GRAPEFRUIT PEEL STEAK Bistec de Toronja | HARD TIMES - recipes from times of food scarcity


  1. LordLoki81

    LordLoki81Day ago

    Try to soak the pith in very cold water to remove the bitterness next time. Along with the cold bath you can add a pinch of salt and vinegar. It helps neutralize the bitter flavor.

  2. Patrick Fairbanks

    Patrick FairbanksDay ago

    You should try Coca-Cola Cake

  3. Lindsey Jae

    Lindsey JaeDay ago

    Im addicted to your channel, love your spirit!!

  4. Deborah S

    Deborah SDay ago

    Would love to see you try this again testing various marinades, sauces or perhaps brines to get rid of bitterness. You did a great job of removing the pith layer.

  5. Mitters

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  6. Jennifer Hartlove

    Jennifer HartloveDay ago

    Did you try making candied peels with the shavings? Good for digestion...

  7. John Nnyanzi

    John NnyanziDay ago

    *crunch* *crunch* *crunchy* *crunch* o _O “...mhmm... ...It definitely tastes bitter...”

  8. Buzz Armstrong

    Buzz ArmstrongDay ago

    try the pommelo. it has a lot of pithe

  9. Enrique Ramírez

    Enrique Ramírez2 days ago

    My granny told me she used to boil them changing water and boiling again three times to rid out of the bitterness

  10. Byron Lee

    Byron Lee2 days ago

    I didnt know Cuban cooking also utilized the white fleshy part of grapefruit! In Chinese cooking, a certain dish uses the white fleshy part of pomelo (distant cousin of grapefruit)

  11. Rae Crothers

    Rae Crothers3 days ago

    I did some more research on this recipe and learned that if you have vinegar, you can soak the piths in that first to draw out some of the bitterness. (source:

  12. Sailrjup12nh

    Sailrjup12nh3 days ago

    I am not sure I want to poop out a pith

  13. Anna Lockwood

    Anna Lockwood3 days ago

    Just a thought. I wonder if you were to presoak for a time like maybe 10 minutes the grapefruit steak in beef broth. Let it drain off and then do your egg and flower. I'm just curious if that would lend a steak flavor also taking out the grapefruit skin bitterness. Would you be able to give it a try and give your thoughts? Thank you so much for these videos. I truly enjoy watching them, they really relax me and give me ideas for meals. Also for condiment, what about tarter sauce that has lemon juice in it?


    KIP SLAYER4 days ago

    I want if you bine it in would it change the taste makes me curious to try.

  15. Ashley Flores

    Ashley Flores4 days ago

    Emmy has a such a scientifical approach to her recipes she’s never tried before, especially when she asks her questions about the outcome, first. It’s so cute!

  16. emperor-chipotle

    emperor-chipotle4 days ago

    I had the impression it was actual steak fried with a kind a grapefruit syrup.

  17. Crystal Wizard

    Crystal Wizard4 days ago

    You know, Emmy, just because people could find a way to eat something when they had no food, does not mean the stuff they ate was all that good for them or nutritious. The Dutch people found a way to eat Tulip bulbs when they had to, but I don't recommend it as a normal sort of food.

  18. LBC4211

    LBC42114 days ago

    Hey, also, my mom grew up on the depression so when I was growing up mom fixed a lot of those depression style meals her mom used to make - one of my favorites she called 'depression stew' - it was really a soup - mix ground beef egg bread crumbs - like you would for meatloaf, but she'd crumble it and brown it in some oil with some already sautéed diced onion like you might for making sloppy joes, then she'd open 2 cans of baby peas and add diced already cooked potatoes, add salt and pepper and some crusty bread and you are good to go! I'm vegetarian and I tell you I just substitute the frozen veggie crumbles and it's really good that way to!

  19. LBC4211

    LBC42114 days ago

    I wonder if you marinate it first, like in soy sauce, teriyaki or worcestershire if that would help take away the bitterness. I know eggplant parm is like this - the eggplant is meaty due to it being pithy, and it's bitter too. Think some folks sweat the bitter out with salt then rinse it - some soak it in lemon water (but I can't see how sour will overcome bitter seems like it would intensify it) -- but this would be interesting to noodle around with -- thanks!!!

  20. MyBabyReads

    MyBabyReads5 days ago

  21. agirly1503

    agirly15035 days ago

    Looks soooo good!

