Gordon Ramsay vs Madelaine Petsch In VEGAN MASTERCHEF COOK OFF!


  1. Mikhail Parsons

    Mikhail Parsons2 hours ago

    i would pay 3 whole dollars to watch her suck a huge black cok just so its hard to be shoved up her tiny asshole.

  2. xRebecckahx

    xRebecckahx2 hours ago


  3. Tugce Tugce

    Tugce Tugce2 hours ago


  4. tsmanchester

    tsmanchester3 hours ago

    She is stunning

  5. TheUnshatterd

    TheUnshatterd3 hours ago

    I just wish that for once, American television can stop being so obviously scripted

  6. SalmaX33

    SalmaX334 hours ago

    Gordon only cooks with meat he’s like known for his meet and fish lol this must be so hard

  7. I'm Yanisa

    I'm Yanisa5 hours ago

    Sassy riverdale !!

  8. Maros Kaspar

    Maros Kaspar5 hours ago

    Gordon got burned real bad by Madelaine. Because she is so freaking HOT!

  9. ThE HOLLow MaN

    ThE HOLLow MaN6 hours ago

    vegan food sucks.

  10. Mikhail Parsons

    Mikhail Parsons7 hours ago

    i would rape that asshole.

  11. carl matthew garcia

    carl matthew garcia7 hours ago

    What? That cliff hanger..

  12. noman ul haq Khan

    noman ul haq Khan8 hours ago

    Sanji vs Gordan.??

  13. StacyJane Alex

    StacyJane Alex9 hours ago

    Gordon is actually kinda tall but you dont get it rightaway

  14. n_s 20

    n_s 209 hours ago

    Finallyyyyy a vegan show😍

  15. roolee2k

    roolee2k11 hours ago

    gosh... i love redhead

  16. beesinthesky

    beesinthesky11 hours ago

    Gordon is still an idiot. Only watched because of MP - she's amazing ❤

  17. teddy furlong

    teddy furlong12 hours ago

    Why does Gordon sound like a brit when he's actually scottish.

  18. squishy yo 99

    squishy yo 9912 hours ago

    A vid with 2 people I hate...wow

  19. Jemelo Villones

    Jemelo Villones14 hours ago

    Shokugeki no Ramsay

  20. Lalit Chetan

    Lalit Chetan15 hours ago

    It is Madeline

  21. Mike M

    Mike M16 hours ago

    @6:48 did she just tap off the micro planer off with the blade? for fucks sake.. wtf.

  22. k kurova

    k kurova17 hours ago

    They totally fucked, didn't they?

  23. Myster Speedo

    Myster Speedo18 hours ago

    *she hella thicc*

  24. kawsar abay

    kawsar abay18 hours ago

    She's fine 😍

  25. Tow Mater

    Tow Mater19 hours ago

    1:13 her laugh is so cute

  26. Leah’s Life

    Leah’s Life19 hours ago

    So who won?

  27. Leah’s Life

    Leah’s Life19 hours ago

    I need to be her

  28. trevor Edenfield

    trevor Edenfield20 hours ago

    That was so funny when you took the paper and burned it lol

  29. HMSWilson 7

    HMSWilson 721 hour ago

    he did all that cheating cos he’s a pussy and doesn’t want there to be a chance that he could loss

  30. m d

    m d21 hour ago


  31. Timor Eran Averbuch

    Timor Eran Averbuch22 hours ago

    Whaaaaa????? Israeli show lol

  32. Jömpa

    Jömpa22 hours ago

    Did you learn her to eat real food?

  33. sliding through the ear

    sliding through the ear22 hours ago


  34. martijn stam

    martijn stam23 hours ago

    i think i like vegans now

  35. Javier Solis

    Javier SolisDay ago

    Who else came here for cheryle lol

  36. Blueberry Lime

    Blueberry LimeDay ago

    Irritating how much she is utterly in love with herself

  37. Opaque Motives

    Opaque MotivesDay ago

    I'm guessing you don't manage your own channel. Because you would have realised how boring this video is otherwise.

