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Ghosts (Official Video) - Mike Shinoda


  1. Sebastian Cervantes

    Sebastian Cervantes2 hours ago

    every time Mike sings I think Chester will continue :(

  2. Anja Muenkel

    Anja Muenkel9 hours ago

    The socks are so sweet😇😘❤

  3. emo kid

    emo kid19 hours ago

    im so thankful that my friend recommended this song to me CUZ DAMN BOI YOU GOT TALENT!!!!

  4. Sarge Nobody

    Sarge NobodyDay ago

    You are needed.

  5. Aung Maw Min

    Aung Maw Min2 days ago

    Still hearing Chester's harmony between choruses

  6. Alex ivaldi

    Alex ivaldi3 days ago

    Best album in 2018

  7. Dana Leiva

    Dana Leiva3 days ago

    Had to watch this again after last night’s show. Mike you are amazing! Your music has healing powers!!

  8. Don't light your own cigarettes.

    Don't light your own cigarettes.3 days ago

    This song can be construed as someone who is moving on from something traumatic. Like the narrator shouldn't be judged for moving on. But I took it from the viewpoint as the aggrieved. I lost my job recently and have been unable to get another one. And I couldn't help but resent my friends who remained 'unaffected'. But they can't be expected to stop breathing for me. They can sympathise but I shouldn't expect more from them and I can't judge them for continuing to work while I'm stuck. So I took this song as something they would say to me. And as always the Linkin Park family just continues to make music from all kinds of pain and make it meaningful to everyone.

  9. Johnny T

    Johnny T4 days ago

    how can you not miss Chester's voice in the chorus 😔

  10. AKPoetry67

    AKPoetry675 days ago

    This is the first time that I've heard this song from Mike and it is so awesome! and I love it. It is a beautiful song and it is one that I could see him and Chester singing together. Being a fan of LP, I can understand how everybody feels because we all see how this has changed things for Mike and the guys since Chester died. Mike and Chester had great chemistry when they sang together because there voices complimented each other. It has only been a year since Chester has been gone and I am proud of Mike for branching out on his own. Chester would have wanted it this way. We as LP fans have to be patient with each other because it will take some getting used to having Mike singing alone without Chester, but in time we as their fans will always love LP and no matter what they decide to do as a group or Mike on his own, we should support them always. God bless. :)

  11. Johnny T

    Johnny T5 days ago

    when's mike getting that Grammy then? #makechesterproud #keepmakingchesterproud

  12. Rachel Robinson

    Rachel Robinson5 days ago

    I try not to believe in the Illuminati but then I see videos like this where the 666 on the puppet is so obvious that it makes me wonder... Good song anyway

  13. Ahmad Saee

    Ahmad Saee5 days ago

    This is gold. Thank you for everything Mike

  14. Chadcha Wisedpreecha

    Chadcha Wisedpreecha6 days ago

    Boris is so cute!

  15. Daniela Lorenz

    Daniela Lorenz7 days ago

    This made me laugh and cry the same time. Love it!

  16. The Only One Channel 2

    The Only One Channel 27 days ago

    Wow! Super! Linkin Park still alive! After Chester, I hear Linkin Park again, I love this music, I love this style!

  17. CA V

    CA V8 days ago

    You had me at sock puppets

  18. DanzDim

    DanzDim9 days ago

    Did anyone notice the green puppet at the end of the video?

  19. Bhishek Thakur

    Bhishek Thakur8 days ago


  20. هنيالك نسيت الماكدر ينساك

    هنيالك نسيت الماكدر ينساك10 days ago


  21. veronic brochu

    veronic brochu10 days ago

    I think this is my favorite video ever!!!

  22. Kyle Loftus

    Kyle Loftus11 days ago

    Level 99 socks OP man, what's the skillcape emote?

  23. TheRageAK

    TheRageAK11 days ago


  24. Marta Rudnicka

    Marta Rudnicka11 days ago

    Bardzo ciekawy teledysk 😉

  25. sounak chakraborty

    sounak chakraborty11 days ago

    the socks are as talented as Mike

  26. Bruna Domènech López

    Bruna Domènech López11 days ago

    i loved the song

  27. Neftalí Cumberbatch

    Neftalí Cumberbatch12 days ago

    She said This is not about a poltergeist Not about a phantom that glows at night But there are things we don’t know and I Don’t have another choice but an open mind, oh And I know what they’ll say I’m trying to make sense of what no one can explain But I’ve been having dreams that after I’m awake Play out in reality the very next day So I play along I nod my head when they say I’m wrong But each night falls and away I run On the other side till the daylight comes So I play along I nod my head when they say I’m wrong But each night falls and away I run On the other side till the daylight comes And when the lights go down I see things I can’t explain Calling out my name The lights go down Holding every memory close Tonight is for our ghosts Ghosts Ghosts Tonight is for our ghosts This is not about you and me I can’t bring back how it used to be And I know what I do believe But I’ve already seen what I couldn’t see, oh So I play along I nod my head when they say I’m wrong But each night falls and away I run On the other side till the daylight comes And when the lights go down I see things I can’t explain Calling out my name The lights go down Holding every memory close Tonight is for our ghosts And when the lights go down Is there something in the air There but never there The lights go down Holding every memory close Tonight is for our ghosts Ghosts Ghosts Tonight is for our ghosts Ghosts Ghosts Tonight is for our ghosts

