Game of Zones - S5:E1: 'A Golden Summer'


  1. R Walt

    R Walt11 months ago

    How many references can y'all spot in the painting?



    McGee Hair !?

  3. Alex Casares

    Alex Casares21 day ago

    +Ching KitNew Chapter coming soon

  4. Mr. Milko

    Mr. MilkoMonth ago

    The cupcake wrapper, klay Thompson, on construction, and javales haircut

  5. Robert Victor Jocson

    Robert Victor Jocson2 months ago

    An arrow pointed at steph's knee (injury), Javale's rat tail hair

  6. ultravioletgaia

    ultravioletgaia4 months ago

    +ProjectFlight lol in your dreams boi

  7. Carlo Alcanar

    Carlo Alcanar3 days ago

    This is LIT hahhaa

  8. Exit38Productions

    Exit38Productions9 days ago

    I swear this one my favorite

  9. Teddy Tharp

    Teddy TharpMonth ago

    "It's Furkan, Furkan Korkmaz, they say he might make the Sixers active roster"

  10. Captain Mushmoo

    Captain Mushmoo2 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  11. Matthew Spurs

    Matthew Spurs2 months ago

    who's commenting after Mccaw refused to play another game for the warriors LOL

  12. Big body benz

    Big body benz2 months ago

    Background music????

  13. Meriluslff1989

    Meriluslff19892 months ago

    Bruuuhhhhhh Pat like Chris Paul to Rockets, Paul George and Carmelo to the Thunder and Jimmy Butler to Minnesota. Steve Kerr like yeahhhhh so

  14. Bballer 23

    Bballer 232 months ago

    "I was sending a raven of me pelvic area, and the raven bit me on the tip of me um..... pelvic area" 😂😂😂😂

  15. Fev Ola

    Fev Ola2 months ago


  16. Agent Beamstar

    Agent Beamstar2 months ago

    3:30 Who else got the Snapchat reference for Draymond Green!? I'm dead!!! 😂😂

  17. Moises Hernandez

    Moises Hernandez2 months ago

    😭😭😂😂im dying on curry “ im ok y just twist my ankle “ 😂😂😂

  18. Ka Mo

    Ka Mo2 months ago

    Guess Patrick Macaw didn’t like this roll

  19. Eray Bakacak

    Eray Bakacak3 months ago

    Furkan Korkmaz

  20. GoonerBear

    GoonerBear4 months ago

    It could have gone so far as "the Lakers have bought LeBron, Chris Paul, James Harden, Isiah Thomas, Anthony Davis, Carmelo Anthony, Kyrie Irving and Kahwi Leonard!" and Kerr would still have been like "come on, Patrick."

  21. Marie Kondo

    Marie Kondo4 months ago

    This is why mccaw left the warriors

  22. De_matos

    De_matos4 months ago

    i was just ending a raven of me pelvic area... LOL

  23. Emirhan Aykut

    Emirhan Aykut5 months ago

    1:54 Patrick was right

  24. Francis Gesim

    Francis Gesim5 months ago

    in the end nobody did really hurt their chances and became back to back champs

  25. zippity dandy

    zippity dandy6 months ago

    real talk

  26. Jaerizzle

    Jaerizzle6 months ago

    Bruh why curry chewing his pen like his mouthpiece lol

  27. mumu1212

    mumu12126 months ago

    I rather watch this then the NBA

  28. Tunacat B

    Tunacat B7 months ago

    Mccaw says he has a bad feeling about Vince Carter... good reference Bleacher Report. Good reference😂

  29. Jay Hines

    Jay Hines5 months ago


  30. Ex Zed

    Ex Zed8 months ago


  31. Bleb Han

    Bleb Han8 months ago

    Kerr and Klay sharing a blunt is in reference to Kerr claiming that smoking a joint helped him in dealing with his back pain.

  32. Enis  Can

    Enis Can8 months ago

    Wait next year for Furkan KORKMAZ 🇹🇷🇹🇷 And see. (And of course Cedi OSMAN)

  33. No Just No

    No Just No8 months ago

    1 year after the 2017 free agency and none of these "superteams" were shit except the rockets. The thunder and wolves barely made the playoffs and were first round exits and the supposed 3rd options for them in melo and weggins both underperformed by a large margin

  34. Brandon Fox

    Brandon Fox8 months ago

    Whats that song in the beginning

  35. K

    K8 months ago

    And on July 2nd 2018 they sat at their golden round table and decided to add another jester type player.... Demarcus Cousins! The rest of the league died on that day.

