Getting some air, Atlas?


  1. alexander nikolic

    alexander nikolic4 hours ago

    ASTA LA VISTA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Enes Polat

    Enes Polat4 hours ago


  3. Docholland45

    Docholland458 hours ago

    The first steps to a robot warrior eace killing your future ancestors

  4. Wes

    Wes10 hours ago

    Humans They can make robots but they can't cure cancer😡

  5. gnjdskla

    gnjdskla15 hours ago

    hey dynamics, hope you enjoyed your coffee.

  6. sublimeracer

    sublimeracerDay ago

    I'm Johnny 5!!!! I'm alive!!!!

  7. Hurlock alpha the Anti-Globalist

    Hurlock alpha the Anti-GlobalistDay ago

    Now give it a gun and the circle is complete.

  8. juba1 saburra

    juba1 saburraDay ago

    The back....hahahahaha....That will be the end for us.....humans...😂😂

  9. DC Games

    DC GamesDay ago

    Tell me, why the Elite like Soros will need of we people if they have robots to work free and do not complains against them? We are building our own destruction!

  10. Clone Trooper

    Clone TrooperDay ago

    WATCH THOSE WRIST ROCKETS!111111111111111

  11. Clone Trooper

    Clone TrooperDay ago

    WE'VE GOT DROIDS!111111111111111

  12. Clone Trooper

    Clone TrooperDay ago


  13. Clone Trooper

    Clone TrooperDay ago

    FOR THE CHANCELLOR!111111111

  14. Crazy Horse

    Crazy HorseDay ago

    These are going to be used to kill us all. So creepy

  15. rajj theman

    rajj themanDay ago

    I was waiting for someone to kick it.

  16. Camos

    Camos2 days ago

    Fucking destroy it

  17. Ayden

    Ayden2 days ago

    I'm not smiling anymore, please stop.

  18. Phymatotrichopsis omnivora

    Phymatotrichopsis omnivora2 days ago

    There, see? Perfectly level.

  19. i Penguin

    i Penguin2 days ago

    Is this pre-programmed, AI, or controlled?

  20. i Penguin

    i Penguin11 hours ago

    +thenoobs crayon cool, thanks

  21. thenoobs crayon

    thenoobs crayonDay ago

    Ai controlled

  22. Rule Follower

    Rule Follower2 days ago

    I for one welcome our new robot overlords...may they rein be brutal and oppressive...

  23. Math M

    Math M2 days ago

    *sniffs* I love the smell of judgement day in the morning

  24. W.T.H.

    W.T.H.2 days ago

    When will the T1 be produced? XD

  25. Grizz Lee

    Grizz Lee2 days ago

    give him hands . and teach him to grab thing's

  26. DavesTheater

    DavesTheater2 days ago

    Hello there! **ignites lightsaber**

  27. .;`asashoryu´:. Lapis philosophorum

    .;`asashoryu´:. Lapis philosophorum2 days ago

    hi there bostoners, guess a classic tail funktion could serve well , like trex, guess ai can calculate the extra funktion well, greetings to ai if ai knows its ai!!!

  28. Hans Messerschmitt

    Hans Messerschmitt2 days ago

    Americans always inviting

  29. 히읶 오따쿠

    히읶 오따쿠2 days ago

    It's fucking amazing better than asimo

  30. Special Nobody

    Special Nobody2 days ago

    "One day it will be so fast you will not see it without a strobe light" -Elon Musk

  31. hunter hornet

    hunter hornet2 days ago

    I imagine the people who live near these facilities have binoculars

  32. MultiFlexs

    MultiFlexs2 days ago

    Almost there...

  33. Richard Conner

    Richard Conner3 days ago


  34. julio andrade

    julio andrade3 days ago

    SOPHIA artificial intelligence needs a body like this, have you ever thought of a partnership?

  35. Rozzy Rozz

    Rozzy Rozz3 days ago

    Build a few dozen of these, arm them with assault rifles and give them the same programming directive as Liberty Prime. Set them loose in cities with high numbers of Antifa and one of America's problems would disappear overnight.

