1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials11 months ago


  2. shayne snead

    shayne snead2 months ago

    a model with purple and pink clothes on

  3. Kitty Crazy

    Kitty Crazy2 months ago

    I got a ghostly grey close up pic of old Robert Downey jr. face.....really?

  4. Tragic

    Tragic4 months ago

    I got a red, orange, blue, white and black car. I don't really know what to do.

  5. jeed vries

    jeed vries5 months ago

    A man

  6. BunneyVlogs

    BunneyVlogs5 months ago

    A five year old on a swing in the park

  7. Elissa Dillard

    Elissa Dillard3 hours ago

    If you take out the yellow itd be an amazing look for like a baby shower with the pastel blue and pink

  8. Hamiltrash_person809

    Hamiltrash_person809Day ago

    I searched ndlc look.,........ *i saw guns*

  9. Noori Ansari

    Noori AnsariDay ago

    je lijk anders

  10. BTaSmin _

    BTaSmin _2 days ago

    Well I got a photo of a woman wearing simple every day make up so it was hella easy😂

  11. Titas B

    Titas B2 days ago

    My initials are TB.... I got a pic of tuberculosis

  12. Panda Beatriz

    Panda Beatriz3 days ago

    Me:oh yay maybe I can try *types in and looks at images* Google:haha bish you thought Me: DIDISERIOUSLYJUSTGETANOILSPILLINWATERGOOGLEWTF Google:hhahahshshahhshshs

  13. Alexa Dunn

    Alexa Dunn3 days ago


  14. bitch lasagna

    bitch lasagna5 days ago

    Wow zo mooi😍

  15. Ariana Pensoneau

    Ariana Pensoneau5 days ago

    The first thing that came up was a picture of jefree star on a magazine...

  16. MoonSunCat

    MoonSunCat5 days ago

    I got some grammar teacher- xD

  17. Madison Auman

    Madison Auman5 days ago

    Nikkie I love your eye look cause those of the colors of my flag cause I am pansexual so i am the + in the lgbtq+

  18. AJ Main

    AJ Main6 days ago

    My initials are AC and I got an air conditioner 😫

  19. レドモンドエミ

    レドモンドエミ6 days ago

    Didn’t you see the GREEN car in front of the buildings?? lol lol

  20. 태형김

    태형김6 days ago

    When she showered in setting spray

  21. Pika Foxie

    Pika Foxie6 days ago

    i typed my letters... i got a web camera

  22. Lt. lieutenant

    Lt. lieutenant10 days ago

    LOL i typed for my look on google and i got a fricking bike 🚲 but not a nornal bike. It was weird 😂

  23. Tangie Duthu

    Tangie Duthu11 days ago

    Anyone know which bronzer brush that is she is using in this video?

  24. Keep your sparkle bitches, y'all stay queens

    Keep your sparkle bitches, y'all stay queens11 days ago

    My initials are NO. I'll get no look

  25. Emmett Austin

    Emmett Austin14 days ago

    All I can think is PansexuAl EyEs-

  26. Rene Veliz

    Rene Veliz19 days ago

    MAKEUP QUEEN 👸👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑I love you Nikki

  27. sarahmac

    sarahmac20 days ago

    with mine it came up with kpop people ( sm look )

  28. big chungus

    big chungus22 days ago

    I got a photo of kim k in full on darkdenim and her kid in yellow

  29. Nikki Smith

    Nikki Smith22 days ago

    My initials are NS so I just got pictures of trains

  30. Aaliyah tunisianx

    Aaliyah tunisianx21 day ago

    HAHAH yes It is the railway of the Netherlands

  31. Rubina Abedin

    Rubina Abedin23 days ago

    I love ur personality 😍😍😍😍

  32. Lynda Goodman

    Lynda Goodman23 days ago

    the only things that pop up for me are phones because my initials are LG

  33. asiah shazerin khan

    asiah shazerin khan24 days ago

    Mine come out as a semi cartoon beatiful girls...AN

  34. Andjela Predic

    Andjela Predic25 days ago

    I tested this too and i just got simple photo of jeffree star pink look on eyes soo.... I'm lucky😂😍

