Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)


  1. XtremeM0DE 210

    XtremeM0DE 2104 hours ago

    are u sure its thanos guy and not purple guy

  2. Q Squid

    Q Squid8 hours ago

    In the black and white immage of the puppet it looked like there where... letters and numbers inside?

  3. Lex Collingsworth/Fan Therost /Poke Fan

    Lex Collingsworth/Fan Therost /Poke Fan11 hours ago

    MatPat, The fonts of Gabriel A.K.A. Freddy & Jeremy A.K.A. Bonnie could be brothers. But hey that's just a theory, a game theory! Thanks for listening!

  4. Hannahloves Todraw

    Hannahloves Todraw11 hours ago

    •Credit to Erica liu for the idea• Which is scarier.... The fan... Or matpats obsession with Diet Coke....

  5. Dakotah Saulsbury

    Dakotah Saulsbury13 hours ago

    golden freddy is scott cawthonn? like or tell me if u think this is correct or close enough

  6. Dakotah Saulsbury

    Dakotah Saulsbury14 hours ago

    night guard? no mike guard? yee

  7. Marissa HV

    Marissa HV18 hours ago

    Hey those crotch punches are from Scrubs!!

  8. Jackson Cherry

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    Ok too complicated

  9. Curtis Taylor

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    and you are just a no minded jerk bitch

  10. Kyle Rait

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    Golden Freddy is Cassidy

  11. Mario  lemus

    Mario lemusDay ago

    I’m creeped out cause I saw eyes in the puppet

  12. Graham Lego Tube

    Graham Lego TubeDay ago

    Also i think FNAF 4 and FNAF 5 happen at the same time

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  14. Super Rico

    Super RicoDay ago

    You need to a Game Theory on "Just Cause 3".

  15. HixVix HizViz

    HixVix HizVizDay ago

    Wait MatPat Back To fnaf 4 and sister location when your at the bite of 1987 lights on the roof the I recognize and the lights circus babys room the are the same lights from fnaf 4 on the bite of 87''.so how does this make sense was the resurant reused or remade unground Matpat if you see help me figure this out.'

  16. Gamingtimewith allen

    Gamingtimewith allenDay ago

    Witherd chica: I have seen him. The one you should not have killed. The one you should have not killed is ... Golden Freddy. Chica was with g-Freddy because all the fnaf 1 guys died together.

  17. Flora Kapesa

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  18. Flora Kapesa

    Flora KapesaDay ago

    chica ever dabs

  19. Flora Kapesa

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  20. Flora Kapesa

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    (◔◡◔) (◔◡◔)(◔◡◔)(◔◡◔)(◔◡◔)(◔◡◔)(◔◡◔)

  21. Kittin Melon

    Kittin MelonDay ago

    There are actually 6 grave stones..... Why? And how?

  22. Crazy Turky

    Crazy TurkyDay ago

    In the midnight motoristeaster egg theres a grey blob sitting in the couch eating popcorn like mike in sis location but if the crying child is mike from sis location than whos the grey blob? Since in the motorist easter egg mike left his house to "see that place again"

  23. Vladan Milosavljevic

    Vladan MilosavljevicDay ago

    Some real some ollusins I figured it

  24. Funtimelayla Funtimelayla

    Funtimelayla Funtimelayla2 days ago

    Inard and enard sound alike you know

  25. Funtimelayla Funtimelayla

    Funtimelayla Funtimelayla2 days ago

    Or maybe it is all a dream and we are Mike and that's how we live

  26. Funtimelayla Funtimelayla

    Funtimelayla Funtimelayla2 days ago

    But maybe the logbook wasn't asking Mike maybe it was asking us maybe we are who the party was for and that's why Mike was the computer and we were the runaway child. That's why Mike is able to be dead and we arent.

  27. The Southeast Asian Union

    The Southeast Asian Union2 days ago

    A dabbing chica. Im going to ponder the intelligence of Humanity.

  28. Sonya Clarke

    Sonya Clarke2 days ago

    when your parents walk in on a meme video

  29. Kookii -

    Kookii -2 days ago

    1:49 “I don’t wanna die” flash backs


    BLITZ_OMEGA_yEr_BoI2 days ago

    dat "Robot Spagetii" is enard

  31. Jesse Watson

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  32. Katie ng

    Katie ng2 days ago

    But I saw another MReporterrs vid and it said that Fnaf 4 and Fnaf 5 took place at the same time?

