GRAPEFRUIT PEEL STEAK Bistec de Toronja | HARD TIMES - recipes from times of food scarcity


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    Marinate it next time, might be better!

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    Great ideas for vegetarians

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    I got the same remarks on my report card lolll

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    You look so lovely i will suck your armpits

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    Make human steaks, like the many times of famine for Russians and Chinese, whom usually devolved to cannibalism. Here's a couple of recipes:

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    your great i love you thank you

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    Ketchup goes with everything

  8. Ky Walker

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    Can you do this with orange peal?

  9. Dyana Prabhandhari

    Dyana Prabhandhari4 days ago

    I assume you probably can remove the bitterness by salting them over night over a stainer and a bowl. There will be an excess liquid coming out and try to message them just like how you would do it with bitter melon. I assume tho

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    Vegan steak 🥩

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    This will sound creepy but I really love you 😩ur so well rounded n open minded n I think ur really pretty n ur voice is so calming n ur content is very unique n interesting 👍🏽👍🏽keep up the good work

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    you have a cute little table behind you with a wooden top...where is this from? ive been looking for something along those lines... :)

  15. Aleyah Malone

    Aleyah Malone7 days ago

    Eggplant steak

  16. Aleyah Malone

    Aleyah Malone7 days ago

    It looks like pre packaged fried fish or chicken that you can take out the bag and bake

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  18. Tammy Warren

    Tammy Warren7 days ago

    I don't think you got enough of the outside off because I could still see the essential oil glands. That's probably why it was bitter.

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    “Don’t you just love being squirted in the face?”

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    I fuckin hate your annoying ass Asian chewing

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    @emmymadeinjapan, i just watched your hard times recipe vid featuring plantain skins. and it made me think of this grapefruit skin vid and your commentary on the bitterness of the grapefruit skin. i think if you boiled or blanched the grapefruit skin first, the bitterness would mellow out. then fry like the original recipe or my suggestion would be to cook it in the same fashion carribbean brown stewed meats are prepared. brown a little sugar in oil, adding a tiny bit of tomato paste. then add the boiled/blanched grapefruit skin. sauté with garlic, onion, bell peppers and or celery and or carrots. i'd be curious to see how this would turn out in a curry too. i enjoy your vids as they are, just wanted to share an idea. maybe someone who has to eat this eats less because it's bitter but it's all they have. maybe this could make it a little more enjoyable for them. #bewell

  22. Jake Barry

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    What is that thing you say when you’re about to eat food? I’m assuming it’s similar to bon appetite? I love it! It just rolls off your tongue and sound so cute


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    This is such a interesting series

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    Why does the scrap keep coming up in my suggestions even though I keep saying I'm not interested why does the scrap keep coming up in my suggestions even though I keep saying I'm not interested?

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    why did you feel the need to point out thats a drill behind you? did you think someones gonna mistake it for a sex toy you fuck yourself with?

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    Finally, some good background music.

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    I kind of miss grapefruit. I can’t eat or drink it because of the medications I’m on :(

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    Could u do this with an orange ?

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    When I was little my report cards use to say the same thing lol! She talks too much

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    Loved watching the bites progressively get smaller 😂 another great video emmy!! Love this new series!

  33. BeauSC4Ever

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    I have never hear of this recipe (or anything like it, for that matter...), but I cannot help but wonder if leeching the pith wouldn’t be in order? You can do it fast, by dropping it on boiling water for a few minutes and changing the water (like you would Polk Salad), or more slowly with cooler water but more time and more frequent water changes. That is how we get the bitter out of acorns for acorn flour. Also, I have noticed that any green-rind still lightly attached will cause the bitterness to be MUCH more noticeable. That can include the part of the pith that isn’t rind but that has a harder texture directly under the rind. Finally, I cannot imagine that the entire dish could be g really improved with the addition of marinade. 😉

  34. TyNyra Lewis

    TyNyra Lewis11 days ago

    I wonder what made a person think that grapefruit peels will make a steak

  35. Sarah Likes Tacos

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    I saw the thumbnail and thought this was one of those "vegetarian meat replacement" recipes

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    lowkey look good 👀

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    I watched this without reading she was going to hear the peel. SHOOK right now.

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    looks like chicken cutlets!!

  39. sabrinsky86

    sabrinsky8613 days ago

    In order to get rid of the bitterness you could soak it in salt water for couple of hours or over night. This method is used in India to take the bitterness out of bitter gourd (karela).

  40. Saneal Bloom

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    Vegans be like

  41. Tom Birmingham

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    you need to soak it in a broth to get it some beef flavor

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    *specifies that the thing in the background is a drill* 😂

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    I'm really enjoying all your videos. I'm learning and laughing at your funny jokes. I want to see you on Saturday night live or Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel.

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    It's 1:21 am and you have me here craving FRIED GRAPEFRUIT PITH! What have you done, woman?! I love it though. Thanks for another great review, Emmy.

