Formosat-5 Mission


  1. 台灣歌手與唱片公司觀看次數榜

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  2. Turner Royce

    Turner Royce11 months ago

    1038 at least you got to land once.

  3. Steve Chisnall

    Steve ChisnallYear ago

    0:32 Geez, that camera's lens needs some *serious* cleaning

  4. Izvite Izvite

    Izvite IzviteYear ago

    Das ist sehr cool! Impressive.

  5. matthew steicke

    matthew steickeYear ago

    another beutiful landing

  6. Andy Chuck

    Andy ChuckYear ago


  7. Dmitri Ruban

    Dmitri RubanYear ago

    UTC cannot be AM or PM. It is 24-hour time standard, not a time zone. Nevertheless, great job SpaceX!

  8. Jack Torrance

    Jack TorranceYear ago

    Silence from Neil deGrasse Tyson's corner....

  9. Cameron Lee

    Cameron LeeYear ago

    Cong for Republic of China (Taiwan), from People's Republic of China. Proud of you!

  10. 張為祥

    張為祥Year ago

    Taiwan #1

  11. john slowman

    john slowmanYear ago

    What happens to stage two?

  12. Erick Ondich

    Erick OndichYear ago

    Why does it sound like a restaurant in the background? It sounds like utensils on plates and i thought i heard a bell like the order is up a few times. It reminds me of going to Denny's and getting pancakes.

  13. Hoioidoi Gaming

    Hoioidoi GamingYear ago

    11:48 for launch

  14. DJay81

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  15. Leandro Machado

    Leandro MachadoYear ago

    sexy voice.

  16. 梁鎂帶

    梁鎂帶Year ago

    Taiwan #1 台(ㄓㄨㄥ)灣(ㄍㄨㄛˊ)第(ㄗㄨㄟˋ)一(ㄉㄧ)名(ㄋㄥˊ)

  17. Jason Axford

    Jason AxfordYear ago

    The camera always seems to cut out during the landing. JRtI.

  18. Zor Aa

    Zor AaYear ago

    flat earthers be like...."why are they not showing the front part of the rocket in space"

  19. S.P.X.A Space

    S.P.X.A SpaceYear ago

    Spacex can subscribe to my channel please Im a new space program I raised 77.79 billion dollars

  20. tezeu21

    tezeu21Year ago

    Incredible, thank you Elon

  21. Tom Bannerman

    Tom BannermanYear ago

    Hi was just wondering what the thing was that flew below the first stage when coming back down between 15:00 to 15:06 of the video?

  22. Ne stado s

    Ne stado sYear ago

    Dear Elon Musk! I wanna talk with you about new model of Tesla. Me and my oxyevshiy friend Artem Makovetsky will made your company very cool with this car. It will be Tesla Model T(t - means Tachka). This is very modern car. For create this shit, we will take AE86 trueno, and Tesla model S Engine,Аккумуляторы and etc. Write me on this email for more details. Chmo blyat wishes, Dimon.

  23. Licher salsa

    Licher salsaYear ago

    I love it! This never gets old... Great!

  24. patricio Rodrguez

    patricio RodrguezYear ago

    Podrían agregar los subtítulos en español pliz


    MEGA GAMINGYear ago

    do they do this every single week?!!!!

  26. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    They try for one launch every 2-3 weeks minimum.

  27. Tiago Toledo Faria

    Tiago Toledo FariaYear ago

    Sensacional! Parabéns!

  28. Michael Eve

    Michael EveYear ago

    Love these streams, but all the clanking in the background makes it seem like the show is being hosted from a cafeteria .

  29. Jay Flippen

    Jay FlippenYear ago

    22:41 Hasn't the first stage and drone ship had this same problem in the past? (It seems as if there is significant interference on various SpaceX launches I have watched- with the interference happening when stage 1 is about to land.)

  30. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    That's the vibrations from the rocket shaking the comma equipment, cutting off the live feed. They get the uncut footage on their Instagram in the week after once the ship returns to port.

  31. Takao Rin

    Takao RinYear ago

    I love TAIWAN so much~~~

  32. Merendel

    MerendelYear ago

    Are there any other KSP players out there that keep wishing the telemetry was listed in M/S instead of KM/H?

  33. jožo games

    jožo gamesYear ago

    Merendel Me

  34. FutureChaosTV

    FutureChaosTVYear ago

    The sexiest rocket company there ever was.

  35. Oscar Leonel

    Oscar LeonelYear ago

    Do not be late to go to Mars

  36. Miles C

    Miles CYear ago

    The caster sounded surprised when everything worked as planned

  37. La_ Ron

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  38. Maru Yi

    Maru YiYear ago

    Thanks SpaceX From Formosa(Taiwan)

  39. Arguminium Marcelius

    Arguminium MarceliusYear ago

    Donald Trump is responsible for this...hahaha. That fucker doesn't even warrant use as ballast. No, the genius of America is 340 million people whose name is NOT Donald Trump.

