Freddie Gets A Bedroom Makeover • Ladylike


  1. M14th _M

    M14th _M50 minutes ago

    Why all paintings are blurred

  2. Lauren Summer

    Lauren Summer51 minute ago

    You got Blanche room from golden girls 😍😍😍

  3. Delia R

    Delia RHour ago

    I have the same comforter lol

  4. Ayo Potato

    Ayo PotatoHour ago


  5. Akira Alexis Soyra

    Akira Alexis Soyra2 hours ago

    Do more room makeovers! Yes! Too perfect!

  6. Louise C-B

    Louise C-B2 hours ago

    So now the "instagram selfie corner" is something to be taken into account when setting up you room? Come on... 😂😂😂

  7. elissa monroe

    elissa monroe2 hours ago

    Jen turn

  8. Stacie Streck

    Stacie Streck3 hours ago

    I love Kane's decorating style, but the one thing I don't think I could ever do is have that much... Stuff. Like, it feels like there's just a little too much in there but that's just me. Five lamps feels a little excessive. lol

  9. Shooketh

    Shooketh3 hours ago

    No offence but when it said there isn’t no mirror by the vanity but there was one next to it 😂

  10. Roland Williams

    Roland Williams3 hours ago

    I swore to god this was supposed to be Freddie Gibbs.

  11. flufflepufflover

    flufflepufflover6 hours ago

    The best thing about having siblings is that you never have to throw out old clothes, you just give them your old, small, crappy clothes and pass on the problem!

  12. carli130

    carli1307 hours ago

    why didn't they paint the walls? i thought she didn't like the color

  13. T 30409

    T 304098 hours ago

    This is one of my favorite ladylike vids!!

  14. Isabella Fonseca

    Isabella Fonseca12 hours ago

    he needs to decorate my room 😭😂

  15. L

    L13 hours ago


  16. Makeda Zenebe

    Makeda Zenebe13 hours ago

    YALL CAN I HAVE A KANE?!!???!?!

  17. Lexi Hamm

    Lexi Hamm14 hours ago

    Kane wow you really have a knack for this!

  18. Chels Wilfong

    Chels Wilfong16 hours ago

    Oh my god this room is SO NICE.

  19. Melissa Porter

    Melissa Porter16 hours ago

    Whats the wall color???

  20. Aleyni Aguilar

    Aleyni Aguilar16 hours ago

    Kane.... Kane... KANE! Wow

  21. Emily Ulises

    Emily Ulises17 hours ago

    You should do jen's room

  22. Megan Price

    Megan Price17 hours ago

    can my room be next

  23. onipep 00

    onipep 0018 hours ago

    FUCK Kane where book an appointment for my bedroom?!!!!

  24. gemma west

    gemma west19 hours ago

    Do Jen's room

  25. Nanavette

    Nanavette19 hours ago

    I always wanted white bedding but I know it would get dirty within a week.

  26. Mika Boolis

    Mika Boolis22 hours ago

    king kane!

  27. Nati Angel

    Nati Angel22 hours ago

    Can Kane redecorate my room😩

  28. Melly Suarez

    Melly Suarez22 hours ago

    Cant wait to decorate my apartment after watching this vid!

  29. Lucy Butler

    Lucy Butler23 hours ago

    that was the most awkward hug ever

  30. AnaBanana

    AnaBanana23 hours ago

    I NEED that rug!!! OMG

  31. Deepa Isaac

    Deepa IsaacDay ago

    Damn Kane got talent

  32. Baka Pierre

    Baka PierreDay ago

    that's it!!! that's who she reminds me of! she looks like the little sister from Coming to America!!!! but that room glow up is intense.

  33. Ally M. Rommel

    Ally M. RommelDay ago

    How much did it cost though?..

  34. Bronwyn Paton

    Bronwyn PatonDay ago

    Mr.kate should do everyone’s rooms

  35. kelsi huff

    kelsi huffDay ago

    Kane should have his own show where he does room make-overs.

  36. Tricia Smith

    Tricia SmithDay ago

    Wow I love the design!!! Freddie has the cutest voice ever!!

  37. Brittany America

    Brittany AmericaDay ago


  38. Timothy Colon

    Timothy ColonDay ago

    They should do Jens room

  39. Ang Babaylan

    Ang BabaylanDay ago

    Kane looks hot

  40. Rosalyn Tiessen

    Rosalyn TiessenDay ago

    omg i love that the kittys name is Roberta

  41. Queen bee

    Queen beeDay ago

    Having that many plants in a small room is dangerous since plants are flammable.

  42. Rei Foodie

    Rei FoodieDay ago

    so beautiful! This was so fun Kane did such an awesome job. MORE MAKEOVERS!

  43. Louella Richardson

    Louella RichardsonDay ago

    why are all the photos/frames blurred?

  44. Elizabeth

    ElizabethDay ago

    This is awesome, but I gotta say, that ottoman is noooot a tenable long-term solution for the shoes LOL. Gonna be busting out of that thing so fast.

  45. Miss Queen Of Art

    Miss Queen Of ArtDay ago

    You should definitely do Jen's room next

  46. Grizmosis

    Grizmosis2 days ago


  47. Diana Rogers

    Diana Rogers2 days ago

    Her cat is so cute!!!

  48. Olivia Quinata

    Olivia Quinata2 days ago

    Can Kane do my room

  49. Flano Flanorina

    Flano Flanorina2 days ago

    I have those heel glittery jelly sandals!

  50. LadyStephyLynn

    LadyStephyLynn2 days ago

    Love it but the tv seems like it's in an awkward spot, you can't lay in bed and relax while watching it. Unless you lay sideways.

