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  1. cream soda sucks

    cream soda sucks6 hours ago


  2. oscar muñoz

    oscar muñoz7 hours ago

    Me gusta la música está me encanta y soy el único que es español o que ?

  3. Sirina Ahmadi

    Sirina Ahmadi9 hours ago

    0:07 10 year old me when my mum allows me to freely walk around the mall on my own.

  4. James Hart

    James Hart9 hours ago

    This isnt bad, its just not "Gorillaz"

  5. Dada Osolev

    Dada Osolev11 hours ago

    Damn he THIQQ

  6. Dada Osolev

    Dada Osolev11 hours ago

    Bitch.......... IS THAT JACK BLACK?!?!

  7. Krispz

    Krispz14 hours ago

    3:02 after Russell trips 2D, his eyes turn black, and normally Russell is friends with 2D, could this mean 2D is possessed, and murdocs presence somehow protects hom from possession?

  8. the ramencowboy

    the ramencowboy14 hours ago

    It makes me so glad to see 2-D happy. And it breaks my heart to see him down again at the end... :'(

  9. darkanddustyy

    darkanddustyy14 hours ago

    No one: Not a single soul: 2D in Humility: 1:46

  10. Kelfont 890

    Kelfont 89017 hours ago

    ok we have gorillaz and jack black we just need some sax a boom and a colaboration with tenacious d

  11. sirKnight69

    sirKnight6918 hours ago

    It's that time of the year to have this on loop again

  12. UprightBassist

    UprightBassist21 hour ago

    Guitar player who *appears* to be playing, and very often in the video: Jack Black. Funny character, and fits right into this impersonation thing. But … _George Benson_ *actually* plays, and his face appears just once, at 1:31, on the wall in the background.

  13. UprightBassist

    UprightBassist21 hour ago

    They know his guitar playing from tunes like Breezin', and so this choice was spot on right. 🎥 George Benson - Breezin 1976 (Original Studio Version)

  14. z e r o

    z e r o23 hours ago

    Jake black?

  15. kekmeup

    kekmeup20 hours ago


  16. Johny the Bulgarian doggo

    Johny the Bulgarian doggoDay ago

    I like the part when 2D is on screen

  17. Danica Winder

    Danica WinderDay ago

    🍍🌼🌞Summer Vibes🌞🌼🍍

  18. akaiyukihana

    akaiyukihanaDay ago

    shoulda hold his hand

  19. Audiogore 0733

    Audiogore 0733Day ago

    Space Jam but with roller blades and some singing and some Jack black

  20. Wink Wonk

    Wink WonkDay ago

    There are no words to describe the mood this song puts me in no matter how many times I listen to it

  21. Wink Wonk

    Wink Wonk17 hours ago

    kekmeup homestuck pfp x2 B)

  22. kekmeup

    kekmeup20 hours ago

    homestuck pfp

  23. Addison Dugas

    Addison DugasDay ago


  24. Tahmina Chan

    Tahmina ChanDay ago

    Are we all gonna ignore Noodle's shirt

  25. I'm Boy

    I'm BoyDay ago

    rip murdorc (1966/2019)




  27. Erick Cruz

    Erick CruzDay ago

    porque en infinity war

  28. apickledpanda 24

    apickledpanda 24Day ago

    0:29 might be the guy from rock it

  29. unhoes

    unhoesDay ago

    0:18 wow, the new sonic movie looks great!

  30. Ilamaz Salah

    Ilamaz SalahDay ago

    Что этот Нигер себе позволяет

  31. Надежда Голубева

    Надежда ГолубеваDay ago

    Совсем русских комментариев нет, исправим 😄 С возвращением!

  32. Orchid Neon

    Orchid NeonDay ago

    My kind of weird

  33. All eyes on Gorillaz

    All eyes on GorillazDay ago

    thanos snap Murdoc: i don't feel so good 2D: YES!

  34. Grecia Stup

    Grecia StupDay ago

    helo 2-D

  35. Sugaryan_the_yokai

    Sugaryan_the_yokaiDay ago

    Thanks Giofilms

  36. J W

    J WDay ago

    Hello Kinky

  37. Sam Carson

    Sam CarsonDay ago

    What’s jablin jables it’s jablinski games

  38. Kris Art

    Kris ArtDay ago

    this songs need to be longer! sigh

  39. Just another dead meme

    Just another dead meme2 days ago

    *Video filmed in Townsville*

  40. AtomUD

    AtomUD2 days ago

    Life is Strange 2

  41. Hour Old Coffee

    Hour Old Coffee2 days ago

    It makes me a little sad, seeing this almost a year old.

