1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials11 days ago


  2. Jennifer Randall

    Jennifer Randall11 days ago

    I got a comparison of al Pacino and Robert Downey jr 😂

  3. Carolyn Leigh Tennes

    Carolyn Leigh Tennes11 days ago

    A CT scan of a bowel obstruction... looks like I'm in for a crappy time 😂😭💩

  4. Andie

    Andie11 days ago

    literally just a picture of chris evans

  5. shxlbs

    shxlbs11 days ago

    an airplane

  6. Bailee Smith

    Bailee Smith11 days ago

    Fortnite cape up.. tan and brown 🙃 something I would do everyday lol

  7. Anonymous Unicorns

    Anonymous Unicorns7 hours ago

    I like this look!

  8. Lee Si Mian

    Lee Si Mian8 hours ago

    Anyone knows what highlighter she was using!!! :)

  9. Haley Cron

    Haley Cron8 hours ago

    What eyeshadow palette did you use?? I’m in love with those colors

  10. jessica B3n01t

    jessica B3n01t9 hours ago

    I got a picture of an Asian dude

  11. Amari Hall

    Amari Hall9 hours ago

    Mayratouchofglam did the challenge first.

  12. Ana Mendoza

    Ana Mendoza9 hours ago

    my picture was a vibrator...

  13. Eva McKinney

    Eva McKinney9 hours ago

    As a fellow makeup lover I love love love watching these videos!! But I gotta say it bothered me that she skipped mascara on the bottom lashes

  14. Maddie Sharp

    Maddie Sharp11 hours ago

    Sooooo um I got a guy working out

  15. Elysia R

    Elysia R11 hours ago

    Wow my first image was of hitler this is going great so far already

  16. Fran Sheen

    Fran Sheen11 hours ago

    *I love you , your makeup is really cool* ♡♡

  17. Fran Sheen

    Fran Sheen11 hours ago

    *I love you , your makeup is really cool* ♡♡

  18. Annie Lamb

    Annie Lamb11 hours ago

    Google AL look. It’s a FUCKING BIKE?!?!

  19. 5 Passengers

    5 Passengers11 hours ago

    I WANNA SEE MOREE!!! very entertaining

  20. Alyssa Brazzale

    Alyssa Brazzale11 hours ago

    all you did was slap a rainbow on your eyelids. and you did everything else the same

  21. Alexa the gymnast Gymnastics

    Alexa the gymnast Gymnastics12 hours ago

    I typed in mine AL and I am bike

  22. Lucy CHURCHES

    Lucy CHURCHES12 hours ago

    I got a car?

  23. Night Star

    Night Star13 hours ago

    LOL, my initials are AK so I typed in AK look and got an AK-47!! LOL

  24. Siapa Aja

    Siapa Aja13 hours ago

    I challenge you to do a korean look

  25. Allie Iakovidis

    Allie Iakovidis13 hours ago

    I don't do make up but "ai look" looks bomb I want someone to do it

  26. Ellie T

    Ellie T13 hours ago

    When your initials are ET 😒

  27. Jazmyne Raquel Favela

    Jazmyne Raquel Favela14 hours ago


  28. L33ri

    L33ri14 hours ago

    My initials are 'LB' and the first picture is a handful of fat...I'm assuming that's because 'LB' is the abbreviation for pounds and this is already starting out interesting for me lol

  29. Nicola O'Donoghue

    Nicola O'Donoghue15 hours ago

    Mine is NO look. Help

  30. Skuppup

    Skuppup15 hours ago

    Pansexual buildings

  31. Faith Peck

    Faith Peck15 hours ago

    I typed in fp looks and a picture of fp Jones and Alice Cooper from Riverdale popped up lol

  32. Mal K

    Mal K15 hours ago

    For those wondering, the blush was NARS Crave.

  33. Aoife 1211

    Aoife 121115 hours ago

    I got a really nice tattoo with a sunset in the background of a wave

  34. Fantasia

    Fantasia16 hours ago

    My picture was sports hair gel.

  35. Ellyn Waits

    Ellyn Waits16 hours ago

    uh well my initials are ew soo

  36. Ellyn Waits

    Ellyn Waits16 hours ago

    uh well my initials are ew soo

  37. EmsyKitty

    EmsyKitty16 hours ago

    I searched what my challenge would be for the hell of it and the first picture and many others are Hitler related...

