GRAPEFRUIT PEEL STEAK Bistec de Toronja | HARD TIMES - recipes from times of food scarcity


  1. anlan7

    anlan76 hours ago

    That is a great idea! You have motivated me to check out ideas for hard time eating. I was thinking maybe a marinate might help to remove some of the bitterness first before breading and frying. I am going to try that. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Mia Rodgers

    Mia Rodgers16 hours ago

    *Do you like getting squirt in the face*? *yes*

  3. John Chase

    John Chase21 hour ago

    Lol. Condiments to BURY the bitter. Just throw it away.

  4. John Chase

    John Chase21 hour ago

    You had to know it was going to be uber bitter.

  5. Brotha Liphted

    Brotha LiphtedDay ago

    Coño meng, ¿que clases de hambre tuvo el cabrón que se inventó eso?

  6. Brotha Liphted

    Brotha LiphtedDay ago

    I love how you said

  7. Alyslesa Franks

    Alyslesa FranksDay ago

    Thanks for sharing, I will have to experiment with this idea. There's probably a way to make this work.

  8. Holden

    HoldenDay ago

    Has to be the whackest food idea I've seen yet.

  9. Saylor Werthington

    Saylor WerthingtonDay ago

    “Don’t you just love being squirted in the face.” 💀😬

  10. lori woodard

    lori woodard2 days ago

    That burp though 😂😎

  11. Nuki Udukala

    Nuki Udukala2 days ago

    I like watching her talk. So cute!

  12. Rosemarie Chibi

    Rosemarie Chibi3 days ago

    Wonder if you used a lot of salt to drain out the bitterness?? Like the way people do with eggplant.

  13. Allie Walker

    Allie Walker3 days ago

    I wonder if you could marinate it to remove some bitterness

  14. Jadis Onica

    Jadis Onica3 days ago

    I tried this and it was bitter, as you said. Yours looked better and I forgot to try it with ketchup. I don't think I would find it as a good alternative to the real thing. It was interesting to see what it tasted like. You are really good at being polite about something that does not taste great. :)

  15. Ron Thompson

    Ron Thompson4 days ago

    Didn't you make a faux apple pie once are braver then me ,I would have quite sooner .but you a hel l of a talented cook ,👍👍

  16. Business Chicken

    Business Chicken4 days ago

    She ate that with a straight face. And it's like tonic water. Kudos, bruhXD

  17. Mr Rytte

    Mr Rytte6 days ago

    Do you really think they used veg oil during hard times? Try frying them in meat grease. If you want it to taste like meat, use the pan drippings from meat that always use to be saved. I always save my bacon and sausage grease. If they would have been fried in hamburger grease they would have tasted like beef. Breakfast sausage grease, they would be like pork chops. Even lard would have been closer to hard times cooking. Years back a gal I was seeing ask why my fried potatoes tasted better than hers. I said because I add a little meat grease in with the margarine/butter for frying. It's the flavor that savors. It doesn't take a lot, just a tablespoon makes a world of difference. Guess why recipes say save the pan drippings, it's flavor. How many remember that stoneware jar or metal can on grandma's stove for grease? Never trust a skinny cook, LOL

  18. Kilo Bravo

    Kilo Bravo6 days ago

    I noticed that there was a lot of zest remaining on the pith when you cooked it. That may be the reason for the bitterness.😊

  19. fightscrime whilesleeping

    fightscrime whilesleeping7 days ago

    I like how you really try to make the recipes work, and explain and empathize with why they came to exist in the first place. very refreshing.

  20. SailorSerenitySaturn

    SailorSerenitySaturn8 days ago

    3:35 OMFG 💀

  21. 011090

    0110908 days ago

    I was the same way in school. My teacher didn’t like the competition... lol...

  22. billye merrill

    billye merrill9 days ago

    Boiling the grapefruit pith for a long time would remove.the bitterness and probably all the nutrition

  23. Good Question

    Good Question10 days ago

    The Pomelo will have a thicker pith. My mom would dry the pith to preserve it and then soak it in water to re-hydrate it, (it might take out some of the bitterness) cut it into pieces and use it in stews, it soaks up the sauce and has a spongy texture.

