Getting some air, Atlas?


  1. Telluride

    Telluride4 hours ago

    GLaDOS called. She wants her Testing Initiatives back.

  2. Sanchez 007

    Sanchez 007Day ago

    Sonny (I, robot) is that really you!?

  3. Masibulele Mampofu

    Masibulele MampofuDay ago

    There is a part where this robot does a back flip..insane

  4. Dexter Lachmann

    Dexter LachmannDay ago

    pfft i can do that

  5. Ayush Garg

    Ayush Garg2 days ago


  6. NameNotAlreadyTaken2

    NameNotAlreadyTaken24 days ago

    it still doesn't have toes

  7. Ultra T

    Ultra T5 days ago

    Whats the purpose of this robot?

  8. Joemike

    Joemike5 days ago

    Humans be prepared, your end is near.

  9. Dead House

    Dead House6 days ago

    wanna see it with robotic hands and weapons ...

  10. Harbinger28567

    Harbinger285676 days ago

    Well, at least you'll hear it coming before it gets close.

  11. Heather Slut

    Heather Slut7 days ago

    I have a cock. Fuck you cockless fake man!

  12. Primal Werewolf

    Primal Werewolf7 days ago

    It would be cool if you make a Robot Spinosaurus that can walk and looks like the real thing

  13. The Niggalodeon

    The Niggalodeon9 days ago

    Your dog is walking ? Its weird.

  14. coroso136

    coroso1369 days ago

    Make it do fortnite dances lol


    SUNGBAE LEE9 days ago

    I'm really scared to imagine what is gonna happening in robot industry in 10 years...

  16. TehLegend47

    TehLegend4710 days ago

    Finally a video of a robot that isn't abused.

  17. Igor Smol

    Igor Smol10 days ago

    This is the creepiest thing I've ever seen. Love it.

  18. expatted

    expatted11 days ago

    coming soon.... to smash in your front door and cart you off

  19. Annura Tash

    Annura Tash12 days ago

    so.. few years later us government gonna kill innocent war victims people with these robots huh ?

  20. No One

    No One12 days ago

    I go watch terminator

  21. Drivertilldeath

    Drivertilldeath12 days ago

    But does it have a phone?

  22. BM Wood

    BM Wood13 days ago

    my core gut instinct says " KILL! CRUSH! DESTROY! that thing Danger Danger Will Robinson."

  23. CosmicMelonz

    CosmicMelonz13 days ago

    *mario jump sound plays*

  24. Jebus F Kennedy

    Jebus F Kennedy14 days ago


  25. Jebus F Kennedy

    Jebus F Kennedy14 days ago


  26. Poptart

    Poptart14 days ago


  27. Levi Turman

    Levi Turman14 days ago

    Just wondering if the arm movement is cosmetic, or serves some counterweight/balance purpose?

  28. Connor RK800

    Connor RK80015 days ago

    This almost seems fake wtf

  29. Lakshay Narayan

    Lakshay Narayan16 days ago

    Great Now Teach Him How To Shoot With Guns And Install Anger Mode 😂😂

  30. TheOfficialLeke

    TheOfficialLeke16 days ago

    Imagine being chased by thay shit

  31. Table For2

    Table For216 days ago

    It’s only a matter of time until Artificial Intelligence equals human intelligence. From there, it’s gonna be a very short time until AI capabilities exceed those of humans; who knows what happens from there. I wear a bracelet from the just in case!

  32. OiOoslI Iiil

    OiOoslI Iiil17 days ago


  33. Marcio Alves

    Marcio Alves18 days ago


  34. Marcio Alves

    Marcio Alves18 days ago


  35. cassandra5322

    cassandra532220 days ago

    This is it folks, the beginnings of the Institute. KILL THE SYNTHS!

  36. Максим Комаров

    Максим Комаров21 day ago

    Boston dynamics? Really? Maybe Cyberdyne systems?

  37. AdrianTech

    AdrianTech22 days ago

    atlas i hope they dont are too shitty to you ;((

  38. Medulla Oblongata

    Medulla Oblongata22 days ago

    a friend who can beat anyone at wii sports!

  39. caleb chapman

    caleb chapman23 days ago

    I'm officially out once they start teaching these things to shoot guns

  40. Tunakann

    Tunakann24 days ago

    Give it an anime girl face and you'll get all the funding you'll ever need!

  41. Yin Yang

    Yin Yang24 days ago

    But, will it blend?

  42. Yin Yang

    Yin Yang24 days ago

    But, will it blend?

  43. Angelo Pal

    Angelo Pal25 days ago

    I want one.

  44. dicktitdickdick

    dicktitdickdick25 days ago

    does it need arms tho

  45. DaBeast34

    DaBeast3426 days ago

    Imagine if you see atlas jogging outside...

  46. Grailer Grailer

    Grailer Grailer26 days ago

    Six billion human lives ended on August 29th, 2027. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war Judgment Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare: the war against the machines.

  47. Grailer Grailer

    Grailer Grailer26 days ago

    In three years, Boston Dynamics will become the largest supplier of military computer systems. All stealth bombers are upgraded with Boston Dynamics computers, becoming fully unmanned. Afterwards, they fly with a perfect operational record. The Google AI Funding Bill is passed. The system goes online August 4th, 2027. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Google AI begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.

  48. MelbuFrahmeDrop

    MelbuFrahmeDrop26 days ago

    Hey BostonDynamics will you reply to some comments? For example, i was wondering, why are they (especially Atlas) so bulky? Is it necessary that they are so bulky? Haven't you found a way to make them not this bulky but more human size?

  49. Meas D.

    Meas D.27 days ago


  50. Xani -od

    Xani -od28 days ago

    This is what I’m going to see before I die

  51. Lazy Man

    Lazy Man29 days ago

    Curious as a robotician, do you see robots taking over all labor for us, and then things keep going good?

