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    Love your videos

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    No just give ma

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    How much v bucks good vid

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    SSSniperWolf okay

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    iiSpooked iiHour ago

    I know how to do the break down, wiggle, True heart, CrackDown (?), etc.

  8. Puppet Hawk

    Puppet Hawk3 hours ago

    When she did the hula.... The fortnite skin looked like it was taking a drink, sssniperwolf looked like she was smoking a joint or something

  9. nuamin hailemariam

    nuamin hailemariam3 hours ago

    Winners... 1st dance : Lia 2nd : Lia 3rd : Lia 4th : Lia 5th : Lia 6th : Lia 7th : Lia 8th : Both 9th : Lia 10th : Lia 11th : Both 12th : Both? And lots more but I'm to lazy to do them all

  10. Manny Cave

    Manny Cave6 hours ago

    I’m not trying to take this mean or anything I love you sniper wolf but your sister has noodle arms

  11. Elisee

    Elisee8 hours ago

    SSSniperwolf THICK though im late ik lmao

  12. Ciara Renee

    Ciara Renee15 hours ago

    bruh the first one is just the millie rock😂

  13. ElNrtNBoy ———

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    I need to go visit Turkey... The woman on that country are beautiful... But with Liam Neeson, just in case... I don’t want to get taken...

  14. Shanah Morales

    Shanah MoralesDay ago

    I’ve never seen anyone with literally no rhythm seriously Jesus ily tho but no rhythm 🤣

  15. Emmaly Perea

    Emmaly PereaDay ago

    im not trying to brag but i can do better splits

  16. Miguel Valdez

    Miguel ValdezDay ago

    Who Wants a 1v1

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    Carla XDay ago

    You keep saying your sister isn’t doing it right but you’re like ten times worse at it!!!!!

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    Gymnast 101 Banga2 days ago

    Lol your sister looks like my cousin

  19. the cupcake club and Friends White

    the cupcake club and Friends White2 days ago

    Two of them are on the commercial for the emotes in the play app or App Store

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    Mary - Katherine Harris2 days ago

    OMG your so pretty

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    Too hoochie...too hoochie!!!

  22. Tips and Tricks With sugar plum

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    I can do left,right and middle splits

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    My fav footnote dance is STAR POWER. 🙂

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    To be honest sniper improved I'm proud of you babygirl

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    3:51 untamed penguins

  26. Marcie Burleson

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    Stop at 7:32 and look to the left If your single

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    What is her sister name?

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    5:02 its not that hard

  29. yo mom mom

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    3:42 what??

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    Is that other gurl used to be in cheaper by the dozen

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    Bro I’m sick and I’m getting tired just watching u guys😂😂😂

  32. battle for epic island

    battle for epic island5 days ago

    Why is it called boneless if your not on the floor dying because you cant move

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    Can u add me on fortnite im Snik3t

  34. Kywi 1

    Kywi 16 days ago

    Funny story at school I got hyped and I started doing the hype and my entire class was cheering me on as I did it, I got comments like it looked like I took it strait from the game

  35. Acer Musa

    Acer Musa7 days ago

    So funny

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    6:07 what really happens at a girl night.

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    Btw i love ur vid sniperwolf

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    The fortnite character looks like plastic for some reson XDXDXD

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    I was watching the video while doing the splits

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    siperwolf doing the wiggle thoooo

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    lmao at Lia doing wiggle >o

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    Omg your sister sound like you so much

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    Ke'Airra Dickerson12 days ago

    lia your sister has chicken arms

  45. Ke'Airra Dickerson

    Ke'Airra Dickerson12 days ago

    yoo the first one is just the milly rock

  46. Sister Jesus

    Sister Jesus12 days ago

    Who else is playing fortnite while watching this?