  36. Jay Hines

    Jay Hines5 months ago


  37. nut master

    nut master8 months ago


  38. AshantiSeppuku

    AshantiSeppuku8 months ago

    Who else is here after they signed Boogie? They need to be called the Pantheon 5. Golden Olympus starting 5 Curry (PG) - Poseidon Klay (SG) - Zeus Kd (SF) - Hades Green (PF) Hephaestus Cousins (C) - Ares

  39. B I T E S Z A D U S T O

    B I T E S Z A D U S T O8 months ago

    A Golden Summer indeed👎

  40. vohnvohn

    vohnvohn8 months ago


  41. Felicia Keesing

    Felicia Keesing8 months ago

    When Kerr told mccaw to inform him about big names, I thought he was going to mention a guy with a really long name

  42. Immanuel Jzv

    Immanuel Jzv8 months ago

    Bron joining the lakers !!! MWAAHHAHAHA

  43. Jay Hines

    Jay Hines5 months ago

    +King Jay lol

  44. King Jay

    King Jay8 months ago

    ...aaaand Boogie joins the Warriors... "Again Patrick, please, only bring us news that *actually* affects our chances."

  45. yupi619

    yupi6198 months ago

    it takes 6 weeks to come up with an episode.

  46. Alex Awesome

    Alex Awesome9 months ago

    Okc is best team

  47. James Jensen

    James Jensen9 months ago

    Rockets were a challange with Paul joining

  48. James Jensen

    James Jensen8 months ago

    Shaquan Newton Well yeah you would have won easily I agree now with Boogie in the team you will go 82-0

  49. Shaquan Newton

    Shaquan Newton8 months ago

    Dominykas Rimkevicius only after Iggy got hurt in the game where the warriors was up 43 points in game 3 we didn't dee Iggy til game 3 of the finals if he played vs the rockets the warriors win that series in 5games max

  50. xenon241

    xenon2419 months ago

    Funny how none of the offseason stuff mattered anyway. Golden State still Champs

  51. Μνρ Ιηfιηιτγ

    Μνρ Ιηfιηιτγ9 months ago

    4-0 Nothing to worry about

  52. DeshaunBetter

    DeshaunBetter9 months ago

    The Rockets almost won against the warriors

  53. mouad mamouni

    mouad mamouni9 months ago

    It all makes sense now :p

  54. Tombomb615

    Tombomb6159 months ago


  55. Nick Saunsoci

    Nick Saunsoci9 months ago

    You really need to watch these a few times to get all the references I just noticed the one about Patrick McCaw saying he had a bad feeling about Vince carter

  56. Moses

    Moses9 months ago

    Steve was right all along. Nothing to worry about 🤣 Back 2 back!

  57. Cmorebutsbuts

    Cmorebutsbuts9 months ago

    and they still won.

  58. Randy Bautista

    Randy Bautista9 months ago

    Lord Kerr can see the future

  59. kyler stone

    kyler stone9 months ago

    stephen curry is my uncle

  60. Christian Lantin

    Christian Lantin9 months ago

    Lol anyone else watching this after the Warriors just swept the Cavs. Looks like GoZ was right.

  61. DEATH

    DEATH9 months ago

    I love how this is actually a goof series like worth the time watching imagine 10 years from now and this is still going like that'd be awsome

  62. Max Bucknell

    Max Bucknell9 months ago

    “ Vince carter is bloody 40 years old”

  63. John H

    John H9 months ago

    they shoulda told him only ravens about lebron😂😂fr

  64. Yarin Shaked

    Yarin Shaked9 months ago

    waiting for a new one next year

  65. Curtis Baker

    Curtis Baker9 months ago

    Another Golden Summer for House Warriors!

  66. Bryce Paytes

    Bryce Paytes9 months ago

    I just got what McCaw meant when he said “I get a bad feeling about him.” God. Fucking. Damnit.

  67. elmer hu

    elmer hu9 months ago

    here after gsw wins championship

  68. Ronald Firman

    Ronald Firman9 months ago

    I just realized this is a prophecy

  69. NEDY

    NEDY9 months ago

    They all got injured in the post credits

  70. DFZ DefPro gaming

    DFZ DefPro gaming9 months ago

    Lol lebron is a demon lmao

  71. Jose Patino

    Jose Patino9 months ago

    Golden state of mind!

  72. letmeee seedem

    letmeee seedem9 months ago

    Patrick Mccaw actually had a bad feeling about Vince Carter lol

  73. Jonathan De Lucas

    Jonathan De Lucas9 months ago

    "Only bring us news that actually affects our chances" Kerr was right!

  74. ryouri_

    ryouri_9 months ago

    1:57 LMFAO

  75. Humble_ lion- скромный Лев

    Humble_ lion- скромный Лев9 months ago

    Yooo, GS didn't care, I didn't see that coming lool

  76. Dan Clark Limarez

    Dan Clark Limarez9 months ago

    It turns out they are right😂

  77. Mr UV

    Mr UV9 months ago

    Funny how true this ended up being 😂

  78. Ma dera

    Ma dera9 months ago

    Only house rockets can hurt there chances

  79. Demir Erdem

    Demir Erdem9 months ago

    As bayrakları as

  80. Barry Bansalan

    Barry Bansalan9 months ago

    Like if cavs will win the championship.