  28. Yei Yei

    Yei Yei13 days ago

    2:09 Mexican skull

  29. MissKawaiiCanine

    MissKawaiiCanine14 days ago

    Micheal Kenji Shinoda.. Good like always

  30. Brandon Alvarez

    Brandon Alvarez15 days ago


  31. dominic vucic

    dominic vucic15 days ago

    when a sock is a better singer then you are

  32. Or Barel

    Or Barel15 days ago


  33. Or Barel

    Or Barel15 days ago


  34. CreepyAssassin

    CreepyAssassin16 days ago

    is that mike and Chester?

  35. James L.

    James L.17 days ago

    So.. singing socks. I've been looking at life all wrong.

  36. Arjun A M

    Arjun A M17 days ago

    Boris has got amazing talent

  37. DK Man

    DK Man17 days ago


  38. jill criddle

    jill criddle18 days ago

    Cute idea and nice song

  39. Delta Indigo

    Delta Indigo18 days ago

    Your appetite for writing extends the LP's soul

  40. MR Lol

    MR Lol19 days ago

    Chester approves this

  41. cristian Queti

    cristian Queti20 days ago


  42. Bhishek Thakur

    Bhishek Thakur20 days ago

    #rememberthename BORIS

  43. Nishank Tiwari

    Nishank Tiwari20 days ago

    I am dying to see mike in that small chin beard and spike look.

  44. Korrine Brown

    Korrine Brown21 day ago


  45. Iguana Fusion

    Iguana Fusion21 day ago

    I have the feeling, when I hear the chorus, that Chester would suddenly pop up and sing with Mike... :( Love the song, thank you for your great album, Mike.

  46. Just Bbb

    Just Bbb22 days ago

    Haha....right....shouldn't feel guilty period...:)

  47. Mariano97 D

    Mariano97 D22 days ago


  48. Amy Baird

    Amy Baird22 days ago

    I need some new socks because mine don't sing like this

  49. Amy Baird

    Amy Baird22 days ago

    I love this song so does my best freind

  50. some guy

    some guy22 days ago

    Holy fuck. You got some cool socks.

  51. Dante inferno

    Dante inferno22 days ago

    even his socks is talented.

  52. Рина Чернова

    Рина Чернова23 days ago

    It's is really best song, what I see! Thank you, very much!!

  53. Adam Skywalker

    Adam Skywalker24 days ago


  54. Poker Face

    Poker Face24 days ago

    The second sock is Chester :'(

  55. Antonio Wengratt

    Antonio Wengratt25 days ago

    This song is fun as hell. Clearly deep, but so good to ear at any moment of the day! Literally a GOOD SONG!

  56. fizur rahman

    fizur rahman26 days ago

    this is mike yah u are the best.... you are my best artist ever

  57. Slayer

    Slayer26 days ago


  58. Ariel Abraham

    Ariel Abraham27 days ago

    This music video is hilarious xD

  59. Nine

    Nine28 days ago

    Awwwww 🎹😄😄

  60. Graham Tiedtke

    Graham Tiedtke28 days ago

    I purchased Post Traumatic, but still come here for the video.

  61. Nicolas

    Nicolas27 days ago

    Me too lol

  62. Teru-kun

    Teru-kunMonth ago

    Crawl back in.

  63. Hang Lee

    Hang LeeMonth ago

    Brilliant song and album. I have been a fan of Linkin Park since 2001 and u guys are great.

  64. Ink Sans

    Ink SansMonth ago


  65. Ink Sans

    Ink SansMonth ago


  66. Ink Sans

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  67. Vicky Sanders

    Vicky SandersMonth ago

    The best!

  68. tharindu sandaruwan

    tharindu sandaruwanMonth ago

    love this

  69. GigicaCeasulSuparat

    GigicaCeasulSuparatMonth ago

    This is so awesome

  70. Fakitek Studio

    Fakitek StudioMonth ago

    Did socks get paid.?

  71. KuroKami0's Channel

    KuroKami0's ChannelMonth ago

    anyone else needs a gif for the puppets nodding ?

  72. Sam J. Bennington

    Sam J. BenningtonMonth ago



    DEAD BEATZMonth ago

    Who is that at 3:03???

