Freddie Gets A Bedroom Makeover • Ladylike


  1. Jazmine Elliott

    Jazmine ElliottDay ago


  2. Janie McGuffee

    Janie McGuffeeDay ago

    Hated the wallpaper until they busted out that pink bedding. A+++++

  3. Erin Purcell

    Erin Purcell2 days ago

    She swapped the shoes she was keeping and the ones she was getting rid of

  4. brightsparrowhawk

    brightsparrowhawk3 days ago

    I hope that tree is fake, because a real one will certainly die in that corner... There’s a weird trend of decorating with bright-light plants in corners, where they are doomed to die, and I do not understand.

  5. eva heungens

    eva heungens3 days ago

    All good now jens room!!!

  6. Jade Nilsen

    Jade Nilsen4 days ago

    Can he come over and do my room 😂

  7. Qwerty Forever

    Qwerty Forever4 days ago

    Who else ships them...

  8. Call me JJ

    Call me JJ5 days ago

    Jen's room next! (Thank you, next tune!)

  9. Call me JJ

    Call me JJ5 days ago

    I want to see jen's room to be transformed!

  10. Myrthe Tijman

    Myrthe Tijman6 days ago

    I really like the room, but I think the difference would have been even bigger if they had painted the walls white

  11. EricaYE6

    EricaYE66 days ago

    Congratulations on your room, Freddie! Enjoy it. You deserve it.

  12. Cicilia Brossard

    Cicilia Brossard7 days ago

    I really really want someone to do Jens room please 🥺

  13. Orla Grady

    Orla Grady7 days ago

    jens room jens room jens room

  14. Lauren Burchianti

    Lauren Burchianti8 days ago

    I have "stillness and purity" on my nightstand....😊

  15. Ava Nichole

    Ava Nichole8 days ago

    Why tf did they have to blur out the cactus 😂

  16. _erica.murray_ a

    _erica.murray_ a8 days ago

    Why did they blur the photo

  17. jacktress

    jacktress8 days ago

    Decorate Jen's room!!!!!!!

  18. Tina Lindfors

    Tina Lindfors9 days ago

    Omg Love!! The green , gold and wood!

  19. Bunny Panda

    Bunny Panda10 days ago

    Kane should be a owner of a company for decorating

  20. Serena Flores

    Serena Flores10 days ago

    10:58 lol my name is Serena

  21. ElineSays

    ElineSays10 days ago

    Can someone explain to me why they blur out the photos on the wall???😂

  22. dancerfor adonai

    dancerfor adonai12 days ago

    Those pink heart glasses 💕

  23. Mariah Hussain

    Mariah Hussain14 days ago

    Kane needs a decorating series loved it

  24. Daniela Pandalover

    Daniela Pandalover16 days ago

    Omg Kane help me make my room a makeover pls. God my room is boring

  25. Rae Johnson

    Rae Johnson16 days ago

    Kane did an amazing job!

  26. Violet Wilkinson

    Violet Wilkinson18 days ago


  27. Jessica Leppert

    Jessica Leppert18 days ago

    I just didn’t like the wall color she already had with the wallpaper. If they had more time and painted the remaining walls white. I would love it.

  28. Onshi ri

    Onshi ri19 days ago

    How does this have 3.5 M views in 10 minutes -_-

  29. Its Amy

    Its Amy21 day ago

    Do jens room next

  30. owen mullan

    owen mullan23 days ago

    Jen btw im a gilr just on dads acc 😂😂😂😂

  31. Phoebe Baddeley

    Phoebe Baddeley23 days ago

    how much did this cost?

  32. Elisia Arrieta

    Elisia Arrieta23 days ago

    Kane: Confidence and Joy me: I need that

  33. Hailey Wrigley

    Hailey Wrigley24 days ago

    4:40 “pizzas of the puzzle”

  34. Namira Khairani

    Namira Khairani25 days ago

    okay, they're in love

  35. cutefox xoxo

    cutefox xoxo29 days ago

    Jen you should get a bedroom makeover

  36. Jacqueline O'Meara

    Jacqueline O'MearaMonth ago

    plz can u do devins room next thx

  37. Yo Sis

    Yo SisMonth ago

    Kane don’t get paid enough

  38. Karl Svensk

    Karl SvenskMonth ago

    Why would someone who wears their shoes in the house have a white rug. 🤮

  39. Jasmine Torres

    Jasmine TorresMonth ago

    can Kane help me!?

  40. Kimberly Harrison

    Kimberly HarrisonMonth ago

    Why did they blur out the painting?

  41. Tahitah Red

    Tahitah RedMonth ago

    Do jens room!!

  42. Eviedancer101

    Eviedancer101Month ago

    He neeeeees t come to me how much

  43. Emma Beames

    Emma BeamesMonth ago


  44. Kat Gerue

    Kat GerueMonth ago

    Wait who pays for all this?

  45. A Ea

    A EaMonth ago


  46. Jess Tibbits

    Jess TibbitsMonth ago

    Why are all of the photos on the wall blurred out?

  47. #twilight squad

    #twilight squadMonth ago

    My favorite lady like lady on the ‘team’ would probably be Chantel. I just love her because she reminds me of my sister. Her and my sister look exactly alike. Plus she is just so sweet and so funny and loving❤️

  48. Stephanie Graves

    Stephanie GravesMonth ago

    I have 5 cats fedy

  49. K arty

    K artyMonth ago

    He said cactuses not cactie

  50. Shut up I love shrek

    Shut up I love shrekMonth ago

    I wanna see Freddie with her hair straightened for a day.

