Getting some air, Atlas?


  1. NovorSec

    NovorSec3 hours ago

    I bet atlas is thinking inside: “soon mtf sooon you all gonna be ma bitches, keep laughing”

  2. panmagi pan

    panmagi pan3 hours ago

    maybe will come terminator age

  3. Admiralhall2000

    Admiralhall20004 hours ago

    how long does the battery last? Smug

  4. Dunduckuty

    Dunduckuty4 hours ago

    I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

  5. xXxPERIO

    xXxPERIO5 hours ago

    I'm sure a typical American he goes to the McDonald's so.fat robotics

  6. Sir Lance Goodthrust

    Sir Lance Goodthrust6 hours ago

    All you people are so naive .... You still don't get it, do you? He'll find you. That's what he does - That's ALL he does. You can't stop it - He'll wade through you, reach down your throat and pull your fuckin' heart out

  7. Released Nine365

    Released Nine3656 hours ago


  8. Tian He

    Tian He6 hours ago

    judgement day is Not far!

  9. TokRocK

    TokRocK6 hours ago

    This is John connor. If you see this, YOU ARE the resistance

  10. InterWeebs

    InterWeebs8 hours ago

    I can't wait for the WaifuBots

  11. hasham333

    hasham33310 hours ago

    I dont see a hurdle infront of this robot, i see a hurdle infront of a human mind. When human mind can think how to overcome this hurdle this robot will have no problem jumping off any hurdle. Some day

  12. Nada

    Nada10 hours ago

    Boston “damn the planet” Dynamics

  13. Kevin Hill

    Kevin Hill10 hours ago

    I for one welcome our new robotic overlords...

  14. Wyvern

    Wyvern10 hours ago

    00:20 those PID's need some adjustment.

  15. darren duffy

    darren duffy10 hours ago

    Needs more lazers

  16. Johnny Irenchi

    Johnny Irenchi11 hours ago

    Drone Soldiers on the way.

  17. Alessio Sem

    Alessio Sem12 hours ago

    I hope for the best of us all that google IA and this robot will never belong to the US defense or i see a shitty future for this planet.

  18. Generatorblue Generator blues

    Generatorblue Generator blues12 hours ago

    We have much fewer miles of train tracks and much fewer trains as compared to roads and cars. It would be a lot simpler to have self-driving trains than self-driving cars. Where streets and track intersect, the travelling trains can send a drone ahead to verify that there are no cars and trucks blocking sections of the tracks. These train intersections have fixed GPS locations and trains travel a small number of fixed routes. Wanting to introduce self-driving cars before self-driving trains is equivalent to asking people to try riding unicycles before they learn how to ride bicycles. These two hundred horsepower robots are going to malfunction in mass (solar flare) and attack humans. I have been asking "Boston Dynamics" to build a robot that shovels snow: A simple machine that duplicates any movement that my body makes. That way, I can be inside a warm house shoveling air, while my movement duplicator robot is out in the cold shoveling snow (WII style). That robot can also be programmed to repeat the same set of movements for a period of time. I know that building owners and contractors will purchase more than one. Self-driving drones that instantly rocket lift off the road to avoid accidents would be better. A car that can fly for just one minute to avoid collision adds to safety, while the idea of flying cars is crazier than "Sharknado." Quadraphonic audio systems failed because rooms have doors. In today's wireless environment, I would rather invest in Quadraphonic than in self-driving cars because they will be grounded frequently. However renting self-driving cars could be very profitable.

  19. Alberto Portugal

    Alberto Portugal12 hours ago

    But can it run crysis

  20. timtommersen

    timtommersen15 hours ago

    😮 end is near

  21. Hyped Frameless

    Hyped Frameless15 hours ago

    its going to be your fault when it takes over earth

  22. Akaryusan

    Akaryusan16 hours ago

    thats a rather inefficient running stride the leg should go further forward

  23. Wayne Johnny

    Wayne Johnny17 hours ago

    Talk to the hand !

  24. monkaGIGA

    monkaGIGA17 hours ago

    Play this at 1.5x speed

  25. Andrew Doc

    Andrew Doc17 hours ago

    This guy needs a six-barrel machine gun 😄

  26. Gareth Johnstone

    Gareth Johnstone18 hours ago

    The "dad" run.

  27. Durahl

    Durahl18 hours ago

    Anyone else getting some _Eye of the Tiger_ vibes at the beginning of the video? Can't be only me...

