Fortnite | Real Life Battle Royale!!


  1. Djfunkiller 137

    Djfunkiller 1377 hours ago

    *Epic Music plays* *Cool Voice Dude* "There are three teams, J fred and Matt The sneaky team, Conner and Bobby The Powerful team, then theirs Bryan and Kevin doing something

  2. Caleb Paylor

    Caleb Paylor13 hours ago

    This looks more like PUBG than Fortnite

  3. Vinta Gaming

    Vinta Gaming18 hours ago

    Why do you breathe?

  4. Rosa Anguiano

    Rosa Anguiano20 hours ago

    It's called the loot llama

  5. Meydi Huang

    Meydi HuangDay ago

    Dear Team edge, Can you do this game again with Markiplier? Love,Your Subscriber[Me :)]

  6. Jayvier Boi

    Jayvier BoiDay ago

    This was great! You guys were basically having a competitive game, rather than a short film like the other ones I’ve seen. I like that. Since it’s a competitive game, I can tell how it would be hard to incorporate the building and the storm. Awesome job!

  7. Couch Time

    Couch TimeDay ago

    Of course Matt and Joey won, best team

  8. Couch Time

    Couch TimeDay ago

    Why don't you go here for most of your extreme sport videos?

  9. Bevvy Chevy

    Bevvy ChevyDay ago

    I love your videos team edge

  10. Dark Shadow

    Dark ShadowDay ago

    Why is the purple worse then the blue hmmmmmm

  11. Gaming Viper

    Gaming ViperDay ago

    deres a can in my pocket XD

  12. Squishy Lover1025

    Squishy Lover1025Day ago

    Fortnite is better Edit:thanks for the likes!

  13. EvenMORE Crazy

    EvenMORE CrazyDay ago

    FortNITE sucks PUBG better fortnite is copyright of pubg

  14. The Official RyRy and Kam Kam

    The Official RyRy and Kam KamDay ago

    What’s fartnite

  15. Frank Hamper

    Frank HamperDay ago

    hay what doing

  16. Mar B

    Mar BDay ago

    Pls do in real life stuff like if agree

  17. Twinzz2002rocks

    Twinzz2002rocks2 days ago

    You know Bobby should of been teamed up with Billy so its a full on brother battle of fortnite!!

  18. Mayra Aranaga

    Mayra Aranaga2 days ago

    Matt: it’s a tattoo J-fred: oh momma.........momma said not to

  19. Neighborhood Kids

    Neighborhood Kids2 days ago

    why is blue better than purple?

  20. Humaira Zakir

    Humaira Zakir2 days ago

    This sucks man make a better film

  21. Michael Rodriguez

    Michael Rodriguez2 days ago

    love the vids

  22. Minecraft Angel

    Minecraft Angel2 days ago


  23. Stan Nguyen

    Stan Nguyen2 days ago

    Guys, I think you got blue and purple mixed up, in Fortnite Purple is better than blue

  24. Ron Vermaas

    Ron Vermaas2 days ago

    Fortnite battle grounds

  25. EnGoRgEdSwAn16

    EnGoRgEdSwAn162 days ago

    3 hits with blue but 4 hits for purple?

  26. Thomas-3D

    Thomas-3D3 days ago

    Can you do part 2 but eith the infinity gauntlent?

  27. Savage Stevie Vlogs

    Savage Stevie Vlogs3 days ago

    But you guys are my favorite MReporterrs

  28. Savage Stevie Vlogs

    Savage Stevie Vlogs3 days ago

    Purple (epic) are better than blue (rare)

  29. SCP- 049

    SCP- 0493 days ago

    Assulte team:bobby, Special forces:brian,connor Snipers:Matt,j-fred

  30. SCP- 049

    SCP- 0493 days ago

    How about PUBG?

  31. VMK Bnk

    VMK Bnk3 days ago

    You are so cooooooool

  32. Robert Begg

    Robert Begg3 days ago

    Ur guys videos are hilarious and I laugh everytime I watch u guys. Btw Bryan and Kevin- insta fort, I'm DyingπŸ˜‚

  33. Nerf electrical 909

    Nerf electrical 9094 days ago

    Why is blue better than purple

  34. farouk drif

    farouk drif4 days ago

    4.4 m subscriber 4.4 m veiws

  35. Rachael Budiwarman

    Rachael Budiwarman4 days ago

    Purples are better than blues

  36. Jonathan Morales

    Jonathan Morales4 days ago

    I think you should try to do a giant domino

  37. Calypso

    Calypso4 days ago

    I love that Bryan just yells, "Fortnite!" and breaks out dancing.

  38. Tyler Greene

    Tyler Greene4 days ago

    Purple is better than blue btw

  39. Juicy Jason

    Juicy Jason4 days ago

    You guys should put in a nerf rough cut, it's a shotgun that came from nerf and it has high quaility

  40. I love Doge

    I love Doge4 days ago

    Who else got a Fornite ad, I did

  41. Demarkus Arellano

    Demarkus Arellano4 days ago

    Why coudn't it have been Billy and Bobby,J-fred and Matthias,and Bryan and Kevin!? Because each of the teams that I said have brothers FYI

  42. Mariela Forever22

    Mariela Forever225 days ago

    Most funniest video I seen today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’“

  43. Kooky cookie

    Kooky cookie5 days ago

    You guys should play cluedo but in real life pin this, or like this if you think that could be fun to do

  44. Vinh Luu

    Vinh Luu5 days ago

    You guys should make video about alan walker songs

  45. brian lawrence

    brian lawrence5 days ago

    How are you play gun game and give the best go to mall going to be good to get the nice cool if you could the last person to have a night it’s up to them they win my name is Brian and his diet I want to girlfriend. My big

  46. Kiddos Phan

    Kiddos Phan5 days ago


  47. Jackson and Beckett

    Jackson and Beckett5 days ago

    Run away brayncito

  48. Dhara Muhunthan

    Dhara Muhunthan5 days ago

    Nice green screen

  49. Xeknor :D

    Xeknor :D6 days ago

    This episode is amazing! plz do more!

