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Ghosts (Official Video) - Mike Shinoda


  1. AngelTime Sweet

    AngelTime Sweet6 hours ago

    I like this album!💓

  2. Abe Lesser

    Abe Lesser11 hours ago

    I like this song..

  3. Zoga Firmansyah

    Zoga Firmansyah16 hours ago

    sorry but that socks is ghost for me :(

  4. Графиня Омская

    Графиня Омская18 hours ago

    Mike- ты гений !!!!!(from Russia with love)

  5. HoustonAstros l 13

    HoustonAstros l 1320 hours ago

    Boris is the best

  6. Kami G

    Kami G23 hours ago

    looking for one ticket for his concert in Cologne/Köln!!!

  7. Arjun A M

    Arjun A MDay ago

    Yeah Boris

  8. Sparky Ink Studio Ltd

    Sparky Ink Studio LtdDay ago

    Shock. Torment. Anger. Guilt. Pain. Hopelessness ... Everything... And Then HOPE!

  9. An Øptimistic Løllipøøp

    An Øptimistic LøllipøøpDay ago

    I keep hearing polka dice, not poltergeist....... HELP

  10. RiscoDisco

    RiscoDiscoDay ago

    Mike I know you will never see this, but I hope you know people care about you. Don't ever give up, because life is so much more than our problems. I hope you and the band are staying strong. And this applies to whoever is reading this. Sorry for sounding edgy, but we all need encouragement in this day and age.

  11. Danijela Byrne Lambert

    Danijela Byrne Lambert2 days ago

    This socks rocks lmao😊😂😂👌👌🤘

  12. Anzhelika Vest

    Anzhelika Vest3 days ago

    Это гениально!!

  13. Watercolor Artist Shiva

    Watercolor Artist Shiva3 days ago

    I miss chorus of chester between these lines ......nice song

  14. Adela Abascal

    Adela Abascal3 days ago

    Mike Shinoda is the best 😍

  15. MAD critical

    MAD critical4 days ago

    I have to get some socks like those!! Mine don't sing!

  16. Bella Fazbear

    Bella Fazbear4 days ago

    носочек из игры балди)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  17. Daniel Hutauruk

    Daniel Hutauruk4 days ago

    my favorite song of the album

  18. Its Affiliation

    Its Affiliation4 days ago

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  19. Choochoo The Asian

    Choochoo The Asian4 days ago

    use your shoes next time

  20. Ashley Carew

    Ashley Carew5 days ago

    This literally keeps me from ending it all. Love you mike and Boris

  21. Nicole Wood

    Nicole Wood5 days ago

    All the feels.

  22. N8THEGR8

    N8THEGR85 days ago

    The art style reminds me of the rising tied album cover

  23. Kanishk Singh

    Kanishk Singh5 days ago

    I have been listening to linkin park ever since i was a kid and i genuinely liked their songs. But ever since minutes to midnight, they just can't seem to stop their ascend in the goodness of their songs. And after chester bennington's death, i have been listening to them even more often. And their songs haven't made more sense ever. And this new album by mike shinoda- it couldn't have been better. This is seriously underrated. These songs pull me out of my past and make me cry for chester at the same time. Sad but true fact (and I'm guilty of it) that people miss you more when you're gone. But chester, it really makes me sad now that we won't be listening to new stuff from you anymore. But nonetheless, mike has proved me wrong. I see they all had something in them. Huge respect for Linkin park and mike shinoda 🙇 🙏

  24. Michael Zeleny

    Michael Zeleny5 days ago


  25. Charlie Ewing

    Charlie Ewing6 days ago

    Thank you for giving me strength, Mike.

  26. Jamie Maclean

    Jamie Maclean6 days ago

    Brilliant song and video Mike. Stay strong ❤

  27. Prohobbs

    Prohobbs6 days ago

    Mike, thank you for this awesome music!

  28. brocktonsfinest20

    brocktonsfinest207 days ago

    I love this track as a positive. My concerns are the 666 on the socks and the fact you’re using socks. This is a bit weird for me

  29. Mariolovers2010

    Mariolovers20106 days ago

    brocktonsfinest20 Mike said that the eyes are 6s while the nose is a c

  30. MegaWRM

    MegaWRM7 days ago

    Just saw Mike live last night, unbelievable energy and stage presence man! Keep at your amazing work!


    ANIKA TASNIM7 days ago

    Sock puppet rules🙌🏼

  32. ORODS559

    ORODS5597 days ago

    It has brought out the best in Mike.

  33. Victoria Park

    Victoria Park7 days ago

    great job!!!

  34. Dwi Intan Mutiara Biru

    Dwi Intan Mutiara Biru7 days ago

    This song was so deep.

  35. Anita Kittle

    Anita Kittle8 days ago

    Such a cool video ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Eza Atkinson

    Eza Atkinson8 days ago

    This has Chesters humor in it.

