1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials5 months ago


  2. Peppercat3120

    Peppercat3120Month ago

    My initials are LR, and I got a bottle of perfume (Brilliant Look by LR / Racine). It's basically an elegant mix of black, gold, champagne and a glossy finish. I'm already loving it <3

  3. African Child

    African ChildMonth ago

    My initials are VR.. literally sent me a game

  4. Leila Zarnegar

    Leila ZarnegarMonth ago

    NikkieTutorials lol hi luv u 😂

  5. hub nub

    hub nubMonth ago

    500th reply!

  6. Honey Bear //

    Honey Bear //Month ago

    James Corden 😂😂😂

  7. thatcatalleykat

    thatcatalleykat21 hour ago

    Mine is ak and I forgot that was an actual gun until I looked it up

  8. Libby Winn

    Libby WinnDay ago

    Plz do more!!!!!

  9. Maci Smith

    Maci Smith3 days ago

    Mine was a man working out that was not colorful so yeah


    X BLUEBERRY4 days ago

    Rain = gliter

  11. Izza Hussain

    Izza Hussain4 days ago

    2:33 loveee❤

  12. Anna Chamberlain

    Anna Chamberlain7 days ago

    My pic for the look had a nudey-orange colour and a yellowy- orange yayyyyy

  13. Makeup Unicorn

    Makeup Unicorn7 days ago

    I got teal shoes ??????????

  14. Dora R

    Dora R8 days ago

    I loveeeeeeee Nikkie, but the fact is that she is soo different without makeup, like it‘s really not the same person 🤭

  15. Kayla Anne

    Kayla Anne8 days ago

    When I searched it up a black truck popped up.... NOPE I hate black

  16. Mari ross Keim

    Mari ross Keim8 days ago

    when i searched Mrk look then i got icecream :D

  17. Aubree Grant

    Aubree Grant8 days ago

    When I looked up mine it was so crazy. Look up ag look. I died

  18. Courtney V

    Courtney V9 days ago

    Mine is CV so I got a resume lol

  19. Iza Wijnants

    Iza Wijnants12 days ago

    IW look= Call of duty😂 wie heeft hetzelfde/who got the same?😂

  20. jennifer clark

    jennifer clark16 days ago

    I am a makeup artist I do makeup everyday , and I have some hacks that might help u so I great hack before eyeshadow is put tape by your eye and do your eyeshadow and it gives your eyeshadow a wing liner effect hope u enjoy

  21. Rosie Television

    Rosie Television16 days ago

    Warning: i am not just trying to plug my insta I really want you to see what I did. I looked up my initials and it showed silver glitter I posted it on my Instagram @tori1220rose let’s just say there was a lot of silver eyeshadow involved

  22. Юля Калениченко

    Юля Калениченко17 days ago

    The only thing I looked at was that jewel on Nikkie's neck going up and down 😂😂

  23. Callie L

    Callie L18 days ago

    I was showing this video to my mom because I liked the look and when she typed NJ my mom said "why is she typing a J I thought her last name was tutorials"

  24. BooksandCleverness

    BooksandCleverness18 days ago

    My initials are ET and it's never been more unfair

  25. Hailey Unicornbear

    Hailey Unicornbear19 days ago

    Um Nikkie google like only picked ur eyeshadow and nothing else.

  26. Emma Watson

    Emma Watson19 days ago

    A star wars scene

  27. Hopey B

    Hopey B20 days ago

    The blue turned green.

  28. manonwolff

    manonwolff21 day ago

    OMG mijn look is niet bepaald leuk om te doen.. alles wat ik krijg is een soort spel een grote grijze massa en een rood mes... natural make-up and red lips i guess 🤔😩😘

  29. Emmy Theiling

    Emmy Theiling21 day ago

    Uhhhhh my initials are ET soooooo

  30. Phoebe Emma Castle

    Phoebe Emma Castle21 day ago

    You look beautiful no matter what

  31. Aubrey Christensen

    Aubrey Christensen21 day ago

    I did it and a yellow bike appeared

  32. BeautyWithBlakley

    BeautyWithBlakley22 days ago

    Omg you slayed this I love it!

