Gal Gadot Shows Off Her Hula Hooping Skills | Secret Talent Theatre | Vanity Fair


  1. Hanan Saidou

    Hanan SaidouDay ago

    ''Hip movement...thang ta thang"GOT ME DEADD

  2. Nills Ryder McGuire

    Nills Ryder McGuire2 days ago

    Don't forget people. This woman is made by clay making every inch of her perfect. Dang! Someone sculpted her face professionaly done! 😍😍

  3. Luis Aguilar

    Luis Aguilar5 days ago


  4. avraham bleiwas

    avraham bleiwas22 days ago

    גל מהממת שלנו

  5. Tan Charlisa

    Tan CharlisaMonth ago

    I can also do that

  6. Maricol Mejia

    Maricol MejiaMonth ago

    Bit lies she is funny

  7. Andrei Despinoiu

    Andrei Despinoiu3 months ago

    0:48 Dat "uh", though...

  8. Mish G

    Mish G3 months ago

    I just found out shes 33 and her husband is 43..... Girl love who u want if he makes u happy ❤️

  9. yup yup

    yup yup4 months ago

    She has an acsent 😂

  10. Angel Dineta Margaretta

    Angel Dineta Margaretta4 months ago

    0:26 sounds sooo sweet

  11. Dutch

    Dutch4 months ago

    I honestly don't think that there is anyone cuter then her

  12. A. Reza

    A. Reza4 months ago

    I wish I can have wife like her.

  13. awsomeepic jt

    awsomeepic jt4 months ago

    ( * ¿* )

  14. S V

    S V4 months ago

    0:45 close your eyes and listen

  15. happy baer

    happy baer4 months ago

    גל גדותת

  16. Camilo Garcia Ylasaari

    Camilo Garcia Ylasaari4 months ago

    I can totally imagine Diana learning this during the '60s

  17. hi

    hi4 months ago

    I can HULA HOOP :D .......... . _.

  18. Itay Mahlin

    Itay Mahlin5 months ago

    לייק מי שישראלי

  19. isaiah

    isaiah5 months ago

    Gal husband is so fucken lucky to have that

  20. admin sucks

    admin sucks5 months ago

    My god she's a treasure. I wish I had her personality instead of this emo pessimistic judgmental person I am.

  21. Gaming with Autumn

    Gaming with Autumn5 months ago

    Is that the girl that played Wonder woman

  22. crank dux

    crank dux5 months ago

    this is why i love gal gadot not only is she gorgeous she has such a lively personality

  23. Devy Lynn

    Devy Lynn5 months ago

    i love you wander woman your my favorite superhero

  24. Ari Sinvani

    Ari Sinvani5 months ago

    גל האלופה

  25. Ari Sinvani

    Ari Sinvani5 months ago

    לייק מי שישראלי

  26. Asha Poo

    Asha Poo5 months ago

    Love that girl

  27. Mobile Players

    Mobile Players5 months ago

    Pretty woman and rich.

  28. Moria Dubinsky

    Moria Dubinsky5 months ago

    כפרה עלייההה חחח

  29. Nelson Lobo

    Nelson Lobo5 months ago

    Oh.,my. If I attempt to do that, I would have to run to the rest room

  30. Marilou Soeyland

    Marilou Soeyland6 months ago

    She is Dua Lipas Mom

  31. Manish kumar

    Manish kumar6 months ago

    Gal Gadot & Chris Hemsworth ...Both of them R my Favourite super heroes

  32. Rishabh Pawar

    Rishabh Pawar6 months ago


  33. Khushboo Pannu

    Khushboo Pannu6 months ago

    I can do that for hours .

  34. Maye Gadot

    Maye Gadot6 months ago

    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ HER!!!!!!!!!!


    THE BATMAN6 months ago

    I'd pay a thousand dollars to any charity to be that hula hoop!

  36. A Anand kumar

    A Anand kumar6 months ago

    U r sooooo cut

  37. Lacy vue

    Lacy vue6 months ago

    I love her so much❤️

  38. Nikolas Gonzalez

    Nikolas Gonzalez6 months ago

    That's one wonderful woman

  39. Abhishek Pandey

    Abhishek Pandey6 months ago

    Oh I just love her.😍

  40. Ted Sava

    Ted Sava6 months ago

    She's an actual angel ❤️

  41. Keyleen Montanez

    Keyleen Montanez6 months ago

    She cute to btw like a friend

  42. Keyleen Montanez

    Keyleen Montanez6 months ago

    Girl do it just do it like the meme just do it you got this

  43. Avi Kaushik

    Avi Kaushik6 months ago

    Wonder woman can do everythg😁

  44. This is Life

    This is Life6 months ago

    Hey i like ur killing smile....

  45. Rajdeep Ghosh

    Rajdeep Ghosh6 months ago

    Her English is adorable. Love her


    BALOR CLUB6 months ago

    Don't try to kill me with your smile😘😘😘

  47. Crono 7

    Crono 76 months ago

    Thank you, Israel

  48. Trey Stephens

    Trey Stephens6 months ago

    It must be so nice to be hot.

  49. Jhie Caddz

    Jhie Caddz6 months ago

    she's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!

  50. Joyce Liu

    Joyce Liu7 months ago

    Lol, Gal Gadot has so many amazing talents.