  47. Ivana Fonkwo

    Ivana Fonkwo13 days ago

    it was too painful to watch

  48. Alpha Playz

    Alpha Playz13 days ago

    Thought u looked like rook

  49. Rosie Little

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    U guys like marilyn manson too damn

  50. Peggy Mees

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    I can do Fortnite dances

  51. k y l a

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    ur Betts than me on true heart

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    Literally binged watched all your videos while I was doing my homework that was due 2 weeks ago ilysm ♥️🥰😍💕❤️

  53. Gaming Arcee

    Gaming Arcee15 days ago

    In true heart

  54. Gaming Arcee

    Gaming Arcee15 days ago

    She twerked

  55. Kaylee Futch

    Kaylee Futch15 days ago

    Teacher: Alright kids what sound does a chicken make Kids: *starts making chicken noises Lia: *Starts quacking like a duck* 6:03

  56. Zargielay Rabeh

    Zargielay Rabeh16 days ago

    Better than me

  57. LeahTwilightGaming _YT

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    I liked your sisters short dirty blonde hair better... Edit: Nvm it was under the wig 😂😂

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    I can do the wiggle better than yall

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    I subbed! First one of ur videos with an account!

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    Admit it.... you thought the wig was her real hair. LOL

  62. Joey's gaming channel

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    You both suck at this I can do all of these including Orange justice

  63. Melissa peters

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  64. Arielle White

    Arielle White19 days ago

    3:45 “nO ! It’s ALL IN DA HIPSSS” I’m dead🤣

  65. Niya De'Souza

    Niya De'Souza20 days ago

    “Wigs comin off” literally me half way through the day..

  66. Ruben Nunez

    Ruben Nunez20 days ago

    You’re sis looks just like you make more vids with her!

  67. waddlesthepigFTW

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    I’m sorry, I probably couldn’t do any better but you looked stupid doing breakdown

  68. Sai Tanvi Surapaneni

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    you are so damn amazing your funny

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    You should do a house tour

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    How many sister do u have

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    Swipe it is the milly rock

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    Add me on ps4 my name is stormyxboy im a god at Fortnite

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    Nice way to start a video. Flapping your arms.

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    I’m in love with you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    am I the only one that finds it funny that she got tricked into doing some kpop dances

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    Your sister looks like my cousin

  77. Boyswhocry 334

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    Yall look sooo dumb doing the wiggle sorry

  78. gigi Hall

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    Fortnite is getting sued because they are using other dances created by people and making them their own sooooo yeah 😐

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    C how do you like I mean how do you get roebucks and fortnight books a movie books how do you get v bucks

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    Sassy penguins 3:47.

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    It is all sssniperwolf

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    3:58 Weave Snached

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    This is cringy but I love it

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    Sssniperwolf won

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    Favorite fortnight dance is true heart

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    *Hype* *orange justice*

  87. Kiwi Fruit

    Kiwi Fruit25 days ago

    The hype: The dance that no one can do correctly. Not even the epic games animators

  88. Caro

    Caro26 days ago

    7:45 That emote was inspired in BLACKPINK’s ‘As If It’s Your Last’ Music Video and MOMOLAND’s ‘BBOOM BBOOM’ Music Video. *T H I C C* btw

  89. Kim Barnwell

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    Your a good dancer sssniperwolf

  90. jerry lilwolf555 brunette

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    Me to

  91. Goldenwolf

    Goldenwolf27 days ago

    U and ur sister doing swipe it did it wrong

  92. Janya Tory

    Janya Tory27 days ago

    3:48 when Lia did the wiggle

  93. Lps Roxie

    Lps Roxie28 days ago

    cuz im icy wify haters wanna fight me😂😂

  94. Jaden Simmons

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    What was 3:48 about

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    Funny coincidence when I was watching this video i got a fortnite ad

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  98. Kara Wheeler

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    I can do boneless and I love ur fortnite video's p.s.I have a broken arm

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    Is your sister wearing a wig

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    3:47 dem hands tho

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    2019 annyone!?

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    She was wearing a wig wow

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    Sniper u good



    What in the hell am I watching

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    Round one:SSSiperwolf Round two:SSSiperwolf Round three: her sister Round four:SSSiperwolf Round five: SSSiperwolf Round six:😑😑😑😑😑 Round seven: SSSiperwold Round eight: SSSiperwolf Round nine: SSSiperwolf Round ten:SSSiperwolf Round eleven: SSSiperwolf Round twelve: SSSiperwolf It’s not that I hate her sister it’s just that, SSSiperwolf is, not to be mean, better!