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Ghosts (Official Video) - Mike Shinoda


  1. Lolo Lala

    Lolo Lala19 hours ago

    Super 😘❤😎😎👻

  2. GrassBlock

    GrassBlockDay ago

    2:01 chester its your line we miss you :(

  3. Tylerxvader

    TylerxvaderDay ago

    Sup to my utube

  4. Ahmad Waqie

    Ahmad Waqie3 days ago

    Its been a hard depressing weeks for me, yeah a sense of relief and happiness.. the songs and the vid literally makes me smile ..great job mike.. the song make my day ❤️ cuz tonight is for our ghosts 👻

  5. britt rolenz

    britt rolenz3 days ago


  6. Estefany Mancilla

    Estefany Mancilla3 days ago

    This song socks! 😍

  7. Kota Scott

    Kota Scott3 days ago

    The intro fucking got me man. And this whole album. Such strong real raw emotion.

  8. Shashwat Sharma

    Shashwat Sharma4 days ago THIS IS FOR HARDCORE LP FANS!!

  9. Xcak Mike

    Xcak Mike4 days ago

    Linkin park (2001-2017.)❤ Mike shinado (2001- ~)❤❤❤

  10. Jenny

    Jenny6 days ago


  11. Wraithic Artistry

    Wraithic Artistry7 days ago

    This must've been a fun video for Mike to make

  12. Herman Pizana

    Herman Pizana9 days ago

    This is so similar to this music vid lol funny

  13. Alison Potter

    Alison Potter9 days ago

    Mike, you know you've made it when you're on the Morrisons playlist, hearing this most nights while working 😀❤️

  14. Herman Pizana

    Herman Pizana9 days ago

    Lol this video is very similar to the "DANCING FOR PEACE " Music Video by Galaxian

  15. Mackenzie McLain

    Mackenzie McLain10 days ago

    the fact that he shot this video in his kitchen is really efing funny hahaha

  16. Mohammed Abubakar

    Mohammed Abubakar11 days ago

    *I nod my head when they say I'm wrong.* That puppet movement 😂

  17. 7he C0bra

    7he C0bra11 days ago

    Both Mike and Chester have helped me so much. I hope Mike stays with making great songs...

  18. yunior reyes ortega

    yunior reyes ortega11 days ago

    without a cherter it is not the same, poor mike, you will have to make a lot of effort because there is a big gap. does not even reach 10m views

  19. Tuğba Santaş Sıyurgal

    Tuğba Santaş Sıyurgal11 days ago

    You're nothing without Chester, Mike. You proved it.

  20. Shikhar Sharma

    Shikhar Sharma12 days ago

    Good work 😍

  21. Pranit Tamang

    Pranit Tamang13 days ago

    Is that a Mick Foley socks?

  22. Andy Midi

    Andy Midi16 days ago

    suka suka suka

  23. vipul vivart

    vipul vivart16 days ago

    The lyrics,the music,the singing⚡️⚡️

  24. Lolo Lala

    Lolo Lala17 days ago

    Mega mega Song 😘🌺😘😎🤪👻👻

  25. Firzen39

    Firzen3917 days ago

    Hey Mike, in case you're reading this comment there is a little thing I wanna say. I've been avoiding your videos till now, simply because I was avoiding an old ghost. The ghost of Chester and Linkin Park, not to mention the fact that I will never be able to go to Linkin Park concert. I guess, in the end, it realy doesn't matter. I saw this video, clicked it without even thinking and saw it completely with a smile on my face. Maybe one day I will get the chance to see your concert instead. I'm looking forward to what is comming. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for the music.

  26. Simon Raybould

    Simon Raybould18 days ago

    tinnitus for our ghosts

  27. D. M.C

    D. M.C19 days ago

    This Guys Is Always Force me To Comment About Him, Mike Is Genius.

  28. D. M.C

    D. M.C19 days ago

    Eminem And Mike My Favorite Rappers.