  24. Teresa M White

    Teresa M White10 days ago

    Do you think brining it for an hour or so will tone down the bitterness, and increase the umami profile?

  25. Mykka Lynx

    Mykka Lynx10 days ago

    Best MReporter channel for learning recepies from the depression is called great depression cooking with clara

  26. Karen Dery

    Karen Dery10 days ago

    I wonder is the skin (the white part ) from a pummelo would work better since is not bitter

  27. RedPanda_Ann

    RedPanda_Ann10 days ago

    May benefit from marinating

  28. Random Stranger Online

    Random Stranger Online11 days ago

    Rule 34 on Emmy now, she invited it!

  29. Gina Scaduto

    Gina Scaduto11 days ago

    I wonder if you soak it in salt water if the pith would loose some of the bitterness

  30. columbusshort45

    columbusshort4512 days ago

    Its bitter cause you didnt season it enough

  31. takenbyYah

    takenbyYah14 days ago

    New sub🤗 I love your HARD TIMES videos 👍🏼 You are too kute💯

  32. Stephen Yong

    Stephen Yong14 days ago

    This video is about Kids trying the food from Great Depression. Perhaps you can find you would like to try from his video =)

  33. Sam L

    Sam L15 days ago

    I am obsessed with these food scarcity recipes. So interesting

  34. T Jacobs

    T Jacobs15 days ago

    I know a girl who makes this dish...she soaks the rinds in Worcestershire, brown sugar, and pepper before she breads and fries them. I think it's pretty good.

  35. mSr DeSiGnS

    mSr DeSiGnS16 days ago

    Horse hooves = SPOT ON!

  36. rdelino

    rdelino17 days ago

    If you watch Dan Seto's clip, the grapefruit skins were soaked in brine for 3 days (brine change every day) to take away the bitterness.

  37. James Clark

    James Clark19 days ago

    Citrus pith is very good for you. Though I wouldn't fry it, lol.

  38. Beastly Autoimmunity

    Beastly Autoimmunity19 days ago

    It’s funny, I clicked this video because I thought that this would be disgusting. Then you described the bitterness as drinking tonic water straight up... I do this almost daily. My friends think I’m a psychopath for liking it. So guess who’s going to try a fried grapefruit pith cutlet soon?

  39. Growing Pains

    Growing Pains19 days ago

    Lol I just watched an subscribed but also dont like being squirted in the face lol

  40. mary fm54

    mary fm5420 days ago

    I love listening to you talk.

  41. Annaí C

    Annaí C21 day ago

    Lmao 3:43

  42. Rottn K9

    Rottn K922 days ago

    8:51 "drill"... just in case you were judging.

  43. Christine Wood

    Christine Wood22 days ago

    This is giving me inspiration XD I cook myself dinner at home often, and we're frugal too to save money, since it's just Dad and I. I'm never throwing anything away now.

  44. Linda V

    Linda V22 days ago

    I'll bet if you threw tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on top, it would taste great.

  45. Goldie Fatale

    Goldie Fatale22 days ago

    as its a *steak* id try steak sauce maybe?

  46. Allison Baker

    Allison Baker22 days ago

    Emmy, I’m somebody who tends to torture themselves when they aren’t allowed to eat by watching cooking and eating videos. I don’t know why I do this as it only makes me hungrier but I know I’m not the only one. I was wondering, what if you did a series on meals to eat when you’re getting well? Say old time recipes or home remedies for colds, the flu, and whatnot. I’ve been healing from a gallbladder surgery and I’ve only been able to have liquids so far, i wonder what people used to eat after surgeries back then 🤔

  47. Panda Jubby

    Panda Jubby23 days ago

    Watch troom troom turn this into a prank video

  48. Panda Jubby

    Panda Jubby23 days ago

    Voiceover “Because what’s funnier than a food shortage in Cuba blue eyes girl”

  49. Marcus Jones

    Marcus Jones24 days ago

    @3:34...came a rhetorical question that also came with instant regret! LmbaO...your reaction to your slippage is too funny

  50. Oo Cris oO

    Oo Cris oO24 days ago

    in cuba they also make Bistec empanisado with the fabric of the mop. fun fact. they still do it today, my step father has eaten them before.

