Gabby Barrett Sings "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston - Top 5 - American Idol 2018 on ABC


  1. lisa whitten

    lisa whitten2 hours ago

    I love u

  2. Dawn Parrish

    Dawn Parrish4 days ago

    This is way better than Maddie Poppe. Sorry. (Not sorry!)

  3. Katie Sullivan

    Katie Sullivan4 days ago

    she’s irritating but good

  4. Joyce Pruitt

    Joyce Pruitt7 days ago

    Too much song for her, especially if she is sick....I watched Kelly Clarkson kill I Surrender by Celine when she was sick...KC is the bomb..

  5. Jason Cook

    Jason Cook7 days ago

    Gabby, by far this is my FAVORITE performance of yours on idol. Lionel richie was right, you're one of the FEW who can pull a whitney Houston song off with your amazing voice. I think this song alone should of won you idol even though it was the top 5.... you know it was good when lionel richie stood up and started to clap. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing gabby.

  6. I love chicken nuggets

    I love chicken nuggets2 days ago

    Jason Cook I’m “jealous” ? Really? That’s the best excuse you could think of? Be original for once. I didn’t even watch this season of American idol. I just randomly came across this performance on MReporter. If you wanna hear a GREAT rendition of this song, just listen to Jessi J, Leona Lewis, and Johnny from AGT sing it. They blow this girl out the water. I’ve heard at least 10 covers that were WAY better than this from simple MReporter covers alone. This was an average performance, and this girl sounds like she has nasal and she was pitchy! @1:07 This song too big for her. I’m not saying she can’t sing, but her voice isn’t anything special.- But of course you’re going to think she’s outstanding since America is so use to mediocre singers, anything that sounds a bit ok is amazing to you.

  7. Jason Cook

    Jason Cook2 days ago

    Average? Right Because you can do better. I sense jealousy honestly. She was also sick when she sang that. So what you're telling me is that gabby barrett is an " average" performer? This was her best performance of the entire competition aside from last name. Gabby has so much range and soul in her voice to pull this song off. So I dont know what performance you've been watching. Her and cade both brought it as did everyone else.

  8. I love chicken nuggets

    I love chicken nuggets2 days ago

    Jason Cook this performance was average, what are you listening to?

  9. jrbland18

    jrbland187 days ago

    She is truly Amazing and wants this music career. I just love listening to her.

  10. jrbland18

    jrbland187 days ago


  11. basic bitch

    basic bitch9 days ago

    Wow our expectations of talent have REALLY dropped lmao

  12. Natalia Cruz

    Natalia Cruz12 days ago

    I hope to be there so and I practice everyday. Can't wait to sing my heart out!!!😆😆😆😆

  13. Breezybear_ briannaleigh

    Breezybear_ briannaleigh16 days ago

    Chills. So good 😍😍😍😍😍

  14. Himeko YouKnow

    Himeko YouKnow17 days ago

    Not really a good choice of music but i love her new song "i hope"...

  15. branden. jordan tafoyapjdm

    branden. jordan tafoyapjdm18 days ago

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  16. Aya Masharqa

    Aya MasharqaMonth ago

    fu*king great voice, lovvvvvvved it

  17. _MaqbeSkylar

    _MaqbeSkylarMonth ago

    Bless you.

  18. Barrie Myers

    Barrie MyersMonth ago

    So mic 🎙 friendly.

  19. Barrie Myers

    Barrie MyersMonth ago

    Shivers 👍🇬🇧

  20. Bill Swingle

    Bill SwingleMonth ago

    I am still pissed that she didn’t win. An utter abomination! The viewers got it wrong.


    PUTRI JAMBI2 months ago


  22. javiera alfaro

    javiera alfaro2 months ago

    Why so much hate? She was amazing! Shut Up And try! Let's see ifyou do better

  23. Sue Baker

    Sue Baker2 months ago

    I absolutely loved this performance

  24. queenspade1

    queenspade12 months ago

    I honestly think if Whitney was here she would be so proud of this girl. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Whitney and she was the most down to earth thankful woman regardless of life's challenges.

  25. I love chicken nuggets

    I love chicken nuggets2 days ago

    queenspade1 absolutely not.

  26. Paul Lucas

    Paul Lucas2 months ago


  27. Chelsea Booker

    Chelsea Booker3 months ago

    So beautiful both voice and human being love you!!!!

  28. SuperRonny4

    SuperRonny43 months ago

    You are amazing!

  29. Angela R

    Angela R3 months ago

    Omg amazing!!!

  30. Lisa White

    Lisa White3 months ago


  31. Madi B

    Madi B3 months ago

    absolutely breathtaking! one of my favorite performances!!

  32. Christina Robbins

    Christina Robbins3 months ago

    Sick and still slayed this song ! Merry Christmas Gabby

  33. Cyndi Peppers

    Cyndi Peppers3 months ago


  34. BeccaaJLee

    BeccaaJLee3 months ago

    You’re absolutely amazing 🙏🏻❤️

  35. Taylor Purdy

    Taylor Purdy3 months ago

    love this!!!! such a beautiful voice ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Brianna Anderson

    Brianna Anderson3 months ago

    Beautiful ♥️

  37. Madi B

    Madi B3 months ago


  38. Kaylee Wheetley

    Kaylee Wheetley3 months ago

    yesss lord

  39. Roark Fam

    Roark Fam3 months ago

    Your so amazing!!