  51. Maikue Vang

    Maikue VangMonth ago


  52. Miledith

    MiledithMonth ago

    Kane has a really good sense of aesthetic and a really good eye for those things 😊

  53. gymnasticsmya 08

    gymnasticsmya 08Month ago

    Why did they blur out all the pictures on freddie's wall

  54. Georgia Production

    Georgia ProductionMonth ago

    gymnasticsmya 08 ikr

  55. kirstin foley

    kirstin foleyMonth ago

    Why is her before better than my after lol

  56. Amber Heart

    Amber HeartMonth ago

    why'd they blur out the artwork?

  57. Saarah Maajid

    Saarah MaajidMonth ago

    Jen plz

  58. Emma Elliott

    Emma ElliottMonth ago

    I like it but i think they shouldve replaced the light on the ceiling sothat there would be more light

  59. Quinn Qin

    Quinn QinMonth ago

    Not the royalty 4s!!

  60. Flora Vercaygne

    Flora VercaygneMonth ago

    Freddie: let's make some magic happen in there ; not between us but ... You know Kane: ahaha (I'm so uncomfortable)

  61. Tala's stuff

    Tala's stuffMonth ago

    Sje can make a music vidio in that room especially the bed with the pink lights

  62. megshipley's games

    megshipley's gamesMonth ago

    so is Kane available to do my room?????? please I'm desperate lol

  63. •Kyra The Vampire•

    •Kyra The Vampire•Month ago

    I spent 85% of the time in my bed bc i do ALMOST EVERYTHING in it 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  64. Anais Correa

    Anais CorreaMonth ago

    They should do jens room next😛☺☺☺☺☺😕

  65. itsjustanothergirl

    itsjustanothergirlMonth ago

    @3:30 not to be dramatic... but I’d die for that cat omg...

  66. Jazmine Elliott

    Jazmine ElliottMonth ago

    Kane get jens bedroom now!!!

  67. Todd Manley

    Todd ManleyMonth ago

    She turned off my lights. :(

  68. fla la

    fla laMonth ago

    This is really great! ✨🌴🌿🌱✨

  69. Andrea Ann

    Andrea AnnMonth ago

    Is Kane for Hire??

  70. Alyssa Brown

    Alyssa BrownMonth ago


  71. Fredreca Dugger

    Fredreca DuggerMonth ago

    freddy acts just like me and to find out we have the same name 😭

  72. keira

    keiraMonth ago

    It looks comfy but like such a tight space

  73. meer cat

    meer catMonth ago

    Why was the cactus painting from tjmax blurred, was that how it came or .....

  74. Ash Ketchup

    Ash KetchupMonth ago

    Take a shot every time someone says “vibe”

  75. Olivia Smith

    Olivia SmithMonth ago

    Freddie and Kane would be such a kuteeeee couple!!!!!

  76. Daisy Ruiz

    Daisy RuizMonth ago

    Why did they blur the paintings and pictures? 🖼

  77. Yeah No

    Yeah NoMonth ago


  78. Argentina Carter

    Argentina CarterMonth ago

    Can you give me his number to get my room done. Lol

  79. Two Cheeky

    Two CheekyMonth ago

    The cat was the best. Lol 😺this was such a great video, I love watching interior design videos on MReporter. Thanks

  80. Hannah Safrit

    Hannah SafritMonth ago

    I ship Kane and Freddie SO HARD

  81. Yeah No

    Yeah NoMonth ago

    I'm pretty sure he is gay

  82. Lava Cakes

    Lava CakesMonth ago

    I never knew Freddy had a cat, why breed is it?

  83. Katie Partridge

    Katie PartridgeMonth ago

    I think they should decorate Jens room and see what happens 😊

  84. Naomix love

    Naomix love2 months ago

    OMG that cat is soooo cute

  85. Liz Biz

    Liz Biz2 months ago


  86. Marysia

    Marysia2 months ago

    i neeeed to know where Freddie’s bed is from!

  87. Eva Young

    Eva Young2 months ago

    5:53 makes disgusted face* “that ones great!”

  88. Happy unicorn Jessica

    Happy unicorn Jessica2 months ago

    Omg you should put a little pillow on you chair by the Vanity

  89. Ayva and Natalie

    Ayva and Natalie2 months ago

    I was so mad cause she got rid of those Jordan’s 😂

  90. Tanya Eddy

    Tanya Eddy2 months ago

    you guys have got to redo Jen's or Chantel's room

  91. Summer Grace

    Summer Grace2 months ago

    3:03 roberta spotting

  92. Eloise Arthrell

    Eloise Arthrell2 months ago

    comforter- oh duvet

  93. Teagan Mohan

    Teagan Mohan2 months ago

    Wait why did they blurr out the cactus painting..

  94. Kailyn Bronson

    Kailyn Bronson2 months ago

    i really wanna decorate my room to be so cute but my bunny lives in my room with me and he takes up a lot of space 😭

  95. Serenity Perez

    Serenity Perez2 months ago

    Next is Jen's room😊😊

  96. Brooke and Lula

    Brooke and Lula2 months ago

    Do Jen’s room now


    STELLA WONG2 months ago

    I think you should do a room makeover for Jen.

  98. Pdawg_Playz 23

    Pdawg_Playz 232 months ago

    T.J.maxx in the UK is T.K.maxx

  99. corey umamoto

    corey umamoto2 months ago

    Who’s watching this for the millionth time😂.........ME😅

  100. Justice Gulley

    Justice Gulley2 months ago

    Can u do my room

  101. Andrea M.

    Andrea M.2 months ago

    Again I need Kane to come over and redecorate my room

  102. Keira Jeffrey

    Keira Jeffrey2 months ago

    10:04 Kane looks dead

  103. Señorita Sunflower

    Señorita Sunflower2 months ago

    Okay, can Kane come and give me a bedroom makeover!? PLEASE I AM A MESS