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Gorillaz - Humility (Official Video)


  1. W. Ludwiczak

    W. Ludwiczak49 minutes ago

    Why do I relate to 2D in this vid

  2. Gold chain

    Gold chain5 hours ago

    1:28 sus

  3. astray craft

    astray craft6 hours ago

    He look like a girl

  4. Внук Антресоли

    Внук Антресоли8 hours ago

    Ясно хуета

  5. Sveltejam494

    Sveltejam49410 hours ago

    His eyes control his feelings

  6. SnakeBoi1234

    SnakeBoi123411 hours ago

    1:21 Noodle: "Has Hello Kinky shirt" Me: *Visible confusion*

  7. Dain, son of Nain

    Dain, son of Nain11 hours ago

    So is jack black canon to their universe?

  8. RowenMeiner

    RowenMeiner12 hours ago

    I was watching this in class and someone asked me why I was watching a “weird vid w/ a nearly naked dude” boi was watching Clint Eastwood fuckin idiot

  9. christopher Simpson

    christopher Simpson12 hours ago

    no fuggin way, they got jack

  10. Josh Britzke

    Josh Britzke13 hours ago

    I'm guessing Russel tripped him either because he is still upset about the tricycle thing or he is trying to keep 2D from getting too cocky and full of himself.

  11. Josh Britzke

    Josh Britzke9 hours ago

    +Andrew Cavaletto Are you sure? I mean I know Russel's eyes are white because he was possessed before but 2D's went back to normal after being tripped.

  12. Andrew Cavaletto

    Andrew Cavaletto9 hours ago

    He tripped him cuz he's possessed my dude

  13. Joseph Alvarado

    Joseph Alvarado13 hours ago

    2D in 3D :00

  14. Tarek Schubert

    Tarek Schubert15 hours ago

    What is Jack Black doing there?...And where's Murdoc?

  15. anonymous

    anonymous17 hours ago

    who's that random black dude that pulls off his glasses? i'm supposed to recognize him? fuckin stupid

  16. 1reallylikedrawing 05

    1reallylikedrawing 0517 hours ago

    does anyone notice 2-D's eyes are white and not black??

  17. Ashlyn Younkin

    Ashlyn Younkin18 hours ago

    Wtf does no rating mean????

  18. Lily PlaysYT

    Lily PlaysYT19 hours ago

    2:14 ShItTy aDvIcE

  19. Spookyy

    Spookyy21 hour ago

    When u try to get more likes then 1 2:34

  20. Jaymi Small

    Jaymi SmallDay ago


  21. WolfeFluff :D

    WolfeFluff :DDay ago

    Not gonna lie... came for dat bootay

  22. The Animator Guy

    The Animator GuyDay ago

    Dead rising 2

  23. viva z msp

    viva z mspDay ago

    Ktoś z polski 🇵🇱😂 | | | V

  24. JERRY

    JERRY23 hours ago

    Ia z polski

  25. neon the cat

    neon the catDay ago


  26. dedpxl

    dedpxlDay ago

    California is a shit hole cancer state. This video they act all fun and care free, but that place is a disaster. Almost everyone there is against the president. Why? Don't they realise they can only work with him at this stage? These people are the ones spouting "toxic masculinity". They're the ones over indulging in yoga and coming up with hipster trends. They're the ones who enabled Harvey Weinsein's actions and probably do the same thing for other people. (For years the acts of Weinstein went unreported because these Hollywood types were okay with being sexually exploited for fame) People in California are the ones we make fun of. They have strong accents and have little self awareness. That beach they show in the video is just full of tourists, people working out who are completely full of themselves, and scumbags pushing bootleg merchandise and crappy pop culture mash up t-shirts in the shops. California is full of homeless people. It's really a disgusting place in disguise as a majestic land of escape.

  27. Andrew Cavaletto

    Andrew Cavaletto9 hours ago

    Jesus you have some deep-seated issues don't you....

