Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights / Game 5 / 2018 NBA Playoffs


  1. 民ブルスタの

    民ブルスタの23 days ago

    Nice game.

  2. Javian Johnson

    Javian JohnsonMonth ago


  3. Zhang Hanlin

    Zhang HanlinMonth ago


  4. GRISSLE Kîñg

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  5. Justin Aeneas

    Justin Aeneas2 months ago

    Not yet a Rockets fan, but I would have loved to see CP3 in game 6. At the end of this game (5) they were up 3-2 on the defending champions in the conference finals and had the best record of the season. Tough break losing Chris Paul.

  6. nahor88

    nahor882 months ago

    As far as I'm concerned, Rockets won this series in 5. CP3 was owning the Warriors.

  7. Lamelo ball

    Lamelo ball2 months ago

    if james harden goes to golden state

  8. T'ChallaFrizz`

    T'ChallaFrizz`2 months ago

    Draymond Green always fucking it up

  9. Charlie Stevens

    Charlie Stevens3 months ago

    love how CP3 looked so mad doing that shimmy

  10. Keagan Moore

    Keagan Moore3 months ago

    What sneakers does curry have on?

  11. Grape

    Grape3 months ago

    do you all realize something? whenever a warriors player says theyre going to win, they always somehow do... 🤔

  12. Prof. Dina Reyes

    Prof. Dina Reyes3 months ago

    Arden MVP NOT! Over rated !!!

  13. marc ferdinand raras

    marc ferdinand raras3 months ago

    saan ngayon rocjets mo chrislyn at huwag mo kung matawagtawag ng bobo

  14. Paalo Zurdo

    Paalo Zurdo3 months ago

    guess sticking with harden had its price??!!!!!! Let us ask Coach McHale...oh yeah stir did not want him.....woulda should a... 27 missed 3's could have been mentioned..

  15. punch180

    punch1803 months ago

    OH lOOK!!! GSW won!!!

  16. Alexander Reid

    Alexander Reid3 months ago

    cp3 and cheff curry dueling hard

  17. Diego Savage

    Diego Savage3 months ago

    Lmao Harden on the thumbnail touching KD as if he’s gonna defend 😂

  18. Sloughy

    Sloughy3 months ago

    Chokemond Green

  19. FG x Danex

    FG x Danex3 months ago

    kd did every t hing he could in that game

  20. Thorben S

    Thorben S3 months ago

    What it that at 3:00 -3:02

  21. O.F. HeadOne

    O.F. HeadOne3 months ago

    Capella's no joke, his not taking it from Durant with that inside block.

  22. carlos m.

    carlos m.3 months ago

    referees bail out the warriors tonight, warriors will not be bail out in houston on Monday, Klay will not score 35 again, rockets will close the warriors out, the place will be rockin! I'll be there! they will crown a new champion!

  23. Älex Jatniel

    Älex Jatniel3 months ago


  24. Suleman Ahmed-Jama

    Suleman Ahmed-Jama3 months ago

    CP3 for Dancing 6:02 ! 😂👍🏀

  25. Lunarflamedy

    Lunarflamedy3 months ago

    Rockets in 6 coming from a Pacers Fan

  26. Sweetzel Peresores

    Sweetzel Peresores3 months ago

    Golden is no more. Carry is vovo now. Yeah

  27. Deon'Ta Law

    Deon'Ta Law3 months ago

    Remind me again why Travale McGee not playing?

  28. 26michaeluk

    26michaeluk3 months ago

    Fuck the Golden State Warriors. I've never seen a team so protected by the officials. Klay Thompson the only one I respect.

  29. Loki Republik

    Loki Republik3 months ago

    Chris Paul's injury will be the end of houston. Harden too sloppy and lazy.

  30. Larry Tate

    Larry Tate3 months ago

    433, what was Thompson doing? Why didn’t he help, strange

  31. Larry Tate

    Larry Tate3 months ago

    359, that’s Curry’s layup

  32. Burnie K.

    Burnie K.3 months ago

    GSW IN G7

  33. Burnie K.

    Burnie K.3 months ago

    GSW IN G7

  34. John O

    John O3 months ago

    Burnie K. Houston in 6

  35. Sandra Contreras

    Sandra Contreras3 months ago

    Ghetto, street minded ,Chris Paul. Whose children would most likely be a bully in school? Chris Paul with the mad, I want to fight you face

  36. Jay B

    Jay B3 months ago

    Proof that home court advantage matters.

  37. Jay B

    Jay B3 months ago

    Harden is just one elbow shove after another. Blah

  38. Keith Witcher

    Keith Witcher3 months ago

    I picked the Warriors to win against Houston. I'm not changing my pick because the Warriors lost. Warriors gotta play better defense. That's why they lost. Warriors also took some bad shots near the end. They had too many turnovers. Nick Young and Javale McGee needs to play more for the Warriors. Nick is a good shooter. Kevin Durant didn't score that much in the 4th quarter. That was a surprise because he usually shoots a lot in the 4th quarter.