  40. Danielle Yen

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  41. Pablo A. Cirilli

    Pablo A. CirilliYear ago

    What are those white particles coming out from stage 2 after engine cutoff?

  42. Brandon_AC

    Brandon_ACYear ago

    2:24 did she just say 7 and a half kilometers per second??? Holy shit

  43. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    BadWolf HS I guess that's one way to react to being called out on a mistake..

  44. Homo Ludens

    Homo LudensYear ago

    BadWolf HS I hate hearth of stones....fuck that game

  45. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    Hari Govind Escape velocity for Earth is 11.2 km/s

  46. Homo Ludens

    Homo LudensYear ago

    BadWolf HS ok sir, please tell me escape velocity

  47. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    Hari Govind Not even close to escape velocity

  48. Steffen W.

    Steffen W.Year ago

    11:50 You're welcome! :-)

  49. Cesar Daniel

    Cesar DanielYear ago

    Hi all, can someone please share a video of a spacex dragon landing (real mission-not test) ? I couldn't find any ??? Thank you

  50. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    The Dragon capsule recovery isn't streamed, a boat just goes to pick it up out of the ocean with a crane. You can find pictures of the recovery process though.

  51. Manny

    MannyYear ago

    God bless Elon Musk and his vision!

  52. Manny

    MannyYear ago

    Cooper2127 we need start space exploration ASAP,we are mean for that!Terraforming Mars will be amazing!

  53. The Monarchist

    The MonarchistYear ago

    Manny Cant wait till they send people to Mars.

  54. youpattube1

    youpattube1Year ago

    Glad to hear it. I guess I missed them.

  55. Olivier R

    Olivier RYear ago

    When do they re use

  56. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    SES-11 will probably be the next launch with a reused booster

  57. r lsz

    r lszYear ago

    who else would sign up for mars colonization

  58. Chad Snow

    Chad SnowYear ago

    I look forward to each launch and landing that SpaceX makes. It gets more exciting each launch. At 10:16 when they closed out stage2 LOX, that was the largest vapor cloud I have seen before a launch. I was I cannot wait for the next SpaceX super large system with raptor engines.

  59. Brad Erickson

    Brad EricksonYear ago

    Wow, people are getting bored already huh? SpaceX is in this business to launch payloads and shuttle to/from the ISS. For now. SpaceX is not in the entertainment business, its nice to see but, not its what they are getting paid for. I truly hope this gets routine and boring, that would mean they have succeeded. Come on people, they are landing the first stage repeatedly now, who was doing it before? No one. SpaceX is kicking ass and taking names. We get the privilege to remember we were at the beginning of all of this. The future, that's where the fun begins.

  60. Apitoxin

    ApitoxinYear ago

    He was outlining what SpaceX does as a company, not what the current mission was.

  61. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    This launch didn't go to/from the ISS at all.

  62. 吳宗初

    吳宗初Year ago

    Formosat=Taiwan TAIWAN NO.1 臺灣加油

  63. Jop Knoppers

    Jop KnoppersYear ago

    I like getting more inforation about the satallite itself is the video's inbetween.

  64. vasyasmanager2you

    vasyasmanager2youYear ago

    Great job. Do more launches. Numbers always win over exclusiveness.

  65. Ayrton Brisighello

    Ayrton BrisighelloYear ago

    Amazing accomplishments ! Congratulations Space X!

  66. LBNGaming

    LBNGamingYear ago

    A few more years of refining our rockets, landing method, materials used, etc. and the first mars mission should be a success. Fuck I just wanna be on mars

  67. Omar Jamal

    Omar JamalYear ago

    guys what is this at 10:37 ? why is the tower leaking?

  68. Ambient Morality

    Ambient MoralityYear ago

    just venting gaseous oxygen as it boils off

  69. 魔法の先生- 420

    魔法の先生- 420Year ago

    It's so exciting... Congrats SpaceX! Greetings from Italy!

  70. inyazserg Sergey Larin

    inyazserg Sergey LarinYear ago

    I would like to see the whole rocket recycled, not just one stage. What's more, I am dreaming about a plane which would go to space and back (without those rocket engines of Shuttles).

  71. Somebody Bodysome

    Somebody BodysomeYear ago

    BadWolf HS Aha, thanks for the info. Then there are other interesting researches, like Skylon the plane.

  72. Ambient Morality

    Ambient MoralityYear ago

    Yes. The problem is you either carry a jet engine and a rocket engine, which means you're carrying a ton of dead mass for both atmospheric and space flight, or you have a combined engine, which is just really complicated to do due to varying combustion temperature and pressure, flow rate, and a few other things.