  28. JessRulez Aj

    JessRulez AjDay ago


  29. JERRY

    JERRY23 hours ago


  30. Diego Flores

    Diego FloresDay ago

    Se ve raro

  31. jorge armando

    jorge armandoDay ago

    The eyes of 2D turn black when he blinks at the last part

  32. River Couper

    River CouperDay ago

    damn those shoes look good

  33. Hyenabro Gaming

    Hyenabro GamingDay ago

    Jablinski would approve

  34. MeMe Z

    MeMe ZDay ago

    I honestly stan this 40 year old TWINK

  35. Oliver White

    Oliver WhiteDay ago

    anyone remember depthcore

  36. MrDonnut

    MrDonnutDay ago

    the last good song of Gorillaz...

  37. Davx

    DavxDay ago

    Is he saying “im offended” or “i’m famous” at the beginning 0:14

  38. water Boi

    water BoiDay ago

    did anyone notice that noodles shirt is a bdsm shirt owo

  39. Elias 667

    Elias 6672 days ago

    You guys should show yourselves

  40. raisa torrens

    raisa torrens2 days ago

    le jack black has arrived

  41. Isaac Lau

    Isaac Lau2 days ago

    Its been 18 years and Gorillaz continues to be the best band ever

  42. SejfulahKralj Carnage

    SejfulahKralj Carnage2 days ago

    I just lost my virginity

  43. Masume Nouri

    Masume Nouri2 days ago

    0:56 What the hell is wrong with that hand?? Jesus

  44. meme tube 420

    meme tube 4202 days ago

    3:10 *sans megolovania starts playing*

  45. igar i guess

    igar i guess2 days ago

    the best part is jack black

  46. i wove you owo

    i wove you owo2 days ago

    del perrior pier

  47. Beyond Tubular

    Beyond Tubular2 days ago

    Jack Black: **exist** Everyone: **godly applause**

  48. Alexias Cosmic Lps /Alexias Beanie boo adventure

    Alexias Cosmic Lps /Alexias Beanie boo adventure2 days ago

    Dem booty shorts doe

  49. Amanda Rocio

    Amanda Rocio2 days ago

    I love the song

  50. One and Only

    One and Only2 days ago

    All this subliminal guns and messages about kids and guns.. makes sense why we have school shootings now!

  51. Momo

    Momo2 days ago


  52. Angel Sebastian SV

    Angel Sebastian SV2 days ago

    Best summer song ever!!!

  53. Chimo -kyun

    Chimo -kyun2 days ago

    He just wants to be the only one with white eyes

  54. ThaRapperECIII

    ThaRapperECIII2 days ago

    Reject False Icons. See the state im in now.

  55. brylin holmes

    brylin holmes2 days ago

    Nice shorts 2d

  56. ezequiel agustin

    ezequiel agustin2 days ago

    Very gay jajajaj saludos desde argentina

  57. Cluckington Podcast

    Cluckington Podcast2 days ago

    why did this remind me of jack stauber

  58. Alissa Joy

    Alissa Joy2 days ago

    Jack Black is in the video because why not.

  59. Prowlersx5

    Prowlersx52 days ago

    how in the hell did you get jack black there

  60. aniMate

    aniMate2 days ago

    i never felt so gay for a 40 year old man in my life

  61. likeATroll

    likeATroll2 days ago

    Jack Black what else ?

  62. roy keene

    roy keene2 days ago

    Having a broken foot the end was awful you cunt

  63. MILYHYA manca

    MILYHYA manca2 days ago

    i'm from 2019

  64. Rafael Cruz

    Rafael Cruz2 days ago

    What musical note is that in 1:27? 1:

  65. C. Gramby

    C. Gramby3 days ago

    Fuck off, Ace.


    KOALA BALLA3 days ago

    Mom: So Son what type of music do you like? Me: *Wholesome music* Mom: aahhh.....yes.....Gorillaz...Nice choice son! Me: thanks mom Mom: No..thank you son. Me: for what? Mom: for being my son. Me: thank you , you too for being my mom.

  67. Brenda Bart

    Brenda Bart3 days ago

    I can watch this over & over & over &.....

  68. Holli Would

    Holli Would3 days ago

    Hey that guy looks like Jablinski!

  69. Funky Cum

    Funky Cum3 days ago

    Those are some funky greasy tunes man

  70. Wildburn

    Wildburn3 days ago

    0:56 "Nigga that's gay"

  71. Sven Sedric

    Sven Sedric3 days ago

    Aaaaand 2D's using Beats....

