Freddie Gets A Bedroom Makeover • Ladylike


  1. Pierced Rook

    Pierced Rook3 hours ago

    I need me a boyfriend like Kane!! 😫😂❤️

  2. MacyPlays

    MacyPlays5 hours ago

    I'm so focused on that cat its unreal😩😍😂

  3. Stinky Spider

    Stinky Spider17 hours ago

    im barely into the video and im already excited

  4. Alex Heiple

    Alex Heiple20 hours ago

    cacti *

  5. Summer Gough

    Summer GoughDay ago

    Can Kane please redecorate Jen's room like dang Jen ily but that room

  6. Carol S.

    Carol S.Day ago

    Where's Jen's bedroom makeover? I need it

  7. Meredith Rush

    Meredith RushDay ago

    Kane the king


    FNAF GIRLDay ago

    Kane needs to help ,e with my room

  9. Scarlette Artist

    Scarlette ArtistDay ago

    you should do Jens room next id love to get to know her and her style more

  10. Audrey Confer

    Audrey Confer2 days ago

    My rooms style is IKEA

  11. T. D

    T. D2 days ago

    Kane comes through again!!!!

  12. Tisse Hope

    Tisse Hope2 days ago

    Why were some of the artworks blurry?

  13. Sasslyn

    Sasslyn2 days ago

    When Freddie said 'hey Google, turn off the lights' my Google turned my lights off :(

  14. CilT

    CilT2 days ago

    He's literally her Spencer

  15. Uni The Magical Unicorn

    Uni The Magical Unicorn2 days ago

    Can Kane help me with my room

  16. Josephine Jimenez

    Josephine Jimenez2 days ago

    Yesssss I’ve been needing some bedroom redesign ideas. Can all the lady’s do this.

  17. maria fernanda montero

    maria fernanda montero2 days ago

    “No mirror” *one right there next to it*

  18. Naomi Gomez

    Naomi Gomez2 days ago

    So when’s it Jen’s turn to have her room made over?

  19. ashley graham

    ashley graham2 days ago

    they should do Jens room I would love to see it in her style

  20. ashley graham

    ashley graham2 days ago

    they should do Jens room I would love to see it in her style

  21. Gabyfort Doggo

    Gabyfort Doggo3 days ago

    Freddie for the hue lights download iLightShow it connects to the hue lights and Spotify or Apple Music and it’ll change colors automatically and it has all kinds of different settings. Super cool🎉

  22. Cokealoka

    Cokealoka3 days ago

    okay but i love freddie's cat.. she's a model

  23. A shaking sister

    A shaking sister3 days ago


  24. Anna Bananahh

    Anna Bananahh3 days ago

    Can he do my daughters nursery 💕🌺😍🤷🏻‍♀️

  25. Charlie Moseley

    Charlie Moseley3 days ago

    Where is freddys vanity from

  26. veryverte

    veryverte3 days ago

    Roberta is living her best life

  27. Lucía Cocchella

    Lucía Cocchella3 days ago

    The cat 😍

  28. Maddie Anderson

    Maddie Anderson3 days ago

    Who the fuck put a plant in front of the tv

  29. Ashley L

    Ashley L3 days ago


  30. kim sosa

    kim sosa3 days ago

    gives me great Gatsby vibes

  31. Andrea Salas

    Andrea Salas4 days ago

    Is it just me or do I feel some tension between them.

  32. valeria arechiga

    valeria arechiga4 days ago

    yea jen's room next

  33. Cute Surprise pop

    Cute Surprise pop4 days ago

    Ma too

  34. ablurida

    ablurida4 days ago


  35. DIY Queen

    DIY Queen4 days ago

    # I ship Kane and Freddie

  36. Gyan Muda

    Gyan Muda4 days ago

    0:53 "because it has no mirror" then what do you call the huge thing beside it

  37. Sam

    Sam4 days ago

    I wished I could get goes those Jordans before the gave them away or sold them away!

  38. Tea Londo

    Tea Londo4 days ago

    My only problem is the white rug, its giving me anxiety because it could get dirty easily, I love it though!

  39. hailey skye

    hailey skye2 days ago

    Tea Londo same ! even seeing the cat lay on it i was like ahhh all the cat fur will get on it

  40. Shahainaz Read

    Shahainaz Read5 days ago

    Felt too stuffy for me 😅

  41. Kaysa Allardyce

    Kaysa Allardyce5 days ago

    Girl, I LOVE INTERIOR DESIGNING. My dream would be to not have a budget and just decorate a room.

  42. Tori Palios

    Tori Palios5 days ago

    Makeovers with Kane!

  43. -Becuz I’m a lønely lønely lønely whale-

    -Becuz I’m a lønely lønely lønely whale-6 days ago


  44. Elizabeth Sams

    Elizabeth Sams6 days ago

    Kane needs to be a new ladylike

  45. Galaxy Jackson

    Galaxy Jackson6 days ago

    Was Freddie’s bag HOLO??

  46. Sophia Wood

    Sophia Wood6 days ago

    Omg the room is beautiful

  47. Anna Jochnick

    Anna Jochnick6 days ago

    This is SO Hollywood! Beautiful!

  48. Bea Victoria Plauborg

    Bea Victoria Plauborg6 days ago


  49. HaruBug

    HaruBug6 days ago

    What breed of cat is Roberta?

  50. Yana S

    Yana S6 days ago

    Is Kane single? Where do I sign up?

