Game Theory: What is Ash Ketchum's REAL Age? (Pokemon)


  1. dollove

    dollove2 months ago

    Me: everyone! This is not a drill! I repeat! ITS NOT A DRILL *Turns off music and TV* Me: New Episode Of Game Theory!!!! *I SWEAR* This is me literaly everytime I get the notification😂 its actually pretty fun to do. My guess is.......23? 20? Something around there.😒 pretty sure its going to be something with no sense that will blow our minds o.O BTW matpat I really want to know spongebob's age since he goes to work, is in a driving school but he acts like an 8 year old or something 😕

  2. Alyssa Marquez

    Alyssa Marquez27 days ago

    Spongebob is around 30-32

  3. Winter Speed679

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  4. Host Club Member

    Host Club Member2 months ago

    Well actually He was more mature in seasons 1, 2, and 3 because it was made by the original creators but after that, new ppl came in and kept writing the series. They made Patrick more of a jerk and more stupid. Spongebob more immature and doesn't act the same. So he is really just a completely different character after season three and that is when he starts to act more like a child. I'm not saying he wasn't acting like a child in those seasons, It just wasn't that much. Sorry for the Rant just letting know oh and btw I would also love to know spongebobs age too i cant ever seem to think of a reassonable age

  5. Mista_ Doge

    Mista_ Doge2 months ago

    I was wondering that my self

  6. dollove

    dollove2 months ago

    Angel Chavez Congratulations

  7. Lubex Rant

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  8. Lubex Rant

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  9. allie kay

    allie kay8 hours ago

    My guess is 10-14

  10. Mertens du Plooy

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  12. TsubakiiHime

    TsubakiiHime2 days ago

    No, I don't ship him with Misty because I don't SHIP CHILDREN

  13. anime ogfan

    anime ogfan2 days ago

    He is currently 23

  14. Sebastian 27Volz

    Sebastian 27Volz2 days ago

    Gees, how old is Ash, and wow, Detective Pikachu

  15. Anime and Me

    Anime and Me2 days ago

    His age gonna be 24 😂 just my opinion. But I think he will be 10 forever 😱

  16. Neferu Villatima

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  17. Joseph Peak

    Joseph Peak3 days ago

    from 10-100

  18. Ayante Citizen

    Ayante Citizen3 days ago

    Yes I think that ash will be 21 years old

  19. Swift Beats

    Swift Beats3 days ago

    Do you think ash is broke

  20. Bob Daddy

    Bob Daddy3 days ago

    I Worked Dubbing The anime in China And Taiwan So game freak told me so here it is: Kanto:10/11 OrangeIslands:11 Johnto:12/13 Hoenn:13/14 Sinnoh:14/15 Unova:15/16 Kalos:16/17 Alola:8

  21. Mega The Animatez

    Mega The Animatez3 days ago

    I think ash's real age is 15

  22. Krigex 100

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  25. Laur TRIES To Draw

    Laur TRIES To Draw4 days ago

    I was kinda triggered when you said 10 years and 364 days. Matpat, it should be a leap year. And you call yourself a nerd. I’m kidding you’re awesome.

  26. Blob Dolphins

    Blob Dolphins4 days ago

    I think a better theory would how old Spongebob would be.

  27. Adam mott

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  29. Sylveon in Unova

    Sylveon in Unova6 days ago

    Hell no you ship ash with Serena

  30. Fidan Bağırlı

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  31. Lazy Boy

    Lazy Boy8 days ago

    Ok so It disturbs me that Ash being 14-15 is travelling and being shipped with a 10-11 y.o May oh then what is max age then.

  32. 01110011 01101011

    01110011 011010118 days ago

    10 years old. Ash is blessed by Ho-Oh, relieving him of his mortality.

  33. Video Sniper

    Video Sniper8 days ago

    9:05 How many times have you won?

  34. Andrine milimoh

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  35. Aka60thChip

    Aka60thChip9 days ago

    Nope, the reason why ash has been 10yrs old fir 20 years is cause he saw ho oh, his eternal happiness u get from seeing this Pokémon is learning the exact same lessons about being a trainer fir like 8 generations

  36. Vida Balazic

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  37. badger stealer

    badger stealer9 days ago

    Don't you love how Pikachu goes from something like a power overlord to a lightning struck mouse who can only just about befeat a pichu

  38. Odin Hirsch

    Odin Hirsch10 days ago

    I feel sorry for you if you watched all those episodes of Pokémon

  39. Micheal Bateman

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  40. Anime lover /selfie girl

    Anime lover /selfie girl10 days ago

    Soooo if the shows say that Ash is 10 years old and when pokemon xyz came he's still 10 does that mean he did all of that in one year? and I do not ship Misty and Ash...I ship SERENA and ash

  41. michael stewart

    michael stewart10 days ago

    dude i agred w you

  42. Shahjalal Khan

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  43. James Domorod

    James Domorod11 days ago

    I live in okinawa and can personally verify the short bananas

  44. Jaden Harris

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  45. Constantinos Pouyioukka

    Constantinos Pouyioukka12 days ago

    Do one where you unravel what level is pikatchu?