  38. nightcoreloverify

    nightcoreloverify18 hours ago


  39. Opaque Motives

    Opaque Motives20 hours ago

    It's full of click bait and it's trending of course people are clicking it, why do you think I did. I can say with certainty that it got the views because one he's on TV and two it's trending. I had a really, and I cant stress enough, really shitty mincraft video on my page for a few days and for unknown reasons it was on trending. I got hundreds of thousands of views. (You see I was testing the YT video editor and had set it to public not expecting anyone to find it.)

  40. nightcoreloverify

    nightcoreloverify20 hours ago

    it maybe boring to you but it sure AS HELL GOT A LOT VIEWS

  41. Syamil-

    Syamil-Day ago

    madelaine looks like brie larson.. in a way

  42. Wade

    WadeDay ago

    Vegan MasterChef is like Formula E races.

  43. Kerry's Pets and hobbies

    Kerry's Pets and hobbiesDay ago

    Vegan 🤢

  44. O'Rangers Glory

    O'Rangers GloryDay ago

    Drinking wine...

  45. JoYugyeom Kim

    JoYugyeom KimDay ago

    it's a prank

  46. Andre Sun

    Andre SunDay ago

    L O L

  47. Jadon Ooi

    Jadon OoiDay ago

    Who Owns The MasterChef Show?? I Haven’t Know Yet. . . Or Am I Just Tasting Someone’s Gross Onion Soup???

  48. Alec Zaidi

    Alec ZaidiDay ago

    Wow Cheryl really could lay off the make-up on TV. She looks completely different on here. Seriously. Two different people

  49. Lizkebab Lok

    Lizkebab LokDay ago

    “I’m not tasting it. I’m hoping it doesn’t kill you”. That’s reassuring

  50. RoyalRowsters

    RoyalRowstersDay ago

    Is??? WHOO

  51. BrittRosiles

    BrittRosilesDay ago


  52. Dean Galloway

    Dean GallowayDay ago


  53. Yabz

    YabzDay ago

    The only hot vegan

  54. ImSpray

    ImSprayDay ago

    Sorry but I won't be happy till we get a video of him reacting to my L A M B S A U C E

  55. Jasper Van Nieuwkerke

    Jasper Van NieuwkerkeDay ago


  56. Jeanine H

    Jeanine HDay ago

    I'd love to see Gordon take the Vegan Challenge a lot more seriously.

  57. Sodref

    SodrefDay ago


  58. YouTube Blue

    YouTube BlueDay ago

    Ahghagaggaghaggahag Madelaine

  59. Saucy boii

    Saucy boiiDay ago

    Hottest true

  60. LyssbethV

    LyssbethVDay ago

    Madelaine's dish: "This is called, the Dish that Gordon cheated on."

  61. Aizel De Torres

    Aizel De TorresDay ago

    The cheating, burning of the recipe, christina tossi suddenly appearing - they’re all scripted. And it’s annoying to watch them all acting out. I wish they had just gone with an actual cook off, instead of a play.

  62. Virginia Walker

    Virginia WalkerDay ago

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  63. liam mertens

    liam mertensDay ago

    Report voter she appear apparently opposite prepare greet advantage tree

  64. Jessica Stohr

    Jessica StohrDay ago

    Kinda sad that she didn't realize he cheated lol

  65. Inez Ault

    Inez AultDay ago

    *F.vсk Ме! F.vсk Ме hаrd аnd dееР* *сl1сk H е r е Tо Wаtсh S.е.X.у HоtсаМ Girls.* >>> whx.io/480e?f=Cw7hxH0S22

  66. gerald leonor

    gerald leonorDay ago

    I love her personality

  67. Toha Duong

    Toha DuongDay ago


  68. Toha Duong

    Toha DuongDay ago


  69. Elem Ercirpan

    Elem ErcirpanDay ago

    This is awesome haahah

  70. Ericonda Styles

    Ericonda StylesDay ago

    2 people I love unconditionally in one video! 💓💓

  71. John Wow

    John WowDay ago


  72. Samara Franklin

    Samara FranklinDay ago


  73. Johnny Sack

    Johnny SackDay ago

    stick to cooking dead carcass.