  29. lu cy

    lu cy19 days ago


  30. eulchen X

    eulchen X20 days ago

    Mike, i wish you and your family and friends a happy new year and of course good luck,health and love 🎉🥂☄

  31. Adiesty Septhiany

    Adiesty Septhiany20 days ago

    A song to define 2018. Thank you, Mike...

  32. Your Mother

    Your Mother21 day ago

    Can someone make a vocals only version?

  33. Nosac222

    Nosac22222 days ago

    Anyone listening in 2020?

  34. Nosac222

    Nosac22223 days ago

    Is there something in the air. There but never there. The lights go down holding every memory close. Tonight is for our ghosts.

  35. M Baptista

    M Baptista23 days ago

    Absolutely awesome!!!

  36. Noneya Busness

    Noneya Busness23 days ago

    This song is probably about chester Bennington

  37. Ray Mitchell

    Ray Mitchell26 days ago

    My 3 year old loves this song and still sings it everytime I play it and constantly ask to hear it and she's heard it for almost a year now and she still loves it

  38. Ray Mitchell

    Ray Mitchell22 days ago

    +Nosac222 just about

  39. Nosac222

    Nosac22222 days ago

    That's fun y because this song hasn't even been out for a year

  40. Pranjwal Bhattacharjee

    Pranjwal Bhattacharjee27 days ago

    Tonight is for our ghost s👻

  41. Salahuddin Ullash

    Salahuddin Ullash27 days ago

    Thank you for this song :')

  42. GabeN Fanboy

    GabeN Fanboy28 days ago

    didnt knew arts and crafts started a musical carrier

  43. John

    JohnMonth ago

    Does anyone else hear Chester singing the Chorus?

  44. Becca Machado

    Becca MachadoMonth ago

    Damn I LOOOOVE MIKE''S VOICE!!! I really miss Chester & Linkin park, but hearing you makes me feel bit better , 💔🖤😞...

  45. Celios - Chaos: approved!

    Celios - Chaos: approved!Month ago

    I love it. Please, never stop making music, Mike!

  46. leo cotton

    leo cottonMonth ago

    Hi everyone I love mike's songs there the best

  47. Stephen P

    Stephen PMonth ago

    December, 2018 anyone?

  48. theGaming idiot

    theGaming idiotMonth ago

    Wow socks talking

  49. Jacoby Nero

    Jacoby NeroMonth ago

    THIS is that Fort Minor sound:)

  50. A person

    A personMonth ago

    If you miss Linkin Park , this music Is perfect for you. It gives me the Real Linkin Park Beat Vibe

  51. Becca Machado

    Becca MachadoMonth ago


  52. Sahar Chebbah

    Sahar ChebbahMonth ago

  53. Levi Hassinger

    Levi HassingerMonth ago

    thank you for this album i think this album is amazing this song is great, it makes me so sad but i csnt stop listening to it. i love it, thank you.

  54. Oonyasunny Norville

    Oonyasunny NorvilleMonth ago

    the song is for chester

  55. Sri Handayani

    Sri HandayaniMonth ago

    you are right, super right 😀😀😀

  56. Mushegh Babajanyan

    Mushegh BabajanyanMonth ago

    Awesome song, man! Keep up, don't give up creating good music! Also, please, continue your further work with the BAND. I believe it'll be really awesome. Yes, the band can't stay the same. and we all understand it. But you don't even have to be the same! Unfortunately, Chester is gone, but the life still goes on, so I hope you'll get enough strength to get everything back to their places and continue creating after the long pause. I think Chester would love to see it. P.S. should I joke about those socks as well? Might get a couple of hundred likes...