  39. Joel views

    Joel views3 months ago

    @5:53 CP3 is a masterpiece

  40. Dwight Yawg

    Dwight Yawg3 months ago


  41. ravachol

    ravachol3 months ago

    White socks of Rockets are killing me

  42. おっさんゲーミング企画

    おっさんゲーミング企画3 months ago

    Im birth day yesterday

  43. YouTube Zone

    YouTube Zone3 months ago

    Chris Paul just had something towards Curry in this match

  44. Berserker BaHa

    Berserker BaHa3 months ago

    look how they foul dramond for the last couple seconds

  45. Titora Rama

    Titora Rama3 months ago

    Eric Gordon is sick

  46. Mike De paz

    Mike De paz3 months ago

    Yesss! Go go go Rockets!! Green tripped himself 😝

  47. Tony

    Tony3 months ago

    why is steve kerr not playing javale mcgee

  48. Batuhan Ayaz

    Batuhan Ayaz3 months ago

    Fuck Steph Curry...

  49. mccali

    mccali3 months ago

    Batuhan Ayaz fuck harden choker steph bout 2be champs again

  50. TheStewieGriffinShow

    TheStewieGriffinShow3 months ago

    I'm hearing there is a 50-year jinx on GS for refusing to go to the White House.

  51. Ian Gwapo

    Ian Gwapo3 months ago

    Fuck you 3pters

  52. Adriano Sardinha

    Adriano Sardinha3 months ago

    o melhor jogo.

  53. proPiG proJEXT13

    proPiG proJEXT133 months ago


  54. Vancelot

    Vancelot3 months ago

    Face of Thompson. After Green turn over. WTF is Green doing? 8:55 Hahaha....

  55. LozAngelesLegend

    LozAngelesLegend3 months ago

    Draymond, Curry, & Durant are all James Hardens victims! Harden a beast!! #DontSleepOnTheBeard

  56. traya27

    traya273 months ago

    This is some of the best basketball I've seen in years. GS is my home team but for some reason I'm low key rooting for James Harden.

  57. traya27

    traya273 months ago

    John O explain yourself 😁

  58. John O

    John O3 months ago

    traya27 bandwagon to another.

  59. Ashley tf2nasboii

    Ashley tf2nasboii3 months ago

    i'm a warriors fan but i think after this game im a rockets fan

  60. Sandra Contreras

    Sandra Contreras3 months ago


  61. Tony

    Tony3 months ago

    lmao nice bandwagon

  62. Mark Barzales

    Mark Barzales3 months ago

    ganda ng laban ..lakas ni cris paul

  63. Masked Clasher

    Masked Clasher3 months ago

    Cavs and Rockets 2018 NBA Finals

  64. Daloydoy Pagkatoytoy

    Daloydoy Pagkatoytoy3 months ago

    where are you now GSW fanshits?

  65. Gurshaan Chadha

    Gurshaan Chadha3 months ago

    GSW with the choke again!

  66. Neema Fouladi

    Neema Fouladi3 months ago


  67. koodak TV

    koodak TV3 months ago


  68. pablo lozano

    pablo lozano3 months ago

    Capela amazing!!!!

  69. KB Boomin

    KB Boomin3 months ago

    Time to call ZaZa

  70. Andre Ong

    Andre Ong3 months ago

    Karma Green choke big time!!

  71. buzz maroc

    buzz maroc3 months ago


  72. Big Herc

    Big Herc3 months ago

    Lebron 4 ever tho

  73. Big Herc

    Big Herc3 months ago

    Man Steph Curry lost that game. He was getting toasted by all the Rockets. His defense suck

  74. Murilo Cruz

    Murilo Cruz3 months ago

    Sucks that CP3 won't be able to play in game 6.

  75. Couch Potato

    Couch Potato3 months ago

    Snake Durant expecting an easy ring by joining a 73-9 team while others are working hard. Disgusting take this L

  76. YaBoy Sam

    YaBoy Sam3 months ago

    Curry why couldn’t you just shoot a long range 3?? You scared because what happens last time smh🤐

  77. Bailey Toulouse

    Bailey Toulouse3 months ago

    This crowd so annoying.

  78. Paradox RNO

    Paradox RNO3 months ago

    These are the games warriors hate physical hard games

  79. Paradox RNO

    Paradox RNO3 months ago

    Im all rockets right now go rockets

  80. Life of Dabit Dabid

    Life of Dabit Dabid3 months ago

    Still believe GSW can win the series

  81. Asar Ptah

    Asar Ptah3 months ago

    Rockets came with the defence which a major attribute in winning this game and Steph was giving a taste of his own medicine with the shimmy by Chris Paul.....

