1. Karla Valenzuela

    Karla Valenzuela3 hours ago

    Congrats on 2nd on trendy

  2. Talibanmessiah

    Talibanmessiah3 hours ago

    I watched get out my recommendations now

  3. Jackson Green

    Jackson Green3 hours ago

    that guy sounds like an aussie jerry seinfeld

  4. leave my fucking coffee

    leave my fucking coffee3 hours ago

    4.5k people must have their phone up side down.....

  5. SaGem 36

    SaGem 363 hours ago

    15kg 500grams

  6. benji playz

    benji playz3 hours ago


  7. ben Royston

    ben Royston3 hours ago

    28,000 grams mate.

  8. docmorrell

    docmorrell3 hours ago

    Giant Dart v Anvil!!!

  9. teagy leagy

    teagy leagy3 hours ago

    Hahaha the commentary of this tho

  10. Geo Alexuzzz

    Geo Alexuzzz3 hours ago

    Try with an umbrella

  11. begler beg

    begler beg3 hours ago

    Have you guys ever missed items

  12. Niiiqa

    Niiiqa3 hours ago

    Who also skipped till the end

  13. Kiki

    Kiki3 hours ago

    it s 10kg 93g

  14. Mark Williams

    Mark Williams3 hours ago

    #1 on trending!! Congrats guys! Looking forward to the next videos in the giant dart series!

  15. leave my fucking coffee

    leave my fucking coffee3 hours ago

    115kg .....idk😂😂

  16. The GOAT

    The GOAT3 hours ago

    There isn't even much oobleck. I expected a swimming pool full of it.

  17. xSWAGGERx xKINGx

    xSWAGGERx xKINGx3 hours ago

    I think it ways 274g

  18. dank memes

    dank memes3 hours ago


  19. Mohammad Kashif

    Mohammad Kashif3 hours ago

  20. tolon tolon

    tolon tolon3 hours ago

    i like the experiments but god this fuckers r annoying as shit specially grayshirt Frankenstein

  21. Sammy antha

    Sammy antha3 hours ago

    When he kept spinning the umbrella I thought he was gonna fly off like Mary poppins!

  22. Paul Nicola

    Paul Nicola3 hours ago

    Good to find a funny channel with men that don't swear in every video coz nowadays that's what all the "funny" YT channels are all about. Swearing c:

  23. Luka Zaversnik

    Luka Zaversnik3 hours ago

    5 kg

  24. PongerMonger 000

    PongerMonger 0003 hours ago

    #14 WOWWW

  25. FoxyChu WuvsChu

    FoxyChu WuvsChu3 hours ago

    10:00 where’d it go?

  26. Bradley Driscoll

    Bradley Driscoll3 hours ago

    4 kg 24 grams

  27. Jaida Vucetic

    Jaida Vucetic3 hours ago

    “ how many grams does this weigh?” Me: ITS NOT MATH CLASS KIDS

  28. popcorn papy

    popcorn papy3 hours ago

    12247 grams

  29. Emir Toker

    Emir Toker3 hours ago

    You should try a bowling ball vs ooblec

  30. benjamin weiß

    benjamin weiß3 hours ago

    30000 gramm / 30 Kg

  31. sky wolf

    sky wolf4 hours ago

    Suggestions!! How about Giant Dart vs Car!?!? How's that sound yeah?? Edit:Should have use missile instead of giant dart

  32. Cheddar Cheese

    Cheddar Cheese4 hours ago

    22.5 kg

  33. David shaw

    David shaw4 hours ago

    16,660 grams for sure

  34. Afl

    Afl4 hours ago

    Man, why do they sound like igits?

  35. Hamza Bilal

    Hamza Bilal4 hours ago

    What does the oobleck do

  36. Atro Jokinen

    Atro Jokinen4 hours ago

    Hi from Finland :)

  37. silver gryphon

    silver gryphon4 hours ago

    45,400 random guess

  38. Alexander Myskin

    Alexander Myskin4 hours ago

    9kg 614g

  39. Hamish Miles

    Hamish Miles4 hours ago

    You guys should make a giant slug, with more weight and surface area, so it explodes every thing in its path!

  40. Nathan Verwey

    Nathan Verwey4 hours ago

    6:31 Look at that storm brewing in the back⚡️⚡️

  41. Cereal Biscuit63

    Cereal Biscuit634 hours ago


  42. Robby Irvine

    Robby Irvine4 hours ago

    do a Giant Telephone Pole Sized Tungsten Orbital Dart vs Oobleck

  43. Abdel Guisani

    Abdel Guisani4 hours ago

    2:31 Thank me later.

  44. Daedalus

    Daedalus4 hours ago


  45. anchovies

    anchovies4 hours ago

    2500 to 6500

  46. Nathan Verwey

    Nathan Verwey4 hours ago

    Dat dart must be bout 13,38491949482848588389294857362849682 kilos😂😂

  47. anchovies

    anchovies4 hours ago

    2500 grams

  48. Enrico Bertelli

    Enrico Bertelli4 hours ago

    4639 g

  49. Francis YT

    Francis YT4 hours ago


  50. DjGod

    DjGod4 hours ago

    I think it's 27.70 kg

  51. Cucka Tu

    Cucka Tu4 hours ago

    Is this in English?

