1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials3 months ago


  2. Jennifer Randall

    Jennifer Randall3 months ago

    I got a comparison of al Pacino and Robert Downey jr 😂

  3. Carolyn Leigh Tennes

    Carolyn Leigh Tennes3 months ago

    A CT scan of a bowel obstruction... looks like I'm in for a crappy time 😂😭💩

  4. Mandie

    Mandie3 months ago

    literally just a picture of chris evans

  5. shxlbs

    shxlbs3 months ago

    an airplane

  6. Bailee Smith

    Bailee Smith3 months ago

    Fortnite cape up.. tan and brown 🙃 something I would do everyday lol

  7. Kaiya May

    Kaiya May3 hours ago

    Love this series

  8. Meow Meow Marci

    Meow Meow Marci4 hours ago

    I literally got a picture of a woman..with almost nothing in the picture..

  9. blue-eyed- cutie-pie

    blue-eyed- cutie-pie4 hours ago

    I'm super late to this..but I Got a pic of a motor. like a car motor....I have no idea how?

  10. Finn Bean

    Finn Bean11 hours ago

    I always do eyes before foundation, it just makes it a lot easier since I don’t have any fall out after.

  11. Aryn’s Channel

    Aryn’s Channel15 hours ago

    Who else loves the sound of that setting spray?

  12. Duygu Özveri

    Duygu ÖzveriDay ago

    Mine is anime photo :(

  13. Flavaava 123

    Flavaava 123Day ago

    This just looks like a pansexual eyeshadow look

  14. Starry Lcve

    Starry LcveDay ago

    this might be pricey but for the next google picks my makeup u should just type in ‘foundation’ and the first one that comes up u have to use and the same w all the other products 🙈🙈 its such a cool concept to me !

  15. Queen HKS

    Queen HKSDay ago

    The colors are so cute💙💚💛💜💖



    Look up rm look. I want to die

  17. Senna 1306

    Senna 1306Day ago

    Omg nikkie ik hou van jouw videos echt ik hou van make up ik kan zoveel leren van jou en ik vind je echt een prachtige power vrouw💋😁😘

  18. panda paws

    panda pawsDay ago

    All you did was ur eyes but your title says makeup (im confused)

  19. Stripelover1020

    Stripelover10202 days ago

    I think the pastel colors look great on Nikki!

  20. Ellie Taylor

    Ellie Taylor2 days ago

    My initials are ET soo it came up with the alien😂

  21. AlexSkye Torelli

    AlexSkye Torelli2 days ago

    Hmmm... anyone else think she looks like some exotic bird? I mean that as a compliment lol

  22. Kristina Baker

    Kristina Baker2 days ago

    Oh lord, I don’t even want to know what my results would be 😂

  23. jazmine6067

    jazmine60672 days ago

    So rain equals glitter thankyou

  24. Anna Kow

    Anna Kow2 days ago


  25. Gabrielle Pina

    Gabrielle Pina2 days ago

    Mine was a red bike... classic smokey with red lips... thank you

  26. chocolatedogs 3

    chocolatedogs 32 days ago

    her eyeshadow is the pan pride flag. i am living for it.

  27. Summer Daly

    Summer Daly2 days ago

    The images I got were SD cards

  28. Phoebe Langwell

    Phoebe Langwell2 days ago

    “i HaVe tO sAvE tHiS lOoK” bitch u literally look fine oh my god she knows it’s a nice look. i love nikki but this was really aggravating.

  29. •HarmonyJH•

    •HarmonyJH•2 days ago

    I got a picture of a helicopter...

  30. oh jae

    oh jae2 days ago

    I got a picture of a man riding a horse tf

  31. Ale Kook

    Ale Kook2 days ago


  32. Nguyễn Ngân

    Nguyễn Ngân2 days ago

    You look like a mermaid

  33. Aislinn Young

    Aislinn Young2 days ago

    I get a literal person so do I just follow her look 🤷🏼‍♀️

  34. Isla Mäkinen

    Isla Mäkinen2 days ago

    excuse me but hER EAR is aN ARTpieCE

  35. Marie Rosenberg

    Marie Rosenberg2 days ago

    I got Mr. Meeseeks O_O

  36. Lindsay Fritts

    Lindsay Fritts3 days ago

    Mine was Spider-Man

  37. Ceci Markley

    Ceci Markley3 days ago

    My initials are CM so I googled CM look. I don't advise anyone do that...

  38. Lea Garcia

    Lea Garcia3 days ago

    Lets just say my anitals are LG soo i did a phone look lol!

  39. Saleah Duke

    Saleah Duke3 days ago

    I got a fucking blue and red SD card. This just isn't fair.

