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    HIT THAT LIKE FOR FREE V BUCKS PS. bonus Wolfpack stream later

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    Sss won

  3. Dark Sky

    Dark Sky23 days ago

    Does your sister have a instagram

  4. Shook Sista

    Shook Sista25 days ago

    I liked

  5. Amy o

    Amy oMonth ago

    SSSniperWolf true heart is a kpop song from blackpink and the song is as if it’s your last

  6. R.I.P xxxtentacion

    R.I.P xxxtentacionMonth ago

    🖐🏾 no v bucks huh

  7. Crazygirl09 Sims4

    Crazygirl09 Sims4Hour ago

    How sssniperwolf was doing the twist just😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Anita Xu

    Anita Xu9 hours ago

    I can do the splits

  9. sNstRchaOs

    sNstRchaOs13 hours ago

    You NEED to do this video again but with that adorable pink skirt you be wearing.

  10. sNstRchaOs

    sNstRchaOs13 hours ago

    Yes! I just requested a video like this too like 5 minutes ago lol....and then I found it's already been done.

  11. luke Capko

    luke Capko13 hours ago

    You are wierd in every video

  12. An Okay Gamer

    An Okay Gamer13 hours ago

    I wanna play fortnite so Bad, I also wanna play minecraft, but I only got roblox, but my parents said I might get fortnite and minecraft for christmas, also I hope everyone is Gonna have a good thanksgiving and christmas

  13. I'm a potato unicorn

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  14. I can't think of a name

    I can't think of a name16 hours ago

    I want a sister just so I can do random shit like this

  15. Gachajaneth Playz

    Gachajaneth Playz18 hours ago

    Omg your sister should play fortnite

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    the smith family18 hours ago

    Yo i hit that like wheres the v-bucks

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    Gracie Harrison22 hours ago

    Good job:(

  18. Sofia Barquinha

    Sofia Barquinha23 hours ago

    the other girl ruined the vid

  19. bbyjr92705

    bbyjr92705Day ago

    True Heart is so easy for me



    Look at her head when she do the wiggle lol love sniper

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  22. Cameron Grenell

    Cameron GrenellDay ago

    i sub

  23. Jaron Hudson

    Jaron Hudson2 days ago

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  24. Am I Queen Yet?

    Am I Queen Yet?2 days ago

    Dude count how many times Lias sister pulls up her top Lmao.

  25. Maegan Liang

    Maegan Liang2 days ago

    3:55 wig snatched xD

  26. Yurika_lad 13

    Yurika_lad 132 days ago

    It's kinda funny cuz I'm a guy and I can do all of the emotes in fortnite even the girly ones.

  27. Avani Rajan

    Avani Rajan2 days ago

    Do a roblox video life if u agree

  28. Avani Rajan

    Avani Rajan2 days ago

    I love fortnite

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    Booty. Scooty

  30. *beyondthe* *stars*

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  31. Michael Davidson

    Michael Davidson2 days ago

    3:50 when you get a win on fortnite

  32. Przemek Goralczyk

    Przemek Goralczyk2 days ago

    Season 6 now


    MOBILE GAMERS2 days ago


  34. Fortnite Play_YEA

    Fortnite Play_YEA2 days ago

    SSS actually did the EAGLE

  35. un killable

    un killable2 days ago

    The first one is the millirock

  36. Cassandra Hickman

    Cassandra Hickman3 days ago

    You okay

  37. equesseptem

    equesseptem3 days ago

    when you did the face palm one why did the life guard make a baby tiger noise like it was saying nuh uh

  38. equesseptem

    equesseptem3 days ago

    3:50 what the heck you doin sniper?

  39. Joseph_ Nguyen

    Joseph_ Nguyen3 days ago

    The glasses from the rook skin looks like it's from the tracer from overwatch

  40. jacky chen

    jacky chen3 days ago

    you dont bend on splets

  41. Dolly quinones

    Dolly quinones3 days ago

    Damn you're good sike 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  42. Sophie Crocker

    Sophie Crocker3 days ago

    I felt like her sisters top was going to fall down

  43. Acosta Sisters

    Acosta Sisters4 days ago

    True heart is a kpop dance from blackpink

  44. Kittenpeeps31

    Kittenpeeps314 days ago

    Sorry to say this but your sister keeps pulling her shirt up. Lol 😂 might need to dance with better clothes

  45. Emma Murray

    Emma Murray4 days ago

    YoU gOT tO Do thE TwiRLLLLLL!!!!!!

  46. Joshe

    Joshe4 days ago

    com·e·dy /ˈkämədē/ noun professional entertainment consisting of jokes and satirical sketches, intended to make an audience laugh.