  40. Jennifer Whitt

    Jennifer Whitt3 months ago

    This was my favorite song that night!

  41. Ashley Stubbs

    Ashley Stubbs3 months ago

    My favorite

  42. Janna Dagenhart

    Janna Dagenhart3 months ago

    She’s so beautiful and talented!! I need to see her❤️ @GabbyBarrett

  43. Kortnee Wolfe

    Kortnee Wolfe3 months ago

    You’ve inspired me to take the leap and start singing😊 You have a beautiful voice and your so beautiful!

  44. Sierra Saccocci

    Sierra Saccocci3 months ago

    Love seeing you continue your journey now that idol is over. Keep it up girl!! ❤️❤️

  45. Haley Renee

    Haley Renee3 months ago

    I absolutley love you and your music!!❤

  46. Gabby Barrett and Carrie Underwood fan

    Gabby Barrett and Carrie Underwood fan3 months ago


  47. Teressa Marie

    Teressa Marie3 months ago

    am I the only one who thinks she looks pregnant? Lol

  48. Gaby Faye

    Gaby Faye3 months ago

    Whitney is so hard to sing and she did this so beautifully

  49. Madelyne Rush

    Madelyne Rush3 months ago

    i love gabby so much, fun fact she went to y high school its serra catholic in pittsburgh

  50. Ahmet Senevrensel

    Ahmet Senevrensel3 months ago

    Amazing...Great voice..!

  51. yesss ch

    yesss ch4 months ago

    Hii, Let's watch ANNETH - PELANGIKU ( IdolJunior ) like & comment 🤓

  52. Anne Crosby

    Anne Crosby4 months ago

    Great song Gabby

  53. Santiago Trujillo

    Santiago Trujillo4 months ago

    BEAUTIFUL voice and young lady

  54. Ni Nyoman Prabawati

    Ni Nyoman Prabawati5 months ago

    That hair look should be curly with bit of volume🤔

  55. Samari Johnson

    Samari Johnson5 months ago

    She did great to me!! Also, guess what internet trolls! You have to consider that she was sick during this performance. So, yeah take your opinion and suck on it.

  56. Kiara Monet

    Kiara Monet5 months ago

    she has a great voice & i love her tone but i feel nothing while watching this performance.. no emotion at all.. maybe cause she was sick idk

  57. T TANA

    T TANA5 months ago

    Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump :) USA USA USA USA USA USA

  58. Alexis Kirk

    Alexis Kirk5 months ago

    Oh my god she sounds just like her wow love it

  59. magic2506

    magic25065 months ago


  60. Katrena Morgan

    Katrena Morgan5 months ago

    Whitney Houston would be so proud

  61. shadow hunter

    shadow hunter5 months ago

    In my opinion this was her best performance in the competition. I don't really like Gabby.

  62. TM 7

    TM 75 months ago

    This performance was just OK, very shaky, no soul in it. Definitely not a flawless performance by any means. Why it has been hyped up is beyond me. I’ve heard at least 10 youtube covers that were a million times better. This song was clearly above her capabilities to the point where she was over singing to reach certain notes & made key changes to try save herself from going flat, but failed miserably. There were parts of that rendition that were fine and good, but the high notes were shrill, pitchy and borderline screeching; very hard to listen to, and she didn’t put much emotion into such a powerful song. Sorry, but Gabby is such an average, mediocre singer with too much hype. The only thing that really pushed far in the competition was her looks.

  63. Jacqueline Cody

    Jacqueline Cody5 months ago

    Amazing voice!

  64. Crystal Anderson

    Crystal Anderson5 months ago

    She's absolutely beautiful, all around & everywhere in between. Love her! she reminds me of Miranda Lambert before Miranda lost a ton of weight and that's not a disrespect in any means

  65. Cheffee Love

    Cheffee Love6 months ago

    Amazing 😉

  66. Henry Chuailou

    Henry Chuailou6 months ago

    Worst cover I've heard for contestant going so far to perform this

  67. Frannie Alojipan

    Frannie Alojipan6 months ago

    I luv luv luv this Gabby!!! So beautifully delivered your way!!! Awesomeness 😍😍

  68. still fucked

    still fucked6 months ago

    F**K I have nothing. Everytime i heard people sing this song in any show, i feel like slapping someone. Fake people. This song has been sung like zillions of times. like we have no new songs

  69. Maggie Clark

    Maggie Clark6 months ago

    sooooo so amazing. Honestly wow

  70. Lubna Joty

    Lubna Joty6 months ago

    I heard the cover by ariana grande,she is far far better than that

  71. ScottsThoughts

    ScottsThoughts6 months ago

    Gabby was the most talented from that season hands down. I like all of them, but Gabby is something special.

  72. I love chicken nuggets

    I love chicken nuggets6 months ago

    HA. Gabby was not consistent, was not the best ARTIST, and did not have the best voice.

