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Four-goal French too good for Canucks


  1. Marcelo Huertas

    Marcelo Huertas5 hours ago

    Que poemas de goles que marcó Thiney la numero 17!!

  2. John McClane

    John McClane2 days ago

    football isnt Canada's sport what did you expect

  3. Samer Jakich

    Samer Jakich12 days ago


  4. rel375

    rel37517 days ago

    Belles, belles, belles comme le jour. C'est l'époque des bleus et des bleues je vois.

  5. GameX TutorZ

    GameX TutorZ17 days ago


  6. AlecPlays

    AlecPlays20 days ago

    This is why i don't watch woman football.

  7. Ali Mirza

    Ali Mirza21 day ago

    Necib is so beautiful, Beautiful is so Necib...anyway, female's football are lack of pace..

  8. 역사잼

    역사잼22 days ago

    Low level game

  9. Replying to me is absolute stupidity

    Replying to me is absolute stupidity23 days ago

    Blacks are intellectually handicapped, 90 percent of their ambitious population end up in sports, they have naturally low IQ's, small brains, hence they have a higher rate of participation in athletics compared to French people because they will never make it anywhere else. Its the sad truth. Which is why they are a detriment to civilization.

  10. Power Studio

    Power Studio23 days ago

    The hugs!! Oh the hugs!!!!!


    ARMIN LUCKAS23 days ago


  12. Alex Cfrigo

    Alex Cfrigo24 days ago

    :'( Canada . Appello alla Fifa da un tifoso del calcio giocato anche femminile : C'é tanto bisogno di aiuto e sostegno per la Nazionale Femminile Italiana di Calcio . Qui purtroppo la discriminazione é ancora molto forte, ma sé unite vincerete contro i maschilisti nel calcio italiano. !!!

  13. elbones1982

    elbones198224 days ago

    France look like an african cony. Sad

  14. M

    M18 days ago

    Where did you see that ?

  15. Kerry Holt

    Kerry Holt24 days ago

    Damn, women's football is so shitty.


    ADRIAN GAMER25 days ago

    eu gosto de homem sou viado

  17. joe kariba

    joe kariba25 days ago

    Necib is fantastic, shes a 90 on FIFA too

  18. grill38

    grill3825 days ago

    Superbes buts les filles ! Bravo

  19. Daredevil

    Daredevil25 days ago

    Very painful to watch.

  20. GecKoala

    GecKoala25 days ago

    Thomis serait-elle l'alter-égo féminin de Mbappé ? :D

  21. deniw

    deniw25 days ago

    *les bleues

  22. هيثم الحيدري

    هيثم الحيدري27 days ago

    I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah

  23. A one legged man

    A one legged man29 days ago

    Such bad quality football.

  24. Razor Blade

    Razor Blade29 days ago

    People watch this?....

  25. vivanny daizer

    vivanny daizerMonth ago

    mbape gils

  26. Scharlarntz

    ScharlarntzMonth ago

    Why there´s only ONE French player who´s black ??

  27. Scharlarntz

    Scharlarntz12 days ago

    +M So if I werent talking about colors I'm not racist... sound like you have a problem with being called racist even if you are

  28. M

    M12 days ago

    You are the one who talks about colour... you are the racist. Why there would be more black in the team ? I don't get it.

  29. Scharlarntz

    Scharlarntz17 days ago

    idk... because you´re racist ?

  30. M

    M18 days ago

    Why It would be the opposite ?


    Sté AMZATRAVAUXMonth ago


  32. Syk 2018

    Syk 2018Month ago

    That's the way to do it.

  33. Ray K

    Ray KMonth ago

    Where can we watch the full game ??

  34. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox BleachMonth ago

    Damn no one gives a shit about girl football hahahahha

  35. Dr H E R Z L O S

    Dr H E R Z L O SMonth ago

    Good job ! Good girl

  36. collapsingquantumwav

    collapsingquantumwavMonth ago

    I wonder why not too many people watch the lady's soccer games. As compared to men's.

  37. Roland damien

    Roland damienMonth ago

    et BRAVO les Françaises Pour votre califlcation .

