Gabby Barrett Sings "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston - Top 5 - American Idol 2018 on ABC


  1. TaNyia Ingram

    TaNyia Ingram13 hours ago

    I took a picture with her

  2. Chloe Mendez

    Chloe MendezDay ago

    I was eating at chilis when my server told me randomly that I look like gabby but a brunette version so here I am.

  3. Socially Sober

    Socially Sober2 days ago

    NOPE...not even close to Whitney!! No feelings, no soul!!!!!

  4. Mace Crawford

    Mace Crawford10 days ago

    thus is the first I heard her. I thank Maddie is great and she brings herself in the songs. Gabby is a great singer. she should try again. think America made the right choice by picking Maddie. but you are great to Gabby. don't give up I can see you being a big star someday.

  5. Guadalupe Davila

    Guadalupe Davila11 days ago

    She looks like Emily Osment

  6. kim Levendusky

    kim Levendusky12 days ago

    WOW I Love your Version of this song all the strength Power you put behind it Gabby you really know how to do show the Real Gabby Barrett Your my Idol the idol of so many others Sweety !!!! you give true Meaning to the words Super Star !!!!!!!!!

  7. Sarah Tobing

    Sarah Tobing13 days ago

    Whitney see it darling ❤😭

  8. Ephraim Mathapo

    Ephraim Mathapo16 days ago

    no no no. its not as good

  9. hardy yoba

    hardy yoba16 days ago

    so beautifull

  10. wrestlescotty

    wrestlescotty17 days ago

    I thought this was amazing at the time. Now I just listened to it back to back with Whitneys live performance and meh...

  11. clilkayc03

    clilkayc0317 days ago

    Now I need to go listen to Jessie J's version of the song to cleanse my ears

  12. Nichole Fest

    Nichole Fest18 days ago

    With being sick she was amazing!

  13. BreAnna Godsy

    BreAnna Godsy18 days ago

    i still believe that she should have won. maddie and caleb were great, but gabby was stunning. i believe that they let gabby take third place just so maddie and caleb could announce that they were dating.. its not fair to gabby at all.

  14. LydiaMay Richey

    LydiaMay Richey20 days ago

    She can sing anything. Some try and peg her as only country, but that is not true. We have heard a variety come out of her beautiful voice.

  15. Angela Beutel

    Angela Beutel21 day ago

    Why doesn't she just stay to R&B????? Her voice is so good at this style!

  16. Michelle Jones

    Michelle Jones21 day ago

    Love this song gave me chills esp knowing she was really sick she blew it away

  17. Francine Cardello

    Francine Cardello21 day ago

    i loved this perfomance and i love the dress , you are so beautiful and talented gabby we love you

  18. Traci Fedrick

    Traci Fedrick21 day ago

    Absolutely beautiful & amazing.. What a beautiful tribute 💕 to your Mom 💕💕

  19. Fighifary R. Sofandi

    Fighifary R. Sofandi21 day ago

    In Indonesia, Southeast of Asia, we have Maria Simorangkir who just won the latest season of Indonesian Idol. And with pleasure you guys can check out how she nailed 'I Have Nothing' cover on Indonesian Idol's Official MReporter. And you will surprise just like how we proud of her.

  20. Brandon Doster

    Brandon Doster21 day ago

    i love you gabby

  21. Jenine Smith

    Jenine Smith22 days ago

    This was just bwautiful. I raise my hands every time I hear it. So blessed

  22. Samantha Vanloon

    Samantha Vanloon22 days ago

    You're my favorite. I love you so much.

  23. The Iceman PTxE

    The Iceman PTxE22 days ago

    She should've won

  24. Cindy Snively

    Cindy Snively22 days ago

    ♡♡♡ beautiful voice!!

  25. Savage Boy

    Savage Boy22 days ago


  26. Nicole States

    Nicole States22 days ago

    You KILLED it! Whitney would be proud!

  27. J G

    J G22 days ago

    Been with you since day one

  28. tiffany freeman

    tiffany freeman22 days ago

    I absolutely LOVEEEE you! I've been with you since the beginning! You're a role model to everyone!

  29. Darren Moore

    Darren Moore22 days ago

    Extremely talented and amazing you can sing anything Gabby.. can't wait to see you on a bigger stage one day

  30. Christine Angel

    Christine Angel23 days ago

    Best performance she has done

  31. terry lp

    terry lp25 days ago


  32. Blazing Heat

    Blazing Heat27 days ago

    This girl can sing anything

  33. Deborah Crutchfield

    Deborah Crutchfield27 days ago

    Beautiful, you nailed it Awesome 👏

  34. Ashley Harrelson

    Ashley HarrelsonMonth ago

    Gabby barrett u r my idol

  35. N Kh

    N KhMonth ago

    She always sings very beautifully, but this song showed her talent even more than the country songs (I think). Woowww You are amazing Gabby :)

  36. Liliana Kelly

    Liliana KellyMonth ago

    Why do I feel that Katy Perry doesn't like Gabby ?