  22. Glitchy Kiwi

    Glitchy Kiwi5 days ago

    Looked like fish to me honestly. Yum.

  23. Santiago Gomez

    Santiago Gomez5 days ago

    Do you have a video with cooking Jackfruit?

  24. Shannon Sunshine

    Shannon Sunshine5 days ago

    Saaameee on the talking too much on report cards and to yourself. I never got that sibling though

  25. Omari Thompson

    Omari Thompson6 days ago

    I didn’t know you can just separate the fruit from the pith that easily.

  26. islezeus

    islezeus6 days ago

    Feed this to a vegan and see how quickly they go to real meat

  27. islezeus

    islezeus6 days ago

    Why did she write "drill" @8:50? Did she think it looked like a small dildo?

  28. Liam Matley

    Liam Matley6 days ago

    Interesting.. but I don't like bitter tasting things

  29. Janeal Christensen

    Janeal Christensen6 days ago

    I love this & your fruit series! You are so fun to listen to. My grandma told me of breakfast sausage patties made from oats, that might be fun to try. I think the biggest trick would be getting the seasoning just right. 😊

  30. Debby Munn

    Debby Munn7 days ago

    Simmer the peel in boiling water for 5 mins before draining and then try breading it, should get rid of some of the bitterness (that is what I have seen done with other recipes that use citrus peel as part of the dish)

  31. mai mai

    mai mai7 days ago

    2:30 my family does that too!


    CHUCKIE'S BRIDE8 days ago

    I wouldnt of peeled the grapefruit

  33. Tammy Stratford

    Tammy Stratford8 days ago

    I would soak the rinds in salt water overnight and try to leach that bitterness out.

  34. Jenifer Chiodo

    Jenifer Chiodo9 days ago

    Notice how each sample she takes gets smaller by the time shes trying the Katsup😂

  35. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name9 days ago

    The Vietnamese have a desert made from this. There is a step to draw out the bitterness. But they dice it up. If you're interested, look up 'che buoi' ***edit, Viets use pomelo but if imagine it'll be the same kinda thing.. We also use watermelon skin and pickle them, crunchy and soaks in the flavour

  36. Alan Valschi

    Alan Valschi10 days ago

    Can you try adobo next? Pleeeeeeeesaaase Emmy senpai

  37. Linda Bealer

    Linda Bealer10 days ago

    Late, but ah well. One of my family's poor times meals was during summer blueberry season, we'd all go out into the woods with tin cans (pierced and threaded with string, so we could carry the cans like a pendant on a necklace.) We'd spend all day in the woods, picking blueberries, and when our little can was full, we'd dump them in a large bucket where our mothers were waiting. At the end of the day, we'd go back to the house, where our Moms and us older girls would pick through and clean/rinse the berries. Then a little bit of sugar was added and the berries would be boiled on the stove. Once the berries were nearly done, a moist flour/dumpling mixture was spooned onto the top, and it all would steam awhile. Then we would feast until our child metabolism was overcome with fruit/carbs/sugar. The meal was called, in swamp-yankee jargon- "blueberry slump." I don't recall having any digestive issues with this meal, but adult me wonders if maybe I just don't remember that part, because I cannot imagine NOT having some sort of issue!

  38. Audrey Carroll

    Audrey Carroll10 days ago

    A wonderful resource is the book: AUNT SAMMY’S RADIO RECIPES, The Great Depression Cookbook * by Ruth Van Deman and Fanny Walker Yeatman * edited by Martin Greif * UNIVERSAL BOOKS, New York * 1975. I got this book when I went away to university, because I knew I was going to be dirt poor. Lots of fun recipes and a great history lesson!

  39. Frank Conrad

    Frank Conrad11 days ago

    *emmy definitely smokes pot*

  40. Manny's Book Bag

    Manny's Book Bag11 days ago

    I'm pretty sure we used to eat this with rice, black beans, and fried sweet plantains. The sweet plantains were the balance of the dish.

  41. Kasia

    Kasia12 days ago

    4:03 - having conversations with oneself is a sign of high intellect and rich imagination. Unless of course it becomes uncontrollable, raging and downright nonsensical and violent, then it could be a sign of insanity. You have nothing to worry about though, you're definitely the first type.

  42. M M1989

    M M198913 days ago

    I wouldn't mind giving this a try as a meat substitute, but the only thing that would throw me is the bitterness.