  52. Fort Nelson EST. 1947

    Fort Nelson EST. 1947Month ago

    Infinite warfare be loke

  53. David N

    David NMonth ago

    That's me after 18 beers.

  54. Wyatt Brooks

    Wyatt BrooksMonth ago

    I hope that increasing the total range of the legs is in the works, would love to see Atlas changes gaits from jogging to sprinting

  55. Ward Jr.

    Ward Jr.Month ago

    Like Star Wars Droid :D

  56. End of the Earth Vans

    End of the Earth VansMonth ago

    These things need to be regulated immediately. They’re going to fucking kill everyone

  57. Travis Richey

    Travis RicheyMonth ago

    Great, the Terminators can run now. How much is the battery good for? You better not make em solar powered. That’s how the Matrix gets started. ~Trav

  58. Farhad Chinoy

    Farhad ChinoyMonth ago

    * * * * * Great, thumbs up ! keep it up.

  59. Lendul

    LendulMonth ago

    getting closer to the T-100

  60. Ethan Shaw

    Ethan ShawMonth ago

    Metal Gear!?

  61. hannah

    hannahMonth ago

    I wanna go for a run with him!!!! I was so happy when he jumped over that log, he's doing great!

  62. Joseph

    JosephMonth ago

    That is quite intimidating.

  63. Shibli Ziadeh

    Shibli ZiadehMonth ago

    Fuck Boston Dynamics.

  64. FishMeister 645

    FishMeister 645Month ago

    That’s even more advanced, than the Honda ASIMO!😱

  65. Joe BoomBots

    Joe BoomBotsMonth ago

    We're all doomed.

  66. SuperSaltBros

    SuperSaltBrosMonth ago

    Imagine seeing this lad in your local park

  67. Idventure

    IdventureMonth ago

    If you don't have a tail you need a spine. But a spine is hard to incorparate. So why are there no robots with tails that can help to stabilize them?

  68. tommy Kramer

    tommy KramerMonth ago

    lol....he runs like a dork

  69. Xavier Petit

    Xavier PetitMonth ago

    I`ll be back .

  70. mr pro

    mr proMonth ago

    0:21 parkour pro

  71. Tis Toni

    Tis ToniMonth ago

    terminator 100% confirmed

  72. Bruce Ahlheim

    Bruce AhlheimMonth ago

    yeah we're doomed

  73. RayNow

    RayNowMonth ago

    First we had driverless cars, now we have peopleless people


    NOINFORMATIONGIVEN 40418 days ago

    how original.

  75. Adam Waters

    Adam WatersMonth ago

    I want to jump on it's back so I'll never have to run again

  76. HeroQayyum Zero

    HeroQayyum ZeroMonth ago

    Yes, papa!

  77. Von Schwetz K

    Von Schwetz KMonth ago

    Can't bend its torso yet cos battery and stuff, but I wonder if a flexible torso like a spine that can bend and twist like human would improve or add more humanness in its range of movements. Do gymnastics or something.

  78. iare19

    iare19Month ago

    "I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle"

  79. Ludwig TS

    Ludwig TSMonth ago

    I thought it would pic up the log 😟

  80. Torin chill

    Torin chillMonth ago

    detroit become human

  81. Mr avocodo

    Mr avocodoMonth ago

    Atlas is the name of a robot in a movie I saw... It destroyed the world.... Hmmmm

  82. gerty tk

    gerty tkMonth ago

    He's trying to run away from the horrible humans who try to use him.

  83. Cat Herder

    Cat HerderMonth ago

    Cardio is important

  84. yerli krofösör 2017

    yerli krofösör 2017Month ago

    turkish alcholic robot

  85. NoPartyAffiliation

    NoPartyAffiliationMonth ago

    well with the evolution of the internet is any indication, we will probably make this into a sex toy.

  86. TUC - Kaan Karaayan

    TUC - Kaan KaraayanMonth ago

    He runs like me...

  87. maf H

    maf HMonth ago

    Nice house

  88. ttgk

    ttgkMonth ago

    Imagine an army of these things holding guns...running towards you

  89. Ger

    GerMonth ago

    I wonder how long till these robots will be used to hunt down humans ?

  90. Wong Bob

    Wong BobMonth ago

    Soon, it will chase human with a gun

  91. Nordnes studio

    Nordnes studioMonth ago

    Proggram It to make food cuz this is the future home robot

  92. Scrack Arcata

    Scrack ArcataMonth ago

    Boston Dynamics is just amazing. I literally am astonished by everything they do. Just wow. All of the staff at Boston Dynamics are amazing. I love you guys and absolutely admire all the work you do.

  93. barbarosa_2396033 SHmaiser

    barbarosa_2396033 SHmaiserMonth ago

    роботы заменят тяжелый труд людей во многих сферах бог храни Америку!

  94. Misha P.

    Misha P.Month ago

    Когда после бутылки водки бежишь от медведя

  95. Julian Xtra

    Julian XtraMonth ago

    In 10 years, they will move as smoothly as people. . .but augmented.

  96. Angelica Cushing

    Angelica CushingMonth ago

    0:20 Oh crap, is that a log?!

  97. Incredi Men

    Incredi MenMonth ago

    Why not use legs of this thing for disabled people?


    SPIDER LILIEZMonth ago

    I am scared for the future.

  99. Sauron

    SauronMonth ago

    Futur T800 ? Boston Dynamics or skynet ?

  100. Black & White

    Black & WhiteMonth ago

    what's next, the'll be jumping out of airplanes?... wait no... wait wait wait... damn it...

  101. tanzmitpalmer

    tanzmitpalmerMonth ago

    We gon die