Game of Zones - Game of Zones - S5:E1: 'A Golden Summer'


  1. R Walt

    R Walt8 days ago

    How many references can y'all spot in the painting?

  2. George Williamson

    George WilliamsonDay ago

    Lebron is in the painting, in real life draymond was confused why Lebron was on a picture in the warriors practice gym

  3. Alex Casares

    Alex CasaresDay ago

    Clark Titus Caberto Skyrim style

  4. Studio D

    Studio D2 days ago

    Steph is chewing on his paintbrush just like he does with his mouth guard.

  5. Joe Endoso

    Joe Endoso2 days ago

    Curry LeBron is a direct reference to Michael casting Satan down to hell. Epic

  6. Donovan Newman

    Donovan Newman2 days ago

    1. Draymond looking down at LeBron's you know what :) 2. LeBron caling for more help! :)

  7. BR C

    BR C5 hours ago

    this doesn't top the cavs one, mayb it's the music

  8. ÄquåIçeFrøštÿ [Random Content :p]

    ÄquåIçeFrøštÿ [Random Content :p]7 hours ago

    That outro Lol.

  9. CleverTacticGaming

    CleverTacticGaming11 hours ago

    I like how you put the Warriors injured reference in the end

  10. george mikal

    george mikal12 hours ago

    Kerr smoking the finest kush in all of westeros

  11. Ishi

    Ishi17 hours ago

    Anyone ever watch the old British show Fawlty Towers? The music...

  12. a c

    a c17 hours ago


  13. Jhared Jones

    Jhared Jones19 hours ago

    Damnn Steve Kerr is a savage😂

  14. Anthony Reyes

    Anthony Reyes21 hour ago


  15. Can't Beat The BAY!

    Can't Beat The BAY!21 hour ago

    McCaw said Vince gave him a bad feeling agagahahahaha that's coooooold!

  16. kostas kara

    kostas kara22 hours ago


  17. f2a Finito

    f2a Finito22 hours ago

    Swagged out..

  18. DJ Barber

    DJ Barber23 hours ago

    3:03 and look at the rockets now lol

  19. Raphial Lee

    Raphial LeeDay ago

    Lol houston may affect their chances

  20. Feisty Narwhal

    Feisty NarwhalDay ago

    "Uncle Swaggy" lol

  21. Issa v Splxsh

    Issa v SplxshDay ago

    Patrick McCaw has a Gatorade symbol🤣🤣

  22. Birds in the Rodeo Sing Astroworld

    Birds in the Rodeo Sing AstroworldDay ago

    They even managed to fit a Klay Thompson building reference, pure genius

  23. Connor TSIH

    Connor TSIHDay ago

    2:59 every warriors fan at the start of season

  24. Sink Rock

    Sink RockDay ago

    Hey Furkan Korkmaz is my boy😂haha when he plays he ain't bad!

  25. royalnovember66

    royalnovember66Day ago

    Ofc Lebron is the devil in the painting lol

  26. Will D.

    Will D.Day ago

    Hahahaha.... awesome!! Its not that far from the truth either, LOL...

  27. Danny Harvey

    Danny HarveyDay ago

    kerr is passing a joint to klay lmfaooooooo 0:10

  28. MigsDescalzo

    MigsDescalzoDay ago

    0:27 look at the painting at the right!!!! And so much references on the ceiling painting! Edit: Patrick says he has a bad feeling about vince!

  29. Adam McDonald

    Adam McDonaldDay ago

    They played VC dirty

  30. Jaden Hodge

    Jaden HodgeDay ago

    Fuck kd

  31. Tim Chung

    Tim ChungDay ago

    RIP patrick

  32. Lonsomgonom49

    Lonsomgonom49Day ago

    I have got a bad feeling about him, says Patrick, almost gets his back broken by Vince

  33. dieselshug

    dieselshugDay ago

    So the Warriors

  34. JyMaster1

    JyMaster1Day ago

    1:57 yooo bleacher is crazy 😅😅😂😂😂

  35. Ali E

    Ali EDay ago

    Throwing so much shade. Can't wait for the Rockets to win the championship

  36. Andrew c

    Andrew cDay ago

    Gold... I want to see "a making of" for this series.

