Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)


  1. Josh Kolburn

    Josh Kolburn12 minutes ago

    Who’s the older brother

  2. CutieGalaxy Wolf

    CutieGalaxy Wolf13 minutes ago

    Um you know purple guy? What he's holding is actually a phone! PS: Does it even look like a gun? This can reveal he was phone guy?

  3. Rain

    Rain28 minutes ago

    I actually have a different theory about the Bite. I’ve never read the books, so forgive me if I’m wrong. So you know the whole ruckus about the Bite of 87 and 83? My theory is that there WAS no bite of 83, and that Michael was the victim of 87 who miraculously survived, as Phone Guy said in... FNaF 1? I think? Anyway, this is just a theory. A GAME THEORY- sorry.

  4. Danté W

    Danté W29 minutes ago

    Mat, "what is paragraph 4?" What the *F* is paragraph 4? Does anyone even know what paragraph 4 is?

  5. JaxMC

    JaxMC30 minutes ago

    Nah scott waits for matpat to release a theory, and then makes a game to break the theory

  6. ZeemaMC

    ZeemaMC31 minute ago

    ok so I haven’t watched the whole video so this could be a theory he already discussed but I just got to 5:37 and here is my theory: Michael Afton was indeed the crying child, and it makes sense for him to have gotten bitten and then died. His father, being the insane robotics genius he is, ended up creating artificial, prosthetic organs and body parts and repaired his son, using electronics to bring him back to “life”. This is why he, in FNAF 6 (I think it was?) he throws up said “robotic spaghetti”, because new parts were overriding the others, and he his body rejected the leftover parts, which caused him to collapse, possibly dead. (Though he was never quite alive) idk, It’s just a theory ;0

  7. ZMG Scrub

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  8. Ultimate Ant

    Ultimate Ant36 minutes ago

    So if the crying child is Michael then who's golden Freddy

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  13. Stone fox 120

    Stone fox 12038 minutes ago

    Sorry auto correct


    HENRY YEATES39 minutes ago

    Is mangle a dog? I don't think it is but my brother does

  15. Spank The Monkey

    Spank The Monkey40 minutes ago

    Fanf 4 Michael gets bitten and possibly died with William saying “I will put you back together “. Fanf 6, candy cadet says three stories. The one about stitching the remains of five kittens together, the one stitching five kids together, and the one about melting five keys together. A consistent theme. What if Michael was put together with the pieces of the original four kids? What if Golden Freddy is symbolic of this, since he is a empty shell waiting for parts? It would make Michael the Fifth child and possibly Golden Freddy.

  16. Nippin Lucine

    Nippin Lucine45 minutes ago

    Big spoilers for The Fourth Closet!! So after finishing the third book im really curious about all this and how exactly it crosses over and what exactly we can take away from it. We get Susie and Fritz name dropped and Susie being confirmed as Fruity Maze girl. We get a child named Micheal who goes on to posses Golden Freddy and has no connection to William Afton biologically or personally other than being killed by him and we get Elizabeth as Baby and William's daughter. The things we don't get are any mention of Gabriel, Jeremy or the Puppet, and we have the little girl named Cassidy who's name was hinted at in the log book but otherwise doesn't seem to fit in anywhere else. We also get confirmation that Charlie is in fact a robot as she died as a three year old, however it was Henry who did this. It's overall pretty confusing as to what things can help us better understand the plot of the game, and it's interesting that the Puppet doesn't seem to be relevant in the book's canon, even though by all means Charlie's real soul could have possessed it even with the rest of the book series in tact. I only just finished the book today so maybe more time to mull things over and maybe rereading the first two books could benefit me here.

  17. Tha Jappad

    Tha Jappad45 minutes ago

    I wonder if Fnaf world has to do with anything

  18. Jacob Farber

    Jacob Farber53 minutes ago

    I still feel it is who is the killer because one of the blueprints you in fnaf 6 talks about soul remnant and if I remember correctly Henry is the one who made the blueprints.

