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Ghosts (Official Video) - Mike Shinoda


  1. Christian Brown

    Christian BrownHour ago

    Good, very good

  2. Christine Gutierrez

    Christine GutierrezHour ago

    This is a lot better than all the shit on the radio.

  3. Stuper Star

    Stuper StarHour ago

    I'm thinking about getting this album. It's so amazing!

  4. Don jonathan

    Don jonathan2 hours ago

    this guy is already rocking allllllllllll

  5. Salome Meparishvili

    Salome Meparishvili3 hours ago

    love this song

  6. กอ เก่ง

    กอ เก่ง3 hours ago

    And when the lights go down I see things I can’t explain Calling out my name The lights go down Holding every memory close Tonight is for our ghosts Ghosts ท่อนนี้ถ้าเป็นเสียงของchesterก็คงดี [i cry] T.T

  7. Nathan Remix

    Nathan Remix3 hours ago

    My sock has a hole wonder if it sing to much

  8. ophek zed

    ophek zed3 hours ago

    I always like your work somehow it all flows just like there is implied that I can not explain, success always mike from your admirer & linkin park in indonesia

  9. luciana naria

    luciana naria4 hours ago

    It's so cute this clip 😍😍😍😍😍

  10. katarzyna paska

    katarzyna paska4 hours ago

    Mike at his finest,he is amazing artist and this album proves it.

  11. The Adventures of FatKat

    The Adventures of FatKat4 hours ago

    Love it. So when do we get the real music video? Hmmmm? 🤔 Lol 😆

  12. puredisgust

    puredisgust5 hours ago

    The 6. 6. 6. On the Eyes and nose?

  13. Shawn Connolly

    Shawn Connolly6 hours ago

    ❤️ @ you Mike S - wish Brad & the rest would come out & help you 💯 , but I understand where there coming from , I have been in there shoes & in your shoes be4

  14. Plush Entertainment Studios

    Plush Entertainment Studios6 hours ago

    I love your vids

  15. Kyle Phillips

    Kyle Phillips6 hours ago

    is this the guy from Linkin Park?

  16. Toxic Cloud

    Toxic CloudHour ago


  17. Brett Kelley

    Brett Kelley6 hours ago

    at least we got one chester tribute on the album!

  18. The Adventures of FatKat

    The Adventures of FatKat6 hours ago

    Even if Linkin Park disbands at least Mike will still be out there making music for himself and his fans! Thanks Mike! ❤️😊

  19. Ali. tm

    Ali. tm7 hours ago

    don't feel bad , live on chesters legacy . i , no , we believe in you .

  20. American Skull

    American Skull7 hours ago

    I love this song so god damn much.

  21. Раскраска TV

    Раскраска TV7 hours ago


  22. vicente artist

    vicente artist7 hours ago

    31 minutos

  23. monica c

    monica c8 hours ago

    First I've ever heard him. And well I'm in love. Song was ment for me I!

  24. Kyousou

    Kyousou8 hours ago

    I'm glad you continued on your way, I'm always your fan since I was 13 and now is more than 10 years and I will continued to appreaciate your works.

  25. Kareen Burgos

    Kareen Burgos8 hours ago

    Very sweet. Personal

  26. Kaiya1982

    Kaiya198210 hours ago

    I can't get enough of that new album ! tellement bon!! keep it up Mike your on the right track for sure !

  27. Gina Otten

    Gina Otten11 hours ago

    Ment wierd

  28. Gina Otten

    Gina Otten11 hours ago

    Wired vid good music

  29. kyle elberson

    kyle elberson11 hours ago

    Never expected to be brought to tears by socks

  30. Pai Da América #ImortalTricolor

    Pai Da América #ImortalTricolor12 hours ago


  31. Flavio Lima

    Flavio Lima12 hours ago

    Amazing song Amazing video 😢 😍 😢 😍 🇧🇷 ♥ U

  32. jonathan :v

    jonathan :v12 hours ago

    CHESTER💔!!!! :')

