

  84. Michaela Lynn

    Michaela LynnYear ago

    You should make your own mystery boxs

  85. silvertarot25

    silvertarot25Year ago

    OMG'ness I love DramaFever. So many good shows & movies available.

  86. Winter Tiger42

    Winter Tiger42Year ago

    I get off on the 19

  87. Erin Lisle

    Erin LisleYear ago

    place Don't do it live I will miss it and I will cry

  88. Alicia Balderas

    Alicia BalderasYear ago

    Who else is watching on Christmas? If so, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  89. Abigail Wright

    Abigail WrightYear ago

    Thank you for still making videos. I've been watching you for years and I love how your channel is still as great as when I first found it. Idk why but these videos are so calming

  90. Can't Say

    Can't SayYear ago

    Why do my comments keep being deleted?

  91. Mindy Knipp

    Mindy KnippYear ago

    I finally gave a gator it’s wings ! Yay! I’m finally apart of the Swamp Family!!!!

  92. 14121315ism

    14121315ismYear ago

    on the 17 was my Bday

  93. I fart daisies

    I fart daisiesYear ago

    ❗😀❗Who thinks bunny should unbox the cozmo robot??❗😀❗👍

  94. kaylee powell

    kaylee powellYear ago

    Ok but what is her back ground ..😓

  95. adrianan

    adriananYear ago

    @simplybenlogical bananas and andy worhol

  96. megagiant14

    megagiant14Year ago

    Hunter S Thompson actually went to my high school, (Atherton High School), but then he got expelled and ended up in jail on the day of his high school graduation so he never actually graduated. My english teacher is a big fan of Thompson and got me into reading him and I loved the Fear and Loathing collection (mostly Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)

  97. Hilary Price

    Hilary PriceYear ago

    I like the live stream idea

  98. Hilary Price

    Hilary PriceYear ago

    What platform do you live stream on?

  99. ii GachaPotato ii

    ii GachaPotato iiYear ago

    Do a live stream!

  100. nessie410

    nessie410Year ago

    I want that Bowie button! He will always be one of my favorite creatures to ever walk the earth. 💔