Game Theory: What is Ash Ketchum's REAL Age? (Pokemon)


  1. dollove

    dollove21 day ago

    Me: everyone! This is not a drill! I repeat! ITS NOT A DRILL *Turns off music and TV* Me: New Episode Of Game Theory!!!! *I SWEAR* This is me literaly everytime I get the notification😂 its actually pretty fun to do. My guess is.......23? 20? Something around there.😒 pretty sure its going to be something with no sense that will blow our minds o.O BTW matpat I really want to know spongebob's age since he goes to work, is in a driving school but he acts like an 8 year old or something 😕

  2. Host Club Member

    Host Club Member9 days ago

    Well actually He was more mature in seasons 1, 2, and 3 because it was made by the original creators but after that, new ppl came in and kept writing the series. They made Patrick more of a jerk and more stupid. Spongebob more immature and doesn't act the same. So he is really just a completely different character after season three and that is when he starts to act more like a child. I'm not saying he wasn't acting like a child in those seasons, It just wasn't that much. Sorry for the Rant just letting know oh and btw I would also love to know spongebobs age too i cant ever seem to think of a reassonable age

  3. Mista_ Doge

    Mista_ Doge20 days ago

    I was wondering that my self

  4. dollove

    dollove20 days ago

    Angel Chavez Congratulations

  5. dollove

    dollove20 days ago

    MrDudePlays I know it takes me time to read all of them 😂

  6. kurt cihak

    kurt cihak20 days ago

    I've actually wondered what Sponge Bob's age was myself. tried figuring it out and just gave myself a headache. :S

  7. Steven Rivas

    Steven Rivas2 hours ago

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  8. Leilanee Reyes

    Leilanee Reyes4 hours ago

    My guess is 17

  9. Eliteport95

    Eliteport954 hours ago


  10. arpiainen100

    arpiainen1004 hours ago


  11. Master Ren

    Master Ren5 hours ago

    I think he will be 22 by they time this is done

  12. Mike The bunny

    Mike The bunny5 hours ago

    Welp! He is actually 10. He turned 11 in alohla season. (Sorry if I didn’t spell something right)

  13. Unknow0059 #

    Unknow0059 #5 hours ago

    Are you just watching all these episodes at normal speed..?

  14. Bubba the Great

    Bubba the Great6 hours ago

    18! or 20

  15. Xx_ Puperzz _xX

    Xx_ Puperzz _xX6 hours ago

    NO. i ship ash with serena and its canon hah

  16. Maxwell And Hobbes

    Maxwell And Hobbes7 hours ago

    57 years old

  17. Traced_ 18

    Traced_ 188 hours ago

    I think he’ll be 9 at the end

  18. Taiya001

    Taiya0018 hours ago

    27 I think

  19. Zach Marra

    Zach Marra9 hours ago

    I'mma guess 17

  20. NoobRoblox Simon

    NoobRoblox Simon9 hours ago

    i bet ash uses botox

  21. Miss Amanda's world

    Miss Amanda's world9 hours ago

    Should shorts really count

  22. CyberTrash

    CyberTrash9 hours ago

    11:43 Matpat becomes Austin for a moment

  23. Goron

    Goron12 hours ago

    My guess: Ash is 10.

  24. Goron

    Goron12 hours ago

    Actually, Pikachu's Ghost Carnival is the 15th Pikachu Short.

  25. TurtlePlays52

    TurtlePlays5213 hours ago

    he has 52 gym badges if you include orange islands

  26. Ethan Corran

    Ethan Corran14 hours ago


  27. Damian Carberry

    Damian Carberry17 hours ago


  28. Hannah sisk

    Hannah sisk22 hours ago

    20 years of poke'episodes pretty sure he's the same age logically.

  29. Hannah sisk

    Hannah sisk22 hours ago

    DONT worry dude, you're not alone...I mean hardcore working.not the bath thing...cuz' that is a bit unsanitary.hey atleast we dont live in the mideval times am I right?

  30. Lucas Moura

    Lucas Moura23 hours ago

    How long does it take to make an episode? i mean, that's an enormous research man.

  31. Valerie Harrison

    Valerie HarrisonDay ago


  32. Matías Bellisario

    Matías BellisarioDay ago

    What did he miss on the Fornite theory?

  33. Adam Hyatt

    Adam HyattDay ago

    5:20 you don’t just play the Johto Opening and leave me hanging here!