  72. Rell Cobb

    Rell Cobb3 days ago

    Am I the only that thinks that Jack Black just seamlessly melds into whatever role he plays? Guy is amazing.

  73. steven benders

    steven benders3 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought the guy playing the guitar was jack black

  74. XxmatigokugamerXDXx blenxzerr mejin amezing

    XxmatigokugamerXDXx blenxzerr mejin amezing4 days ago

    put the speed 1.25

  75. Граф Смерть

    Граф Смерть4 days ago

    why 2d have white eyers?

  76. Momo

    Momo2 days ago

    He is happy

  77. waffles

    waffles4 days ago


  78. Nic DojoplaysMC

    Nic DojoplaysMC4 days ago

    Is this in Florida or California

  79. Kirb Stomp

    Kirb Stomp4 days ago


  80. Zemium1994

    Zemium19944 days ago

    2:09 \m/ (*_*) \m/

  81. Charlie's Weird Life

    Charlie's Weird Life4 days ago

    Me: *sees all the dislikes * >:0

  82. Showing siphon sonic sling snail ship sahib some

    Showing siphon sonic sling snail ship sahib some4 days ago

    The writers of PPG wanted Jack Black in an episode, right? Guess Ace being in here is the closet we will get.

  83. bjtgaming

    bjtgaming4 days ago

    Jack black.... YES!

  84. Jesus Of Suburbia

    Jesus Of Suburbia4 days ago

    1:41 “What the Fuck, Man.”

  85. Team lit Blakley

    Team lit Blakley4 days ago


  86. Wolf Skillet

    Wolf Skillet4 days ago

    I want a hello kinky shirt now

  87. Janet Colonna

    Janet Colonna4 days ago

    Why are 2-d’s eyes white instead of black

  88. Coyote Man

    Coyote Man4 days ago

    Did anybody notice that Noodle is wearing 2-D's Hello Kinky shirt from Game of Death? Attention to detail. 2-D is thicc tho

  89. Zinoda

    Zinoda4 days ago

    Best jablinski cameo ever

  90. Peppers515

    Peppers5154 days ago

    Wasn’t this originally called “Isolation”

  91. VYRUS

    VYRUS4 days ago

    venice beach much

  92. Raquel Gardea

    Raquel Gardea4 days ago

    I Thought that was SnoopDog.

  93. Fugal

    Fugal4 days ago

    Jablinski games...

  94. The Diferent Caustic soda.

    The Diferent Caustic soda.4 days ago

    Jet set gorillaz.

  95. Vlad SkyTo

    Vlad SkyTo4 days ago

    1:34 Face :D

  96. PewdiepieZombieBruh

    PewdiepieZombieBruh4 days ago

    He looks so aggressive in the beginning

  97. PewdiepieZombieBruh

    PewdiepieZombieBruh4 days ago

    The Now Now one of my favorite albums!

  98. Noisy Nostromo

    Noisy Nostromo4 days ago

    I like to imagine before they animated the characters in they where just following Jack black around with a camera.

  99. One Meniacal Madman

    One Meniacal Madman5 days ago

    This isn’t a donation scam this just intresting, like if you’re conservative and comment if you’re left. Only comment for the poll or a better reason to keep count.

  100. Hyper_ potato Lol

    Hyper_ potato Lol5 days ago

    This is like a summer song and is not summer but I do not care if is not summer

  101. Aidan Hughes

    Aidan Hughes5 days ago

    *Sponsored by beats*

  102. Crow [x]

    Crow [x]5 days ago

    this came out the week i decided to stop giving a fuck and just live my best life. coincidence? no this really was at least part of the deal breaker

  103. Thomasdude

    Thomasdude5 days ago

    Depression has left the chat

  104. Robin 2112

    Robin 21125 days ago

    Oh hi Jack Bl- wait... is he wearing fucking beats headphones???

  105. PinkApocalypse

    PinkApocalypse5 days ago

    Murdocs gone, you’d think 2D would get a break but apparently not

  106. jack jackson

    jack jackson5 days ago

    2065 anyone?!

  107. the man child /djplayer

    the man child /djplayer4 days ago

    HA 2080 SUCKA

  108. cirro stratus

    cirro stratus5 days ago

    1:25 double?!?!!