Fortnite At Lollapalooza!! Gaming With Alex Gaskarth! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay


  1. time jone

    time jone26 days ago

    He disconected

  2. Rorys Hour

    Rorys Hour5 months ago

    Never thought I'd watch ninja but I saw all time low so I clicked

  3. Rynard Ramos

    Rynard Ramos6 months ago

    i bet you don't know whos the guy ninja's been playing with ...

  4. martin broda stannie

    martin broda stannie6 months ago

    y'all I'm just here for my bby boy alex idgaf about fornite

  5. Neonlobotomy

    Neonlobotomy6 months ago

    this is the only circumstance I will watch a fortnite stream.

  6. Neonlobotomy

    Neonlobotomy6 months ago

    shelby thanks, yours is pretty good too

  7. martin broda stannie

    martin broda stannie6 months ago

    same. also nice pfp.

  8. Andres Perry

    Andres Perry6 months ago

    iphone x or the best samung or android vs the best gaming computer

  9. wrench hacker

    wrench hacker6 months ago

    Ninja please stop being mean to your fans

  10. Super _Cx

    Super _Cx6 months ago

    Hey, look! It’s sodapoppin!

  11. Your name

    Your name6 months ago

    I Love you

  12. Hiba Chaudhry

    Hiba Chaudhry6 months ago

    ninja my cousin thinks he is better then u

  13. Diles46 - AIRSOFT

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  14. Mr Memeseeks

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  16. gregory billias

    gregory billias7 months ago

    Impressive stuff

  17. Dynamic lit

    Dynamic lit7 months ago

    How much money do u make

  18. exxtremegaming YT

    exxtremegaming YT7 months ago

    Y u change hair

  19. Insane Gamers

    Insane Gamers7 months ago

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  20. Kostas Venios

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  21. we is lit Smith

    we is lit Smith7 months ago

    How is you so good Ninja at fortnite

  22. we is lit Smith

    we is lit Smith7 months ago

    You make money off of MReporter Ninja

  23. souppp

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  24. Tiffany Tommy

    Tiffany Tommy7 months ago

    You're osum

  25. Nandie Booyens

    Nandie Booyens7 months ago

    Kan a add you toeday sa day 2018

  26. Simon Garcia

    Simon Garcia7 months ago

    Faze Ninja?

  27. Elisabeth Leiknes Hansen

    Elisabeth Leiknes Hansen7 months ago

    you koala

  28. Chris Crum

    Chris Crum7 months ago

    I just had no home for 10 1/2 years. My grandma and grandpa Samuelson did nothing for me during that entire time!

  29. fks coruja

    fks coruja7 months ago

    lolapallooza is rio de janeiro my city

  30. Chris Crum

    Chris Crum7 months ago

    Porn used to be at least 18 years-old! now it's at least 37 years-old! ):

  31. Kevin Fortntie

    Kevin Fortntie7 months ago

    New Hair :O

  32. v

    v7 months ago

    if he's gonna keep playing with celebrities then he needs to start playing with celebrities that are actually good at the game

  33. Sara Azcona

    Sara Azcona7 months ago

    Love you ninja😀

  34. KingSavage Playz

    KingSavage Playz7 months ago


  35. Callum Kearns

    Callum Kearns7 months ago

    I wonder if you could do double hunting rifle

  36. Icyfire_ Wolf178

    Icyfire_ Wolf1787 months ago

    Ninja your the best

  37. Kheng Tan

    Kheng Tan7 months ago

    Not perfect

  38. Evan Nakagawa

    Evan Nakagawa7 months ago

    16:23 "Never panic"? More like "Don't panic". Am I right?

  39. Deseray Mclean

    Deseray Mclean7 months ago

    Ninja you trash

  40. Jordan Gamer_1

    Jordan Gamer_17 months ago

    Witch is good Xbox or PS4

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    Vizem7 months ago

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  42. CobraPlaysGames

    CobraPlaysGames7 months ago

    I rate the last 2 minutes of this video Four Out Of Five

  43. Lamboghorini Boy

    Lamboghorini Boy7 months ago

    Go get a job loser your going to broke when get older you need go back to school bum


    MRMLG MLG7 months ago

    i'm on a live stream right now and i'm gonna shout you out


    MRMLG MLG7 months ago

    can you please shout me out

  46. Caleb Rivera

    Caleb Rivera7 months ago

    Hi ninja


    TERRALEX7 months ago

    Ligma balls

  48. Icaruspotion

    Icaruspotion7 months ago

    Ligma balls.

  49. Azavian Kennon

    Azavian Kennon7 months ago

    Do won chest challenge

  50. Blackhole Sun

    Blackhole Sun7 months ago

    Is he gonna use you for views too?

  51. Ayden Norris

    Ayden Norris7 months ago

    Ninja:What's Ligma? Fan:LIGMA BALLS

  52. Balti Pie Guy

    Balti Pie Guy7 months ago

    Fuck Fortnite!