  38. Brea Babe Bakken

    Brea Babe Bakken16 hours ago

    If you watch her videos a lot you will notice she never does her brows on camera!

  39. Elle Ratcliffe

    Elle Ratcliffe16 hours ago

    I got a picture of hitler 😂

  40. antisocio

    antisocio17 hours ago

    whay setting spray does nikkie use?

  41. shelby stareni

    shelby stareni17 hours ago

    what setting spray does she use?

  42. Rafa Giudice

    Rafa Giudice19 hours ago

    Alguém do 🇧🇷?

  43. Emma Ward

    Emma Ward20 hours ago

    she looks so... plastic?

  44. DIY dreams

    DIY dreams20 hours ago

    My initials are Am, I type it in 'AM look' and a page full of sex toys appears... fun

  45. ArysiaDMakeup

    ArysiaDMakeup20 hours ago

    Aaaaaaaa arrasa muito ❤

  46. Karisse Thompson

    Karisse Thompson20 hours ago

    updated brow tutorial? 🤷🏽‍♀️✨

  47. Elise Davis

    Elise Davis21 hour ago

    What ever makeup she wears it always looks great on her 😂love you Nikkie I love you content btw

  48. Elora

    Elora21 hour ago

    this is easy because when I looked up ec look on google and a black shoe came up.

  49. Elora

    Elora20 hours ago

    also for foundation at least she didn't use the silicone triangle sponge (shivers)

  50. Tchun Lapis

    Tchun Lapis21 hour ago

    U look beautiful!

  51. Tae’s Wifeu

    Tae’s Wifeu22 hours ago

    I got a motorcycle...😂

  52. Anonym

    Anonym22 hours ago

    Would have been so much cuter if you piked a lipcolour like the pink on the eyes :) the nude lips usually go with everything but with this pastel look i don’t dig that brownish nude too much

  53. montana stanton

    montana stanton23 hours ago

    My initials are MS... this does not work for me whatsoever 👎🏼

  54. Aaisha Suhel

    Aaisha Suhel23 hours ago

    What ever the challenge be. She looks amazing

  55. Chelsie Debes

    Chelsie Debes23 hours ago

    My initials are CD so when i searched up ‘CD look’ a picture of an all black cd with an all white background popped up.... How would I do that lolol

  56. Penny Graham

    Penny GrahamDay ago

    I got a pair of nike shoes

  57. Tabark Nader

    Tabark NaderDay ago

    ZR it's a bike (

  58. Zariko

    ZarikoDay ago

    ZK gave me a pick of prescription glasses >.

  59. Flamingo

    FlamingoDay ago

    A desk chair 😂😂 I am unhappy with this, might recreate your look tho

  60. Thairasofia1 Sofia

    Thairasofia1 SofiaDay ago

    só eu do Brasil?

  61. Sthefany Julião

    Sthefany JuliãoDay ago

    Hi !! I’m from Brazil !! What do you think if I do google pics do my makeup in my channel !!?? Sorry about my English I don’t know very well

  62. Shinam Khan

    Shinam KhanDay ago

    My initials are SA n i got some script written in arabic😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  63. B.B. doll

    B.B. dollDay ago

    Anyone know what foundation that was

  64. Adell

    AdellDay ago

    Very nice

  65. Kimberl'y Gunning

    Kimberl'y GunningDay ago

    Did kj n got a shirtless I dicided to do kg witch will b my initails after in marry my fiance..n got a red bike.... 😥google keep giving me challenges

  66. Mayra Flores

    Mayra FloresDay ago

    you look beautiful like always!!! yes do another look please!!! love you girl 😍😍😍

  67. Megan Hutcheson

    Megan HutchesonDay ago

    Your choker charm is waving at the camera when you talk XD lol

  68. Davids Aunt

    Davids AuntDay ago

    for you to do my make up would be so inspiring!!!! i won't ever be close to being as good as you

  69. Addie Loeber

    Addie LoeberDay ago

    A look bike

  70. haley green

    haley greenDay ago

    you remind me of a cute lil bunny idk why .

  71. Kasia Skarzynski

    Kasia SkarzynskiDay ago

    I got a picture of a Comfort Inn in Kansas City 😂

  72. Avey Hark

    Avey HarkDay ago

    My picture was black and white

  73. Félicia Lemay

    Félicia LemayDay ago

    My initials are FML.........😂

  74. Nulled Escape

    Nulled EscapeDay ago

    Soo cute!!!

