Fortnite | Real Life Battle Royale!!


  1. A Cubers Life

    A Cubers Life6 hours ago

    You should do more videos like this

  2. Memester

    Memester9 hours ago

    Plays Duos

  3. Javier Mendoza

    Javier Mendoza2 days ago

    You guys are funny

  4. Javier Mendoza

    Javier Mendoza2 days ago

    Do a part 3 please

  5. ITT59Gamer

    ITT59Gamer2 days ago

    nice video

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    justice richie3 days ago

    Matthias is so funny

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    Dizzy Poseidon3 days ago

    Oi was gonna was my time of day to come to see you guys wanna is it gonna is it like the day I get to see ur mum I love 💗 ur beautiful girl I am gonna is a great 👍 I love 💖 this is gonna

  10. Animal Amy

    Animal Amy3 days ago

    Matt is so dramatic

  11. Lill S

    Lill S4 days ago

    pls shoutout me

  12. finally

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  13. finally

    finally4 days ago

    this was the best fortnite irl challenge ever

  14. Mike Mathis

    Mike Mathis4 days ago

    Brian and Kevin have the weirdest imagination

  15. Beth Cook

    Beth Cook6 days ago

    Today almost got my first win but I got my first two perfect video for today

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    JosephGame_YT6 days ago

    Your rating : 1/10 | Niga Higa's rating : 10/10

  17. Emma Wilking

    Emma Wilking6 days ago

    The first couple shots looked like Matt’s old music videos

  18. benny dewilde

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  19. Skyrie YT

    Skyrie YT8 days ago

    Purple is supposed to be stronger tjen the Blue but.. Purple 4 hits to kill, Blue 3 hits to kill. it’s the other way around

  20. Fortnite Emmie

    Fortnite Emmie9 days ago

    I wish I could do this in real life it would be really cool!

  21. Beast Noodles

    Beast Noodles9 days ago

    Stop comparing them to other skits and vids

  22. Bradley Playz

    Bradley Playz10 days ago

    Why did you do this on team edge and not battle universe

  23. Justin_rj Zayn

    Justin_rj Zayn10 days ago

    Lol nighiga did better,than u

  24. ashCN

    ashCN10 days ago

    Aloikjuyhgr eddfg

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    عبدالرحمن10 days ago

    حسبي الله عليك جعلك تموت جعل امرأتك تموت

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    for every like I shall add a turtle Start with my own like. (: 🐢

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  29. TheUltimate Rager

    TheUltimate Rager12 days ago

    do more fartnite! Even though I hate the game

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    Support Dog13 days ago

    Ibd a savage

  31. Ellie Jackson

    Ellie Jackson13 days ago

    Good vid 😛

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    Martin Estrada14 days ago

    how to get more views 101 lol

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    Kylie Harrison14 days ago

    You are the best in MReporter

  35. badsavege Reyes

    badsavege Reyes18 days ago

    matt is better

  36. Noah spruit

    Noah spruit18 days ago

    Why is purple 4 but blue is 3

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  38. World Gym Fayetteville

    World Gym Fayetteville20 days ago

    I play fortnite and I won 50 times😮

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  40. dust Sans

    dust Sans23 days ago

    very cool, congratulations

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  42. Palm

    Palm23 days ago

    3:17 Jesus Christ its Jason Bourne

  43. Chris Ong

    Chris Ong24 days ago

    It’s not an Insta fort it is a port a fort

  44. The Unbreakable

    The Unbreakable24 days ago

    What if they made a riot shield in Fortnite?

  45. David Playzz

    David Playzz25 days ago

    Purple higher rareity needs 4hits Blue lower rareity needs 3hits Me:face palms

  46. Muaj Tsim Xiong

    Muaj Tsim Xiong25 days ago

    Fortnite Battle Royale really really dance today where you get to dance to the internet

  47. Fancy Doge

    Fancy Doge25 days ago

    Fortnut: Cancer Royale

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  49. diamonds 37

    diamonds 3726 days ago

    Did Matt said Fartnite?

  50. Jackie Lim

    Jackie Lim26 days ago

    Rick rich Rich Rich

  51. Makenzie W

    Makenzie W26 days ago

    Purple is better than blue

  52. Onx y

    Onx y27 days ago

    Make more videos like this plz

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    THE ONE AND ONLY C227 days ago

    Do more pls

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    Next year can you make a birthday video for me my birthday 12 may

  56. Mainard06 Gaming

    Mainard06 Gaming28 days ago

    Purple is supposed to be better than blue

  57. Cash's Theater

    Cash's Theater29 days ago

    Was the suit supposed to be a bush.