  40. Panic! at the Forehead

    Panic! at the Forehead3 days ago

    I legit had a makeup look for the first picture so

  41. Coolcatie 2810

    Coolcatie 28103 days ago

    Mine was cc looks and it came up with loads of sims

  42. Gabriela Zítra

    Gabriela Zítra3 days ago

    Oh no hm is gonna come up with the store

  43. Emma Mcelroy

    Emma Mcelroy3 days ago

    That pic with the rainbow houses is right next to my favorite ice cream place. Westfield NJ

  44. Sebastian Thursday

    Sebastian Thursday3 days ago

    I’m so gonna try this TODAY!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  45. AestheticallyMe

    AestheticallyMe3 days ago

    DONT LOOK UP “cm look”

  46. Maxi Mayhem

    Maxi Mayhem3 days ago

    I got the Mi-look cellphone.

  47. shelby does life

    shelby does life3 days ago

    When i surched this i got a creepy thing that creeped me out so much that i had to make my nana sleep on the other bed in my room


    •CUTE MA-FINN CHANNEL•4 days ago

    When I typed in , it was a makeup look haha ! But if I type only my initials- I get anonymous alcoholics....

  49. Wendy Heng

    Wendy Heng4 days ago

    I googled and a picture of Barack Obama and a white house came out.... EEEEEE thoughts?

  50. Judy107

    Judy1074 days ago

    A makeup look based on a recipe next! yeaahh like pesto is a greenish look, recipes with tomatoes and red sauce be reddish or dessert cakes. would love to see that 💕

  51. Ulaş Oktay

    Ulaş Oktay4 days ago

    Am I the only one heard to Christina’s “Genie in a Bottle” ?

  52. Ally Barnier

    Ally Barnier4 days ago

    please make this a series!!


    CHARNELIUS THE EGG4 days ago

    i love this vibe

  54. Tiana Segovia

    Tiana Segovia4 days ago

    Mine was ts look and oh my it was Taylor swift

  55. Chloe Doyle

    Chloe Doyle4 days ago

    Damn! You look hot Nikkie

  56. ren isaak

    ren isaak4 days ago

    U should have cut the creese then added the glitter

  57. Can't be bothered Thinking of a name

    Can't be bothered Thinking of a name4 days ago

    My initials are PJ so I got a load of pyjamas.... Could work with it??

  58. Suspicious Sarah

    Suspicious Sarah4 days ago

    Another video, another idea! Another challenge...

  59. Nora Braunius

    Nora Braunius4 days ago

    Nikkie het is zooooo mooi!!!!!

  60. Rebecca Bell

    Rebecca Bell5 days ago

    I got someone who is doing rugby I am RB

  61. Why am I a big pile of trash

    Why am I a big pile of trash5 days ago

    Me: Oh this looks fun, maybe I can do one of my own. Let's see.. ZT look, and.. enter! *sees knives* Me: ...Nikkie, I don't think this would work out well.

  62. Stormy Draws

    Stormy Draws5 days ago

    My first picture was of an eye with the Morphe x Jaclyn hill palette at the bottom with numbers on the pallet and the eye showing how to do a Smokey eye

  63. Makeup by D V C

    Makeup by D V C5 days ago

    “Apply the road to your eyes!” 😍😂😂😂 love you NIKKIE!!!

  64. Billie Stollings

    Billie Stollings5 days ago

    My initials are bs so yeah

  65. Dasha shigera

    Dasha shigera5 days ago


  66. Chloe Best

    Chloe Best5 days ago

    I got a motorcycle

  67. thora lamberth

    thora lamberth5 days ago

    Mine was a !!!!!BIKE!!!! In Black Thits all

  68. thora lamberth

    thora lamberth5 days ago


  69. Raye Dino

    Raye Dino5 days ago

    "Oh hello." Reminds me of James Charles...

  70. Jenna Browning (Student)

    Jenna Browning (Student)5 days ago

    Justine Bieber 😑😑😑

  71. Jenna Browning (Student)

    Jenna Browning (Student)5 days ago

    I type in jb look and that’s all that came up

  72. lindsaylemmon

    lindsaylemmon5 days ago

    Your phone is on 99% my phones On 99%

  73. Trash_

    Trash_5 days ago

    For another google challenge you should type in a makeup product into google like “concealer” and see what product comes up first and then you have to use that product

  74. Unicorn xxx Msp

    Unicorn xxx Msp5 days ago

    Mine is kg look....let’s just say it’s a red and black bicycle....

