Getting some air, Atlas?


  1. Marco Ma

    Marco Ma5 hours ago

    how much?

  2. Crxzy'

    Crxzy'5 hours ago

    0:21 yoğamn

  3. Isaac Crawford

    Isaac Crawford6 hours ago

    Black ops 3

  4. Zombieman317

    Zombieman3179 hours ago

    Conner is that you?

  5. Bernie Bernstein

    Bernie Bernstein9 hours ago

    This is some adam and eve shit, only a matter or time before robots start reproducing on their own.

  6. Likaino

    Likaino16 hours ago

    Теперь этот робот сможет меня догнчть и убить.

  7. Will

    WillDay ago

    Mark Zuckerberg going for a jog

  8. Luciano Daher

    Luciano DaherDay ago

    More than three thousands dislikes! Unbelievable!

  9. viksterRatz

    viksterRatzDay ago

    Ok it can run like balboa but can it do Nunchucks like bruce lee?

  10. TheSchwarzKater

    TheSchwarzKaterDay ago

    I want BostonDynamics to succeed so that I can buy one of those robot dogs.


    TOA TOONS2 days ago

    Dear God, they can Run Now!

  12. Florian Posch

    Florian Posch2 days ago

    MIT lost with robotics 😂

  13. fearlesswee

    fearlesswee2 days ago

    Everytime Boston Dynamic uploads a new video, I love looking at all the paranoid idiots in the comments who don't understand how robots or computers work.

  14. yomama6461

    yomama64612 days ago


  15. Little Fox

    Little Fox2 days ago

    kungfu will be learned through wireless network within seconds, it comes true..

  16. Käsivarsi Almoni

    Käsivarsi Almoni2 days ago

    Skynet is coming

  17. Angel

    Angel2 days ago

    thats so fucking impressive and awesome!

  18. classicjag76

    classicjag762 days ago

    We appreciate you guys posting these videos, it gives us a chance to study what we are going to have to kill.

  19. David Levesque

    David Levesque2 days ago

    What occurred with me, and probably some other, because I'm not sifting through 14k responses, was, so when is it we're going to decide on whether we want a machine to go out and find our lost hikers in the middle of the NIGHT NH night by night/heat imagining, or that we settle for humans, bundling up @ 2am and searching from there using the same equipment. And on the way just by impulse, right or wrong , record someone standing naked at their bedroom window wondering what's going on, and it ending up on the net, to the enjoyment of people being perverts, dread of the want to be beautiful people but aren't, and/ or a physician saying ,oh, geez, that low temperature area on that person's torso could be cancer, we should call and tell them to appointment schedule, while out driving in the darkness, and half asleep going thru the motions of trying to help. So in the meantime, spotmini or atlas could be perpetually trodding not worried about Black bear, or skunks, or rabbid raccoons and find them, instead of being risked freezing to death, because it was only a half hour hike and hey, who needs to worry. Worry is for crazy people anyway. So who decides and when, that we dump the robots and stay with the risk taking humans, in chancing the hikers(or runaways, or drug addicts) get found. I wonder what vote will be chosen( and when) with so many going with, and I agree it's a possibility, a robot WAR.

  20. Salivar Ravilas

    Salivar Ravilas3 days ago

    Boston: Become Human

  21. Don Barzini

    Don Barzini3 days ago

    Humanity is fucked ....

  22. BielzinPlay Games

    BielzinPlay Games3 days ago


  23. Ryan Ramsey

    Ryan Ramsey3 days ago

    Wow! this is an astonishing feat to say the least. How many sensors does it have to measure for counter pressure against the ground?

  24. Ryan Ramsey

    Ryan Ramsey3 days ago

    I don't know if I asked that right.

  25. sheperdsfireworks

    sheperdsfireworks3 days ago

    He can jog now. Cool.

  26. 백승국

    백승국4 days ago

    한 20분 작동하겠지

  27. fared freed

    fared freed4 days ago

    human must afraid from this thing it comes to kill us

  28. jon deere

    jon deere4 days ago

    death to all humans

  29. Sonico

    Sonico4 days ago

    "your titan is ready"

  30. Schmitt Djeson

    Schmitt Djeson4 days ago


  31. Samael Cain

    Samael Cain4 days ago

    Robots are actually getting pretty smart. This looks like the beginning of not only androids like detroit: become human, but possibly Skynet as well.