  33. Kaylie Yount

    Kaylie Yount12 hours ago

    It's actually not as bad as I thought it would be

  34. FT8 Barca

    FT8 Barca13 hours ago

    1:13 good goodbyee ohhhhhhhhhh good good byee ooooooooohh

  35. Bbc Bbh

    Bbc Bbh13 hours ago

    keep improving your own music mike i wish u the besta luck

  36. maggie

    maggie14 hours ago

    It's beautiful how much feelings and pain we can feel by listening to Post Tramautic songs. It's beautiful how we can make beautiful things comes through pain. I don't like to talk about Chester, because it's so painful yet, but it's basically what he always told us and taught us... make the pain and bad things something positive.. It's so sad, but Mike songs is like a such hug in those times.. I hope its understandable what I mean... Thank you Mike, just thank you

  37. En Lightened

    En Lightened14 hours ago

    Shouldn't have sold your soul to the devil Mike. Nah mean. Demons wouldn't chase you. Oooops, my bad. The "ghosts" won't chase you. Rip Chester, you were killed because you knew the truth.

  38. aRc

    aRc14 hours ago

    You're an amazing guy Mike, so much respect for you!

  39. Kros7

    Kros714 hours ago

    It's not the same but atleast it's something :(

  40. crush 24hrs

    crush 24hrs14 hours ago

    😍💖💖Love this song

  41. armando eduardo clavel zamora

    armando eduardo clavel zamora14 hours ago

    Ay bro... extrañas a Chester. Y yo

  42. kleine Giraffe

    kleine Giraffe14 hours ago

    ridiculous(!!!!!!!!) that i didn't think of sockpuppets when it comes to me entertaining my 2year old. :D now i am going to steal your idea and see how far i get with it. :p

  43. Bert Lambert

    Bert Lambert16 hours ago

    Those white dudes need to eat a sandwich!

  44. Dennis Popken

    Dennis Popken16 hours ago

    i know i feel the same it´s 9 years with this feeling :(

  45. MadGirl

    MadGirl17 hours ago


  46. gilang putra

    gilang putra17 hours ago

    I hope Mike and the rest of Linkin Park members can find the way.. Like Dave Ghrol when Kurt died, Foo Fighters is one of the greatest band today..

  47. beatleographer 1

    beatleographer 117 hours ago


  48. Titan Féminin

    Titan Féminin18 hours ago

    Boris my love❤

  49. King Inzy

    King Inzy18 hours ago


  50. Thiago Oliveira

    Thiago Oliveira18 hours ago



    NATEZPLAZE19 hours ago

    Haha awesome song and i always do that talking hand thing idk why..its funny

  52. Xairen Pontz

    Xairen Pontz19 hours ago

    Linkin park forever , Chester ur my childhood memories

  53. Matthew Brooks

    Matthew Brooks19 hours ago

    Wtf I'll pass..

  54. Anja Muenkel

    Anja Muenkel19 hours ago

    Mike Shinoda is the best artist right now!

  55. Nyxon ThunderFox

    Nyxon ThunderFox19 hours ago

    I've always said that Shinoda is a genius musician since long long ago. He can make produce rap music forever.

  56. Mattej Maccela

    Mattej Maccela19 hours ago

    I didn't understand those who disliked

  57. bilal demir

    bilal demir19 hours ago

    my favorite music right now

  58. ShortCake

    ShortCake20 hours ago

    This video made me a better person.

  59. Saeko Hiiragi

    Saeko Hiiragi20 hours ago

    Mike, i bought your album and I love it. Sometimes I get goosebumps. This video made my best friend cheer up, when she felt like crying after listening some tracks of "Post traumatic" --- thank you for your music!

  60. Kyle Packard

    Kyle Packard20 hours ago

    This song is giving me life this summer. I have PTSD and Anxiety due to the death of my fellow bandmate and sister. Mike has really captured something here, one song can change the life of others, even save a life.

  61. Zany Tomlinson13

    Zany Tomlinson1320 hours ago

    i swear that im really in love with this song😢

  62. Pratik Maharjan

    Pratik Maharjan21 hour ago

    This is Mike Shinoda for you! Creativity at its best. Stay strong Mike. Hope to see you soon.