  38. Roland damien

    Roland damienMonth ago

    Merci la France .

  39. JK tv

    JK tvMonth ago

    Personne regarde les fille je pense il faut regarder c la France

  40. Gamer Kid

    Gamer KidMonth ago

    wut is the gk doingg??

  41. Loris Tadiotto

    Loris TadiottoMonth ago

    che bello questo momento del palone ciao Loris Tadiotto

  42. RJRP 44

    RJRP 44Month ago


  43. Felipe A.

    Felipe A.Month ago

    That defense was sad to watch

  44. Ya'qoob Moulana

    Ya'qoob MoulanaMonth ago

    Down load

  45. michael liutekpin

    michael liutekpinMonth ago


  46. Daniel omar

    Daniel omarMonth ago

    Nebci ❤❤❤

  47. Doran Clerinx

    Doran ClerinxMonth ago

    Its funny to see how soft they are when they score a goal compared to male footballers when they score and ram into each other haha

  48. James Ang

    James AngMonth ago

    ...and they return to their LV, Chanel, Prada, Longchamp in the locker room.

  49. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose GonzalezMonth ago

    The only sport that canadians are good is hockey. I hope they train harder so they can master soccer too.

  50. yshahul1987

    yshahul1987Month ago

    Jose Gonzalez

  51. Ben Mahmoud Mohamed

    Ben Mahmoud MohamedMonth ago

    Nothing like our french players hope to meet one of them

  52. 陳雄

    陳雄Month ago


  53. michel blain

    michel blainMonth ago

    Elles sont belles à voir jouer

  54. Zebede Zandale

    Zebede ZandaleMonth ago

    These France 🇫🇷 women play like men 🤪

  55. moina rouzkat

    moina rouzkatMonth ago

    🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🤩 2018 /2018 wc

  56. eddyvideostar

    eddyvideostarMonth ago

    Canada's defense is sloppy. The lack the skills in order to tap-tap from the back in a vulnerable area of the pitch. The should concentrate on clearing the ball out of harm's way.

  57. KOROSH Babaei

    KOROSH BabaeiMonth ago

    Good football,really enjoyed it,we should support women's football more.

  58. Velin Adamov

    Velin AdamovMonth ago


  59. Unicorn Vovo

    Unicorn VovoMonth ago

    elle sont de la France

  60. Standin thor

    Standin thorMonth ago

    who is Canucks?

  61. anaclet kambale

    anaclet kambaleMonth ago

    Félicitations à la france

  62. mayush99999

    mayush99999Month ago

    TBH, just came here to see some FRENCH GIRLS. wasn't disaapointed

  63. Sarcasm Suite

    Sarcasm SuiteMonth ago

    Frog's suck

  64. Hakim Uchiha

    Hakim UchihaMonth ago

    vive là France toujours fort 🇫🇷💪👑

  65. seven henson

    seven hensonMonth ago

    Why is the French women team is whiter than it's men counterpart? Is that y it is less skilful

  66. banador

    banador26 days ago

    the black women did athletic and keep the children

  67. Jolyn Nguyen

    Jolyn NguyenMonth ago

    i love when girls celebrate. its so beautiful and heartwarming

  68. вэлл холмс

    вэлл холмсMonth ago

    Можно бесконечно смотреть на огонь,воду и...этот,женский,так называемый,футбол.Ну,не ваше это...Где на слуху,хоть одно знаменитое имя?Какая-то безликая масса....Женщин я ,даже,очень и очень...Но,с побитыми ногами?Это перебор.Я в комментах один на Кирилице,видно.

  69. Babajide Ajayi

    Babajide AjayiMonth ago


  70. Degman Cro

    Degman CroMonth ago

    80% comments about Necib 19% comments about french girls 1% comments about soccer/football

  71. Joselin Catillo

    Joselin CatilloMonth ago

    Wow el 2 gol estubo genial!



    I'll definitively switch to women football

  73. cuppateadee

    cuppateadeeMonth ago

    I luv french ladies too, they are classy beautiful and so well dressed.