  75. Alexa Massey

    Alexa MasseyDay ago


  76. Lola Andlee

    Lola AndleeDay ago

    I would have done a sunset transition on the lid with the pink and yellow and then blue under the eye

  77. Lola Andlee

    Lola AndleeDay ago

    my initials are LA so I got some really random people and outfits come up

  78. Brittany Nicole

    Brittany NicoleDay ago

    😍😍😍 🌈 girl!!! You slayed that!!! It’s gorgeous!

  79. Katina Guentert

    Katina GuentertDay ago

    When I did the first one it gave me a picture of a bicycle.... well then

  80. Anna Belle Lawson

    Anna Belle LawsonDay ago

    I got a bike 😒

  81. Kira & Izzy

    Kira & IzzyDay ago

    Welp mine would be IT look so ready for a clown! 😂❤️

  82. lexi hayes

    lexi hayesDay ago

    Woah did you not set your face or did you just do it off camera??? I love this look !!!

  83. TextingStorys 4life

    TextingStorys 4lifeDay ago

    I did it and my initials are mr and it showed up eye looks 😂🤦‍♀️😂

  84. Julies Dresscode

    Julies DresscodeDay ago

    Amazing look! Love the reasult! really amazing! xoxo

  85. Holly Martin

    Holly MartinDay ago

    I think I’m a little lucky because I’m hm so....

  86. TheClassicGirl Gaming

    TheClassicGirl GamingDay ago

    Her hair 😍😍

  87. skyblue

    skyblueDay ago

    lol my initials are JZ guess what I'll get lmaoooo

  88. shines1397

    shines1397Day ago

    aw man i'd love to see some fun lips again! i feel like your past videos have all been about the nudes lately - and don't get me wrong you rock a nude lip like nobody else - but i'd love to see you have some fun with lippies again! you could have taken a light pink to tie it together or maybe even a light blue! i miss the creativity that goes into your lip colors but i still love you and all your looks and videos! seriously enjoyed the video, i think the challenge is such a cool idea!!

  89. Ehmeh

    EhmehDay ago

    nikkie why do you never show us how you do brows

  90. Lucy Aspinall

    Lucy AspinallDay ago

    My initials spells - L.A. so when I searched la look it came up with Kim kardashian and things like that

  91. Emma Taylor

    Emma TaylorDay ago

    My initials are ET so im just getting a lot of that lil alien

  92. Sweetcheeks

    SweetcheeksDay ago

    Looks like Ronda rousey

  93. Paige Parratt

    Paige ParrattDay ago

    I’m such a dumbass. I was 100% expecting you to put NT look 😂😂😂

  94. Rosie12303

    Rosie12303Day ago

    Mine only brought up clothes because it’s HM ☹️

  95. Tiffany Smith

    Tiffany SmithDay ago

    Tell me why when I looked mine up. It popped up the chest (of the shirt they are wearing) of one of Taylor Swift’s back up dancers in her LWYMMD music video 😂 I guess I’d have to use the colors of the shirt? Idk

  96. venny ambarita

    venny ambaritaDay ago

    Omg Nikkie please give me some of your makeup stuff

  97. freya Broom

    freya BroomDay ago

    my initials are FB so when I typing FB look into Google it just comes up with pictures of Facebook ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  98. Kawaii KittiCat

    Kawaii KittiCatDay ago

    Sooo... U r really good at makeup.. But i Don't like these colors xd

  99. Emilia Santamaria

    Emilia SantamariaDay ago

    My initials are Es sooo....

  100. Chinx M

    Chinx MDay ago

    Ummmm so my images were fingers covered in cum😐

  101. Sky Shack

    Sky ShackDay ago

    What if the first pic is black and white? ( ; v;)

  102. Jj Makes

    Jj MakesDay ago

    You should write your pets name + your shoe size

  103. Hayley Edwards

    Hayley EdwardsDay ago

    I got a little girl playing Guess Who with Jules from Pulp Fiction and she asks him, "Does he look like a bitch?" 😂

  104. Yara Qashou

    Yara Qashou2 days ago

    The first thing I thought when I saw this look was stylish killer clown

  105. Susanna (Sanna) Wensel

    Susanna (Sanna) Wensel2 days ago

    SW Look is the Sherman Williams' warm and cozy colours. Yesss!

  106. Laurie Conway

    Laurie Conway2 days ago

    LC look= a dark blue Lexus lc 500