Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)


  1. Cayde -6

    Cayde -615 minutes ago

    When micheal got the job for fnaf 1 and 2 he probably used the names of his friends???

  2. Kennedy Stoudt

    Kennedy StoudtHour ago

    Maybe Gabriel and Jeremy are related like Brothers

  3. Trey Webb

    Trey Webb2 hours ago

    Us: crying child is protagonist of fnaf4 Matpat(or scott) yes but actually no

  4. Kellar Bastari

    Kellar Bastari2 hours ago

    And tell me wrong but I think that William putting mike back together replicates spring trap trying to put Fred bear back together

  5. Kellar Bastari

    Kellar Bastari2 hours ago

    Wait mat the animatronics in the crying child scene are spring trap and Fred bear the original freddy

  6. Jeryur Alerey

    Jeryur Alerey3 hours ago

    He says Charlotte instead of Charlie

  7. Teemis Wellnitz

    Teemis Wellnitz3 hours ago

    May pat should do a super long episode talking about all the lore once all the games are out

  8. Vinny Rizzo

    Vinny Rizzo4 hours ago

    If Michael was the crying child how was he able to be the night guard in fnaf 1 he wasn’t old enough

  9. Mr.skittles king

    Mr.skittles king4 hours ago

    What is a game theory custom night line? Here it is: ThE lOrE nEvEr EnDs. We NeEd To StAy CaLm. WhAt We NeEd Is CaLmNeSs. YoUr ThEoRy Is DiFfReNt. It Is InCoRrEcT. wE nOw CaNt LeT yOu FrEe. It Is ThE oNe YoU ShOuLd NoT HaVe KiLlEd

  10. FEESH Productions

    FEESH Productions7 hours ago

    11:49 "All I see is an empty room no more joy an empty tomb" Hmmmm

  11. Marissa Ramirez

    Marissa Ramirez8 hours ago

    Sorry I'm late but there five nights and five origanals the first game is Freddy's the second game is foxy the third game is Chica and the fourth game is bonnie and the fifth game is golden Freddy

  12. Amber Griffis

    Amber Griffis8 hours ago

    I will take you apart and put you back together all over again I am remade but not by you by the one you should not have killed 😠😠😈👿😈😈😈😈😈👹👺

  13. This Oc Sam

    This Oc Sam9 hours ago 8:07 Matpat is a meme

  14. I’m a Ditch

    I’m a Ditch10 hours ago

    Isn’t mike the purple guy?? If he is then why does the purple guy look at you when ur scooped

  15. IronBubba Gaming

    IronBubba Gaming10 hours ago

    Hmmmm... this seems like the plot of another horror franchise that involves the replication of real people into AI *cough*petscop*cough*

  16. Jet polet R

    Jet polet R10 hours ago

    Springtrap is Michael afton

  17. Ne0n

    Ne0n11 hours ago

    the crying child is no more the dad MICHEAL wants to put him back together but WILLIAM the older brother wants to clean up the mess his father left behind

  18. Michael Bickhart

    Michael Bickhart11 hours ago

    But Charlotte can’t be an AI it is only baby using one of the mind control chips as a disguise as shown and explained in The Fourth Closet

  19. Ne0n

    Ne0n11 hours ago

    told ya you had it wrong mike is william and viseversa

  20. American Girl Stuff

    American Girl Stuff12 hours ago

    I believe that Micheal Afton is not the crying child, but who knows?

  21. FanMade Studios Eric & Andy

    FanMade Studios Eric & Andy12 hours ago

    How is mike or William still alive is he a god!?

  22. Joshua Tripp

    Joshua Tripp13 hours ago

    How do the childen control the robots if the endoskelton is still there


    ELI BONHAM13 hours ago

    is mike afton phone guy?

  24. Bendy

    Bendy14 hours ago


  25. Aiden Gray

    Aiden Gray16 hours ago

    Who is cupcake huh

  26. Nikki25Angela_ Arisu

    Nikki25Angela_ Arisu20 hours ago

    Wait if he's the crying child,which does mean,..uhm There's a little brother and Mike said"enough he had a rough day" And who is that foxy???!!!! Why Scott ?! This is so damn confusing.. TT^TT CHICA:*DABS* -LOL-

  27. Wiggly Wong

    Wiggly Wong22 hours ago

    13:09 its not the fnaf2 location its the fnaf location that isn’t seen because he killed the kid there not the fnaf2 location

  28. Gisele-gamer tv

    Gisele-gamer tvDay ago


  29. GamingWithKayla1400

    GamingWithKayla1400Day ago

    He really spends months just for a 20 min video for us ❤❤👏

  30. Rian Eaglesham

    Rian EagleshamDay ago

    My favorite part of Endgame was when Chica dabbed and erased Thanos from existence

  31. NekoPizza Girl

    NekoPizza GirlDay ago

    Maybe the fonts show the order they were killed in. The thinner the font, the closer to the first they were murdered. Susie have the thinnest font and also have the same font as the FNAF4’s introduction to the nights, meaning that she was killed first and right after Michael (Crying Kid) died. The next victim is Fritz, his font slightly thicker than Susie’s, explaining that he died after Susie did. Gabriel and Jeremy have the same font and also the thickest, which is possible that they died together or one died a few days after the other. Susie’s death timing make sense since one of Chica’s death dialogues did say “She is The a First” But the others are not really clear. What do you think?

