Gordon Ramsay vs Madelaine Petsch In VEGAN MASTERCHEF COOK OFF!


  1. Janice Manalastas

    Janice Manalastas6 hours ago

    big boobs yumyum

  2. Rafe Armstrong

    Rafe Armstrong7 hours ago

    Great channel!! About to check some of your other videos!

  3. IFFYx3

    IFFYx38 hours ago

    I keep seeing Madeline everywhere! Riverdale, Biore, now with Gordon Ramsey!

  4. Movie Games

    Movie Games22 hours ago

    I would have cooked the cauliflower in duck fat when nobody was looking.

  5. Michael Candido

    Michael CandidoDay ago

    Greatest anime crossover

  6. E E

    E EDay ago

    Not too sure about the joke of the pans being switched, is it cuz he’s not experienced cooking vegan?

  7. Brandon Huang

    Brandon HuangDay ago

    It feeld and sounds weird for gordan to present his dish

  8. NDO

    NDODay ago

    I’d wife up real quick😤

  9. B Ali

    B AliDay ago

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  10. Dragon Aslern

    Dragon AslernDay ago


  11. Dragon Aslern

    Dragon AslernDay ago

    LOL Madelaine is like did u break rules?

  12. Kyle Ramdhanie

    Kyle RamdhanieDay ago

    Ooo Gordan cheating

  13. Question ?

    Question ?2 days ago

    Finally something I can EAT.

  14. Scarlett .E

    Scarlett .E2 days ago

    Waaaait a sec at pops they have MILKshakes cheryl drinks alot of Milkshakes shes vegan thoo

  15. San Ram

    San RamDay ago

    You also have vegan milkshakes you know

  16. Romell Wardlaw

    Romell Wardlaw2 days ago

    High key bae

  17. FrostedZaibatsu

    FrostedZaibatsu3 days ago

    How you vegan and thicc

  18. Cherry T

    Cherry T3 days ago

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  19. Risca Nur Iswati

    Risca Nur Iswati3 days ago

    Gordon is cheating ahahaha but that's okay lol 🤣🤣🤣

  20. M

    M3 days ago

    He is actually soft when no one is cooking

  21. Jero F

    Jero F4 days ago

    Veganism is suicide get yourself some mf ribs

  22. Im a ghost

    Im a ghost4 days ago

    i didn’t know season 4 of riverdale came out and Gordon ramsay was in it...

  23. Trevor Michaud

    Trevor Michaud4 days ago

    Madelaine is hands down the hottest red head on the planet

  24. Owen Greaves

    Owen Greaves4 days ago

    This is very random im confused

  25. Maria Akerlund

    Maria Akerlund4 days ago

    Omg yaaaasssssss

  26. Seira Talyor

    Seira Talyor4 days ago

    She so beautiful😍😍

  27. Kenny2x Tv

    Kenny2x Tv5 days ago

    6:26-654 Gordon sound like he have an orgasm every time he say yes 😂

  28. Garrett L

    Garrett L5 days ago

    hes so good at roasting that he roasts himself harder

  29. Mr. Pretender

    Mr. Pretender5 days ago

    The winner is the knife

  30. TeejMiller

    TeejMiller5 days ago


  31. That Gurl

    That Gurl5 days ago

    Is she Cheryl from Riverdale? If so than I'm addicted to that show.😝

  32. Crazy Dog Lady

    Crazy Dog Lady4 days ago

    Ya she is 😝

  33. Betsy Lopez

    Betsy Lopez5 days ago


  34. fatima huq

    fatima huq6 days ago

    Gordon is so hott. Thats it.

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    ur kds6 days ago

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  36. Andria Charalambous

    Andria Charalambous6 days ago

    Gordon’s a bad loser

  37. Yagayaga Yaga

    Yagayaga Yaga6 days ago

    Who won

  38. ACE DamnP

    ACE DamnP6 days ago

    Big bewbs

  39. Alec Puno

    Alec Puno6 days ago

    The winner is Nino

  40. Yoshi Estrella

    Yoshi Estrella6 days ago

    The girl is pretty

  41. Fallen Disaster Mobile Legends

    Fallen Disaster Mobile Legends6 days ago

    Legend has it they're still waiting for the result

  42. Brittany Ivey

    Brittany Ivey6 days ago

    If I had a chance to learn from Gordon Ramsay personally I’d probably die. He makes me want to better my skills (as limited as they are.)

  43. Joselyn Reyes

    Joselyn Reyes7 days ago

    8:11 she says madeline

  44. Ali Bengali

    Ali Bengali7 days ago

    Vegan sucks.

  45. Lin Tina

    Lin Tina7 days ago


  46. Raven Tag

    Raven Tag8 days ago

    Damn look at those titties!!!

  47. Russell Holder

    Russell Holder8 days ago

    how tf can you be a vegan and a chef...

  48. shallowlord

    shallowlord8 days ago

    Vegan food is not food...

  49. Shadow Knight

    Shadow Knight9 days ago

    I just cant get over the way he threw the box.

  50. Cris Lok

    Cris Lok9 days ago

    daaang shes hot!

  51. Jasmer Diaz

    Jasmer Diaz9 days ago

    This video was sp funny

  52. DarkMaster XD

    DarkMaster XD9 days ago

    Gordon: Grandads armpit He truly is a savage.

  53. Joe Kanaan

    Joe Kanaan9 days ago

    I would've fed her my meat but she's vegan😢

  54. Shraya Rajbhandary

    Shraya Rajbhandary9 days ago

    The winner of the first vegan food off is.......Nino!!!

