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Gorillaz - Humility (Official Video)


  1. SkyCrawler Video Games

    SkyCrawler Video Games35 minutes ago

    Jack black ith my friend. Very good friend . He it’s the good man .

  2. AnimaLisset

    AnimaLissetHour ago

    The *now now* - out *now*

  3. Creepy Sweets

    Creepy Sweets2 hours ago

    Jack black in the thumbnail is ME

  4. NazuvaiProsto Dimasik

    NazuvaiProsto Dimasik2 hours ago


  5. Adeline Mills

    Adeline Mills2 hours ago

    Hello kinky

  6. Josh Drake

    Josh Drake3 hours ago

    1:33 Hi Ace form the Gang Green Gang! 😃

  7. joryo men

    joryo men3 hours ago

    Black hat animations

  8. Mrs. Fazbear

    Mrs. Fazbear4 hours ago

    Everytime I see 2-D happy it makes my bad days turn into good days :)

  9. Aralynne Vampy

    Aralynne Vampy5 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice the "Choose Pazuzu" when 2-D skated by?

  10. Kimono Snail

    Kimono Snail5 hours ago

    it feels so good to see him happy

  11. James Polk

    James Polk6 hours ago

    Jack Black, George Benson, and a Powerpuff Girls villain walk into a music video…

  12. Big O

    Big O6 hours ago

    Wow 2D looks way healthier now that Murdock is not around, and he gained some weight, he was too skinny, when did they move to California?. Aw never mind Stuart just got himself another bully, why Russell?, why?.

  13. Hian Bremenkamp

    Hian Bremenkamp6 hours ago


  14. Hian Bremenkamp

    Hian Bremenkamp6 hours ago

    fã des quando era menor

  15. Michael Dansby

    Michael Dansby6 hours ago

    I like Ace better than mardock

  16. Michael Dansby

    Michael Dansby6 hours ago

    How dose his eyes go from White to black when he gets trips

  17. eduard555 lol

    eduard555 lol8 hours ago

    What happend to murdoc

  18. Alicia C.

    Alicia C.9 hours ago

    Murdock looks like the fucking green gang from the powerpuff girls

  19. ojoe pasak

    ojoe pasak10 hours ago

    Darksoul guy

  20. Yuuki Kai

    Yuuki Kai10 hours ago

    Anyone else gonna talk about 2-D's ass or is it just me. *also* what is up with his e y e s in this ;-;

  21. Golden Rivers

    Golden Rivers11 hours ago


  22. Nicholae Etherblaze

    Nicholae Etherblaze11 hours ago

    Doesn't 2-D's eyes going black again imply they fill up with blood? That's a scary thought :P

  23. Sparky the fox

    Sparky the fox11 hours ago

    this was posted on my birthday

  24. Michele Aiello

    Michele Aiello11 hours ago

    no more unicorns anymore

  25. Michele Aiello

    Michele Aiello11 hours ago

    this is.........PERFECT

  26. Coltin Lindsley

    Coltin Lindsley12 hours ago

    1:33 Holy fuck it's Ace!

  27. Joe Mack

    Joe Mack12 hours ago

    You either love gorillaz or your just wrong.

  28. Zoogoo40

    Zoogoo4013 hours ago

    What the fuck

  29. PurpleBoy

    PurpleBoy15 hours ago


  30. thedeanofmean121_gaming

    thedeanofmean121_gaming16 hours ago

    Why was Murdock such a asshole?

  31. Roland Gilbert

    Roland Gilbert17 hours ago

    Choose pazuzu?

  32. JunioxGames YT

    JunioxGames YT18 hours ago

    GTA 5

  33. maicol rodriguez

    maicol rodriguez19 hours ago

    very good song

  34. xciborx jair

    xciborx jair19 hours ago

    Esta es la unica musica de gorillas que no me gusta

  35. Yennifer VT

    Yennifer VT19 hours ago


  36. loganlogo56

    loganlogo5619 hours ago

    Why is 2-Ds eyes white?

  37. DuckyTheGamer

    DuckyTheGamer18 hours ago

    He's most likely possessed

  38. jeanisqueer

    jeanisqueer20 hours ago

    when you realize that 2-d is 40 and 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚 1:25

  39. The Bizarre Coalition

    The Bizarre Coalition20 hours ago

    I love Gorillaz

  40. Miles S.

    Miles S.20 hours ago

    Btw, 2-D is being possessed according to Noodle in #freemurdoc convo on skype

  41. plastic kidney

    plastic kidney21 hour ago

    Look at Jack Black I remember him in Bio-Dome

  42. Liberty Vopelinsky

    Liberty Vopelinsky21 hour ago

    2D looks so much happier ❤️🌸

  43. plastic kidney

    plastic kidney21 hour ago

    What a great song

  44. hydere

    hydere21 hour ago

    1998 2D: *COME ON COME ON COME ON* *_G H O S T T R A I N_* 2018 2D: *C A L L I N G T H E W O R L D* *F R O M I S O L A T I O N*

  45. Reese1105092018 Dancin Shove bOy

    Reese1105092018 Dancin Shove bOy21 hour ago

    Does anyone think this was made in 2015?