  75. Nisrin Alwattar

    Nisrin Alwattar5 days ago

    I got an image of this song with lots of rainbow stuff so I would do a rainbow look

  76. Taven Brunette

    Taven Brunette5 days ago

    you look like Mimi

  77. PopSugarCooki

    PopSugarCooki5 days ago

    Mine is LG look (Lylah Glover) and I got a phone....

  78. Antonina Anna Lili tońi

    Antonina Anna Lili tońi5 days ago

    I love this look:3💕

  79. Xanarchy_ayeee 420

    Xanarchy_ayeee 4206 days ago

    Am I the only one like loving this look dayummmm she lookin good!

  80. Orchid Mantis

    Orchid Mantis6 days ago

    For me it literally brought up a picture of a foundation bottle.. this is going to be fun 😂

  81. Christopher Toombs

    Christopher Toombs6 days ago

    I got a CT scan, black white and gray. Very colorful.

  82. IJustLikePlayingWith Slime

    IJustLikePlayingWith Slime6 days ago

    Who else who is pan got excited for some reason when you saw the colors on her eyes?

  83. Madyson Pineapple

    Madyson Pineapple6 days ago

    A dress popped up and i was pastel pink and purple Mm look

  84. Sarah S

    Sarah S6 days ago

    You are so versatile that anything looks good on you!

  85. BrynnCheree

    BrynnCheree6 days ago

    You should do a Amazon picks my makeup video! Type in Foundation, concealer, eyeshadow etc for a full face and use the “Amazons choice” products!

  86. EmmaRoxx_xox

    EmmaRoxx_xox6 days ago

    If I did this challenge I would have to search ET look, and I already know the alien would come up first.😅

  87. FlamingFox

    FlamingFox6 days ago

    Lol it's basically a pansexual Pride look

  88. Ellie Williams

    Ellie Williams6 days ago

    Mine r EW so it comes up w disgusting looks 😂

  89. Makeup By Dorina

    Makeup By Dorina6 days ago


  90. Carina Molina

    Carina Molina6 days ago

    My initials are cm. Google came up with cervical mucus...

  91. Ash Poke

    Ash Poke6 days ago

    Nikki you are always looking amazing x100000

  92. Makeup By Dorina

    Makeup By Dorina6 days ago


  93. Tatianna Phillips

    Tatianna Phillips6 days ago

    Soooo my initials are tp so i instantly got toilet paper 😂😂

  94. Makeup By Dorina

    Makeup By Dorina6 days ago


  95. Jeannette van Zijp

    Jeannette van Zijp6 days ago

    Mine: ultra sexy xd

  96. Charlie Utting

    Charlie Utting6 days ago

    I searched up cu look.......and I got a mini refrigerator!!

  97. Holo Deer

    Holo Deer7 days ago

    I looked it up and of course I got a pic of a gun ON TOP of more grey

  98. Abby Law

    Abby Law7 days ago

    Mine brings up a fucking yellow bicycle...... like WTF!?!?!?

  99. Makeup By Dorina

    Makeup By Dorina6 days ago

    sameeeee lol but i have different initails😂😂

  100. MehNemIsChristi

    MehNemIsChristi7 days ago

    What's funny is that my initials are CL, which is the stage name of 2NE1's CL(kpop). So literally what pops up first is a picture of CL XD

  101. berlyn hicks

    berlyn hicks7 days ago

    When I searched mine up a makeup look showed up

  102. Peeling Avocado

    Peeling Avocado7 days ago

    Fav shade of pink❤️😍🌸🦄😘

  103. Natalia Marquez

    Natalia Marquez7 days ago

    I love how ur so creative

  104. emily rose

    emily rose7 days ago

    My initials are EJ... It didn't work very well 😂

  105. Random Gurl

    Random Gurl7 days ago

    my letters would be e t wth im gonna be an old alien

  106. Cheyenne Morgan

    Cheyenne Morgan7 days ago

    who else has the initials CM and came up with something slightly not very make up applicable XD

  107. Ryley Williard

    Ryley Williard7 days ago

    I typed in rw look and a picture of an actual makeup look came up?

  108. マノ ジカンシMonoTheAvacodoAru

    マノ ジカンシMonoTheAvacodoAru7 days ago

    What is the eyeshadow palette called?

  109. Jeff The killer’s daughter

    Jeff The killer’s daughter7 days ago

    I got dark red Rose and a black background

  110. Makeup By Dorina

    Makeup By Dorina6 days ago

    wow i wish that was me😂😂

  111. Shyanne Clinton

    Shyanne Clinton7 days ago

    what if were to broke

  112. Esdeath

    Esdeath7 days ago

    the first picture for my look is Russell Brand ( a english actor) he has no makeup so i'll go no makeup look xD ez