  37. Brian Butler

    Brian ButlerMonth ago

    Gabby is the best Singer of all time on Idol!

  38. Herb

    HerbMonth ago

    Amazing performance 🎆🎇🎆🎇🎉🎊 😀 Much 💝Gabby !! My North Star Always ! 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  39. Rhonda Brogan

    Rhonda BroganMonth ago

    Absolutely Fantastic!!!!

  40. bbymakayla1

    bbymakayla1Month ago

    Goddamn she can sing

  41. Carl Tristan Orense

    Carl Tristan OrenseMonth ago

    149 LANG

  42. Bill Swingle

    Bill SwingleMonth ago

    Egad, I just watched this again and I still find it overwhelmingly good. Gabby is fantastic!

  43. Ali afandi Iniesta

    Ali afandi IniestaMonth ago

    Maria Indonesia idol is the best 😅😅

  44. Deborah McLaughlin

    Deborah McLaughlinMonth ago

    Wow That Was So Good And She Was Sick You Got It Gabby You Killed That Song Top To Bottom

  45. Zack WallonDrums

    Zack WallonDrumsMonth ago

    God damn she is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seem

  46. Wilson Soetanto

    Wilson SoetantoMonth ago See Maria Indonesian idol version

  47. Witter PC

    Witter PCMonth ago

    Crazy that she did not win

  48. The Iceman PTxE

    The Iceman PTxE22 days ago

    Witter PC Right

  49. Cydney Aguas Cleveland

    Cydney Aguas ClevelandMonth ago

    Still don’t know how boring Maddie won.

  50. Jai Camille

    Jai CamilleMonth ago

    Simply murdered the song

  51. Eleazar Gaytan

    Eleazar GaytanMonth ago

    Better than the little bitch Katy.

  52. Max Wen

    Max WenMonth ago

    Just say she finished this song, but she didn’t sing well, and judges reaction so fake, her voice has nothing

  53. Anna Covers

    Anna CoversMonth ago

    Duude, most people dont mess with Whitney Houston! She killed it though.

  54. Uniquely Heather Holly

    Uniquely Heather HollyMonth ago

    This is hands down her BEST performance!! Woot!

  55. Jason Turek

    Jason TurekMonth ago

    This is not the type of song she should sing....ugh. I miss Whitney

  56. Aubrey Presnell

    Aubrey PresnellMonth ago

    I absolutely balled my eyes out when I seen gabby lost

  57. Julio Vitolo

    Julio VitoloMonth ago

    I love Gabbie's talent, this is her strong spot ... why does she want to sing country? I wish you very well Gabbie. She has a dream to be a country singer, but when Gabbie sings soul/pop/ r and b/ she knocks it out of the park, and connects with her Divine gift and touches the hearts of others. I will you well Gabbie ....

  58. Silja s

    Silja sMonth ago

    Good voice, bad song choice

  59. Music Mogul

    Music MogulMonth ago

    She doesn't have a rich enough tone for this song.... I'm not impressed..... Good attempt though, because I know Whitney songs are incredibly difficult.

  60. Diki H. Sitorus

    Diki H. SitorusMonth ago

    Maria simorangkir is better then her

  61. Alex Ell

    Alex EllMonth ago

    And the accent disappeared.

  62. angel_ dust

    angel_ dustMonth ago

    The way she sang that "Don't walk" at the end.. oh my. Such emotion.. such grit...such wanting... Perfect!

  63. knagaroo

    knagarooMonth ago

    Trenyce still owns the best version of this song on idol, but this was a close second.

  64. alwayssme

    alwayssmeMonth ago

    she was nothing but a copy cat no individual talent at all,she needed to be herself and sing it her way

  65. Kelly Kiefer

    Kelly KieferMonth ago

    Gabby really should have been the winner of American Idol! I was so shocked when she came in 3rd. She rocked every son! 😘

  66. michael schutz

    michael schutzMonth ago

    gabby my favoite

  67. Nevaeh Ochoa

    Nevaeh OchoaMonth ago

    She’s a queen in MY opinion

  68. Rachel L

    Rachel LMonth ago


  69. Daniel Erick Bhirawa Tirtadewa

    Daniel Erick Bhirawa TirtadewaMonth ago

    Ah yes, now I know where she got the idea of being like Carrie, when i catch a glimpse of their face similarity here..

  70. donna cargile

    donna cargileMonth ago

    She should have won.

  71. Secreatts- Secreatts

    Secreatts- SecreattsMonth ago

    Wow..... didn’t know we had so many music specialists/voice specialists on here. She’s a young woman trying to accomplish her goals but most of the things am reading is negative. Jealousy is an evil thing so try to encourage her.GABBY you are amazing, beautiful and very talent. I wish you nothing but happiness and success. I enjoyed your performances. Keep up the good work

  72. Sparky Adams

    Sparky AdamsMonth ago

    I waa so happy that Maddy Poppe won, but Gabby is Unbeleiveably awesome too

  73. TCubillas

    TCubillasMonth ago

    Check this out - Pittsburgh’s Gabby Barrett releases her first original single since her Top 3 finish on Americal Idol - … Beautiful! Please retweet link, repost link on other MReporter videos and repost link on Instagram!!!