  35. JJs N

    JJs N25 days ago

    Omg mine is nj only backwards

  36. Emma Unferdorfer

    Emma Unferdorfer26 days ago

    Pansexuals everywhere are quaking

  37. Sister Susan

    Sister Susan26 days ago

    My cousins are BJ 😂😂

  38. Jordan Place

    Jordan Place26 days ago

    Follow me, I follow back 😎

  39. wowie itz me

    wowie itz me27 days ago

    my picture was of a blue smokey eye does that count

  40. dafuq

    dafuq27 days ago

    *it should be titled "Google Picks my Look" cause you're just picking random makeup products🙄*

  41. Isaatjexx

    Isaatjexx28 days ago

    My initials are IE and the stuff i got was stuff about internet explorer

  42. Rylan Strauser

    Rylan Strauser28 days ago

    when I searched my initials and look I got a navy blue, black, and white bike...... mmmh....... yikes

  43. mestudyable

    mestudyableMonth ago

    Umm well Not sure how to make a lookout of a comic book poorly drawn strip a stick figure talks to a stick figure dog and ask oh how cute the dog ask what’s my purpose the stick figure human then says nothing but stick figure dog looks sad

  44. swagfox89659

    swagfox89659Month ago

    When I looked up er look for me first pic was a cut crease eye look 😂

  45. Lthien இ

    Lthien இMonth ago

    I couldn't do this challenge because my initials are TP........It only pulls up rolls of toilet paper LOL

  46. Silveranaconda _

    Silveranaconda _Month ago

    I got a rainbow heart on black.

  47. Chubby 210

    Chubby 210Month ago

    I did the challenge with u but it turned out 👌

  48. بروره الحبوبه

    بروره الحبوبهMonth ago

    وليش وجه احمر وليش ماعده حاجب 😎

  49. Nicholas Wong

    Nicholas WongMonth ago

    ... I use the same makeup brush Nikki is using for her foundation, and idk why I feel that's pretty cool, but it is.

  50. Jackson Murray

    Jackson MurrayMonth ago

    ...... I did this....... I got alot of black.... Blue.... Purple.... And greeeeeen UGGHHH I look like a smurf covered in bruises and moss

  51. Simme’s Mehedi

    Simme’s MehediMonth ago

    You forgot bottom lashes maskara

  52. Colby Kirlew

    Colby KirlewMonth ago

    Omg this looks amazing on you XD

  53. Petra Herrema

    Petra HerremaMonth ago

    Het is echt heel mooi!♥️💋

  54. Patricia Chua

    Patricia ChuaMonth ago


  55. Kiley Wilking

    Kiley WilkingMonth ago

    FOREVER wishing I could pull off an eye look like this😍😍

  56. Christina Hanson

    Christina HansonMonth ago

    I got a pair of black and gold sunglasses for my look

  57. Kitty Krier

    Kitty KrierMonth ago

    I tried to do this but when I googled kj it just brought up some dude

  58. AldcSisters

    AldcSistersMonth ago

    8:58 9:03 why do I love these sounds?!

  59. Eve Frances

    Eve FrancesMonth ago

    What eye brushes are you using specifically the concealer brush? x

  60. Morgan Merritt

    Morgan MerrittMonth ago

    Can you do a Q&A

  61. BJ Challenges

    BJ ChallengesMonth ago

    Y do I hate this eye look

  62. Kaela McDonald

    Kaela McDonaldMonth ago

    Mine popped up at a zombie queen. Lol

  63. Sarah Haug

    Sarah HaugMonth ago

    I think this look would also look good with black lips

  64. Shogy *

    Shogy *Month ago

    I got a image with a white backround and my inistials in black

  65. Red rose !

    Red rose !Month ago

    who is better at doing makeup James Charles or Niki! plz text back xx

  66. Dylis Howells

    Dylis HowellsMonth ago

    I had a bike like what

  67. Lexi Boyer

    Lexi BoyerMonth ago

    You should've done a triangular cut crease to represent the rooflines!😊

  68. Margarets world 🌎

    Margarets world 🌎2 months ago

    Mine were all pictures of Michael Jackson mj

  69. Allie Bevacqua

    Allie Bevacqua2 months ago

    looks like easter lol

  70. Camelia Eaglehaven

    Camelia Eaglehaven2 months ago

    no look... its all football

  71. Lexi T.

    Lexi T.2 months ago

    The fan you used at the end after your setting spray looked ble you need to get a James Charles fan LOL JK.😂

  72. Emma Abernathy

    Emma Abernathy2 months ago

    You should totally do a pink lemonade makeup look

  73. crashstart

    crashstart2 months ago

    I think adding a greyish shade for the road to the under eye or even a grey lip would've made it really interesting

  74. Kireina Tsuki

    Kireina Tsuki2 months ago

    I Got A Car...😂😂

  75. Madison Marques

    Madison Marques2 months ago

    Ok everyone just to Google MM look.🙄 I got a pink dress with frills and I hate frills and pink and dresses!