  73. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    The shuttle just used rocket engines as well.

  74. inyazserg Sergey Larin

    inyazserg Sergey LarinYear ago

    +Ambient Morality Wow! I almost forgot about that concept! Still, we have shuttles and rockets, so why not combine them, whether it is Skylon or some other thing.

  75. Ambient Morality

    Ambient MoralityYear ago

    I think he means a SABRE-type engine. Nice goal, but I have little confidence in Skylon.

  76. 廖计东

    廖计东Year ago


  77. Josef Mamniashvili

    Josef MamniashviliYear ago

    Fuck you haters. Several years ago there was not any cameras on rockets. Nowadays you can watch launch, inspace shooting and the landing of the fist stage online and still you crying about bad cameras.

  78. Gomi

    GomiYear ago

    Welcome to MReporter where people will complain about AAAAAAAAAAAAANYTHING

  79. Ambient Morality

    Ambient MoralityYear ago

    VAFB has relatively limited assets compared to KSC/CCAFS, and more troublesome weather conditions (fog, constant cloud cover, etc).

  80. richardschumacher

    richardschumacherYear ago

    Complaining more about nearsighted camera operators. What's with the poor focus and tracking, anyway?

  81. scottofengland

    scottofenglandYear ago

    i really hope they start doing technical web casts again. the background noise was just annoying. Plates clinking etc

  82. Hector Keezy

    Hector KeezyYear ago

    Well.. It works for me every time. 👩🏻‍🚀😊

  83. Jose M Fernandez R

    Jose M Fernandez RYear ago

    for space x is more easy the rocket descend than the camera online working well.....

  84. Joshua

    JoshuaYear ago

    Once again recorded in the SpaceX lunch buffet room...

  85. j

    jYear ago

    好感動! 中華民國加油。

  86. 張為祥

    張為祥Year ago

    j 真的 希望早日可以自主發射

  87. mrplease66

    mrplease66Year ago

    Amazing. I never thought I'd become bored watching this! that's one hell of a good sign

  88. Ajay Penmatcha

    Ajay PenmatchaYear ago

    128 people work for ULA

  89. Sean Ryan

    Sean RyanYear ago

    I am a Taiwanese Thanks SpaceX and Elon Musk

  90. Vincent Boutot

    Vincent BoutotYear ago

    We want more Elon: show us Falcon Heavy!

  91. Harry J

    Harry JYear ago

    what happend to 2nd stage at 21:17 ?

  92. richardschumacher

    richardschumacherYear ago

    Engine shutdown. Must be excess gasses blowing off.

  93. Greg Miller

    Greg MillerYear ago

    Why is the focus soo terrible??????

  94. Shunsui Kyouraku

    Shunsui KyourakuYear ago

    Что это за херь я только что посмотрел? Чё, лучше нельзя было нарисовать? Фильмах и то графика лучше выглядит..

  95. richardschumacher

    richardschumacherYear ago

    Be patient, they're still working on it.

  96. Paul Revere

    Paul RevereYear ago

    "And that is how we do that..." 😎

  97. 林育成

    林育成Year ago

    I am Taiwanese

  98. Сергей Драгун

    Сергей ДрагунYear ago

    Здорово! Великолепно!!!!

  99. KepleroGT

    KepleroGTYear ago

    Waiting for the 1st Falcon Heavy launch in Nov. 2017

  100. YaLun Lu

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  101. Benjamin Fan

    Benjamin FanYear ago

    Taiwan thanks SpaceX

  102. MILOUDI Abdelhak

    MILOUDI AbdelhakYear ago

    122 dislike what the hell

  103. christopher voyce

    christopher voyceYear ago

    Those are all Boeing and Lockheed executives 😂

  104. liu ken

    liu kenYear ago

    Taiwan NO,1~~~~SpaceX NO,1

  105. Jeffrey Root

    Jeffrey RootYear ago

    I saw the Rocket Launch from my balcony in Morro Bay, about an hour north on the coast

  106. Weta

    WetaYear ago

    Let's go nuclear!

  107. Weta

    WetaYear ago

    brah! sup dude!?

  108. Vlad

    VladYear ago

    ??? u ok brah??

  109. Weta

    WetaYear ago

    Inter Continental Ballistic Missile!

  110. Vlad

    VladYear ago

    no need in wasting nuclear fuel only for satellite launch, it works better for long trips, as it slowly gains speed

  111. Weta

    WetaYear ago

    Ludicrous speed!

  112. ElenA A

    ElenA AYear ago

    какого в конце смазано не видно посадки

  113. Moe Maywood

    Moe MaywoodYear ago


  114. Matthew Ferrie

    Matthew FerrieYear ago

    Why do they chill the engines before ignition if the exhaust is just going to reheat them?