  42. The Nutmandood

    The Nutmandood2 days ago

    2d finally goes to the dentist

  43. Mcloserface McCarthy

    Mcloserface McCarthy2 days ago

    0:50 t

  44. Redjux 1

    Redjux 12 days ago

    Wait isn't him that gay demon in powerpuff girls

  45. noodle z

    noodle z2 days ago


  46. 2D Beynon

    2D Beynon2 days ago

    1:27 everyone say it with me DAT AAAAASS

  47. 2D Beynon

    2D Beynon2 days ago

    im still confused as to why Russ tripped up D.

  48. noodle z

    noodle z2 days ago

    Cause 2D was a completely different person and I guess Russ didn’t like that.

  49. 2D Beynon

    2D Beynon2 days ago

    2-D's booty shorts 😂

  50. anibal gonzalez

    anibal gonzalez2 days ago

    1:27 me in the bathroom


    ARIGAMER 2D2 days ago

    Grand Theft Auto V

  52. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 days ago

    Got finals next week wish me luck

  53. SS chara

    SS chara2 days ago

    Who came here because: Meme: comment Your a fan: like


    JEFF THE KILLER2 days ago

    1:18 the shirt of hello kinky is of 2-D

  55. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 days ago

    +JEFF THE KILLER game of death to be exact


    JEFF THE KILLER2 days ago

    +the man child /djplayer in the G-bites


    JEFF THE KILLER2 days ago

    +the man child /djplayer yes

  58. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 days ago

    In phase 1

  59. Raima rafiq

    Raima rafiq2 days ago

    Some dude at the end was just casually showing of that he had all the infinity stones.

  60. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 days ago

    Did you just spoil end game

  61. Jonathan Laws

    Jonathan Laws3 days ago

    Tenacious D!!!! #jackblack

  62. simon esteban velandia montaño

    simon esteban velandia montaño3 days ago

    What the hell does jack black do here?

  63. Jonathan Laws

    Jonathan Laws3 days ago

    Tenacious D!!!!

  64. Axzyte2926 2926

    Axzyte2926 29263 days ago

    Aren't his eyes supposed to be black??

  65. Axzyte2926 2926

    Axzyte2926 29263 days ago

    Ohhhhh...i did not know that thx

  66. noodle z

    noodle z3 days ago

    Black = Sad White = Happy Since Murdoc WAS IN prison during The Now Now, 2D was happy and free from the abuse as you can see.

  67. SpeediraWindira

    SpeediraWindira3 days ago

    2D got that booty,booty! It's so fine,round,and juicy! :D

  68. Café Com Gatsu

    Café Com Gatsu3 days ago


  69. Slimshady Jesus

    Slimshady Jesus3 days ago

    Whoa you guys got Jablinski Games, next thing I know it'll be Jack Black

  70. ben gray

    ben gray3 days ago

    Russel is a bully

  71. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 days ago

    He doesn't normally do this

  72. SaltyKingQL

    SaltyKingQL3 days ago

    Where is Jamie Hewlett in the description of artist's? He made the og art of Gorillaz what am im missing????????? Btw literally listen to this song everydayyyyyyyy

  73. SaltyKingQL

    SaltyKingQL2 days ago

    +noodle z O im just dumb

  74. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 days ago

    Same this song is the best

  75. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 days ago

    +noodle z true

  76. noodle z

    noodle z3 days ago

    Director : Jamie Hewlett Which is still the same thing because he’s the one drawing and planning how and what the characters are going to do.

  77. KissMyAspergers

    KissMyAspergers3 days ago

    Russel: [Trips 2D] 2D: [In David Spade's voice] YOU THREW OFF MY GROOVE

  78. WafiyVin199 Gamer

    WafiyVin199 Gamer3 days ago

    1:29 is that black jack???? MAN I LOVE THIS SONG it makes me happy :)

  79. WafiyVin199 Gamer

    WafiyVin199 GamerDay ago

    So that means black jack lives in Los Santos city?

  80. noodle z

    noodle z3 days ago

    Yes it’s him

  81. crunchybilly _

    crunchybilly _4 days ago

    1:28 wtf?

  82. Faizal Sohaimi

    Faizal Sohaimi4 days ago

    Why did this make me happy?

  83. UnitsColombus20

    UnitsColombus204 days ago

    How did his eyes get white?

