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Gorillaz - Humility (Official Video)


  1. icaro yuri

    icaro yuri6 minutes ago

    Tem BR aqui?

  2. Owen Williamson

    Owen Williamson20 minutes ago

    Does anyone know where to get, or what brand watch 2-d is wearing?

  3. Андрей Львов

    Андрей Львов28 minutes ago

    not bad, but I m waiting for old gorillaz )

  4. Bill Frick

    Bill Frick28 minutes ago

    What’s the “save us from him” thing about? The shirt jack Black is wearing says it and at one point a brick building corner is covered with posters that say it.

  5. Маша Мерзликина

    Маша Мерзликина34 minutes ago


  6. ratfinker

    ratfinker34 minutes ago

    2005 vibes ✨

  7. I told u Not to read my name

    I told u Not to read my name46 minutes ago

    The background reminds me of gta 5

  8. lukillas4567 Moreno.P.

    lukillas4567 Moreno.P.47 minutes ago

    Si gorillas

  9. Lauty HL

    Lauty HL48 minutes ago

    que mierda

  10. James DeVault

    James DeVault50 minutes ago

    Fun fact, pause it at the right moment and You'll see Ace with no eyes (1:33 to 1:37)

  11. 1GunCoins

    1GunCoins53 minutes ago

    typical gang green gang

  12. Galaxy Milkduds

    Galaxy Milkduds59 minutes ago

    was 2d possessed

  13. я разита сыночек

    я разита сыночекHour ago

    oohhhhh those shorts 😰😳

  14. Sylvester K.

    Sylvester K.Hour ago

    Im a simple man, i See Jack Black i Push that like button

  15. Davester Dave

    Davester DaveHour ago

    Yo that looks like Jack Black

  16. Ninja !

    Ninja !Hour ago


  17. Eduardo Oliveira

    Eduardo OliveiraHour ago

    GTA 5

  18. MrJones

    MrJonesHour ago

    Just on "out of human mindset songs" that Jack can take place. Its so him

  19. Ms.Azer- развлекательный канал

    Ms.Azer- развлекательный каналHour ago

    The music to amazing

  20. Leith Taylor

    Leith TaylorHour ago

    So 2-D's eyes are white now?

  21. maxx madd

    maxx maddHour ago

    I didn't know they dropped the sequel to PoD

  22. Louise Wilson

    Louise WilsonHour ago

    Currently watching this high recommended

  23. Эни ریال

    Эни ریالHour ago

    Десять из десяти

  24. Mr. Loppi

    Mr. LoppiHour ago


  25. Lucas Ament

    Lucas AmentHour ago

    They fucked up the animation

  26. Teth

    TethHour ago

    Gorillaz one love

  27. Mr Matthew Strange

    Mr Matthew StrangeHour ago

    Sat smoking a joint in the sun after a long day of work... This song is always on first! Proper chilled summer vibes, so thanks!

  28. TheJuiceriver

    TheJuiceriverHour ago

    I just keep thinking of the scene in pick of destiny when Jack is playing to earn money to call kyle xD

  29. garko

    garko2 hours ago

    Hi (sorry for my bad English)

  30. Rocio Billarino

    Rocio Billarino2 hours ago

    no more unicorns anymore!!!! xD

  31. Stelar Rug

    Stelar Rug2 hours ago

    Why 2-d change the color of his eyes ?

  32. J Andrés

    J Andrés2 hours ago

    Where are Murdoc? :'v

  33. Wander Bear

    Wander Bear2 hours ago

    In a song called Humility you include Jack Black.

  34. Rilco P

    Rilco P2 hours ago

    Anyone else notice that Murdoc is now Ace from the Gang Green Gang from Powerpuff Girls?

  35. Jabadaya Boil

    Jabadaya Boil2 hours ago


  36. Carlos Montesinos

    Carlos Montesinos2 hours ago

    and here i thought i would never need to see jack black's face again in my life

  37. Lainicko Games

    Lainicko Games3 hours ago

    I like the butt of 2d

  38. Citizen Shane

    Citizen Shane3 hours ago

    Venice beach: the most played out video location on youtube!

  39. Isaac Westawski

    Isaac Westawski3 hours ago

    The gorillaz have redeemed themselves. They sold out in the last album.

  40. Z0NE

    Z0NE3 hours ago

    0:55 his palm is kinda gross looking

  41. McTeodore

    McTeodore3 hours ago

    People not knowing 2D's is 40 years old be like "wait wut!"

  42. Mr. MeYoW

    Mr. MeYoW3 hours ago

    Verdy goos sonh, sorry for mi baid england

  43. Franchott Barnwell Jr.

    Franchott Barnwell Jr.3 hours ago

    That was beautiful...

  44. Dark Dynasty

    Dark Dynasty3 hours ago

    animation is fine tho.

  45. TheNegativeRain Channel

    TheNegativeRain Channel3 hours ago

    Jack black...? No.

  46. Jaron Lindow

    Jaron Lindow3 hours ago

    Jack Black needs to take that guitar and start whacking folks until he gets 4 stars.

  47. Dino Greathouse

    Dino Greathouse3 hours ago

    2-d is most happy in this song

  48. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 hours ago

    That he is

  49. Dino Greathouse

    Dino Greathouse3 hours ago

    this was one of my best gorillaz song

  50. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 hours ago

    What r ur others

  51. Nathalie Tatiana

    Nathalie Tatiana3 hours ago

    Venice Beach looks so clean... Lol

  52. YaBoiiFuego

    YaBoiiFuego3 hours ago

    Rip X 🔵⚫️🔵

  53. DEdok

    DEdok3 hours ago

    what the fuck with murdoc and russel, I can believe whats animators do with them

  54. Askar

    Askar3 hours ago


  55. Bleeding paws

    Bleeding paws4 hours ago

    *Reset myself and get back on track*

  56. Happy Kong

    Happy Kong4 hours ago

    On another video I got an ad for the album and this song started playing. The only ad I did not skip!