  19. TheSexehGonGon Gaming

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  20. TheSexehGonGon Gaming

    TheSexehGonGon Gaming55 minutes ago

    The dabbing chica is all I see in my nightmares.

  21. dylans phone channel

    dylans phone channel56 minutes ago

    Custom night is released on my birth day

  22. cabbie carrds

    cabbie carrds57 minutes ago

    What if the gravestones are the kids that died in fnaf 2?

  23. Mauriana Ramirez

    Mauriana RamirezHour ago

    so in fnaf 4 nighttime is a dream but the minigames in it are in the day

  24. Zipley -

    Zipley -Hour ago

    10:06 wait then how is that lefty if afton killed her I mean I believe you but I don't get how that's lefty now that you've said that

  25. Ana Giron

    Ana GironHour ago

    , it is not for Five Nights at Freddy's 4

  26. Ana Giron

    Ana GironHour ago

    fnaf 1 phone

  27. Mayarh Hee

    Mayarh HeeHour ago

    Literally last episode was weirdest thing I've seen. You should look in page 61 in all the books?

  28. Ana Giron

    Ana GironHour ago

    Five Nights at Freddy's frizz ease

  29. Zombeebear

    ZombeebearHour ago

    The puppet or GF is Cassidy. Check out treesicles video on it.

  30. Ana Giron

    Ana GironHour ago

    , Five Nights at Freddy's 4

  31. Ana Giron

    Ana GironHour ago

    Nafta full

  32. Ana Giron

    Ana GironHour ago

    Freddy's eyes have somebody's in his eyes

  33. Ana Giron

    Ana GironHour ago

    Dragon Freddy's eyes

  34. Ana Giron

    Ana GironHour ago

    free days en Snap

  35. RelatableAnimations

    RelatableAnimationsHour ago

    Ok so what if, what if, what if Michael Afton is actually Sammy (Charlotte's brother) and William Afton kidnapped him first and went back to kill his sister (who became the puppet) and the spirit talking to Michael through the book is Charlotte, trying to get him to remember who he really is and who is his true family? She gets him to remember and he sets his old friends' souls free and then kills himself in the FNAF 6 fire as to truly join his friends and sister. Please tell me if it makes sense to you because it makes perfect sense to me.

  36. Grace Pelzel

    Grace PelzelHour ago

    Mat pls keep working hard and pls pls tell us wut mike's really name is. ME AND my dad love to watch your videos and r waiting for you next theory!

  37. Aiden Corral

    Aiden CorralHour ago

    This popped into my brain. The backstory of the puppet is supposed to take place in Fredbears Family Diner, right? But the midnight motorist Later That night minigame, it takes place right after Afton’s first murder, he goes back home to see “Michael” escaping to the pizzeria, which Matpat confirmed isn’t the first location. So, did Scott retcon that part out? I thought I knew this series, but THIS is the MOST confused i’ve ever been in this series.

  38. TexasGirls DontPlay

    TexasGirls DontPlayHour ago

    Hey MatPat i love all of your theory's thx so much for cracking all the secrets we never knew from games keep it up your the best!!!!!

  39. Nyoomba Roomba

    Nyoomba RoombaHour ago

    Mat, in your little "epiphany" with William/Mustard Man being turned away at the door with the missing children incident and previous employees being turned away, you said that it was the second location. That it was the second game. Yet FNaF 2 came before FNaF 1 in the timeline. Does that mean William worked at Fredbear's Family Diner?

  40. Aiden Corral

    Aiden CorralHour ago

    I’m still confused on fnaf 4: is it a dream or not? Because the logbook says it’s a dream, but Matpat says that William made the nightmare animatronics with the mind discs, and also in the midnight motorist secret minigame, right in front of the cracks window, we see child footsteps, but also bigger footsteps the size of an animatronic’s foot. So, I’m confused.

