Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)


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    But.. Scott is now working on an VR FNAF game, and there will be a movie!

  3. Drake Gamer

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    What if it was all backwards

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    Well, watch Scott make a final FInAL game that evolves around cassidy and golden Freddy...

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    Matt: Okay! Final fnaf theory whoo! Scott: Scott: Scott: *releases teasers for **_another_** fnaf game* Matt: -nO-

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    What do you do if you have AirPods HUH JACK .... yeah you didnt think of that huh

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    I disagree with where you place the murder of Charlotte. It should be before FNAF 4 as that is what midnight motorist suggests

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    Scott working on fnaf 8 now Into Madness lol

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    I feel sorry for you you still have more to do on this series Scott's back at it again with more games

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    Scotts making a new game btw:FNaF Into Madness

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    Isn't their supposed to be a infinte tycoon game coming out?

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    What happen with big brother of Michael Afton

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    um, sorry matpat, but you already said that its wiliam promised to put mike back together as an anamatronic. you had never said it was the puppet giving him life

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    Jeese, I just wanted to play some FNAF :(

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    Michael’s voice sounds like an emo 31 year old that never came out of that teen phase.



    Hey mat theres a new fnaf game to have a thoery Search in google or youtube for proof

  17. Clover D

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    What if we put Baby’s numbers she says to the player when she describes how many children are in the room into the keypads in FNAF Sister Location? Like the first se of numbers into the elevator keypad, the second set into the office, and the third set of numbers in the room with Baby? I really want to try this, but I don’t have the game myself. Can someone please try this and let me know if anything happens?

  18. Tia Creighton

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    (This is a theory) He did not open the box because a robot kid is really sci-fi, not really horror. In an interview, he said that he leaned towards sci if in sister location, when the community wanted more horror. The interview was with Dawko

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    5:28 wait... isn’t that west world?

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    Well luck that this isnt the end (well maybe for the cannon part but its probably not because there might be a new story when the new games come out) because the new games mean more lore so there might be a part where they call back the spirits (still dont know how that would happen if it will even) because really what is a game without lore. But I still have no idea so (maybe) thats it for this story.

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    MatPat: after all these years finaly done Scott: Well yes but actually no

  22. Litay59 The space terminator

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    Mike is springtrap he tries to get rid of his creations the kids think he is William so he hides in the spring lock suit

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    next time don't spoil the book

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    Scott cawthon is making a 8 FNAF

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    I luv fnaf

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    Golden Freddy's "It's me" pointing to him being The one William shouldn't have killed, is Cassidy being the one saying it (It's me, the one you shouldn't have killed)

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    God...That a man horror game could have this much plots

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    Henery's daughter is Charlie, but she needs to live until she is a teen/adult because in "Silver Eyes" w/her friends she goes back and explores freddy's 1. She can't be a child because she cant travel back in time and be a child like whop dee doo hey ima a kid again! Freddy's simulator restaurant has to be made later after fanaf 1 was burned/abandoned. Has anyone pointed this out Charlie cannot die when she is a kid but is this a flashback or dream or what I need answers people! LIKE THIS SO MATT PAT AND OTHER THEROISTS CAN SEE THIS (it is getting so confusing) does anyone agree?

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    I’m so sad ‘cuz no matter how much merch he releases I can’t get any. (I’m 12 and my mom says no)

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    Sorry matpat. Your not done yet... Teaser.... Scott always comes back

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    My preteens days are finally over....this was the thing I was most obsessed was around the age of 10, 11, and 12. I used to not be able to fall asleep because this story was so confusing. I feel like I've FINALLY been satisfied. part of my preteen years isn't solved....Hello Neighbor. Also, fnaf is the BEST game ever. Because it expands.

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    Matpat: Welp all finish. Scott: *kicks door open* Matpat: Ha!! I did it!! Scott: *takes out the FAN* Matpat: *runs*

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    oh and this theory might be weird because the humans died but managed to make teletubies

  37. Jamon Neilson

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    so please complete this theory i have for you

  38. Jamon Neilson

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    shes may be still alive some how because the evil vershen of la la is shaking like somthing is inside of her

  39. Jamon Neilson

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    and if you play just slendytubies 3 well la la says that she had a bad dream but when she got killed by twinky winky

  40. Jamon Neilson

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    well of couse in a certain part of the game your magecly teleported into a checker bord place wich is called la la's dream

  41. Jamon Neilson

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    geuss what i have a theory for you slendytubies 3 the apacliptic dlc

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    Scott: How unfortunate ha ha How unfortunate ha ha I'm gonna do a sneaky thing And add a new fnaf game to your life😂

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    I know this is from another theory but if William Afton is the main character in custom night how is springtrap their



    Matt:the bite of 83. Me:it's 87! Not 83!!!

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    Scott is probably going to make a 8th one just to piss him of

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    Madpat: I’m done with fnaf! Scott: says he might be making a new fnaf game ( fnaf inferno )

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    questions:one,what happened to ballon boy and mangle after the series,and two,who are rxq and shadow freddy that are in fnaf 2 ONLY

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    Waiting for MatPats FNAF: Help Wanted theory's be like:

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    Mat: its over i can rest now Scott: sup bitch

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    *cries* this was the best I loved this serios and ill miss this serious & loved ure serious fnaf why does it have to end

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    19:26 That sound effect hit me hard 😵

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    43244555565454333 hours of the god dam back to school crap

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    the end well of now

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    Hey MatPat you wont see this but the songs TheLivingTombStone made before all your theory for all the fnaf franchises are exactly like yours but yours is into more *explanation*

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    But who is old man consequence

  57. mia Mensi

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    Guys... as much as i want another game to feed my FNAF theories addiction I don’t think Scott’s making more... just think about it. There are five games one Extra night game and a DLC like game! How many nights are in FNAF? Five nights one hard extra night and a DLC night! Like MatPat said in one of his last FNAF theories

  58. Pixel_Marshadow614

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    The mangle and the puppet didn't exist back in 1983 so why did they appear in Michael's dreams?