  43. Nunnuv Yorbizniz

    Nunnuv Yorbizniz13 days ago

    I wonder if using pomelo pith would be even better

  44. Presca From BC

    Presca From BC13 days ago

    Don't feel bad, I talk to myself quite a bit and I do have a younger sibling LOL

  45. Brian R.

    Brian R.16 days ago

    Wow, what an interesting video series.

  46. Moon Shadow Essentials soap’s and more

    Moon Shadow Essentials soap’s and more17 days ago

    I actually wanna try this! Let's be honest u could fry a shoe and it would taste good w a lil Ketchup or BBQ sauce lol I'm up to trying it.

  47. Yecheskel Layoun

    Yecheskel Layoun17 days ago

    Best channel on MReporter.

  48. Rico Farrari

    Rico Farrari18 days ago

    I love how your show the one of you reviewing fruit how it comes on in the beginning "fruity fruity fruity" that's awesome.

  49. moogie1954

    moogie195418 days ago

    I would imagine that preparing the "cutlets" like veal/chicken parmesan, it would cover the bitterness. I'm thinking about trying it like that! A nice marinara and some mozzarella and parmesan often improves about anything! LOL


    CHUCKIE'S BRIDE19 days ago

    I would of added lea and perrins worecheshire and cayenne seasoning salt to the egg and afterwards


    CHUCKIE'S BRIDE19 days ago

    Love eating grapefruit with salt...yum yum makes my mouth water thinking about it

  52. Koriander Yander Dreams

    Koriander Yander Dreams19 days ago

    "I like things squirted in my face"

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    I have a lot of semin i could squirt in your general direction

  54. Koriander Yander Dreams

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    she speaks so slow that I have to speed up the video

  55. Madelin Claire G

    Madelin Claire G20 days ago

    *all the vegetarians have entered the chat*

  56. Xion Memoria

    Xion Memoria20 days ago

    According to my grandma, the pith could be soaked in a meat stock or fried in bacon grease to give a meatier flavor. She also says ketchup is a must.

  57. scienz chic

    scienz chic21 day ago

    Good job...really well done! Looks absolutely delicious! I heard pith actually full of micronutrients. Maybe add a gravy, raspberry coolie or applesauce to it to counter the bitterness.

  58. MiLaws

    MiLaws22 days ago

    I like how she made sure we knew that was a drill in the back.

  59. Collin Hunter

    Collin Hunter22 days ago

    long time ago, wen i was younger, i used to like doing things like this andremembered i made fish from rice, breaded or battered, was from ww2 years. not very convincing from memory

  60. Celfyndel

    Celfyndel24 days ago

    I wish I liked grapefruit..but they taste toxic to me. Kind of like how bug spray smells is how grapefruit tastes to me if that makes sense..this recipe looks super interesting regardless of my aversion!

  61. Andrew Bartley

    Andrew Bartley24 days ago

    I like her she always has a positive about things

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  63. Die Potato

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    u should make itadakimasu merch

  64. Die Potato

    Die Potato27 days ago

    Great vegan steak👍🏼

  65. Die Potato

    Die Potato27 days ago

    I love how u don’t make fun of the culture an u keep an open mind. A lot of people would be like “grapefruit peak as steak?!” “That’s fucking stupid” “that’s gonna taste nasty*

  66. Erika Fiore

    Erika Fiore27 days ago

    What if you soak the peels in water for an hour before seasoning them? Wonder if it would take the bitterness out.

  67. Perpetual.Art

    Perpetual.Art29 days ago

    What did you think it was going to taste like? The pith is totally bitter.

  68. Joana Ester Gonçalves Lins

    Joana Ester Gonçalves LinsMonth ago

    You can do tea of the skin, is delicious, but you have to dry them first

  69. Nancy Hastings-Trew

    Nancy Hastings-TrewMonth ago

    Would soaking in milk help with the bitterness?


    DOINKERMonth ago

    I'm told you're supposed to blanch it before you fry it to get rid of the bitterness. Have you tried this?


    MARKIE GREENMonth ago

    Marinate the peel in chicken stock overnight and then Bread, and fry it!