  51. Donna Howell

    Donna Howell24 days ago


  52. Josie Sakurada

    Josie Sakurada26 days ago

    I feel like that would be great for tricking friends

  53. Steph P

    Steph P26 days ago

    I like your soothing voice and extra facts you give about the recipes.

  54. Nurul Fahira

    Nurul Fahira26 days ago

    "I just love being squirted in the face..." *realisation* "No i dont actually"

  55. Jessica Wood

    Jessica Wood27 days ago

    Idk if it's the wine, or if I'm just feeling a little emotional, but the intro got me all misty eyed when she said "your auntie or grandma know what it's like to be hungry". I grew up poor, but I am so grateful I was never 'that' poor

  56. barlovesnoop

    barlovesnoop28 days ago

    I guess a marinade could eliminate this bitter taste, and salting it like eggplant beforehand will probably help, too

  57. shattercross

    shattercross28 days ago

    “Don’t you just love being squirted in the, I don’t actually. Rhetorical question.” -Emmy’s greatest hits

  58. K. De.

    K. De.28 days ago

    It cooks and looks like chicken and veal cutlets.

  59. Scott H

    Scott H29 days ago

    I read about Cubans doing this, and I'm glad to find a video of you trying it. The version I heard about wasn't breaded and fried--this seems better. The article I read said to bury the "steak" under beans and rice so that you can't see what you're eating.

  60. Fayanora Ahnabahn

    Fayanora Ahnabahn29 days ago

    Would love to see a collab between you and Life Of Boris. Or just you making one of his recipes. He does desperation cooking too.

  61. Ptowza Potato

    Ptowza PotatoMonth ago

    Maybe if you soaked it like you would eggplant

  62. PR Gunnels

    PR GunnelsMonth ago

    I wonder if you could use navel oranges instead.

  63. Rebecca Winter

    Rebecca WinterMonth ago

    I enjoy this. This is a wonderful way of reminding people of the past and how hard our ancestors had it.. how they made it through.

  64. April Pendley

    April PendleyMonth ago

    Citrus skins are where most of the oil is contained. If you squeeze a citrus peel you can actually see the oil squirting out. That’s also why the grapefruit pith and fruit didn’t smell that much.

  65. April Pendley

    April PendleyMonth ago

    My teachers said I was talking too much and distracting my classmates. Turns out I was finishing before everyone else and getting bored.

  66. Geebop Baluba

    Geebop BalubaMonth ago

    Love your videos and you are so cute!

  67. KaitlynOxfordTV

    KaitlynOxfordTVMonth ago

    Can someone explain what/who Winston is? Im confused!!!

  68. Mike Frank

    Mike FrankMonth ago

    If you brine the pith first maybe it would taste better.

  69. Mike Frank

    Mike FrankMonth ago

    What's the nutritional value? If any

  70. Demi Campbell

    Demi CampbellMonth ago

    Maybe sweet and sour sauce might help? Even grilled pineapples?

  71. T. B.

    T. B.Month ago

    i heard boiling the pith gets rid of the bitterness...

  72. leeluv96

    leeluv96Month ago

    I wonder if the rind of the watermelon could be don't this way or does it have too much water in it?

  73. Lucy Spittle

    Lucy SpittleMonth ago

    This video is how I first stumbled across your lovely channel! I sometimes come back and re watch it :) I relate sooo much to the talking thing, haha

  74. Melissa0774

    Melissa0774Month ago

    I wonder if you could improve the flavor by soaking the pith in water for a long time or marinating it?

  75. Melissa0774

    Melissa0774Month ago

    I wonder what nutritional value this has?

  76. Robyn Nishihara

    Robyn NishiharaMonth ago

    I'll just fry tofu or seitan. This was interesting.

  77. Kathy Myers

    Kathy MyersMonth ago

    Dang. I hope times never get that hard.