  33. imogen 12057

    imogen 1205723 days ago

    mine was a green tractor in the mud DOES IT GET ANY WORSE


    THE REACTION23 days ago

    Da imitare😉meka up delicato ma a sua volta particolare 😍

  35. Ilyes Reka

    Ilyes Reka25 days ago


  36. Amber Marie

    Amber Marie25 days ago

    I looked up “am look,” and the first picture was a hot pink vibrator. I wasn’t actually planning on making a makeup look, but I can’t even imagine trying to do anything with that.

  37. Ella W

    Ella W25 days ago

    My enitials are ew so when I searched that I got a white background with New Look in black letters. Did not work for me.😔

  38. Alexa Life

    Alexa Life25 days ago

    Mine came up with a meme

  39. Tiffany Blind

    Tiffany Blind25 days ago

    Tuberculosis popped up. 😶

  40. Stella Halverson

    Stella Halverson26 days ago

    Omg I got a good one on google so I have to do a black and white look

  41. Catrin & Abbie

    Catrin & Abbie26 days ago

    I typed in CV my initials) it came up with a actual cv

  42. Bronsie L

    Bronsie L27 days ago

    I got a pic of a yellow bike.

  43. Azzy Sakura

    Azzy Sakura27 days ago

    This is literally just Nikkie ROCKING a pansexual makeup look 😍😍 OMGGGG

  44. Flower Child

    Flower Child28 days ago

    I put "J.J. (my initials) make up look" and just did the first Google image that popped up cause I'm lazy but this is super dope and creative. 💜

  45. kitty Katty Games

    kitty Katty Games28 days ago

    My image is a pair of diamond earrings. A challenge

  46. Olyvia Perry

    Olyvia Perry29 days ago

    nikkie, you could've drawn in the buildings like made an architectural look,,, like lots of geometric shapes

  47. catarina cauilan

    catarina cauilan29 days ago

    i saw a row of 7 sims 4 female models with different styles of clothing. now how do i do that? one for each eye? the rest for the makeup? 😂

  48. Anastasia McAvoy

    Anastasia McAvoy29 days ago

    I got a meme with an adult toy that was pink and words saying "I am now your valentine" in front of a white back drop. My initials are AM.

  49. SamCat 12121

    SamCat 1212129 days ago

    So. For SH look... Up pops black and white pics of Suzanne Harward and tribal makeup looks. 😑Wonderful

  50. Rebecca Adams-Blavins

    Rebecca Adams-BlavinsMonth ago

    I have a double-barrelled name and it is an outdoor clothing brand... do I go for that? x

  51. Hailey Playz

    Hailey PlayzMonth ago


  52. Isabella Brown

    Isabella BrownMonth ago

    why do u put foundation over your lips?

  53. Awkwardly_ Me

    Awkwardly_ MeMonth ago

    EM look and it was a lady in all black with a white background

  54. Ya girl Lilly

    Ya girl LillyMonth ago

    I got a blue car in a black background 🤦🏾‍♀️

  55. Just call me Floss

    Just call me FlossMonth ago

    Seeming as my initials are B and J, I have a feeling I won’t be doing this challenge...

  56. Lea Stone

    Lea StoneMonth ago


  57. Harriet B

    Harriet BMonth ago

    Search hb look how are you meant to do that lol

  58. The Unknown Witch

    The Unknown WitchMonth ago

    5:31 the eyeshadow makes me think of imagine dragons

  59. Y Z

    Y ZMonth ago

    So fun so creative !!

  60. just.beautiful.allie

    just.beautiful.allieMonth ago

    I got a facebook, blue and white?

  61. Aleksi Lahtinen

    Aleksi LahtinenMonth ago

    Length line hip away humor sound trail freeze report guilty.

  62. IssaPineapple 05

    IssaPineapple 05Month ago

    Rain = glitter "thank you" 😂😂💕 life motto

  63. Lynne Millar

    Lynne MillarMonth ago

    Ha mine is GA

  64. Bianka Marcinek

    Bianka MarcinekMonth ago


  65. Kari Boymal

    Kari BoymalMonth ago


  66. Aamani Thompson

    Aamani ThompsonMonth ago

    I love you so much Nikkie! Youre so beautiful

  67. beesly!

    beesly!Month ago

    omg those pastel buildings are from my town!!