  55. Blitzy

    Blitzy10 days ago

    *Boi I thought she was Bella Thorne*

  56. Curiosity At Its Finest

    Curiosity At Its Finest10 days ago

    Would smash her

  57. Curiosity At Its Finest

    Curiosity At Its Finest10 days ago


  58. the tea editzz

    the tea editzz10 days ago

    gordon ramsay calling madelaine hot made me very uncomfortable . 😐

  59. Brenelis Contas

    Brenelis Contas10 days ago


  60. JamswithStyle

    JamswithStyle10 days ago

    0:09 how did you know it was i?

  61. weakzard

    weakzard10 days ago


  62. Brent BJ G. Resngit

    Brent BJ G. Resngit10 days ago

    Gordon finna smash

  63. Bozhidar Kobakov

    Bozhidar Kobakov10 days ago

    Gordon you fkn rat!

  64. Brandon K

    Brandon K10 days ago

    She’s so hot I could look past the vegan thing.

  65. golgotango

    golgotango11 days ago

    This Gordon is so insecure that he has to burn her recipe.

  66. J KING

    J KING8 days ago

    golgotango bruh if your goongle ass ain’t joking I’m gonna steal off your lamb sauce you fuckin famanazi

  67. TheFiesta

    TheFiesta11 days ago

    Madelaine: *Am I a joke to you*

  68. oiiyea

    oiiyea11 days ago

    wow that’s an amazing way to end a video.

  69. Networking Folder

    Networking Folder11 days ago

    Vegan! Let me puke in your place!... voila! Vegan it’s just a cow you haven’t killed yet! Have a burger! Vegan you are a waste of a human!

  70. lauren jauregui is perfect

    lauren jauregui is perfect11 days ago

    she's a weasley y'all.

  71. lauren jauregui is perfect

    lauren jauregui is perfect11 days ago

    i'm fucking inlove with madeleine.

  72. Pardefted

    Pardefted11 days ago


  73. Wasiq Imran

    Wasiq Imran11 days ago

    Ramsey doesn't understand the difference between vegan and vegetarian?

  74. PryMouth

    PryMouth11 days ago

    Well guys I think I just turned vegan

  75. J KING

    J KING8 days ago

    PryMouth no longer are you welcome in the master chef kitchen

  76. thea loves

    thea loves12 days ago

    Who won???

  77. Seth

    Seth12 days ago


  78. Gunslinger 241

    Gunslinger 24112 days ago

    Alright u can go f off and not tell me who won

  79. Dizarmed Gaming

    Dizarmed Gaming12 days ago

    Main:Masterchef Gordon Ramsay:Mastervegan Me:Mastercheating

  80. Jennifer Childs

    Jennifer Childs12 days ago

    WHAT!!! I LOVE MADELAINE PETSCH! these two in one show I'm in love!

  81. Reagan Conkling

    Reagan Conkling12 days ago


  82. Limar Albadawi

    Limar Albadawi12 days ago

    So, who won?

  83. shysangster

    shysangster12 days ago

    Gordon's gonna takeover at Pop's.

  84. Lonely Boy

    Lonely Boy12 days ago

    She's stunning but the veganism is a big negative

  85. Abeer Khan

    Abeer Khan12 days ago

    Scripted af

  86. Daniyal Aijaz

    Daniyal Aijaz12 days ago

    Madeline looks diseased and suffering from deficiencies

  87. jbars

    jbars12 days ago

    yuk vegans

  88. WhySoFine SG

    WhySoFine SG12 days ago

    Im not very happy with they're last say....

  89. It'smeHannsAV

    It'smeHannsAV13 days ago

    I see Madelaine , i click 😂❤️

  90. XxEmilyxX xNguyenxX

    XxEmilyxX xNguyenxX13 days ago

    Ur grandma’s loofa

  91. Sonny Diesburg

    Sonny Diesburg13 days ago

    Hope she washed her hands between takes after she touches her hair and face. Lol

  92. Viva Kabareti

    Viva Kabareti13 days ago

    Gosh Gordon is a savage he ain’t average time to bring him to LA Ok that’s enough singing Logan Paul songs

  93. Turtle M9

    Turtle M913 days ago

    Stop being nice

  94. Koala Music

    Koala Music13 days ago

    Oh without a doubt your holding your device with one hand ;) Because your butt was itchy

  95. Gloomy Yoonbum

    Gloomy Yoonbum12 days ago

    Koala Music and i oop-

  96. Bnjf Gjhg

    Bnjf Gjhg13 days ago

    Madaleine was so hot😂😂

  97. Aditya C.R

    Aditya C.R13 days ago

    Gordon - you slimy little cheat! :P Come on - believe in yourself - did Madelaine intimidate you THAT much?

  98. Mãs Digital

    Mãs Digital13 days ago

    She's hot, I'd fuck her

  99. Ziggurat Tempest

    Ziggurat Tempest13 days ago

    Madelaine is top tier (tier SSS) waifu material She’s too beautiful

  100. ms Tea

    ms Tea13 days ago


  101. Timmys Hyper

    Timmys Hyper14 days ago


  102. Velocity TwiST 22

    Velocity TwiST 2214 days ago

    She thicc

  103. Jenna A

    Jenna A14 days ago

    Madelaine was so excited about the apron that’s so cute ahahaha 😂💖 that’d be me tho

  104. Jenna A

    Jenna A14 days ago

    “Did they tell you I’m vegan?” *”STOP IT”* 😂😂

  105. Nataly Lam

    Nataly Lam14 days ago

    Who wins!!??😂

  106. Aluminum Monster

    Aluminum Monster14 days ago

    vegan food looks hideous