Funny Musical Waiter | Rudy Mancuso


  1. Rudy Mancuso

    Rudy Mancuso19 days ago


  2. It’s Frizzy

    It’s Frizzy3 hours ago

    Rudy Mancuso 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Samer & Samar Idelbi

    Samer & Samar Idelbi11 days ago

    More please?

  4. Its Jahseh

    Its Jahseh12 days ago

    Rudy Mancuso last comment

  5. Raiven George

    Raiven George17 days ago

    Rudy Mancuso love your videos


    XXX TENTACION17 days ago


  7. Charles Estrada

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  8. يوسف الربيعي

    يوسف الربيعي5 hours ago

    Why you don’t have eyebrows

  9. Anthony Saucedo

    Anthony Saucedo5 hours ago

    2:51 that Voice crack though

  10. Danitza Salinas

    Danitza Salinas5 hours ago

    Omg hahaha😂😂😂

  11. neeti patel

    neeti patel11 hours ago

    i was literaly singing the multigrain with him i dont know why i knew the lyrics

  12. twize

    twize11 hours ago

    Fav part 3:10

  13. DaBoss 33

    DaBoss 3312 hours ago

    In his every video there is a: Normal Matured Rudy Abnormal Immature Rudy Always musical and cool..

  14. MaNiAk 17

    MaNiAk 1713 hours ago


  15. Prometheus

    Prometheus20 hours ago

    This is literally a different kyric version of musical barber.

  16. VjDeRek Oka4 Tv

    VjDeRek Oka4 Tv21 hour ago

    Rudy u ma man

  17. Kevin Campos

    Kevin Campos21 hour ago

    What’s the song for 2:24

  18. Omega

    Omega22 hours ago

    Anyone know the piano song at 2:23 from multi grain. Mainly want the notes so help me out plz

  19. Bella flower

    Bella flower22 hours ago

    This funy

  20. Mari Delgado

    Mari Delgado23 hours ago

    😂😂😂 I love it 😍

  21. Juliana Garcia

    Juliana Garcia23 hours ago

    I wanted multigrain bread after this 😂

  22. Archer Zerø

    Archer ZerøDay ago

    Can I get some subs pls

  23. BLUE

    BLUEDay ago

    It’s the same place we’re lele pons filmed!

  24. Summerlyn H

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  25. Nakyla Nelson

    Nakyla NelsonDay ago

    We are out of multi grain bread

  26. rosantina da silva

    rosantina da silvaDay ago

    No seawring yeah👌🏼

  27. Godwin gang 4 life Fitz fam 4 life

    Godwin gang 4 life Fitz fam 4 lifeDay ago

    2:18 im dead😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Iman Welbeck

    Iman WelbeckDay ago

    this is talent whattttt

  29. Alex Carson

    Alex CarsonDay ago

    I miss u when u were actually funny without putting “funny” in title. I’m unsubscribing.

  30. Logan Florsheim

    Logan FlorsheimDay ago

    I don’t know how these are so great because they are similar tunes. Well done

  31. [GD]Graphic Less

    [GD]Graphic LessDay ago

    I wish my waiter is this cool! 😂

  32. LIL_ GOOFY._.BOY12123

    LIL_ GOOFY._.BOY12123Day ago

    A very lit song.....

  33. wolkshow

    wolkshowDay ago

    есть русские?

  34. RJ 21

    RJ 21Day ago

    His voice crack at 2:49 😂

  35. D D

    D DDay ago

    No kitchen's closed 😂😂😂

  36. Christylle Louisse

    Christylle LouisseDay ago

    I miss this haha

  37. nekosans1234 animations and more!

    nekosans1234 animations and more!Day ago

    2:50 to saAaAaAay

  38. fnafffgirl101 maxwell

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  40. mjmack 192

    mjmack 192Day ago

    I love your videos Rodolfo its amazing

  41. Vivian Urias

    Vivian UriasDay ago

    Rudy is cute. Just saying😏

  42. cris R

    cris RDay ago

    Voice crack

  43. Pella Aleksandrova

    Pella Aleksandrova2 days ago

    This is like the singing teacher lol!

  44. Pella Aleksandrova

    Pella Aleksandrova2 days ago

    Lol musical waiter

  45. Google Google

    Google Google2 days ago

    Wonderful video!

  46. bbyg _mymy

    bbyg _mymy2 days ago

    I LOVE THESE SO MUCH❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. Marko Reichhart

    Marko Reichhart2 days ago

    The script is always so similar on these kind of vids.. pls change it up a little

  48. Mariapía Herrera

    Mariapía Herrera2 days ago


  49. Kimi Fleischer

    Kimi Fleischer2 days ago

    You and king Bach are in madden 19 franchise

  50. Perro Gordo

    Perro Gordo2 days ago

    😂 hes voice cracks

  51. Francis Asante

    Francis Asante2 days ago


  52. Daniela Fajardo.

    Daniela Fajardo.2 days ago

    1:00 its funny

  53. Ukn0wwh0itis

    Ukn0wwh0itis2 days ago

    Eyebrows on flee- Nvm

  54. Lucas Summers

    Lucas Summers2 days ago

    react to your vines!!! pls

  55. King Gc

    King Gc2 days ago

    I love this series.

