FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)


  1. nigahiga

    nigahiga3 months ago

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  2. Omq

    Omq3 hours ago

    isn't fortnite already free

  3. Danijela Savic

    Danijela Savic11 hours ago


  4. Emily Jordan

    Emily JordanDay ago

    Ryan, why can't I say pubg? Oh you didn't talk over me!

  5. Alma Martinez

    Alma MartinezDay ago

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  6. Alma Martinez

    Alma MartinezDay ago

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  7. Ann R

    Ann R3 hours ago

    Saw the making of this... great job with putting this all together! 4 days worth it I'd say awesome job, very impressed!

  8. Nivo Uprise

    Nivo Uprise3 hours ago

    The storm looked SOOOOOO cool way better than the game and the emotes are funny in the movie xd

  9. Sentai

    Sentai5 hours ago

    NOOO!!! WHY????

  10. Golden-nugget

    Golden-nugget5 hours ago

    Do a movie with alecmolon he's awesome editing

  11. Eren Gaming

    Eren Gaming6 hours ago

    they should make a real fortnite movie

  12. Snowball3d Penguin_Donut

    Snowball3d Penguin_Donut7 hours ago

    Why isn’t this a movie?

  13. Tim

    Tim9 hours ago

    "I think we are each in the wrong house" Omg xD

  14. bear vlogs

    bear vlogs9 hours ago

    nice vid

  15. Sweg Sparky

    Sweg Sparky10 hours ago

    fortnite the movie! featuring: swearing kids, people who yell a lot, ragers, people threatening to burn down each other's houses and kill each other, the people who say they know where you live even though they sound like they're only 10 years old AND the people who get way too addicted to it.

  16. Nha Pham

    Nha Pham10 hours ago

    vn điểm danh

  17. OK K.O. Yes Litton Entertainment and TTG No

    OK K.O. Yes Litton Entertainment and TTG No12 hours ago

    COMING JULY 26 2019

  18. AK Gaming

    AK Gaming14 hours ago

    When paco is angry at ryan ryan is hiding in the bush

  19. I do not know

    I do not know15 hours ago


  20. The_Galaxy_Wolf

    The_Galaxy_Wolf18 hours ago

    3 months ago and the movie isnt out :(

  21. Raana Gul

    Raana Gul18 hours ago

    Who wants this as an actual movie

  22. Yufang Yang

    Yufang Yang18 hours ago

    hey where the bullet


    I HATE MY LIFE19 hours ago


  24. Farhan Aji

    Farhan Aji21 hour ago

    Cool Vids,and the Graphics is good,and the editing is COOL!!!!

  25. Musicaly _PUBG

    Musicaly _PUBG22 hours ago


  26. Cara Lam

    Cara LamDay ago

    Dear Ryan, kiss arden in front of the camera.

  27. Creeper King

    Creeper KingDay ago


  28. Curly Fries

    Curly FriesDay ago

    This would be a rlly cool film. I like it.

  29. Ben Washongton

    Ben WashongtonDay ago

    No tralier is this long

  30. Phyrren

    PhyrrenDay ago

    Wow! This was really good and high quality and funny. This gave me laughs all around Ryan, RHPC is doing really good!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ll eventually become the best Tuber!

  31. DextrousGinger X

    DextrousGinger XDay ago

    And they thought ceeday is the edit god smh

  32. Chance Davis vlogs

    Chance Davis vlogsDay ago

    You should actually make a movie about this

  33. DylanYoutubeYT DRAGONS

    DylanYoutubeYT DRAGONSDay ago

    I think fortnite are planning an actual movie because of its popularity, plus its season 5 and its week six soon there will be a movie competition, and whoever wins it will show in risky.

  34. Limping Hippy

    Limping HippyDay ago

    Wow 21m subscribers

  35. Games Club

    Games ClubDay ago


  36. Hell Bent

    Hell BentDay ago

    Very very funny and kool, excellent job

  37. SHAZAM 127

    SHAZAM 127Day ago

    When Hollywood runs out of ideas

  38. 101NOBODY101 I

    101NOBODY101 IDay ago

    This crazy good and he said he can’t make a movie

  39. satisfying slime compilations

    satisfying slime compilationsDay ago

    19 freaking million views.

