Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights / Game 5 / 2018 NBA Playoffs


  1. Roderick Superioridad

    Roderick Superioridad2 months ago

    This is the time of rockets... go!go!go!

  2. Julius Ulit

    Julius Ulit4 months ago

    Harden disappeared as always. Biggest joke of an MVP all time

  3. Alexander Mondarte

    Alexander Mondarte4 months ago

    What is the background music 4:31

  4. Cutty Cain

    Cutty Cain4 months ago

    Alexander Mondarte Jay Z “Big Pimpin”

  5. Lockon Stratos

    Lockon Stratos5 months ago

    Warriors got PWNED again

  6. Hassan Mohamed

    Hassan Mohamed8 months ago

    Houston beat golden st with many points HOUSTON MAIGHT BE CHAMBION THIS YEAR

  7. Joharie Simban

    Joharie Simban9 months ago

    the best battle of warriors vs rocket houston chris paul vs stephen curry ... losee

  8. J Money

    J Money9 months ago

    Fuck man looking back at this the Rockets had it!! So close to beating the bitch ass warriors.. If only CP3 stayed healthy man.

  9. Phill Colvin Jr

    Phill Colvin Jr2 months ago

    J Money hahahahah he's healthy this year and we lost KD what's the excuse now

  10. Javian Johnson

    Javian Johnson11 months ago


  11. peter chang

    peter chang11 months ago


  12. C Folks

    C FolksYear ago Help me out just click on the link!!

  13. Justin Aeneas

    Justin AeneasYear ago

    Not yet a Rockets fan, but I would have loved to see CP3 in game 6. At the end of this game (5) they were up 3-2 on the defending champions in the conference finals and had the best record of the season. Tough break losing Chris Paul.

  14. nahor88

    nahor88Year ago

    As far as I'm concerned, Rockets won this series in 5. CP3 was owning the Warriors.

  15. 【SOV】Oppa

    【SOV】OppaYear ago

    if james harden goes to golden state

  16. T'ChallaFrizz`

    T'ChallaFrizz`Year ago

    Draymond Green always fucking it up

  17. Charlie Stevens

    Charlie StevensYear ago

    love how CP3 looked so mad doing that shimmy

  18. Keagan Moore

    Keagan MooreYear ago

    What sneakers does curry have on?

  19. Prof. Dina Reyes

    Prof. Dina ReyesYear ago

    Arden MVP NOT! Over rated !!!

  20. marc ferdinand raras

    marc ferdinand rarasYear ago

    saan ngayon rocjets mo chrislyn at huwag mo kung matawagtawag ng bobo

  21. Paalo Zurdo

    Paalo ZurdoYear ago

    guess sticking with harden had its price??!!!!!! Let us ask Coach McHale...oh yeah stir did not want him.....woulda should a... 27 missed 3's could have been mentioned..

  22. punch180

    punch180Year ago

    OH lOOK!!! GSW won!!!

  23. Alexander Reid

    Alexander ReidYear ago

    cp3 and cheff curry dueling hard

  24. Diego Savage

    Diego SavageYear ago

    Lmao Harden on the thumbnail touching KD as if he’s gonna defend 😂

  25. Sloughy

    SloughyYear ago

    Chokemond Green

  26. FG x Danex

    FG x DanexYear ago

    kd did every t hing he could in that game

  27. Thorben S

    Thorben SYear ago

    What it that at 3:00 -3:02

  28. O.F. HeadOne

    O.F. HeadOneYear ago

    Capella's no joke, his not taking it from Durant with that inside block.

  29. carlos m.

    carlos m.Year ago

    referees bail out the warriors tonight, warriors will not be bail out in houston on Monday, Klay will not score 35 again, rockets will close the warriors out, the place will be rockin! I'll be there! they will crown a new champion!

  30. Älex Bäll

    Älex BällYear ago


  31. Suleman Ahmed-Jama

    Suleman Ahmed-JamaYear ago

    CP3 for Dancing 6:02 ! 😂👍🏀

  32. TzuyuCider

    TzuyuCiderYear ago

    Rockets in 6 coming from a Pacers Fan

  33. Sweetzel Peresores

    Sweetzel PeresoresYear ago

    Golden is no more. Carry is vovo now. Yeah

  34. Deon'Ta Law

    Deon'Ta LawYear ago

    Remind me again why Travale McGee not playing?

  35. 26michaeluk

    26michaelukYear ago

    Fuck the Golden State Warriors. I've never seen a team so protected by the officials. Klay Thompson the only one I respect.

  36. Don Loc

    Don LocYear ago

    Chris Paul's injury will be the end of houston. Harden too sloppy and lazy.

  37. Larry Tate

    Larry TateYear ago

    433, what was Thompson doing? Why didn’t he help, strange

  38. Larry Tate

    Larry TateYear ago

    359, that’s Curry’s layup

  39. Burnie K.

    Burnie K.Year ago

    GSW IN G7

  40. Burnie K.

    Burnie K.Year ago

    GSW IN G7

  41. John O

    John OYear ago

    Burnie K. Houston in 6

  42. Sandra Contreras

    Sandra ContrerasYear ago

    Ghetto, street minded ,Chris Paul. Whose children would most likely be a bully in school? Chris Paul with the mad, I want to fight you face

  43. Jay B

    Jay BYear ago

    Proof that home court advantage matters.

  44. Jay B

    Jay BYear ago

    Harden is just one elbow shove after another. Blah

  45. Keith Witcher

    Keith WitcherYear ago

    I picked the Warriors to win against Houston. I'm not changing my pick because the Warriors lost. Warriors gotta play better defense. That's why they lost. Warriors also took some bad shots near the end. They had too many turnovers. Nick Young and Javale McGee needs to play more for the Warriors. Nick is a good shooter. Kevin Durant didn't score that much in the 4th quarter. That was a surprise because he usually shoots a lot in the 4th quarter.

  46. J Views

    J ViewsYear ago

    @5:53 CP3 is a masterpiece

  47. Dwight Yawg

    Dwight YawgYear ago


  48. ravachol

    ravacholYear ago

    White socks of Rockets are killing me

  49. おっさんゲーミング

    おっさんゲーミングYear ago

    Im birth day yesterday

  50. YouTube Zone

    YouTube ZoneYear ago

    Chris Paul just had something towards Curry in this match

  51. pyn.r3ck

    pyn.r3ckYear ago

    look how they foul dramond for the last couple seconds

  52. Titora Rama

    Titora RamaYear ago

    Eric Gordon is sick

  53. Mike De paz

    Mike De pazYear ago

    Yesss! Go go go Rockets!! Green tripped himself 😝

  54. Tony

    TonyYear ago

    why is steve kerr not playing javale mcgee