  53. Edward Cardona

    Edward Cardona7 months ago

    Every one is saying ur dead

  54. GenesisnKaidence

    GenesisnKaidence7 months ago

    Rather see technology being used wisely instead of abusing it for the fuck of it like me.. if you’re on ur damn phone constantly you should be making money

  55. GenesisnKaidence

    GenesisnKaidence7 months ago

    Ninja gonna bail on this game and start back on halo infinite where his journey belongs.. he wasn’t very good though at the game like naded

  56. Landen Martin

    Landen Martin7 months ago

    Glad to see you're carrying on his legacy after igma-lay

  57. Seth Tababa

    Seth Tababa7 months ago

    U know ninja there r probably people even much better than u but then maybe they don’t have time to do a stream or something

  58. banana man

    banana man7 months ago

    I love Your video

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  60. MemeHistorian

    MemeHistorian7 months ago

    Ninja's Ligma has developed into Sugondese stage 5 get him to the hospital as quickly as you can!

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  62. Mary Dragonee

    Mary Dragonee7 months ago

    *and zack merrick

  63. FortexZone

    FortexZone7 months ago

    That guy on the thumbnail looks exactly like fouseytube

  64. Godzilla3454 Lol lol lol

    Godzilla3454 Lol lol lol7 months ago

    Why don't you stream on ytube cuz you can gets about 30,000 dollars

  65. mr.asesino mr.asesino

    mr.asesino mr.asesino7 months ago

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    niilo tuominen7 months ago

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  67. Emil C

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  68. Aaron Blaze productions

    Aaron Blaze productions7 months ago

    Who else is reminded of the movie project almanac xD

  69. mlgcayden James

    mlgcayden James7 months ago

    Km Manning

  70. JakeThe Gamer

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  71. ZniGhkill _KiiNg

    ZniGhkill _KiiNg7 months ago

    Ninja tá no Brasil aí sim hein

  72. шiiмii 99

    шiiмii 997 months ago

    Wtf man i thought you died of ligma

  73. JustARandomUser2001

    JustARandomUser20017 months ago

    This trash is still trending? Ok...

  74. indpa dawsm

    indpa dawsm7 months ago

    Ninja has gone super saiyan god

  75. Farhan 06

    Farhan 067 months ago

    The fuck you say to me you little shit! Lmfao! Never be forgotten! Bitch!

  76. SherlockAce 236

    SherlockAce 2367 months ago

    Ninja u are so awesome and keep being the best

  77. Tommy Hilfigurine

    Tommy Hilfigurine7 months ago

    Wow he finally left his home just to play some video games somewhere else

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  79. dashie2.0 meow

    dashie2.0 meow7 months ago

    #Ripninja #Ligma

  80. xLenT اكسلينت

    xLenT اكسلينت7 months ago

    اللي مو عربي لايك 😂❤

  81. ιм.α.вιαѕ wreck

    ιм.α.вιαѕ wreck7 months ago

    I only came for Alex gaskarth

  82. Pally Crawler

    Pally Crawler7 months ago

    After this i bet you went and jerked each other off...

  83. l8Os

    l8Os7 months ago


  84. RyGuyBoi

    RyGuyBoi7 months ago

    How’s Lima for u bud

  85. Eugene Nam

    Eugene Nam7 months ago

    There was a Chicago shooting, good thing it didn’t affect the concert

  86. Anthony Hernandez

    Anthony Hernandez7 months ago


  87. Lycanking 666

    Lycanking 6667 months ago


  88. Gfd 2004

    Gfd 20047 months ago

    go watch karim elhendy

  89. Corrupt Pip

    Corrupt Pip7 months ago

    Hey um ninja everybody is saying someone is better than you... His name is : GizmoSlip

  90. Corrupt Pip

    Corrupt Pip7 months ago

    He’s a newcomer

  91. Mariya. H

    Mariya. H7 months ago

    I belive you ninja your my hero

  92. FamilyToys

    FamilyToys7 months ago

    Junior-Ninja aged 6 playing on PC love your work .

  93. Zodiac Fenrir

    Zodiac Fenrir7 months ago

    That last battle was pretty amazing

  94. Sprites Booky

    Sprites Booky7 months ago


  95. OneNootBoi.

    OneNootBoi.7 months ago

    This was an amazing video after the pass of ninja. Ligma is such an awful thing.


    APCWORLDSUXAZ7 months ago

    I don't understand how this game is even looks so fucking boring. but I guess we all have different tastes.

  97. Thatcher Stalinsky

    Thatcher Stalinsky7 months ago

    He is the reason I stopped playing, that and my noob of 11yr nephew beat him in a head to head match, and I have the recording, it was epic!!!

  98. Chris Crum

    Chris Crum7 months ago

    I have amoung the top most moving eyes in the world !

  99. Its ya boy Montages

    Its ya boy Montages7 months ago

    What do you mean he is disconnected

  100. Chaz Thompson

    Chaz Thompson7 months ago

    I love you ninja

  101. Log Fire

    Log Fire7 months ago

    Looks like All Time Low is trying to get publicity off this Ninja guy... NOT!

  102. Matthew Clark

    Matthew Clark7 months ago

  103. Elmer’s Glue

    Elmer’s Glue7 months ago

    “I’m building like an eeeeeeediiiooottt