Game Theory: Ash's Age FINALLY Solved! (Pokemon)


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    *Please Adjust your fan art accordingly*

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    Misty should be much older than ash because come on a kid wouldnt be a gym leader

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    Hail Whydra NEVA!!

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    If I can...

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    Whoever Dawns Dad is he needs to come and beat the bajoozles out of Ash.

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    You forgot about x y & z

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    Have you thought about the idea that the episodes are not chronological?

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    The art for the newest series...ooooooo boy... 0.0

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    Mat pat's estimation of 21 years old was really close

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    I had a crush on Ash growing up 😚 lol

  18. CatherenKitama

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    I feel like the only one who wants an anime that ages characters appropriately through the series rather than "OH TIME SKIP," and a few outfit changes/adjustments appropriate to character growth alone.

  19. Mathew Culver

    Mathew Culver2 hours ago

    Maybe they deleted his age by a pokemon rewinding his body

  20. Astral Matrix

    Astral Matrix2 hours ago

    Every series he is reincarnated to his ten year old form but nobody notices it but him even though the companions he has traveled with know about the long journey they’ve had

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    *When he makes another Pokemon theory instead of a Fran how theory*

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    *Well, ashes only ability is to be an adult and not hit puberty yet.*

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    age is a socail concept love everyone. the young godsplan 😢🙂✌✌

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    Would it be weird for a 100 year old to be dating at 57 year old?

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    i think this is all a dream-

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    Hello, midguardians. I’ve watched a “video” on this platform and I remembered that the midguardian from “You Posted That” said that Matthew Patrick could make videos that could be summed up in one clearly written formed sentence. I’m not sure, I just remembered it.

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    Where dat UCN theory

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    You nah vuh region

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    Fun fact: Ash isn’t real. It’s all fiction. Just some geeks who are to addicted to the show. Focusing on fictional characters. LMFAO.

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    I feel like MatPat used Ash’s age to watch all the Pokémon episodes

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    But please tell me if being 13 and loving the anime is weird

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    *I wanna know what Ash does to make his hair.*

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    Do more FNAF theory

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    LMAOOOOOOO. Did he really do a vanjie refrence? Im dead. 😂

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    Wait, why is this a *game theory*

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    I'm 4 years old. Dividing my age and adding 7 makes it 9. Is the minimal age for a four year old to date someone is 9

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    Hey... emm... can you do a Ultimate Custom Night theory????

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    If Ash Ketchum was real he would be 32 as Pokémon came out in 1996 and he was only 10 years old which 10 years ago from 1996 is 1986

  50. Marko Šeparović Mlađi

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    How about you make a POSTAL theory?First POSTAL game was SO different from it's sequels.There was a theory Postal Dude is possessed by demon according to files where Rick Hunter was ment to voice demon.

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    Finally solved? Lmao this has been proven for years.

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    Geez this is #1 on trending this is so cool😊👍

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    Ash is 20 yet he's kissing 10 to 11 year olds

  54. Carolina Alphonso

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    Oh and by the way remember when you were trying to find out golden Freddy’s name I figured it out!! GFLUIS. G means golden. F means Freddy. And then there is the name Luis. Golden Freddy is Luis. Micheal Affton is Luis which mean Micheal’s name actually not his real name.

  55. labagon

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    In the game it says he's 11 when he gets to sun and moon.but I still enjoyed the video

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    do FNAF lmao please

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    That math is weird my age 13÷2=7.5+7=14.5 years old

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    Fnaf ultimate custom nights has been out now for so long! Where is new theory mat?

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    Ash is 10... Don't argue with Canon.

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    So I wanted to be a 20 yr old for how long now? 🤨😕😳 Also what if ash is an Interdimensional being? Is that why he keeps his memory ‘s and doesn’t age? C’mon Matpat😑

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  68. Astral Matrix

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    Ash is immortal because of all the godly Pokémon he has been with

  69. Da Llama

    Da Llama2 hours ago

    Can you make a theory about Ash being a pedophile that uses fake IDs to trick girls to go alone in to the woods with him. I mean, am i the only och who thinks its weird that Ash always has a girl partner?

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    Why do u keep saying birthay

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    I like Pokemon cards

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    I don't know about trying to calculate timelines and ages in any anime, especially the ones that screw with time and space but doesn't Ash hang around with actual God!? I mean you already established in another video that people in the series are Pokemon and that Time and Space can be *&^%$# with along side the possibility of infinite dimensions. I think it's reasonable to assume that in one of them Ash is an immortal ageless ten-year-old.

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    I have something for fnaf. its the last cutscene I'm wondering about if the link doesn't work here is the title of the video: FULL INTERMISSION CUTSCENES + ALL ENDINGS!! Ultimate Custom Night 50/20 Mode Unbeatable

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    The new animation looks terrible

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    16:33 jokes on you, I've been watching this show since the 'how much is minecraft diamond armor really worth?' (paraphrasing) episode. Ive seen all of them. days of my life watching, being called crazy from spitting out random facts ive learned from this and film theory, merchendice that's sat on my self and feeling challenged from other nerds who i try to impress with knowledge ive learned here only to know that they saw that episode too. but hey, i wouldnt take any of it back. its been fun and i'l certainly see you and the editors next upload. if you do actually read this say hello to Ollie for us all and thank you for your never-ending hard work!

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    Matpat! I need your help. I don’t understand something about fnaf. Baby is Elizabeth and I’m sister location you play as Micheal Affton and baby tries to help you escape but then tricks you and you get scooped. But why would your own sister betray you? It doesn’t make sense

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    Damn what a good jhoto parody

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    he's 19 years,6 months old

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    Is that Charmo?

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    Maybe being resurrected by the tears of Pokemon in the first movie had an anti-aging effect

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    Do a theory on injustice

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    My age divided by 2 plus 7 is my age. I'm 14. Well then.

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    Shouldnt this be film theory?

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    Wait. They're supposed to be TEN?! So, not only is he creepily hanging out with ten year old girls, but specifically hanging out with, err... um... "developed" ten year old girls.

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    He's 20 if you just wanted to know the answer

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    shouldn't this be on film theory

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    1:58 OMG I REMEMBER THAT EPISODE!!!! For me that episode was HARD to comprend Another time, ME TRASH IN ENGLISH

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    *His child was saying his first words but he was binge watching Pokemon dabbing while studying the stars*

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    cant it be that there are multiple timelines? like alolan ash going straight from kanto/johto? and ash going straight to unova but meeting dawn and Brock earlier in his life? I havent watched much mokemon anime so correct me if im wrong

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    14:28 Wait.... Sports reference? *changes it to a pidgey* That's better

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    You absolutely blow at pronouncing words in the pokemon universe

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