    WWE FANCCMonth ago


  59. Lets talk about that YT

    Lets talk about that YTMonth ago

    It’s cringy but it’s awesome

  60. Yen Nguyen

    Yen NguyenMonth ago

    When did the other hit matt

  61. Jack Sparrow

    Jack SparrowMonth ago

    Team edge

  62. Nancy Andrade

    Nancy AndradeMonth ago

    You are awesome

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    Syn3rgy ClanMonth ago

    Sub to Syn3rgy clan

  64. Syn3rgy Clan

    Syn3rgy ClanMonth ago

    Nice vid

  65. graham nelson

    graham nelsonMonth ago

    I may be 9 but this is SO cool

  66. DB Draws

    DB DrawsMonth ago

    Brothers vs brothers vs not brother 👌

  67. Retro Gamer 56

    Retro Gamer 56Month ago

    Why is it Bryan that always loses?

  68. Isabella a

    Isabella aMonth ago

    Please do more of these vids

  69. The Rock Star

    The Rock StarMonth ago

    Are all the guns Nerf guns?

  70. Future Use

    Future UseMonth ago

    Why was the purple blaster 4 hits to kill and the blue blaster was 3

  71. KEAL Kayla and Ellie

    KEAL Kayla and EllieMonth ago

    I would have the gille suit

  72. KEAL Kayla and Ellie

    KEAL Kayla and EllieMonth ago

    This was so funny it made me laugh

  73. William Simmons

    William SimmonsMonth ago

    Rest in pepperoni's Kevsito

  74. Vincent Vang Nightcore

    Vincent Vang NightcoreMonth ago

    Can't they just use blue Gatorade for sheild

  75. whasup dudes

    whasup dudesMonth ago

    It was not as good as ive seen

  76. Games N Fun

    Games N FunMonth ago

    You guys should get in buildings.⛏🏢


    BEN PLAYSSMonth ago

    how did that happen

  78. Khai Dhan Go

    Khai Dhan GoMonth ago

    Team edge someone hacking your videos I saw in chads video watch it ?????????

  79. Jessy Ye

    Jessy YeMonth ago

    that's the best vid i've ever seen

  80. Georex Zarov

    Georex ZarovMonth ago

    Cool The Matt skin got a bear cosmetic

  81. Jace Deakin

    Jace DeakinMonth ago

    R.I.P golden chest

  82. IronicMan

    IronicManMonth ago

    Try playing save the world with husks and some purple sky and a purple storm ⛈ edited have some ppl be husks and they have to fight the ppl if they get hurt to much they fall down and they spawn at the start they get revived or they use a live

  83. Chris Dulski

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  84. Marin Dobson

    Marin DobsonMonth ago

    my cosin loves your vids

  85. Yt gaming NATO

    Yt gaming NATOMonth ago

    You should add carts

  86. the Unknown youtuber Poynor

    the Unknown youtuber PoynorMonth ago

    roses are red violets a blue i got click baited so did u

  87. Gabriel Plays Yt

    Gabriel Plays YtMonth ago

    You could of revived your teamsters

  88. Ekez The Snake

    Ekez The SnakeMonth ago

    You guys now that purple is better than blue

  89. Sam B

    Sam BMonth ago

    It's is a duo bobby

  90. retromantics23

    retromantics23Month ago

    bobby is cheating!

  91. XBluFlowerChild PastelsX

    XBluFlowerChild PastelsXMonth ago

    I have been on team edge for probably...a hour? And sometimes I can't tell the difference between J-Fred and Matthias

  92. _BlackWolf_ TV

    _BlackWolf_ TVMonth ago

    FORTNITE NOT DOESNT WORK!!! lendendary is gold then epic this purple then blue then green then gray. How gold can 2 shot but purple 4?

  93. Komic Klub

    Komic KlubMonth ago

    All deaths 7:47 7:51 10:58 11:33

  94. Sem Philippo

    Sem PhilippoMonth ago

    Purple is epic and is normally better than blue because that is rare

  95. Dang Lee Kiong

    Dang Lee KiongMonth ago

    A purple should be 1 hit or 2 cuz it’s a epic

  96. Lucas Cole

    Lucas ColeMonth ago

    Blind highlight assembly testify deer greatest magazine buck citizen gravity black

  97. John James

    John JamesMonth ago

    This looks like il

  98. Sharkattack 1492

    Sharkattack 1492Month ago

    You guys should make a solo game with all the people in battle universe and team edge

  99. Sharkattack 1492

    Sharkattack 1492Month ago

    What's in the shields?

  100. Brendon At The Disco

    Brendon At The DiscoMonth ago

    Ooohh the cringe hurts

  101. Desiree Jimenez

    Desiree JimenezMonth ago

    Yo this is cool