  68. Isabella Schutta

    Isabella SchuttaMonth ago

    my picture wasn't even a picture lmao

  69. Sierra Melbert

    Sierra MelbertMonth ago


  70. pizza ist lecker #lucrew

    pizza ist lecker #lucrewMonth ago

    i have the „ET“ look my name starts with E and my second name ends and starts with T😭

  71. Sarah Lewis

    Sarah LewisMonth ago


  72. Emma Vlogs

    Emma VlogsMonth ago

    I love this look

  73. Aysan Mohammadi

    Aysan MohammadiMonth ago

    What is the background music?

  74. Thanh Hải Triều Nguyễn

    Thanh Hải Triều NguyễnMonth ago

    I searched "NT look", and what i got is a blue machine 🙂

  75. Freddy Siguenza

    Freddy SiguenzaMonth ago

    Who the tf is this Mitchell Guy??? And why tf is he telling Nikki what to do first??? If you arent a emmy award winning makeup artist ot have any makeup awards sit down and shut the fuck Mitchell.

  76. Presley Elisabeth

    Presley ElisabethMonth ago

    You need to do this again!

  77. Dolan Nation

    Dolan NationMonth ago

    I got "plus size woman snake skin catsuit" ....⁉️

  78. Livi Angeli

    Livi AngeliMonth ago

    i looked up oc look and got some before and after of a dude off the cast of “the oc” 😭😭

  79. Kaitlyn Cook's Cookies

    Kaitlyn Cook's CookiesMonth ago

    Where’s the brows! Edit: Found ‘em!

  80. CANDY life

    CANDY lifeMonth ago

    U have applied lenses ........

  81. Kosmic Karma Tutorials

    Kosmic Karma TutorialsMonth ago

    When I did this I got a picture of a wig

  82. Madison Raub

    Madison RaubMonth ago

    Please do another one! This was so fun

  83. vanessaaf13

    vanessaaf13Month ago

    im lovin this makup look

  84. Shah Naj

    Shah NajMonth ago

    U r awesome

  85. Bessie Something

    Bessie SomethingMonth ago

    Well let's not do this if your initials are bv

  86. MysticalPuppy XD

    MysticalPuppy XDMonth ago

    your telling me !!! my initials are ET xDDDD

  87. Olivia Strachan

    Olivia StrachanMonth ago

    I got a galaxy Mac computer look

  88. Megan Fraser

    Megan FraserMonth ago

    my initials are MF so I typed in MF look and literally all the images were just an image of a red tractor

  89. Yas Queen

    Yas QueenMonth ago

    whenever she said NJ i thought New Jersey😂😂

  90. Tilly Rose

    Tilly RoseMonth ago

    i typed in to google my initials which are MJ but as i guessed it only came up with Michael Jackson, which im not mad about at all!!

  91. Carys Taylor

    Carys TaylorMonth ago

    i got a frickin ct scan

  92. Keirah O

    Keirah OMonth ago

    My image was a.....let's just say I got lucky. Look up ko look and you'll see lol

  93. Honey Bear //

    Honey Bear //Month ago

    My name is Janis Callighan and I did this challenge, I got a picture of James Corden...

  94. Julia Appello

    Julia AppelloMonth ago

    mine is a real makeup look

  95. Paige Doust

    Paige DoustMonth ago

    She has 10 million subscribers 5.4million didn't bother watching this video

  96. YesItsMe XX

    YesItsMe XXMonth ago

    5:27 hema kwastt 😂😘

  97. Slimy_thrilly. tastic

    Slimy_thrilly. tasticMonth ago

    This is a old old old trend

  98. Annahmaria Wildner

    Annahmaria WildnerMonth ago

    You looked like a drag queen for a minute

  99. Té Té

    Té TéMonth ago

    I got a sun set image 🤔 hum.. interesting

  100. Victoria Koebli

    Victoria KoebliMonth ago

    @NikkieTutorials I’m pretty sure that’s a town I live near in New Jersey 😍 I’ve watched this video over 5 times and I just noticed

  101. elar heart

    elar heartMonth ago

    You should do another version where you type in your birth year. You are so creative with makeup and i think every girl i know takes inspiration from you, even boys. X

  102. Sophia Davies

    Sophia DaviesMonth ago

    can you pleas edo more of these!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!

  103. Black Pheonix

    Black PheonixMonth ago

    I honestly think that the main attraction is the really bright and colourful eyeshadow

  104. Dora Lagerspetz

    Dora LagerspetzMonth ago

    Loved the background music!!

  105. Elena Acheson

    Elena AchesonMonth ago

    This is my all time favorite look grate job