Full Face of New DRUGSTORE MAKEUP Tested


  1. Heather Hudson

    Heather Hudson3 days ago

    Tati you look so beautiful with just your natural eyelashes 😍

  2. Luiza Stroe

    Luiza Stroe4 days ago


  3. Juliette Acevedo

    Juliette Acevedo12 days ago

    Thanks for the casual nose contour tip! I have a round button nose and I do like some definition ! Thanks

  4. Karley O

    Karley O13 days ago


  5. catherine Lessard

    catherine Lessard13 days ago

    Love the hair

  6. Chris Kish

    Chris Kish21 day ago

    Hey, Tati, could you review Makeup obession London? Looks cool, and it's affordable, and wanna try it out!

  7. Michele Kelly

    Michele KellyMonth ago

    Omg! So funny!

  8. Michelle Maure

    Michelle MaureMonth ago

    I love love love Tati, but I feel like she leaves a super harsh line with her contour/bronzer on her cheeks sometimes. She always looks good though, and I suppose it’s about personal preference. Anyone feel the same way??

  9. Albie B

    Albie BMonth ago

    Started watching your videos yesterday & I love you already. You're great. 😊

  10. Christina Castaneda

    Christina CastanedaMonth ago

    THIS WAS THE BEST END TO ANY VIDEO EVER! You are so beautiful I had to make you a Sandwich. True Love and Lunch :)

  11. T Bear

    T BearMonth ago

    What are the revlon brushes, where did you get them??

  12. Bizzy Hendrick

    Bizzy HendrickMonth ago

    The Almay lipstick is the same price as the sephora, I'm sorry if I come out mean. Love you Tati.

  13. Niknak

    NiknakMonth ago

    Binge watching Tati lately. I’m all about eyeshadows, concealer and mascara for a good price. We love a review queen.

  14. churbe

    churbeMonth ago

    You are a funny woman and so honest I like that about your videos

  15. Brigida Olmsted

    Brigida OlmstedMonth ago

    @GlamLifeGuru do you like Olivia Layne brushes?? The Kabuki brush is sooo soooft🤩🤩

  16. Brigida Olmsted

    Brigida OlmstedMonth ago

    🤣🤣🤣 I was in the elevator with my neighor when Tati was talking about it being a romantic, sweaty look😂😂😂 I swear...the ONE TIME i dont wear my headphones to go change my laundry...sooo awkward🤣

  17. Durelle

    DurelleMonth ago

    HELP! I was in CVS today and saw the Butter Bronzer. I was stumped b/c I'm fair skinned (pink cheeks) with cool undertones and I didn't know which shade to get. Ladies? Men?

  18. jessica barbosa

    jessica barbosaMonth ago

    BBBB you know you don’t have that AC on 😂

  19. Bianca Troskie

    Bianca TroskieMonth ago

    Too much bronzer and contour.. daz crazy 😅😅

  20. Kritty Kratt

    Kritty KrattMonth ago

    The butter bronzer is my fav picked it up ever since tati raved, Nd yes it smells sooo good

  21. Sophie Southerland

    Sophie SoutherlandMonth ago

    Her hair 😍

  22. JAZ.143

    JAZ.143Month ago

    Love you in this. So damn funny

  23. Mary Dit

    Mary DitMonth ago

    Кто-нибудь русский есть?

  24. Giselle Iwen

    Giselle IwenMonth ago

    *casually throws $80 Gucci brush on the floor

  25. willaorwon't I

    willaorwon't IMonth ago

    Tati you are beautiful. The full face with no eyes done looks damn gorgeous.



    I had a Barbie Ad and I don’t know why but I watched the entire thing

  27. Bakhtawar Hussain

    Bakhtawar HussainMonth ago

    You're so fun in this one 😂 like extra adorable💕

  28. j

    jMonth ago

    please do a full face/review of kokie cosmetics products ! i’m so curious to learn more about them as i am obsessed with their concealer i prefer it over shape tape & its $6 !

  29. priscilla darling

    priscilla darlingMonth ago

    your hair is absolutely gorgeous here

  30. Christina Shoe

    Christina ShoeMonth ago

    Love your goofy self

  31. Galaxy Hope

    Galaxy HopeMonth ago


  32. Andrea Villalobos

    Andrea VillalobosMonth ago

    I am LIVING for your “casual nose contour” tip!! I’ve always wondered the best easy (I guess casual) way for this!! You’re the best!!❤️❤️

  33. SugarSprinkles - Gaming

    SugarSprinkles - GamingMonth ago

    What store did you buy it all at?💞

  34. Hunny Bunny

    Hunny BunnyMonth ago

    “this would never be my real nightgown. My nightgown is the tee shirt that has five salsa stains on it” 😆 ME TOO. I love you Tati, your sense of humour is amazing and you’re so cute. If that foundation doesn’t work out I’ll be your friend 😄🤓 Also, side note, Those makeup brushes are beautiful.. I want them... 😁

  35. Ashley Neville

    Ashley NevilleMonth ago

    Looking amazing dude! Love your videos🤯

  36. jean rodriguez

    jean rodriguezMonth ago

    Tati=kendra lust

  37. Elle Hayley

    Elle HayleyMonth ago


  38. lipglossbabyXO

    lipglossbabyXOMonth ago


  39. Lizbeth Skiles

    Lizbeth Skiles10 days ago

    Wth go away then.

  40. Ilovecats 88

    Ilovecats 88Month ago

    lipglossbabyy26 shhhh go awayyyyy

  41. yhlol uukllm

    yhlol uukllmMonth ago

    She goes on and on can you just stick to talking about the products

  42. Cortney Watts

    Cortney WattsMonth ago

    Ooh what kind of self tanner did you use?

  43. Sasha Stockwell

    Sasha StockwellMonth ago

    This video just proves you don’t need expensive make up to look good 🙌🏼🙏🏼

  44. Vincent Ramil

    Vincent RamilMonth ago

    Love this video ✨✨✨

  45. Cathy Nichols

    Cathy NicholsMonth ago

    I love that Tati uses Scott Barnes tips.. I will use Every tip of his possible! I also watched Beyonce's makeup artist. Wow, he's fabulous too.💃

  46. Cocoandme 12

    Cocoandme 12Month ago

    Oh wait your wearing roots are you Canadian!? I am 😏

  47. Cathy Nichols

    Cathy NicholsMonth ago

    I've never had good luck with Almay. It always runs everywhere. Maybe it has changed. Thanks for the new info.💙

  48. victoria ramirez

    victoria ramirezMonth ago


  49. Mary Potter

    Mary PotterMonth ago

    Very random but after looking up the Milani Luminoso Glow Shimmering Face Palette, its actually $8.99 and I'm pretty sure her cashier charged her for two of them.

  50. Charlotte

    CharlotteMonth ago

    Tati I love your nail color in this video! Whats the color?

  51. Karah Elizabeth

    Karah ElizabethMonth ago

    You are so funny. First video I've watched and I'm hooked.

  52. Emily Willard

    Emily Willard2 months ago

    am i the only one obsessed with her mirror lol