Fortnite | Real Life Battle Royale!!


  1. Emilio Montero

    Emilio MonteroHour ago

    Matthias needs to be in more vids

  2. S.N. Lover

    S.N. LoverDay ago

    I am a fortnite hater but I love team edge

  3. Charlie Sawyer

    Charlie SawyerDay ago

    Do a hide and seek challenge

  4. Charlie Sawyer

    Charlie SawyerDay ago

    I love fortnite I've got every scion fortnite

  5. DvjK

    DvjKDay ago

    Wait I just remembered it fortnite dont have ghillie suit Sorry if my spelling is wrong I have a spelling correction in my phone and dont know the spelling lol

  6. KE Carlos

    KE Carlos3 days ago

    You should’ve done Bobby and Billy then they would all be brothers

  7. Brigth Stealer

    Brigth Stealer3 days ago

    This I'd turning into pubg

  8. Maria Brito

    Maria Brito3 days ago

    Mi forthit

  9. Gary Washongton

    Gary Washongton3 days ago

    this is real

  10. Kaz-Waz Fortnite Videos

    Kaz-Waz Fortnite Videos9 days ago

    Why is blue better than purple

  11. Summer Sun

    Summer Sun9 days ago

    why is purple weaker then blue??

  12. Tran Bao

    Tran Bao11 days ago

    Welll.....Everyone did a good job :) 👍🏼

  13. FadedGaming

    FadedGaming12 days ago

    this was made on my b-day

  14. ane Wilson

    ane Wilson13 days ago

    go team

  15. ane Wilson

    ane Wilson13 days ago

    Brian took the l

  16. Joey Reservoir

    Joey Reservoir13 days ago


  17. Angie Loptien

    Angie Loptien15 days ago

    Do love fortnite

  18. Kaleb. lol. foxy fun law lobe Campbell

    Kaleb. lol. foxy fun law lobe Campbell15 days ago

    What is in a purple bed three shotter

  19. Jamir Thomas

    Jamir Thomas16 days ago

    do more of these

  20. yoandy Rodriguez Fuentes

    yoandy Rodriguez Fuentes16 days ago

    I just got blind by cringe

  21. Tabitha swan

    Tabitha swan16 days ago

    I would be sooooo good at this game

  22. sky bommer

    sky bommer16 days ago

    This video was made on my brithday😏😏

  23. Muhammad Mubashir Hussain

    Muhammad Mubashir Hussain16 days ago

    Do you even know how to play fortnight

  24. PAYAL hansaliya

    PAYAL hansaliya16 days ago

    PUBG fans hit a like

  25. Eden Blue

    Eden Blue8 days ago

    PAYAL hansaliya Nah.

  26. whinti molden

    whinti molden17 days ago

    I love team edge

  27. Anthony Green

    Anthony Green18 days ago

    Pub g with a port a fort

  28. KWEST 8724

    KWEST 872419 days ago

    Bobby you are in duos

  29. Orioles Fanatic

    Orioles Fanatic19 days ago

    Every weapon collected Connor: blue Bobby: purple Matthias: mini shield Bobby and Connor: port a fort Bobby: gold Bryan and Kevin: port a fort Kevin: green Bryan: mini shield Bobby: shield potion Matthias: purple Bryan: blue Matthias: white (worst weapon)

  30. Vance White

    Vance White19 days ago

    No offense Bryan never wins things i'd wish he'd win

  31. Sammy Moon

    Sammy Moon20 days ago

    Insta Fort ~Bryan

  32. Luken Curry

    Luken Curry20 days ago

    Joey is a bush

  33. Crazy K's

    Crazy K's21 day ago

    You guys are the best thanks for making great videos!

  34. Esmeralda Olvera

    Esmeralda Olvera22 days ago

    Made 5 days after my birthday

  35. Joe Greene

    Joe Greene22 days ago

    Wait I have the backPack there all wearing.Also team edge is in Florida.

  36. Jayden Corona

    Jayden Corona23 days ago

    That’s not how you play fortnite but great content😀 keep up the good work

  37. Kaiden Wilson

    Kaiden Wilson23 days ago


  38. darren Liaw

    darren Liaw23 days ago


  39. sandra szakacs

    sandra szakacs24 days ago

    This video is cool

  40. basil deepu

    basil deepu24 days ago

    2 vs 2 vs 2

  41. Hasan Khan

    Hasan Khan25 days ago

    Bobby: I got two gold guns boy! I'm rushin' you! *Runs Away Two Seconds Later*

  42. al lakomskis

    al lakomskis27 days ago


  43. Dantheman gaming

    Dantheman gaming27 days ago

    Any body else notice that there are two battle buses

  44. zeiner66

    zeiner6627 days ago

    bobby you are gonna win in dues

  45. ZippyKitty

    ZippyKitty27 days ago

    the Blue gun is stronger then a purple gun ???!!!what...

