1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials8 months ago


  2. Kippi

    Kippi28 days ago

    I got a red, orange, blue, white and black car. I don't really know what to do.

  3. jeed vries

    jeed vries2 months ago

    A man

  4. BunneyVlogs

    BunneyVlogs2 months ago

    A five year old on a swing in the park

  5. Maya

    Maya2 months ago

    An old man🤣

  6. Pepper

    Pepper4 months ago

    My initials are LR, and I got a bottle of perfume (Brilliant Look by LR / Racine). It's basically an elegant mix of black, gold, champagne and a glossy finish. I'm already loving it <3


    EMMA WRIGHT13 hours ago

    When ur initials are EW

  8. Esu Tuul

    Esu Tuul15 hours ago

    sigh... my frickin’ initals are ET. im not even gonna try.

  9. Novelia Trynardo

    Novelia Trynardo22 hours ago

    My initial is NT and when i searched on google, it came out all the blue fog generator 🌚

  10. Kira Cohen

    Kira Cohen3 days ago

    More focused on your nails than your makeup!!!!!! Anyone else??? Like is you also!!!

  11. morgan

    morgan3 days ago

    mine is a picture of a man lifting weights lol

  12. Ad Vaba

    Ad Vaba3 days ago

    Cherry blossom really sounds like the red headed girl from riverdale 🤷‍♀️

  13. Oakley Lynn

    Oakley Lynn3 days ago

    It looks like it it’s raining and rain means glitter, thanks😂😂

  14. Angel Of Death

    Angel Of Death4 days ago

    Mine are CR and I live in Costa Rica :v

  15. L

    L4 days ago

    Ayeee anyone else from New Jersey feel proud when she typed in “NJ look” and a picture of buildings in NJ came up??? Or just me?

  16. avah Johnston

    avah Johnston4 days ago

    u should try a using cheap makeup from target and kmart love you so much

  17. DerpyCat Cuteness

    DerpyCat Cuteness6 days ago

    I got kpop looks XD

  18. Sam -

    Sam -6 days ago

    the lil circle pendant moves up every time she talks and i keep looking at it. great vid nikkie

  19. Victoria Graczyk

    Victoria Graczyk6 days ago

    That pic is downtown Westfield, my cousin lives there, that's so cool! Those buildings are so pretty in real life, especially in the winter, the pastels are a nice aesthetic.

  20. Slightlycolder

    Slightlycolder6 days ago

    Where are my pansexual boisss

  21. Alaa Alsarraj

    Alaa Alsarraj7 days ago


  22. Sanjana Khushwani

    Sanjana Khushwani7 days ago

    OK Nikki.... love you but that glitter took of all of that yellow eyeshadow. it would've looked a lot better if you would've done a cut crease.....

  23. Meghan McCrery

    Meghan McCrery8 days ago

    Mine is mm look...I got a two toned pink dress from like the 1950’s...

  24. Lolo Belle

    Lolo Belle8 days ago

    My initials are LG so I just got pictures of phones 😑😂

  25. Danielle Horton

    Danielle Horton9 days ago

    follow the road ✌🏿😌

  26. ash srikanth

    ash srikanth10 days ago

    my initials are AS and the first thing i get is a man talking abt vocabulary..what to do??

  27. Swimmergirl11 Łōvę

    Swimmergirl11 Łōvę11 days ago

    I looked mine up and up came shoes

  28. Abby Evenson

    Abby Evenson11 days ago

    This reminds me of a carebear look😂

  29. Harm ony

    Harm ony12 days ago

    My initials are hm so when I searched up" hm look "it showed up H&M clothing

  30. madelyn fillare

    madelyn fillare12 days ago

    first I did my first and last name initials and I got a video of a group of guys rapping so , then I did my first middle and last name initial and got a picture of a gun

  31. Alyssa Colvin

    Alyssa Colvin14 days ago

    I got a yellow bike 😔

  32. Antonella Aguilera

    Antonella Aguilera15 days ago

    You know, i'm learning english with you, love u

  33. sOuR wAtErMeLoN sWeEt

    sOuR wAtErMeLoN sWeEt16 days ago

    When u searched up my initials it just shows me an LG phone 😞😓

  34. emoji lover

    emoji lover18 days ago

    Pan colors yay

  35. Mayar Alqaissi

    Mayar Alqaissi18 days ago

    all I got was "look ma no hands!" comics -_-

  36. Sofia Fioravanti

    Sofia Fioravanti18 days ago

    Its like a pansexual pride look on her eyes

  37. lini♡

    lini♡19 days ago

    I got a black shower😂

  38. Rebecca Herrera

    Rebecca Herrera20 days ago

    Mine was terrible

  39. Emylli Alves Alves

    Emylli Alves Alves20 days ago

    I Love it and by the way u Should go somewhere like that and u look so differvent with makeup