  37. Eza Atkinson

    Eza Atkinson6 days ago

    Epicat was making a sweet statement, like he included him on this somehow on a different level somehow Chester was there seeping out of the creativity.

  38. Epicat

    Epicat6 days ago

    Eza Atkinson they shared the same kind of humor

  39. Anna Michelle

    Anna Michelle8 days ago

    Boris!!!!!! Your so awesome!!! Smiles

  40. Ian Strickland

    Ian Strickland8 days ago

    Is this for Chester? :(


    JOSH BURNS9 days ago

    this is music now...


    JOSH BURNS9 days ago

    this is music now...

  43. Michal Jirák

    Michal Jirák9 days ago

    and this is why Mike Shinoda is a genius...thanks for your music and art.

  44. Saitama Sensei

    Saitama Sensei9 days ago

    i hear chester in his voice.....echoing

  45. windmill fabiozart

    windmill fabiozart9 days ago

    i see megaman on the wall. .

  46. Nurul Farhanah Izzati

    Nurul Farhanah Izzati9 days ago

    Where can I buy singing socks

  47. TheDiocan666

    TheDiocan6669 days ago

    it's chester searching for you man

  48. subhadeep biswas

    subhadeep biswas10 days ago

    You should never feel guilty to have fun You are making Chester even more proud #makechesterproud #fuckdepression

  49. Tyler L

    Tyler L10 days ago

    i love this song.

  50. Richard Buckley

    Richard Buckley10 days ago

    Swear that’s Chester’s voice in the second puppet

  51. Voltspear

    Voltspear10 days ago

    I play this album in my truck at work, its flawless, every song is awesome.

  52. Benjamin Santana

    Benjamin Santana10 days ago


  53. jonathan :v

    jonathan :v10 days ago

    \_/} ( °_°) / >❤

  54. Avi Sharma

    Avi Sharma10 days ago

    Why the heck will you dislike this??

  55. Brad Blackmore

    Brad Blackmore6 days ago

    Avi Sharma I love it but you have to remember not everyone likes the same music.

  56. Nicolas Mortier

    Nicolas Mortier11 days ago

    She said This is not about a poltergeist Not about a phantom that glows at night But there are things we don’t know and I Don’t have another choice but an open mind, oh And I know what they’ll say I’m trying to make sense of what no one can explain But I’ve been having dreams that after I’m awake Play out in reality the very next day So I play along I nod my head when they say I’m wrong But each night falls and away I run On the other side till the daylight comes So I play along I nod my head when they say I’m wrong But each night falls and away I run On the other side till the daylight comes And when the lights go down I see things I can’t explain Calling out my name The lights go down Holding every memory close Tonight is for our ghosts Ghosts Ghosts Tonight is for our ghosts This is not about you and me I can’t bring back how it used to be And I know what I do believe But I’ve already seen what I couldn’t see, oh So I play along I nod my head when they say I’m wrong But each night falls and away I run On the other side till the daylight comes And when the lights go down I see things I can’t explain Calling out my name The lights go down Holding every memory close Tonight is for our ghosts And when the lights go down Is there something in the air There but never there The lights go down Holding every memory close Tonight is for our ghosts Ghosts Ghosts Tonight is for our ghosts Ghosts Ghosts Tonight is for our ghosts

  57. Abdur Rahiman

    Abdur Rahiman11 days ago

    RIP Linkin Park

  58. YumuraKirika

    YumuraKirika11 days ago

    such a great idea, someone would tell, that it is cheap, but it is so great, so well done, I loved it from the first time I saw it and now when the song plays when I listen to post traumatic, I always smile, remembering the socks, noding my head as the sock did - it's such a great song, like all of Mike Shinodas work and one must love it, thank you, for always making my days better with your music

  59. telmer6

    telmer611 days ago

    I feel bad for laughing at this.

  60. Filthy Succ

    Filthy Succ11 days ago

    Don't. I laughed too. But I laughed at the puppets. They lyrics made me sad after I thought about it for a bit.

  61. Mike Sch

    Mike Sch11 days ago

    Super !

  62. Krazyworld58

    Krazyworld5811 days ago

    Good song!


    DAVID RAP12 days ago

    I wish I could hear the song in the voice of chester 💔💔

  64. Ishi Meadows

    Ishi Meadows12 days ago

    one sock is mike and the other sock and ghost is chester.

  65. Host Xp

    Host Xp12 days ago

    Amazing ❤️

  66. Sara Summers

    Sara Summers12 days ago


  67. Bene Cip

    Bene Cip12 days ago

    I like how genuine and real this is

  68. Nhoda

    Nhoda12 days ago

    Mike you are certainly the greatest artistic genius of your generation !