  46. tazada666

    tazada66620 hours ago


  47. Mr.MeeSeeks #2922832283828383

    Mr.MeeSeeks #292283228382838322 hours ago


  48. GAME PAD

    GAME PAD22 hours ago

    русские идут!

  49. Midna Lazuli

    Midna Lazuli23 hours ago

    The only video where 2-D is smiling the whole way through. Not sure if it was the lack of Murdoc or Jack Black.

  50. Youtube's next commenter? Cabrales

    Youtube's next commenter? Cabrales23 hours ago

    Jack Black is a secret member of the Gorillaz confirmed? Maybe he the camera guy.

  51. Ilikeditthatwaytoo

    IlikeditthatwaytooDay ago

    Hi guts, it's official. 2D was or still is being possessed or something like that. I was chatting with Noodle for the #freemurdoc chat thing and this is what she said ; "Anyway... I got "earholes". This isn’t working… WAITWAITWAIT - maybe ‘soul harvester’ IS literally the clue❗ 😼 2D’s been acting very U N U S U A L 🌀 for a while now like something got... inside him... or something 👀"

  52. RyanOlsen ain't lit

    RyanOlsen ain't litDay ago

    Jack I'm telling Kyle you're cheating on him

  53. Shweying in The wind

    Shweying in The windDay ago

    oh look it’s imallexx



    2018? oh wait

  55. HetaliaSunflowerTrash

    HetaliaSunflowerTrashDay ago

    Oh man, knowing that 2-D's soul was stolen makes the new album seem weird now. I hope 2-D will be okay. I think he's still there to some extent because at the end of this video his eyes turn to black again, but throughout the album his eyes are white again.

  56. ɢѧɞяıєʟ ѧʏ

    ɢѧɞяıєʟ ѧʏDay ago

    3D animation better.

  57. Bruno Garro

    Bruno GarroDay ago

    El Mierda reaped 2D soul

  58. Carlos Juan Casajus

    Carlos Juan CasajusDay ago

    I.. just realised that the thumbnail means "kick ass".

  59. ThePhantomWolf

    ThePhantomWolfDay ago

    El Mierda is a soul stealer, stole 2D's soul, "I dont want this isolation", " Reset myself and get back on track ", " See the state im in now? " it's all a clue, a cry for help. his eyes are white like Russel's.

  60. Viris Maple

    Viris MapleDay ago

    Good on 2D. Nice to see him happy

  61. Alexus Bei

    Alexus BeiDay ago

    I miss Jack Black so much

  62. Benjee Silv

    Benjee SilvDay ago

    Hey wait his eyes are all white now

  63. Prixie Paige

    Prixie PaigeDay ago

    2-D is possessed I called it before. Now it's confirmed to by the Free Murdoc Line account. So Happy :).

  64. HetaliaSunflowerTrash

    HetaliaSunflowerTrashDay ago

    I know right! I had my suspicions when I heard the theories. I hope 2D will be okay, I'm counting on Noodle to find El Mierda!

  65. stray kitten

    stray kittenDay ago

    very beautiful song blue haired guy 2D is so beautiful

  66. THE Conney

    THE ConneyDay ago

    Jack Black as himself ..... what is this the Borderlands intro ?

  67. Pete Peterson

    Pete PetersonDay ago

    Is Jack black the gorrilaz

  68. Kam The Spam

    Kam The SpamDay ago

    If y’all stop making music I’ll kill myself 😭😭😭🤦🏾‍♀️😩this song is amazing

  69. David Morris

    David MorrisDay ago

    Of course 2D is sponsored by Dr. Dre

  70. Roberts Rasims reacts Rasims

    Roberts Rasims reacts RasimsDay ago

    SAVE US from HIM!

  71. Just Random

    Just RandomDay ago

    Who Dat Boy

  72. Kasey B

    Kasey BDay ago

    Totally me falling

  73. Omgcake1000

    Omgcake1000Day ago


  74. Joesph Stalin

    Joesph StalinDay ago


  75. Journaling Gurl

    Journaling GurlDay ago

    i didn't notice his eyes were white in the beginning and now black? Why?

