Garry Frank's Weather Rant - 4/10/18


  1. Charles Tarr

    Charles Tarr10 hours ago

    Like this guy. Hope he knocks their heads together with a loud crack and brains ooze out their cracked skulls.

  2. A Miller

    A Miller2 days ago

    Meteorologists are fucking IDIOTS!!!!!

  3. Maddie Richardson

    Maddie Richardson5 days ago

    I actually saw this live on tv. These are my local weather people. Also after that happened they put all 70's on the weather as a joke.

  4. Rekka Alexiel

    Rekka Alexiel14 days ago

    Thanks for this, from my hometown, and on my birthday no less. And I'm sorry... I don't miss Michigan weather in the least. xD

  5. Adam Field

    Adam Field17 days ago

    I would watch this news channel.

  6. Kaiden Ireland

    Kaiden Ireland17 days ago

    I live in West Michigan so I saw this before it was famous and the second I was watching it I laughed so hard and knew it was gonna be a hit

  7. cpu316

    cpu31617 days ago

    Anyone else think he actually delivered the weather pretty well 😂

  8. Bob Use

    Bob Use17 days ago

    There goes a man who’s passionate about his job.

  9. Tori Collins

    Tori Collins21 day ago

    lol "The internet would put it this way 'that was terrifying'." Guys, we're 'the internet'. lol I love it.

  10. bLaCjAcK Daniels

    bLaCjAcK Daniels23 days ago

    Best weatherman I've seen!

  11. Christian Reptilian

    Christian Reptilian25 days ago

    Why are some meteorolgists shapeshifters??????????????

  12. Cat fan 123 Bobcat

    Cat fan 123 Bobcat27 days ago

    This is the funniest forecast ever and news XD

  13. 8Stalemeat

    8Stalemeat29 days ago

    I like this guy. His sulky face is the best lol.

  14. sesociopath

    sesociopathMonth ago

    Oh he burnin up bouy

  15. Spectre Games 2

    Spectre Games 2Month ago

    The weather sucks here lol

  16. TaiZana Ivy

    TaiZana IvyMonth ago

    This is why i hate living in Grand Rapidd but its funny asl😂

  17. Charles Tarr

    Charles TarrMonth ago

    Cute guy. Take up Marshall arts and knock their heads together.

  18. A Miller

    A MillerMonth ago

    Meteorologists SUCK!

  19. Adrienne Strong

    Adrienne StrongMonth ago

    He went in on them. Hilarious

  20. T. Show

    T. ShowMonth ago

    I'm so sad I missed this #GaryFrankisAwesome

  21. Bri I

    Bri IMonth ago

    I'm praying for a bitter-cold summer in Grand Rapids so we get more Garry Frank meltdowns.

  22. Jimmy Williamson

    Jimmy WilliamsonMonth ago

    Gotta love Grand Rapids people. Hahahaha

  23. Sammy Hillary

    Sammy HillaryMonth ago

    Welcome to Grand Rapids I am a proud resident -looking at houses-

  24. Douglas Shadell

    Douglas Shadell2 months ago

    Very unprofessional

  25. Maelinda Seawell

    Maelinda Seawell2 months ago

    Love it!!

  26. MrEthanhines

    MrEthanhines2 months ago

    Get used to it people the big freeze is coming!

  27. Charlie M.P.

    Charlie M.P.2 months ago

    I think we just witnessed a burn-out on live television. Poor guy I hope he's ok. I actually feel bad for him, it's not like he's making the weather!

  28. Ken Powers

    Ken Powers2 months ago

    I'm with you Garry Frank...stay strong!

  29. DJ Zelda

    DJ Zelda2 months ago

    This is SO funny!! 😂

  30. Truth Sayer

    Truth Sayer2 months ago

    I like him. That was awesome

  31. Iwon Again

    Iwon Again2 months ago

    Why would he expect for them to be happy about crappy weather all year long in Michigan he needs to work in a different state.

  32. Giveit2mehRAW

    Giveit2mehRAW2 months ago

    That was terrifying!!

  33. Phant4sm

    Phant4sm2 months ago

    500+ thought it was going to be 60 degrees.

  34. YouTube is disappointing

    YouTube is disappointing2 months ago

    The dude after him is a retard. Typical michigan trash

  35. hugh jorgan

    hugh jorgan2 months ago

    News people tend to be glass-half-empty. This is understandable. Their job is to communicate mostly negative information (since that's what sells). However, weather people tend to be glass-half-full. Eventually, this disparity will cause problems. This weather guy is likely a hero among his peers.

  36. Charlie M.P.

    Charlie M.P.2 months ago

    Good analysis actually

  37. Ryan X

    Ryan X2 months ago

    You may thank Obama for global warming.

  38. Stacey Nichols

    Stacey Nichols2 months ago


  39. Kyle S.

    Kyle S.2 months ago

    A+ wrestling promo, Mr. Frank, Ric Flair would be proud.

  40. Jordan Haney

    Jordan Haney2 months ago

    I keep watching this over and over and can’t stop laughing😂😂😭

  41. FailureType

    FailureType2 months ago


  42. Kyle X

    Kyle X2 months ago

    Terrifying? He's so out of touch with reality and the internet.

  43. bjm 19047

    bjm 190472 months ago


  44. Emily Marion

    Emily Marion2 months ago

    And that is how you become one of my heros

  45. calliph

    calliph2 months ago

    *Pumped up kicks starts playing*

  46. Raouf Kakashi

    Raouf Kakashi2 months ago

    just make robots do the news if you don't want a human reaction ?

  47. Czikkan Hardt

    Czikkan Hardt2 months ago

    That was terrifying!