  50. MUHAMAD kurd

    MUHAMAD kurd6 days ago

    Coole game

  51. Olaf Gelo

    Olaf Gelo6 days ago

    itΒ΄s no cool

  52. Michael Donzelli

    Michael Donzelli6 days ago


  53. Darija Vrdoljak

    Darija Vrdoljak6 days ago

    If you are planing to do another fortnite video use powerade as mini shields becouse its like Whiter blue like in the game

  54. Andrew Meduna

    Andrew Meduna6 days ago

    Do a Bigfoot hunt part2

  55. Baconsoup Gaming

    Baconsoup Gaming6 days ago

    Ryan's video was better

  56. Vloggers Textbook

    Vloggers Textbook6 days ago

    Matt and joe the definition of camping

  57. Sofia Douq

    Sofia Douq6 days ago


  58. ChickenMan 27

    ChickenMan 276 days ago

    This is my favorite team edge episode

  59. mike townshend

    mike townshend6 days ago

    Free Vbucks.

  60. M M U Khan

    M M U Khan6 days ago

    Good effort but this could've actually been more realistic

  61. David Ricketson

    David Ricketson7 days ago

    Purple comes after blue

  62. Tracy Chen

    Tracy Chen7 days ago

    Bryans playing pubg

  63. Legendary Games

    Legendary Games7 days ago

    How is blue 3 hits to kill and purple is 4 πŸ€”

  64. steve sattler

    steve sattler7 days ago

    Subscribe pls

  65. Shelley Carter

    Shelley Carter7 days ago

    Where Bryan got wet the place looked like Dusty Divot

  66. Jenn Campo

    Jenn Campo7 days ago

    I love fortnight What do you like to play

  67. You Suck

    You Suck7 days ago


  68. Jhoy Angeles

    Jhoy Angeles7 days ago

    Wait there’s a llama

  69. Aaden and Julio Games

    Aaden and Julio Games7 days ago

    Purple is better than blue

  70. John Meynard Irwin Bautista

    John Meynard Irwin Bautista8 days ago

    Lol Bryan always gets wetπŸ˜‚ I love you guys!

  71. The Orange Sponge

    The Orange Sponge8 days ago

    i have 1 solo win

  72. AqarI [GD]

    AqarI [GD]8 days ago

    Aids: Cringe royale

  73. Maddie 55827

    Maddie 558278 days ago

    My baby cousin calls it fork knife

  74. Jose Alvarez

    Jose Alvarez8 days ago

    This is more like pub g


    LONE WOLF8 days ago

    You should do part 2 and use paint ball guns

  76. fan chanell Magdalena i beba Zebljan

    fan chanell Magdalena i beba Zebljan8 days ago

    pony not in Fortnight!

  77. Darkreath

    Darkreath8 days ago

    The rarity is supposed to be (from worst to best) gray green blue purple gold And crates give you ammo, not guns. Port-A-forts are supposed to be epic

  78. Darkreath

    Darkreath8 days ago

    Yo Matt’s umbrella... he’s from season 2?

  79. Xvver Gaming Tips

    Xvver Gaming Tips8 days ago

    Purple 4 Blue 3 ?

  80. Higgsy 17

    Higgsy 178 days ago

    Matt is a camper, realistic

  81. Impractical Jokers

    Impractical Jokers8 days ago

    I just got my first 2 fortnite wins today one in duos with my friend andone in sniper shootout solo the shootout was my first win

  82. Sebo Camacho

    Sebo Camacho8 days ago

    I liked subed and hit the bell

  83. cooking with caylee

    cooking with caylee8 days ago

    In fortnite you need to revive your teamate

  84. Burgers YouTube

    Burgers YouTube8 days ago

    I just realized that Corey helped film this as i saw him in the background πŸ˜‚

  85. Dane DenHollander

    Dane DenHollander8 days ago

    I got victory Royale today on solo

  86. Star Girl

    Star Girl8 days ago

    It's not fortnite it's forknite😁

  87. Gladwin Lillywhite

    Gladwin Lillywhite9 days ago

    oh no I got it wrong

  88. Gladwin Lillywhite

    Gladwin Lillywhite9 days ago


  89. Pauline Lee

    Pauline Lee9 days ago

    Did he reallyπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  90. Elijah Callahan

    Elijah Callahan9 days ago

    Fortnite sucks

  91. King Jc

    King Jc9 days ago

    did anyone one else notice blue was better than purple

  92. Jose Sarabia

    Jose Sarabia9 days ago

    Purple is better than blue lol

  93. wolfie Howell

    wolfie Howell9 days ago

    people hate fortnite and they dislike I have a question for people that do that first of all why are you watching this video second of all atleadt they tried to be hip with the cool kids these days give them credit ok XD

  94. Zavier Penny

    Zavier Penny9 days ago

    This was cool, paint ball guns would make it easier for long distance shooting

  95. mikegose Walido

    mikegose Walido9 days ago

    So cool

  96. Jackson Warner

    Jackson Warner9 days ago

    Why is blue better than purple in Fortnite purple is better than blue

  97. Marco Lombardo

    Marco Lombardo9 days ago

    This is cool nice vid🀩🀩🀩🀩

  98. David Baez

    David Baez9 days ago

    Where's the storm?

  99. Boston KELLY

    Boston KELLY10 days ago

    what seson

  100. TrAiN WrEcK

    TrAiN WrEcK10 days ago

    Thought I heard someone say sh**