  74. Evan Peterson

    Evan PetersonMonth ago

    Tn of all nights is for being asked to remember and only every remembering again for those who deserve to be remembered. Some ghosts are best left be.

  75. Lena Bashar

    Lena BasharMonth ago


  76. Erika

    ErikaMonth ago

    3:03 ;)

  77. Lucas Prestes

    Lucas PrestesMonth ago

    This song saves my life tonight, thank you

  78. Enne Bi

    Enne BiMonth ago

    Mike, here I am from Italy.... well I live abroad now but I am from Italy: and I just signed in MReporter, now, to reply to you. Guilty of what!!!!! No one could ever be guilty for simple funny time. You Deserve Fun, we (the fans) expect you to go on with your ART. This song is your style and lyrycs are so deep as always. I had a kind of those ghosts. The whys, those calls without an answer, made them heavy companions at firts. Then I turned my ghosts as if they were one of my best friends living far from me, on the other side of my world: talking and laughing and asking support to them sometimes :-)...And I had support, a hand on my shoulder. I stopped feeling abandoned. Memories are not heavy anymore and there's no more dark in me, although missing the good times shared when there was no distance, yet. So, c'mon, let's go on with these smart and amazing socks ;-) To those who turns their nose up (if there are any) reply with some good words lake these: Now I'm not looking for (your) absolution Forgiveness for the things I do But before you come to any conclusions Try walking in my shoes You'll stumble in my footsteps Keep the same appointments I kept Bye Mike!

  79. Mirella Ferraz

    Mirella FerrazMonth ago

    Vc e um gênio Mike 😎

  80. Kevin Cooper

    Kevin CooperMonth ago

    So true, best song ever👣👻

  81. Awaz

    AwazMonth ago

    Das Lied live zu sehen hat mein Leben bereichert xD

  82. DRA SemilioBeatz

    DRA SemilioBeatzMonth ago

    666 on the socks!!!! wake up ppl ´!!!

  83. Fake x codz

    Fake x codzMonth ago

    shit mate

  84. UzumakiUchiha Rocker

    UzumakiUchiha RockerMonth ago

    don't know why but those socks look cute :P :P

  85. Lucas Alves

    Lucas AlvesMonth ago

    Damn, thats pretty good, this whole album, thx Mike and stay Strong!

  86. Ainee Anannia

    Ainee AnanniaMonth ago

    No one can beat Mike

  87. Ainee Anannia

    Ainee AnanniaMonth ago

    Cute socks 😍😍

  88. Tyler Philpott

    Tyler PhilpottMonth ago

    Bring Borris back for the I.O.U video!

  89. MR Lol

    MR LolMonth ago

    I love this marionet

  90. Dwight Lives Matter

    Dwight Lives MatterMonth ago

    Comedy relief for the most sensitive song off the record... well played.

  91. yaniv7676

    yaniv7676Month ago

    we all miss lp, youre a great singer mike keep up the legacy ❤

  92. Ayesha Mohsin

    Ayesha MohsinMonth ago

    Amazing song

  93. Achmad Safri

    Achmad SafriMonth ago

    awesome socks

  94. Eva Moor

    Eva MoorMonth ago

    I heard in that interview with Devo Brown that you literally made those sock puppets with your wife in your kitchen. I can't even find the words to express how is that (awesome? cheeky? right? and like a 1000 other things?), and how weird it is that it feels all natural somehow. I feel like we describe what you have as talent only for the lack of a better word. That cannot express the sheer amount of emotions your stuff evokes, at least for me. It shouldn't be possible to CONNECT this much. Thank you. Thank you so much.

  95. Tirumala Venkatesh Akula

    Tirumala Venkatesh AkulaMonth ago

    listen at 1.25x speed .. it sounds awesome !!

  96. TeachCLUB教育部

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    HEMANT KUMARMonth ago

    Nice... Music and Lyrics is refreshing

  98. Riikka Nieminen

    Riikka NieminenMonth ago

    Really good lyrics. Touches me personally

  99. Who Is HelloGreedo???

    Who Is HelloGreedo???Month ago

    When you spent all the funding for your music video on Pokémon Cards the night before.

  100. awesomeninja0

    awesomeninja0Month ago

    Those socks have more swag than me

  101. Maxwell Sait

    Maxwell SaitMonth ago

    Your socks can sing and mine can't :(

  102. Tirumala Venkatesh Akula

    Tirumala Venkatesh AkulaMonth ago

    Always love Lp and Mike shinoda !

  103. abhishek kumar

    abhishek kumarMonth ago

    man mike's shocks are hella talented

  104. holydracoeva 24

    holydracoeva 24Month ago

    it was hard to take the song seriously when watching the video, but it's still a good song.