FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)


  1. qrznr dglopez

    qrznr dglopez34 minutes ago

    Boi your MReporter name is racist

  2. Singh Karan

    Singh Karan2 hours ago

    I don't know if you want to get together for a drink or two to get together with you and out and about and your family have a room iri I don't want to do it I I can make the meeting today at work 😊👍😊 i the stage of my truck is I don't have a lot to know if it was Logan or not gonna it I it was i I I I can get to the i and out in the next couple days and I have to be at a conference in a few weeks and I haven't heard from her in a few minutes ago and your family have a

  3. Crazy Banny

    Crazy Banny2 hours ago


  4. Killer Kitten

    Killer Kitten9 hours ago

    Pubgesus, game of the year

  5. Kyle cat cool

    Kyle cat cool9 hours ago


  6. Anmol Thapa

    Anmol Thapa22 hours ago

    0:32 anyone else hear those goblins?

  7. Adam Thomas

    Adam Thomas23 hours ago

    Raptor is my favrot

  8. Tin Macina

    Tin Macina23 hours ago

    8 minute trailer wow

  9. Efti

    EftiDay ago

    Why am I getting infinity war music vive

  10. Smitha Ratheeshan

    Smitha RatheeshanDay ago

    Ur jokes are genius.

  11. Darren Echevarria

    Darren EchevarriaDay ago


  12. THE GI0MAMA perez

    THE GI0MAMA perezDay ago

    Worst way to end a fortnite battle

  13. All about Memes

    All about MemesDay ago

    He won’t pin this

  14. JusTuzz

    JusTuzzDay ago


  15. Rumaysa Dawood

    Rumaysa DawoodDay ago

    Even thought I don’t play fort nite I still loved it 😍😍😍😘💝❤️❤️💕😂😂

  16. Jayden Choudhury786

    Jayden Choudhury786Day ago

    La LA la China, the great wall of China yea

  17. My Life As Kira

    My Life As KiraDay ago

    “Yeah, no you can’t catch bullets in this game.” *falls to floor* “I know.” 😂

  18. Noel Shirley

    Noel Shirley2 days ago

    This wood be cool if it was a movie

  19. Jasmine Sherrill

    Jasmine Sherrill2 days ago

    This is the best thing ever 😂


    DOOM SLAYER2 days ago

    What if this was an actual movie

  21. Food pantry Plays

    Food pantry Plays2 days ago

    3:36 wow Ryan can fly

  22. Scooter Bros

    Scooter Bros2 days ago

    Try hard bro

  23. zombie killer 38

    zombie killer 382 days ago

    I would like to get that movie

  24. Mr. RockPie YT

    Mr. RockPie YT2 days ago

    What the ftick is this

  25. AriSweet Moon

    AriSweet Moon3 days ago

    this is Soo coool

  26. Ethan Castelino

    Ethan Castelino3 days ago

    The best fake trailer like this comment if you think this video is awesome

  27. Ęärråpê 503

    Ęärråpê 5033 days ago

    Is this seriously what happens in fortnite?

  28. OmqTehMrBoss

    OmqTehMrBoss3 days ago

    Imagine loot lake. Then they get knocked in the river then the team mates can’t see them lol. Ryan took the L

  29. Diamond disaster

    Diamond disaster3 days ago

    Get More realistic!!!

  30. Муралим Куванычбек Уулу

    Муралим Куванычбек Уулу3 days ago

    Who play coc?

  31. Laura King

    Laura KingDay ago

    Муралим Куванычбек Уулу me

  32. cuddle panda

    cuddle panda3 days ago

    2:49 MATRIX

  33. JKM Gamers for fun fortnight

    JKM Gamers for fun fortnight3 days ago

    This trailer is better then a regular one plz make a move

  34. Brevasive

    Brevasive3 days ago

    I wish Ninja was in the game :(

  35. Rebekah Davidson

    Rebekah Davidson3 days ago

    Everyone forgot that fortunate ripped of so many games example Minecraft PUBG Most of the dances And much more

  36. Normal Daily

    Normal Daily4 days ago

    8:08 OMG

  37. xDualShockx

    xDualShockx4 days ago

    Did anyone else think that scene at 2:07 was fucking awsome

  38. Universal Mario

    Universal Mario4 days ago

    When a new player plays fortnite

  39. megan wilhite

    megan wilhite4 days ago

    is this real

  40. Nikola Lenart

    Nikola Lenart4 days ago

    Lol the beginning tho 😂

  41. Ryan Shin

    Ryan Shin4 days ago

    Oh pubG and Ryan didn’t want to make fortnite sad because pubG and fortnite are the same

  42. Speedo500sp

    Speedo500sp4 days ago

    Bro you gave ma boi Ceeday the win

  43. braydon Beltran

    braydon Beltran4 days ago

    4:53 when u try your best but u do t suceed

  44. Mr. YOUTUBER

    Mr. YOUTUBER5 days ago

    iam a fan of yours and a subscriber

  45. braydon Beltran

    braydon Beltran4 days ago


  46. SSupra Gaming

    SSupra Gaming5 days ago

    Hey , was that ceeday with the yellow face mask ?

  47. Merah Putih

    Merah Putih5 days ago

    2019 anyone see??

  48. abu bakr Fedda

    abu bakr Fedda5 days ago


  49. Minh Pham

    Minh Pham5 days ago

    6:42 you can see someone’s sky base

  50. Asif Ahmed

    Asif Ahmed5 days ago

    did they see the meteors

  51. jamar mckinney

    jamar mckinney5 days ago

    It was super good but if the other guys squad was dead how was he still alive

  52. Match Set Gaming

    Match Set Gaming5 days ago

    Fortnite is the Best.