  57. niyla perez

    niyla perezMonth ago

    Lmao wtf 😂😂😂

  58. Andrea Dupont

    Andrea DupontMonth ago

    Shinoda is amazing the bones of LP

  59. Gato Rojo

    Gato RojoMonth ago

    Mike,you are like Chester

  60. Flu Flupie

    Flu FlupieMonth ago

    One of the best music video I've seen this year

  61. Rosa Sinesis

    Rosa SinesisMonth ago

    Veryy cool. 😍😃

  62. Asim Malick

    Asim MalickMonth ago

    DUde U r just WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loving this

  63. Danielle Wheeler

    Danielle WheelerMonth ago

    I love how he made it fun and whimsical it’s so inspiring and so cute !!!

  64. Carlos Neto

    Carlos NetoMonth ago

    Loved this song

  65. Fabíola Rodrigues

    Fabíola RodriguesMonth ago

    Beautiful and funny music video!

  66. Or Barel

    Or BarelMonth ago

    This is my jem

  67. Benny D Martinez

    Benny D MartinezMonth ago

    i cnt spll bcse idnt use gremerly

  68. Rituraj Thakur

    Rituraj ThakurMonth ago

    I'm hooked to this one

  69. Rebecca Krieski

    Rebecca KrieskiMonth ago

    This song reminds me of dìa de muertos and it actually brings back comfort when I hear this song to celebrate my family who has passed

  70. Nicolas Mortier

    Nicolas MortierMonth ago

    Elle a dit: Il ne s'agit pas d'un poltergeist. Pas d'un fantôme qui brille la nuit. Mais il y a des choses que nous ne savons pas et je n'ai pas d'autre choix qu'un esprit ouvert. oh Et je sais ce qu'ils vont dire Je suis en train d'essayer de comprendre ce que personne ne peut expliquer Mais j'ai eu des rêves qu'après mon réveil Joue dans la réalité dès le lendemain Alors je joue avec moi Je hoche la tête la tête quand ils disent que je me trompe Mais chaque nuit tombe et je cours De l'autre côté jusqu'à ce que le jour vienne Alors je joue le long je hoche la tête quand ils disent que je me trompe Mais chaque nuit tombe et je cours côté jusqu'à ce que le jour vienne Et quand les lumières s'éteignent Je vois des choses que je ne peux pas expliquer Appeler mon nom Les lumières s'éteignent Tenir chaque mémoire fermer Ce soir, c'est pour nos fantômes Ghosts Ghosts Ce soir est pour nous Je ne peux pas ramener comme avant Et je sais ce que je crois Mais j'ai déjà vu ce que je ne pouvais pas voir, Oh alors je joue le long je hoche la tête quand ils disent que je me trompe Mais chaque nuit tombe et je cours De l'autre côté jusqu'à ce que le jour vienne Et quand les lumières s'éteignent Je vois des choses que je ne peux pas expliquer Les lumières s'éteignent Tenir chaque souvenir près Ce soir, c'est pour nos fantômes Et quand les lumières s'éteignent Y a-t-il quelque chose dans l'air Là mais jamais là Les lumières s'éteignent Tenir chaque souvenir fermer Ce soir, c'est pour nos fantômes Ghosts Tonight est pour nos fantômes nos fantômes Ghosts Ghosts Tonight est pour nos fantômes Ghosts Ghosts Tonight est pour nos fantômesnos fantômes Ghosts Ghosts Tonight est pour nos fantômes Ghosts Ghosts Tonight est pour nos fantômes

  71. Priyankar Roy

    Priyankar RoyMonth ago

    This is LINKIN PARK. Love Linkin park to the core.