  73. Nehemia Hawan

    Nehemia Hawan6 months ago

    You gotta check I Have Nothing by Maria ( indonesian idol )

  74. Deborah Crutchfield

    Deborah Crutchfield6 months ago

    You are no# 1 Awesome, you can make it in the music business. Don’t ever give up.

  75. Teresa Faulkner

    Teresa Faulkner6 months ago

    Your voice, personally make you

  76. Nicole Girardi

    Nicole Girardi6 months ago


  77. Sophia Maniaci

    Sophia Maniaci6 months ago

    way too whiny

  78. amanda Dawn

    amanda Dawn6 months ago

    Amen this song means so much right now

  79. Bella Robertson

    Bella Robertson6 months ago

    non debatably the best 2 minutes of audio on the planet

  80. Catuigi

    Catuigi7 months ago

    She played it safe didn’t reach for the difficult notes and ups and downs I that song at all poor choice

  81. ZOE101

    ZOE1017 months ago

    There are only a few people who can pull off this song, and Gabby is not one of them. I think people tend to over hype anyone who dare sing a Whitney song and do even remotely well. This reminded me of Sonika Vaid belting out this song during the farewell season - GOOD BUT NOT GREAT. Even Sonika sung this better than her. Go listen to Jessie J, Liona Lewis and Johnny Manuel for AGT sing this song. Those were so excellent. This cover is very mediocre at best. Middle range isn’t that great, flat & pitchy on the high/bigger notes, and she didn’t put too much feeling into such a powerful song. No soul in it. Half of you only like her because you’re so use to mediocre singers with very little talent, just looks. She nothing super amazing like some try to make her seem. That’s why she blew all of her performances during the finale.. just proves that she was NOT one of the best. The top 3 were weak in general, but Gabby was definitely the weakest.

  82. RCHR Channel

    RCHR Channel7 months ago

    Maria from Indonesian idol is better than her... Maria is the best 👍🏻

  83. Olivia Stafford

    Olivia Stafford7 months ago

    I am SHOOK

  84. The Sound

    The Sound7 months ago

    This was not good

  85. Esther Rodriguez

    Esther Rodriguez7 months ago

    Wow! This beautiful young lady is one amazing singer. Loved it!

  86. Madeline Schlueter

    Madeline Schlueter7 months ago

    Such a good voice!

  87. Shane Dillhoff

    Shane Dillhoff7 months ago

    Jesus she gave me chills all up and down my body

  88. Kadence Johnson-Andrews

    Kadence Johnson-Andrews7 months ago

    I don't think her voice is powerful enough for this song

  89. Malina Popes

    Malina Popes7 months ago

    Jessica Sanchez puts this performance to shame, I wish Gabby did songs that suited her voice better on this show. Instead she chose songs that other people on idol have sung and played it safe. Underwhelming performance. Gabby's really unique and this isn't up her alley. She didn't do very well with the phrasing and her voice is shaky. I wish the judges on the show had paid better attention to the detail as Simon did instead of just trying to find someone with "star quality" and pouring out encouragement to their favorites.

  90. verna-sonja gianan klimowicz

    verna-sonja gianan klimowicz7 months ago

    blown? gone. like katy said hey whered he go. wig? i dunno. can you do this more often. oo you gonna last? or do i have to bother remembering your name?

  91. verna-sonja gianan klimowicz

    verna-sonja gianan klimowicz7 months ago


  92. verna-sonja gianan klimowicz

    verna-sonja gianan klimowicz7 months ago

    ok that song i know and did not hate. wow

  93. Rebecca Wolfgang

    Rebecca Wolfgang7 months ago


  94. Brittani Pronic

    Brittani Pronic7 months ago

    Gabby your an amazing singer! Keep it up!

  95. Shayelyn Green

    Shayelyn Green8 months ago

    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Gabby! I've always loved watching you preform and sing for many many years 😍😍

  96. Heather Mathews

    Heather Mathews8 months ago

    You have the voice of an Angel!!!!!

  97. Brooke Collins

    Brooke Collins8 months ago

    You are so amazing you can sing any song out there your so great. 💙💜💛❤💚💜💙💛❤💚

  98. chloe james

    chloe james6 months ago

    Brooke Collins exactly! Her voice is so versatile

  99. Kylie Gomia

    Kylie Gomia8 months ago

    Can I say I’ve loved you before American idol. You are so flipping talented Gabby and absolutely gorgeous!!!😍😍

  100. Teresa Faulkner

    Teresa Faulkner8 months ago


  101. Courtney Lancaster

    Courtney Lancaster8 months ago

    she’s my favorite!!!!!!

  102. Meghan Karhan

    Meghan Karhan8 months ago

    This is beautiful all around. Brings tears to my eyes

  103. Rochelle Higgins

    Rochelle Higgins8 months ago

    Love her voice

  104. laura sholl

    laura sholl8 months ago

    One of my favorites

  105. Traci Fedrick

    Traci Fedrick8 months ago

    Absolutely amazing!!

  106. TaNyia Ingram

    TaNyia Ingram8 months ago

    I took a picture with her