Glass - Official Trailer [HD]


  1. Laffing Man

    Laffing Man2 hours ago

    i wished i saw split. damn, i wish i saw unbreakable. instead, i saw the village. then i saw lady in the water. my superhero power - bad luck.

  2. briandavid68

    briandavid682 hours ago


  3. Saba Faizan

    Saba Faizan2 hours ago

    I was excited for this movie until i saw the director’s name...

  4. Captain GunHaDa

    Captain GunHaDa3 hours ago

    This looks amazing. I'm excited.

  5. Chiara Nanami

    Chiara Nanami3 hours ago

    I only know the one from Split.. where are the others from?

  6. GrapeVine

    GrapeVine3 hours ago

    what happened to the movie grass?

  7. FR GR

    FR GR3 hours ago


  8. Billy Chrisnada

    Billy Chrisnada3 hours ago

    New X-MEN confirmed

  9. caragio

    caragio3 hours ago

    DC: I have Batman, Joker, and Titans yet to come. Marvel: Cute. We have the final Episode of The Avengers, then more and more super heroes. Shyamalan: I have Glass.

  10. sidhant reddy

    sidhant reddy3 hours ago

    *It was only yesterday I watched Unbreakable after a long time !!! G-O-O-S-E-B-U-M-P-S !!!* 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  11. blank pages

    blank pages3 hours ago

    Goosebumps alert..... been waiting for this since Split came out

  12. Tbasko sauce

    Tbasko sauce3 hours ago

    Leave it to shyamalan to make amazing movies always

  13. Ryan Alavi

    Ryan Alavi3 hours ago

    Paulson!!! 🤩🤩


    F8TAL AVENGER3 hours ago

    2019 the year for super hero movies that are sequels to some awesome ass films

  15. Jamiethecomic - Review this Sh!t

    Jamiethecomic - Review this Sh!t3 hours ago

    Ermmm... Did they seriously use the same trailer music used in the Independence Day Resurgence trailer:

  16. Açe bee

    Açe bee3 hours ago

    Very boring trailer

  17. saneman mkll

    saneman mkll3 hours ago

    Calling Chris Stuckman!

  18. DrRobertBischof

    DrRobertBischof3 hours ago

    Never thought I'd be more excited for an M Night movie than a Star Wars movie

  19. Art Vein

    Art Vein3 hours ago

    Analysis here: The three colors on the poster correspond the the chakras each character harnesses their strengths from. Purple is mind aka crown, yellow is willpower aka solar plexus. Green is heart. They sit in this order to show their relationship with one another. Horde is exhibiting an innocent alter and is not chained; however, David is chained and Glass is "chained" via disability. Put this into perspective, the most dangerous person is smiling, unchained. Both Mr Glass and David disagree on how far to go but both have good intentions through vigilante ways. It's a good chance Mr Glass and Bruce will work together. They're in psych ward because the only person whose powers are based on belief ie willpower is horde. The psychologist got Horde to believe he was special rather than discovering it like Glass and David. Without belief Horde is nothing.

  20. the madafaka

    the madafaka3 hours ago

    Daaaammmmnnnn....can't wait...!!!!!

  21. A Man

    A Man3 hours ago

    Finally Bruce Willis in a movie that I want to watch. Guy is doing too much crappy movies these days.

  22. Grandpa Space Oreo

    Grandpa Space Oreo3 hours ago

    So glass and split are connected

  23. Martin Cumming

    Martin Cumming3 hours ago

    James McAvoy is an amazing actor. This looks amazing.

  24. James Cameron

    James Cameron3 hours ago


  25. drxym

    drxym3 hours ago

    The twist ending is that all this takes place in the Last Airbender universe.

  26. The Matous Geeks

    The Matous Geeks3 hours ago


  27. pappu bro

    pappu bro3 hours ago

    Love from India Shyamalan😘😘😍

  28. donchuanism

    donchuanism3 hours ago

    Looks like their is a new villain with superpowers which they all three have to face. (The shot in the shop where somebody stands in front of the 'VILLAIN' led stripes.)

  29. Unlimited Shopping

    Unlimited Shopping3 hours ago

  30. Unlimited Shopping

    Unlimited Shopping3 hours ago

  31. Unlimited Shopping

    Unlimited Shopping3 hours ago

  32. Jay Cantu

    Jay Cantu3 hours ago

    The most ambitious crossover yet

  33. Jarvis 007*

    Jarvis 007*3 hours ago

    Hey Ellen, is she that💥💥

  34. telika ramu

    telika ramu3 hours ago

    Another village

  35. CJ Loh

    CJ Loh3 hours ago

    Glass is better than most superheroes movies these days.

  36. metalmurcielago

    metalmurcielago3 hours ago

    No more trailers. If your not convinced to watch this movie after this trailer more trailers are only going to ruin it for the rest of us

  37. Switch

    Switch3 hours ago

    Unbreakable Split Glass

  38. Creamy Avocado

    Creamy Avocado3 hours ago

    Unbreakable Glass

  39. Ryloc Gaming

    Ryloc Gaming3 hours ago

    So is this basically a crossover?

  40. Tsetsi

    Tsetsi3 hours ago

    Damn bruce has aged!

