Getting some air, Atlas?


  1. Flumpy6spoty

    Flumpy6spoty21 hour ago

    I dislike this new MReporter design

  2. Max Lake

    Max LakeDay ago

    when can I put my brain in one?

  3. Ritzy Ritz

    Ritzy RitzDay ago

    Run, Forest, run!

  4. Yuri

    Yuri3 days ago

    Imagine waking up in the morning and one of these niggas in your back yard 😂😂😂😂

  5. K4yr4h

    K4yr4h5 days ago

    now build a t-800

  6. I have a DDR1 stick in my PC

    I have a DDR1 stick in my PC5 days ago

    Just imagine going for a jog and you see a robot across the street

  7. GhoulyGhostz Silvernade

    GhoulyGhostz Silvernade7 days ago

    Can i buy this?

  8. g s

    g s7 days ago

    Grabbing an AR-15,Atlas!?

  9. trsk

    trsk8 days ago

    *cmd@ctrl.atlas* ~ $ /usr/local/bin/atlas-ctrl start-mission

  10. Dermotius

    Dermotius8 days ago

    Do a flip !

  11. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Mr. Fahrenheit9 days ago

    I was expecting him to fall and thrash around a bit

  12. Michael Fixedsys

    Michael Fixedsys9 days ago

    Give him a portal gun

  13. Trainer Ed Catcher

    Trainer Ed Catcher10 days ago

    0:23 Oh my gosh. I know I say this a lot, but this is literally a weapon to surpass Metal Gear.

  14. ThatSmartIdiot

    ThatSmartIdiot11 days ago

    The zucc

  15. tuschman168

    tuschman16813 days ago

    "No, you can't make a robot do cardio for you!" "Fucking watch me!"

  16. Leo Leopold

    Leo Leopold14 days ago

    шумит, конечно, хорошо

  17. potatoes gonna potate

    potatoes gonna potate14 days ago

    Video of Manmohan singh running recorded by Sonia Gandhi

  18. AchCakesandScarlett

    AchCakesandScarlett15 days ago

    Beautiful home

  19. ̇George H.

    ̇George H.15 days ago

    Feels one step closer to interplanetary exploration.


    PSY-TROPICAL16 days ago


  21. Orkapipo Orkalino

    Orkapipo Orkalino16 days ago

    When they start doing thoes kung spins then i will be afraid

  22. Matteo C

    Matteo C16 days ago

    Can you make a robot that does my homework?

  23. Grabiel Goikotxea

    Grabiel Goikotxea17 days ago

    Made In USA 🇺🇸

  24. Louis Dantzie

    Louis Dantzie17 days ago

    super cool stuff!! (how do people dislike these vids?)

  25. Professor Jameson

    Professor Jameson17 days ago

    It's a fancy toaster.

  26. نادر الی راحمان

    نادر الی راحمان17 days ago

    Looks and moves a lot like a Star Wars battle droid.

  27. Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith18 days ago

    It's been 9 months, how about an update?

  28. Can We Stay at 0 Subs?

    Can We Stay at 0 Subs?18 days ago

    when you have a heavy backpack

  29. Don Vittorio DiMaggio

    Don Vittorio DiMaggio18 days ago

    Fk my life.... I'm a real human and I don't do any sports 😁

  30. Jim Allen

    Jim Allen20 days ago

    Atlas koş ananı zikiyorlar

  31. PaybackisaMan

    PaybackisaMan20 days ago

    T 1000 lil Brother CYBERDYNE is REAL!!! Hollywood just Shows the Hole World and Every Human Race what will Happend in the Future EVERYTHING WHAT WE SEE IN HOLLYWOOD from Cyborgs to Genetic Super Humans Soldier (Caiptain Amarica to Experiment Hulk) or Like In Horror Movies like Monsters and Ghost there will Keep it to Alive and the Human Races Mixes her Race in to a New Mix of Everything of That a MONSTER WHO IS NO MORE HUMAN LIKE

  32. Scary Hobo

    Scary Hobo21 day ago

    Couldn’t make your property tax payment last month? Don’t want to answer your door when the Sheriffs’ dept. comes callin? cleaning your grandpa’s deer rifle? Well this abomination will just walk through your walls like Frankenstein and terminate you. Horray science! Yay Statism!

  33. SS D

    SS D22 days ago

    Amazing Long Live Boston Dynamics

  34. orangekoharu

    orangekoharu23 days ago


  35. not a perfect human

    not a perfect human23 days ago

  36. Eren Güzel

    Eren Güzel26 days ago

    Does it bother him to love teddy bear?

  37. frdass1

    frdass128 days ago

    fake and gay

  38. Yami

    Yami28 days ago

    Rare footage of a robot escaping from a concentration camp in the year 3321.

  39. Antek Borkowski

    Antek Borkowski29 days ago


  40. Ambient Walking

    Ambient WalkingMonth ago

    Woah! Amazing!