  72. Meow Meow _chan 31

    Meow Meow _chan 31Month ago

    Where can I buy these socks RIP CHESTER

  73. eulchen X

    eulchen XMonth ago

    Ghosts, Promises I can't Keep and Crossing a Line are my favorites Song's ..... 😍 Mike, Chester hört gewiss von dort wo er jetzt ist zu und ist stolz auf dich mach weiter so 👍👌

  74. Lolo Lala

    Lolo LalaMonth ago

    Super Song 😘😌❤❤❤🥀🤪

  75. Lena Thom

    Lena ThomMonth ago

    I FEEL CHESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. S Mokhtari

    S MokhtariMonth ago

    MIKE SHINODA + cool song + cool video = ♡♡♡ I love it ^o^

  77. marilatte 53

    marilatte 53Month ago

    Best music video in the world😍

  78. Chaz Lawrence

    Chaz LawrenceMonth ago

    The lyrics is so deep. Stay strong Mike, you're amazing artist!

  79. andrew sicard

    andrew sicardMonth ago

    i love you - I LOVE YOU

  80. ManHorse Mike

    ManHorse MikeMonth ago

    I wish I lived closer to Brooklyn 🙃

  81. Five Finger Dick Punch

    Five Finger Dick PunchMonth ago

    Mike, their calling you, you must return to linkin park

  82. Emy M.F

    Emy M.FMonth ago

    I love it!!! And my kids too! Wow

  83. Виктория Гончарик

    Виктория ГончарикMonth ago

    Никогда не видела таких клипов)) это шикарно и поднимает настроение))) молодец Майк))) удачи тебе в карьере))❤

  84. nadine nona

    nadine nonaMonth ago

    The lyrics are so accurate 😞😞

  85. bncsprite1

    bncsprite1Month ago

    IDK if anyone will see the same ad as I did before the video, but usually your controller is suppose to be on if your playing video games.

  86. The KrOOb

    The KrOObMonth ago

    Wow, I saw myself in this video and in those lyrics ... :/

  87. Saurabh Jagtap

    Saurabh Jagtap2 months ago

    comments made my day more awesome than the song. And Mike must've been proud to have such amazing fans. Obviously we're LPsoldiers too.

  88. CallOf Crazyness37

    CallOf Crazyness372 months ago

    This is actually good. From the start I was updated to this through Facebook, I had fun talking to Boris and it's the best thing when I'm alone back then. This song made me smile from start to finish.

  89. Dude it's Kendall

    Dude it's Kendall2 months ago

    Why are the socks more talented than me?

  90. Igor Chesterfield

    Igor Chesterfield2 months ago

    This is a powerful song, one of my favorites from the album, but I just can’t take this music video seriously...

  91. Ben S

    Ben S2 months ago

    One of the best songs right now. I love the flow and that you can unterstand every single word he sings and the lyrics are just amazing

  92. William Smart

    William Smart2 months ago

    how does a sock video get 7 million views

  93. GLING

    GLING2 months ago

    I typed the word ghosts into the search bar so I could watch some scary videos and this song came up. Had never heard it before and now it's stuck in my head! It's okay though because it's a great song and I already love it. Thank you, Mike Shinoda! :)

  94. Too Hot To Touch

    Too Hot To Touch2 months ago


  95. Kyle Otterbein

    Kyle Otterbein2 months ago

    ugh, those socks are OBVIOUSLY lip syncing...

  96. janiely Santos

    janiely Santos2 months ago


  97. 3213 3213

    3213 32132 months ago

    nice song

  98. Shadow Renegade

    Shadow Renegade2 months ago

    I am now just watching the official video of this song... it’s so beautiful but also SO ADORABLE.


    GAMING MANTEP2 months ago

    where is your music group and your band mate

  100. Harnish Asari

    Harnish Asari2 months ago

    Your voice is so good.

  101. taylor grey

    taylor grey2 months ago


  102. Nils Axel Ragnwaldh

    Nils Axel Ragnwaldh2 months ago

    nice song. rip chester

  103. Smile4MeSunshine. Always.

    Smile4MeSunshine. Always.2 months ago

    I've started treating all my socks with the utmost respect and compassion. Just doing my part. Lol😘

  104. holynova15

    holynova152 months ago

    “when I wake up and I feel I good I shouldn’t feel guilty about having fun, you know.” these words hit me really hard.