  41. Brando Cervera

    Brando Cervera3 hours ago

    could be cool, the trailer is lame though

  42. Zainab Adel

    Zainab Adel3 hours ago

    Omg omg omg omg yes yes yes finally 😭😭😭😭😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️❤️❤️

  43. Tsetsi

    Tsetsi3 hours ago

    Everything in Hollywood is a lie

  44. simple Boy Luna

    simple Boy Luna3 hours ago

    Not the kind of “sequel” (if you can call it that) I was expecting but I’m actually excited for it

  45. Alexander Del Zepeda

    Alexander Del Zepeda3 hours ago

    Um I think tf yesss

  46. zilan s

    zilan s3 hours ago

    *unbreakable split glass*

  47. Ashar Irfan

    Ashar Irfan3 hours ago

    failed to give me goosebumps! its has moments! it have acting~ but its not looking a sequel to split

  48. zilan s

    zilan s3 hours ago

    I’m so excited

  49. Bastian Hörling

    Bastian Hörling3 hours ago

    can't wair for David dunn to beat the shit outta the beast


    HITMAN BOSS3 hours ago

    Who is the enemy?

  51. リゼロ神アニメ

    リゼロ神アニメ3 hours ago


  52. Avery Finney

    Avery Finney3 hours ago

    I smell OSCARS

  53. ken Gaulthier

    ken Gaulthier3 hours ago

    I can’t be the only one who hears the “Independence Day Resurgence” trailer music in this.

  54. KIPAST

    KIPAST3 hours ago

    hell yeah!

  55. sean hughes

    sean hughes3 hours ago

    why is it she looks like she is about to cry in every movie or tv show I see her in

  56. vffvx

    vffvx3 hours ago


  57. Crazy Dude

    Crazy Dude3 hours ago


  58. painful1978

    painful19783 hours ago

    Split the unbreakable glass!

  59. Acetrainerjohn

    Acetrainerjohn3 hours ago

    Avengers looking a little weird

  60. Hypo

    Hypo3 hours ago

    Just added it to the list of the most terrible overrated movies of all time

  61. Hypo

    Hypo3 hours ago

    Isn't it its Trailer ? I can't pass judgment on the trailer ? LOL

  62. Horrormaster13

    Horrormaster133 hours ago

    Hypo Did you see the movie already? Did you have a time machine? I don't think so. Just chill man.

  63. coco Zlatovich

    coco Zlatovich3 hours ago


  64. The Ramonian Kingdom

    The Ramonian Kingdom3 hours ago

    James McAvoy is simply SPECTACULAR I'll say no more ...

  65. theflamesrise

    theflamesrise3 hours ago

    1:20 is that italian or spanish?

  66. Ammy Montes

    Ammy Montes3 hours ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! So excited

  67. Ashley S

    Ashley S3 hours ago

    Professor X meets Nick Fury

  68. Тики Кай

    Тики Кай3 hours ago


  69. Hawko

    Hawko3 hours ago

    1:22 jake paul

  70. Meme Lord

    Meme Lord3 hours ago

    Can I get a *glass* of water?

  71. Loved 501

    Loved 5013 hours ago


  72. Onyx

    Onyx3 hours ago

    First name "Take" last name "MY MONEY"!!!!!!!!

  73. Muh Muh

    Muh Muh3 hours ago

    So John McClane, Sheldon Cooper, and Nick Fury have powers?

  74. Midnight Marble

    Midnight Marble3 hours ago

    HO-LY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Artyom Shamanov

    Artyom Shamanov3 hours ago

    Shyamalan Cinematic Universe

  76. armanddarke

    armanddarke3 hours ago

    Looks like shit. M. Night should have retired after Signs.

  77. AmiMinako

    AmiMinako3 hours ago

    January the official month where movies go to die.

  78. Tacos Paul

    Tacos Paul3 hours ago

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  79. M for Matt

    M for Matt3 hours ago

    The best superhero movie of all time

  80. DoctorWeeTodd

    DoctorWeeTodd3 hours ago

    So glad with all the major announcements from comic con, that this is #1 on trending. M. Night is out of his rut and making great movies again that audiences look forward to. What a twist!

  81. candy coated misery

    candy coated misery3 hours ago

    Take my fucking bank details. :-)

  82. gin 54

    gin 543 hours ago

    Marvel's new timeline.

  83. Pettydid

    Pettydid3 hours ago

    why though?

  84. John Connor

    John Connor3 hours ago


  85. Narathip Keawtapan

    Narathip Keawtapan3 hours ago

    Split 2???

  86. John Potter

    John Potter3 hours ago

    Oh my God oh my God oh my God!

  87. HelloThereDaily

    HelloThereDaily3 hours ago

    *h e l l o t h e r e* *-I don’t understand why I have 16,581 s u b s !-*

  88. Dale Smith

    Dale Smith3 hours ago

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!

  89. Arun A.D

    Arun A.D3 hours ago

    Idi katta waiting for this, Shyamanna ijj powlikk mutheyy

  90. S Sifr

    S Sifr3 hours ago

    Unbreakable was amazing movie and I do like split, so I certainly hope this will be good.

  91. Carlos Flores

    Carlos Flores3 hours ago

    Watch Unbreakable first

  92. Backyard Friends

    Backyard Friends3 hours ago

    Number 1 trending

  93. Mo Bazaft

    Mo Bazaft3 hours ago

    I think we have another Dark Knight

  94. Tatter Tot

    Tatter Tot3 hours ago


  95. Whippin

    Whippin3 hours ago

    So Split 2

  96. Drake

    Drake3 hours ago

    Ok , this actually looks lit asf

  97. Q D

    Q D3 hours ago


  98. Exodia Wolfe

    Exodia Wolfe3 hours ago


  99. ShinTensei

    ShinTensei3 hours ago


  100. Whyme

    Whyme3 hours ago

    I have a (Sixth Sense) that all three are going to (Visit ) a (village) farm with crop circles.. this is (happening) M Night Shyamalan you little (Devil) now i'm going to have to watch (Unbreakable) again ;-)

  101. Livewire Jay

    Livewire Jay3 hours ago

    Am Ready

  102. Master AliefKhan

    Master AliefKhan3 hours ago

    Is he Frederick Douglass?