  52. Aaron Butcher

    Aaron Butcher4 hours ago

    9 kg


    CODMASTA4 hours ago

    video starts at 9:30

  54. da_lollipop_kid

    da_lollipop_kid4 hours ago


  55. Robin Kala

    Robin Kala4 hours ago

    4:44 Assassin's Creed? XD

  56. Isak Larsen

    Isak Larsen4 hours ago

    15 kg and 37 grams

  57. Himiko toga

    Himiko toga4 hours ago

    3:18 how to be a king in less than 5 mins

  58. Parker Torgersen

    Parker Torgersen4 hours ago

    15kg and 78g

  59. B Skee

    B Skee4 hours ago


  60. Eating Daily

    Eating Daily4 hours ago

    6 kg 438 grams

  61. Matthew Hopper

    Matthew Hopper4 hours ago

    #1 trending in the USA good job keep up the great content!

  62. Els_ Bells07

    Els_ Bells074 hours ago

    15.6 kilos

  63. Venith K

    Venith K4 hours ago

    Sean Murray is that you?

  64. Sangreal Rings

    Sangreal Rings4 hours ago

    Try dropping oobleck filled balloons.

  65. Lilac Stuff

    Lilac Stuff4 hours ago


  66. TheLazyDuck

    TheLazyDuck4 hours ago

    18 kg and 578 grams 18,578 18.578

  67. cade264

    cade2644 hours ago

    Giant Dart vs Safety-Glass?

  68. That extreme Australian

    That extreme Australian4 hours ago

    2 kilos Btw congrats on #1 on trending in Australia!

  69. Luke Burtt

    Luke Burtt4 hours ago


  70. leon keltie

    leon keltie4 hours ago


  71. PugKing_Youtube

    PugKing_Youtube4 hours ago

    are u assie i am

  72. That extreme Australian

    That extreme Australian4 hours ago


  73. High_Ping_Man

    High_Ping_Man4 hours ago

    Giant Dart Vs heavy duty Safe, normal safe and an Anvil

  74. halo raider1

    halo raider14 hours ago

    haahaa got that location i'll be there next week

  75. jamie hawkins

    jamie hawkins4 hours ago

    Dart vs anvil

  76. Marco Ayala

    Marco Ayala4 hours ago

    I want to say the dart weighs about 6.804 kg (15 pounds)

  77. Out Of This World

    Out Of This World4 hours ago

    You earned to be at #1trending many many years ago

  78. Extremul Fabian

    Extremul Fabian4 hours ago

    3245 grams?

  79. HPSauceist

    HPSauceist4 hours ago

    #1 Trending!! Aussie Pride, How Good!

  80. Connor Teran

    Connor Teran4 hours ago

    5,118 gram

  81. Super_Sniper HQ

    Super_Sniper HQ4 hours ago

    Drop a massive dart into a heap of ballistic jell

  82. Eugene

    Eugene4 hours ago


  83. Uplander 413

    Uplander 4134 hours ago

    13607.8 grams

  84. Fortnite Boss Baby 69420

    Fortnite Boss Baby 694204 hours ago

    Go watch this amazing video

  85. ToyFoxyyyx Owo

    ToyFoxyyyx Owo4 hours ago

    *We're here, folks*

  86. Reyes Kids

    Reyes Kids4 hours ago

    12 grand

  87. Luke Wanless

    Luke Wanless4 hours ago


  88. Fortnite Boss Baby 69420

    Fortnite Boss Baby 694204 hours ago

  89. Quinten Declercq

    Quinten Declercq4 hours ago

    That accent😍

  90. Angelic Loli

    Angelic Loli4 hours ago

    YES SIR that was so MEAN made me laugh so hard

  91. įrøçk2mūçh

    įrøçk2mūçh4 hours ago

    roses are red violets are blue you came for 9:34 i wish this was fortnite

  92. Talha Iqbal

    Talha Iqbal4 hours ago

    Getting views from 9 year olds.

  93. Ender Nyght

    Ender Nyght4 hours ago

    Yeah because one thing we want to see happen which can take around 4 seconds, needs 10 MINUTES to do because money.

  94. Ticola Okta dino

    Ticola Okta dino4 hours ago

    5000 g

  95. Hai Zi

    Hai Zi4 hours ago

    damn! that was good btw watch this

  96. Leo Schultz

    Leo Schultz4 hours ago

    An engine block?

  97. Vodka XD

    Vodka XD4 hours ago

    It took 10 minutes to do something that can be done in under 3 minutes.

  98. Sanjay Rathore

    Sanjay Rathore4 hours ago

    Giant dart vs Car


    WHEN U KNOW U CAN JUST DO IT4 hours ago

    You should try hit metal (steel, aluminium, lead) with the dart to how much can it penetrate!

  100. RoxyTM

    RoxyTM4 hours ago


  101. Byrney

    Byrney4 hours ago

    drop it on a cow