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    Bitches jump in my van for V BUCKs and a iPhone x 😏👍🏻😀😉

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    Someone kill me.... 3:25

  49. Ninja Milk

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    Come to my house

  51. Art Six

    Art Six5 days ago

    That,s esey egiel

  52. Kornelija Jurevičiūtė

    Kornelija Jurevičiūtė6 days ago

    At one time i am watching SSSniperwolf nad the text i am waching chikins dancing but no hate

  53. adom and friends

    adom and friends6 days ago

    Eagle definitely Lia

  54. adom and friends

    adom and friends6 days ago

    5 not lia

  55. adom and friends

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  56. adom and friends

    adom and friends6 days ago

    2 lia

  57. EpicFail2388

    EpicFail23886 days ago

    how is it they BOTH took a toke during the hula instead of a drink? lol

  58. Cris Straszewski

    Cris Straszewski6 days ago

    Idk why but lia was so funny especially on the wiggle

  59. Isabel Sayre

    Isabel Sayre6 days ago

    is yr sis Loki's sis? she lok lik im

  60. ArticWolfTwins Wolves

    ArticWolfTwins Wolves6 days ago

    Lia you are good at breakdown

  61. AnonymousDisasterX

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  62. RedAZurE_ 1873

    RedAZurE_ 18736 days ago

    *_This video gives me Aids and stage 69 cancer._*

  63. iMuzha GT

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  64. Leah Schroder

    Leah Schroder7 days ago

    A lot of mixed messages on the break down

  65. Gurkaran Kang Gurkaran Kang

    Gurkaran Kang Gurkaran Kang7 days ago

    Be shames lol

  66. Royale Negrete

    Royale Negrete7 days ago

    3:47 ITS ALL IN THE HIPS🥺😂😂😂

  67. thehonestlyshook

    thehonestlyshook7 days ago

    lia and her sister: DEMONTIZED! sausage: wtf is going on this day

  68. Lili Gladitsch

    Lili Gladitsch7 days ago

    Lia you are literally me

  69. Yolanda Brown

    Yolanda Brown7 days ago

    I did

  70. Renata Gonçalves

    Renata Gonçalves7 days ago

    omg is this the same sister from your other videos??? she's so different! (now i saw she took the wig off haha yep, this is her)

  71. Lil5150dcm /Damien

    Lil5150dcm /Damien8 days ago

    Why sniperwolf look like a fish out of water tho

  72. Alexander Heffele

    Alexander Heffele9 days ago

    shxgsHETFuystefytafytdydy so fun fresh and quirky SSSniperwolf your such a goof ball XD XDXDXDXDXDXD *cries in asian*

  73. WilliamParadise

    WilliamParadise9 days ago

    Is this how gamers exercise?

  74. Charly's Pizza

    Charly's Pizza9 days ago

    You both are better than me

  75. Sound Waves

    Sound Waves9 days ago

    I wonder what your neighbor thinks

  76. Eduardo Moreno

    Eduardo Moreno9 days ago

    Bruh look at 7:33 omg daaaaaam they is thick

  77. Marian Felipe

    Marian Felipe9 days ago

    These dances are easy to do though season 1-6

  78. HomiedinoboyRBLXYT

    HomiedinoboyRBLXYT9 days ago

    Seems legit

  79. AMFA

    AMFA9 days ago

    Girl I can do true heart better than you even tho I'm a boy

  80. Shadow Paws

    Shadow Paws9 days ago

    Litteraly SNATCHED

  81. Madison Buhrow

    Madison Buhrow10 days ago

    but on the hula your sister was better

  82. Madison Buhrow

    Madison Buhrow10 days ago

    you were butter than your sister

  83. Emmi :3

    Emmi :310 days ago

    Jesus I know I commenting so long after the videos been posted. But I love ur sister!!! Her personality is on point 😊 (so is urs Lia)


    KARLOZ LOPEZ10 days ago

    I would love to suck yoursisters titis 💦

  85. Damian Harvey

    Damian Harvey10 days ago

    Sssinperwolf your friend can't do any thing

  86. Tyler Rainbow

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  87. Aaliyah Granados

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    Sssniperwolf win

  88. That one emo Hobo

    That one emo Hobo10 days ago

    This is literally me and my best friend if we're left alone

  89. the 4 friends

    the 4 friends11 days ago

    Does her sister look like Tori from Robby?

  90. Kaleyah Smith

    Kaleyah Smith11 days ago

    lol they cant dance

  91. Tristan Giles

    Tristan Giles11 days ago

    6:03 watch at .5 playback speed for maximum hilarity.

  92. Ariana Garner

    Ariana Garner11 days ago

    Sorry for the Orange Justice fans

  93. Doge Is me

    Doge Is me11 days ago

    Her sister really needs to stop she can’t dance at all tbh

  94. Commando Cat

    Commando Cat11 days ago

    i can do all these dance better and im 10

  95. Toco JIMMY

    Toco JIMMY12 days ago

    Disgusting people sense they like the girl skins with the dances Disgusting people

  96. Ruth Ramirez

    Ruth Ramirez12 days ago


  97. Ruth Ramirez

    Ruth Ramirez12 days ago

    Your sis look like my mom out yonger

  98. Stoned Gamer

    Stoned Gamer12 days ago

    You look like you have rhythm...then the dance starts lmao 😄😄😄💀💀💀

  99. sooyaaa_

    sooyaaa_12 days ago

    Dahyun’s Eagle dance got em

  100. RiseOFloganX Logan

    RiseOFloganX Logan12 days ago

    "i like this dance it's so hard.".... pause on that.

  101. Natalie Torres-Caton

    Natalie Torres-Caton13 days ago

    i do the wiggle better then ur sister

  102. Natalie Torres-Caton

    Natalie Torres-Caton13 days ago

    i do the swipe it better than u guy's

  103. chastity theriac

    chastity theriac13 days ago



    XXXTENTACION Fan13 days ago

    100% Sync.....😦😦😦

  105. Kaitlyn Rodriguez

    Kaitlyn Rodriguez13 days ago

    Y’all look like ur trying to play just dance but couldn’t afford it so just made up dance