Freddie Gets A Bedroom Makeover • Ladylike


  1. Carlan Vásquez

    Carlan Vásquez15 hours ago

    Anyone know where the lamps on the nightstand are from? So cute!

  2. Maggle'stheduck!

    Maggle'stheduck!Day ago

    Do jennnnnn

  3. Lava

    Lava2 days ago

    ok but theres SO MUCH sexual tension between Freddie and Kane

  4. Arleth Romero

    Arleth Romero2 days ago

    Plss do jens room

  5. Lawri

    Lawri4 days ago

    Instead of placing the curtain rod right above the window, try placing it a few inches below the ceiling. This immediately makes a room look taller!

  6. Alexa MacCormack

    Alexa MacCormack4 days ago

    Do devin next!

  7. Daoming Si

    Daoming Si4 days ago

    Mmm I wonder if this video was sponsored?

  8. Treasure Jensen

    Treasure Jensen4 days ago

    Beautiful ❤️😍😘😍❤️

  9. Trina Dubya

    Trina Dubya6 days ago

    Roberta is so pretty! (Of course I would focus on the cat first.) The bedroom looks so calming; that's a room I could relax in.

  10. LermAsour Videos

    LermAsour Videos6 days ago

    Jen is next

  11. Isabella Josey

    Isabella Josey6 days ago

    Why can’t I have this room?!

  12. Berkeley Morris

    Berkeley Morris7 days ago

    DO JEN!!!

  13. Eva

    Eva7 days ago

    not the shoe trunk D:

  14. Robertha Style

    Robertha Style7 days ago

    I have the same name as the cat😂

  15. Ruby Grey

    Ruby Grey7 days ago

    Also wow! Kane is an AH-MA-ZING decorator!

  16. Ruby Grey

    Ruby Grey7 days ago

    We need a "Kane Makeover" series!!!

  17. G Shannon Productions

    G Shannon Productions8 days ago

    2019 anyone.......

  18. Solana Warren

    Solana Warren8 days ago

    Woah now, are they burning TWO AROMATHERAPY CANDLES AT ONCE??? What is this sorcery?

  19. Isabella Jackson

    Isabella Jackson9 days ago

    Kane should do Jens room next

  20. Valerie Graves

    Valerie Graves9 days ago

    Hey when you decide to hire a gray hair for Lady Like, Lemme know

  21. Pineapple 6

    Pineapple 69 days ago

    Amazing job, but white rug seems high maintenance, and perhaps too many plants..?

  22. Jasel Rico

    Jasel Rico9 days ago

    That was amazing !!!!!!!

  23. TimeLex

    TimeLex9 days ago

    ok so can I like...steal your room?

  24. Senpai

    Senpai9 days ago

    Blackpink Vibes?

  25. DearNatashaa

    DearNatashaa10 days ago

    But can we see how much this makeover actually costs???

  26. Makinzie Dehart

    Makinzie Dehart10 days ago


  27. Kiya Williamson

    Kiya Williamson10 days ago

    Do Jen's room next

  28. Molly ET

    Molly ET11 days ago

    Where is Jens room makeover!!!! I need!

  29. Izzysbuzywithyt Potato

    Izzysbuzywithyt Potato12 days ago

    SOMEBODY'S GOTTA DO ONE FOR KANE!!!! Like if you agree

  30. Kaycee Pusateri

    Kaycee Pusateri12 days ago

    OMG can Kane do my room

  31. Miley Trujillo

    Miley Trujillo12 days ago

    Were is Kristen

  32. Abby McNutt

    Abby McNutt12 days ago

    Why were those 2 pictures blurred

  33. HypeXgaminG

    HypeXgaminG5 days ago

    Abby McNutt copyrights or personal pictures she doesn’t want to share

  34. That One Gacha Girl

    That One Gacha Girl13 days ago

    9:40 It’s... *purr* fect Phhhhht I’ll leave now

  35. ASMR unicorn

    ASMR unicorn13 days ago

    why do people dislike videos just don't watch it

  36. Maria Lomax

    Maria Lomax13 days ago

    I thought jens allergic to cats...