  74. Manoj Varughese

    Manoj VarugheseMonth ago

    my ladies...

  75. Shinya Kurai

    Shinya KuraiMonth ago


  76. Ya Boy

    Ya BoyMonth ago

    who cares

  77. 23Beantownsfinest

    23BeantownsfinestMonth ago

    mccloud is trash

  78. lukas mattsson

    lukas mattssonMonth ago

    french girls very sexy

  79. Mark Gaming

    Mark GamingMonth ago

    That second goal

  80. Into the Unknown

    Into the UnknownMonth ago

    Women football should be naked to draw more viewers. It would beat the mens football by a mile.

  81. seide wolsabo

    seide wolsaboMonth ago

    what a merry champion's

  82. ThePatriarch

    ThePatriarchMonth ago

    I bet 10 year old boys could beat both teams 10-0.

  83. Fabzil

    FabzilMonth ago

    The 2nd goal is priceless



    C'est vraiment rigolo voir les filles Canadiennes en jouant au soccer. Ca n'as pas d'alure.

  85. ümit çağlar

    ümit çağlarMonth ago


  86. Orange Man

    Orange ManMonth ago

    France: Men team: almost all black Women team: almost all white

  87. Jean Déchet

    Jean Déchet26 days ago

    Its just that male blacks in France love football so they are overrepresented in it. In fact there is not that much blacks in France (not counting DOM TOM), most of our immigrants are Berbers and maghrebi Arabs

  88. Toni Galešić

    Toni GalešićMonth ago


  89. bobo jepeny

    bobo jepenyMonth ago

    "Shielding that ball delightfully. " lol.

  90. Pierre Flamand

    Pierre FlamandMonth ago

    No doubt, the Canucks deserve this humiliating defeat. Can't beleive how slow and how numb that team was... Pity.

  91. MultiWILLIE

    MultiWILLIEMonth ago

    Funny women..

  92. John Meryet

    John MeryetMonth ago


  93. eusmilus bidentatus

    eusmilus bidentatusMonth ago

    More pleasant to watch that men's football !

  94. alla snackbar

    alla snackbarMonth ago

    only terrorist women oppressing moslems will disagree with this beautiful thing

  95. abdel lém

    abdel lémMonth ago

    canada franchement changer d'équipe,la France ne s'est pas jouer.

  96. anny kelly

    anny kellyMonth ago

    tao jogando mais do que a seleção

  97. Виталий Стрильчук

    Виталий СтрильчукMonth ago

    Такие смешные, такие потешные.

  98. MrCatalan28

    MrCatalan28Month ago

    In my opinion it would be better if this tournament is played the same year or the month prior to the Men's World Cup! Debería jugarse este torneo el mismo año o 1 mes antes de la Copa del Mundo masculina!

  99. Andrew Ma

    Andrew MaMonth ago

    The girl who scored the first goal is soooo cute!

  100. Shahzad Naqvi

    Shahzad NaqviMonth ago

    Shahzad Naqvi. Federal Aviation Administration. Sierra Academy of Aeronautics,USA. Social Security. Not Working.Harris County Jail.

  101. Menzy Hou

    Menzy HouMonth ago

    girls playing soccer are cute

  102. rayan nabil

    rayan nabilMonth ago

    Y’all should stop watching world cup 2018 and start watching women playin soccer...

  103. Burhan Altıntop

    Burhan AltıntopMonth ago

    May Canadian players go and watch soap opera in their houses.

  104. Manu M

    Manu MMonth ago

    Mi amor las francesas

  105. emanoel cardoso

    emanoel cardosoMonth ago


  106. motshi

    motshiMonth ago

    They want equal pay ok then bring more investors

  107. blackngold cuttlefish

    blackngold cuttlefishMonth ago

    That poor Canadian goalie was not having a good day lol. Vive la France !

  108. Новый Пигмалион

    Новый ПигмалионMonth ago

    Капец. Девчонки играют интереснее и красивее мужиков.. Они скоро размножаться без мужиков начнут.

  109. abdel lém

    abdel lémMonth ago

    super arrét du goal.