  76. Mr Black

    Mr BlackDay ago

    0:55 we've update your policy and privacy

  77. Sky Lion69

    Sky Lion69Day ago

    Jack black and a bunch of other actors are in this

  78. DaDerppySlime

    DaDerppySlimeDay ago

    Love this song it's so chill and funky

  79. ItsMakingMeWantToDie

    ItsMakingMeWantToDieDay ago

    Oh hey it's Ace from The PowerPuff Girls! 😂

  80. Maria.molina

    Maria.molinaDay ago

    Amo la animación y la canción, creo que no me cansare nunca de gorillaz

  81. Brendan Durant

    Brendan DurantDay ago

    Man, i really wanted to like this

  82. JakeDroiid- Free Fire

    JakeDroiid- Free FireDay ago

    1:28 Swag level GOD

  83. Summer2010s

    Summer2010sDay ago

    Watched this first day of summer watching this now I’m going back to school

  84. Natalia Lopez

    Natalia LopezDay ago


  85. Lil Heinz94

    Lil Heinz94Day ago

    What the he'll happened these guys dude. They were one of the greats of hip hop and now they play radio garbage?!?! I miss my childhood when the gorillaz were actually tight.

  86. Maddini The Great

    Maddini The GreatDay ago

    Lil Heinz94 they've always used different sounds and genres. Thats their thing. This is a great and unique song

  87. javier gutierrez

    javier gutierrezDay ago

    Calling the world from isolation 'Cause right now, that's the ball where we be chained And if you're coming back to find me You'd better have good aim Shoot it true I need you in the picture That's why I'm calling you (calling you) I'm the lonely twin, the left hand Reset myself and get back on track I don't want this isolation See the state I'm in now? Callin' the hunter with a rifle 'Cause right now that's the ball where we be chained Shoot it true I want you in the picture That's why I'm calling you (calling you) I'm the lonely twin, the left hand Reset myself and get back on track I don't want this isolation See the state I'm in now? If I pick it up when I know that it's broken Do I put it back? Or do I head out on to the lonesome track and let you go? I'm the lonely twin, the left hand I don't want this isolation See the state I'm in now? If I pick it up when I know that it's broken Do I put it back? Or do I head out on to the lonesome track and let you go?

  88. Diego Saucedo Gordillo

    Diego Saucedo GordilloDay ago

    why on spotify didnt sound like this?

  89. Igor X Games

    Igor X GamesDay ago

    Alguem br pra me explicar os olhos do 2-d pra mim é apenas uma brincadeira pois em alguns clipes o 2-d tava com o olho branco

  90. MLG trickolumbine110

    MLG trickolumbine110Day ago

    Cant handle that art style tho

  91. J Dancer

    J DancerDay ago

    i hate you

  92. bad sushi

    bad sushiDay ago

    I’d fuck 2d

  93. Izzys Andventures

    Izzys Andventures2 days ago

    *eats popcorn*your doing great, 2D

  94. Rainbows115 Dash

    Rainbows115 Dash2 days ago

    What beach is this filmed at cause it looks like Venice Beach to me

  95. Jedogames124

    Jedogames124Day ago

    it is venice beach

  96. SoNO

    SoNO2 days ago

    wtf is this?

  97. Mason B5 again

    Mason B5 again2 days ago

    Who else got tickets

  98. XXX_dorito sensual_XXX

    XXX_dorito sensual_XXX2 days ago

    *how to not remember when 2d played gta v*

  99. cristan mzpr

    cristan mzpr2 days ago


  100. Juan Rodriguez

    Juan Rodriguez2 days ago

    Like si te hiso recordar a la playa de GTA 5

  101. Juan Rodriguez

    Juan Rodriguez18 hours ago

    Porque me hiso recordar

  102. Doctor Peste

    Doctor Peste19 hours ago

    Juan Rodriguez Eres idiota verdad?

  103. Matheus Cred Brasil Jurídica

    Matheus Cred Brasil Jurídica2 days ago

    por que o olhos dele tão branco e não pretos??

  104. Kermit The Frog

    Kermit The Frog2 days ago

    Was that fucking jack black.... I swear to god :/

  105. David Crane

    David Crane2 days ago

    that guy seems gay, because of the poses he makes when he skates. Gorillaz Forever!

  106. lucas andres sanchez mansilla

    lucas andres sanchez mansilla2 days ago

    No More Unicorns Anymore

  107. Noviembre

    Noviembre2 days ago

    "No more unicorns anymore"