1. Cuteness Curette

    Cuteness Curette2 hours ago

    When you were doing wolf 1u look pezed

  2. London Playz

    London Playz17 hours ago

    im a beast at doing the orange justice, wiggle, and hype.

  3. Olivia Zielińska

    Olivia Zielińska22 hours ago

    30 degrees in Ireland is like a dessert to me

  4. Cristian Mercado

    Cristian MercadoDay ago


  5. Jabeen Eunson

    Jabeen Eunson2 days ago

    Wiggle defies the human body.

  6. Layla agamy

    Layla agamy2 days ago

    “Quack Quack Im a chicken” I don’t think chickens quack...

  7. couch steve

    couch steve2 days ago

    hype was OOF

  8. Natil Water

    Natil Water2 days ago

    Chickens don't make that sound

  9. Logan Ryan

    Logan Ryan3 days ago

    were do u live in arizona

  10. cassidy moton

    cassidy moton3 days ago

    So you have to be at work in the day and you have to be in a littleness here and in a good night 😘 is a good one for you so I have some

  11. Ameer Mohamed

    Ameer Mohamed3 days ago

    When you did tidy it looked like your dogen punches ooh ooh

  12. D D B

    D D B4 days ago

    I cannot be responsible for calling you thicc after you bent over in one point of the vid

  13. Da cute Onna

    Da cute Onna4 days ago

    Your groove jam was fantastic, brilliant and inspiring love your vids

  14. Fan Edits

    Fan Edits5 days ago

    2:50 I was dying the whole time 🤣🤣

  15. Makayla Parks

    Makayla Parks5 days ago

    i love you so much sssniperwolf

  16. Sir. Willem

    Sir. Willem6 days ago

    thats 8 mins of my life im never getting back

  17. Pandicornio Bipolar

    Pandicornio Bipolar6 days ago



    300,0 SUBS WITHOUT VIDEO6 days ago

    GiRl I lOvE yA viDs

  19. Giovanni Martinez

    Giovanni Martinez7 days ago

    trash jkjk

  20. ZoeGacha _11

    ZoeGacha _117 days ago

    MY NAME IS ZOË!!!!!!(pronounced zoey)

  21. Nathaniel Poor

    Nathaniel Poor7 days ago

    Yea cause I live there

  22. Josh

    Josh7 days ago

    if you speed it up to its maximum it looks like shes on some insane drugs

  23. Rayne

    Rayne7 days ago

    I miss Zoey!

  24. Connor Brazier

    Connor Brazier7 days ago

    Do John wick

  25. Mace Universe

    Mace Universe9 days ago

    I was waiting for an orange justice part 2

  26. Bella Law

    Bella Law10 days ago

    Leah doesn’t have buttons on both arms

  27. Carl Jason

    Carl Jason11 days ago

    Yeah quake quake I'm a chiken😂😂

  28. SnifferFurry :3

    SnifferFurry :312 days ago

    The wiggle I’m crying of laughter I do worse

  29. Jayce Ross

    Jayce Ross12 days ago

    can u see me in vid in fortnite

  30. BrightMilk7

    BrightMilk713 days ago

    Do the hula dance and turn around

  31. ElectroBlitz The Robloxian

    ElectroBlitz The Robloxian13 days ago

    What men do on there break.

  32. Isla Kerr

    Isla Kerr13 days ago

    I can do the click

  33. kayla's life

    kayla's life15 days ago

    S͟n͟o͟o͟p͟ Dog͟g made the "Tidy" dance f͟o͟r͟ a͟n͟y͟o͟n͟e͟ t͟h͟a͟t͟ t͟h͟o͟u͟g͟h͟t͟ f͟o͟r͟t͟n͟i͟t͟e͟ m͟a͟d͟e͟ t͟h͟e͟ d͟a͟n͟c͟e͟

  34. Natsuki :3

    Natsuki :316 days ago

    0:30 Oh I want Doge pillow 2

  35. kendall foley

    kendall foley17 days ago

    Those boots came out super cute gj

  36. Shane Ivan G. Samante

    Shane Ivan G. Samante19 days ago

    2:50 Tho ahahahahah

  37. Amaya Karime

    Amaya Karime19 days ago

    I think you need to tuck your shirt -_-

  38. Sami Buono

    Sami Buono19 days ago

    It's good but in a next video can u make this game but do the true love dance emot pls. It my favorites dance of for nite I would EPROMs ate if u true story do in real life true love emote plz for me please

  39. kid Savage

    kid Savage19 days ago

    Who here in 2019

  40. Emyija Mills

    Emyija Mills19 days ago

    The dip is backwards not front but do what ever you want

  41. Ndidi Arthur

    Ndidi Arthur19 days ago

    5:23 I love doing hype

  42. 212 mashely

    212 mashely20 days ago

    This is so funny

  43. MoonLoxver MSP

    MoonLoxver MSP20 days ago

    Where do you buy the oitfuts

  44. MoonLoxver MSP

    MoonLoxver MSP20 days ago


  45. MayXx Gacha

    MayXx Gacha20 days ago

    Star power is a kpop dance

  46. rollerskatebri 1

    rollerskatebri 121 day ago

    Love you :-) :)

  47. rollerskatebri 1

    rollerskatebri 121 day ago

    I love your vids

  48. Avryonne Moore

    Avryonne Moore21 day ago

    Yes queen get it

  49. Zinzan Eliu

    Zinzan Eliu21 day ago

    Soz but i cant join the wolf pack cuz im broke

  50. Lynette Feldmann

    Lynette Feldmann22 days ago

    From memory that was really good

  51. Rebeccauh Hensler

    Rebeccauh Hensler22 days ago

    I was Zoey for Halloween last year and I made my whole outfit from scratch and it actually turned out good! The green didn't come out of my hair for two weeks but...😂