  40. HeyIm Réka

    HeyIm Réka22 days ago

    I had a bike it was white red and black soo it was bootiful😂😂(SR look)

  41. gautam kshatriya

    gautam kshatriya23 days ago

    Well Tati did it

  42. Daphne Charles

    Daphne Charles23 days ago

    My initials are DC so when I looked mine up all I saw was superheroes

  43. Ashley Coleman

    Ashley Coleman24 days ago

    I got all pictures of yellow bikes.

  44. sanchez mendoza

    sanchez mendoza24 days ago

    What brush did you use for foundation?

  45. can we get 100 subs without video??

    can we get 100 subs without video??24 days ago

    Nikki, your soo creatife with your make-up!! RESPECT

  46. Mandy

    Mandy26 days ago

    when your initials are mj and you have to do a mf Michael jackson Inspired look

  47. Ana Warnock

    Ana Warnock26 days ago


  48. HOLO Roomijs

    HOLO Roomijs28 days ago

    lekker bezig Nikki!T ziet er echt heel mooi uit!

  49. Lanaya Edith

    Lanaya Edith28 days ago

    So I got a blue chair

  50. Lucia Chavez

    Lucia Chavez29 days ago

    A Lexus came up in my search. Love that for a sister

  51. Carla Botas

    Carla BotasMonth ago

    I GOT A MOTORBIKE 🏍 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  52. Anita Dinic

    Anita DinicMonth ago

    I got the WORST look

  53. Marielle Spånberg Nordli

    Marielle Spånberg NordliMonth ago

    which foundation are you using?? it looks gorg

  54. Ann Christin Kathmann

    Ann Christin KathmannMonth ago

    And then there's me. My initials are AK. Yeah.

  55. BeautyOn Abudget

    BeautyOn AbudgetMonth ago


  56. l rock u

    l rock uMonth ago

    S/O Westfield NJ aka the town featured in the video

  57. Kaleacalugay

    KaleacalugayMonth ago

    OMG the town you looked up in the beginning of the video with the pastel buildings is located in the town I live in I can’t believed it was featured in your video!! Those buildings are in our downtown and you will never miss them.

  58. Ellie Sings

    Ellie SingsMonth ago

    🥰 love you

  59. Alyssa Penunuri

    Alyssa PenunuriMonth ago

    Mine is a real makeup look

  60. Cait Na

    Cait NaMonth ago

    Je bent zo lelijk dat het mij pijn doet!

  61. Hanshika human

    Hanshika humanMonth ago

    (Ha) my look was amazing I tried it and it was quite good

  62. Addison McQuillen

    Addison McQuillenMonth ago

    I got a sex toy when I did this challenge

  63. x Lyrette x

    x Lyrette xMonth ago

    I googled my name initials and got a meme. Makes sense honestly...

  64. Erica Dawson

    Erica DawsonMonth ago

    I only got Ed Sheeran ❤️😂

  65. Riley Paige

    Riley PaigeMonth ago

    For the first one she should've done one eye pink the other eye blue and her lips yellow (in my opinion)

  66. Ava Brewer

    Ava BrewerMonth ago

    I literally got a picture of a girl with a smokey eye. I got luckier than nikkie somehow. And how can someone get luckier than nikkie???????🤨🤔😅🤣

  67. Flashback Mary

    Flashback MaryMonth ago


  68. Flashback Mary

    Flashback Mary18 days ago

    +Aleena A oml haha i thought no one knew what I was talking about lmao

  69. Aleena A

    Aleena A19 days ago

    Flashback Mary I LOVED THAT SHOW AS A KID


    SEKAI SUNDAYMonth ago

    she's the QUEEN of creating makeup challenges!

  71. Aspen B

    Aspen BMonth ago

    This is sooo good😻😻

  72. EmilyElizabeth

    EmilyElizabethMonth ago

    I want someone to look at me like nikkie looks at her highlighter.

  73. Micaelan S

    Micaelan SMonth ago

    I typed "MS look" the first photo is of a bearded man working out. (I decided to share this.)