  63. Michi AlphaGamet

    Michi AlphaGamet21 hour ago


  64. Marwa Majali

    Marwa Majali21 hour ago

    Love it ❤️

  65. jhormar ortiz

    jhormar ortiz21 hour ago


  66. Germ_the_Nobody

    Germ_the_Nobody22 hours ago

    LOL Not a fan of sock puppets and I love this.

  67. ǁsaikonekoǁ

    ǁsaikonekoǁ22 hours ago

    Man, you should collab with Gorillaz sometime. This reminds me so much of their style.

  68. Adela Abascal

    Adela Abascal23 hours ago

    We love you Mike ❤️ 🙊

  69. NAVI

    NAVI23 hours ago

    Ilove this song so much, can't stop listening



    hola me gusta mucho linkin park

  71. Wail Amiri

    Wail AmiriDay ago

    i wish i heared this in linkin park's new album 😢😭

  72. georkost

    georkostDay ago

    I love love love love love it!!!! Song+video :)

  73. micah taff

    micah taffDay ago

    Mike your a true hero idk how you still sing I've loved lp you Chester and the band my hole life and it just makes me so happy to see your had the strength to keep going threw all the pain and struggling Keep the art going man aloways love your music

  74. Grown

    GrownDay ago

    RIP Chester

  75. Maggie Be

    Maggie BeDay ago

    Although the video was shot comic, in the words and voice of Mike I still hear a longing ...

  76. Jakeline Odicino

    Jakeline OdicinoDay ago

    I like it

  77. Leo Messi

    Leo MessiDay ago Mike, I think u should check this guy out

  78. wraith girl

    wraith girlDay ago

    Our ghosts....we have to deal with them always...Mike just made it a bit easier for me

  79. Евгений Белашов

    Евгений БелашовDay ago

    Это очень круто звучит!!! Мои уши в восторге, не смотря на то что я сам студийный звукорежиссер и хорошо разбираюсь в звуке-с уверенностью скажу что у тебя золотые руки если ты сам пишешь и сводишь музыку и вокал!

  80. FluffyPuff138

    FluffyPuff138Day ago

    So cute lol

  81. paramore rules

    paramore rulesDay ago

    I'm totally buying dis album!!!

  82. Radeon Rex

    Radeon RexDay ago

    Why without LP? :(

  83. ST3V3N_C4RL

    ST3V3N_C4RLDay ago

    That mean Chester Is THere ?!

  84. Elijah Lining

    Elijah LiningDay ago

    Will people stop commenting "R.I.P Chester" like yes, he will be missed and that's all we can hope is that he's resting well but his songs still help me get thru shit. Fucking celebrate his life and what he did instead of resting on the fact of his death

  85. Pritish Sinha

    Pritish SinhaDay ago


  86. Isaiah Tripp

    Isaiah TrippDay ago

    Rest in piece Chester Mike will carry out the legacy

  87. Teresa Halwell

    Teresa HalwellDay ago

    Go Mike ur time is here :3

  88. Ab'bë BëRdz

    Ab'bë BëRdzDay ago

    Great song. Keep it up mike✌🏻

  89. Abd Farid

    Abd FaridDay ago

    1 of the best songs in #PostTraumatic album👍👍👍

  90. Claudio antunes

    Claudio antunesDay ago


  91. Ako si Pardo

    Ako si PardoDay ago

    Loving this song!

  92. Aiden Ulric

    Aiden UlricDay ago

    New favourite song :)

  93. Wizerd 1

    Wizerd 1Day ago


  94. tiny

    tinyDay ago

    im crying because i know hes being silly to cope with the loss and omg we love you mike

  95. Danny DePietro

    Danny DePietroDay ago


  96. Dustin Williams

    Dustin WilliamsDay ago

    Mike check out me singing in the end by Linkin Park man I did an amazing job i hope you get a chance to hear it



    Why didn't you save chester

  98. Ethan Bowen

    Ethan BowenDay ago

    Report this please

  99. Zac Chap

    Zac ChapDay ago

    This is great man! Chester is always with us!

  100. Creshendo680

    Creshendo680Day ago

    This album is amazing.

  101. Gonardo

    GonardoDay ago

    I hate feeling guilty for having a small moment of happiness.

  102. Andrezza Santos

    Andrezza SantosDay ago

    Linkinpark 🖕