  56. Spencel

    Spencel2 days ago

    Do a funny musical airport next!!! Plz

  57. MP TV

    MP TV2 days ago

    lol great video

  58. Mucius 0360

    Mucius 03602 days ago

    Muy beuno

  59. Nimbus Animations

    Nimbus Animations2 days ago

    2:49 🤣🤣

  60. Anna Rice

    Anna Rice2 days ago

    Ha that voice crack tho

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  63. DaOnAnOnlee mattoken

    DaOnAnOnlee mattoken2 days ago

    Reminds me of musical taxi

  64. Shelly Zhang

    Shelly Zhang2 days ago

    what was the sad piano sing of multigrain

  65. Vaibhav Shewale

    Vaibhav Shewale2 days ago

    oh free table i will take this oh free chain as well thnx

  66. Felix

    Felix2 days ago

    That multi grain is the most beautiful song I ever heard

  67. Mercedes Floyd

    Mercedes Floyd2 days ago


  68. Meadow Valles

    Meadow Valles2 days ago

    He has a voice of a angel people should enjoy it so much

  69. Gacha Luna with Gacha Sean

    Gacha Luna with Gacha Sean2 days ago

    I like the musical barber better

  70. Spencel

    Spencel2 days ago

    "Do not hesitate..." Me: "Am I Here To Wait?"

  71. Cedrik

    Cedrik2 days ago

    At 00:41 when he stops and points up I get a notification 😂

  72. Layce Pebraza

    Layce Pebraza2 days ago

    Did u notice his eye twitched

  73. Nia Santiago

    Nia Santiago2 days ago

    what is this song called 1:43?

  74. Michael Munroe

    Michael Munroe2 days ago

    You sound great and I like your mustash

  75. Talon Johnson

    Talon Johnson2 days ago


  76. Mia Plays

    Mia Plays2 days ago

    This should be an actually song

  77. Chris

    Chris2 days ago

    what cunt finds this shit unironically funny

  78. TEAM M

    TEAM M3 days ago


  79. justmalaniescarlet Buatista

    justmalaniescarlet Buatista3 days ago

    1:50 secs selfie wall😂😂🐽🐽

  80. Xx567ash Xxx

    Xx567ash Xxx3 days ago

    I always love your musicals Rudy

  81. Elizabeth Hanney

    Elizabeth Hanney3 days ago

    "Multi grain" 😂😂😂

  82. Can we reach 1000 subs without any videos?

    Can we reach 1000 subs without any videos?3 days ago

    My restaurant only has Pepsi lol.

  83. blarghhh xhh

    blarghhh xhh3 days ago

    Who dislikes this awesomeness

  84. Diana Garcilazo

    Diana Garcilazo3 days ago

    U just found a new subscriber

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  86. NighLight Sky

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  87. sachin thakur

    sachin thakur3 days ago

    no club sandwich, kitchen close, lmao...... what a supervisor cum waiter cum THE RUDYYYY

  88. chloe birch

    chloe birch3 days ago

    I watch this too much

  89. Skye Pie X

    Skye Pie X3 days ago

    ᕼE N͟E͟E͟D͟S͟ TO ᗪO ᗰOᖇE Oᖴ TᕼEᔕE!

  90. Adelie Q

    Adelie Q3 days ago

    2:49 voice crack ,but cool piano skils

  91. Adelie Q

    Adelie Q3 days ago

    Nice boots lol like if you agree

  92. Jae Kang

    Jae Kang3 days ago

    Whats your favourite food?

  93. Salima Lazrak

    Salima Lazrak3 days ago

    Oh my Josh I am seriously soooo happy you made another one of these! I’ve been subscribed for so long and was missing the musical series! Musical hairdresser, musical teacher, musical waiter, can’t wait to see what’s next! Ps: rocking the mustache!😂

  94. Jayce Ng

    Jayce Ng3 days ago

    When the waiter have anything but multi grain. Then they start singing about multi grain.

  95. food luver

    food luver3 days ago

    2:46 voice crack xD

  96. Mourad Tube

    Mourad Tube3 days ago

    Once again, weird but good

  97. Jhalak Vatsyayan

    Jhalak Vatsyayan3 days ago

    he could have just picked up the table to get out of those chains xD

  98. MUSTAFA GAMER - مصطفى جيمر

    MUSTAFA GAMER - مصطفى جيمر3 days ago

    Really good bro You're the best Love you from iraq 🇮🇶❤🇧🇷

  99. Ronald basumatary

    Ronald basumatary3 days ago

    Osm video

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  101. Romi Yoni

    Romi Yoni3 days ago

    How is this guy so genius? Love your creativity

  102. Josiah Tuitama

    Josiah Tuitama3 days ago

    this remind me of hissd haircut one it exactly the same

  103. Lidia Fernandez

    Lidia Fernandez3 days ago

    Rudy I love u

  104. Katherine Thompson

    Katherine Thompson3 days ago

    I swear, you’re gonna kill me. 😭 dying from laughter! You are brilliant😍

  105. somanath das

    somanath das3 days ago

    made my morning lol

  106. YoGirl Malkys

    YoGirl Malkys4 days ago

    Did anyone hear him say Snapple for a soda