1. ECW Plays

    ECW Plays26 days ago

    Whats the remix that played before the pro amps started

  2. Jeremiah Goodson

    Jeremiah Goodson28 days ago

    yes it is the real marshmallow lol

  3. Jeremiah Goodson

    Jeremiah GoodsonMonth ago


  4. Jeremiah Goodson

    Jeremiah GoodsonMonth ago


  5. Jeremiah Goodson

    Jeremiah GoodsonMonth ago

    And thx for the like (:

  6. Pat Okeh

    Pat OkehMonth ago

    You should add a update that you can get free v bucks and it's a mode

  7. Gamer girl 511

    Gamer girl 511Month ago

    Can you gift me marshmallow, Jon wick, the dog skin, Marsh walk,the floss,orange justice,and grove jam on fortnite please??😊 my username is THE_GOD_RAKIM

  8. Gamer girl 511

    Gamer girl 51126 days ago

    Slap shot Studio2006 because alia is my dad

  9. Slap shot Studio2006

    Slap shot Studio200626 days ago

    Gamer girl 511 why would they

  10. Jeremiah Goodson

    Jeremiah GoodsonMonth ago

    Omg I’m sooo jealous

  11. KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park

    KingCP08 / Chanjoo ParkMonth ago

    oh my god

  12. Realix

    Realix5 months ago

    Season 7 anyone?

  13. Sofia Church

    Sofia Church6 months ago

    Add the daily prize wheel Has 2 random seasons 3 random skins 1 epic or legendary 2 pickaxes rest of it, vbucks Total things on prize wheel: 12

  14. Whats 9 plus 10 21

    Whats 9 plus 10 216 months ago

    epic can you guys add a busrt pistol pls. cus i really ned it.

  15. Ahmad Anwaar

    Ahmad Anwaar6 months ago

    And please bring double pump

  16. Ahmad Anwaar

    Ahmad Anwaar6 months ago

    I love fortnite

  17. Fade Jet

    Fade Jet7 months ago

    1 millionth

  18. allecia82

    allecia827 months ago

    Fortnite is a bullshit game

  19. LandoHD

    LandoHD7 months ago

    Im the 1 millionth view xDDD

  20. BowdyYT Güneser

    BowdyYT Güneser8 months ago


  21. BlueRoyaleKnight

    BlueRoyaleKnight9 months ago

    Wish I was there...

  22. Lisa Herbas

    Lisa Herbas9 months ago

    I got a skin i want it back i haw no more tickets

  23. Fabicio Pesantez

    Fabicio Pesantez9 months ago

    Please send me a Fortnite installer

  24. poopyhead

    poopyhead9 months ago

    Its better if tomato head delivers your pizza.

  25. yamir19 yamir19

    yamir19 yamir1910 months ago

    Deberían de sacar fornita para alcatel 3x y 3v en adelante

  26. Ningas Hyper

    Ningas Hyper10 months ago

    Can I have skin or I will not play fortnite

  27. Papyrus Matthew

    Papyrus Matthew11 months ago

    And killed ninja LOL

  28. Papyrus Matthew

    Papyrus Matthew11 months ago

    My dad was at E3

  29. musica max

    musica max11 months ago

    Xbox 360

  30. HaydenDaBoss077 TTV

    HaydenDaBoss077 TTV11 months ago

    Yo your game don't work on sams ung galaxy s7 edge sort it out plz

  31. iker antonio

    iker antonio11 months ago

    When it is gonna be in android!?

  32. Gamer King

    Gamer King11 months ago

    Fortnite For Android Pleas

  33. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah11 months ago

    I was not there ;^;

  34. Prophet of shrek

    Prophet of shrek11 months ago

    Joel mchale!!!

  35. Leonardo Travinci

    Leonardo Travinci11 months ago

    Dear Epic games. I Was playing your game fortnite battle royal and an error occurred. Fortnite crashed and i had lost 550 of your in-game money system, v bucks. Please notice my problem and send a suggestion. Best of wishes, a worryful player

  36. Manjil Basnet

    Manjil BasnetYear ago

    Hello Fortnite team can you please give a hint for all Fortnite fans when is Fortnite android releasing? please......

  37. Mad Zac

    Mad ZacYear ago

    Um fort nite if u can here me plz bring back the mother f power chord back for the love of god while ur still living

  38. Gio Games

    Gio GamesYear ago

    I wish I could have went 😦

  39. smyle 06

    smyle 06Year ago

    the site for fortnite on android please

  40. Ernesto Melgar

    Ernesto MelgarYear ago

    Can you hook me up with a new skin plz

  41. Yellow Gamer

    Yellow GamerYear ago

    Fortnite android Fortnite android plis

  42. Distribuciones Ruta27

    Distribuciones Ruta27Year ago

    is crazy a fucking yeah


    NandK ANIMATIONSYear ago

    That looks awesome!

  44. kel ortiz

    kel ortizYear ago

    Hello Fortnite can you please bring guided missles back please I beg you

  45. Icky Vicky

    Icky VickyYear ago

    Nothing about save the world?

  46. Pinche Guero

    Pinche GueroYear ago

    I was there I won an E3 card

  47. T H E B I G O N E

    T H E B I G O N EYear ago

    Can't believe that ninja and marshmallow won I thought the would come in second

  48. Marcelo Gomes

    Marcelo GomesYear ago

    Fortnite Android

  49. Richard Nava

    Richard NavaYear ago

    Bring back skull trooper

  50. Mr LabXred

    Mr LabXredYear ago

    Aw man i wish i came, wasnt this in California, cause if it was, i wouldve been on a plane for a while, cuz im in Ohio

  51. Kirbypro1

    Kirbypro1Year ago

    We’re da husks at

  52. fut cr7

    fut cr7Year ago

    Fortnite Android