  53. Th3 Fr0g

    Th3 Fr0g5 days ago

    0:36 I farted

  54. Th3 Fr0g

    Th3 Fr0g5 days ago

    Oh boy! An official fake trailer! Yay


    GOOFY GIRAFFE5 days ago

    I wish This was real

  56. Ariana Playz

    Ariana Playz5 days ago


  57. Instant Spider Man

    Instant Spider Man5 days ago

    They should make this a film

  58. Marina Garrison

    Marina Garrison5 days ago

    Funniest fortnite video ever!!!!

  59. Megan Baker

    Megan Baker5 days ago

    Sorry goodman

  60. Megan Baker

    Megan Baker5 days ago

    Fox Bowman is right

  61. the DARK TOXIC

    the DARK TOXIC6 days ago

    Paper comes out of tree and money of paper money in pay pal buy v bucks

  62. Brian Noel

    Brian Noel6 days ago


  63. Brian Noel

    Brian Noel6 days ago

    Who thought they were really going to win loo

  64. wot blitz man

    wot blitz man6 days ago

    You Are CZ cech

  65. Black Pandazzz

    Black Pandazzz6 days ago

    No u can’t to talk to other players in this game

  66. Hasnain what santa's are not real that' a lie Zaman

    Hasnain what santa's are not real that' a lie Zaman6 days ago

    Haha that was so funny

  67. Omg DB Daniel

    Omg DB Daniel6 days ago


  68. VisionZ

    VisionZ6 days ago

    Back in fortnites prime

  69. Reche Dacera

    Reche Dacera6 days ago


  70. Reche Dacera

    Reche Dacera6 days ago

    is omega there

  71. Courtyard Films

    Courtyard Films6 days ago

    Ryōshi Rappu on Twitter follow him tho

  72. Penguin Boi

    Penguin Boi6 days ago

    Make dis real

  73. Welsh

    Welsh6 days ago

    Did anybody notice that in the lobby they look like they are 4ft? And they call them selves the *Mega Dunkers*

  74. Longo

    Longo6 days ago

    What is the nane music in 4:40?

  75. Schlumy26

    Schlumy266 days ago

    Would love to know how to edit like this

  76. Adam El-Hakim

    Adam El-Hakim6 days ago

    8 min trailer you don't even try

  77. Matthew Del Valle

    Matthew Del Valle6 days ago

    Still waiting for the movie...

  78. Basketballfan9016 Youknowit

    Basketballfan9016 Youknowit6 days ago

    This should be a actual movie

  79. Infinity Guy

    Infinity Guy6 days ago

    One of the only good things that came out of Fortnite

  80. Spidey Parker

    Spidey Parker7 days ago

    Dude has headphones...uses earphones...

  81. Spidey Parker

    Spidey Parker7 days ago

    Noobs be complaining about the axe throwing scene...

  82. Fun Funny Adr

    Fun Funny Adr7 days ago

    Looks like its not a trailer its a short film

  83. Keealgi o_O

    Keealgi o_O7 days ago

    what about PUB...

  84. Eros Cortez

    Eros Cortez7 days ago

    Dear Ryan can you make a League of Legends official trailer.

  85. Kat Kavern

    Kat Kavern7 days ago

    Please make the Movie

  86. Whats Good

    Whats Good7 days ago

    Ryan What Town hall are you in Clash Of clash please answer!!

  87. Bugsy the Wolf Ninja

    Bugsy the Wolf Ninja7 days ago

    I hate fortnite so no thoughts

  88. ProZeus

    ProZeus7 days ago

    Nice win, Ceeday!

  89. goldfish productions

    goldfish productions7 days ago

    Nah ah I got s creative destrauctuion ad

  90. mister M

    mister M7 days ago

    Sa serait bien si il sorte Fortnite le film

  91. Robert Greens

    Robert Greens8 days ago

    Dear Ryan, can you do a Clash Royale trailer?

  92. jake josephvilla

    jake josephvilla8 days ago

    He was suppose to say pubg mobile not publishing somwthing blablabla

  93. 考刀

    考刀8 days ago

    4:44 John: hey my baby Ian : Yes im John: oh your r gay Ian : ?????

  94. Tamanna Iyer

    Tamanna Iyer8 days ago

    PUBG or Fortnite??🧐

  95. EkePlay Doug

    EkePlay Doug3 days ago


  96. TNT Tin

    TNT Tin7 days ago


  97. Daniel Plays

    Daniel Plays8 days ago

    Best ClickBait Ever!

  98. Фрости

    Фрости8 days ago

    *Азиаты красавцы, тупо слезы идут от смеха*

  99. Allison Klein Backer

    Allison Klein Backer8 days ago

    This should totally be made into a movie

  100. Horton 780

    Horton 7808 days ago

    This needs to be a real movie lol

  101. Horton 780

    Horton 7808 days ago

    He's playing clash! Lol sooooo funny

  102. KFC

    KFC8 days ago

    i miss sean like if u agree

  103. Yaman Al Ali

    Yaman Al Ali8 days ago

    pubg is better...i is the original unprecedented battle royal ...lets give the guys who made the real game some credits shall we? rather than ignoring it and praising the cheap imitation....ffs...even the AWM sniper is copied low can u go

  104. Daniel F

    Daniel F7 days ago

    Yaman Al Ali Ryan did do a video on pubg too. Also the thing about not mentioning pubg was a joke.

  105. Razvan G. 07

    Razvan G. 078 days ago

    I want a movie with this