  41. Cyberman Bro

    Cyberman Bro2 hours ago

    Matpat, have you heard of LittleBigPlanet? Yeah. It’s a game... with some SMALL questions. Can you do a theory of LBP?

  42. Yael Lopez

    Yael Lopez2 hours ago

    I do not know if he has mentioned this but there is a link between the fnaf 3 night 4 call and sister location.

  43. Loonyville'sReigningQueen

    Loonyville'sReigningQueen2 hours ago

    Guys, I had a thought. It's obvious Michael dies in FNAF 4 from the flatline we hear in the ending scene. Yet in later games, he's still alive. But there's one thing we might not have considered. What if it's NOT Michael's soul inside Michael's body? What if HIS soul is in Golden Freddy?? Hear me out. Golden Freddy shows up in FNAF 1, 2, and 3. At the end of FNAF 3, the attraction burns down, freeing the souls in the original suits. We don't see Golden Freddy in this capacity again. FNAF 4 is a prequel, but 'Fredbear' acts like all the other animatronics. 'Golden Freddy' though-- his behavior is WAY different than all the other animatronics. Why? Maybe because he knows there is someone else piloting HIS body. Think about the line associated with Golden Freddy, too-- "It's me". The Survival Guide asks a lot of questions about Michael's name. But if there's a different soul trapped in his body... suddenly it makes a lot more sense. And memories aren't stored in your SOUL, they're stored in your brain, so even if there's a different driver, Not-Michael would still have the memories of the original host. I would imagine the realm of Remnant is not an exact science.

  44. Angie Landrum

    Angie Landrum2 hours ago

    I don't think Einstein would be able to figure this out.... 😵

  45. pro_ game_destroyer

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  46. Stone fox 120

    Stone fox 1202 hours ago

    I now some thing now mike got scooped so enerd can go in him and those extra eyes on him are the eyes of the other animatronics I know this story for bad spelling because he’s made out of them the animatronics want to see freedom but they can’t because no one in the world will approve of big robots walking around . And you are right the soul juice is what keeps Ike alive many because he got more than he needed befor which saved him from death and many when he got out together in fanf 4 he got implanted with the sound altering divise that changed his view on the nightmare anamitronics but they we’re actually just plushes and nightmare is the repizenative of death and just saying this is my theory of what happens to mike after a wile the years past and this is a little theory but sister lacaion might be will and sort I’m out of time bye.

  47. Gamer Tdm

    Gamer Tdm2 hours ago

    I was nightmare balloon boy is not broken

  48. Adina Oaks

    Adina Oaks2 hours ago

    Your work is like baking a wedding cake and at the last moment the wedding is off. Edit/Suggestion: Listen to the FNAF songs, that may help, probably not but just a suggestion

  49. pro_ game_destroyer

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  50. Garethv Vaughan

    Garethv Vaughan2 hours ago

    so does mike have a younger brother

  51. Jem Official

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  52. FunGodzilla_DOGE

    FunGodzilla_DOGE2 hours ago

    I don’t know but with the two papers with fritz and jermary names mabey it is michal because the logbook asks mike do you know your name, he could just going with his gut of what his name actually is.

  53. Logan X Alicea

    Logan X Alicea2 hours ago

    idk if Ultimate Custom Night releases on November 7th but when you finish the UCN demo look under the 12am sign and you will see a date(?) and it reads: 0:11:7. If anyone sees this comment, like if you agree, dislike if you disagree. P.S if that date is part of UCN's gameplay, my theory is completely wrong.

  54. Logan X Alicea

    Logan X Alicea2 hours ago

    Also the demo is a troll

  55. fangirlsruineverything

    fangirlsruineverything2 hours ago

    But if remnant is used to give life to the animatronics why did Micheal come back after he expelled ennard? Was like a piece of ennard remnant (that sounds gross) left behind when Micheal was reanimated? Is that why the survival book keeps asking what our name is? This game is cicada 3301, I swear

  56. Weegee Sqwegie

    Weegee Sqwegie2 hours ago

    Soo there are two Mikes in the FNaF Lore..? SCOTT LOVES THE NAME MIKE!!

