Gordon Ramsay vs Madelaine Petsch In VEGAN MASTERCHEF COOK OFF!


  1. ashtynn jervis

    ashtynn jervis4 hours ago

    Gordan master pick pocket

  2. kenjefferson cortez

    kenjefferson cortez5 hours ago

    good boobs

  3. shade Rude,Emo{Life}

    shade Rude,Emo{Life}5 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay Dam savage

  4. TheAustriaco96

    TheAustriaco966 hours ago

    Jesus christ she's gorgeous, need to find myself a vegan girl!

  5. shut up

    shut up7 hours ago

    it’s all staged

  6. Barnes466

    Barnes4669 hours ago

    I came here for the box, err and the rack

  7. Miguel Angel

    Miguel Angel13 hours ago

    She is vegan and has a thicc ass 🍑

  8. Jimmy Anderson

    Jimmy Anderson15 hours ago

    kelp noodles lmaoooo

  9. Oier Lanera

    Oier Lanera21 hour ago

    madelaine is rthe bset

  10. Irma Gomez

    Irma Gomez22 hours ago

    He looks like he could be part of One Direction with that hairstyle

  11. Scott J

    Scott J22 hours ago

    audio is jacked up

  12. Anthony Fullo

    Anthony Fullo23 hours ago

    He cheted

  13. Llamacorniverse

    LlamacorniverseDay ago

    My favorite fucking 2 most god omg

  14. budakjahat1984

    budakjahat1984Day ago

    Damn..those vegan breasts are so damn fine..

  15. No Name

    No NameDay ago

    I just wanna see her tits

  16. Word to the Wise Podcast

    Word to the Wise PodcastDay ago

    Gordon couldn't give a damn about cooking; he was enjoying the eye candy. This chick's channel sucks, by the way.

  17. william healey

    william healeyDay ago

    Hey Gordon!! Your hair's gone a bit Gary Rhodes mate!

  18. Sunny Farquhar

    Sunny FarquharDay ago

    She looks like pornstar Ella Hughes

  19. farjana akther

    farjana aktherDay ago

    I swear that person is in F the prom

  20. Dorothy Marie

    Dorothy MarieDay ago

    This was funny

  21. Stav Dayagi

    Stav Dayagi2 days ago

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  22. maybeDOS

    maybeDOS2 days ago

    GET IT RIGHT BITCH! it's his grand-dad's armpit hair.

  23. Cooking With Skeletor

    Cooking With Skeletor2 days ago

    Hello Gordon Ramsay, i am Skeletor and I have a cooking show, I wanted to ask YOU if you wanted to me on MY cooking show :D

  24. just jesse

    just jesse2 days ago

    i would die for her

  25. Shravan Ganesh

    Shravan Ganesh2 days ago

    Who won?

  26. hades773

    hades7733 days ago

    Fuck she's a catch

  27. Shay Roemer

    Shay Roemer3 days ago

    Christina Tosi!!! She is amazing

  28. dustin swank

    dustin swank3 days ago

    Still bummed there’s no wah in this.

  29. SWProductions

    SWProductions3 days ago

    Love this so much!

  30. CreationofDeath

    CreationofDeath3 days ago

    Coocking vegan?! This is heresy! :D

  31. MissAquaGamer

    MissAquaGamer3 days ago

    Her dish looked disgusting, but probably tasted good. And his looked good but probably tastes disgusting 😂😂

  32. Msbonehunter57

    Msbonehunter573 days ago


  33. Jayden _Plays

    Jayden _Plays3 days ago

    Shit she is sexy

  34. Qrow Summer-Rose

    Qrow Summer-Rose3 days ago

    This girl just became the sexiest red head I know

  35. Styneslad

    Styneslad3 days ago

    she's hot as fuck

  36. Minty Ants

    Minty Ants3 days ago

    Hi Gordon Ramsay I normally watch you judge Masterchef junior

  37. KaraLondon Vaughn

    KaraLondon Vaughn4 days ago

    Gordon cheated

  38. brt d

    brt d4 days ago

    I think fapping is not enough.

  39. Wildspider16

    Wildspider164 days ago

    Anyone here from Riverdale

  40. Nuper In Nocte

    Nuper In Nocte4 days ago

    It just cracks me up when he says hottest. That emphasis on the o.

  41. Katrina Shelise

    Katrina Shelise4 days ago

    Love her hair

  42. Your Neighbour

    Your Neighbour4 days ago

    It is said that Gordon still has not found the lamb sauce.

  43. nutella no nut

    nutella no nut4 days ago

    Cherry bombshell with nude lipstick is gorgeous!!!

  44. keso på mackan

    keso på mackan5 days ago

    So guys, we did it...

  45. Julian Lechuga

    Julian Lechuga5 days ago

    its so hilariuos to see gordon being judged when he is the judge but then i remember that everything is scripted

  46. Kayla Hernandez

    Kayla Hernandez5 days ago

    *Madelaine walks out* Me: Sh*t why’s she always so hot *also me: nosebleed *

  47. xmimohx

    xmimohx5 days ago

    Soooo who won 😭😭

  48. Koala squad Xoxo

    Koala squad Xoxo5 days ago

    I already know Gordon Ramsay would win XD lol lmao

  49. Rowan R.

    Rowan R.5 days ago

    oh god im gay

  50. Poképek

    Poképek5 days ago

    Those tits😍

  51. Martin Ruvalcaba

    Martin Ruvalcaba5 days ago

    Madelaine is bae

  52. magde

    magde5 days ago

    I never knew I needed this in my life

  53. Leah Xx

    Leah Xx5 days ago

    The awkwardness when she said I’m vegan 😂😂

  54. Tanay Verma

    Tanay Verma5 days ago


  55. ThatGuy Joey

    ThatGuy Joey5 days ago

    Rocking those balenciagas

  56. Michael Shete

    Michael Shete5 days ago

    I loved it when you came to master chef Australia for one week and I had one question did u create the master chef show

  57. Zincon Cabig

    Zincon Cabig6 days ago

    Is that cook show off or a date just asking. -_-

  58. sweetniall

    sweetniall6 days ago

    Vegan???? To the guy who always makes sure in his menu there’s a Wellington??????

