Fortnite X Avengers: Endgame Trailer


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  5. I will shank you with a rusty Tooth brush

    I will shank you with a rusty Tooth brush27 minutes ago


  6. Finn G

    Finn G27 minutes ago

    bruceDAB for this epic victory royale

  7. Johann Preusser

    Johann Preusser27 minutes ago


  8. Ariel

    Ariel27 minutes ago

    Where’s Spider-Man

  9. Tristan Muchwano

    Tristan Muchwano27 minutes ago

    27 second video is number one on trending

  10. Brian Hallman

    Brian Hallman28 minutes ago

    For all you fortnite below to see endgame spoilers (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) First of all, Thanos dies twice, the first time is at the beginning by thor (he cuts off thano’s head) the movie is based around time travel so soon enough thanos comes back to life and this time black widow sacrifices herself (she dies) and iron man dies by using the gauntlet to finally kill him. Everyone who dies from thanos snap comes back to life, which means gamora loki and vision are still dead Happy endgame!

  11. Aaron Knox

    Aaron Knox28 minutes ago

    Stan Lee: Look how they massacred my boy

  12. KIBIBIBI *

    KIBIBIBI *29 minutes ago

    How is 2012?

  13. Goku_ Black_DBS

    Goku_ Black_DBS29 minutes ago

    Of course this would be on trending..... Casuals....

  14. Sadik Eryener

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  15. I’m Tellin god

    I’m Tellin god29 minutes ago

    Woah mama

  16. Drusilla Appiah-kubi

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  17. BloodWalker96

    BloodWalker9629 minutes ago

    Thanos skin? Item shop soon please!!!!!!!👀👀❤😱😭😱😭🙌

  18. TheGamingDummy 567

    TheGamingDummy 56729 minutes ago

    0:14 Me and the squad

  19. Alonzo Gonzo Smith

    Alonzo Gonzo Smith30 minutes ago

    They could of at least used better skins 😂😂 opportunity missed

  20. Asmr By anonymous

    Asmr By anonymous30 minutes ago

    Ewwww 🤢🤢

  21. Oli

    Oli30 minutes ago

    How to ruin a movie in a few easy steps!

  22. Anderson Clayton Ferreira Ferreira

    Anderson Clayton Ferreira Ferreira30 minutes ago

    Coloca na loja a dança justiçe oraje

  23. Luke

    Luke30 minutes ago

    hope this ends fortnite 🙈☠️

  24. Arcanjo Spirit

    Arcanjo Spirit30 minutes ago

    não acredito q o HOMEM DE FERRO E A VIUVA NEGRA MORRERAM e o CAPITAO AMERICA FICOU VELHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  27. Yusef Janjua

    Yusef Janjua31 minute ago

    Sad time I’m in another country we’re my PlayStation is in England 😭😭😭😞😞😞😭😞😭😞

  28. Kered

    Kered31 minute ago

    Y’all watch out for Avengers Endgame spoilers bruu.. had to warn everybody! Still y’all keep relying on hope, and happiness and wealth and all that will come!

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  30. spaiinish

    spaiinish31 minute ago

    Nobody: a single nobody: your mmom nothing: Fortnite: FORTNITE X AVENGERS TRAILER

  31. Papu pro

    Papu pro31 minute ago

    Ya lo aruino fortnite

  32. Brandon Greenland - Glenforest SS (2172)

    Brandon Greenland - Glenforest SS (2172)31 minute ago

    Memenite 2: Avengcito

  33. Alphonse Plays Games

    Alphonse Plays Games31 minute ago

    Did anyone go on fandango hoping to get tickets to the movies for tonight and clicked on each time and all it read was sold out. Now I have to wait till Sunday to watch this movie 😭😭😭😭. I mean I knew it was sold out but technically today wasn’t really “opening day”. Last year I didn’t have this problem. I actually got my tickets opening night at the theater no problem. *cries in corner

  34. PurE_HmNg

    PurE_HmNg32 minutes ago

    Does Iron man die?

  35. Dylan Christman

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  36. POOBdeNOOB

    POOBdeNOOB32 minutes ago

    Wheres ant man

  37. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan32 minutes ago

    Is it just a coincidence that I have the full squad of characters? Lol but I only use brite bomber

  38. lucass poten

    lucass poten32 minutes ago

    Juego de ratas

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  40. XxBaby KatyxX

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    Me: *Wears black hoodie* Teacher: "Sweetheart, why are you wearing a black hood in school?" Me: *Turns around and makes serious face* Me: "I am Batman."

  41. GreenHairedDerp

    GreenHairedDerp33 minutes ago

    Dude spoilers

  42. Jack Wave

    Jack Wave33 minutes ago

    who is responsible for that? Whoever he his. I want his head on a spike. WTF?

  43. illdoitlatermom

    illdoitlatermom33 minutes ago

    Just bring back health per kill

  44. Saiyan Rose

    Saiyan Rose33 minutes ago

    Hell nahhhh

  45. Animated Flicks

    Animated Flicks33 minutes ago

    Not gonna lie. Not as disappointed than I thought I would be

  46. Ounga Gros baille

    Ounga Gros baille33 minutes ago

    End film iron man dead

  47. Alexander Bielanos

    Alexander Bielanos33 minutes ago

    This is number #1 on trending at the moment

  48. Gordie Animated 101

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  49. Haider Urfan

    Haider Urfan34 minutes ago

    Why marvel

  50. Funwithaball

    Funwithaball34 minutes ago

    This is lame af

  51. Waelotheboss wael

    Waelotheboss wael34 minutes ago

    Imagine fish sticks couldn’t get headshotd

  52. GAMES 2024

    GAMES 202434 minutes ago

    Am Love Fortnite (desculpe se não estiver certo)

  53. BrandonJustPlays Δ

    BrandonJustPlays Δ34 minutes ago

    This will revive fortnite but for how long?