  32. jon plasterer

    jon plasterer4 days ago

    Humanity was fun for a while tho wudn't tit?

  33. Gunman expert

    Gunman expert4 days ago

    Better than transformers

  34. Kirby Kool

    Kirby Kool4 days ago

    Is Atlas powered by hydraulics?

  35. Kimberly Sikorski

    Kimberly Sikorski4 days ago


  36. Hi Everyone.

    Hi Everyone.4 days ago

    Imagine being alone deep into the forest and suddenly that thing appears and starts running after you. LMAO.

  37. momiro pan

    momiro pan4 days ago

    So when are you guys gonna put some synthetic muscles on a robot?

  38. Stratotes Phoenix

    Stratotes Phoenix4 days ago

    Witness your demise Humanity.

  39. Saptarshi Bhowmik

    Saptarshi Bhowmik5 days ago

    He is even better than ASIMOV!!

  40. Swedish Gamer

    Swedish Gamer5 days ago

    Atlas didn't skip log day.

  41. Adrian Orbu

    Adrian Orbu5 days ago

    Why don't you learn Atlas how to beat DarkSouls ?

  42. Miguel Baptista

    Miguel Baptista5 days ago

    This is scary. Imagine a small army of these things, with sentient AI, and the most advanced weapons available, at the hand of whoever corporation is rich enough to control it. Future does look bleak for humans. We could stop it, but we're to lazy, dumbfounded, and wide-eyed about technological progress to understand its implications. The world will go with the flow, but my mind surely won't.

  43. capei4one

    capei4one6 days ago

    Be nice to the robots, they will remember.

  44. Severniy8

    Severniy86 days ago

    А мы все на Жигулях ездим)

  45. UppishChaff

    UppishChaff6 days ago

    This shit looks really sad

  46. Armastat

    Armastat6 days ago

    When running at the beginning it seemed like the right leg was on the ground longer, is that because it was compensating for more weight on that side? PS: I meant nothing personal about that - I bow down and prostrate myself before our future Machine Overlords, All hail Silicon!

  47. Restore The Earth

    Restore The Earth6 days ago

    I keep seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not a world I want to live in. Or STAR WARS, either. The Amish got it right.

  48. Сашка хамячок

    Сашка хамячок6 days ago

    пусть приходит к нам в россию на металл здадим нахуй

  49. DVLOGS

    DVLOGS6 days ago

    Nicee title 😁👍🏻

  50. ゲーム太郎

    ゲーム太郎7 days ago


  51. signalamplifier

    signalamplifier7 days ago

    I think it's time to ask my alarm clock for forgiveness for all those times I cursed it.

  52. Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha7 days ago

    Join that AI head to him ..

  53. GANTZ100pts

    GANTZ100pts7 days ago

    I bet within 5-10 years we might start seeing these things taking over warehouse jobs.

  54. raul maximo

    raul maximo7 days ago

    This robot will be a great supersoldier!

  55. Diskursmonger

    Diskursmonger8 days ago

    Asimo killer

  56. GameUser545

    GameUser5458 days ago

    GET SOME, GET SOME Ain't war hell Ahahahha

  57. Hamma Lammadingdong

    Hamma Lammadingdong8 days ago

    Straight from Black Mirror my favorite documentary series.

  58. Anthony Gladue

    Anthony Gladue8 days ago

    When is petman done?

  59. lo bs

    lo bs8 days ago

    so cute

  60. Isaih Obrien

    Isaih Obrien8 days ago

    We already have to go back in time now before the terminators start d-day...

  61. Steve Mano

    Steve Mano9 days ago

    Give it a machine gun.

  62. sj kim

    sj kim9 days ago

    It is like a forefoot runner.