  33. Just another Plebby Potato

    Just another Plebby Potato2 days ago

    Matt: YES I HAVE FINALY FIGURED OUT FNAF! Scott: Almost forgot to add one more animatronic. Matt: OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!

  34. MLGGreninja Reports

    MLGGreninja Reports2 days ago

    Did anyone notice that when matpat brightened up the screen the puppet had human eyes?. Take a closer look by that i mean stare at it

  35. Skeleton Gaming

    Skeleton Gaming3 days ago

    A few things... 1. Nightmare Freddy says, "I am given flesh to be your tormentor," meaning Nightmare Fred-Boy did not have flesh before, thus William didn't use his discs or build special animatronics to keep Michael away from Freddy's. 2. If Michael is a robot, how does he get scooped and *rot away*. Wouldn't him being a robot lead to him not rotting because only organic material can rot. Just a few complaints that you should address in another video.

  36. Victoria Whitcomb

    Victoria Whitcomb3 days ago

    Could the names Fritz and Jeremy be the same as the nightguards because in a previous theory it was just Mike using an alias. So why can't it be the same thing here? It's hinted that he knew the children before they died

  37. Danny vs ViDEO GAMES

    Danny vs ViDEO GAMES3 days ago

    2:56 mike wanted money but got exotic butters sigh 😂 😆 😝 LOL

  38. Danny vs ViDEO GAMES

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  39. Priscilla Rodriguez

    Priscilla Rodriguez3 days ago

    The foxy guy is kyel

  40. Clank 1022

    Clank 10223 days ago

    I thought there was a reference in one of the FNAF books about the carousel. I'm pretty sure the sliver eyes? Yeah, I thought it mentioned it in that book, since they found the pizzeria and adventured around.

  41. OctoFlower YT

    OctoFlower YT3 days ago

    matpat:puppet blablablah "SHE" me:finally somebody knows puppet is a girl

  42. OctoFlower YT

    OctoFlower YT3 days ago

    DanTDM:chica has betrayed me and dabbed...

  43. Noah James

    Noah James3 days ago

    golden fredys name is mike

  44. Zoe Collins

    Zoe Collins3 days ago

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  45. Potato Hell

    Potato Hell3 days ago

    Problem is, all these theories are so cool. Then the next one everything changes. Sigh...

  46. Andrea Ponce

    Andrea Ponce4 days ago

    The crying child/crime child dies then his father makes him an android who grows up!!! That's how he survives almost EVERYTHING!!!

  47. XxGaming CreeperxX

    XxGaming CreeperxX4 days ago

    Did anyone see Chica’s eyes moving to face mat pat

  48. diamond*wolf/wolf/cool*

    diamond*wolf/wolf/cool*4 days ago

    The character on the front of the twisted ones novel is not a twisted animatronic its nightmare!!!DUN DUN DU

  49. diamond*wolf/wolf/cool*

    diamond*wolf/wolf/cool*4 days ago

    If you survive fnaf 4 you live

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  51. Goku The best sayin

    Goku The best sayin4 days ago

    What I have no idea to what your saying

  52. Sabahat Sarfaraz

    Sabahat Sarfaraz4 days ago

    Five Nights at Freddy's is a family affair William afton's Family Affair

  53. Sabahat Sarfaraz

    Sabahat Sarfaraz4 days ago

    Get the Freddy files

  54. Sabahat Sarfaraz

    Sabahat Sarfaraz4 days ago

    Michael Afton try to fix Thomas Afton by putting his brain inside nightmare as you can notice there's a brain in nightmare at the end when Thomas afton dies

  55. Sabahat Sarfaraz

    Sabahat Sarfaraz4 days ago

    Baby Nightmare fredbear and Nightmare and ballora and spring-trap are all the Afton family misses afton's ballora babies Elizabeth Nightmare and Nightmare fredbear Thomas Afton Michael Afton is the second purple guy and the first purple guy William Afton the father is spring-trap and mr. Afton from 6

  56. Sabahat Sarfaraz

    Sabahat Sarfaraz4 days ago

    The place that you're in in Sister location is Under The Afton House as you can tell you're you're going down and you can hear vent sounds

  57. Sabahat Sarfaraz

    Sabahat Sarfaraz4 days ago

    Michael Afton was able to survive because a nerd switch bodies with Michael Afton