  40. Jose Benedict Chavez

    Jose Benedict ChavezDay ago

    8:08 so noob

  41. Eevee Tube

    Eevee TubeDay ago


  42. Ellianna Goonewardene

    Ellianna GoonewardeneDay ago

    I would totaly watch this is this were a real movie

  43. Rainbow Noob

    Rainbow NoobDay ago

    I wish this was a real movie it would of been so cool

  44. Lil King SAVAGE

    Lil King SAVAGEDay ago

    That was kinda funny.

  45. Devin Uyemura

    Devin Uyemura2 days ago

    I cringed

  46. Dr. Splice

    Dr. Splice2 days ago

    This is nothing like fortnite

  47. Butt Man

    Butt Man2 days ago

    I got Rules of Survival ad

  48. Clio Sze

    Clio Sze2 days ago

    The ad before this video wars literally an ad for fortnite... 🤯🤯

  49. 이xjxhun

    이xjxhun2 days ago

    i dont really like fortnite but if this was a legit trailer, i'd definitely watch the movie

  50. des Inkling

    des Inkling2 days ago

    Stop clash

  51. Feldmarschall Hans

    Feldmarschall Hans2 days ago

    I would like to see this be a thing

  52. Fortnite_ isbeast

    Fortnite_ isbeast3 days ago

    U can tell that they are kinda dumb cuz “raptor”by the time he was “knocked out ” he shoulda been ded cuz he didn’t have any more teammates to revive him and u woulda won and btw u cant throw ur pickaxes in the game ....🤦🏽‍♂️

  53. Mobilized Robin6

    Mobilized Robin62 days ago

    No, they were filming with "realism" the raptor gave up from winning, he wasnt actually down

  54. glubby wubby

    glubby wubby3 days ago

    I heard that

  55. sanniya williams

    sanniya williams3 days ago

    This was a amazing funny trailer

  56. Alan Longoria

    Alan Longoria3 days ago

    Myth got salty

  57. Specimen XYZ

    Specimen XYZ3 days ago

    3:35 hes flying with no hands on the umbrella

  58. shashank gopalakrishnan

    shashank gopalakrishnan3 days ago

    All of the dislikes are from PUBG players

  59. shashank gopalakrishnan

    shashank gopalakrishnanDay ago

    Whatever man

  60. Abrar Rahman

    Abrar Rahman2 days ago

    shashank gopalakrishnan well fortnite sucks dude

  61. DaRealGalaxy

    DaRealGalaxy3 days ago

    This was funny especially when he was like you still got that rocket and the bush strat amazing

  62. Silver Gamet

    Silver Gamet3 days ago


  63. Ennur Cukurova-Moniharapon

    Ennur Cukurova-Moniharapon3 days ago

    Ow i love it best fan made video😍

  64. Mad Gamer

    Mad Gamer3 days ago

    Is there a real Fortnite moovie

  65. Lakshya Dhoundiyal

    Lakshya Dhoundiyal3 days ago

    can you sing a k-pop

  66. Lakshya Dhoundiyal

    Lakshya Dhoundiyal3 days ago

    can you sing a k-pop

  67. hitman mike 069

    hitman mike 0693 days ago

    these 20 year old men are playing a 10 year olds game wtf this is why ninja has no life 😆

  68. hitman mike 069

    hitman mike 0693 days ago

    Hell no I'm not gonna download that brain washing peace of shit game and this video is cringe

  69. Mobilized Robin6

    Mobilized Robin62 days ago

    He was sponsored, so... gotta get that money

  70. Jorge Ramirez

    Jorge Ramirez3 days ago

    The person that he fights in the pickaxe he looks like Logan’s brother in law from SML

  71. Solar Wings

    Solar Wings3 days ago

    Now *THIS* is the type of fortnite content that I wouldn't mind watching! Can there be a part two?

