Gabby Barrett Sings "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston - Top 5 - American Idol 2018 on ABC


  1. Mimimi An

    Mimimi An4 hours ago

    That 1:19 moment is 😍!!! Love love love her!

  2. rafdishan muhammad nesal

    rafdishan muhammad nesal4 hours ago

    Maria Indonesian idol

  3. tdsmth391

    tdsmth3915 hours ago

    This year's AI sucks. There are a lot of flaws in this performance. I'm surprised people can't hear that.

  4. Sensei kun

    Sensei kun6 hours ago

    Maria indonesia idol thebest

  5. Ryan S

    Ryan S7 hours ago

    Wow. I can't believe the negative comments! This is one of only five complete seasons of American Idol that I have watched but Gabby is the best contestant that I've ever seen, by far. She'll have a thousand decisions to make after AI and one or more bad decisions could prevent her from becoming a star but she certainly has ENORMOUS POTENTIAL.

  6. Fajri Koto

    Fajri Koto8 hours ago

    I recommend people to watch Maria, the winner of Indonesian Idol 2018, singing this song.

  7. Angelo Kournianos

    Angelo Kournianos8 hours ago

    Sorry. Others have done better. Will not be a star. Judges use super star too loosely. Lounge act.

  8. Shelley Bancroft

    Shelley Bancroft9 hours ago

    Beautiful performance! Just one thing.....why is her Mum in a casual tee, for the cameras?

  9. Paul D

    Paul D9 hours ago

    The winner.....remember gabby I commented the same when I first heard you and you commented back thanks so much

  10. Preston Williams

    Preston Williams10 hours ago

    proof that just because someone can hold a tune doesn't mean they are a star. she shouldn't be in the top 5.

  11. Till Man

    Till Man12 hours ago


  12. Tym Canada

    Tym Canada12 hours ago

    I was born and raised in the South. My wife is from the exact area that this young lady is from. No one there talks like this kid. She is a wanna be southerner. Her phony accent will not do well with country music fans. She can sing, but she is not real.

  13. an nguyen

    an nguyen12 hours ago


  14. VividlyEmblazoned

    VividlyEmblazoned13 hours ago

    Whitney Mariah and Celine songs should just be off limits to contestants on these shows. This was awful. Why do people want to listen to this girl strain??

  15. Dennis Ferrer

    Dennis Ferrer14 hours ago

    Katy didn't stand because she knows she can't hit those notes.

  16. Cat's Incredulous

    Cat's Incredulous14 hours ago

    Great to see the trans what have you gone. Judges are annoying this year. Watched Idol every year except this one.

  17. MrReed314

    MrReed31415 hours ago

    OMG!!! Whitney Houston? Seriously?...Prince, Whitney, Carrie, Perfectly harmonize with Jennifer...Why are there so many comments that say Gabby has no versatility?...

  18. Noname Nameless

    Noname Nameless15 hours ago

    Her voice sucks and there's no depth in her singing

  19. Omar D.

    Omar D.17 hours ago


  20. Fat Alien

    Fat Alien19 hours ago

    She whines through her nose when she sings 😑

  21. Yurkovich, Kamdyn

    Yurkovich, Kamdyn19 hours ago

    Gabby your so awesome❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. MusicalTheaterGeek

    MusicalTheaterGeek20 hours ago

    I know people who know her. They say she's a real bitch.

  23. Greg Geo

    Greg Geo23 hours ago

    Gabby for the win!!!



    This was her best performance yet

  25. Lauryn Hill

    Lauryn HillDay ago

    She chose the wrong song it took her voice and made it sound mediocre but props for taking the risk

  26. Bobby Omega

    Bobby OmegaDay ago

    Like a voice of jodie indonesian idol

  27. mark pilar

    mark pilarDay ago

    Gabby is a great singer and she made a good attempt at this song. In terms of vocal tonality and pitch, it wasn’t there. This song isn’t for her because even though she has the power, her voice does not hold a round tone for this song. You could tell that when she was hitting the high notes, there was a hint of her voice straining.

  28. 황통닭

    황통닭Day ago

    Just search "i have nothing" on YT and there are millions of better covers on different shows and youtube channels. I dont get how ppl are impressed by this mediocre karaoke. I mean we see ppl like her on every single talent show...

  29. v smith

    v smithDay ago

    She’s so shallow & fake..!! just look at how rudely she treated Cade when she was picked for the top 3....America BIG MISTAKE...!!!

  30. Yumiri Chimiri

    Yumiri ChimiriDay ago

    Young people don't like country songs, and that's why they don't listen to Caleb and Maddie as much. Gabby Barrett is the only contestant who can sing R&B and soft rock songs. Despite this lousy performance, she will be in top 2.

  31. Madison TV

    Madison TVDay ago

    Whitney Houston songs are not easy to sing... VERY WELL DONE ✨❤️

  32. angela d adam

    angela d adamDay ago

    Notg special abt her..

  33. Linda Vuong

    Linda VuongDay ago


  34. BeeKeepers Mo

    BeeKeepers MoDay ago

    Everyone’s like. “ but she has the most views and the most followers”. Take a look back to the beginning and middle of the show. Who got absolutely more views than anyone. Catie! And where is she? Eliminated. Pulling for Maddie....