  48. Mr Keefers

    Mr Keefers2 months ago

    He suffers from P.T.W.D. - Post Traumatic Winter Disorder. #supportyourweatherperson , #arrestpauxatauneephil.

  49. SEBAS MG82

    SEBAS MG822 months ago

    Bwahaahahhahahaah ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

  50. Aaron Roach

    Aaron Roach2 months ago

    This guy is great

  51. Kevin Kelley

    Kevin Kelley2 months ago

    Scenes from Anchorman 3

  52. mr. Blu lights

    mr. Blu lights2 months ago

    Weather manipulation pissing people off.yet again.

  53. Ibrahimovic

    Ibrahimovic2 months ago

    هههههههه 😂 Well said

  54. CrazyduckGuy

    CrazyduckGuy2 months ago

    Gotta love fox

  55. Michael Robinson

    Michael Robinson2 months ago

    That was terrifying lol

  56. theone2225

    theone22252 months ago

    hahaha! Hey it's fair we all felt that way in the North.

  57. James W

    James W2 months ago

    Give that man a raise! Awesome stuff

  58. Romaine Lettuce

    Romaine Lettuce2 months ago

    That was terrifying LOL

  59. B. None

    B. None2 months ago

    You didn't hear? Spring has been cancelled.

  60. Sasa S

    Sasa S2 months ago

    This is funny but it’s not professional.

  61. Cody Hitchcock

    Cody Hitchcock2 months ago

    You tell em how it is Garry!

  62. Speaktok

    Speaktok2 months ago

    I like this guy!!! I watch KTLA since I live within an hour of Los Angeles. He would fit in really well with that team since sometimes the weather turns more into a comedic act. Lol

  63. 2012truth1776

    2012truth17762 months ago

    Don’t forget about the CHEMTRAILS!!

  64. Tony Ellen

    Tony Ellen2 months ago

    I honestly like this man. SNL material.

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  67. Joe Pelayo

    Joe Pelayo2 months ago

    This was great! LOL!

  68. fool1shmortal

    fool1shmortal2 months ago

    There's this Kosek guy that does a regularly wacky weather report. I saw a Mathis guy, too.

  69. fool1shmortal

    fool1shmortal2 months ago

    I laugh, but I get it. I can laugh at myself.

  70. realitycheck2001

    realitycheck20012 months ago


  71. dmitriy40

    dmitriy402 months ago

    In 6 weeks, he is coming to the studio with a rifle and a lot of ammo. Hahahahahahahahaha

  72. Mercedes Benz

    Mercedes Benz2 months ago

    Im dying

  73. xgeneric99

    xgeneric992 months ago

    It's the fucking weather.

  74. Maverick Last

    Maverick Last2 months ago

    Only people in Michigan can understand this

  75. AnneKatrine Davies

    AnneKatrine Davies2 months ago

    Poor guy hahaaa you cannot please john and jane q public.

  76. Penny Perris

    Penny Perris2 months ago

    that was great.

  77. Jacob Kuhl

    Jacob Kuhl2 months ago

    Garry Frank don't mess around

  78. Maureen Santiago

    Maureen Santiago2 months ago

    i bet it was in the 70s for the next 2 weeks. bad timing alert.

  79. Evil Spyke

    Evil Spyke2 months ago

    I am the internet and that was terrifying.

  80. Joseph Ozzone

    Joseph Ozzone2 months ago

    Right on dude. Tell it like it is. Good for you

  81. edison torres

    edison torres2 months ago

    That was not terrifying at all, that was a simple rant. Real human being. That was awesome n hilarious. Love this guy, I say raised

  82. Highlander

    Highlander2 months ago

    Don't kill the messenger...

  83. Robert Michiels

    Robert Michiels2 months ago

    I'm from San Diego...I'm never aloud to talk about weather...

  84. Google Account

    Google Account2 months ago

    Why can’t all news be like this?

  85. Bart Simpson

    Bart Simpson2 months ago

    LOL Poor guy

  86. B A

    B A2 months ago

    Yes I hate when all the other reporters get negative to the weatherman. It’s like they’re blaming the weather guy for having bad weather or bad temperatures. They always do that even in Hawaii. It’s like how would they feel if after they did their newscast and all the other news reporters were negative and giving rude comments on their report. They always do it to the weather guy.

  87. Ken Smith

    Ken Smith2 months ago

    It really wasn't that much of a rant and really wasn't about the weather that he was ranting. He was bothered that people didn't like to hear the truth.

  88. sentient02970

    sentient029702 months ago


  89. AES 7-7-77

    AES 7-7-772 months ago

    Dude was awesome. Had enough

  90. mad God

    mad God2 months ago

    lmao "here's some weather"

  91. Be Humble

    Be Humble2 months ago




    How did you 486 people dislike this video it’s hilarious.

  93. D F

    D F2 months ago

    I just realized that at 0:30 he briefly channels Aziz Ansari.

  94. Julia Morris

    Julia Morris2 months ago

    We need a weatherman like this in Canada

  95. mihretab berhe

    mihretab berhe2 months ago


  96. Ethan Hughes

    Ethan Hughes2 months ago

    This is like a fuckin' movie. He seemed like the coolest one on the team.

  97. William Lozier

    William Lozier2 months ago

    That guy just won an audition in some movie about weather men. Funny as hell!

  98. Andy Council

    Andy Council2 months ago

    I get that he is upset, but did he really have to be so t e r r i f y i n g 😦😨😰

  99. J.D. W

    J.D. W2 months ago

    Fake! Acting its best lol

  100. Bmwryder

    Bmwryder2 months ago

    He kept it absolutely clean, no cursing, even used gosh once... very professional rant, the most professional rant ever!

  101. NotYourOrdinary

    NotYourOrdinary2 months ago

    F I R E D