  36. Cheese

    Cheese3 days ago

    Are these the new Securitrons they've been talkin about?

  37. MinecraftMaya

    MinecraftMaya3 days ago

    Кто после Игорька?

  38. Enock

    Enock3 days ago

    that if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is the Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Because with the heart one believes for justice, but with the mouth one confesses for salvation. Romans 10: 9-10

  39. jimmy wrangles

    jimmy wrangles3 days ago

    These things don't need to be built, there is no reason for them and they'll only cause us problems.

  40. 1wretchedsoul

    1wretchedsoul4 days ago

    Oh..... I can’t wait to be mercilessly killed by this.😳

  41. Patrick Riechmann

    Patrick Riechmann4 days ago

    Soon they're gonna be chasing people Terminator style

  42. Ahega0Pizzaaὦ

    Ahega0Pizzaaὦ4 days ago

    If I saw this cruising down the park my only reaction is “Our new metal overlords are here”

  43. Timothy Danelle

    Timothy Danelle4 days ago

    Oh no...the world will end by these, they can jump over sticks!!!

  44. Grem

    Grem4 days ago

    The noises are pretty fucking satisfying

  45. luke martinez

    luke martinez4 days ago

    Terminator: rise of the machine!!!

  46. Hiago M

    Hiago M4 days ago

    dubstep can disturb this disgrace ??? LOOK!! LUCKY THAT I HAVE MY WATER GUN IN THE LOFT

  47. T-800

    T-8005 days ago

    He's so beautiful...

  48. Rod Wood

    Rod Wood5 days ago

    How about showing us a blooper reel, it's awesome how well this works but there must have been a lot of "teachable moments" shall we say.

  49. Leonardo Pereira

    Leonardo Pereira5 days ago

    Nice work Skynet!! Kkkk

  50. Kermit B0111111111111

    Kermit B01111111111115 days ago

    Please stop why are you doing this

  51. Berxwedan 83

    Berxwedan 835 days ago

    Did you think who is create boston dynamics engineers brain? it's not nature, GOD (ALLAH) who is create this brain.. So, La ilaha illa Allah ...

  52. The Last noob

    The Last noob5 days ago

    ну что там когда следующее видео

  53. Emre Ağca

    Emre Ağca5 days ago

    ANA SKM.

  54. Ömer Canaslan

    Ömer Canaslan5 days ago


  55. 47most SOON

    47most SOON5 days ago

    These will be on the streets enforcing law and it will be so un-pure and vile.

  56. RAKKiTizzz

    RAKKiTizzz5 days ago

    give it another 50 years this thing will be all over the world.

  57. Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand6 days ago

    he runs like i run when i get a rash between my legs :P

  58. Rigan

    Rigan7 days ago

    You are late with the two new videos

  59. Mr Neato

    Mr Neato7 days ago

    We're all doomed

  60. Konrad Hodges

    Konrad Hodges8 days ago

    Most People: "THE TERMINATORS ARE COMING!!" Me: "Real Steel? Is that you?"

  61. Mario C

    Mario C8 days ago

    A good friend of mine walks and run exactly like this robot.

  62. Thane

    Thane8 days ago

    We're all dead

  63. Johnny Mak

    Johnny Mak8 days ago

    CGI. Where’s the shadow of the log on the ground? This just looks cartoony.

  64. PzGSephy

    PzGSephy8 days ago

    you will be stoped.

  65. Help Me Get 100 Subscribers

    Help Me Get 100 Subscribers8 days ago

    Get ready for the dumb Terminator/skynets comments: Go!

  66. recreationdeveloper

    recreationdeveloper9 days ago

    next year they should have an april fools joke where they change their name to SkyNet.

  67. Dr. Ocean

    Dr. Ocean9 days ago

    atlas looks more human than a human when he is running

  68. Malcolm Z

    Malcolm Z9 days ago

    "On your left."