  37. glen lindsay

    glen lindsay13 days ago


  38. Jocelyn Allen

    Jocelyn Allen14 days ago

    What are the light bulbs they used ?

  39. Mia Zhao

    Mia Zhao14 days ago

    Do Jen's room!

  40. Skylii Playz

    Skylii Playz14 days ago

    jen should have a room makeover too

  41. unicorn pop

    unicorn pop14 days ago


  42. Mary Gonzales

    Mary Gonzales14 days ago

    Kane and ashly should collab

  43. Sophia Wurth

    Sophia Wurth14 days ago

    “Hey uh cane can you uh please come to my house and redecorate my room? PLEASE U NEED UUUU”

  44. Monica Castillo

    Monica Castillo14 days ago

    0:53 Soooooooo.......

  45. Maria Schwartz

    Maria Schwartz15 days ago

    Hen should get a bedroom makeover!!!

  46. Alex Holmes

    Alex Holmes15 days ago

    First of all, I want Kane to help me makeover my room! 😂 Second, he really needs his own makeover series! He is beyond talented at interior design.

  47. Mary A

    Mary A15 days ago

    If only they painted the walls white

  48. kitkat's crazy life!

    kitkat's crazy life!15 days ago

    Why would you put the TV behind your bed??

  49. Nat Burgess

    Nat Burgess15 days ago

    That was a lot of gold but I loved the room maybe mix metals a bit next time

  50. maybe a normalhuman

    maybe a normalhuman15 days ago

    The softest thing I’ve ever felt is one of my chickens Is that weird? Meh my chickens are show birds so that normal

  51. Savanna_ Can_Draw

    Savanna_ Can_Draw15 days ago

    👏do 👏Jen's 👏room!

  52. Vera Red

    Vera Red16 days ago

    We want a Jen’s room makeover

  53. Tandy Hunter

    Tandy Hunter16 days ago


  54. K M

    K M16 days ago

    "What have we here?" "It's a plant. Pot." Omg lmfao

  55. Anamarie Cameron

    Anamarie Cameron16 days ago

    They should make a bedroom makeover for jen

  56. Holy Jisoos Christ

    Holy Jisoos Christ16 days ago

    10:09 three different names

  57. AGStopmotion&More

    AGStopmotion&More17 days ago

    Who are you 0.Kristen 1.Devin 2.jenn 3.fredie 4.chentle 5.kristen 6.devin 7.jenn 8.fredie 9.chentle Sorry if I spelled their names wrong🙁

  58. Cool Clover

    Cool Clover16 days ago

    AGStopmotion&More I’m Kristen

  59. menuki desilva

    menuki desilva17 days ago

    "We're gonna make some magic happen in this bedroom!" depending on how you read this... it can mean different things...

  60. Jordyn Hollenbeck

    Jordyn Hollenbeck17 days ago

    Can they redecorate jens room😅 Kane could work his magic and BAM it’s a gorgeous room😂

  61. Hannah B

    Hannah B17 days ago

    This video is awesome! Make this bedroom decoration thing a series!!

  62. sam bab

    sam bab18 days ago

    First video I watched of 2019

  63. lillie grace

    lillie grace19 days ago

    season 1 kanes make over freddie

  64. Unknown

    Unknown19 days ago

    Her aesthetic frustrates me

  65. hail.whit.dancer

    hail.whit.dancer19 days ago

    Does anyone else low key kinda ship it?

  66. Trinity Collins

    Trinity Collins19 days ago

    Jens room has to be next

  67. CeJayCe

    CeJayCe19 days ago

    Voting for an interior decorating series with Kane

  68. Laura Bee

    Laura Bee20 days ago

    My google assistant popped up when she said hey google in the video 😂

  69. Miriam Riek

    Miriam Riek20 days ago

    Why does Freddie remind me of a female Ringo Starr

  70. Riounka

    Riounka20 days ago

    One day I'm having Kane come do my house when I have one. This guy is AMAZING! From these vids 100/10!