  52. Nate Gaming

    Nate Gaming22 days ago

    4:08 that booty

  53. Swervo Sauceyy

    Swervo Sauceyy22 days ago

    Best mates I’d the best one

  54. victoria mcculley

    victoria mcculley23 days ago

    [ninja has left the chat]

  55. The Gulag

    The Gulag23 days ago

    You should try living in Michigan, it's -8 degrees right now

  56. Crafty Unicorn

    Crafty Unicorn23 days ago

    Do you know the Oddonesout he also lives in Arizona

  57. Funneh 273

    Funneh 27323 days ago

    This is why she’s my favorite French youtuber ❤️

  58. Moonlight Stars

    Moonlight Stars23 days ago

    Why you feet so tan but you so pan??

  59. eva harvey

    eva harvey23 days ago

    I'm a big fan

  60. EsmeTheEmerald

    EsmeTheEmerald24 days ago

    I was doing the dances with you, and now my dog is staring at me like I'm crazy, well, she just want to sleep but...

  61. Chaotic Power

    Chaotic Power24 days ago

    chickens dont go qhuak

  62. Danielle Chandler

    Danielle Chandler24 days ago

    omg the hype dance was the funniest

  63. Wäłmårt

    Wäłmårt24 days ago

    S O T H I Q

  64. Olivia Craig

    Olivia Craig25 days ago

    * quacks * I’m a chicken

  65. Charlize Siy

    Charlize Siy25 days ago


  66. Snail Chan

    Snail Chan26 days ago

    posted on my birthday!!!

  67. Reaper333

    Reaper33326 days ago

    i caught my sis watching this ... im dissapointed in her

  68. Moonlight _YT

    Moonlight _YT26 days ago

    My favorite one you did was the wiggle xD

  69. Zara Wilkerson

    Zara Wilkerson26 days ago

    I love the napoleon dinomite one . Napoleon: EAT YOUR FOOD TINA YA FAT LARD !

  70. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown Unknown26 days ago

    I cant help but smile when i watch your vids. LOV3 YUR CHANNEL BYEEEE

  71. Eva Cifuentes

    Eva Cifuentes26 days ago

    And Technique cosplay!!!

  72. Eva Cifuentes

    Eva Cifuentes26 days ago

    Triple Threat Cosplay!!!

  73. Alexis Birnley

    Alexis Birnley26 days ago

    I want to see triple threat one

  74. Rodney

    Rodney26 days ago

    5:22 ok that was epic

  75. Aidengamer 1122

    Aidengamer 112226 days ago

    Do you see Dog in the background looking at you

  76. JaxAttak

    JaxAttak27 days ago

    6:01 when mom doesnt give you VBucks

  77. michael amaya

    michael amaya27 days ago

    You are nice


    THE GAMEING ASSASSIN 7527 days ago

    Im a fortnite dance master

  79. Morgan B.

    Morgan B.27 days ago

    4:09 wtf perfect

  80. de3 van

    de3 van27 days ago

    My name is zoe too 😄

  81. Marines Adames

    Marines Adames27 days ago

    do the tech girl next plz

  82. Prospect Jacevlogs

    Prospect Jacevlogs27 days ago

    If y’all want to play Fortnite with me my user is Junethelit,P.S the J maybe lowercase

  83. Zoe Ceballos

    Zoe Ceballos28 days ago

    My name is Zoe but without the y

  84. Nancy Tincher

    Nancy Tincher28 days ago

    my name is Zoey and her name is Zoey too

  85. Random Person

    Random PersonDay ago

    But your name is Nancy?

  86. Random Person

    Random Person28 days ago

    I love zany

  87. skylar augusta

    skylar augusta28 days ago

    2:51 mom: *walks in * what are you watching?! Me: my teachers youtube wideos LOL 😂😂😂

  88. Gia Longo

    Gia Longo28 days ago

    Take the L y’all haha👅

  89. Gabriel Stan

    Gabriel Stan28 days ago

    Why does she have this Darlene from Mr. Robot accent?

  90. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah28 days ago

    The first time the tidy came out I was like why would a dance be called titty?

  91. Desto McCoy

    Desto McCoy28 days ago

    where do u live in Arizona?

  92. Henley Cook

    Henley CookMonth ago

    I think you were the best at reanimated hahah

  93. Mike Duran

    Mike DuranMonth ago

    zoey is a cool skin

  94. Sara Pereira

    Sara PereiraMonth ago

    no offence but I laughed soo hard

  95. Myah Masoner

    Myah MasonerMonth ago

    I feel like your doing just dance lol

  96. Annka Cooper

    Annka CooperMonth ago

    TBH your but is to big for the shoot

  97. Tyler Plays

    Tyler PlaysMonth ago

    Can you do the floss

  98. Samuel Goodman

    Samuel GoodmanMonth ago

    Lia, I used to live in Arizona, but I now live in Ohio, so, I know the heat bro!

  99. xxxtentacion fan

    xxxtentacion fanMonth ago

    Samuel Goodman I live in arizona

  100. Morgan Rudolph

    Morgan RudolphMonth ago


  101. Kaylee Hill

    Kaylee HillMonth ago

    Omg lmao

  102. Princes Po

    Princes PoMonth ago


  103. Imvu Family

    Imvu FamilyMonth ago

    My baby brother laughed when you hurt yourself