Game Theory: We Were Right ALL ALONG! (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)


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    Oh come on!!!

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    Bracing for jumpscare

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    Ah my weekly minute long dose of cringe before a theory, just what I needed

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    Matpat: This theory will wrap everything up Scott: hold my beer

  6. Skrubberlotz

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    The true final ending is located by putting all the animatronics to 420 mode. When you complete it you will receive Despacito 2.

  7. Kyleigh

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    I was waiting for someone to talk about the one we shouldn't have killed

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  9. Y4ke

    Y4ke3 hours ago

    Congrats and awesome work for the theory, but I still wanna leave a shoutout to Dawko, who pushed limitless through 50/20 mode in Custom Night Never saw such eagerness, made me cry qq

  10. Erik Woodruff

    Erik Woodruff3 hours ago

    Mat: this is the one to finish it all(more or less what he said) Scott: well, time for a new game or book

  11. Olivia McKay

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    did any one else here the female voice that goes along with golden freddys.

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    I’ve never clicked a notification so fast 😂

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    The dislikes are from the first skit

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    MatPat makes a fanf theory? Click under a millisecond

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    You know, this also explains why in the BAD ending for FNAF3 there are 5 sets of heads with glowing eyes, but only 4 heads in the Good ending. Golden Fredy was missing from the good ending, and NOW we know why. He refused to move on. Wonder who he is....

  17. Eric Gee

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    Always gotta be a 2 parter!!! I can’t wait til it ends tho haha. Like the last 5 endings

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    Nice theory mat

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    How come Scott haven't praise this man?

  20. Budderslapperrr

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    what if you put in years for the animatronic levels. what do u think would happen? like 1987 and so on...

  21. Yoshimiester 507 the sad yoshi

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    Also 50/20 mode is possible dawko did it.

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    I'd rather watch the MatPat high school show than the original.

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    okay ive had it the opening is just to cringey


    MEME REVIEW3 hours ago

    Do you get revived in escape the night just asking i don't expected an answer

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    "what is this, like, the 80th time?" -"yeah pretty much..."

  26. ItsUrBoiXpo YT

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    Also the V.S. Is Cassidy and is a boy and Elizabeth (That is what I call the Puppet) is apart of this, and Cassidy is FredBear, I think the line “Let’s find a suit that’s right for you...” could mean that Cassidy helped William possibly choose FredBear’s Suit, which would explain why Cassidy could be FredBear. And Cassidy might have made this all, with help of Baby and Elizabeth/Puppet, which them being important. That’s all but bye also listen to your comments stupid!

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    *THE INTRO* 😂😭

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    Dat INTRO tho

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    After the next episode can you do a video that explains everything you theorized in the last a lot of fnaf theories?

  31. Backwards and Left

    Backwards and Left3 hours ago

    The person who you said back in the very 1st theory represents Golden Freddy in Fnaf 1 seems familiar. Hmmmm. Like I saw him in person a lot.

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    Lol love the intro

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    That intro was AMAZING!!!!!!!

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    Mr hippo is best girl!!! Fight me!

  35. BruiseBerry

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    Maybe the good ol’ fishing grandpa was talking specifically to YOU, Mr. MatPat (and other theorists of course), calling himself the demon and basically telling you that there really is nothing else. The whole series means nothing, and that’s that. Rest your own soul, MatPat.

  36. Joe King

    Joe King3 hours ago

    Maybe start listening, actually listening to that hippo and stop making these videos. You’ve run it so far into the ground, we’ve ended on the opposite side of the planet and are flying into the stratosphere!

  37. Wolvuen _

    Wolvuen _3 hours ago

    If we're William Afton, who is spring trap in this game?

  38. Temmie Does Undertale

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    Who else has been waiting for this for so long

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  41. Foxtrot Alpha

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    You play as Michael Afton in every game, this is why the animatronics are trying to get you, they think you're William. Springtrap, strangely enough, may not be trying to kill you, just pop in and say "hi son" or maybe recruit you or maybe kill you after finding out what you're really after.

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    Petscop episode when

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    Finally ive been waiting for this theory

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    after fnaf Sister location before Fnaf 1


    SQUID NED3 hours ago

    Video prologue is awesome

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    Whats in the box?

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    matpat looks good at toy chica don't u agree?

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    HE DID IT FOR THE LORE!!!!!!!!

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    4:40 better get doomguy

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    Ooohhh.... am i early 😯😯

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    *Watches the last video* Me: Aww that was the last theory. *See's another new video* Me: WHOOOOAHHH I got new stories to tell in my seatmate later!

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    Doki doki theory club

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    I feel like you took this from Dawko-

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    You're the man Mat

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    Lol I *ALWAYS* delete my comments...

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    Haven't watched the first minute yet but toy MatPat is terrifying

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    when you played the line of Mr.hippo talking about half and half iced tea was about to take a sip of mine

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  60. queenoffairies08

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    That line about there is nothing else, would also be a great way for Scott to tell the gamers to not look into further games for answers or endings (if he continues makes games) just a thought

  61. Kirkology

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    You’re sponsored my CH?

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    "You are golden Freddy" Well that would explain the whole "Its Me" thing

  63. MrsSupasal

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    Omg I’m so exited I’ve been waiting so long for this I love your flag theory’s

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    Is golden freddy Henry

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    Hey have you tried the phone keypad

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    0:08 This right here will haunt my dreams for a very long time.