  78. Leo Sullivan

    Leo SullivanMonth ago

    "talking a lot" is a skillful means when balanced - mirrored - shadowed with emptiness

  79. Mimi Sardinia

    Mimi SardiniaMonth ago

    A passing thought about the outer peels, you could also candy those. I'm sure grapefruit peel would work just as well as candied citrus peel as orange and lemon does. I know yuzu does, though I only get it in jars of yuja-cha that I occasionally buy. I love yuja-cha.

  80. Kenneth Ho

    Kenneth HoMonth ago

    I would at least salt it beforehand to remove the bitterness , or blanch it briefly to do the same effect

  81. Aaron Cohoon

    Aaron CohoonMonth ago

    4:15 Monty python, "coconuts! " lol

  82. Wendy Shaw

    Wendy ShawMonth ago

    Emmy U need to make hogmaa&chitterlins

  83. eddyk

    eddykMonth ago

    3:34 oh my

  84. Donkey Punch Knock-Out

    Donkey Punch Knock-OutMonth ago

    Fuck socialism/communism. People had to eat shit like this to "treat" themselves. This food is garbage. Imagine having to eat grapefruit piths to substitute meat... Socialism is evil. This is proof. People in Venezuela actually kill zoo animals to get protein. This is a sad lesson in life. All you retards that support socialism should be forced to live the "socialist" life before you vote. Yeah, capitalism is not perfect, but as Americans, being rich or poor, we all eat like kings. Poor people are actually obese in this country... I'd take a 99 cent burger over a deep fried citrus peel any day.

  85. GoalDigger Weightloss Journey

    GoalDigger Weightloss JourneyMonth ago

    i wonder if you marinate it over night if it would change the flavor ? i really want to try this

  86. Chip Noir

    Chip NoirMonth ago

    I wonder how this'd taste if you ate it with a Miracle Berry tablet.

  87. Odin Charles

    Odin CharlesMonth ago

    "don't cha just love getting squirted in the face-" WAIT ABORT ABORT ABORT SHUT DOWN MISTAKE INNUENDO "-No, I don't actually." good save emmy ^^;

  88. anna renfroe

    anna renfroeMonth ago

    White part is healthy part of the fruit.

  89. Feel the Burn

    Feel the BurnMonth ago

    You have such a calming, soothing speaking voice, and you are beautiful! Thank you for making your videos!

  90. Alexis Ryuun

    Alexis RyuunMonth ago

    I wonder if if you let it soak in soysauce and honey, if that would help the bitterness (before patting dry and breading), I use soysauce and honey with most meats because it brings out meaty flavors, but the combo is also great for bitterness, i'd either go that direction or maybe using the pith in Cincinnati style chili in place of meat (The cinnamon and chocolate would cut the bitterness over the slow cooking time)

  91. David Smith

    David SmithMonth ago

    I wonder if it could be done with an orange pith

  92. funkchild75

    funkchild75Month ago

    Ah, so we've discovered a food item that Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ doesn't enhance the flavor of. Will wonders never cease? :0) Thanks, Miss Emmy

  93. nightheme 365

    nightheme 365Month ago

    Made this for dinner. I put sauce and cheese, kind of mock chicken parmesan. Fried up perfectly, but had that bitter taste exactly as described. Maybe should have used ketchup. 😕 Fun experiment, but won't make this again.

  94. Arp477

    Arp477Month ago

    Maybe pre-soak "cutlets" in milk like ppl do with gamey meats?

  95. Waleed

    WaleedMonth ago

    i tried it and its sooooooo delicious thank you so much

  96. Daniela G

    Daniela GMonth ago

    What oil are you using to fry this with?

  97. Crickett Smith

    Crickett SmithMonth ago

    I was gonna say she copied clara

  98. Allie Marie

    Allie MarieMonth ago

    I've heard that blanching or boiling reduces bitterness. Especially if you cook it in broth or stock.

  99. Blisterbill

    BlisterbillMonth ago

    No, I don’t actually....... Funny

  100. millavas

    millavasMonth ago

    From my country use banana plant cores as meat substitute when meat prices are high

  101. Accuracy Marked

    Accuracy MarkedMonth ago

    My wife and I enjoyed your unique recipes....hilarious and practical....subbed.