  32. Justbeing EJ

    Justbeing EJDay ago


  33. Malaya Landon

    Malaya LandonDay ago

    there is a lot of elephants in this room

  34. this lil clod Dorito

    this lil clod DoritoDay ago

    I know what mangles gender is It’s yes EDIT: also this super unpopular girl in 6th grade kept telling me that the Marionette is a girl and I kept saying it’s a boy and I will still not admit that I was wrong well I can’t because she moved

  35. Travis Romero

    Travis RomeroDay ago

    Yoooo, what if Golden Freddy is the original spirit of Mike, hence the "It's Me" and the jumpscare that just pops up and crashes the game. It crashes Micheal since he's a robot. I know we thought Cassidy was Golden Freddy, but it's just a thought I had today

  36. Anass Aa

    Anass AaDay ago

    What if the Phone guy is the Older brother? Because Phone guy once said that Foxy is his favorite and what do we see in Fnaf 4? The older brother wearing a Foxy mask. But heyy thats just a theory, A GAME THEORY! Thanks for watching.

  37. Oscreeper198 Yt

    Oscreeper198 YtDay ago

    Mangles gender is YES dun dun duuuuuuuun

  38. Nadia Alshazly

    Nadia AlshazlyDay ago


  39. Tiger Kano

    Tiger KanoDay ago

    I hope Scott dose not make chica’s jumps are a dab....

  40. Carter Stevenson - Munden Park PS (1361)

    Carter Stevenson - Munden Park PS (1361)Day ago

    Random person:What's the scariest thing you've ever seen Me:dabbing chica

  41. lemya magzoub

    lemya magzoubDay ago

    The thing that gets spit out of him is his skeleton

  42. Clout Chaser

    Clout ChaserDay ago

    So who is mike

  43. G H Spirits

    G H SpiritsDay ago

    Put a uv light on the book

  44. GachaGuy

    GachaGuyDay ago

    Scott changes all lore to screw with you MatPat! 🤣

  45. Fox Man8764

    Fox Man8764Day ago

    Turn red to numbers

  46. Shadow

    ShadowDay ago

    Emmm no I don't think so

  47. Keith Hawkes

    Keith HawkesDay ago

    It’s been a year since this was released and so much has changed

  48. SpiritIncarnation

    SpiritIncarnationDay ago

    Haven't watched the rest yet but I wondered if perhaps the 6th gravestone is Mike's considering he is dead but still exists through an AI and the whole confusion of him being "alive," before we realized he is an AI/spirit thing is intentionally done to make us overthink. Scott may have wanted to make the gravestone ambiguous so you wouldn't get to that conclusion any faster and to make us go round in circles as I basically implied earlier. That is my guess but obviously I could be wrong.

  49. Gamzee Marker

    Gamzee MarkerDay ago

    The sister location animatronics are the ultimate vore fetish machines

  50. Zarrox

    Zarrox2 days ago

    *_Let me put you back together, and then take you apart all over again._*

  51. Games and Fun

    Games and Fun2 days ago

    At first So, Mike survived da bite, cuz he got recovered at da hospital. Rarely, ppl can recover from a flatline........ After da vid Ooooooooohhh!!!!!!!!

  52. Kaitlyn Averill

    Kaitlyn Averill2 days ago

    golden freddy's name is cassidy

  53. BendyRiper11

    BendyRiper112 days ago

    the older brother is dereck or if i didnt spell it right let me know

  54. Lucy and dark sans the gachatuber :3

    Lucy and dark sans the gachatuber :32 days ago

    sister location; sister's location ; the location of the sister.....Michael's sister

  55. Cory Livingston

    Cory Livingston2 days ago

    Who golden Freddy then

  56. CatMuto

    CatMuto2 days ago

    It could also be that Mike didn't die at the end of FNAF 4. There is a flatline, yes, but that could be asystolie. The heart stopped beating, but he was brought back through the use of a defib, etc. He survived, but perhaps sustaining brain damage from the bite; and he died from the scooper, but the remnant kept him going. *shrug*

  57. Liam Slalala

    Liam Slalala2 days ago

    "Wait I have a thinking Orange Guy is Dave from Silver Eyes" That's William Afton. You...clearly didn't read the book. At all.

  58. animation introvert

    animation introvert2 days ago

    Matt your breaking take a break of fnaf

  59. ᴄᴢᴏʀᴄʜ.8083

    ᴄᴢᴏʀᴄʜ.80832 days ago

    plot twist: there is actually no backstory to FNAF and it’s just a spooky game but matpat somehow still makes it work

  60. Roby Esarey

    Roby Esarey2 days ago

    i love how one comment says dave from silver eyes even though that is william afton

  61. Miles Bolton

    Miles Bolton2 days ago

    mangle's gender is yes

  62. John Carl Laque

    John Carl Laque2 days ago

    We ready to battle the fnaf we will war on fnaf Protect human and player save them

  63. r1x09

    r1x092 days ago

    What if Fritz was the older brother of mike. Maybe william killed his older brother too.