  57. Fatima Batilieri

    Fatima Batilieri4 hours ago


  58. Ana Laura Campos

    Ana Laura Campos4 hours ago

    I wanna go to Venice Beach!

  59. PoRcHik Let's GO!

    PoRcHik Let's GO!4 hours ago

    Кто от сыендука ?

  60. Kokomiu

    Kokomiu4 hours ago

    I like ACE better then Murdoc

  61. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 hours ago

    Kokomiu me 2 he looks very cool

  62. Lapa Lapa

    Lapa Lapa4 hours ago


  63. Артес Менетил

    Артес Менетил4 hours ago

    Макаки в деле !!!!

  64. The Big Man

    The Big Man4 hours ago

    Just came because of that thumbnail 💦💦💦

  65. Squid Nuggett

    Squid Nuggett4 hours ago

    Idk how I feel about Murdoc’s look. 🤔

  66. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 hours ago

    Squid Nuggett that's not murdoc its ace from the power puff girls

  67. Эд Григорян

    Эд Григорян4 hours ago

    young Rick

  68. MrDoktor 009

    MrDoktor 0094 hours ago

    Losantos bitch

  69. IronDasher Yahtzee

    IronDasher Yahtzee5 hours ago

    This sounds different now weird

  70. MA MD

    MA MD5 hours ago

    3:09 2D's EYES :000

  71. Lil Xeran

    Lil Xeran5 hours ago

    3 minutes of 2-D's voice delightful

  72. Arman Mauthan

    Arman Mauthan5 hours ago

    Ты тоже пришёл потому что посмотрел Сыендука?

  73. sepwar ๏_๏

    sepwar ๏_๏5 hours ago

    0:34 Dr. Strange?

  74. Alyssa Johnson

    Alyssa Johnson5 hours ago

    I'm at 0:08 and 2D's already making me swoon. My forty year old baby's rocking them shorts.

  75. WILD_ RUSH123

    WILD_ RUSH1235 hours ago

    3:09 that's kinda freaky

  76. Amber Liangis

    Amber Liangis5 hours ago

    Mmm legs

  77. WILD_ RUSH123

    WILD_ RUSH1235 hours ago

    I love the aging of the characters

  78. Demon

    Demon5 hours ago

    классный клип

  79. Julia Ratliff

    Julia Ratliff5 hours ago

    вот это ножки

  80. Amarin Rodwattanaseree

    Amarin Rodwattanaseree5 hours ago

    this place. GTA ?

  81. Gab Badillo

    Gab Badillo5 hours ago

    if u gave me permission i call this an' A.R.T'.

  82. artem alkash

    artem alkash5 hours ago

    Хм jack black тут

  83. Hello Kinky

    Hello Kinky6 hours ago

    Loving the shirt, Noodle! 👍🏻

  84. Ace-0-Spades

    Ace-0-Spades6 hours ago

    Damn that t-pose on 0:50

  85. Sgravone

    Sgravone6 hours ago

    daaamn I miss venice beach

  86. Austin Birt

    Austin Birt6 hours ago

    Its amazing how relevelant they still are!

  87. welton Batista

    welton Batista7 hours ago

    0:36 , Hi Black Jack

  88. marcos oliveira

    marcos oliveira7 hours ago

    *Achou que não teria brasileiro aqui, achou errado otário*

  89. Sam_The_ Insomniac

    Sam_The_ Insomniac7 hours ago

    I love how the whole video Jack Black is just chasing 2D whilst intensely playing guitar.

  90. Ukulele

    Ukulele7 hours ago

    The Now Now is coming out in a few days but I'm not sure I want it to? Surely after that, there'll be another hiatus ;-; hopefully, it's not like the huge break between Plastic Beach and Humanz, or I swear I will die of a lack of Gorillaz

  91. Unicornio_Alado.

    Unicornio_Alado.7 hours ago


  92. Ilya Makarov

    Ilya Makarov8 hours ago

    Хороший ролик!как обычно и бывает

  93. Dimitri Basen

    Dimitri Basen8 hours ago

    I hate russel I like 2d

  94. Daniel Christian

    Daniel Christian8 hours ago

    muita bom

  95. Wolf Cat

    Wolf Cat8 hours ago

    Love this song

  96. Sebastian Börner

    Sebastian Börner9 hours ago

    Of course you skate better, you're animated!

  97. liza ivalis

    liza ivalis9 hours ago

    И так приятно видеть его здоровым и окрыленным

  98. jelly 1

    jelly 19 hours ago

    who is here before 1m likes ?

  99. I_want_to_die_ 69

    I_want_to_die_ 699 hours ago

    2d is officially gay

  100. liza ivalis

    liza ivalis9 hours ago

    А я рада что Стюарт изменился и то что он пытается справляется с трудностями и не курит как в других видео значит то что всё меняется и он становится свободным падает но поднимается

  101. PJ Marks

    PJ Marks10 hours ago

    Cool, jack black is here now. (Insert bath joke)

  102. HenryManson

    HenryManson10 hours ago

    a guy without pupils & jack black in one video?! demands a dislike!

  103. Ajeemz_ 05

    Ajeemz_ 0510 hours ago

    1:23 *HELLO KINKY*

  104. Jake Dragonfire

    Jake Dragonfire10 hours ago

    No one else noticing 2D's eyes?