  74. Amira Garipov

    Amira GaripovMonth ago

    i tried this with AG and i just got what looked like an american girl doll... what do i do?

  75. alyssaxx04

    alyssaxx04Month ago

    that picture of the pastel buildings is from my hometown in nj lol

  76. Carol Bodie

    Carol BodieMonth ago

    How do I choose on google

  77. Lady Breton

    Lady BretonMonth ago

    unfortunately my initials are lb, which equals pound. I looked mine up and the first image was someone holding lard. :( So I tested it with my three initials, lcb, and got some pretty cool results.

  78. Micah

    MicahMonth ago

    I need help ! Looking for a palette similar to creme de couture.Any suggestions?

  79. GMP Studio

    GMP StudioMonth ago

    Mine was a motorcycle that was red and black😂

  80. Lianne Machon

    Lianne MachonMonth ago

    Sorry! Maar ik moet steeds lachen om je minikettinkje. Dat klapt steeds om als je praat 😂😂

  81. Katy ARMY Phantomhive

    Katy ARMY PhantomhiveMonth ago

    I tried to do it... But my initials are C (Caterina) and my surname starts with L. So CL. CL is the name of a Korean singer, so when I searched "CL look" I got pictures of her. It was easy, but... Her makeup doesn't look good on me lol too heavy

  82. GambitAwaits 01

    GambitAwaits 01Month ago

    Mines a meme

  83. Maisie. K .

    Maisie. K .Month ago

    My enitials are MB and I got a YSL red bag and black and white trainers

  84. Teddy Cuthbert

    Teddy CuthbertMonth ago

    Can I just ask; Who tf is Mitchell?

  85. Becky Hooper

    Becky HooperMonth ago

    Do siri picks makeup

  86. FionnaTheHedgehogYT

    FionnaTheHedgehogYTMonth ago


  87. Jizzale Davis

    Jizzale DavisMonth ago

    Bitch I got a horse

  88. erinhiggins12

    erinhiggins12Month ago

    when your initials are "EH"

  89. Miguel Nunez

    Miguel NunezMonth ago

    Anyone else just focused on the choker diamond just flipping up and down while she talks LMAO

  90. Aubree Anna

    Aubree AnnaMonth ago

    You are so beautiful..😍 I cant say it enough..💋 Your so inspiring.⭐ And I ly💓

  91. Dj Hy3per

    Dj Hy3perMonth ago

    i got a bike welp its gonna suck for me (also nikkie killed it today)

  92. Regina Getter

    Regina GetterMonth ago

    So I went to google and did it. My initials are RM so I got a picture of RM from bts. With purple hair, a black bandana, and a black and white vertically striped shirt. Challenge accepted.

  93. Regina Getter

    Regina GetterMonth ago

    Omg I forgot I wanted to try this! I'll finish rewatching this first and then I'm off to Google! 😊

  94. Squeakie Meister

    Squeakie MeisterMonth ago

    I got ... a horse butt ... I don't know if I should feel offended or not

  95. Realm Shifter

    Realm ShifterMonth ago

    I tried searched up mine, which would be “HF look” and most of the stuff that pops up is motorcycles 😂

  96. DeLaney’s Corner

    DeLaney’s CornerMonth ago

    You should do a subscribers first middle and last initial for your next look

  97. Star D

    Star DMonth ago

    Jd look gives me an image of a horse... I'm not makeup creative enough to know what to do with that 😂



    My initials are A K S (Anastasia Katrin Sokolovski) and the only things that showed up were... guns

  99. Madeline Siehl

    Madeline SiehlMonth ago

    My initials are MD... so doctor makeup i guess

  100. lksblue jay

    lksblue jayMonth ago

    I did this with my initials L.S and a pic of a motor came up. What am I going to do!

  101. Silja Bjørn

    Silja BjørnMonth ago

    I love you'r vidio

  102. frenchy

    frenchyMonth ago

    Mine would be *AT look.*

  103. zoey hicks

    zoey hicksMonth ago

    Probaly one of my favorite looks 😂❤️

  104. Emily Wells

    Emily WellsMonth ago

    My enitials are ew, so i typed in ew look but it just came up with new look clothing

  105. Skyla Avacado

    Skyla AvacadoMonth ago

    *rain = glitter*

  106. Frisk The human

    Frisk The humanMonth ago

    I did one...I got a literal CD I am dead

  107. Angela Tonn

    Angela TonnMonth ago

    8:56 "Two shots of Vodka"