  57. Sarah Hakanson

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  58. Toy Bonnie FANF

    Toy Bonnie FANF2 hours ago

    You mean Hospital

  59. Solar Alexandrite

    Solar Alexandrite2 hours ago

    This theory gave me a heart-attack. Michael's life is tragic , a huge drama zone.

  60. Pheonix Oftheflame

    Pheonix Oftheflame3 hours ago

    What if Micheal is in purgatory and in fnaf 6 he goes to hell

  61. MrRandomFaces

    MrRandomFaces3 hours ago

    Mat not sure how to say this but, have ever wondered what is the meaning behind the audio prompts in fnaf world while you salvage the animatronics? it feels like they were meant to trigger the animatronic to something they have done or is saved on their memory

  62. AOTSnowdrop

    AOTSnowdrop3 hours ago

    *I don't even know anymore*

  63. Pj Pointer

    Pj Pointer3 hours ago

    In a few months matpat is gonna come back with some garbage that’s true. Like “If you record the book read aloud at a vocal speed of 1.8537 and play it backwards it gives you the decipher decryption word which is tomatagong which once put on a T-shirt and dipped in a 7 foot deep bleach pool turns into yellow.”

  64. Sanic The HogHedge

    Sanic The HogHedge3 hours ago

    But why did it say "Schmidt" if Mike (Afton) was the protagonist in FNaF 1?

  65. Evgeny youtube axis hola

    Evgeny youtube axis hola3 hours ago

    There is a demo of ultimate custom night in gamejolt

  66. Artistic Bunny

    Artistic Bunny3 hours ago

    In the twisted ones, remember how when they where investigating one of the dead bodies the officer (i forget his name it’s been a while) points out that charlie and the victim look so alike they can be twins?


    INC PRODUCTIONS3 hours ago

    FNAF vid #3643

  68. F0RKB0MBZ Z

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  69. Cinnamon_Roll_7 •U•

    Cinnamon_Roll_7 •U•3 hours ago

    I feel like Junior's is where FNAF 2 takes place because of all the toy animatronics there. And that's why the animatronics are more kid friendly because it is suitable for younger kids. Like the carousel, or Balloon Boy, or the fact that kid's could take apart Mangle and the employees didn't want to keep rebuilding the Mangle animatronic.

  70. the l33t hamm3rbro

    the l33t hamm3rbro3 hours ago

    Vsauce, Micheal here

  71. the l33t hamm3rbro

    the l33t hamm3rbro3 hours ago

    why did this become a meme

  72. Mario Mining Legos

    Mario Mining Legos3 hours ago

    Hey MatPat (if you see this) What you say about jrs doesn’t make mutch sense, like you said, but if Charlotte was the first victim why would jrs or (fnaf 2 location) not let him in if he just committed his first murder and if the events of fnaf four (8 bit segments) haven’t happend yet. And another question, witch pizzeria does the first murder take place at fnaf 2 or Fredbears? You should probably touch on when the first murder happens on ur timeline video because I can’t put it together

  73. Bleach McBleach

    Bleach McBleach3 hours ago

    11:33 something about what that child is climbing on doesnt seem right....

  74. sage the hedegog [Son of sonic]

    sage the hedegog [Son of sonic]3 hours ago

    The Kids on the Tubes *ARE* The kids the Haunt Freddy and the others and Golden freddy has Something else inside him! *SPRINGTRAP WAS BEHIND IT ALL!!!!*

  75. MisterMysterium

    MisterMysterium3 hours ago

    and the scott guy is like, thanks for writing my story mat, again. :)

  76. Cameron Phillips

    Cameron Phillips3 hours ago

    i know that you are checking over and over the book but can we go back to the sister location custom night when 'Micheal' or 'mike' pukes robot spaghetti in the bottom right corner why is there eyes this proves that the animatronics arn't just to scare him they stalk him or supervise him the animatronics are his Guardians and to stop his fathers torment and the mass murders he burns them!