  74. Julio Vitolo

    Julio VitoloMonth ago

    I keep posting a similar comment. I get chills when I hear Gabbie Sing this song and the Aretha song, 'Ain't No Way.' Her renditions moved me to tears. But, I did not get so moved when she sang her country songs. She is a great artist, who sings with dynamite emotion and passion. Gabbie wants to be a country singer, I hope that works out for her. Attention all producers and managers; guide Gabbie in the right direction. To me, there was no comparisson to the emotion she evoked when she sang the r and b songs as compared to the country songs. I may be dead wrong and I do hope Gabbie has a great career and finds the right genre to express the deep talent that is set within her. She is a great artist. Go Gabbie ....

  75. Nightingale99

    Nightingale99Month ago

    Here’s some advice if you’re going to do a Whitney Houston song In a singing competition…Don’t.

  76. iXCloutKingXi TV

    iXCloutKingXi TVMonth ago

    Jonny did it better

  77. Christine Starr

    Christine StarrMonth ago

    I am so sick of American Idol and so often the one who deserves to win doesn't and this is an extreme case in point.

  78. Christine Starr

    Christine StarrMonth ago

    Absolutely stunning.

  79. Hc2@dfw

    Hc2@dfwMonth ago

  80. Samantha Cromer

    Samantha CromerMonth ago

    One of Gabby's best and strongest performances. She was much more authentic in this performance than when she goes for the country vibe. I don't think she's a bad singer at all and enjoy her huge voice but she tries too hard to fit a mold that isn't her.

  81. Clint Hart

    Clint HartMonth ago

    I'm sorry America was wrong Gabby should have WON

  82. Miriam Brooks

    Miriam BrooksMonth ago

    You have it! You could be the next new Country girl. The Climb was awesome too. You are fantastic! I am proud of your success!!

  83. Paige Kind Gonzales

    Paige Kind GonzalesMonth ago

    The world needs underrated artists like her

  84. shannen abigail

    shannen abigailMonth ago

    Maria Indonesian Idol 2018 the best.

  85. Geovana Cristina  Sampaio

    Geovana Cristina SampaioMonth ago

    Yes 🙈🙈🙈stop🙈🙈🙈please 🤭🤭you sing very bad on high notes!!! does not have a position to sing, you need more air to sing😬😬😬 Sorry !!!! you lost because of this🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🗣🗣🗣🗣👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  86. Randy Johnson

    Randy JohnsonMonth ago

    Its a good thing she turned 18 before the finals. I believe it is illegal for a bunch of adults to screw a 17 year old.

  87. Christine Starr

    Christine StarrMonth ago

    Love this comment of yours, Gabby should have the title and the whole think reeks of a set up.

  88. berighteous

    berighteousMonth ago

    One of her best performances. Good job.

  89. Dakota  Griffith

    Dakota GriffithMonth ago

    Better sing it sis. Yes ma’am!

  90. Katrina Austin

    Katrina AustinMonth ago

    She did everything whitney did in that song in the body guard. I mean the back lighting was the same youd think shed came up with her own stage appearance

  91. Fighifary R. Sofandi

    Fighifary R. SofandiMonth ago

    Maria from Indonesian Idol still wins. She hit that note so powerfully.

  92. Stamatis Kon

    Stamatis KonMonth ago

    I don't remember how I got here but I feel sorry for this girl. She has a good voice but the song is obviously above her capabilities. She's actually screaming at some points. Is this how these shows work? Disregard the obvious flaws and praise the contestants whatever they do?

  93. Tracey DeBlase

    Tracey DeBlaseMonth ago

    Steve is very gracious! But I didn't not care for it at all.

  94. Dees views

    Dees viewsMonth ago

    She is the entire PKG, and this is just the first step in a very long career

  95. Kathy Mesimer

    Kathy MesimerMonth ago

    WOW,She did amazing!

  96. Jess

    JessMonth ago

    Why didn’t she sing Whitney or something like this for the finale?? She could have won

  97. Emily Dunn

    Emily DunnMonth ago

    Now this I like. I finally see some genuine emotion in this! Or idk how to explain it but it was good.

  98. Lauren Mayer

    Lauren MayerMonth ago

    I Love Her Dress!! She Is Very Gorgeous

  99. Kathy Cianciola

    Kathy CianciolaMonth ago

    This was a very memorable performance

  100. dawn Smith

    dawn SmithMonth ago


  101. dawn Smith

    dawn SmithMonth ago

    I love her!!!!

  102. Peace Always

    Peace AlwaysMonth ago

    she's right......she has nothing......the loser! this was the only song she sang well