  84. Mia Sherry

    Mia Sherry3 days ago

    Some people think its cuz 2D is possessed because after russel hits him his eyes are normal and then he cant skate and when theyre white he can But i thought the eye colour was his mood black as in a bad mood (because russel tripped him) and white when he was happily singing cuz murdoc is in jail so 2d wont get bullied

  85. M e G a B e A n

    M e G a B e A n4 days ago


  86. Gwen Clark

    Gwen Clark4 days ago

    2:55 my phone screen when I slightly tilt it

  87. DrinacatsgamIN Go

    DrinacatsgamIN Go4 days ago

    When russel trips 2D his eyes turn white to black LOL go back and look/watch time 3 :21


    JEFF THE KILLER4 days ago

    3:09 back to Black :y

  89. Aceman

    Aceman4 days ago

    how did jablinski games get in here

  90. Megamodpod !

    Megamodpod !4 days ago

    Is 2-D possessed and that's why his eye's are white

  91. LeviTheLevite

    LeviTheLevite4 days ago

    “Hello kinky”

  92. P Z

    P Z4 days ago

    I have a slightly crush on 2D ??????

  93. lyb7

    lyb74 days ago

    Thats,the,GTA 5 beach

  94. Kason Short

    Kason Short4 days ago

    Got a fat ass James Charles is that you 😍😍

  95. Elijah Pastrano

    Elijah Pastrano4 days ago

    Why are his eyes white now???

  96. noodle z

    noodle z3 days ago

    Black = Sad White = Happy Since Murdoc WAS IN prison during The Now Now, 2D was happy and free from the abuse as you can see.

  97. SuperSlayerVV _

    SuperSlayerVV _4 days ago

    is that jablinski games

  98. Oludotun John Showemimo

    Oludotun John Showemimo5 days ago

    Thought Murdoc was in jail and what happened to Russell?

  99. Hailey McNinch

    Hailey McNinch5 days ago

    I get it, booty shorts & Jack Black, but Noodle's shirt is killer.

  100. Steven Brown

    Steven Brown5 days ago

    Jablinski?! An epic crossover indeed

  101. Snoggy

    Snoggy5 days ago

    Is this Miami?

  102. Eddie Blackmouth

    Eddie Blackmouth5 days ago

    Gorillaz ft Tenacious D :)

  103. Im Sparkus

    Im Sparkus5 days ago

    This grew on me over time

  104. cupcake plays

    cupcake plays5 days ago

    1:29 2D please don't do that in...those shorts

  105. 2D Beynon

    2D Beynon2 days ago

    hhhhhh why did i click it godamnitall

  106. Dannon Dixon

    Dannon Dixon5 days ago

    Thats a good song

  107. Shadowstorm Vash

    Shadowstorm Vash5 days ago


  108. LuiZArts GO!

    LuiZArts GO!5 days ago

    Like, for 2-D, Murdoc RIP XD LOL, The Sexy Noddle and the Russel... ↓

  109. Louise Belcher

    Louise Belcher5 days ago

    2-D is rocking those booty shorts

  110. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 days ago

    Heck yeah

  111. Bengt Henricsson

    Bengt Henricsson5 days ago

    2ds booty

  112. crunchybilly _

    crunchybilly _5 days ago

    Why does 2d remind me of Starlord Edit i mean in this video

  113. Ghost 270

    Ghost 2705 days ago


  114. AngieBlue

    AngieBlue5 days ago

    Murdoc was replaced by a powerpuff girl character 💀

  115. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 days ago

    For a litlle bit im happy hes back

  116. noodle z

    noodle z3 days ago

    Not anymore. He’s back.

  117. M1RACL3 Gaming

    M1RACL3 Gaming5 days ago

    *I would collapse if 2-D offered his hand to me.*

  118. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 days ago

    Same I would join him and then collapse

  119. broken bishop

    broken bishop5 days ago

    jack black is the best =D

  120. coollary1

    coollary16 days ago

    Is anyone else always thinking about their emotions? Like you're trying to figure something out? About it. Trying to keep track? Don't crack?

  121. ιnvιdιoυѕ тнrυѕт

    ιnvιdιoυѕ тнrυѕт6 days ago

    Fucking god damn Beats headphones. Everywhere in music videos. Music videos aren't fucking commercials, Dr Dre. I loved you, dude, but keep your merch out my vids.

  122. Juanita Torres Lopez

    Juanita Torres Lopez6 days ago

    freaking jack black

  123. Nadia kamara

    Nadia kamara6 days ago

    2- D is adorable

  124. Blue Toad

    Blue Toad6 days ago

    so 2Ds eyes turn white when he is happy? guess he does not have 8 ball eyes after all.

  125. G'eZz(Gaston)

    G'eZz(Gaston)5 days ago

    Blue Toad old 2D has black eyes. new 2D has white. I dont know why they change it

  126. 2_D Free

    2_D Free6 days ago

    I'm calling

  127. Play Nubs

    Play Nubs6 days ago

    Jack Black is awensome

  128. Plush Gang

    Plush Gang6 days ago

    What does damon use to filter his voice in these songs?

  129. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer2 days ago

    He uses autotune but knowing that they use garage band I'm pretty sure that's the autotune they use

  130. Emiliano Lopez

    Emiliano Lopez6 days ago