  72. Shayla Davidson

    Shayla Davidson3 days ago

    This is one loong trailer😁

  73. Tian __offical_

    Tian __offical_3 days ago

    Wow 😲😯🤗

  74. George Lindsay

    George Lindsay3 days ago

    Clash Royale...... wow

  75. Kobe Feseetai

    Kobe Feseetai3 days ago

    Holly shit 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  76. DogeGamez Reborn

    DogeGamez Reborn3 days ago

    Can you actually make the movie please? Im so curious of the parts that are skiped in movies

  77. iiCookiezz

    iiCookiezz3 days ago

    how much you wanna bet nigahiga got lots of subscribers just from this video


    FORTNITE YAY3 days ago

    The guy in the storm at 7:50 they are the last 2 he should of died because there would be no one to revive him

  79. Mobilized Robin6

    Mobilized Robin62 days ago

    No, the raptor gave up running, because Ryan was filming with realism

  80. bendy 356

    bendy 3564 days ago


  81. T Ghent

    T Ghent4 days ago

    Let's gooo 2:06

  82. Nick Lewis

    Nick Lewis4 days ago

    i never watched an 8 minute trailer

  83. OneCanDread

    OneCanDread4 days ago

    His rocket looks EXACTLY like the guided rocket that was vaulted then added again

  84. Jasong Vang

    Jasong Vang4 days ago

    Feels like its been years Barley remeber our time from shifty shafts greasy grove Dudeits only been 7 minutes XD

  85. Jasong Vang

    Jasong Vang4 days ago

    Do Creative Destruction Trailer or movie pls

  86. Izumi Izumi

    Izumi Izumi4 days ago

    I love your showing all bro!

  87. Angelina Zdk

    Angelina Zdk4 days ago

    I love it (y)

  88. 프란츠 아부야

    프란츠 아부야4 days ago

    I Laughed At 8:08 😂😂😂😂

  89. 프란츠 아부야

    프란츠 아부야4 days ago

    Ninja Reacted this Video!! 😍👏😱

  90. John Peake

    John Peake4 days ago

    Fortnite is free

  91. Marc Crespo

    Marc Crespo4 days ago


  92. 【就】Armando Torres

    【就】Armando Torres4 days ago

    Lol the dislikes even though this is a fake trailer

  93. Hayden Collins

    Hayden Collins4 days ago

    I wish Fortnite was a movie

  94. Randy Romero

    Randy Romero4 days ago

    Make it but. Not a trailer. Make movie

  95. Fortnite gameur 5000

    Fortnite gameur 50004 days ago

    Respect for those guys

  96. Alex D

    Alex D4 days ago

    This is good but if the guy was already in the storm down then he’d die because he was the last one of his team

  97. Mobilized Robin6

    Mobilized Robin62 days ago

    No, he just gave up on running, because Ryan filmed with realism

  98. supur cat official channel

    supur cat official channel4 days ago

    Love it the fake trailer

  99. Alene martiniz

    Alene martiniz4 days ago

    Ryan is me in the beginning when i play fornite with my boyfriend and all his friends

  100. Maddox Iwamoto

    Maddox Iwamoto4 days ago

    Dis is great

  101. Advik V.

    Advik V.5 days ago

    Paco looks so intense at 2:06

  102. Bareera Ahmad

    Bareera Ahmad5 days ago

    What was the 'PUB-' part at 4:21 like what was the full name

  103. Naruto4231 YT

    Naruto4231 YT5 days ago

    This looks like fortnite mobile I've watched this all ready by the way.

  104. ahyeah

    ahyeah5 days ago

    This cured my depression

  105. Jacqui Potgieter

    Jacqui Potgieter5 days ago

    There’s only one way we end this we fight

  106. CBCPlayz [A GOOD VIPER]

    CBCPlayz [A GOOD VIPER]5 days ago

    LOngest trailer ever

  107. Kristina Heininge

    Kristina Heininge5 days ago

    Woooooooooooow oof

  108. DASHOOM Интересный канал!

    DASHOOM Интересный канал!5 days ago

    Кто руський Лайк!

  109. Ziyad551 #551

    Ziyad551 #5515 days ago

    Since when you can build with a gun

  110. GodOfGame

    GodOfGame5 days ago

    Do a save the world version! Make it similar to the walking dead XD

  111. JoJo Payne

    JoJo Payne5 days ago

    3:36 *Insert I believe I can fly*