  115. AlekseiLebedevEU

    AlekseiLebedevEUYear ago

    A propulsion system running on cryogenic fluids has to pass a chill down phase before ignition. This chill down is indispensable, particularly if the propulsion system has turbo pumps to deliver the extremely cold fluids. The feed lines, turbo pumps, valves and ducts of the engine have to be brought down to the temperature of the cryogenic fluid. During the hot run the turbo pump delivers the fluid at high rotational speed. Starting the pump without prior chill down would cause cavitation [vapor bubbles produced in the stream], the bearings would not have sufficient cooling, and the fuel or oxidiser would be pumped into the chamber with an unacceptably high fraction of bubbles and gas.

  116. SCE 2045

    SCE 2045Year ago

    This is blasphemy,this vids are starting to bore me,that's how good they make them

  117. SCE 2045

    SCE 2045Year ago

    Pietro Smusi Now that will surprise,not just launching but seeing it there on the launch pad

  118. KepleroGT

    KepleroGTYear ago

    SCE 2045 Wait for Nov 2017, when they will launch the Falcon Heavy

  119. chester chen

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  120. Stephen Boardman

    Stephen BoardmanYear ago

    Get to Mars

  121. G shen

    G shenYear ago

    台灣人舉手\Taiwan no.1/

  122. Galactic Gaming

    Galactic GamingYear ago

    That 1st stage landing scared me, when we lost camera feed, i thought the rocket crashed, but nope! It made it!

  123. ice bread

    ice breadYear ago

    Half an hour to space and back..

  124. Dutch Universe

    Dutch UniverseYear ago

    Is it me or is the LOX boil off getting bigger each launch?

  125. Yikai Kong

    Yikai KongYear ago


  126. Zoey Hsu

    Zoey HsuYear ago

    Is it possible to also include "Telemetry" screens up for the stage 1 while it is coming down to earth?

  127. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    You can see the Stage 1 telemetry during the NROL-76 stream

  128. Peter Grundy

    Peter GrundyYear ago

    Awesome these guys are gonna do with rockets what Apple did with phone reinvent the wheel Bring it on Elon

  129. Ali Baba22211

    Ali Baba22211Year ago

    I want to go to Mars.

  130. Captain Scorpio 1998

    Captain Scorpio 1998Year ago

    (o_o)_v peace

  131. Captain Scorpio 1998

    Captain Scorpio 1998Year ago

    So its not a matter of where, its a matter of when. If these engineering pioneers want to be successful, they need to open up for the rest of the world first and give every able person a chance.

  132. Captain Scorpio 1998

    Captain Scorpio 1998Year ago

    Yes there are other space programs too like Russian Space programs, blue origin, SUPARCO and others etc,. But they are far behind. So is it worth for a foreigner to first apply a visa for an advanced country, the apply citizenship there and if he gets it (and its a big IF) WOULD he or she be able to enroll themselves in a space program by fulfilling the requirements?

  133. Captain Scorpio 1998

    Captain Scorpio 1998Year ago

    I was talking about the present day fact, like what the people around the globe should do to contribute in a space program. NASA and SpaceX are both American space programs, i did some research about spaceX in the hope of finding a place for non American citizens, (like do they international offers... As such) but there policy said that the person applying for job has to be us citizen ( And there is an exception for Canadians under ITAR)...

  134. Vlad

    VladYear ago

    well, there's not only spacex doing such things lol

  135. Anvilshock

    AnvilshockYear ago

    Where are the technical webcasts for people who don't need to be explained MECO, Max Q and braking burns are? The dumbed-down rambling of this woman is so redundant, if she were to reduce the intellectual demand in her text any further, she might as well draw wonky slides with wax crayons ...

  136. Ambient Morality

    Ambient MoralityYear ago

    I actually thought this was one of the best commentaries to strike a balance between the newer SpaceX fans and ones who've watched the company for a while. Obviously it's a bit redundant if you've followed this company for a while, but then you can just ignore it.

  137. Motokid600

    Motokid600Year ago

    Anvilshock - After the sound of the rocket fades I just mute it and put some music on.

  138. Vlad

    VladYear ago

    Such toxic and unreasonable

  139. Klop Hop

    Klop HopYear ago

    It has to be pointy!

  140. 游達倫

    游達倫Year ago

    It's amazing to see this launch, and it touches my heart. Good Job!

  141. Halsey Lynn

    Halsey LynnYear ago

    22:30 Haha, nice little moment of suspense before the final reveal.

  142. zenigel

    zenigelYear ago

    it seems like they always get problems with the cameras when lading.

  143. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    Only during ASDS landings, the RTLS landings always have uninterrupted footage.

  144. SteelZ06

    SteelZ06Year ago