  71. Tanvi Taneja

    Tanvi Taneja20 days ago

    She looks so much like michaela in how to get away with a murder

  72. Masumah Hosein

    Masumah Hosein20 days ago

    Can they do over Jens room or organize it

  73. SM G

    SM G20 days ago

    Does anyone know where Freddie's headboard/bedframe is from? Thanks in advance.

  74. Kate Rayner

    Kate Rayner21 day ago

    we need to see more of Kane's magic!! Jen's room next??

  75. Sarah Hardin

    Sarah Hardin21 day ago

    She got rid of her shoe trunk :((((

  76. Phoenix_ Love

    Phoenix_ Love22 days ago

    I know I am very late, but why is no one talking about 11:02?

  77. Candyce JACKSON

    Candyce JACKSON22 days ago

    omg thats why i wont decorate either its too overwhelming!!!

  78. Ellwyn Milne

    Ellwyn Milne22 days ago

    I loved this video but then Kane just had to say cactises. But still love the video

  79. im quaking

    im quaking22 days ago

    so we’re just not gonna talk about how talented kane is?

  80. Kaci Younkin

    Kaci Younkin22 days ago

    Why was the cactus picture blurred out

  81. Isabeau Seiler

    Isabeau Seiler17 days ago

    Kaci Younkin copyrights

  82. Janero Meeks

    Janero Meeks22 days ago

    Your bedroom is magnificent! Love it!

  83. Hailey St.Clair

    Hailey St.Clair23 days ago

    Where do I get a kane?

  84. 100 subscribers no vids?

    100 subscribers no vids?23 days ago

    The room is just so PURRfect.

  85. Charlotte Burge

    Charlotte Burge23 days ago

    Does buzfeed pay for it or her?

  86. Nikki

    Nikki24 days ago

    It looks amazing!😍

  87. Ava Hammett

    Ava Hammett25 days ago

    King Kane!

  88. Maja Imani

    Maja Imani25 days ago

    we all need a kane in our lives

  89. Mythical BlueBirdz

    Mythical BlueBirdz26 days ago

    Kane the Deco King.

  90. J T

    J T26 days ago

    I need freddies pink heart sunglasses

  91. The New Vanilla

    The New Vanilla26 days ago

    Kane!! Help decorate Jens room! (and mine)

  92. Brooklynnrito Blount

    Brooklynnrito Blount27 days ago

    why are all of the poster things blurred out

  93. E. J. C

    E. J. C21 day ago

    copyright to the artists

  94. Living Through Ballet

    Living Through Ballet27 days ago

    Do Jens room!

  95. Destiny Stockman

    Destiny Stockman27 days ago

    Lol I want him to decorate my room lol

  96. Needleworknut

    Needleworknut28 days ago

    Wrap up Kane, I'll take two. Pat-South Padre Island, Texas

  97. Annez

    Annez29 days ago

    Let me give y' all some advice that comes from experience: never keep plants and cats in the same room

  98. misfits unite

    misfits unite29 days ago

    In Australia, tj maxx is tk maxx

  99. Elizabeth Smith

    Elizabeth SmithMonth ago

    How is Kane NOT an interior designer!

  100. Nikki R

    Nikki RMonth ago

    we got the same pins in pinterest! 💞

  101. unerklärlich waffle

    unerklärlich waffleMonth ago

    Think of her electric bill

  102. icedwhite mocha

    icedwhite mocha7 days ago

    She doesn't have to turn on all the lamps.

  103. Ur boi is yeeting

    Ur boi is yeeting14 days ago


  104. Mac Winter

    Mac Winter23 days ago

    I would die if I had it

  105. Trisha's Pets

    Trisha's PetsMonth ago

    Roberta is so cute!!

  106. Abby Funk

    Abby FunkMonth ago

    freddie’s cat is so fricking cute!

  107. Harmonypuppy6031

    Harmonypuppy6031Month ago

    Tbh he could make some serious money doing this. I would actually hire him to do my bedroom