  51. ElpeEH

    ElpeEH7 months ago

    She is so cute😍😍😍

  52. AyshiPlays -My videos are kinda Funny

    AyshiPlays -My videos are kinda Funny7 months ago

    Hi WonderWoman!

  53. Shawn Nicole

    Shawn Nicole7 months ago

    Her laugh.

  54. pnsmexico

    pnsmexico7 months ago

    She's one Israeli Jew that i like much. for a tall woman, she's so fun-loving and childish in many ways too. i wonder how serious she was in the israeli military.

  55. Nauman Malik

    Nauman Malik7 months ago

    Her super talent is that she is extremelyyy hot 🔥

  56. RiaZo

    RiaZo7 months ago

    She’s so preciousssssss. I CANT. I LOVE HERRRR 💕💕💕

  57. BluBearii

    BluBearii7 months ago

    I’m sorry girl, your nice and all but I think almost anyone can hola hoop

  58. Profiledek

    Profiledek7 months ago

    what am I doing

  59. SnehRaj Sinh Jadeja

    SnehRaj Sinh Jadeja7 months ago

    Cute 😍

  60. yudefot fot

    yudefot fot7 months ago

    Can't we have a thousand Gal Gadots? I mean, I'd never complain with whatever she does.

  61. Neil Diamond

    Neil Diamond7 months ago

    I can't breathe omg!!😍😍

  62. Morabe Deborah

    Morabe Deborah7 months ago

    My sister can do hola hoop so its not a secret talent

  63. Jewel

    Jewel7 months ago


  64. TheDayAfterYesterday

    TheDayAfterYesterday7 months ago

    Um..... i think most of us can uh.. use a hula hoop.

  65. Arlin De Jesus

    Arlin De Jesus7 months ago


  66. Andy Saenz

    Andy Saenz7 months ago

    Wonder Woman can do anything she wants!

  67. anup.meghrajani

    anup.meghrajani7 months ago

    That smile though😍😍😍

  68. Ong Grace

    Ong Grace7 months ago

    Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman is cooler than Jennifer Lawrence aka Mystique

  69. Super Robot

    Super Robot7 months ago

    Wonderwoman has these many talents too...

  70. lucifer chithu

    lucifer chithu7 months ago

    Gal Gadot Is Beautiful Especially Her Smile

  71. Yasmin Gamer

    Yasmin Gamer7 months ago

    I'm your big fan 😘😍🤗

  72. Patriot Power

    Patriot Power7 months ago

    I bet she says all that stuff during deep throat

  73. Amira Bashbishi

    Amira Bashbishi7 months ago


  74. Hao Yuan

    Hao Yuan7 months ago

    So lovely

  75. musicgamer x

    musicgamer x7 months ago

    Wonder Woman ♥♥

  76. Hype Beast

    Hype Beast7 months ago

    she's so beautiful loveyouu😍💕

  77. Da Holy Unicorn

    Da Holy Unicorn7 months ago

    I can do it 300 times or more but it can hurt you stomach or make it tingle because the hula hoop hits your stomach. No wonder why my hip can really move I beated a completion at school for hula hooping.....

  78. BerriBare

    BerriBare7 months ago


  79. abrar ahmed

    abrar ahmed7 months ago

    Love gal gadot

  80. TheXypnavasilh

    TheXypnavasilh7 months ago

    Find something negative about her!Can you?

  81. The Pc Gamer

    The Pc Gamer7 months ago

    i am the biggest fan of gal gadot

  82. justinl458

    justinl4588 months ago

    She is so cute. I wish she was mine. 😞😞 and I like that hip movement.

  83. yasmin porat

    yasmin porat8 months ago

    All Israelis can hula hoop

  84. Jason Whitter

    Jason Whitter8 months ago

    Oh Lordy lord...

  85. 白空

    白空8 months ago

    Anyone subconsciously smiled the second she smiled?

  86. lonewolfanddog

    lonewolfanddog8 months ago

    She is unbeleivably cute

  87. M Ean

    M Ean8 months ago

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  88. Julia petyr

    Julia petyr8 months ago

    Gorgeous Gal!

  89. Tayo Odebunmi

    Tayo Odebunmi8 months ago

    I won a hula hooping contest and a limbo contest at a party once... It wasn't even my party.

  90. César Hancco Solís

    César Hancco Solís8 months ago

    Que rica esta perra sangre sucia judia, me la cogeria y despues le cortaría el cuello

  91. Tall Random Guy

    Tall Random Guy8 months ago

    The perfect woman doesn't exi....

  92. Tep Hm

    Tep Hm8 months ago

    I love u gal gadot.

  93. Bakhteyar Ali

    Bakhteyar Ali8 months ago

    i jusst love galllll .....positive energy ......

  94. Sebastian Rex

    Sebastian Rex8 months ago


  95. globalcitizenn

    globalcitizenn8 months ago

    Gal Gadot and Dua Lipa should play sisters in a movie

  96. ajay kenia

    ajay kenia8 months ago

    Who wouldnt fall in love with her

  97. Tabish Jamal

    Tabish Jamal8 months ago

    Oh so it's pronounced like... Gaaal Gaadoott

  98. Khawa Karpo

    Khawa Karpo8 months ago

    Super gorgeous.

  99. Light Striker

    Light Striker8 months ago

    Woah xD

  100. Dev Saha

    Dev Saha8 months ago

    was anyone else rocking their body along , watching the video ?