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    The fan!!!!! Its scared the heck out of me

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    This is the end?

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    Mat: "Wow! I'm finally done with FNaF!" Scott: **laughs in animatronic**

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    But why does Springtrap look different in the ending of Sister Location

  63. Sky's Gaming

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    Wait if Michael Afton is a robot why does his body decay turning him purple?

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    Um MatPat you might want to look at steam and because there is a new game for you ready to be in your video

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    I come for a tehory and matpat instead makes a 10minute advertisement.

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    WARNING ⚠️ MAY BE KIND OFF LONG TO READ AND I SUGGEST YOU KNOW A LOT OF FNAF BEFORE READING THIS ⚠️ (But you don’t have too) I’m about to say something and I’m the words of MatPat this isn’t for the faint of heart, Ok so we know Enarard took over all the animatronics and used their voices right? What if it was Enarard was still using baby voice and talking to Michael from her voice but we never really knew who possessed Enarard we know the funtimes and everyone else shared some with the core souls but what about Enarard? And he is saying you won’t die? Mystery right? So How would Enarard know that Michael wouldn’t die, could he be talking from personal experience? Well you can also through all that out, he said there’s a bit of me in everyone so if all the souls were in that animatronic (or at least part of them) And the souls are talking to Michel so once again how would the souls know? Or throw it all out the window again, Either way how would the souls or Enarard (baby) know that he was a robot and wouldn’t die? Just theory food for all my fellow Theorist’s

  67. Nooobslayer_619

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    How can he kill himself in ultimate custom night because springtrap can kill him but springtrap is william afton and william afton is the nightgaurd or whatever you want to call him but hey thats just a theory a game theory

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    Well MatPat... Looks like FNaF 7 is on its way... Now MatPat goes Into Madness

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    * ring ring* Hello? ???: whats up here you have ummm its call proyect five night at Freddy's it's something really nuts MatPat: did you say Fnaf? ???: see you soon

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    WARNING this is long :this can not be right as much as hate to say it how is freddy and mangle moving in the save them minigame when chica was first along with the fact of golden freddy's eyes being open also in the little girls room there is a mangle "toy" how could that be athing when mangle wasn't around yet also how is the house from fnaf 4 the same one as the mustard man's the layout is entirely different and as you said in your thought process Scott had his mind made up by fnaf 4 so i woudn't thing that he would change his mind on that big detail and are you going to explain why the crying child's bedroom looks completely different from night mode to mini-game mode as you have said before Scott doesn't do conisadences so what is the brother even doing there and how does the two golden suits get retired to the fnaf 1 location when they could have sent it to the fnaf two location with the others which would seem to be the case because golden freddy is withered with the rest of them

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    Do you remember your name? What this is reffering to his LAST name? AFTON

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    I wish it wasn't limited cuz i was gonna get 2 of everything...

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    What happened with Michael at the end of fnaf 6?

  75. You're amazing

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    So, basically, women say childbirth is terrible, yet Michael had 5 kids in him and had to puke them out, AND he survived, what a legend

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    4:53 what do you mean, he hasn’t kill him/her yet?? He/she was the FIRST! :|

  77. SomeTal'Darim

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    On it says something about "remember jeremy" when trying to save the black Image. Could this be talking about Jeremy Fitzgerald?

  78. XXSweet PotatoXX

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    You thought this was all over and explained well IT'S NOT because Scoot is coming out with a new FNaF game called Five Nights at Freddy's: Into Madness

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    i only watch this i barely listen but didnt purple guy die cuz thats what im seeing but sry if im all wrong about that im a little dumb with this games

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    My theory is that matpat is William afton and he’s being torched by the animatronics

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    i have a headache

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    *Scott sees video* Scott: not today... I WAS BORN FOR THIS MOMENT *relaeses fnaf vr*

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    +Springlock Gamer so true

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    *sniff* that was beautiful.

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    Could you do a theory on Shadow Bonnie from FNAF 2? Unless you have already done that and I haven't watched it yet. Thanks. I really like your videos! :)

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    But what happened to Michael Afton's/Crying Child's brother?

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    Are u serious you never talked about friken joy of creation

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    hey matpat who is mike shmit or Jeremy who we see in fnaf 1 and 2?

  89. Tigerblink

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    I think the whole "Its Me" thing is just his brother apologizing to him in the hospital

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    1:00 Is that why you have Game Theory UNDERWEAR of all things

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    Anyone here in 2019?

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    Someone pls help, who is the older brother and what happened to him? is there even an older brother? I'm lost

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    Why isn’t this in the playlist for Fnaf?

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    KNOCK KNOCK help wanted and into madness is knocking we want more theory’s

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    matpat, PLEASE make a new fnaf theory, theres a new fanf, the name is, fnaf into madness

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    Too bad FNAF is dead to most of humanity

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    New Virtual reality fnaf game coming out.

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    *finally done with fnaf* WE NEED A NEW GAME *but-* HES GONNA PLAY FORTNITE WE GOTTA FIX THIS *millions of new fnaf games* *breath of releif*

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    is this the end

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    I hope one day Scott verifies if this is all correct, if not then give us the story himself 😂

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    MatPat: "Finally It's over!" * 7 Months Later * Scott Rewatching This Video: Oh MatPat... you thought wrong!"

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    I’m holding on to a thread here, trying to keep up with everything you’re saying Matt 😂 so basically there’s just a lot of...well, death. ig?