  77. Banqqq Forever

    Banqqq Forever3 hours ago

    OMG 🤔🤔

  78. fishface 905

    fishface 9054 hours ago

    Golden freedy is fredbear

  79. Matt Spell

    Matt Spell4 hours ago

    Imagine the game twister with 10 people and about 20 turns in that’s my brain now

  80. Виталий Нечитайло

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  81. Digimonxxl

    Digimonxxl4 hours ago

    8:35 I have a Theory: They are the same because their souls got mixed and that is the Reason why shadow bonnie doesn't exist in Fanf 3. This would explain a Lot

  82. Alejandro Mstos

    Alejandro Mstos4 hours ago

    Please just do a video of fnaf that states the hole story

  83. ButteronmyCroissant OOF

    ButteronmyCroissant OOF4 hours ago

    That dabbing Chica tho

  84. ButteronmyCroissant OOF

    ButteronmyCroissant OOF4 hours ago

    I love these theory’s

  85. All Day Ayday

    All Day Ayday4 hours ago

    Golden Freddy's name is "Cassidy" according to some reddit users.

  86. Just Peachy

    Just Peachy4 hours ago

    One last question that you have to answer, who is Golden Freddy? You said the book was about finding his identity, and you've said that there is no crying child and he was the only one who could be Golden Freddy! So which character is the soul Golden Freddy, maybe I should answer that myself. Just maybe.

  87. Foxy Fan TBM

    Foxy Fan TBM4 hours ago

    Golden Freddy's name is... Cassedy maby?

  88. Wassem el Bouni

    Wassem el Bouni4 hours ago

    At 8:25, the fonts sure do look similar, but the letter "i" are different, not sure if it matters since i'm not an expert, just pointing it out.

  89. Bb Gamer

    Bb Gamer4 hours ago

    Is not mike it doesn’t make sense if it was mike

  90. Tanner Man

    Tanner Man4 hours ago

    I hope Scott releases two more games just to piss off Matt and destroy all of his theroys.

  91. TETRO

    TETRO4 hours ago

    He’ll probably do that in UCN cutscenes.

  92. Bb Gamer

    Bb Gamer5 hours ago

    Golden fready name is sammy

  93. Nina The Killer

    Nina The Killer5 hours ago

    Nightmare foxy is mike bro and baby is his sis and springtrap

  94. the puzzled penguin

    the puzzled penguin5 hours ago

    hey may be we can find clues in the bored game

  95. Jennifer Rowley

    Jennifer Rowley5 hours ago

    What if every afton was a robot because one after keep putting them back into some wierd Android thing

  96. Gabriel Mann

    Gabriel Mann5 hours ago

    Has anyone tried using a blacklight on the survival logbook

  97. Dan does YouTube

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  98. Dan does YouTube

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  99. Dan does YouTube

    Dan does YouTube5 hours ago

    Sorry matpat golden Freddy’s name is ....Cassidy

  100. Diane Kowalkowski

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  101. Cerulean Incubus

    Cerulean Incubus5 hours ago

    Uh matpat i thought you read the first book. they reveal GF's identity very clearly

  102. wRoNG!

    wRoNG!5 hours ago

    Cerulean Incubus Uh, the books have questionable canonicity.

  103. Karina Juarez

    Karina Juarez6 hours ago

    What if Cassidy is the crying child or the big brother

  104. Weed Gaster

    Weed Gaster6 hours ago

    About Jr's... Isn't the abbreviation JR meant as the second part, thing, or PLACE, with the same name? So with the JR'S thing here, and the evidence I showed you, JR'S might be FNAF 2's placement. AND I JUST THOUGHT OF THIS BUT WHAT IF THE CRYING CHILD/MICHEAL DOESN'T RUN OFF TO FREDDY'S, BUT TO FNAF 2!!!