  37. sports fanboy930

    sports fanboy930Day ago

    I just saw pat mccaw reference Vince carter “I have a bad feeling about him” because he injured him😂

  38. Harold Asugar

    Harold AsugarDay ago

    I’m so late but damn I just noticed Nick Young’s painting 😂😂😂

  39. JAY ?

    JAY ?Day ago

    Dwight dropped 29 12 and 7 against the Warriors And still won by double digits

  40. Alex Casares

    Alex CasaresDay ago

    Wonder if they should do a Blake Griffin trade episode and 2 moons later he gets injured.

  41. ryan schmitt

    ryan schmittDay ago

    Klay was hilarious

  42. Amu Baloyi

    Amu Baloyi2 days ago

    the end

  43. Troy DeAnda

    Troy DeAnda2 days ago


  44. dimitrije manic

    dimitrije manic2 days ago

    we have waited for so long, and now we have the worst episode ever. what is going on?

  45. Poramet Prajapart

    Poramet Prajapart2 days ago

    Sir Christopher Paul has been traded to house Rockets. Is that hurts your chances Lord Commander?

  46. Domdoesgamingz-Fortnite and more

    Domdoesgamingz-Fortnite and more2 days ago

    Whwn he was talking about vince carter he should have crawled up the stairs

  47. Ronaldo de Lima Fan

    Ronaldo de Lima Fan2 days ago

    Steve Kerr reminds me of Michael Schumacher in this

  48. DeAnte Christian

    DeAnte Christian2 days ago

    Uncle Swaggy 😂😂

  49. 11Dubs30

    11Dubs302 days ago

    The more I sit with it, the joke about VC is too far. McCaw is lucky he can walk. It's in poor taste.

  50. Gods Child

    Gods Child2 days ago

    The ending was hilarious, everyone getting injured. Lol😂

  51. Vision white

    Vision white2 days ago


  52. Rob C

    Rob C2 days ago

    The way I see it, Curry is perfectly healthy, Kerr is only resting him while the Dubs play the weak ass Spurs in the first round. Gonna need a well rested Curry against those damn Rockets in the later rounds.

  53. James Simmons

    James Simmons3 days ago


  54. Rickey Williams

    Rickey Williams3 days ago

    That ending was savage bruh, this episode reaks of Warrior-bias😒😒

  55. Eus Forde

    Eus Forde3 days ago

    hahaha Patrick McCaw is so funny



    100% facts

  57. Big O

    Big O3 days ago

    we need so much more of this it should be a full length show forreal

  58. Sniper Steph #Unlocked with Microtransactions

    Sniper Steph #Unlocked with Microtransactions3 days ago

    When Patrick Mccaw said “ I don’t know, I just get a bad feeling from him” about Vince Carter it took me a few seconds to realized what that meant oml I can’t 💀💀💀💀💀

  59. Daniel P.

    Daniel P.3 days ago

    We need more!

  60. Dennis Gachanja

    Dennis Gachanja3 days ago

    Yall done McCaw wrong with that Vince Carter joke! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  61. Rashad Forcine

    Rashad Forcine3 days ago

    swaggy p has his moments but all to often he plays the fool...#dead

  62. Socrates Rosimo

    Socrates Rosimo3 days ago


  63. Aaron Anderson

    Aaron Anderson3 days ago

    Lol and look where we are now

  64. Jacob G

    Jacob G3 days ago

    Not a Warriors fan but this was bad ass

  65. Christopher Permetti

    Christopher Permetti3 days ago

    Like the inside joke of Vince Carter

  66. Bobby Buchanan

    Bobby Buchanan3 days ago


  67. Jordan P

    Jordan P3 days ago

    So glad it’s back! Love this so creative and mixes in perfect

  68. Bomb Jahlaam

    Bomb Jahlaam3 days ago

    They called Andrew Wiggins "The Maple Knight" SMH LOL

  69. D!ZZY Vila Nova

    D!ZZY Vila Nova3 days ago

    They never get the fucking complexions right. It's not hard to do fucking research & get the accurate skin color. White people kill me with this retarded

  70. Eion Dmitri Montes

    Eion Dmitri Montes3 days ago


  71. Elliott Lee

    Elliott Lee3 days ago

    cmon give us ep.2

  72. Reka

    Reka3 days ago

    I love watching all the Game of Zones they are so funny.