  72. El LaPoint

    El LaPoint17 days ago

    MARKIE GREEN or veggie

  73. Charles hewitt

    Charles hewittMonth ago

    Emmy you should have boiled the pit first to remove the bitterness and squeze the juices before the breading process so the pit act like a spongr and absorb the eggs and give it a meat like taste too ,chinese people do boil to remove the bitterness im sure it will taste alot better

  74. lechatboote

    lechatbooteMonth ago

    My report cards said that too lol.

  75. Emily Erxleben

    Emily ErxlebenMonth ago

    Talking to yourself actually makes u smarter, and not only that but you get the best advice too. 😊

  76. Genie Long

    Genie LongMonth ago

    I have a recipe for candy made from the pith. It’s an old Jewish recipe from Eastern Europe, from a time when it was hard to be a Jew there. It’s supposed to taste a bit like marshmallows. I haven’t tried it yet. I wonder if pomelo would work for the steak - they have very thick pith.

  77. JustTheBeginning

    JustTheBeginningMonth ago

    That is really cool!

  78. Tahera Hoque

    Tahera HoqueMonth ago

    If you wanted to maintain nutrition, wouldn't it be better to just eat the pitch raw? I could eat the pith

  79. el scientifico

    el scientificoMonth ago

    @3:33... okay. Duly noted.

  80. Mary Beth

    Mary BethMonth ago

    This would be a good vegetarian option for someone wanting something new :)

  81. nickyb2u

    nickyb2uMonth ago

    Sounds like migraine headache waiting to happen.

  82. karma justice

    karma justiceMonth ago

    Wtf? Grapefruit skin steak? 😱

  83. Rabbit

    RabbitMonth ago

    6:17 “paper towling”

  84. KT breathe

    KT breatheMonth ago

    what if you made katsu don with it? drench it in dashi and soy and mirin and eggs.

  85. Paula Jones

    Paula JonesMonth ago

    You are so down to earth, Emmy!! 😘😘😘😘

  86. Kant Relate Kris

    Kant Relate KrisMonth ago

    Should've used Orange pith, probably would've been less bitter.

  87. Keren Tanco

    Keren TancoMonth ago

    I think the type of grapefruit she used is totally different from the white gratefruit variety find in the Carribean. Those are white in the inside not pink. Because I can tell the difference in flavor from the two types of grapefruit. Wonder if the same happens with their pith. Would they taste different?

  88. Nathan

    NathanMonth ago

    Like others said, you gotta soak out the bitterness. It's mentioned here:

  89. LuRo

    LuRoMonth ago

    I doubt cubans didn't have a procedure to eliminate the bitterness first and then marinate the pith....

  90. Connie Moore

    Connie MooreMonth ago

    just found your channel, love it :) you always make me laugh ( thumbs up )

  91. UsenameTakenWasTaken

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    I love grapefruit it is one fruit that I eat all summer long grapefruit and cherries and green apples the only thing is the pink grapefruit is the only one that doesn't bother my stomach I can eat it all day all week and it's no problem anything other than a pink grapefruit and I'm going to have to call off work SORRY BOSS CAN' T GET OFF THE POTTY .....

  93. Marcello Bomfim

    Marcello BomfimMonth ago

    Awesome video! Thank you!

  94. Stephanie Hewett

    Stephanie HewettMonth ago

    You can freeze the peel and use it in recipes that call for zest.

  95. Leave Please

    Leave PleaseMonth ago

    If you smothered it in cheese would that help 😮

  96. Leave Please

    Leave PleaseMonth ago

    She did not just mince garlic using one hand JESUS HUMANS ARE SMART

  97. Cari Rios

    Cari RiosMonth ago

    Looks like fish to me I would imagine it being eaten with tarter sauce or whatever

  98. E S

    E SMonth ago

    That's crazy that my mouth was watering bc it looks so much like meat haha

  99. Carey Allen

    Carey AllenMonth ago

    What is the nutritional value of this yummie looking fried grapefruit pith?

  100. Katarzyna Wanda Jeziorska

    Katarzyna Wanda JeziorskaMonth ago

    I made this. It is the worst thing I ever eaten (i love grapefruit btw) and I feel really sorry for people that ate this back then. Tutorial 👍 dish 👎

  101. annieJane nerib

    annieJane neribMonth ago

    Maybe try soaking the pith in salted water for an hour or two then draining iit and pressing out the liquid as in prepping eggplant. Should take out the bitterness.

  102. Brandon M

    Brandon MMonth ago

    Maybe a marinade beforehand could help?