  54. Rolagi

    Rolagi31 minute ago

    you're so intelligent what's your secret ?

  55. Fisher Reed

    Fisher Reed34 minutes ago

    I lov formnit


    MR DELORIAN35 minutes ago

    Fortnite’s Ending!?😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  57. No Brainer

    No Brainer35 minutes ago

    Oh my god holy moly This is gonna be sick


    WE ARE AWESOME VENOM PADILLA Padila35 minutes ago

    I Hope Thanos dance in fornite

  59. Katandcat

    Katandcat35 minutes ago

    Does this mean the end of forntie

  60. Le b.

    Le b.35 minutes ago

    Eine beleidigung der Götter, möged ihr alle sterben!

  61. Kornheadfan

    Kornheadfan35 minutes ago

    Wait, how can Iron Mans powers be in this? Didn't he die? Also didn't Captain America stay behind to put the infinity stones back? This game doesn't line up with Endgame. At least they kept the continuity that Thor is just a gamer nerd now and Black Widow is dead

  62. MLG Puggy

    MLG Puggy35 minutes ago

    Is this a joke..?

  63. Hayden

    Hayden36 minutes ago

    I hope this game dies!! O.o

  64. DeadPool6612

    DeadPool661236 minutes ago

    I don't want to buy black widow skin because I don't know if there will be more marvel skins coming :( is there more?

  65. Holden Riefenstahl

    Holden Riefenstahl35 minutes ago

    DeadPool6612 1 other set is coming.

  66. FRONT! Studios

    FRONT! Studios36 minutes ago

    I thought this was a joke/fake because it was just a refrence to korg but no it's real. That being so, why the heck is it #1 trending??

  67. Infamous Swoosh

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  68. Bailey Henderson

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  70. TannerTheMatrix

    TannerTheMatrix36 minutes ago

    Apex is still way Better.

  71. AngryOwl 72

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  72. Elixerz

    Elixerz36 minutes ago

    Iron man dies by snapping thanos out of existence with the infinity gauntlet

  73. Robles

    Robles36 minutes ago

    Iron man dies and captian america turns old and will no longer be captian american saw the end games already:)

  74. emanuel summers

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  75. illneas

    illneas37 minutes ago

    I wanna throw up rn

  76. BI9 B

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  77. StopReadingMyUserNameAndGoDoYourHomework

    StopReadingMyUserNameAndGoDoYourHomework37 minutes ago

    Rip to people spoiled in the comment section

  78. SlEnDeRMaNxxSD

    SlEnDeRMaNxxSD37 minutes ago

    just let the fuking game die

  79. imjustdatguy

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  80. Le BOX

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  81. TheDZ Boy

    TheDZ Boy38 minutes ago

    Some people don't bother spamming "revert" in the comment section. But not us Not us

  82. Mars 7980

    Mars 798038 minutes ago

    Add the gauntlet in creative

  83. The man That kills memes

    The man That kills memes38 minutes ago

    Fish stick being Thor makes no sense BUT I LOVE IT 🥰

  84. Sinejomoniror 290

    Sinejomoniror 29038 minutes ago

    Dantdm gonna be proud of fishstick

  85. HShshshsh Rhshsgxtgx

    HShshshsh Rhshsgxtgx38 minutes ago

    There’s cum everywhere

  86. سهَيّل TN

    سهَيّل TN39 minutes ago

    Antman is the only way to defeat thanos.

  87. Shallow Phoenix

    Shallow Phoenix39 minutes ago

    Uuuuugh, when will this game die

  88. Oscar the Milkman

    Oscar the Milkman39 minutes ago

    Fishstick makes it so silly i love him

  89. Because_snickers

    Because_snickers39 minutes ago

    Why would I ever play fortnite

  90. Reverse Crucifix KM - EDM Producer

    Reverse Crucifix KM - EDM Producer40 minutes ago

    Uauh. Great. The same as I have on my channel. I've always loved it.

  91. N-Word Hamster

    N-Word Hamster40 minutes ago

    Ya'll still playing this game?

  92. Jake

    Jake39 minutes ago

    lmao ikr

  93. Lyx

    Lyx40 minutes ago

    Who remembers when comment section used to be good without Fortnite

  94. Dann

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  95. Simo Style10

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  96. Nenox

    Nenox40 minutes ago

    Ironman dies at the end of the movie and Captain America too

  97. Adela Parra

    Adela Parra40 minutes ago

    Fishsticks now it is my turn to cook u

  98. Danieloco mcpe

    Danieloco mcpe40 minutes ago


  99. Buffiey Boy

    Buffiey Boy40 minutes ago

    Revert anyone??

  100. VIPER-06P

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  101. Lee Wright

    Lee Wright41 minute ago

    Iron Man is hella OP in this mode imo

  102. Strahinja Stamenkovic

    Strahinja Stamenkovic41 minute ago


  103. beeen chateelier

    beeen chateelier41 minute ago

    At least the Thanos game mode is coming back