  34. Glow Bow

    Glow BowDay ago

    20?oh and yes do a spongbob age

  35. Go Kael gaming drill 2

    Go Kael gaming drill 2Day ago


  36. TheIonick50

    TheIonick50Day ago

    Brush. In one of the first episodes, ash catches a glimpse of the pokèmon Ho-oh, which is said to give eternal happiness to whoever sees it. Staying young forever, winning almost every pokèmon battle you fight, catching most every pokémon you fight, and all the other crazy crap that ash pulls off, seems like eternal happiness to me.

  37. Srisakorn Iamsathit

    Srisakorn IamsathitDay ago

    I um actually didn't ship him with Misty I shipped him with Serena..Is that bad?

  38. Aurumkid 8007

    Aurumkid 8007Day ago

    If the trainer is 11 in the video games, and you have to have a license to be a trainer, why are there kindergarteners with pokemon?

  39. Aurumkid 8007

    Aurumkid 8007Day ago

    I just realized something

  40. sparks20302001

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  41. Fido TDM

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  42. Kes Sale

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  43. Kes Sale

    Kes SaleDay ago

    No one wants to do the research

  44. dady lo

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  45. booman150

    booman150Day ago

    Short version He will never age

  46. CelestialPheonix 20

    CelestialPheonix 20Day ago

    1:50 Who ships ash with misty? Amourshipping for life

  47. farmer with a shotgun

    farmer with a shotgunDay ago

    Bro I have the greatest idea for theory ever what if a Pokemon vs human war broke out across the globe who would win there would be a major death toll

  48. FalconBoy76 Gaming

    FalconBoy76 GamingDay ago

    When will people actually watch XYZ and realize that he’s not completely brainless anymore 😂 Edit: I mean seriously. Just move on from Indigo League.

  49. FredTubeDK

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  50. Lucas Thysell

    Lucas ThysellDay ago


  51. GHOST

    GHOSTDay ago

    24 year old grown old man

  52. Toshio Kazuhiko

    Toshio KazuhikoDay ago

    I think he’s gonna be 20 years old

  53. Ross Lang

    Ross LangDay ago


  54. Alexandre Lopes

    Alexandre LopesDay ago

    Taking back the Pikachu shorts again, in "Pikachu & Pichu", that happens in Johto, it is said that they are celebrating 1 year since Ash met Pikachu... I was hoping that you would mention it, but you didn't...

  55. Oki Natsu

    Oki NatsuDay ago

    Huh, i live in okinawa and now notice that they have small bannannas.

  56. Cookie Hero

    Cookie HeroDay ago

    he´s at least 25

  57. Tyson Vert

    Tyson VertDay ago

    Game Theory: A channel mostly comprising of a style content that in some cases requires the channels owner (Matthew Patrick) to watch 1020 television episodes and use real world science from a wide variety of sources to determine the age of its protagonist, recording every step for a voice-over. Matpat, do you have any regrets?

  58. MrJahanGuy

    MrJahanGuyDay ago

    0:35 "Suck not effective" "Well suck harder!" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  59. Fnaf Miners4

    Fnaf Miners4Day ago


  60. Peach Reee

    Peach ReeeDay ago

    Whats funny is that not only is Ash disregarding pokemon type logic, but everyone in the Pokemon animated series universe. There was even a time last year when I bothered to watch Pokemon and this kid goes up against Ash with a water type. Even Ash is like "lol mate thats a water" and the kid basically just recites Ash's logic by saying "Nah he got this, we train all the time, I know he'll win" and then loses 5 minutes later in battle because Ash used his signature move on a water type Pokemon. It's not that I hate the Pokemon animated series, its that its painful to watch without internally Reeing at how it defies the tactic you learned in the game with just some "Keep using tackle, he'll drop eventually" logic.

  61. Da J Dogg

    Da J DoggDay ago

    My birthday is may 22

  62. deadass meme

    deadass memeDay ago

    It's pretty surprising nobody noticed that "Ketchum" sounds almost like catch em'. The show also ran for pretty long now, so it is kinda funny nobody noticed it.

  63. Rainbowmangleartist

    RainbowmangleartistDay ago

    PIkaCHU thE HoRN

  64. Stacey Kilman

    Stacey KilmanDay ago

    Fortnite Gamers are so HOT!

  65. Bellfire

    BellfireDay ago

    "I-I try..." poor Mat..