  59. Fari Vlogs

    Fari Vlogs6 days ago

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  60. softbatch!

    softbatch!6 days ago

    Ramsay likes vegan and vegetarian food so long as it's seasoned beautifully, has pleasant textures and is visually stunning. He had a competition show, I think it was The next top restaurant or something like that and the runner up was a vegan/ vegetarian place!


    BIG BLOCK FORD6 days ago

    she's hot af

  62. Reece Michelle

    Reece Michelle6 days ago

    Would've watched if it wasn't a vegan cook-off

  63. Hamza Waqar

    Hamza Waqar6 days ago

    Cook JINGO JANGO next ...

  64. Kirito Kun

    Kirito Kun6 days ago

    fuck she's gorgeous

  65. Rocky Seay

    Rocky Seay6 days ago

    This was awesome LOL.

  66. Zoë Phoenix

    Zoë Phoenix6 days ago

    Madelaine obviously won cause she didn't cheat and it was still liked better by le judge than Ramsay's cx

  67. ClutchClick

    ClutchClick6 days ago

    Now I'm gonna go listen to Bill Burr shit on people who like pesto

  68. ClutchClick

    ClutchClick6 days ago

    What a super pretty lady

  69. WRaYth Pokémon

    WRaYth Pokémon7 days ago


  70. little Ben

    little Ben7 days ago

    I love your food

  71. Jin Lee

    Jin Lee7 days ago

    Shes fine as hell

  72. Logical Criticism

    Logical Criticism7 days ago

    "Actually never cooked this dish, doing it jus' by my head." *Hides the recipe*

  73. oğuzkaan peşmen

    oğuzkaan peşmen7 days ago

    türkler burdamı

  74. Game Tech

    Game Tech7 days ago

    I am omnivore and im proud of it!

  75. Jilly Biddell

    Jilly Biddell7 days ago

    How childish. A chef should be able to cook anything and without acting like a dick.

  76. winter phoenix

    winter phoenix7 days ago

    Cheryl blossom... Riverdale... She is so talented!!

  77. Alissa Hailey

    Alissa Hailey7 days ago

    Was she on riverdale before or after this

  78. Maha AlMohammad

    Maha AlMohammad7 days ago


  79. Xhaniez - Fortnite

    Xhaniez - Fortnite8 days ago

    You know damn well Gordon smashed😂

  80. Neo Genesis

    Neo Genesis8 days ago

    This looks sooo fake and staged.

  81. Panic TM

    Panic TM8 days ago

    tbh not a big vegan supporter but Madelaine is like both hot and cute at the same time

  82. popcornfilms1

    popcornfilms120 hours ago

    Never mind just heard she's American

  83. popcornfilms1

    popcornfilms120 hours ago

    Yeah fuck being vegan but Madelaine is ace

  84. Cable Vamp

    Cable Vamp8 days ago

    Vegan food fucking sucks.

  85. I Rawls

    I Rawls8 days ago

    I'm a little grossed out that she rubbed her hair 89 times before she started cooking

  86. Trevor Pierce

    Trevor Pierce8 days ago

    I'm so glad they did this. I love Madelaine so much. ❤❤

  87. Matt Messer

    Matt Messer8 days ago

    Im in Love with her

  88. Dffernet point

    Dffernet point8 days ago

    i don't know why but when i hear the sounds in this video, i smell avocado

  89. Saranggola

    Saranggola8 days ago

    @gordon ramsay please react to Shokugeki no Soma

  90. underwater beauty

    underwater beauty8 days ago

    Heyyy..... Who was the winner?????

  91. En Xin Lau

    En Xin Lau7 days ago

    Yah who?

  92. Hoshizora 56

    Hoshizora 569 days ago

    Why the actual fuck would you put the god damn cards in the floor. LOL

  93. Chan Takame

    Chan Takame9 days ago

    madelaine's boobies

  94. amy venegas

    amy venegas9 days ago

    Was anyone else happy when they say someone from Riverdale on this show

  95. veronica flores

    veronica flores9 days ago

    Why does he looks so Nice??😂😂

  96. Dan Marrero

    Dan Marrero9 days ago

    who fuckin won ??

  97. Joe H

    Joe H9 days ago

    I think it's funny that a person is forced to deal with veagan crap but veagans are never forced to deal with meat. Double standards if I ever saw them.

  98. katherine Martin

    katherine Martin6 days ago

    Joe H are You really that fucking stupid? Every advert, billboard, tv commercial, book, magazine is filled with meat and dairy.... you’re shown hundreds of pictures everyday and you don’t even notice, brainwashed from birth.

  99. Elizabeth Sequeira

    Elizabeth Sequeira9 days ago

    This is very cute 😍😍😍😍😍


    GAME FEVER SP9 days ago


  101. Joel Hermez

    Joel Hermez9 days ago


  102. HenschelBarnitzke

    HenschelBarnitzke9 days ago

    *Doing it just by my head.* *Shows the paper and thinking that her brain is smarter because she is a vegan lol*

  103. mark twain

    mark twain9 days ago

    Top 5 Anime battles

  104. mark twain

    mark twain9 days ago

    From the thumbnail you’d think that was Debby Ryan from Disney channel