  82. Angel V.

    Angel V.3 months ago

    such a good fuckin game. raw shooting skills from both teams

  83. Gian Ashley T. Albaña

    Gian Ashley T. Albaña3 months ago

    The warriors will win because cp3 cannot play

  84. mark Bermundo

    mark Bermundo3 months ago

    were r u curry. wers ur best 3s?.. haha go home warriors

  85. mccali

    mccali3 months ago

    mark Bermundo where u at harden mvp most vanishing player haha go home gsw 2da finals again world champs

  86. Zachary Madden

    Zachary Madden3 months ago

    Such a strange game, Houston's big 3 (Harden, CP3, Gordon) shot 17-55 (31 percent) from the field and only 7-30 (23 percent) from 3. Houston did have an edge on free-throw shooting and turnovers but still that's a lot to overcome. That can't be a good sign for the Warriors going forward, to still lose when Houston's stars played that badly.

  87. Jefferson Salvador

    Jefferson Salvador3 months ago

    8:42-8:48 THE BEST HAHAHHAA

  88. jjmd last name

    jjmd last name3 months ago

    capela is dominating! best center this year. pj tucker and are so underrated, plays hard and are so productive. hats off to cp3, always been a clutch player. this man shows that he should have been a contender long before this season. go rockets!

  89. Neil Christian Panganiban

    Neil Christian Panganiban3 months ago


  90. 앙김오띠

    앙김오띠3 months ago

    Go Houston

  91. Edson Ibarra

    Edson Ibarra3 months ago


  92. Straight Reality

    Straight Reality3 months ago

    All you idiots think this is real and its rigged as fuck. We are being scammed.

  93. Austin Yipeo

    Austin Yipeo3 months ago

    It’s always looneys fault, 1/5 of the buckets the rockets get are because he’s guarding the guy and gives up middle penetration, idk wtf Steve Kerr is thinking starting him over Zara of javale. I guarantee I could lock down a slow but quick player like harden. Edit: the first 5 baskets for the rockets, 4/5 are because of Looney playing shit defense. All I’m saying when the warriors start zaza in the playoffs, they’re 16-1, but when they start Looney, they’re so far 10-5.

  94. Austin Yipeo

    Austin Yipeo3 months ago

    Sandra Contreras ik it’s sucks bro

  95. Sandra Contreras

    Sandra Contreras3 months ago

    Austin Yipeo This championship is fixed by everyone concerned

  96. 78835

    788353 months ago

    *Why don't the fans bum rush the court at the end of the game?*

  97. M. Castro

    M. Castro3 months ago

    Livingston has some of the Cleanest Jumpshots

  98. Hernan Juarez

    Hernan Juarez3 months ago

    Esssketiiit Houston tx

  99. Nick Tokar

    Nick Tokar3 months ago

    To call harden an MVP is a joke. His team just dragged his lifeless corpse through an entire game to win.

  100. Javier  Martinez

    Javier Martinez3 months ago

    IMO; Rockets with out CP3 can win and beat the Warriors, here if is my point. Igoudola is the only player that can help to win a game with a no way, impossible defensive play, But what really hurt the most was when (forgot his name) miss the last wide open a PRACTICE WIFE OPEN 3 point shot Steve Kert knew Rockets will go after and defend the player's with the highest probabilities of making a 3 point shot and he was right by drawing that play, a shot that Igoudola usually is the one that take that shot. Going back to why Rockets can win without CP3, James Harden last games is 1 for 9 in 3 point FG atempts in the 4 qtr, avg 6 TO in the 4 qtr yet Rockets manage to win. Igoudola absences has more impact the Warriors as a team's , For the first time they get beat at the Oracle were Warriors was undefeated in 15+ games and for the 1st time (Curry era) Warriors lost in back 2 back games Now we will see if the Warriors are a true champion Dinasty THE WARRIORS HAS NEVER FACE THIS ADVERSITY B4 BE DOWN 3-2 + WITHOUT HOME COURT J Harden has the capability and is proved he can carry the team without CP3 Igoudola defense is missed big time.

  101. Javier  Martinez

    Javier Martinez3 months ago

    Please excuse my English

  102. Raphael

    Raphael3 months ago

    HOUSTON 🤘🔴

  103. rupert de leon

    rupert de leon3 months ago

    Calling Zaza😂

  104. Juneroy Quinimon

    Juneroy Quinimon3 months ago

    Go Go Rockets

  105. Javi Garcia

    Javi Garcia3 months ago

    Let's go Houston baby

  106. Andrewdelossantos Sanpedro

    Andrewdelossantos Sanpedro3 months ago

    Javale McGee For the win

  107. Will Qi

    Will Qi3 months ago

    GO HOUSTON U CAN dO IT!!!!!!!

  108. Johnathan Williams

    Johnathan Williams3 months ago

    Awwwwwwwwaaaaa😮😮😮...Draymond green trash ..his mouth caught up with him.

  109. Gantalao Franklin

    Gantalao Franklin3 months ago

    GSw would take kawhi leonard next season to beat Houston rockets. :D just saying :P

  110. TheHelghastkilla

    TheHelghastkilla3 months ago

    Gordan was the real MVP this game.

  111. Michael Copus

    Michael Copus3 months ago

    This series just proves donkey green isn't an all star