Gordon Shocked That Chef Isn't Allowed To Season His Food | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Jamie Pendergast

    Jamie PendergastHour ago

    Steven is such a cutie omggg

  2. LogicalNotes

    LogicalNotes2 hours ago

    I saw David on a park bench and felt sorry for him. So a bought him a lobster roll, but the imbecile took one bite of it and threw it in my face. He claimed that the lobster was Canadian and went on about how sophisticated his pallet is. The nerve of this homeless guy.

  3. Lpwtpt0 Lol

    Lpwtpt0 Lol17 hours ago

    The black death

  4. Cloudy

    Cloudy17 hours ago

    Gordon and steven could be good friends

  5. Yu Jin Covers

    Yu Jin Covers17 hours ago

    I like that waiter he's fun

  6. Jordanoes Epic

    Jordanoes Epic19 hours ago

    This restaurant (The Black Pearl) closed a few days after this episode aired.

  7. tlen keeb

    tlen keebDay ago

    Owner? ...what a dick!

  8. ながとやひこ さげ

    ながとやひこ さげDay ago


  9. Gabrielius Baura

    Gabrielius BauraDay ago

    Well gordon is a devil when the owner is a hardened potato

  10. Fiza Imran

    Fiza Imran2 days ago

    He said that the lobster roll tastes like a wet diaper so does it mean he has eaten one 🤔

  11. Feroo Falan

    Feroo Falan2 days ago

    Steven got a little bit gay vibe

  12. Lpwtpt0 Lol

    Lpwtpt0 Lol17 hours ago

    Love it

  13. Nyarako-chan

    Nyarako-chan2 days ago

    What was that server's name again? I missed it.

  14. Tyler Yoongi

    Tyler Yoongi2 days ago

    No one: Nobody: Gordon: Steven: My name’s steven and if there’s anything wrong please let me know.

  15. Techis God

    Techis God2 days ago


  16. JX1 :

    JX1 :2 days ago

    No one: Waiter: My names Steven so if you need anything give me a shout. 😂

  17. bigegg7170

    bigegg71702 days ago

    that first owner has watched too many movies,

  18. Daniel Beake

    Daniel Beake3 days ago

    I would of finished those lobster rolls... i mean it didnt look as bad as that ... For free

  19. Orias X

    Orias X3 days ago

    First owner looks like a mafia boss


    ZUKUSHI - KUN3 days ago

    Steven = Sheldon

  21. CrappyPatty

    CrappyPatty3 days ago

    Love Steven. He reminds me of "Hi I'm Daisy" from Mario Kart Doubledash

  22. Lanni Braga

    Lanni Braga3 days ago

    Look at this villain entry Fucker just needs a cigar

  23. Tyler Jeffrey Brown

    Tyler Jeffrey Brown3 days ago

    first owner is actually Robert California

  24. Mountain

    Mountain4 days ago

    That owner in the beginning looks like undertaker (wwe wrestler) lol

  25. 도영김

    도영김4 days ago

    Steven be handsome tho-

  26. Pablo Apeles

    Pablo Apeles4 days ago

    Steven is me with every cute guy i meet

  27. サトリア

    サトリア4 days ago

    0:23 That's how mafia works!

  28. fernando meliani

    fernando meliani4 days ago

    1:04 he takes a deep breath like "ok, time to have some f**king nasty food"

  29. GearCrusher

    GearCrusher4 days ago

    This fucking faggot

  30. Jens caceres stiefel

    Jens caceres stiefel4 days ago

    No one Michael : Steven!

  31. Mr. Wig.

    Mr. Wig.4 days ago

    Good vlog..

  32. dano elmucho

    dano elmucho5 days ago

    How he walked in with his sun glasses.

  33. Erika

    Erika5 days ago

    "He said he lived in Maine but if he had, he'd know the lobster roll is exactly like they do it in Maine" I'm not American, but I am sure they do have salt and pepper in Maine, too.

  34. Richard Rossi

    Richard Rossi6 days ago

    They should put the number of the episode :/

  35. Psychopathic Kirito

    Psychopathic Kirito6 days ago

    Like this and Michael will do anything for you

  36. Le GOLD Spy

    Le GOLD Spy6 days ago

    Didnt know Shawn Mendes' lost brother was working at a restaurant

  37. Wumpis

    Wumpis6 days ago


  38. Kevin Spacey

    Kevin Spacey6 days ago


  39. Toxic

    Toxic6 days ago

    Robert California from the office owns a restaurant now?

  40. Sulthon Mubdi

    Sulthon Mubdi6 days ago

    4:02 Someone please tell me why is the guy in white coat (maybe a chef) is censored?

  41. anya

    anya7 days ago

    Steven is adorable.

  42. numbkeen

    numbkeen7 days ago


  43. Shivani Narendran

    Shivani Narendran7 days ago

    Who here just loved Steven???!

  44. LXN2. QX

    LXN2. QX7 days ago

    I couldn’t watch the whole damn thing because I was smiling like hard because of Steven and gordon

  45. Grand Duke Of Flario

    Grand Duke Of Flario7 days ago

    *waiting for food* Gordon: I'm a funny man! *eats horrible food* Gordon: RAW! FUCKING RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Witch

    Witch7 days ago

    I do three or four. (That one guy 🙃

  47. mariotaz

    mariotaz7 days ago

    1:35 - 1:43 fucking hell. The amount of cuts to different shots and angels is astounding.

  48. Gaming clips Cause I felt like it

    Gaming clips Cause I felt like it7 days ago

    “ 3 to 4 days a week” Waiter: *smiles Hippity hoppity your likes are now my property

  49. Jimins Bby

    Jimins Bby8 days ago

    I would go there and eat their shitty food just to see that nice guy Steven XD

  50. Daniel 1

    Daniel 18 days ago

    Steven wants to Bangkok... GORDONS KOK

  51. HyrulChic

    HyrulChic8 days ago

    No one: *Lobster Mac n Cheese Exists*