  46. Savage Dee

    Savage Dee29 days ago

    i like dis kinda fornite gameplay

  47. Shayna Brown

    Shayna BrownMonth ago

    Great vid

  48. Bayler Schilling

    Bayler SchillingMonth ago


  49. Bayler Schilling

    Bayler SchillingMonth ago


  50. Vang Vue

    Vang VueMonth ago

    Pubg IRL

  51. Jeffery Gordon

    Jeffery GordonMonth ago

    Do more of these

  52. Halee Grant

    Halee GrantMonth ago

    Me when JFRED did nothing

  53. Justin Houck

    Justin HouckMonth ago

    Gay ppl 3:20

  54. CrispyChicken

    CrispyChickenMonth ago

    I have stuff like you port a forts lol

  55. Cordell Pinckney, Jr.

    Cordell Pinckney, Jr.Month ago


  56. JoeJoe TheGray

    JoeJoe TheGrayMonth ago

    Who do you think going to win? Am saying J-Fred or bobby

  57. Tommy Hannon

    Tommy HannonMonth ago

    Who heard Marvin say the swear word for 💩 when they were dancing

  58. Rogier Nieber

    Rogier NieberMonth ago


  59. Mr Fortnite

    Mr FortniteMonth ago


  60. kevin yang

    kevin yangMonth ago


  61. Parakeets are Fluffy

    Parakeets are FluffyMonth ago


  62. SNEAKY_Nate

    SNEAKY_NateMonth ago

    How do they already have the umbrella?

  63. Big Punk

    Big PunkMonth ago

    3:18 (in Gunther's voice) "ooooh, you touch my tralala"

  64. Big Punk

    Big PunkMonth ago

    1:54 lol

  65. Room 4 Destiny School

    Room 4 Destiny SchoolMonth ago


  66. Room 4 Destiny School

    Room 4 Destiny SchoolMonth ago

    That was so funny

  67. Room 4 Destiny School

    Room 4 Destiny SchoolMonth ago

    Nice real life fortnite

  68. Artic wolf squad Artic wolf squad

    Artic wolf squad Artic wolf squadMonth ago

    Opps I meant Ryan

  69. Artic wolf squad Artic wolf squad

    Artic wolf squad Artic wolf squadMonth ago

    LoL I love how Brian is messing around.

  70. TheEpic Ducks

    TheEpic DucksMonth ago


  71. rebecca lara

    rebecca laraMonth ago

    Does Matthias and J Fred camp in fortnite to

  72. Sniper Hyperbolt

    Sniper HyperboltMonth ago

    The storm!!!????

  73. anthony gallego

    anthony gallegoMonth ago

    5:12 R.I.P Port-A-Port.😭

  74. PresidentMyint HD

    PresidentMyint HDMonth ago


  75. qVXTYq Gaming

    qVXTYq GamingMonth ago

    why the purple is 4 hits but blue is 3 it needs to be swapped havent you played fortnite? P.S. Ryan Higa's was better

  76. Meme Man

    Meme ManMonth ago

    I don’t remember fornites graphics being soooooo gooooooddddddd

  77. Dizzy music video

    Dizzy music videoMonth ago

    Ryan has a fortnite movie team edge has real life ryans movie is just fake team edge real life is real so do not say that ryans movie is better they have toy gun team edge has a nerf gun so whos better now for me team edge

  78. Dizzy music video

    Dizzy music videoMonth ago

    Bryan:"insta fort"4x

  79. Alex Dinh

    Alex DinhMonth ago

    Why was the purple gun weaker then the blue gun

  80. gaming time dude

    gaming time dudeMonth ago

    Conner:Port a fort down

  81. nacko poing

    nacko poingMonth ago

    Does anyone know the music at 8:36

  82. Illuminati Potato

    Illuminati PotatoMonth ago

    Better than actual fort nite.

  83. Palm

    PalmMonth ago

    Bryan - Kevin = The ultimate try hards Bobby - Connor = The Looters Matt - JFred = The Campers

  84. Sponge Bob

    Sponge BobMonth ago

    Purple is not four heads to kill

  85. Makeylaqueen

    MakeylaqueenMonth ago

    It was so funny when that girl showed up next to Bryan then they got scared then Bryan said, "Who are you".



    0:37 and 0:40 FORTNITE

  87. GOL Happy

    GOL HappyMonth ago

    This not team edge now it's team hight at the intro why is team edge on the edge??

  88. Candance Moreno

    Candance MorenoMonth ago

    It’s the old ones out

  89. Trick shotz World

    Trick shotz WorldMonth ago

    More real life fornite

  90. HexagonalHarp2

    HexagonalHarp2Month ago

    When it said blue 3 hits to kill and when he got a purple it said 4 hits to kill

  91. Jason Hanneman

    Jason HannemanMonth ago

    your really are good at fortnight 1%100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 :(

  92. Pandu Thiru

    Pandu ThiruMonth ago

    I've tried it before and I was doing a game of squads and we won just because we had a epic minigun

  93. Nerf Missions - Taken By Project Zorgo

    Nerf Missions - Taken By Project ZorgoMonth ago

    Excellent video! So much fun

  94. Luis Manuel Diaz Estrada

    Luis Manuel Diaz EstradaMonth ago


  95. Hello Hi

    Hello HiMonth ago

    But Bobby your playing duos...

  96. Hello Hi

    Hello HiMonth ago

    Why is blue better than purple?

  97. Yui 28292929292

    Yui 28292929292Month ago

    Who likes Fortnite?

  98. Jdmir Del rosario

    Jdmir Del rosarioMonth ago

    is it duo

  99. abuela ocampo

    abuela ocampoMonth ago

    hey Google tell me how big can your to make some MReporterr please please please because hacker are going to destroy you too forever and not November free hurry up

  100. Eric Weet

    Eric WeetMonth ago


  101. James Williams

    James WilliamsMonth ago

    Why is the purple gun takes 4 shots but the blue gun takes 3 shots but the purple i# better