  58. Sabahat Sarfaraz

    Sabahat Sarfaraz4 days ago

    The bite was a dream

  59. Sabahat Sarfaraz

    Sabahat Sarfaraz4 days ago

    Michael Afton is not the bite victim Thomas Afton is Michael Afton is Thomas after and older brother

  60. Sabahat Sarfaraz

    Sabahat Sarfaraz4 days ago

    Michael Afton knows the appearance of nightmare fredbear because Thomas that's Michael afton's little brother Drew him because Thomas Afton was the one that had all the nightmares

  61. Sabahat Sarfaraz

    Sabahat Sarfaraz4 days ago

    Mangles soul is a dog 🦊🙆🚫👻🐶

  62. Ian Oliver

    Ian Oliver4 days ago

    So the FNaF 2 location is basically Mini Weeny Hut Jr’s.

  63. Brunette Devil

    Brunette Devil4 days ago

    If Mike doesn’t remember his name, then that would explain, why the check is for ‘’Mike Smith” instead of “Michael Afton”...

  64. Thecooldude 227

    Thecooldude 2274 days ago

    idk who u ppl r who disliked the video. I will find you... and i will kill you

  65. Thecooldude 227

    Thecooldude 2274 days ago

    i can't take on 8.1k ppl by myself however

  66. demilung

    demilung4 days ago

    One thing that ticks me off about Mike being a custom robo is that a robot probably won't be able to be scooped - machine parts and all that.

  67. Parker Nelson

    Parker Nelson5 days ago

    Mike is like fractions FNAF 5 Mike = Dead/dying bite victim no one understands why or how except for Scott 1/2 = 2/4 = 4/8 no one understands why or how but it does except for you math teacher

  68. Mario Gomez

    Mario Gomez5 days ago

    Did you know purple guy killed kids to help Michael survive the bite

  69. Oats Corn

    Oats Corn5 days ago

    Attention to detail: The creepy music box in the intro is playing the Game Theory intro melody.

  70. Emily Law

    Emily Law5 days ago

    We made a new game called Matpat banging head on table sim 0:18

  71. mauricio lizarbe

    mauricio lizarbe6 days ago

    No is not kenny afton = crying child

  72. serhan corbaci

    serhan corbaci6 days ago

    If the the night that puppet got killed was the first event in the timeline how is Micheal sitting and watching TV after he comes back from sister location.Sister location is not even set up yet and if Micheal is the fnaf 4 kid how could the kid Micheal escapes and the older Micheal is sitting?

  73. bearded meme dragon

    bearded meme dragon6 days ago

    the halloween pumkin cake is spoopyest

  74. D. Stars

    D. Stars6 days ago

    I realised that whenever William is around anything to do with the Freddy franchise we see him coloured as purple. What if his colours are represented by his persona, if the orange guy is purple guy then midnight motorist is the only time we see him not murdering and at his home. We all know colours and font of text is important to Scott so the colours of William could be showing different personas or he may be schizophrenic with one attitude being murder crazy. I dunno, it’s just a theory.

  75. sweet pea778

    sweet pea7786 days ago

    you are soooooooooooo coool

  76. projeto de youtuber

    projeto de youtuber6 days ago

    the location of the restaurant in fnaf 6 and washington according to the papers the files of the game when you received a fine

  77. projeto de youtuber

    projeto de youtuber6 days ago

    is in washintong i want to say sorry for the mistake

  78. Kaleb Mozota

    Kaleb Mozota7 days ago

    MatPat, please consider the following what if Mike isn’t the victim but he is having nightmares because he saw what a animatronic can do to a person

  79. Ivone Cochrane

    Ivone Cochrane7 days ago

    Wait since Jeremy and Gabriel share the same font maybe they are brothers

  80. ~Shay

    ~Shay7 days ago

    I have a theory/hypothesis you know the toy animatronics where did they get their life from? Do the souls just transfer from one animatronic to the next? And i have a question what is nightmare puppet? And who is Mangles soul who IS Mangle? (Ive never played any of the games or read the books before) I know you probably wont read this but here r my questions/theory/hypothesis if u do read this pls reply so i know and wont be confused for next vids edit: one more question also for the toy animatronics is Mangle Toy foxy? Since foxy doesnt show up in that game??