  64. Chill Guy

    Chill Guy3 days ago

    Nice intro!

  65. ninjabeast123

    ninjabeast1233 days ago

    I think Jeremy and Friz is still Michael but he just doesn't remember his name but he rembers his friend's name and Michael could be his brother's name aswell

  66. 5 Elements

    5 Elements3 days ago

    11:54 why is there a nightmare springTrap there’s plus trap

  67. ChArLiE cAk E

    ChArLiE cAk E3 days ago

    A dabbing chica HOW DID YOU FAIL?

  68. lee lebovich

    lee lebovich3 days ago

    In the word search it doesn’t only say do you remember your name it also says on the top paragraph it’s me how does that relate to it relates to Golden freddy

  69. Cameron Badgley

    Cameron Badgley3 days ago


  70. Cameron Badgley

    Cameron Badgley3 days ago

    Fnaf 1 is lonely

  71. Fire Wolf

    Fire Wolf3 days ago

    The Immortal And restless has a ralation To ultimate custom night willaim afton is immortal in heck and he can’t rest said by one animatronic I forgot

  72. Ashley Animations

    Ashley Animations3 days ago

    I thought Puppet was a guy ;3; who else thought she was a guy? XD

  73. XxBlaZeGuMzxX Yt

    XxBlaZeGuMzxX Yt3 days ago

    I though she was a girl Becasue reason

  74. XxBlaZeGuMzxX Yt

    XxBlaZeGuMzxX Yt3 days ago

    Ashley Animations hi

  75. yorgee smorgee

    yorgee smorgee3 days ago

    You said 7 years.

  76. Bluebomberman

    Bluebomberman3 days ago

    You guys are so clueless it’s so obvious that mangle’s gender is yes🤨

  77. mystic man

    mystic man3 days ago

    maybe Michael, after being crushed, got put back together with robot parts making him the immortal purple version

  78. シAbigail øwø

    シAbigail øwø3 days ago

    He dies as a child and the rest of his life is lived in hell That’s why he tends to get jumpscared a lot

  79. Mia a Amča

    Mia a Amča3 days ago

    So Mike Schmidt is Mike Afton?

  80. Blue Berry

    Blue Berry3 days ago

    creepy intro!

  81. Joshua Nunez

    Joshua Nunez4 days ago

    What about the dog anamatronic in fnaf 1 hideing in the door behind the door in the parts and service room

  82. Ultimate Maji

    Ultimate Maji4 days ago

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  83. Minecraft Diamond

    Minecraft Diamond4 days ago

    Pull up a chair, let's talk.

  84. Mike Matte

    Mike Matte4 days ago

  85. Jonny Maddrell

    Jonny Maddrell4 days ago

    Jeremy and Gabriel are Bonnie and Freddy and Bonnie and Freddy are also the only ones connected because of the shadow animatronics

  86. Lana playz

    Lana playz4 days ago

    13:38 game heory lol

  87. Aarry ,

    Aarry ,4 days ago

    You know matpat is running out of a ideas when he uses a GMOD Map for the intro.

  88. Neili Sanchez

    Neili Sanchez4 days ago

    I did it for the lore and to end fanf and Scott cawthen😡🤢😨

  89. Michael Cole

    Michael Cole4 days ago

    how is the intro monetised

  90. Racoon X

    Racoon X4 days ago

    Its assentaily a multi level torture fest.

  91. Racoon X

    Racoon X4 days ago

    Freddy Fazbears continues by creepy people makeing games about sickos making homicidele spirit nightmare fuel death traps that continues to perpetuate sucking in idiots. And butter......

  92. Cami Ingram

    Cami Ingram4 days ago

    what about the security logbook? did he ever solve it?

  93. Dismade

    Dismade4 days ago

    Obviously GLFIUS means Golden Freddy Is Us.. duh smh 😒

  94. Isak Myrz

    Isak Myrz4 days ago

    Love this series

  95. Yani Slav

    Yani Slav4 days ago

    The biggest question is what who is Michael's brother?

  96. Forever Alone Agent

    Forever Alone Agent4 days ago

    You assumed puppet's gender

  97. ecstacY

    ecstacY4 days ago

    I just expect that after 5 years and 10 more games, Matpat finally pieces toghether everything and than the first comment is from Scot and it just says: hah, wrong.

  98. Aiden Segura

    Aiden Segura4 days ago


  99. Aiden Segura

    Aiden Segura4 days ago

    But hay that's just a theory

  100. Aiden Segura

    Aiden Segura4 days ago

    In fnaf 1 the golden Easter egg is a code if 1987 because he heard of a event and golden freddy almost look like fred bear so things make more sense

  101. Aiden Segura

    Aiden Segura4 days ago

    To make thing less supsious he replace golden with fred bear so kids won't think something bad happen

  102. Aiden Segura

    Aiden Segura4 days ago

    Golden freddy us the first robot and is orginal name was spring freddy because if you reverse golden freddy he is actually the oldest model