  41. David B

    David BMonth ago

    Probable a sovereign citizen too...

  42. Владимир волк

    Владимир волкMonth ago

    he is such a sweetheart!

  43. Argo Technology

    Argo TechnologyMonth ago

    Atlas should go to the moon and start building structures for people to tour there. Then elon musk bring in clients for tour while atlas robots pilot tour vehicles. Oh yes. You should start teaching atlas to build basic house with abilities of all construction worker in one robot or multiple atlas robots coordinating on one another within 30 day challenge. This a new market opprtunity.

  44. JyEm

    JyEmMonth ago

    If I ever see one of those bastards running through my backyard, I'm gonna shoot it dead.

  45. Ellie Krueger

    Ellie KruegerMonth ago

    How you run in a nightmare


    HOT SAUCEMonth ago

    Give him a glock and send him to protect our southern border

  47. V X

    V XMonth ago

    Осталось не довго



    This robot needs to work on more mobility drills 😎

  49. Ian Mitchell

    Ian MitchellMonth ago

    could a soldier pilot a robot soldier remotely , the same way they pilot a drone ?

  50. Water Nom nom nom

    Water Nom nom nomMonth ago

    I’m laying on my sofa.....*heavy breathing*

  51. Aukion Makiro

    Aukion MakiroMonth ago

    hey assuming you had no traffic and you had this guy run night time on a highway road- cooler temps if it helps and flat road to run on no terraine issues; how long could this guy run for? he only got like a few hours or can he go for a day full on running?

  52. TheNormalberries

    TheNormalberriesMonth ago

    This is so, so very NOPE

  53. Virko

    VirkoMonth ago

    like si hablas español

  54. Ржавый

    РжавыйMonth ago

    осталось ему калашников приделать

  55. 윤수성

    윤수성Month ago

    I want to be robot a engineer. and i want to design kinematic dynamic parts and control system. which is more helpful mechanical engineering and electronic engineering? Please help me!!!

  56. Mandic Kristijan

    Mandic KristijanMonth ago


  57. TheShermanTanker

    TheShermanTankerMonth ago

    This is the thing people were freaking the f*ck out over and thinking of doomsday scenarios? It's a great robot and I really mean this but come on that's barely even at the speed average Humans jog at. Hydraulic systems cannot match the speed of Biological Muscles because the fluid and valves take time to move all the pressure to the limbs that need to move so unless they change the movement system to artificial muscles (EAPs, PAMs and Thermal actuators etc) they will never run or move as fast

  58. Michael Mccloskey-Ooi

    Michael Mccloskey-OoiMonth ago

    It's like an advanced version of the protectron

  59. fuity gyht

    fuity gyhtMonth ago

    Ah, the advances of modern CG! Those crazy Pixar animators, Always up to something no good...

  60. Bloop 44

    Bloop 44Month ago

    Put a gun on it!

  61. Luke Balzan

    Luke BalzanMonth ago

    Not long until they compact the design down to the size of a human man. Give it the same look as the robots from iRobot - Improve its movement, skill, agility and give set it up with AI. Then we’re gonna be taken over

  62. Jo Cole

    Jo ColeMonth ago

    This could have application on Mars far more efficient than probes and if something happens it's not a person dying

  63. Daemabus

    DaemabusMonth ago

    My question is, Will I be able to purchase one for my business, or will I have to hire it and pay it a salary? Just trying to be politically correct. I discovered that a synthetic being named Sophia, was offered a citizenship with legal rights all ready. I do not want to be sued by an android/robot/A.I. etc. Love the video!

  64. MufflePuff

    MufflePuffMonth ago

    I just want a piggyback ride from this thing.

  65. Marc-André Blais

    Marc-André BlaisMonth ago

    that jump is so cringy

  66. h rab

    h rabMonth ago

    Is this piece of wood put in it's way to show us how it is jumping?

  67. Cleanyourroom 123

    Cleanyourroom 123Month ago


  68. Jean Benigno

    Jean BenignoMonth ago

    Atlas after murdering his owner and fleeing.

  69. Jean Benigno

    Jean BenignoMonth ago

    Atlas depois de assassinar seu dono e fugir.

  70. Dimitris Koutelidas

    Dimitris KoutelidasMonth ago

    Ok I'm calling the brotherhood of steel.

  71. Jamie Stewart

    Jamie StewartMonth ago

    This would revolutionise every sector, imagine this being your own private security guard arming it with tasors, alarms and batons...

  72. John theux

    John theuxMonth ago "I belive that robotics will be bigger that the internet, the internet let each person reach out and touch all the information in the world but robotics let you reach out and touch and manipulate every stuff in the world"

  73. coop 345

    coop 345Month ago

    you can run with him but you are tired in 1 hour but him not and he run far far away and leave you like a shit XD

  74. mr beard

    mr beard2 months ago

    give it a dildo lol see what happens next

  75. mr beard

    mr beardMonth ago

    fuck us all to death LOL

  76. Asad Ram

    Asad Ram2 months ago

    Эти люди создают будущее !