  81. Christy Callihan

    Christy Callihan7 days ago

    Don't worry!I will rebuild YOU matpat😂golden Freddys name may be del.take the d,e, & l from golden last name may be Frey from Freddy so his name would be del Frey or Mr Frey. Sorry if it's stupid but it made since to me 😑

  82. Thingy Nothingy

    Thingy Nothingy7 days ago

    I agree with you except that Michal is having nightmares due to grief. I have thought this since before we even knew Michal’s name

  83. jessie jen

    jessie jen8 days ago

    You can try to make a name out of the letters you have.. just came to me

  84. Becca Burk

    Becca Burk8 days ago

    lol Mat pay attention to the dialogue in the actual games. In the first fnaf game phone guy specifically said "it's amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe you know?" scientifically you can survive without your frontal lobe so the crying child did get bit,but he survived yet his sense of judgement and memory got messed up. The frontal lobe controls memory!! he got thrown into the mouth of Fred bear, got his frontal lobe removed and forgot who he was. the flat line could have been him going into shock from the memories of the animatronics. Children have vivid imaginations what he probably saw was him going into the mouth of a frightening creature not a fun singing animatronic I'm not trying to debunk any of your theories Mat I love your videos.......'m just saying pay attention more to the dialogue and less of what is happening behind the scenes.

  85. YungDumbAŠŠ LÖL

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    Literally hiding in the comments for the beginning 😂 Edit:oh it was nothing 🤣

  86. Jaden's Videos

    Jaden's Videos8 days ago

    I know his name golden Freddy's because after two years of research and it's basically game came to me it's Charlie

  87. iiDuckymom

    iiDuckymom8 days ago

    At first I thought the miracle soul juice was his twin 17:01 then I was like "Isn't that wrong?"

  88. dat bacon Boi

    dat bacon Boi8 days ago

    4 months later next theory plz (with added hypothesis)

  89. Zillion Knight

    Zillion Knight8 days ago

    Matpat: ahh finally solved Newgame release/update Matpat:burns down scotts house Scott:dark freddy voice *you will lose everything* Thanos:* snaps fingers *

  90. Zillion Knight

    Zillion Knight8 days ago

    Jumpscare killed anyone?

  91. The Pixie Palace

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    (Me: mind blown)( Elephants: Mind blown) (Jesus himself: Mind blown) Or as people say PURELY SHOOK!!

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    🎶join us be our friend or just be stuck and defend after all you've only got five nights at sonics🎶

  93. Feared Angel With Super Speed

    Feared Angel With Super Speed9 days ago

    so half of the story is about Michael"s robot

  94. Skip Parker

    Skip Parker9 days ago

    It is all a dream when he died he saw it all the past golden freddy has the control of it all Michael is Affton of fnaf six but in fnaf six one of the mini games a secret area Susie is the girl puppet can't survive but the spirit of Susie took control William Affton want to fake purple guys crimes here want control but golden freddy has it nightmares are the one William Affton made to kill Michel he hated Michel and William was under the freddy mask he was behind all pound of his death puppet is the dead girl of golden freddy but golden freddy Want to get purple guy back for the lies Michel might be golden freddy and twisted foxy has no spirit in him anymore but baby is here to kill purple guy and springtrap is here to end William Affton so it is not a good family

  95. TheShadyPast

    TheShadyPast9 days ago

    Well the It's me from fnaf 1 makes sense now XD

  96. zomgtehvikings

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    A second Infinity War reference within a few short weeks. “I’m not pandering you’re pandering.” -MatPat

  97. Andrew Karen Smith

    Andrew Karen Smith9 days ago

    Well I do not think Michael Afton can be the crying child because sister location you play as Michael afton and sister location is before fnaf fou- wait a second... um you’re actually right. Because fnaf four took place when fredbears family diner was open and sister location took place many years after that so that would mean the crying child/Michael Afton has enough time to grow up.😱

  98. Devil Girl Plays

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    The ultimate Night was released after my birthday :/

  99. Mahdi Pirnia

    Mahdi Pirnia9 days ago

    Wiliam died in fnaf3

  100. Anna Thompson

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    Sorry it’s thin = think

  101. Anna Thompson

    Anna Thompson9 days ago

    Hey matpat look at the grave stone picture who’s grave stone that’s by the tree can you Thiri about it I thin ka it’s poppet please matpat!!!!!!!!

  102. Galaxy Fox

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    My life among fnaf changes

  103. Mix-D

    Mix-D10 days ago

    William Is A Psycho So He Could've Murdered His Sons Friends For Disobeying Him So Much