1. Deric Updike

    Deric Updike11 hours ago

    Shes good at this shit

  2. Liana

    Liana12 hours ago

    Teknique pld

  3. Toria Walker

    Toria Walker14 hours ago

    My name is Zoe

  4. Gia Princess

    Gia Princess16 hours ago

    I love your cosplay!!!!

  5. M4968

    M496817 hours ago

    4 months later and I still don't want to live all because of this video :'(

  6. Charlie Stea

    Charlie Stea17 hours ago

    Wtf u look so funny 😂

  7. Charlie Stea

    Charlie Stea17 hours ago

    Lol 😂

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  9. chubby bunny

    chubby bunnyDay ago

    Love rambunctious (sssniperwolf )

  10. Fortnite Gamer

    Fortnite GamerDay ago

    Lol look at the doge in the backround.

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  12. David Fragoso

    David FragosoDay ago

    HEY u live in Arizona plz come to Las Vegas cause I live here

  13. William Hancock

    William HancockDay ago

    Make yourself a dang caysadilla (quesadilla)

  14. Grace Allison

    Grace AllisonDay ago

    When you did the dinosaur one I couldn’t stop laughing

  15. Nate + Char

    Nate + CharDay ago

    You are good at zany

  16. regina matthews

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  18. Rainey Ortegon

    Rainey Ortegon2 days ago

    “quack ima chicken”💀💀

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  20. Makayla Graham

    Makayla Graham3 days ago

    Chickens don’t go quack

  21. Cup Cake

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    A h a o w

  22. Raki Davy

    Raki Davy3 days ago

    lol quack

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  24. Kodi Augare-estey

    Kodi Augare-estey4 days ago

    the thing is I think that the chacters are teens not 20 year olds

  25. Rachel Chouinard

    Rachel Chouinard4 days ago

    Omg you live in az me too

  26. Naide Luna

    Naide Luna4 days ago

    your good at least better than me

  27. Christal BASSETT

    Christal BASSETT4 days ago

    Is she warring a wig or did she dye her hair?

  28. Mckaiser HD

    Mckaiser HD6 days ago

    Heyyyyyyy it's not bad its better than mine I'm proud of you good job

  29. Harmony Horn

    Harmony Horn6 days ago

    Is not allful

  30. Chris Lee

    Chris Lee6 days ago

    3:02 i died

  31. Olayinka Fashola

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    Don't stress yourself lia ur better than me XD

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  34. Marley Spain

    Marley Spain7 days ago

    who else agrees she totally pulled off her outfit

  35. Jr Reaves

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    Is good

  36. knotyouraverag7716

    knotyouraverag77167 days ago

    Hahahaha I fuckin love u!!♡

  37. Matthew Benbow

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    That dog tho

  38. Ari Gacha life

    Ari Gacha life8 days ago

    Then move outta Arizona

  39. Jasmine Garvey

    Jasmine Garvey8 days ago

    The dodge u have in the background is staring at your soul

  40. Algimantas Juknevičius

    Algimantas Juknevičius9 days ago

    Are you playing head soccer

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  42. Emma 2009

    Emma 20099 days ago

    You should do the dance true heart

  43. Gamer Girl 101

    Gamer Girl 1019 days ago

    You skipped my favorite one DANCE MOVES

  44. amaristin

    amaristin10 days ago

    Guys guess what! Read more

  45. Mikella Shoup

    Mikella Shoup10 days ago

    I don’t understand. What are the dances for in fort Nite? I thought it was a fighting game. I’m so confused. Never played before

  46. Mikella Shoup

    Mikella Shoup10 days ago

    Quck! I’m a chicken!

  47. Hacker Jams &Justwegamer

    Hacker Jams &Justwegamer10 days ago

    Nice cosplay seriously

  48. uni the corn

    uni the corn10 days ago

    ur wiggle is 💩

  49. JayneIsAnOdd1

    JayneIsAnOdd111 days ago

    you do better than the kids at my school

  50. Jane Costigin

    Jane Costigin11 days ago

    Love love love your channel

  51. YT he last cookie is mine

    YT he last cookie is mine11 days ago

    I can kinda do star power but it's cringey XD

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    Ariana Garner11 days ago

    Where's the Orange Justice at?!