  73. Jack Morrison

    Jack Morrison3 days ago


  74. Brian Fantana

    Brian Fantana3 days ago

    Kerr is always baked 😂

  75. DooDoo Man

    DooDoo Man4 days ago

    British Draymond is best Draymond.

  76. Jojo 95

    Jojo 954 days ago

    The will regret disrespecting furkan kormaz he can ball

  77. Justis Heiner

    Justis Heiner4 days ago

    The real game of thrones starting five would have to be: PG:John snow (a floor general with no quit) SG: Oberyn Martel (got that deadly viper mentality) SF: The Night King ( the dude literally got ice in his veins) PF: The Hound (strong physical defender and will probably lead the realm in technical fouls) C: The Mountain ( same as the Hound but bigger) 6th man: Jamie Lanister ( early in his career he was considered one of the best players to ever play the game but due to serious injury he is now but a shell of his former self; however he is still capable of providing valuable minutes off the bench)

  78. Dub Nation

    Dub Nation4 days ago

    Thompson one is legit,he get distracted very often

  79. sfshinz

    sfshinz4 days ago

    Vince Carter certainly hurt Young Patrick's chances...

  80. Larkin Hancock

    Larkin Hancock4 days ago

    Sir Chris Paul is Alstar Ahai the point guard who was promised. He will see the Rockets throught the long night

  81. IKuudere King

    IKuudere King4 days ago

    The ending 😂😂😂😂😂 that was priceless they made the injuries so funny

  82. Trixie Nadela

    Trixie Nadela4 days ago

    2017-18 season = warriors finally getting beat by which team? a team of injuries.

  83. Trixie Nadela

    Trixie Nadela4 days ago

    “Are you okay” “Yeah, just.. tweaked my ankle”



    Yooooo they just legit announced this on TNT. Every Thursday we get an episodes on the BR app

  85. Nature King

    Nature King4 days ago

    This episode actually insulted any team there is lol,looks like steve kerr worries about no one out there,lol

  86. Jonathan Wetz

    Jonathan Wetz4 days ago

    Finally there talking about the kings

  87. Derrell Baker

    Derrell Baker4 days ago

    How they leave out Boston at the end

  88. Theo Josephs

    Theo Josephs4 days ago

    1:54 I’m dying

  89. L For LeBron

    L For LeBron4 days ago

    1:55 Lol Patrick has a bad feeling about Vince Carter. Probably because he caused his back injury...... How recent are these???

  90. Koustics M

    Koustics M4 days ago


  91. ted woods

    ted woods4 days ago

    Lmao warriors will win the ship again

  92. Soggy Waffles

    Soggy Waffles4 days ago

    Rockets 🚀

  93. Cole The Universe

    Cole The Universe4 days ago

    Lmaooo the ending credits tho

  94. King Benny Garcia

    King Benny Garcia4 days ago

    1:55 they talking bout tha injury

  95. lilmoneysniper

    lilmoneysniper4 days ago

    2nd best team in the west

  96. Red Dawn Alliance

    Red Dawn Alliance4 days ago

    Lmaooo Something that actually effects us


    JUSTO MORO4 days ago

    Lol..true..dub nation..

  98. Santiago Molina

    Santiago Molina4 days ago

    LeBron James the devil 0:14

  99. Emre Kahraman

    Emre Kahraman4 days ago


  100. Drew Aggus

    Drew Aggus4 days ago

    Enjoying the Humouresque in the background. 😌

  101. Fresh Games

    Fresh Games4 days ago

    as bayraklari furkan korkmaz

  102. Blood Brothers

    Blood Brothers4 days ago

    How about Patrick saying he has a bad feeling about Vince cause a couple weeks ago Vince took his feet out from under him and almost made him break his back. Funny shit.

  103. Nelson King

    Nelson King4 days ago

    i been waiting all season for this whack $hit

  104. Dev Brooks

    Dev Brooks4 days ago

    Why is kerr passing klay a blunt? Lol I don’t get the reference

  105. D Wr

    D Wr4 days ago

    2:00 oh fuck they went there already lmfao