  51. Claire Beaudreau

    Claire Beaudreau6 days ago

    I need Kane in my life

  52. Roberta Stoicescu

    Roberta Stoicescu7 days ago

    My name is Roberta

  53. Emira Nunn

    Emira Nunn7 days ago

    Jens room nowwww

  54. Lia Isiklar

    Lia Isiklar7 days ago


  55. MeepySama

    MeepySama7 days ago

    Jen kept Dev’s shirt and that’s so cute it looks so good on her 😌

  56. Marisha Gnossis

    Marisha Gnossis7 days ago

    They should do jens next!!

  57. J M

    J M7 days ago

    I need to get myself some 👑 King Kane 👑 !!!!!!! That is awesome it looks so gorgeous!! You should come and do my apartment.

  58. Kimberly Bender

    Kimberly Bender7 days ago

    electricity bill gonna be high

  59. Mayte JL

    Mayte JL7 days ago

    Kane do you have your own channel??? If not why???!!

  60. fuzzy bottoms

    fuzzy bottoms8 days ago

    Her cat looksfluffier then the rug! 😻😻

  61. Jade Mackay

    Jade Mackay8 days ago

    Jen nexttt

  62. Kaci Mizer

    Kaci Mizer8 days ago

    okay but can we get a whole series with kane just decorating different people spaces. like im here for that idea.

  63. WillFulForza

    WillFulForza8 days ago

    I love Freddie she is so sexy and she has a amazing personality

  64. Liyah Munehira

    Liyah Munehira8 days ago

    What a transformation! I will definitely be using this video for tips on how to decorate my new room!! Good for you Freddie! I love LadyLike!

  65. Franki Page

    Franki Page9 days ago

    5:42 in the back on the box it looks like it says “f*ck

  66. Curlyhead Roxy

    Curlyhead Roxy9 days ago

    Do jens room next

  67. Megan Han

    Megan Han9 days ago

    I need Kane to decorate my bedroom

  68. Ravena

    Ravena9 days ago

    I mean... kane should do a series about this

  69. King Asuna

    King Asuna9 days ago

    wait im so confused is the painting blurred by edit or is it just like that

  70. Ryker Lewis

    Ryker Lewis9 days ago

    What the heck is tjmax, it's tkmax in the uk that just confuses me

  71. Morg Lee

    Morg Lee9 days ago

    Am I the only one that got depressed looking at the before bedroom

  72. Marnie C Evans

    Marnie C Evans9 days ago

    Wish he could do my room

  73. Sophie Walker

    Sophie Walker9 days ago

    Roberta is so cute!

  74. Hair

    Hair9 days ago

    Casually waiting for "The Kane Show!"

  75. Kiera J

    Kiera J10 days ago


  76. Anastasia Houston

    Anastasia Houston10 days ago

    I need Kane in my life! Lol he said “it’s a plant pot” 😂

  77. Sierra .,

    Sierra .,10 days ago

    I want Kane to redecorate my room

  78. Mayo Blue

    Mayo Blue10 days ago

    can you guys like redecorate my house? lmao, honestly though i love these videos and it makes me want to re-do my room but i end up not doing it.

  79. chey bloom

    chey bloom10 days ago

    Dude.. come do mine

  80. Maggles

    Maggles11 days ago

    freddie: doesn't use makeup area because there is no mirror. has giant mirror right beside it

  81. Eva joy

    Eva joy11 days ago

    My bedroom has been the same for 14 years

  82. Yasmin x

    Yasmin x11 days ago

    Freddie is soo pretty 😍👌🏽😁

  83. Roni Nail Tutorials

    Roni Nail Tutorials11 days ago

    He is a king 👑

  84. Elyscehastie Hastie

    Elyscehastie Hastie11 days ago

    Why did they blur the painting?

  85. Maria Jose Mariñez

    Maria Jose Mariñez11 days ago

    pitching idea for video: "so basically, you guys are gonna give me money to make over my room and i'll document everything for a video!" "Great! Awesome! Amazing!"

  86. Rachel Chih

    Rachel Chih12 days ago


  87. Student 6

    Student 612 days ago

    Well I'm late but Jesus I need a friend like Kane in my life alsooo he is like Mr. Kate like he is awesome HOW IS ONE PERSON THIS CREATIVE.

  88. Pigeon

    Pigeon12 days ago

    Why do they blur the pictures?

  89. Witchcraft Osteology

    Witchcraft Osteology12 days ago

    Anyone know what the plant store they went to is?

  90. Nicole Muhangi

    Nicole Muhangi12 days ago

    sooo pretty

  91. Heidi Cordell

    Heidi Cordell12 days ago

    can u do my room plz

  92. lion and the hamster

    lion and the hamster12 days ago

    Do Jens room

  93. Sydney X Sydney

    Sydney X Sydney12 days ago

    Jen should be next

  94. Valerie Ponce

    Valerie Ponce12 days ago

    So is anyone going to comment on the fact that there is FIVE lamps in a single small space? Anybody? Anybody? No? Alright.

  95. Makena Pearce

    Makena Pearce13 days ago

    I need kane is my life.

  96. Perla Arias

    Perla Arias13 days ago

    I am a singer🎤 and want to hit 200 subs. Let's grow together !!! 1. Sub to me 2. like this then Comment done🙌 3. I'll sub back 😝

  97. LadyBug Girl

    LadyBug Girl13 days ago

    They both have microbladeing

  98. Laureen Boje

    Laureen Boje13 days ago

    You need Mr.Kate

  99. Rylivia

    Rylivia13 days ago

    Lol I only have 2 pairs of shoes and flip flops;-;

  100. Libby Kenny

    Libby Kenny13 days ago

    Mr.kane 😂😂😂😂 this was a huge success you need to do a decorating series 💘💘

  101. kelly shensky

    kelly shensky13 days ago

    OMG 😍😍😭