  53. nikki Toomey

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    That dog in the back ground is staring into my soul

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  55. nicholas arthur

    nicholas arthur12 days ago

    Lol gotta enjoy these short funny vids you do.

  56. Michael Roberts

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    That fox *staring at me in the background* and I'm like bruuuu I'ma scared...

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  59. Beza Andualem

    Beza Andualem14 days ago

    4:46 was so funny

  60. Beza Andualem

    Beza Andualem14 days ago

    0:11 was funny when she when like ooohhh

  61. The Schmidtski

    The Schmidtski14 days ago

    i did the dances they were easy

  62. Once MOMO

    Once MOMO15 days ago

    hahaha😂fortnite REAL its LIA hahaha😂fortnite game ots LIO 😂😂😂✌

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  64. shania 101

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    I went there it want 170

  65. SunlightNyanCat Poptart

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    When she did the hype I was dying

  66. Eazye Eric

    Eazye Eric16 days ago

    Use tekneke

  67. Solmaz Mahmoudi

    Solmaz Mahmoudi16 days ago

    u messed up whit the WiGGLE

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  69. TheName’sNico

    TheName’sNico16 days ago

    I would love to see her try electro shuffle

  70. make it rain

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    I live in AZ too

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    I’m following you on TikTok

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    I see you on tik tok

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    Sofia Downes xoxo17 days ago

    Your dance moves are slayyyyyy

  74. Chryseis Casanova

    Chryseis Casanova17 days ago

    hey sssniper wolf so this picture is not me it iis my mom but I have this horrible channel I want you to react to called mrlayne casanova ♡♡♡♡😆😆😆😆💛💛💛

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    The rawr

  76. Jayden Johnson

    Jayden Johnson17 days ago

    That doge in the back is staring at me

  77. Teidy Casanova

    Teidy Casanova17 days ago

    I’m soooo sad :(..... YOU CAN’T BE ZOEY IN FORTNITE ANYMORE

  78. Moo Reacts

    Moo Reacts17 days ago

    How come the Zany lookin’ like Dame Tu Cosita?

  79. Tamariah's life vlogs

    Tamariah's life vlogs18 days ago

    ur hype tho : 0

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    That reanimated was really good!

  82. DSauce

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    Quack quack quack...I’m a chicken

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    That dog head is staring at me

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    Zoey is my vavret

  86. Morgan Rowley

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    You was saying quack that's a duck not a chicking

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    sniper wolf pinned your commet

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    Love you

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    The cat says MEOW The dog says WOOF And the chicken says QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK

  90. Miley Evans

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    I love ur channel and u yourself😍😊

  91. Kendrick Playz

    Kendrick Playz20 days ago

    Hahahah that hype, but you still got it

  92. msladykeastside

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    She tid a awesome job

  93. Taylor Anthony

    Taylor Anthony20 days ago

    if you live in arizona you should do a clab with the skorys

  94. Trystan Sergent

    Trystan Sergent20 days ago

    Um it's season 6 right now I guess I'm late on this video

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    Tia Angioy20 days ago

    Just me who was dying at the click😂😂

  96. llBloodY_Killerl _

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    You do them horrible,

  97. llBloodY_Killerl _

    llBloodY_Killerl _20 days ago

    1:40 "we're gonna start with the easy ones" does it so bad

  98. Merle Acot

    Merle Acot20 days ago

    My dad made Zany

  99. Evil Default

    Evil Default20 days ago

    she look thiccc when doing the wiggle

  100. Bailey Hillman

    Bailey Hillman21 day ago

    Fortnight Dances is probably the only way she exercises, No offence.

  101. Farida Mselen

    Farida Mselen21 day ago

    I want to eat those oreos