  69. Larissa Oostdijk

    Larissa Oostdijk12 days ago


  70. Kier Luke

    Kier Luke12 days ago

    Mike, you are a genius. Brilliant song and heard Chester in the chorus. You are Linkin Park with your words. Keep it up dude

  71. ALLTIME 3D

    ALLTIME 3D13 days ago

    Every song by you rocks you are the new Chester

  72. Cristopher ツ

    Cristopher ツ13 days ago

    mola mucho


    ABDULLAH FUBUKI13 days ago

    هل هناك عرب ام فقط انا 😿 RIP CHESTER


    ABDULLAH FUBUKI10 days ago

    Bibo Khaled حلووو

  75. Bibo Khaled

    Bibo Khaled10 days ago


  76. Z - Shadow

    Z - Shadow14 days ago

    *Perfect* Do you think *MIKE* See *Chaster* in the night ? XD

  77. Z - Shadow

    Z - Shadow11 days ago

    Filthy Succ Yeah 😅;-)

  78. Filthy Succ

    Filthy Succ12 days ago

    I think he did honestly. Maybe in a dream or a hallucination.

  79. Filthy Succ

    Filthy Succ14 days ago

    This is my favorite song on this album. Edit: Also wanted to point out that this is my favorite part. 1:58

  80. Patricia Saluti

    Patricia Saluti14 days ago

    Love this.

  81. Reetta Kolattu

    Reetta Kolattu14 days ago

    Mike 💖💖

  82. Bibo Khaled

    Bibo Khaled15 days ago

    love u mike

  83. Katherina Ryabova

    Katherina Ryabova15 days ago

    True artist! Love this mv, song, voice. Thank you, Mike!

  84. Osheen John

    Osheen John16 days ago

    Why is this so fuckin catchy? LOL the more i listen to it , the more catchy it gets.

  85. Logan Phillips

    Logan Phillips16 days ago

    This is Bad Ass! 🎤

  86. Michele Zavala

    Michele Zavala16 days ago

    Dude love this - Your sound is tight. Keep going. God blessed you with something to share. Thank you for doing this

  87. Suho’s Jagi

    Suho’s Jagi16 days ago


  88. Fire Shot

    Fire Shot16 days ago


  89. llNUMB3 lP

    llNUMB3 lP16 days ago

    hola he sido tu fan desde los inicios de linkin park..... siempre admire a chester y la verdad me dolio que se alla ido.....! sabemos que nadie podra sustituir a chester pero esperamos mas musica!

  90. Justin Seitz

    Justin Seitz17 days ago

    Way to mock the real version

  91. 6.6

    6.617 days ago

    Justin Seitz 🤔🤔This is the first and only version from its originator. So idk what you are on about.

  92. April Depriest

    April Depriest17 days ago

    Mike you're amazing...chester is proud...your fans are proud!! I listen to post tramatic, hybrid theroy and meteora every morning at work..gets me going!! Thank you

  93. Lee Stevens

    Lee Stevens18 days ago

    Seems like he's seeing things happen before they happen. Maybe he's just remembering previous lives. It's happened to me.


    JAIME LYNN18 days ago

    I'm not sure about the whole sock thing I don't know man I just don't like feet like not even my own feet but seeing the socks are supposed to be on the feet it's just a little weird but dig the song

  95. Katie Lune

    Katie Lune18 days ago

    "And when the lights go down I see things I can't explain calling out my name" how true 😪

  96. tiffnkaijo

    tiffnkaijo18 days ago


  97. Arr Leo

    Arr Leo18 days ago

    If there's a song that can bring me to tears, it is this one. I know right?

  98. Spectra Noir

    Spectra Noir19 days ago

    Rip boris

  99. Kitanaoraidar's

    Kitanaoraidar's19 days ago

    I keep listening over again and again

  100. Souvik Ghosh

    Souvik Ghosh19 days ago

    The ghosts are really cute ❤️

  101. チットくんの音楽工房Tito presents music factory

    チットくんの音楽工房Tito presents music factory20 days ago

    The ghosts will be happy.

  102. smile4me sunshine

    smile4me sunshine20 days ago

    Play. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat...... Repeat. ...... Oh, I forgot I was thinking out loud. I'll try to contain my enthusiasm and locate my mute button. I make no promises though 😉

  103. Star_ Link_VA

    Star_ Link_VA20 days ago

    Absolutely loved seeing him at ameoba. Camped out there for almost 10 hours so I could get the ticket for the meet and greet

  104. LDA

    LDA20 days ago

    remember fort minor? its over..............

  105. Ryan Amian

    Ryan Amian20 days ago

    Don't be fooled people. These socks are paid actors.

  106. Mysterious Girl

    Mysterious Girl20 days ago

    So talented. Appreciate your creativity.

  107. Lars Schothorst

    Lars Schothorst20 days ago

    Could use a little less autotune...

  108. Alessio Bertolone

    Alessio Bertolone21 day ago

    My favorite of the Post Traumatic album!🔥

  109. Survivor 6

    Survivor 621 day ago

    Its not just the lyrics and the singing that amaze me, but the background music and sound effects. Love this music so much. Ive never liked a music artist as much as Mike Shinoda .

  110. Flavia Pariz

    Flavia Pariz21 day ago

    this song is so meaningful