  76. Chiknkein nugeget

    Chiknkein nugeget2 months ago

    I searched up ew and it came up with a lady wearing all black with a rainbow background 😂👏🏼

  77. Fatumi Amodi

    Fatumi Amodi2 months ago

    Once more please

  78. Kathryn Geene

    Kathryn Geene2 months ago

    I got a bicycle, not a motorcycle mind you, a little kids bike.

  79. Selena Mihailescu

    Selena Mihailescu2 months ago

    my look was with black and gold

  80. Angelika Abela

    Angelika Abela2 months ago

    I thought you would ask a google home mini and ask it to pick a number

  81. Ella Hartin

    Ella Hartin2 months ago

    My innicials are EH and I'm canadian XD ❤

  82. Cersei Lannister

    Cersei Lannister2 months ago

    I'd love to participate even months late but my initials are CM. nope. Don't Google it.

  83. Ema Krasniqi

    Ema Krasniqi2 months ago

    Bane ni video me sirin

  84. Kitty Anonim

    Kitty Anonim2 months ago

    The eyelook looks like a faded version of the romanian flag lol

  85. Mirtsu

    Mirtsu2 months ago

    Pansexual eye look

  86. Jodie Sharp

    Jodie Sharp2 months ago

    Mine was a dark concert with yellow strobe lights, I have some ideas! (JS)

  87. Paige Hutchinson

    Paige Hutchinson2 months ago

    I searched up PH look and some black and white Kpop thing came up, I don’t even know what that means.

  88. Mars *

    Mars *2 months ago

    MK are my initials so I got a Michael Kors look book

  89. Greg Putnam

    Greg Putnam2 months ago

    Wait Tati Lashes... As in the MReporterr Tati? I thought her company was skin care?

  90. Jade Darby

    Jade Darby2 months ago

    Today I discovered there’s a horse named JD look. 😑

  91. Camilla Lund

    Camilla Lund2 months ago

    My initials are CL, so I searched that and it just came up pictures of girl transformations...

  92. Nicky Tuchez

    Nicky Tuchez2 months ago

    I hate hate that Nikkie always looks So beautiful she is so pretty with or with out makeup

  93. Eva Tanchella

    Eva Tanchella2 months ago

    I typed "Et look". you know what I got?! FREAKING ET, the extraterrestrial.

  94. nicole blez

    nicole blez2 months ago

    Do u ask yourself why beauty guru's do they're eyebrows off camera?

  95. Emma Rustlie

    Emma Rustlie2 months ago

    Mine is ER and I assumed I would get an ambulance or hospital of some sort but instead I literally got a real makeup look. But the next one was a picture of a movie about Hitler 😂

  96. otterr life

    otterr life2 months ago

    Does anyone know what nikkies last name is

  97. Beauty Huda

    Beauty Huda2 months ago

    Its awesome!❤️

  98. itsmealtc x

    itsmealtc x2 months ago

    I typed in AC look and it just came up with yellow and black bikes sooooo.......

  99. Grace Roberts

    Grace Roberts2 months ago

    I searched “gr” because that’s my initials and it came up with a pic of a gummy pizza 😂😂

  100. artsy angel

    artsy angel2 months ago

    I looked me up and the first image was of a bike

  101. I’m a person Hehehe

    I’m a person Hehehe2 months ago

    Well my initials are IG so all that comes up when I type up “IG look” is people telling you how to get the a perfect insta page...

  102. kitty leonel

    kitty leonel2 months ago

    My initials are AA



    I got a very sunset looking pizza😂

  104. Grace Byrne

    Grace Byrne2 months ago

    Mine came up with a girl wearing some weird clothing😂😂

  105. Someone New

    Someone New2 months ago

    LOL! I got Saudi Arabia’s crown prince

  106. Bernell Williams

    Bernell Williams2 months ago

    I got a pic of a multicolored person w/ a cloud shirt and a beige skirt🥴