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    .... i was more scared of sexy toy matpat... then anything else

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    The hippo is my favourite because of his stories and personality but I don’t remember the actual name.

  69. Ailish the ninja

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    Super enjoyable theory this was fun to watch

  70. shadowsa2b

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    "I am the fearful reflection of what you have created." Sounds like a biblical reference. "...I am fearfully and wonderfully made..." Psalm 139: 14 --NKJV

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    Could this be THE END?

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    1:28 lololol this is not the last episode of fnaf

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    can there be a chance of a satifiying ending???

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    Dwako won tho lol

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    I'm just sayin William deserved it!

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    The goddamn dark emo puppet yeah??? I get goosebumps all over every time that fucker talks jsksbslskak MAKE IT STOP

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    Wtf mat😂😂😂

  78. Galaxy 56 msp

    Galaxy 56 msp3 hours ago

    so, does that mean mark has to give up his crown?

  79. Willow Coplin

    Willow Coplin3 hours ago

    I think Balloora might be William Aftons wife

  80. Dunna

    Dunna3 hours ago

    In the menu you are Golden Freddy, setting the difficulty of the nightmare of William, and then you play as William trying to survive and at the same time you're the child watching from the shadows how does William dies, over, and over again.

  81. Nate Pizzuti

    Nate Pizzuti3 hours ago

    Golden Freddy forcing Afton through the torment of repeatedly dying by the animatronics is an incredibly satisfying ending. This is a part of the story that makes so much sense to me

  82. Wilby The Wizard

    Wilby The Wizard3 hours ago

    Ok so, you probably already know this but: The spirit states "He tried to release you, he tried to release us. But I'm not gonna let that happen. I will hold you here, I will keep you here, no matter how many times they burn us.". Explaining as best as I can, I'm not expert, but "HE" refers to as HENRY. The one who set up the whole plan to burn the animatronics by luring them into a trap. (FNAF Pizzeria Simulator) Henrys' intentions were to set them all free by burning them, but because of their rage, they decide to meet Michael in his little world of H-E-🏑-🏑. The spirit is SO RAGED, that they will continuously kill Michael, " matter how many times they burn us", as in no matter how many chances they get to be set free, they say no, and won't let that happen. Now their are some mess-ups in this explanation, because Henry states that Michael WOULD be going to H-E-🏑-🏑, but the spirit says that Henry had tried to RELEASE him. I am not a good theorist, but just helping.

  83. Adam Poole

    Adam Poole3 hours ago

    the bell icon was turned off on me by presumably youtube.. why?..i almost missed this episode

  84. Cozette Torres

    Cozette Torres3 hours ago

    Even though we only see the victims in the the animatronic’s suffering, I just want to take a step back and just mourn for a group of characters we have never seen before or ever will, the parents of the victims. They are maybe a hundred victims by now that aren’t related to the Afton family, and their parents turned away for maybe a second at a birthday party or just at a park, and lost their kid the a dangerous child serial killer. Most of them probably still think they are alive but missing, but a parents instinct is to never just wait. It’s a high chance that at the a dozen family know what is going on, and they would honestly believe it. How can they not, the Afton family doesn’t just keep everything their endgame a secret, from Micheal’s dead-and-reborn walk down the street to setting place on fire to hanging adults who also had families. All under William Afton’s name. I’m sure that a few parents would be paranoid like MatPat, maybe more. In all honesty, the guy doesn’t seem to leave the town or city his in, and if he kept going with his children murder, no one would trust him, work for him, or let their child near him. He’d have enough enraged parents in a couple months, less then a year. He was going to Hell in less maybe four to six months. Ultimate Custom Night would still happen, with the animatronics more frustrated from the waiting. This ending, unsatisfying to some, is the only ending waiting for the Afton family.

  85. Sarcastix FoxDragon

    Sarcastix FoxDragon3 hours ago

    Matpat when he made these theories: Ok here's a random shot I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I WAS FREAKING RIGHT THIS HOLE TIME. WHYYYYYYYYY

  86. Dont touch me im scared

    Dont touch me im scared3 hours ago

    If 50/20 is impossible, how did dawko beat this... are they out of hell now? As in hell, the game, are they in heaven now?

  87. Choncho Robles

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    There has been so many fnaf theories I looked at the video and thought “have I watched this before (sees intro) no “

  88. Jared Bassett

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    I think you are spot on with your theory

  89. Ultra gamer

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    I cant believe after all theese years, this is finally coming to an end. Its kinda sad.

  90. Erick Amaya

    Erick Amaya3 hours ago

    But what about Afton’partner forgot his name but what if he found out what happened to his daughter and confronted Afton but killed by him

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    Yo that nightmare puppet is life

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    Funny intro...

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    I saw this on the suggested list after watching a Supernatural crack vid and I legit jumped up when I saw the trench coat

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    AND also is fnaf pizzeria simulater also fnaf 3 because they both burn?!

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    Stop using that creepy kid face so damn much

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    No comment

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    Hey Matpat Im Your Biggest *"FAN"*

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    MatPat i dont think this is Afton's hell, but YOURS. after all you have to make a new theory on it. and I had a dream where scott made another game series (not a horror game) but like another game and the game actually was in the fnaf universe and then you had to make a theory on it and scott commented on your video "sorry" But thats just a weird dream i had.

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    Matpat no more toy chica for u

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