  81. Mynamesjohn2110 dallas cowboys superbowl champs

    Mynamesjohn2110 dallas cowboys superbowl champs9 months ago

    When the warriors heard the news they decided to injure themselves at the end credits

  82. NBA Mix

    NBA Mix9 months ago

    This might be the only thing I watch on MReporter

  83. Derrick Rose Is My Father

    Derrick Rose Is My Father9 months ago

    " Only news that affect us " then GS proceeds to almost get eliminated by HOU in 7 games

  84. Jun Elbert Jaboli

    Jun Elbert Jaboli9 months ago

    Welp, Kerr was right... 😂😂😂

  85. Cris S

    Cris S9 months ago

    I guess they were afraid of Kawhi and the Spurs coming for revenge. But that raven never came....

  86. Legend Ary

    Legend Ary9 months ago

    seeing this after the rockets took the warriors to 7

  87. Liam McKenna

    Liam McKenna9 months ago

    Looks like Kerr was right not to worry

  88. 99 Allenleung

    99 Allenleung9 months ago

    Well all calculated

  89. J.S.

    J.S.9 months ago

    why is Kerr always with red eyes on this series as he smoke weed every day

  90. Duong Pham

    Duong Pham9 months ago

    Well they did won the west at the end XD

  91. Neil DeGrasse Titan

    Neil DeGrasse Titan9 months ago

    Damn. Pat knew Vince was coming 4 em 😣

  92. Amin Afshari

    Amin Afshari9 months ago

    Steve Kerr was right !!!!! Those super teams couldn't do it !!

  93. Big Baller Ben

    Big Baller Ben9 months ago

    these motherfuckers

  94. Oscar The Grouch

    Oscar The Grouch9 months ago

    literally terrifying how accurate this turned out to be

  95. Irwin Jan Lagare

    Irwin Jan Lagare9 months ago

    And yeah Golden State Warriors are still the kings of the WEST!!! :D 2018 #WCFChampions!!!

  96. Howard Wang

    Howard Wang9 months ago

    And....steve kerr was absolutely right

  97. Godfred A.O

    Godfred A.O9 months ago

    Who's here after the Warriors beat the Rockets in game 7

  98. 2K Gmon

    2K Gmon6 months ago

    godfred ras yeet

  99. Safwan Al Islam

    Safwan Al Islam9 months ago

    wow the trades actually didn't affect gsw's chances lmao

  100. Lavar balld As a muthafucker

    Lavar balld As a muthafucker4 days ago

    Brian Fantana Iggy?! BHAHAHAHAH can't believe that's an excuse when you have 4 all-stars in the mix. 🤣🤦

  101. Brian Fantana

    Brian Fantana4 months ago

    +Broden Meh, they have their chances, but they squandered 17 treys. Before you said "if only CP3 didn't go down injured", unless you forget Iggy lockdown on CP3 all 3 games, before he too go down injured.

  102. Broden

    Broden4 months ago

    Darandom Channel Do you not remember the rockets in last years conference finals?

  103. srikanth sanaka

    srikanth sanaka9 months ago

    Daaaamn this just got too damn accurate!

  104. kwesikum

    kwesikum9 months ago

    I'm here after Game 7 Vs Houston. This is all I could think about after watching Steph in the 3rd Quarter. Loool. We'll done BR, well done

  105. Marcus ARA Agustin

    Marcus ARA Agustin9 months ago

    Bleacher report called it

  106. Big Bleach

    Big Bleach9 months ago

    Patrick Mcaw had a bad feeling Bc he got injured by Vince that’s is tuff

  107. mcolemc22

    mcolemc2210 months ago

    Furkan korkmaz, LMAO

  108. Slyrya x

    Slyrya x10 months ago


  109. Rati P

    Rati P10 months ago

    Where is Zaza?

  110. YeahItsAlpha

    YeahItsAlpha10 months ago

    Niceeeeeeeeeeeee (Kerr roasting)

  111. john Frio

    john Frio10 months ago

    This is fun

  112. Snatchin ankles

    Snatchin ankles10 months ago

    3:00 imma die laughing when the rockets go to the finals 😂😂😂😂

  113. Small Penis

    Small Penis9 months ago

    Blitz well they Lost 😂😂

  114. darkys channel

    darkys channel10 months ago

    I love how the rockets might actually beat the warriors now

  115. Small Penis

    Small Penis9 months ago

    iR3dtooth nope. They didn't

  116. KillaBoghila

    KillaBoghila10 months ago

    2:57 little does he know

  117. Ezekiel Arubuike

    Ezekiel Arubuike9 months ago

    KillaBoghila what?

  118. joshfrost _1204

    joshfrost _120410 months ago

    How about now? Rockets leads 3-2 in wcf 🤔

  119. Lipstick Zombie

    Lipstick Zombie3 months ago

    How about this comment not aging well...

  120. Small Penis

    Small Penis9 months ago

    Francis Joshua Alcala how about now 😂😂😂😂?