  66. areonna's playlist davis

    areonna's playlist davisDay ago

    he is 54387474305764

  67. aj soltero

    aj solteroDay ago

    30 years old man

  68. Jaime Stanczyk

    Jaime Stanczyk2 days ago


  69. Nathan Rogers

    Nathan Rogers2 days ago

    bleep bloop. commenting because I love this channel and comments help the al gore rhythm.

  70. thegolden age

    thegolden age2 days ago

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  71. thegolden age

    thegolden age2 days ago

    Feet 6

  72. madison rezabek

    madison rezabek2 days ago

    Matpat new petscop video dropped ahhhhhh

  73. Joseph Martino

    Joseph Martino2 days ago

    Did he say lombray pretty sure it’s lomber m8

  74. Timothy Hunter

    Timothy Hunter2 days ago


  75. Iain Campbell

    Iain Campbell2 days ago

    My guess on Ash Ketchum's age is 10 years younger than Bart Simpson and 5 Years older than the South Park Kids Seriously, why just pick on Ash Ketchum over this??? - but thanks for education on Japan...

  76. Dallas Harrigfeld

    Dallas Harrigfeld2 days ago

    You should do a thing on video game high school

  77. shadow wolf

    shadow wolf2 days ago

    All you got to do is count the amount of christmas episodes there are, and for every Christmas episode it equals 1 year. Add it all up and there is your answer

  78. Lazy Guy

    Lazy Guy2 days ago


  79. Someone Thats cool

    Someone Thats cool2 days ago

    Hes gonna be dead

  80. Sonikku Hearts

    Sonikku Hearts2 days ago

    My guess is ash is at least Anime first aired at the 1997 he’s ten so in the 2000s he’s 13 and in 2010 he’s 20 of years And if I’m right in 2018 he should be 27 to 28 years of age

  81. ThankedStone OnTheXBOX

    ThankedStone OnTheXBOX2 days ago


  82. Kiera Smith

    Kiera Smith2 days ago

    Maybe he ends up being 30 at the end of forever. Since Pokemon will never end

  83. King Joe

    King Joe2 days ago


  84. Silly Ninja Stuff

    Silly Ninja Stuff2 days ago

    Do a coralline theory :D

  85. Mia Angel

    Mia Angel2 days ago

    Darkpat : puberty 😈😈😈😈😈

  86. ThatOneRandomMudkip

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  87. Coffe Man

    Coffe Man2 days ago

    Soooooooooo when the ultimate custom night theory coming out??

  88. Riley Lockhard

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  89. Tasib Sharar

    Tasib Sharar2 days ago

    A video on Beyblade

  90. MineTANAY

    MineTANAY2 days ago

    You should make cartoon theory

  91. Anime Lover

    Anime Lover2 days ago

    Omg I’m 10 so... WHERES MA LICENESE!

  92. Ryuji Sakamoto

    Ryuji Sakamoto2 days ago

    u actualy serious ship with misty amourshiping by far rlthe biggest and the best wtf

  93. Paulo Orencia

    Paulo Orencia2 days ago

    Ash's 21 wow, well he doesn't look like 21 he looks like 10 years old.

  94. Liam Hammond

    Liam Hammond2 days ago


  95. Yannick Stevens

    Yannick Stevens2 days ago

    Michael J Fox looked like he was 18 until he was around 40, so I'm gonna say 40 lol

  96. Obiwanswat

    Obiwanswat2 days ago


  97. JediJess1

    JediJess12 days ago

    that is the sound of a broken man

  98. Jagger F

    Jagger F2 days ago

    that scream at the end was beautiful

  99. TeamDead Meme

    TeamDead Meme2 days ago

    He should have put this on his TV theories

  100. Ethan Moscoso

    Ethan Moscoso2 days ago

    He still 10 in black and white episode 1

  101. Bryn James

    Bryn James3 days ago

    I remember making fun of my friends in Japan for not looking like what I thought all teenagers look like. Some of them still look like taller tweens because.... Japan.

  102. baby pokemon lover !!!! :-D

    baby pokemon lover !!!! :-D3 days ago

    I guess ash is 22

  103. Superduperdumb

    Superduperdumb3 days ago

    MY GUESS IS 31@!#

  104. Conner West

    Conner West3 days ago

    Good job Matpat!!

  105. Jill Burnette

    Jill Burnette3 days ago

    this show was my childhood

  106. Allan Vang

    Allan Vang3 days ago

    OR each Ash season is a different Ash from a different timeline from the multiverse. That is a much cooler theory.