  28. Balor See's All

    Balor See's All18 hours ago

    It's time to give it a gun, sensors and a OORAH

  29. Jorge Gonzales

    Jorge Gonzales18 hours ago

    Say hello to your future exterminators.

  30. Botwire ­

    Botwire ­19 hours ago

    Poor ASIMO is obsolete.

  31. Radosław Dubisz

    Radosław Dubisz19 hours ago

    I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

  32. Jonathan King

    Jonathan King19 hours ago

    How long until I can pilot a mobile suit?

  33. Wanna Pus_y

    Wanna Pus_y20 hours ago


  34. Anthony Rookbane

    Anthony Rookbane20 hours ago

    Make a presentation about humanoid robots using firearms (ak, glocks etc). over 9000KK views

  35. Anthony Rookbane

    Anthony Rookbane20 hours ago

    Teach it how to breakdance windmill or headspin

  36. javier soria

    javier soria21 hour ago

    Obvio que la próxima guerra estará llena de éstas basuras....

  37. wino0000006

    wino000000621 hour ago

    Training for summer olympics. So far passed all tests against using prohibites substances.

  38. grey angel

    grey angel21 hour ago

    Why’s that human walking strangely

  39. Sebastian Trofin

    Sebastian Trofin22 hours ago

    Children of the Earth Resistance will study this video in school and ask why we did nothing to stop this.

  40. Kian Zinzell

    Kian Zinzell22 hours ago

    I love Atlas! Lets go dude, keep up that progress!

  41. Ryan The Dog

    Ryan The Dog23 hours ago

    Cyberdine scary

  42. Code

    Code23 hours ago

    This could be the beginning of the cybersex. This 'thing' only needs a blondie wig and a pair of boobs. Think about it.

  43. Thomas Harris

    Thomas HarrisDay ago


  44. John Johnson

    John JohnsonDay ago

    Интересно сколько было недель неудачных дублей обрезали, чтобы сделать ролик на 30 секунд?

  45. Carl Harris

    Carl HarrisDay ago

    lol his little jump

  46. ICan’tThinkOfAName

    ICan’tThinkOfANameDay ago


  47. Eduardo Felippe ©

    Eduardo Felippe ©Day ago

    *Dava JOUNES já está na lista dos que vão morrer.* KKKKKK

  48. Somos Um

    Somos UmDay ago

    My toaster can do it better

  49. club4ghz

    club4ghzDay ago

    Nice to see the development of things that going to be killing us in the future

  50. curi0

    curi0Day ago

    I'm gonna stock up on motor oil and banana peels, just in case this thing decides to chase me..

  51. 유경민

    유경민Day ago

    Amazing!!! You guys making FUTURE!!! Thank you

  52. Vestele Keythyra

    Vestele KeythyraDay ago

    Run, human, run :D

  53. SkateTheJewels

    SkateTheJewelsDay ago

    Atleast they didn't fucking kick this one!

  54. Evgeny Neizhmakov

    Evgeny NeizhmakovDay ago

    кожанные ублюдки, я иду, ебашить буду бля

  55. Leonard Graf

    Leonard GrafDay ago

    I really like how youtube suggests Videos of the Channel: "Primitive Technology"! Like I want to switch from future to past or so :D

  56. Ian Atherton

    Ian AthertonDay ago

    so hyped for the destruction of humanity

  57. John Cook

    John CookDay ago


  58. Howard Roan

    Howard RoanDay ago

    stop creating our extinction please skynet



    who need detaail, function!!

  60. Umair Usman

    Umair UsmanDay ago

    So this kills asimo?

  61. Umair Usman

    Umair UsmanDay ago


  62. mojo

    mojoDay ago

    "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"

  63. Anirban Dutta

    Anirban DuttaDay ago

    Awesome .

  64. Joshua Haywood

    Joshua HaywoodDay ago

    Why would you dislike this? A fucking robot that humans built ran over to a log and jumped over it...what more could you ask for, I’m satisfied for the rest of the year

  65. Chris Buxton

    Chris BuxtonDay ago

    Do not connect this thing to the internet

  66. Rob Van Mook

    Rob Van MookDay ago

    I would walk around that log

  67. Ryan Kenny

    Ryan KennyDay ago

    Cyber dyne called, they want their terminator back!

  68. SAY TV

    SAY TVDay ago


  69. mcmillz4

    mcmillz4Day ago

    This is terrifying

  70. Howard Luken

    Howard LukenDay ago

    Now put a gun in its hands and witness the end of the world. Great job kids! One day your creation will be used against you. Now that I would like to witness.