  74. Amy G

    Amy GDay ago

    It would’ve been nice if he’d taken this seriously. So disrespectful.

  75. Jordan Wennberg

    Jordan WennbergDay ago

    Oddly she looks weird without her red lip stick..

  76. Ava Dougherty

    Ava DoughertyDay ago

    My favorite part “He was scared, of all of *this* “

  77. Jordan Wennberg

    Jordan WennbergDay ago

    That’s gotta be fuckin Cheryl from Riverdale..

  78. love minecraft TDM

    love minecraft TDMDay ago

    Love master chef junior

  79. Jay K.

    Jay K.Day ago

    She has a MReporter channel? Well then, if I may.

  80. Jay K.

    Jay K.Day ago

    E:42 a dog whistle? Who brought in the dog whistle?

  81. Maddie Ignacia

    Maddie IgnaciaDay ago


  82. Sam Ajang

    Sam AjangDay ago

    DO VEGANS EAT OR SMOKE MARIJUANA? *don't freak out vegans*

  83. Jaquarius Potlow

    Jaquarius PotlowDay ago

    you need to stop being hard on grown ups

  84. Andy M

    Andy MDay ago

    Staged and VERY stupid

  85. Jay Yelle

    Jay YelleDay ago

    those balenciagas tho

  86. Faint Sherin

    Faint SherinDay ago

    What a lovely lass! kissed by fire

  87. pee_wee_herman

    pee_wee_hermanDay ago


  88. mrtn

    mrtnDay ago

    Imma Smash

  89. Psychonaut75

    Psychonaut75Day ago

    HOW IS SHE SO BEAUTIFUL? AND VEGAN!! She's perfect. I mean yes, it was kinda lame, cause making fun of vegans is old, but I'm glad gordon's *kinda* opening up about veganism. And well... SHE'S EVERYTHING!

  90. Michael Imahen

    Michael ImahenDay ago


  91. Beatorama

    BeatoramaDay ago

    being vegan is basically being a socialist in a capitalist environment. >:( EAT YO MEAT

  92. sedra jameel

    sedra jameelDay ago

    It’s all in the wrist. 😂 ❤️

  93. Christian Simpson

    Christian SimpsonDay ago

    In the first 30 seconds of her talking to Ramsay she has to break the Vegan Line

  94. Jalal Akbary

    Jalal AkbaryDay ago

    Can't beat a women who's experienced in the kitchen.

  95. GabulousTV

    GabulousTVDay ago

    Madeleine is such a sweetheart

  96. Sai Dela Cruz

    Sai Dela Cruz2 days ago

    I actually thought she has a feisty personality, but she was bubbly and sweet. Wasn’t expecting that

  97. Gamer Fazer

    Gamer Fazer2 days ago

    damn dat ass fat

  98. Alexandre Martins

    Alexandre Martins2 days ago

    So, the woman starts by being stupid... vegan? Seriously? And you dare say you're a foodie? Fuck off! OH, and she's not even mildly pretty.

  99. William Gadd

    William Gadd2 days ago

    Where a woman belongs, in the kitchen

  100. Larissa H

    Larissa H2 days ago

    This just shows how weak Gordon is lol Pathetic...!

  101. Siraphon

    Siraphon2 days ago

    My god...

  102. Daniel Dragovic

    Daniel Dragovic2 days ago

    She's sexy😍

  103. Nate Romanowski

    Nate Romanowski2 days ago

    8,901 Comments, on this video.

  104. Nate Romanowski

    Nate Romanowski2 days ago

    and fuck that Madelaine Petsch is a fucking babe!