Game Theory: He Never Died He NevEr D̳͗Ie̳̱̒̍d̩͆ H̛̞͆͛Ẻ͎̺̊͑͘ N̑͒e̱͌͗VẺ̘r̨̫̖̓̋̃ D̻̘̾̒ỉE͎͚̹͗̽͌d͚͌̕͘


  1. John Smith

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  2. Ecstasy And Heroin

    Ecstasy And Heroin5 hours ago

    gam·mon1 /ˈɡamən/ Learn to pronounce nounBRITISH ham which has been cured or smoked like bacon. "gammon steaks"

  3. HolddisNerd

    HolddisNerd16 hours ago

    Hey Matthew, I hope you really like horror games. This one is a really good one that I think is worth a theory. Come on, take a look:

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  5. TopNotchGuy

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  6. Gendunla Lhundup

    Gendunla Lhundup18 hours ago

    I like that plush trap in the theme song Nice to see game theory remembering the game that made them blow up 😁

  7. dumb loser

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  8. GD Exflame

    GD Exflame20 hours ago

    The mall I go to has something called “The Void”

  9. Nnaemeka Ogbonna

    Nnaemeka Ogbonna23 hours ago

    aok would not like you taking their slogan

  10. Kabam Palpomp

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  11. Nikola Rozmarin

    Nikola RozmarinDay ago

    Did he say HOLO? Cristine (aka Simply Nailogical) left the chat

  12. Viktor 10 bg

    Viktor 10 bgDay ago

    Why did you changed the channels name

  13. GamingAdventureOfPug

    GamingAdventureOfPugDay ago

    In the real world there are monkeys that are really cursed

  14. Parkourse

    ParkourseDay ago

    i see the fnaf experience has left you smarter matpat

  15. Our #1 Pewdiepie

    Our #1 PewdiepieDay ago

    If this theory continues I'll wait till Arthur becomes the true father of the Kid in Duck season

  16. Hank Hill

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  17. searinator 2008

    searinator 2008Day ago

    Hi Mat Pat. Please do another fnaf video please. Here is a starter... How does the puppet (a child) know how to transfer souls into different bodies!!!

  18. kennadie tindall

    kennadie tindallDay ago

    this was made on my b day

  19. Aкула

    AкулаDay ago

    3:58 is Mike Diva. Check out his song BFD (my favourite)


    SØŇÎĆ ÞHƏ HƏĐĢƏHØĞ HedgehogDay ago

    Now that a bad dogie

  21. just a random gd player

    just a random gd playerDay ago

    _enter the city_

  22. Moustache Guy

    Moustache GuyDay ago

    0:44 Monika Sans Afton Wtf


    GAME GUARDDay ago

    Also always upgrade your anti virus so make sure ur words ain’t glitchy


    GAME GUARDDay ago

    Just like sans. (Well maybe he died just gonna guess he recovers)

  25. Maserati Ricc

    Maserati Ricc2 days ago

    green red yellow green

  26. w0keza

    w0keza2 days ago

    12:19 "He's Immortal now" When did he sign a contract with them?

  27. Georgia Palioura

    Georgia Palioura2 days ago

    That reminds me of that clown girl in a FNAF game that says YoUll nEvEr dIe You Will NeVer DiE

  28. Sophie M.Goldsmith

    Sophie M.Goldsmith2 days ago

    before the intro is just well.... YASSSSSS

  29. Sophie M.Goldsmith

    Sophie M.Goldsmith2 days ago

    oh yaaaasssss

  30. Purple Raptor

    Purple Raptor2 days ago

    I think this theory just ruined my dreams of finally playing fnaf VR 😨😭😓👻

  31. Im trash At video games

    Im trash At video games2 days ago

  32. Encodingerbil Kingsmith

    Encodingerbil Kingsmith2 days ago

    Just watched Inception and the only thing I could think about during the movie was this theory

  33. Luigi_729

    Luigi_7292 days ago

    Duck season: Duck hunt Boneworks: NO NO I HATE THAT THING IM JUST GONNA SAY THE NAME is Sonic master crazy hand lol

  34. mister jostur

    mister jostur2 days ago

    Don't use the knight in your videos when you say hollow. I remember what you did matthew patthew

  35. Lucas Rayman

    Lucas Rayman2 days ago

    What do the red and yellow on the symbol

  36. Soraka Main

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  37. Nugget Nuggets

    Nugget Nuggets2 days ago

    Maybe glitch trap and the void is connected

  38. Snowfall

    Snowfall3 days ago

    Anyone know what the yellow part of the logo means?

  39. Reuben Hodgson

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  40. Scout_Troop3R

    Scout_Troop3R3 days ago

    Wonder if our friend will find spoopy ol' gaster in the void.

  41. Asisa Guinyard

    Asisa Guinyard3 days ago

    Had to answer from here in fnaf 4 how come the animatronics went to that Pacific house how come they didnt go somewhere else

  42. Adam Hussain

    Adam Hussain3 days ago

    Your bringing this up now!?

  43. Hugo Ponce

    Hugo Ponce3 days ago

    i like how during the boring void energy part it cuts to an ad

  44. Asashi

    Asashi3 days ago

    "Ruining your childhood since 2011." Matt 2020

  45. Chlo Chlo

    Chlo Chlo3 days ago

    When game theory still exist 🤤🤤

  46. Gabriel Booth

    Gabriel Booth3 days ago

    How can people not like Matpat

  47. Jack 51

    Jack 513 days ago

    But we don’t need a rip-off of half-life because we have half-life alyx

  48. Mr WasHere

    Mr WasHere3 days ago

    "Accounting+" + Half-Life = Boneworks

  49. Tavian Moore

    Tavian Moore3 days ago

    I know this isn’t a movie or game, but you should do a WestWorld Theory

  50. TheWickedJester

    TheWickedJester3 days ago

    So they make a groundbreaking, reality shattering discovery and they...........use it to make video games?

  51. Justin Castillo

    Justin Castillo3 days ago

    I hate Mike Diva

  52. CCz On

    CCz On3 days ago

    When he died, owooooo Oh wait he never died nevermind

  53. Funko Fanatic

    Funko Fanatic3 days ago

    matpat: kirito me: heh

  54. Robo Void

    Robo Void3 days ago

    These kind of theorys scare me, cause it is hard to tell the difrence between the game talk and reality talk.

  55. Neppuru ShadowHeart

    Neppuru ShadowHeart3 days ago

    SAO Alicization intensified

  56. Star Godzilla2020

    Star Godzilla20203 days ago

    We are still alive **GLaDOS appears**

  57. PoisonTippedSword

    PoisonTippedSword4 days ago

    I find it hilarious that MatPat says, “It’s just a theory, a GAME theory”, when we all just accept his word as pure fact because we have no idea what he’s saying.

  58. gluten free bleach

    gluten free bleach3 days ago

    Pretty much

  59. Grenty CZ

    Grenty CZ4 days ago

    Who saw the small sringtrap in intro?

  60. Clanslayer

    Clanslayer4 days ago

    myth OS is just mythos. thought it was clever.

  61. Finchbird 1

    Finchbird 14 days ago

    @6:24 kinda creeped me out cause those are my initials