  77. 김아무개

    김아무개2 months ago

    The renal arteries normally arise off the left interior side of the abdominal aorta , immediately below the superior mesenteric artery , and supply the kidneys with blood . Each is directed across the crus of the diaphragm , so as to form nearly a right angle. Renal artery

  78. David Ryder

    David Ryder2 months ago

    Apparently we've quite forgotten the movie "Saturn 3"...

  79. Leanardoe

    Leanardoe2 months ago

    could have... stepped over it

  80. P T

    P T2 months ago

    Would be nice to use him to carry our gear at

  81. Ripple Online

    Ripple Online2 months ago

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  82. hard to think

    hard to think26 days ago

    Пиздец ты даун. Бога нет

  83. торен терен

    торен терен2 months ago

    Похоже на 3d

  84. hard to think

    hard to think26 days ago

    +торен терен и кстати, он много раз всплывал в интернете. Просто мало кто об этом слышал в России

  85. hard to think

    hard to think26 days ago

    +торен терен может быть им правительство не разрешает показывать их публично. Или может они сами не хотят, вдруг что-то пойдет не так

  86. торен терен

    торен терен26 days ago

    +hard to think за эти годы,он бы где то всплыл в реале))) А то одни ролики и рядом всегда оч мало народа!!! Потому что боятся что толпа не очень хорошо отыграет удивление))) и сразу спалятся

  87. hard to think

    hard to think26 days ago

    +торен терен но это все мое мнение, и оно может не совпадать с вашим

  88. hard to think

    hard to think26 days ago

    +торен терен ну ладно, шутки шутками, но я не вижу ничего нереалестичного. Мне кажется что движения вполне возможны. Ну это хоть не как с роботом "борисом" или как там его

  89. Adept

    Adept2 months ago

    How heavy is that thing lol

  90. Adept

    Adept4 days ago

    Oh, wow. He thicc af boi 😂

  91. John theux

    John theuxMonth ago

    Only 75kg:

  92. sbarnett37tiger Barnes

    sbarnett37tiger Barnes2 months ago

    I can't wait for military robots of the quality we saw in Robocop (remake). What an amazing time that will be!

  93. No Anime cop

    No Anime cop2 months ago

    Sick moves

  94. sadfj ltie3

    sadfj ltie32 months ago

    The fact that so many watched this and then referenced a fictional entertainment is telling regarding the potential of the human race...thanks for securing my doom, fellow primates!

  95. MR Channel

    MR Channel2 months ago

    do you want to rule the world

  96. Ahmet Akdoğan

    Ahmet Akdoğan2 months ago

    The robot engaged in sports.

  97. Jim Bklyn

    Jim Bklyn2 months ago

    Fully armored with military full pack improved speed incorporated with AI artificial inteligence TERMINATORS coming !

  98. I can explain my profile pic

    I can explain my profile pic2 months ago

    Mark Zuckerberg taking a stroll in a park

  99. jossima gaming

    jossima gaming2 months ago

    thats a really good robot i like it

  100. Priscila Jacinto

    Priscila Jacinto2 months ago


  101. Lilo X Charlie

    Lilo X Charlie2 months ago

    Atlas what are you doing? ‘Fuckin getting fit bro’


    FASTBOOBS2 months ago

    W H A T A B U L L S H I T F A K E V I D E O

  103. John theux

    John theuxMonth ago

    +FASTBOOBS The guy that believe that earth is flat are called "flat earthers"


    FASTBOOBSMonth ago

    +John theuxcheck your English as " earthers" has no meaning

  105. John theux

    John theuxMonth ago

    Proof? (I usually said that to flat earthers but you got one !)

  106. JG

    JG2 months ago

    How many minutes of run time?

  107. John theux

    John theuxMonth ago

    It's electrically powered but it can used hydraulic accumulators for regenerative braking.

  108. flap jack

    flap jack2 months ago

    Atlas know da wae my bruddas

  109. Enclave Trooper

    Enclave Trooper2 months ago

    I'm really disappointed that nobody kicked this robot.

  110. hard to think

    hard to think26 days ago

    He will remember it, and kill that guy

  111. Vladimir Pesterev

    Vladimir Pesterev2 months ago

    upper parts big... bad for use

  112. Ball is LIfe

    Ball is LIfe2 months ago

    But can it dab?

  113. Ball is LIfe

    Ball is LIfe2 months ago

    Nice costume! wait...

  114. Bootleg Memes

    Bootleg Memes2 months ago

    Atlas: *Hippity hoppity this is soon to be my property*

  115. Damn., B*tch !!!

    Damn., B*tch !!!2 months ago