  63. Kashan

    Kashan9 days ago


  64. Kevin E.

    Kevin E.9 days ago

    Do you want Skynet?!! Really!?? Do you want Sky....ahh never mind

  65. Jeff Kay

    Jeff Kay9 days ago

    All that thing needs is a good gun.. everyone will run for the hills i think

  66. Fran Tackle

    Fran Tackle9 days ago

    Magnetic propulsion is the future of all our energy needs . You should use your ideas to help not kill, but your working for the wrong reasons so maybe next time youll want to do better. Wtfu movement

  67. Igor Rodrigues

    Igor Rodrigues10 days ago


  68. mixed emotion

    mixed emotion10 days ago

    Scary. Some day a billionaire can take over the whole country by armed robos


    PLUSHAMANIA10 days ago

    Reactor Online Sensor Online Weapons Online All systems nominal

  70. RealTalk

    RealTalk10 days ago


  71. captin kieron

    captin kieron10 days ago

    The end is near 😂

  72. sup3rm4nY0

    sup3rm4nY010 days ago

    Mechanical/rotating gyroscopes are still required?

  73. mrcypdru

    mrcypdru10 days ago

    WW3 is coming

  74. iLoveMusic

    iLoveMusic10 days ago

    Пиво несёт )

  75. Bruce Rinderman

    Bruce Rinderman10 days ago

    Is this upgrade version of the petman? or totally different model ? It looks different between them specifically in knee

  76. mkv

    mkv10 days ago

    damn connor from detroit: become human really let himself go...

  77. de0509

    de050910 days ago

    This is what they show us, the ones they dont prolly have machineguns or some shit and thermal cameras

  78. Starseed

    Starseed10 days ago

    Atlas was a real robotics industry in call of duty advanced warfare

  79. King Beef

    King Beef11 days ago

    perfect skynet will love this

  80. the one

    the one11 days ago

    Boston dynamics is skynet we must shut them down

  81. Bazzralic

    Bazzralic11 days ago

    *Hand over your flesh, and a new world awaits you. We demand it*

  82. Shadow Heart

    Shadow Heart11 days ago

    Imagine you are so rich you get that as a dog walker. And you don't even have a dog.

  83. Treshun Stevens

    Treshun Stevens11 days ago

    If I saw that thing in my backyard I will run. Far away.

  84. fowlkesbrian

    fowlkesbrian11 days ago

    this goes great with the theme from Rocky


    EIRE LAND11 days ago

    Fuck off Murphy.

  86. Esl Dmd

    Esl Dmd11 days ago

    looks like how my grandpa is jogging.

  87. Supercharged

    Supercharged11 days ago

    Question is how long its battery lasts?

  88. Towelie RG-400 Smart Towel

    Towelie RG-400 Smart Towel11 days ago


  89. Austin

    Austin11 days ago

    Do you want Skynet? Because thats how you get Skynet!

  90. meowmeow

    meowmeow12 days ago

    I want to believe these things will serve and better help ALLLLLL people and races, but I know that's not what's going to happen. They will be like drones...operated by a few to kill with bullshit justifications backed by bias, racism, and evil.

  91. Tpz Dino

    Tpz Dino12 days ago

    Program it to do a parkour-style roll when jumping from 1meter ledges

  92. Tpz Dino

    Tpz Dino12 days ago

    Get a video sponsored by nike and have atlas use shoes to jog

  93. Rico G

    Rico G12 days ago

    Now imagine that in 20 years this will be considered completely primitive and way too expensive. remember computers right?

  94. 00muttley

    00muttley12 days ago

    Brilliant!!! Just brilliant! Congratulations to all who collaborated on this.

  95. Eric Manso

    Eric Manso12 days ago

    I have been waiting for you Wait wrong movie

  96. David Turk

    David Turk12 days ago

    Out for some air? Hope it's rust proof LOL 😝

  97. Michael ARK

    Michael ARK12 days ago

    This bots are Made for walkin', and Dis is what they do. And If they Go on a Walk they Will shoot a ass or two...

  98. typeerk

    typeerk13 days ago

    Only 18 years after when Honda's robot could run & jump... xD

  99. ConArt Drawings

    ConArt Drawings13 days ago


  100. Takai suspiro de morango

    Takai suspiro de morango13 days ago

    When you try to run fast but your legs are too short (and you're not so good at balance!)