  51. Madison Foy

    Madison Foy2 days ago

    Freddy's shimmy was so cute!! 😂😂

  52. Purple Dream

    Purple Dream2 days ago

    Why did they censor the paintings?

  53. Aoibhe Brazil

    Aoibhe Brazil2 days ago

    With Kane!!

  54. Natalie Monique

    Natalie Monique2 days ago

    It would be a good idea for Kane to do a fan/subscriber’s room!! I would totally volunteer myself for that!

  55. Natalie Monique

    Natalie Monique2 days ago

    I need a personal Kane

  56. Melinda Gutierrez

    Melinda Gutierrez2 days ago

    I NEED Kane!!!! i want my room to look this beautiful 😍 Make it a series amd start with ME 😃

  57. Maitha Albadi

    Maitha Albadi2 days ago

    Jen, please get your room redecorated.

  58. Laysha Reyes

    Laysha Reyes2 days ago

    so when’s jen’s bedroom makeover video out?

  59. luna wolf

    luna wolf2 days ago

    Do jen next!

  60. Lea de Silva

    Lea de Silva2 days ago

    Kane pls do my room thank u

  61. Ash Pyatt

    Ash Pyatt2 days ago

    Can I steal Kane

  62. Elisa Galea

    Elisa Galea2 days ago

    Can Kane help me?

  63. ShamelessSher

    ShamelessSher3 days ago

    Love the colors they decided on! Super summery & relaxing ☀️💕 can Kane come do my bedroom next? 😅

  64. andrea romero

    andrea romero3 days ago

    Kane is so damn good! Mr. Kate who??

  65. Dalyne Johnson

    Dalyne Johnson3 days ago

    I wish Kane was MY friend. 😩

  66. amyinmyheart

    amyinmyheart3 days ago

    I agree with everyone who's commenting that you guys should do Jen's bedroom makeover too!!

  67. Deeva Thomas

    Deeva Thomas3 days ago


  68. lily houston

    lily houston3 days ago

    lol i just finnished my bedroom and then i look at this and now my room looks like crap

  69. Lavender Cannabis Potpourri

    Lavender Cannabis Potpourri3 days ago

    Amazing! Kane is a G. And should have his own business. Yasssssss!

  70. Nitty Shankar

    Nitty Shankar3 days ago

    Freddie was better before being influenced by "lady" like. Just her personal style. Now she's kind of faking being "girly"

  71. Jasmine Lionhill

    Jasmine Lionhill3 days ago

    I highly doubt the rug is softer than a chinchilla which is the softest thing I felt 😂

  72. jumping seals

    jumping seals3 days ago

    they should do a "checking up on kristens desk and car"

  73. Shocking Pony

    Shocking Pony3 days ago

    Kane decorate my room!!!! Oh wait...... I don’t have my own room😭😭😭

  74. Maggie Leonard

    Maggie Leonard3 days ago

    I want to see jens room

  75. Jennifer A

    Jennifer A3 days ago

    Jen should be next

  76. ItsAlbaGaming

    ItsAlbaGaming3 days ago

    “We are about to make some magic happen” Me: *NANI?*

  77. Jilliane Hope

    Jilliane Hope3 days ago

    Decorate Jen's room!

  78. Lauren Russell

    Lauren Russell3 days ago


  79. CrĀzY ViRūS

    CrĀzY ViRūS3 days ago


  80. Corie Oreo

    Corie Oreo3 days ago

    Can I hire him to do my apartment

  81. Apoorva Jain

    Apoorva Jain3 days ago

    kane is so good at it and shy and adorable

  82. Lady Tube

    Lady Tube3 days ago

    How much did this Cost? ;-;

  83. #unicorn Life

    #unicorn Life3 days ago

    Jens room 😝😝😝

  84. Yoko Tamada

    Yoko Tamada3 days ago

    I love Freddie so much

  85. Ally Frost

    Ally Frost4 days ago

    Ok what is that rug from BBB tho I want it!! Y’all should have listed the items in the description not just the store 😫

  86. Lexi Brown

    Lexi Brown4 days ago

    I hateeee the color of her room

  87. mikayla mathis

    mikayla mathis4 days ago

    Can I get a bedroom makeover?😂

  88. Cara Harrison

    Cara Harrison4 days ago

    I want a kane

  89. Molly Poppins

    Molly Poppins4 days ago

    My room next!!!😁

  90. Jelissa Correa

    Jelissa Correa4 days ago

    Can Kane help me! Lol

  91. Lauren Z

    Lauren Z4 days ago

    Can I get me a Kane??

  92. Maribel Alleman

    Maribel Alleman4 days ago


  93. Tatera

    Tatera4 days ago

    Good luck with that white rug..with a kitten.

  94. ItzYourgirl Hannah

    ItzYourgirl Hannah4 days ago

    She wanna make magic in there😏😏😂😂

  95. Katie Trottier

    Katie Trottier4 days ago

    Aww your cat is so cute!!😂😂

  96. Kim MacKusick

    Kim MacKusick4 days ago

    Kane has to do a collab with Mr.Kate

  97. Huli 1234

    Huli 12344 days ago

    So Kane studied interior design?

  98. xJulia Luminax

    xJulia Luminax4 days ago

    Okay so, this looks amazing

  99. TuberTvHealth

    TuberTvHealth4 days ago

    Fantastic Room Change well done

  100. KitKrack AniManga

    KitKrack AniManga4 days ago

    The funny thing is Kane is one letter away from Kate... (Mr. Kate? 😅 lol someone will understand)