  35. uchuva7

    uchuva7Day ago

    Im a fan of Maddie more than Gabby but I think this girl will win only because possibly 90% of the voting population admire the pop and country mainstream typical performances. This is great but not unique. There are many like Gabby. Only 1 Maddie

  36. Susi Jones

    Susi JonesDay ago

    It has 1.2 million views. Caleb and Maddie have only under 450 thousand views.

  37. Hi There You Go

    Hi There You GoDay ago

    *Maria and Jessie j did waaayyy better in the sing competition lmao* *this cracked bitch could never*

  38. wigsnatcher430

    wigsnatcher430Day ago

    JURNEE outsang.

  39. Susi Jones

    Susi JonesDay ago

    Luke Bryan didn't wanna say anything, because It wasn't a flawless performance!

  40. Holanda Gonzalez

    Holanda GonzalezDay ago

    No one has the voice for this song except for Whitney Houston. Sound okay for someone that can sing, but not good enough for this song.

  41. Andreanus Widyatama

    Andreanus WidyatamaDay ago

    Maria - I Have Nothing ( Indonesian Idol 2018 )

  42. Kionna Stephens

    Kionna StephensDay ago

    It was sloppy and she cut the notes way to short

  43. SarcasmIsMyOnlyDefense

    SarcasmIsMyOnlyDefenseDay ago

    Katy lookin like a snack with that dark hair

  44. SarcasmIsMyOnlyDefense

    SarcasmIsMyOnlyDefenseDay ago

    This was so good

  45. Valentina Muñoz Pérez

    Valentina Muñoz PérezDay ago

    No me transmitió algún sentimiento

  46. Brooklynn Sanchez

    Brooklynn SanchezDay ago

    Gabby was born to be a star!

  47. Mizuka Young

    Mizuka YoungDay ago

    This is like her best performance ever! She sang this like it's supposed to be sung and there was nothing mediocre about this. So different and unique. She's winning this season.

  48. PHIFan-MIA

    PHIFan-MIADay ago

    Does everyone hate this blond chick? Seems all the contestants don't like her. Is she a diva?

  49. RashaunTheDon !

    RashaunTheDon !Day ago

    It’s over! Everybody pack your shit and go home. Here’s your next American Idol👐🏾

  50. Mark Harris

    Mark HarrisDay ago

    My ears don't wanna hurt anymore. she's fucking garbage bro. Cute though


    ALISSIADay ago

    Katy with the black hair!!! 😭😍

  52. marrrvelous

    marrrvelousDay ago

    Horrible, nasally, stick to county. Can't believe she's in the top 3. America, you done goofed.

  53. kelly gardner

    kelly gardner2 days ago

    Killt it, killt it. Get it gabby

  54. Technosham TV

    Technosham TV2 days ago

    no hunny

  55. ahmad falakhi

    ahmad falakhi2 days ago

    maria indonesian idol more powerfull

  56. Far Side Character 0427

    Far Side Character 04272 days ago

    I’m supp to be sleeping! Then I hear this voice! Omg!!! If only WH was still alive to hear this performance! 🤗

  57. Terrie Mclaughlin

    Terrie Mclaughlin2 days ago

    I hope they sing original songs in the finale so we can see her shine on her own. She has an amazing voice and deserves to win. Not too many people can sing Whitney and make it sound as good as she did.

  58. Lee Abila

    Lee Abila2 days ago


  59. Jade Kennedy

    Jade Kennedy2 days ago

    Sounds so effortless 😩 so beautiful!

  60. Inocencia Vivinca

    Inocencia Vivinca2 days ago

    You made me cried ❤

  61. terry lp

    terry lp2 days ago

    best performace so far.she ok.sorta cute.sorts looks like carrie underwood.but I think caleb Hutchison seem he been doing this for yrs 10 yrs.he could win.

  62. Elizabeth Ashley

    Elizabeth Ashley2 days ago

    When she sings low I hear Carrie, but when she really belts she sounds like Demi Lovato. Absolutely beautiful voice

  63. Ree Ree

    Ree Ree2 days ago

    Sounds from the nose

  64. Ree Ree

    Ree Ree2 days ago

    Not a strong performance

  65. Kristina Amy

    Kristina Amy2 days ago

    Sounds awful

  66. Hernando Ling

    Hernando Ling2 days ago

    Charice Penpengco is better

  67. blues101moneys

    blues101moneys2 days ago

    oh yeah. Charice is way way out of her league. What's wrong with the judges? Why couldn't they be honest with the contestants? In order to be in top 3, they have to be really really great, but this is not greata. It's ok.

  68. Twisted Digger

    Twisted Digger2 days ago

    Great body decent voice. Doesn't compare one bit to the smoothness of Whitney!

  69. Yubelka Hernandez

    Yubelka Hernandez2 days ago

    Its flat. It lacked something

  70. printer003

    printer0032 days ago

    Did it justice. Great job. But now I’m going to watch some Whitney👍

  71. Stun

    Stun2 days ago

    she so fine my god