  46. Madison Cheyne

    Madison Cheyne12 days ago

    I really feel like MatPat needs a break... He just started to give up XD

  47. gagnashdiak x

    gagnashdiak x12 days ago

    "We'll focus exclusively on the anime" - focuses on the novelisation instead, LOL Let me correct you by the way: The Indigo Journey takes 1 year, and from that to the League takes TWO months, not 3. You also added the 10th birthday celebration to aging FROM 10, which is a hugh mistake on your part. Ash is 11 when enters the Kanto Regional League. You also missed Pikachu&Pichu. Also missed at least the first x-mass-destruction is precisly marked in the main series.

  48. Juanita Abuyot

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  50. Quasard :3

    Quasard :313 days ago

    Any idea where I can get that book pocket monsters the animation? 😁

  51. Ann D

    Ann D14 days ago

    😂😂 voice crack: 8:48

  52. The_Happybird24

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  53. Jared Kimiabakhsh

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  54. TheBoltMaster

    TheBoltMaster14 days ago

    Ash is stuck at 10 years, 11 months and 29 days old. He shall outlive time itself, and still not be 11 or a Pokémon master!

  55. Sierra Zamorano

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  56. jacob mayer

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  57. Omega138

    Omega13815 days ago

    I disagree with this theory. Ho-Oh gave Ash the wish to be immortal.

  58. Supermonkey3128

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  59. Z.A.P 0909Y

    Z.A.P 0909Y15 days ago

    ash 20 years old = thor 1500 years old but still young = the sun 4.5 B years old = the god infinty years old

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  61. Maroš Varga

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  62. Flame

    Flame16 days ago

    If You Look At Ash From Beginning To The Current, He Does End Up Looking A Little Older From His Original Debut

  63. Ethan Chauhan

    Ethan Chauhan16 days ago

    MAY 22ND IS MY BDAY!!!!!

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  65. Octoling Oscar

    Octoling Oscar16 days ago

    Do Ash speak Kantonense

  66. Aurora Pike-Blaskovits

    Aurora Pike-Blaskovits17 days ago

    what if the reason why he still acts and looks like a child is because when he wished he would stay young forever, the legendary pokemon he wished on granted his wish?

  67. Moon Wauford

    Moon Wauford17 days ago

    Ash: *dies and comes back to life* Me: WTF!

  68. prime wing

    prime wing17 days ago

    Maybe 20 something

  69. Rakiesha Clark

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  70. Mackenzie Paxton-Perfonic

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  71. Benedict Juni

    Benedict Juni18 days ago

    Its a film theory i think

  72. Clash with LoAy

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  74. RandomPotato

    RandomPotato18 days ago

    So he starts on April 1st right? So what if it’s all just an April fools joke.

  75. nooby_gamer 1111

    nooby_gamer 111118 days ago

    Puberty use spots Ure now not popular. xD

  76. TalonSkyrider // Talon364

    TalonSkyrider // Talon36418 days ago

    You know him You love him You ship him with Misty

  77. JoeSaysHi 78

    JoeSaysHi 7819 days ago

    Has pokemon ever been rebooted

  78. Durzo

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  79. Troy Owen

    Troy Owen19 days ago

    He will be 37 ( just a guess)

  80. Angel Vaporeon

    Angel Vaporeon19 days ago

    HE LEFT ON APRIL FIRST😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  81. BB Kildare

    BB Kildare19 days ago

    I’d say that he’s maybe about 21 to 25

  82. Khasonic

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  83. [RPG] ACF the Ace

    [RPG] ACF the Ace19 days ago

    I ship Ash with Serena doe

  84. Sasuke Smith

    Sasuke Smith20 days ago

    20 ash is 20

  85. Camille Box

    Camille Box20 days ago

    Why do people never learn!? It's never gonna happen, both misty and ash have yelled at everyone who says that

  86. Cordless Walnut

    Cordless Walnut20 days ago

    11:25 naruto ' s there

  87. mar h

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  88. Kayden Butler

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  89. Nerd with a guitar

    Nerd with a guitar21 day ago

    I'm gonna say he's 23

  90. BoraCM 39

    BoraCM 3921 day ago

    Matpat just read this website to find his information. He didn't do it on his own.

  91. Casper Qvortrup

    Casper Qvortrup21 day ago

    Why can't I like this video more than once?! ^_^

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  94. Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg

    Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg21 day ago

    Honestly, Matpat, you could do a master's thesis and it would feel like a vacation

  95. Amtyaiz Ahmad

    Amtyaiz Ahmad21 day ago

    what about the movies

  96. Tre Rembert

    Tre Rembert22 days ago

    not to mention he taut his snorlax 6 moves

  97. just another commenter with a opinion

    just another commenter with a opinion23 days ago

    R.I.P Ronnie your last work was great

  98. just another commenter with a opinion

    just another commenter with a opinion23 days ago

    Im betting 23-24 because I felt that gen 4and 5 took 2 years each with 3 years for kalos and one more maybe

  99. icecreamtubber 1120

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  100. Caleb Pomery

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  101. Barry Cornish

    Barry Cornish23 days ago

    20 years old

  102. Mateus Rodrigues

    Mateus Rodrigues23 days ago

    he will be 10

  103. Sour Lemons

    Sour Lemons23 days ago

    My guess is 20

  104. Sweetiemusiclove4ever 23

    Sweetiemusiclove4ever 2323 days ago

    It's 30. Ash is thirty! Simple math guys! Simple math!

  105. ally.

    ally.23 days ago

    Person: So, MatPat, what do you do for a living? MatPat: *i spend hours researching facts about fictional cartoons and post them on the internet*