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    How Ridiculou

  4. Earl Seal

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    Marvin Hernandez

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    How Ridiculous 9:36:51

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    44 secs you took the screenshot

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    This is art

  13. Jonatan Qvarnström

    Jonatan QvarnströmDay ago

    that is so dangerous, do not ever blow up a tv with a dart my dad and i was putting my old tv in the garage and it fell on the floor IT EXPLODED, cause old tvs like that has vaccum, it exploded in 100 bits we almost got hurt

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    hay haters go to 1:20

  16. bendybro666

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    go to 1:20

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    7:35 children

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    #44Club Herron said 500K likes on this video gets Giant Dart Vs. Car. We are @ 258K likes, come on I have seen us do better than that. Get those likes.

  19. Alexander Willow

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    You need to use more spray paint. I love seeing all the colors.

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  21. Morgan Wakefield

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    Try and protect something from the giant dart

  22. Derek ll

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    We’ll pin yaaaaa

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    I hate to say this but isis shoold try the giant dart out😁🤐🤯😱

  24. Danik O

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    Yall need a motor to pull up the dart and any other things you want to drop

  25. Mark Bisson

    Mark Bisson3 days ago

    Just wondering if children ever play here? That glass would make a nasty cut for anyone playing in the sand. Just sayin...

  26. Kristal V

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    Thee cars the dart and a anvil

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    It's like splatoon!

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    44 seconds

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    Those drops couldn't have been anymore perfect

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    45 sec.

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    2:54 pm

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    It's good to see that 2 special needs patients get involved by their carer.....I'll leave you to decide who's who 😂

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    jun 29 2018 9:35:46am

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    I'm new to this channel but what is the staircase that they're scaling? Some kind of radio tower?

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    9 0.44 club

  38. SalamanderKing

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    In the video conventley

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    In the microwave there a nuclear rod wich could kill you and in the TV there a glass tube that could of exploded

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    10:45 am

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    Should play tic-tac-toe with giant darts and watermelons

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    The video is good.. But pless dont play on food.. Thank you

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    giant dart vs oobleck? giant dart vs trampoline?

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    This was posted on my birthday

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    Aren't you guy bored to waste so much food and drink?

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    HOMER SIMPSON: Hey! You guys just gutted a perfectly good TV and fridge! Now how am and I suppose to keep all my Duff in the latter?! LOL

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    Not gonna lie best viddy in my opinion

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    Drop a fridge on a giant dart

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    9:37:36 AM hour=9, minute=37, second=36

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    3:00 pm

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    Time 10:30

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    44 seconds

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    awesome but STOP TALKING LIKE SHIT.

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    1:23 pm

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    This must be so expensive to do.😂

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    Drop a anvil on an new7 lambo

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    Do it with the door closed

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    When you screenshoted was 0:44

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    44 SEC IN


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    I've broken a dozen of those old CRT TVs the glass doesn't really shatter everywhere from the tube. It usually stays in a generally one piece. How can you bring yourself to destroy a watermelon? Is my favorite food.

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    Giant dart vs bowling ball

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    I love ur vids i smash the thumbs up every vid

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    1:47 microwave

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    What's that tower? Is that an old construction thing? Or a fire watch tower?

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    9:36 am

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    Weeeeel pinn yaaaaa!!!!!!!

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    Hey my schools colors are green and yellow

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    Oh yeet!

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