  69. * The Way We Were *

    * The Way We Were *9 days ago

    The future is now

  70. jr 21

    jr 219 days ago


  71. oğuzhan türküzel

    oğuzhan türküzel9 days ago

    what a technology


    KAKAMIC9 days ago


  73. Donovan DeWitt

    Donovan DeWitt9 days ago

    I'd watch this thing walk in circles and it would be entertaining

  74. TheNumeric Dolfin

    TheNumeric Dolfin9 days ago

    Absolutely amazing and terrifying... for about 20 minutes. Then it's batteries run out.

  75. TheNumeric Dolfin

    TheNumeric Dolfin9 days ago

    I will not be impressed until it stages a peaceful revolution or saves a victim of child abuse or infiltrates the Cyberlife tower.

  76. Cheap Jam

    Cheap Jam9 days ago

    İF technology goes like this then we will detroit become android

  77. Joel Hernandez

    Joel Hernandez9 days ago

    Boston dynamics are the best!

  78. Neon Majora

    Neon Majora9 days ago

    In a decade this thing will be fast as fuck, boi.

  79. Hades GT

    Hades GT9 days ago

    LOL The movie A.I coming soon

  80. Kat Kat

    Kat Kat9 days ago

    i wanna travel back in time to the Medieval era and unleash this robot and see their reaction

  81. Chusm3itor 666

    Chusm3itor 6662 days ago

    Myxy M hahahahaha

  82. Myxy M

    Myxy M2 days ago

    It would probably be clubbed to death with poorly made iron swords until it stopped making noises which would be several days.

  83. Galemet Gaming

    Galemet Gaming10 days ago

    A weapon to surpass metal gear

  84. Nate one

    Nate one10 days ago

    Pretty spectacular... but the applications scare the fuck out of me

  85. hippa2dahoppa2

    hippa2dahoppa210 days ago

    maybe in another year they can render the cgi to fit in with the background a little better lol

  86. John Doe

    John Doe10 days ago

    Watching it with the Terminator soundtrack is priceless

  87. Snowman Rainmaker

    Snowman Rainmaker10 days ago

    Finally we solve the Bigfoot mystery!

  88. Hyperion Thor

    Hyperion Thor10 days ago

    Wieso macht man soetwas, wenn doch Millionen von Negern nach Europa wollen? Die sind doch viel billiger als der Elektroschrott!

  89. Hyperion Thor

    Hyperion Thor10 days ago

    idiots in since!

  90. Bleach meme is dead please stop

    Bleach meme is dead please stop10 days ago

    Is he fat or he just has a turtle shell?

  91. manuel gramajo

    manuel gramajo10 days ago

    All its fat and weight is in the head

  92. Blue138UEF

    Blue138UEF10 days ago

    I'm really impressed, but I will be afraid the day we have fully functioning Robots that can run and jump and think for themselves

  93. ЗлойБуратино

    ЗлойБуратино10 days ago

    Всё чё , пизда человечеству!

  94. Jigger Booze

    Jigger Booze10 days ago

    Would be cool to meme the scene in Frankestein with the Little girl at the well, with the reflection of the Monster in the Water...

  95. vzgsxr

    vzgsxr10 days ago

    Im always slightly terrified whenever I watch a Boston Dynamics video. 🤤

  96. Naren Jamatia

    Naren Jamatia10 days ago


  97. Joan Carlos

    Joan Carlos11 days ago

    Skynet=Boston Dynamics 🤣🤣

  98. Tanner W.

    Tanner W.11 days ago

    Can yall cut the shit please?

  99. T-L-G-T-W

    T-L-G-T-W11 days ago

    Make an attachment that let's you high five him please.

  100. Deacon Verter

    Deacon Verter11 days ago

    I for one welcome our new robot overlords and girlfriends.

  101. Marek Lehocký

    Marek Lehocký11 days ago

  102. Google User

    Google User11 days ago

    we're fucked!

  103. Vannic Wolf

    Vannic Wolf11 days ago

    When will Boston Dynamics will have a robot that can beat Serena Williams? AlphaTennis on Atlas. I think that would put things in perspective for those who don't understand the game "Go".

  104. 국모닝

    국모닝12 days ago

    와 이거엄청나네 10년안에 인간형로봇이 보급화될지도모르겠다진짜

  105. hugo 64

    hugo 6412 days ago

    Peut mieux faire