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    I wonder if this might work well with apple sauce like pork chops do. Hmmm

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    You are one of my favorite! Stay you!!!! Genuine ❤️

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    have you ever made S.O.S.? that dried chipped beef in a jar, chopped up and added to white gravy w black pepper, poured over grandma made it often

  48. sergeantbigmac

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    Id try boiling it or soaking it in salt or baking soda

  49. Sunneyu

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    I’m curious what would it be like of you tried marinating it before hand?

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    Wonder if it’d taste any better with an orange peel?

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    Just subscribed!! I love this series, and your personality is wonderful as well!

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    I want to try a vegan version.

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    I talk to myself too.

  54. Magneto Mighty

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    You should try to marinate it. And build on the bitterness. I know it is from a time of not much but just to add your on twist

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  56. EsaBryan

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    Cook it with brown sugar

  57. Gringo

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    The first thing I thought was to use tonkatsu sauce and make faux pork cutlet samiches out of this, thoughts?

  58. anarchisttomato

    anarchisttomato16 days ago

    I wonder if the texture of this could be used in a broader application for emulating meat? Maybe some kind of soaking, smoking, or salting in the preparation could remove the bitterness, and some other complimentary fruits or vegetables could help add more meatiness? Perhaps a combination of mushroom and eggplant?

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    youre the best!!!! the smartest people talk a lot

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    Absolutely love your channel 😍

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    What if you put gravy on it? Might cover the bitterness. Lol

  62. Carla Molenkamp

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    Do you know if the grapefruit pith has any nutritional value by itself?

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    What is the saying she says before eating

  64. Alyssa Lizette

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    Almost looked like fried fish :~)

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    What if you soak the pith in a brine overnight? Would that drawl out some of the bitterness?

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    You are awesome! I can't believe that you kept trying it! And no tiny bites either! I would marry a woman like you on first meeting!

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    I wonder if you marinated it with salt and water would it leech out some of the bitter flavor like Eggplant.

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    Loved the burped talking at the end. Totally unexpected and hilarious.

  70. The Red Willow

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    To make this vegan, you can replace the egg batter with this

  71. Teressa Cooks

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    Wow...looked like chicken parm cutlets. Too bad it was bitter I was hoping to have something to do with my uber thick grapefruit piths other other than tossing them since that's were all the beneficial nutrients are. Love your hair cut btw!!! :D

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    what about steak sauce? A1

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    @hotforfood you should try this in a recipe?!

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    Maybe if you soaked it in some soap broth for a few hours then battered and fried it?

  83. Amanda A

    Amanda A23 days ago

    I know some people like to pickle pomelo pith, but maybe that could work here too and it might not be as bitter?

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    I had the same kind of remarks on my report card. Haha. “She’s so bright, but she talks too much!” 😂😂

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    My mom takes the leftover orange peels and boils them in water with some star anise. It make the house smell like a orange bomb 😂😂

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    Grapefruit is an acquired taste, same with soursop. Both are plenty in the Caribbean islands.

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    @thekalenallen what do you think about these grapefruit steaks? Do a vid!

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    I love things squirted in my face.

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    I soaked mine in pickle juice for a bit before I breaded them, helped a lot with the bitterness.

  90. Lil Sunshine

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    I bet if you marinaded the cutlets first it would be better. Are there any nutrients in the pith? I really like this idea as a mock meat!

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    Is there any nutritional value? Super interesting vid per usual, thanks!!!

  92. Thisbandsux

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    I saw this recipe in a book from Fidel Castro on hard times. There is one on how to literally eat a leather shoe

  93. tricityladytn

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    FYI candied grapefruit peel is lovely. Maybe try it with the zest you peel off.

  94. Dragunov Bushcraft

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    Try boiling the pith before frying. Maybe that'll take care of the bitterness.

  95. Marjorie Colao-Pullman

    Marjorie Colao-Pullman27 days ago

    What about soaking pith in something to help make the bitterness so pronounced? Maybe soy sauce,coffee and molasses for fake beef like flavor? Or something of this nature to eliminate bitterness.

  96. X X

    X X27 days ago

    if you added some sugar it might make it taste nicer and if you left out the egg it could be a be vegan treat ! please try !

  97. isacubana

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    I'm afroCuban 🇨🇺 and my grandparents dont talk about these times much but they do talk about these type of meals. I had no idea this is why they made them , I just asked and she said what they did was soak the peels in special Mojo recipes and it took away the bitter taste. I eat this and didn't know this was the poor mans Bistec🖤

  98. sazji

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    Salting the peels and letting them sweat, then washing and drying them between two towels, might get rid of some of that bitterness.

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    Love this! But lord in heaven, where I live grapefruits are tripple the price of beef (something we have too much of).

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    "off course I eat fruit everyday"